November 30, 1999

Subject: WTO: News From Downtown Seattle! + Showdown in Seattle + Global Prayer for Seattle + WHOSE TRADE ORGANIZATION? + Y2K computer fix hoax and real solutions for Y2K Compliance + "CHEMTRAILS" CONTINUE TO BAFFLE, SICKEN AMERICANS + a meditation alert for tomorrow (see at the end)

Hello everyone

Here is a quick compilation to brief you about the latest WTO meeting news that reached me and some more!

The next email should cover the latest Y2K updates as promised

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

Date: Fri, 26 Nov 1999
From: Margot Maurice <>
Subject: Re: A special WTO Green Files series

Hello Jean

Many thanks for this recent email. Great information. I have today
emailed the CEO of Monsanto asking for their reasons for GE & Aspartame other than financial. I would like to be able to present their side of these debates in our March issue of The Rainbow Connection Journal & have told him that. It will be interesting as to what they offer. I have used much of what you send in our magazine from time to time (with due credit) & info from Betty Martini also.

You are doing a fantastic job over there & we 'down under' gain much from your emails. I will pass on to you what, 'if any', reasons Monsanto offers for GE & Aspartame. Many thanks once again & the seasons greetings to you & yours. We will all join together in prayer & meditation on 31/12/99 altho we will have it before you. If we disappear you will be warned!!!

Love & light
Margot Maurice
Western Australia

Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999
From: GlobalizeThis! <>
Subject: News From Downtown Seattle!

News from Downtown Seattle!

The protesters and police have clogged the entrance to the convention
center, delaying entry of some delegates.

Police have begun using teargas on protestors and in one case, a radio
reporter. Check the Globalize This! homepage for online radio listings to
tune in. I just listened as the teargas canister fell at his feet - he was
obviously affected.

Stay tuned to the website for details - and think good thoughts for the
safety of our fellow souls in the streets.

for Globalize This! and Ruckus

Addition from Andy Caffrey at Hayduke Rocks!:

I just watched CNN interview the Seattle Chief of Police who
insisted that teargas was not used, that it is pepper spray thay are
shooting at protesters. When asked why they resorted to this response, and
asked if it was because police had been attacked in some way, the police
response was that in fact, all that happened was that they legally asked
people to disburse (from a public area!) and they refused, so they used
pepper spray to clear them out.

Chemical agent police work in action! We don't like you or want you
around, and we will spray you with a chemical toxin if you don't like it
and torture you in the streets of America! So the police chief himself
admitted that it had absolutely nothing to do with vandalism or violence of
any sort on the part of the protesters. Nothing to do with it.

The Police Chief also denied that any rubber bullets were shot,
which many news sources had reported earlier.

The Globalize This! website now has a list of live camera views of
downtown Seattle.

A dozen or more articles have been added to the Ruckus Society
Globalize This! News page. CNN video and New York Times articles are

Date: Thu, 25 Nov 1999
From: Michael Eisenmenger <>
Subject: WTO Satellitecast - Showdown in Seattle

Programming Alert!

Showdown in Seattle: Five Days That Shook the WTO

In a Challenge to Multinational Corporate Power, Independent Media
Producers Rally To Make People's Voices Heard.

Uplink Times and Locations:
Nov. 30, Dec. 1,2,3,4, 2pm-3pm (est), Satcom W1 (GE1-13), transponder
13, 103 West.

As the World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial approaches,
independent video makers, radio producers, journalists and activists are
rallying under the common goal of social and economic justice to
challenge the WTO pro-corporate policies. In an effort to reclaim media
democracy, this unprecedented media collaboration will make public the
voices and concerns of tens of thousands from all over the world who
will gather in Seattle from November 29 to December 3. Simultaneously,
it will offer independent, non-commercial analytical and investigative
coverage of the issues and implications surrounding multilateral
organizations such as the WTO.

Deep Dish Satellite TV in association with The Independent Media Center
in Seattle and Free Speech TV will broadcast directly from Seattle as
activists representing labor, the environment, civil society,
international law, and Indigenous Nations will converge on this city to
hold counter events and stage demonstrations. Big Noise Films, Changing
America, Citizen Vagrom, Paper Tiger TV, Speakeasy, Whispered Media and
others (over a dozen video crews in all) will participate in this
alternative pool coverage along with contributors from around the world.

