The millennium Gathering

and the Millennium Opening Ceremonies

The original vision

Here is the original vision of a global celebratory moment I'm hoping to put together for a worldwide TV broadcast on January 1st, 2000, as well as some additional considerations on this project. I'm including below some elements of the original call I sent out last November 29, 1996 when I started on this long and eventful journey. You will find a description of the vision that struck me that evening when I was thinking once more about a letter which Jeremy Burnham, a friend from South Africa, had sent me 2 months earlier to invite me to reactivate the Earth Concert project for the year 2000...

It's always hard to capture through words and evocative descriptions the gist of a haunting vision of unity and brotherhood and the intensity and profound effect of the emotional response that surged from my heart at that moment, a surge of love and hope strong enough to make me commit on the spot to dedicate myself to the best of my abilities to make this vision come true... with a little help from all my friends all over the world.

Here is this vision...

Almost two years before the crucial, almost mythical date of the year 2000, the time has come to kindle the Great Hope of a coming together of humanity as One United Family celebrating peacefully and with conscious intent, not the fact that we turn a new page on our calendars, but the fact that, against all odds, we are succeeding in making the transition from one of the most destructive and bellicose centuries of our history into a new era that, hopefully, will be under the banner of Peace, Sharing and Unity for all beings on Earth. The organization of a massive event, joining together all the members of our great human family in a common celebration of our hopes for a better future on the eve of the third millennium, will help to bring that awareness into sharp focus for all to see and cherish.

Imagine for a moment... In parks and venues all around the world, hundreds of millions of people have come together to celebrate while large viewing screens are showing images from around the world of people doing just the same thing and watching similar viewing screens. Billions of TV viewers at home are also watching and joining in their hearts this global moment of Unity. At a predetermined moment a solemn ceremony begins with appropriate symbolism and grandeur to mark the beginning of the new millennium. Dignitaries and celebrities from all over the world stand together around a huge Earth globe representing our planet to accentuate the momentous importance of what is about to happen. Then runners bearing a symbolic flame of Life converge to join the dignitaries and celebrities circling the central globe.

We then see on TV successive close-up views of indigenous people from Amazonia, from the heart of Africa, from North America, from Asia and Europe, from the Pacific islands and the taigas of the North, from all the corners of this magnificent planet, all dressed in their traditional attires, marching solemnly towards the center, followed by small groups of people representing all the other cultures now sharing the Earth, each group joining successively the central gathering as the world is watching the rich diversity of our human family. As people from all over the world watch this live on TV, they all have this inner realization, viewing the representatives from their culture joining the big circle, that they too are being represented at this Global Gathering and that for the very first time in the whole human history, the entire human family is about to join hearts in a shining moment of collective attunement, changing forever the inner sense and view we have on all other humans, no longer strangers from