The televised coverage will be provided on a next day basis via
satellitecast as a 60 minute feed during five consecutive days. The
series will consist of five 30-minute programs covering each day's
events. A diversity of cogent voices will articulate their concerns with
the WTO and contribute to an educated and meaningful understanding of
the issues. A second 30 minute satellite feed will consist of
pre-produced programming focusing on specific global issues as they
relate to the WTO, the IMF, and the World Bank .

Because these important voices, opinions and points of view are likely
to never be seen or heard in commercial mainstream media, Public Access
Cable TV Centers are invited to encourage local producers to sponsor
and schedule this five day, five hour series on their local access
channels. Local PBS affiliates are also requested to run the series in
its entirety. The series is provided free of charge to non-commercial
programmers and channel provider and may be rebroadcast multiple times.
The series will also provide information on how viewers can receive
additional information via the Seattle Independent Media Center's
internet sites which will provide print, audio and video content on a
daily basis. See:

If you are interested in receiving additional information on this
television series, contact: Carlos Pareja, phone: (212) 420-9045 or
email: Additional information will be posted to and

Paper Tiger Television
339 Lafayette Street fax: (212) 420-8223
New York, NY 10012 email:
phone: (212) 420-9045 web:

in collaboration with Paper Tiger TV, Freespeech TV, Whispered Media,
Changing America and hundreds of grassroots media activists present

Showdown in Seattle: Five Days that Shook the WTO


NOVEMBER 30, DEC 1, 2, 3, 4
everyday at 2PM EST (11AM Pacific) on
W1, TRANSPONDER 13. 103 West
Transmitted free to community cable and PBS stations in the US:

Each day we will transmit a one hour satellite feed: one half hour about
the activities in Seattle , and another half hour documentary about

Day One November 30,1999, 2PM EST (11AM Pacific)
Seattle Overview 30:00
Global Village or Global Pillage 30:00
This project shows constructive ways ordinary people around the world
are addressing the impact of globalization on their communities,
workplaces, and environments. It weaves together video of local and
transnational activities, interviews, music, and original video comics
to show that, through grassroots organizing combined with mutual support
around the world, ordinary people can empower themselves to deal with
the global economy. Produced by Jeremy Brecher, Tim Costello, Brendan

Day Two December 1, 1999, 2PM EST (11AM Pacific)
Seattle Report: Global Sweatshop: Working in the New World Order 30:00
Crisis of Capital, Hope of Labor 30:00
This powerful video provides a fast moving compilation of the recent
struggles of the Korean Labor Movement. General strikes, mobilizing
thousands of workers and their families, have successfully shut down
entire cities as labor has forced "neo-liberal" economic reforms to be
reconsidered. Neo-liberal reforms in Korea, not unlike those imposed on
countries like Indonesia, Brazil, and Mexico, have caused considerable
social unrest, and have devastated the lives of working people across
the globe. The Korean Labor Movement serves as an extraordinary example
of people working together to resist these oftentimes inhumane economic
practices, and to seek a future of their own choosing. Produced by
Korean Labor News Production

Day Three December 2, 1999, 2PM EST (11AM Pacific)
Seattle Report: Grassroots VS Globalization: the Money and the Law 30:00
Cancel the Debt Now 30:00
Jubilee 2000 is a worldwide movement to cancel the unpayable debts of
the most impoverished countries in the world by the end of the year
2000. This film explains the origin of these debts, and why they should
be canceled. It shows the devastating impact of debt upon the people and
the environment in poor countries, and it invites the American people to
work in solidarity with people from the developing countries to help
alleviate the suffering of hundreds of millions of people throughout
Africa, Latin America and Asia. Produced by Anne Macksoud

Day Four December 3, 1999, 2PM EST (11AM Pacific)
Seattle Report: Hunger, the Land and the Banks 30:00
Haiti's Piggy Bank: The Loss and Recovery of the Creole Pig 30:00
In Haiti's rugged countryside, the Creole pig was a poor family's most
important economic asset, a staple for both food and culture. When swine
flue broke out in 1980, USAID pressured Haiti to eradicate this
indigenous pig population. This video shows the self-interest of US aid,
the interconnected nature of resources, and the trauma caused by harsh
agricultural policies imposed from above. But it also teaches that
resistance can bring renewal and hope: through grassroots and human
rights assistance, the Creole pig has returned. This is an example of
how local capacities can solve local problems. Produced by Robin Lloyd

Day Five December 4, 1999, 2PM EST (11AM Pacific)
Seattle Summary: Where Do We Go From Here? 30:00
Deadly Embrace: Nicaragua, The World Bank, and the IMF 30:00
The war in Nicaragua is not over; it has only become more invisible to
the outside world. Deadly Embrace traces the history of U.S. involvement
in the region, focusing on the current economic attack of the IMF, the
World Bank and U.S. agencies. The tape combines footage of the everyday
struggle to survive with a textbook-clear analysis of structural
adjustment, the debt crisis and free trade. After five years of IMF and
World Bank programs, Nicaragua has experienced the worst economic
collapse in its history and has been reduced to one of the poorest
countries in the world. Nicaragua's situation is not unique ? six
million children die each year in the Third World because of IMF and
World Bank policies. Produced by Liz Canner.

Watch for the webcast coverage at and

Deep Dish Television, 339 Lafayette St NY, NY 10012, (212) 473-8933,,
Paper Tiger TV: Carlos Pareja (212) 420-9045,
Michael Eisenmenger (646) 245-3491.


The WTO itself is supposedly streaming the plenary sessions through their website.

Watch for the activist/collective WEBCAST at

Independent Media Center's internet sites which will
provide print, audio
and video content on a daily basis

other sites:

Also, this site has a selection of 'remote activism' measures you can take, whether you're coming to seattle or not.

Date: Sat, 27 Nov 1999
Subject: Global Prayer for Seattle


A beautiful message about the upcoming situation in Seattle and the need for
prayer. Many thanks . Please pass this on as appropriate for you.


Global prayer for Seattle
Date: 99-11-27 14:25:08 EST
From: (Karen Revell)

Dear Lightworkers:

I am attaching some information about the up coming protests heading to
Seattle this weekend. I am especially concerned about the march scheduled on
November 30th. When I first heard about the protestors and the WTO coming to
Seattle, it was about the time Hurricane Floyd was heading towards Florida
and the Carolinas. What we have heading towards Seattle is a giant tsunami.

I think we all know that in order for the Earth to evolve, we must bring down
the existing social and economic structures. Spirit, God/Goddess, whatever
title we choose to give the energies that are transforming the earth, has
orchestrated this scenario quite eloquently. There are groups coming from all
over the world to be heard regarding the inequality of government and the
distribution of wealth upon the planet. All the "big shots" government
leaders and multinational corporate leaders are also headed to Seattle, along
with massive Secret Service, FBI, CIA, etc. There will be representatives for
all races, sexes, labor unions, economic status, and political regimes.

Not all the protest groups have a singular eye on just the WTO; I have also
heard the word "revolution" bandied about several times. I can go on and on
with what is coming here, but I don't want to spread the energy of fear. I
believe a miracle will happen here somehow. Spirit wouldn't set it up so
perfectly if it didn't have a plan.

It is time for the public to stand up to the "powers" that run our globe. If
we don't stand up, the Earth will be in peril. It cannot sustain the abuse
that has been rampant this past century, and especially this past decade.

There is evidence all over of the good things that are evolving on Earth as
well. The main news media is bought and paid for by the large corporations
that own them. They only report what is acceptable by the owners. As we all
know, this is why the Internet has become so important to us all, it is the
one place we can seek our own truth and share it. On the Internet, we are
free. We can buy, sell, find health solutions, or discuss any subject we find
of interest. We can also drive the crooks out of office and create a new
government that was designed by our forefathers.

What I am asking of the Lightworker community are prayers, and lots of them.
It is time for us to learn to focus our energies. We are the transmitters for
Earth. The collective consciousness is the only way we can change things.
Both sides have good points, and a balance must be sought. We need to detach
from the outcome, and pray for the highest good of all.

On November 30th at noon PDT (or any other times in the following 5 days) I would like all of you to focus on Seattle and all the protests going on in other cities and countries.

This is our chance to connect our energies with the rest of humanity. There
are several protests planned in England, Whales, Canada, Amsterdam, the
Netherlands and many more areas on the 30th. Please ground the Earth under
our feet, keep the volcanoes from erupting and the storms at bay. World War
III (Armageddon) can be fought and won here in Seattle in a week if we focus
on it.

Please forward this to all lightworker lists if you are so inclined.

A New World is Dawning,

Karen Revell

Here are some links: has been shut down whether it was deliberately
closed or has technical problems, I don't know. They had the best information
on the issues and the list of activities scheduled.

The following is some of the information available on the issue. (This is
from an ad for a book, but it explains the basics. The info I wanted to send
is unavailable through People for Fair Trade)

Corporate Globalization and the Erosion of Democracy

Preface by Ralph Nader
By Lori Wallach and Michelle Sforza, Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch

Imagine a Central American country being forced to choose between maintaining
the UNICEF baby formula policy that has saved thousands of children's lives
or facing an expensive defense in a Swiss trade tribunal and then possible
trade sanctions for not protecting the trademark rights of a corporation
whose label violates the UNICEF code.

Imagine a powerful corporation "renting" a WTO Member nation to pursue its special interests - and kill a trade-based development policy - behind closed doors in Geneva to the detriment of tens of thousands of people's livelihoods and the rented country's own economic and security interests.

Imagine, ten years of environmental activism reversed with the sweep of a pen in Geneva, Switzerland, where a WTO panel has ruled that a law protecting endangered sea turtles poses an illegal barrier to trade and where several countries are now threatening new challenges against a country's enforcement of international environmental treaties - this time the Kyoto Treaty on climate change.

Imagine, a clean air regulation designed to reduce gasoline emissions is
weakened because the WTO claims it could inadvertently hurt foreign gas
producers Imagine, consumers forced by the WTO to choose between rescinding a
popular food safety law or facing economic sanctions. No need to imagine.

These are but a handful of examples of the WTO's real-life impacts on food
safety, environmental conservation and protection and economic development
documented in WHOSE TRADE ORGANIZATION? After a year of intensive research,
Harvard-educated trade lawyer and Global Trade Watch Director Lori Wallach
and Global Trade Watch Research Director and trade policy analyst Michelle
Sforza document the WTO's actual impact on democratic governance, wages,
jobs, economic growth, food security, access to healthcare, food safety,
labor rights and environmental protection. WHOSE TRADE ORGANIZATION?,
citizens, policymakers and public interest advocates can learn the following:
How the WTO is used to pressure poor countries to abandon their efforts to
make desperately needed medications more affordable through generic drugs and
other policies. See page 119

How the WTO is being used to attack a European proposal to reduce electronics

See page 30 How WTO rules may threaten U.S. school lunch and food
stamp programs. See page 164 How WTO rules threaten millions with starvation
by allowing agribusiness companies to patent seeds created over generations
in villages around the world and then charge annual fees for the subsistence
farmers who developed the seeds to have the right to plant them again. How an
individual with a monetary interest in a WTO case was appointed to judge the

See page 201 How Daimler-Chrysler and Ford Motor Company are using WTO
threats to undermine a Japanese clean air law adopted under the Kyoto
Protocol on Climate Change.

See page 31 Why beleaguered U.S. steelworkers may face a WTO challenge to loan guarantees for the ailing U.S. steel industry.

See page 157 How WTO rules allow corporations to secure exclusive marketing
rights over medicinal remedies that have been used by indigenous groups for

See page 108 How the threat of WTO action was used to pressure Guatemala to drop its infant health law enacting the WHO/UNICEF Code on Marketing Breastmilk Substitutes.

See page 115 How a major campaign contributor effectively rented the U.S. government to mount a successful WTO challenge to Europe's preferences for Caribbean bananas, even though the U.S. doesn't export a single banana.

translates the WTO's trade rules into understandable prose for the layperson,
policymaker and academic alike. It is designed with the knowledge that WTO
rules and rulings affect everyone -- not just importers and trade lawyers --
and therefore must be accessible to everyone, especially everyday citizens
who want to resist WTO encroachment into the decisions that affect their
day-to-day lives.


From: "Juliet Easton" <>
Subject: Y2K computer fix hoax and real solutions for Y2K Compliance
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 1999

I am sending you this message in hopes that you might send it to your list
and help prevent a lot of people from being frustrated on January 1st
because they bought into a hoax message that is being widely circulated on
the internet.

I have received a hoax message from several well-meaning people about
changing the Short Date Style for Year 2000. It looks like this:

"Have you done this simple correction on your PC to be ready for Year 2000?

You must change the "short date style"

A setting located in Windows' Control Panel allows the system to use a two
digit or four digit year as the Windows default for "short date style." This
is the format that many software applications use as their default date

To avoid problems that may result with a two digit year upon the change from
1999 to 2000, each user needs to change the short date style to indicate a
four digit year."

This is followed by step by step instructions to fix this short style date.

Unfortunately this "Y2K fix" will not fix computers for Y2K problems!! It
is a hoax message sent out by someone, however well-meaning they might be,
that has unfortunately lulled a lot of people into an easy "fix" that will
not work. See the Microsoft website:

There are several areas that must be addressed to achieve compliance for
your computer: the BIOS, the operating system, and software.

Microsoft has a site to help you get your computer compliant for Y2K at:

If you don't know a lot about computers and/or how Y2K can affect them, I
would suggest starting here:

If you are already very familiar with computers and Y2K, then I would
suggest starting with the action steps you need to take:

I hope that this is helpful!

Juliet Easton



Date: 11/24/99
From: (William Thomas)


Protest Letters available to Congress, World Leaders with a click of the
finger: at

Exactly one year after Americans in 48 states began noticing an abrupt
increase in unusual aerial activity and sickness on the ground, "flu-like"
ailments are once again up sharply as eyewitnesses describe multiple broad
white plumes being laid by tanker-type aircraft in Xs and grid patterns over
the U.S. and central and western Canada.

Unlike normal contrails formed when icy water vapor condenses around hot
engines at high altitudes, "chemtrails" do not dissipate quickly, but
broaden for hours, turning clear blue skies into hazy overcast - even in
areas remote from heavily trafficked air routes.

Thousands of photographs and hours of amateur videotape show dozens of
criss-crossing chemtrails over small towns unused to jet traffic. Commercial
jetliners flying above other lingering plumes often leave no contrails, or
trail a characteristic pencil-thin scrawl that fades in less than a minute
like the wake behind a boat.

"The Air Force doesn't do anything that emits anything other than a normal
contrail, which is vapor," U.S. Air Force spokeswoman Margaret Gidding told
Spokane's <The Spokesman-Review> from the Pentagon.

But a lab test done in September, 1997 on a sample of JP-8 jet fuel by Aqua
Tech Environmental Labs in Ohio found 51 toxic substances - including
ethylene dibromide (EDB). Banned in 1983 by the Environmental Protection
Agency in a rare emergency order, EDB is a potent pesticide, chemical
irritant and known carcinogen. Air Force planes routinely jettison JP-8 to
lower aircraft weight for safe landings.

A U.S. Air Force study - "Weather as A Force Multiplier: Owning The Weather
In 2025" - also describes how jet tankers are deployed to spray chemicals that
form "cirrus shields" capable of hiding aerial activity from observers on the

Other USAF weather modification techniques spread carbon black to heat up
the atmosphere. On November 18, 1999 residents of Espanola, Ontario went
before the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa to complain of widespread illness
over a 50 mile area following months of spraying by KC-135 and C-130
aircraft. Tests conducted by the Ontario Ministry of Environment found
carbon black in the fallout, as well as "chaff" used to jam radar signals -
or track airborne dispersion patterns.

But airborne pathogens are not used to modify the weather.

Two Congressional investigations and recently declassified British defense
documents detail 50 years of "open air" testing that used ships and
spray-equipped aircraft to spread biological warfare simulants on hundreds
of cities across the U.S., Canada and the U.K.

Americans urged to call special 1-800 "flu" and "migraine" tracking numbers
may be taking part in a biowarfare experiment. Tests done in 1998 and 1999
by government-licensed laboratories on cobweb-like filaments, gel-like
material and a red powder dropped over porches, power lines and patrol cars
in Washington state, California, Oklahoma, Idaho, Michigan, Espanola and
Pennsylvania have identified various pathogens, including bacilli and toxic
molds capable of producing acute upper respiratory and gastrointestinal

Last winter, patients flooded emergency rooms across the U.S. at up to
double the rates usually seen in peak flu season. Often degenerating into
double-pneumonia or asthma, their severe "flu-like" symptoms lingered for

This November, Americans in heavily sprayed areas are also complaining of
extremely severe headaches, stiff necks and joint pain.

One mother whose white blood count is down by half says, "I live in a rural
community and most of these people work outside and have their whole lives
and have never experienced these kind of symptoms till the contrails started
showing up last fall. We live in no flight area, yet it is not uncommon for
us to see up to 50 contrails a day...flying the multiple line pattern and
the X pattern."

Referring to the resulting illness, she added, "Not just the usual
sicknesses...ones that doctors have no idea what is causing them and have no
cure for. We had two children die here from totally unexplained illnesses
when the contrails were flying all the time. We have dead birds in our
yards...we have dead animals. The livestock are sick. Suddenly last winter
my nine year old daughter came down with an asthma problem out of the blue.
My uncle died of respiratory problem, again, out of the blue."

His correspondent concluded: "Then just a couple of weeks ago my
sixteen-year-old daughter started having panic attacks, just sitting at the
computer it started and went on for a week till I took her to the doctor and
he gave her Xanax."

-William Thomas
November, 1999

Please participate by sending donations for Chemtrails Investigation to:
William Thomas
S-27 C-52
Gabriola Island, BC CANADA V0R 1X0

Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 22:28:57 EST
Subject: Thanksgiving LightShift 2000 Update -- Alert -- to the Big Event

Dear Coalition Partners,

This is Ken Kalb, LightShift 2000

I want to humbly thank you for caring and giving of yourself to service --
for what is love, but service in action.

I give thanks for this amazing gift of life. We come with
nothing and are given everything we need by Spirit I am so grateful for
my friends, family, community, and magnificent Mother Gaia. I am gracious
for all the abundant opportunities for growth and the opportunity to serve.
I give thanks for our friendship, "the masterpiece of nature."

I look forward to connecting with you next Wednesday, December 1st at Noon in
our pure inner radiance in the 46th monthly LightShift meditation.

Yes, it is just 35 days to the big global 24-hour New Year's eve prayer wave
of LightShift 2000! The tens of thousands of hours (and hundreds of thousands of $) of networking and tireless efforts have made this a truly powerful global phenomena with registrations from 160 countries and all 50 states. Indeed, the
collective consciousness will be well fertilized in resonance to begin the millennial year and create a true "One Day in Peace, 1/1/2000" now a U.N. resolution! I want to thank all of you for your support, and making the LightShift your own. (Special thanks and blessings to Guillermo Sanchez,
Edwin Zimmerli, Da Vid of the Light Party, Lucky Star Research and so many others for your extraordinary efforts!)

Just last week, such luminaries as Marianne Williamson, James Redfield, Neale
Donald Walsch, and Barbara Marx Hubbard have called for the same prayer wave
as LightShift 2000, and we welcome all of these efforts. And for all of you
who have raised concerns about not crediting LightShift, please don't worry
about it.....As I said in the original Vision statement -- "We are the
LightShift"... "make it your own." All efforts will help spread the message
to make the prayer force that much more powerful. One day, the unity of Spirit will break down all walls. What a wonderful way to begin the millennial year!

There is a new networking tool on the LightShift site to help send the
message to friends or associates. Please check it out at on the top

You may also wish to re-read "The LightShift Vision." It has evolved and
broadened bit its inception. One key feature is that from the one-hour Winter Solstice Meditation on December 21st, ever day through New Year's Day there will be a 15-30 minute Noon meditation. Please tune in when you can.

If you've read my book, LightShift 2000,

You know I feel (and as many ancient sources concur) it is the spiritual
family's destiny to come together as a unified prayer force. What tremendous steps have been made in this direction in the last few years, particularly with the convergence of humankind's awakening with the spread of the global internet.

The monthly meditations will continue throughout next year to the next big
event on New Year's, 2001. After that, we hope this continues as a planetary tradition. And during the Grand Planetary Alignment on May 3-4, 2000, World Illumination Day will be a fully synchronized event. Please see this graphic and time zone correction charts in the Vital Information Section of LightShift 2000 at:

While you're in that section, please notice the list of "hosts" for
meditations and all the other new features and wonderful resources.

For those of you who missed my 1999 tour, we have an audio workshop available
of "The Window into the Third Millennium," on the Lucky Star website at:

While your there, take a browse around (a spiritual solution to the shopping
malls ). We give thanks to Lucky Star for its generosity and support through the years.

In gratitude, love and service,

Ken Kalb
LightShift 2000
Let's Turn on the Light of the World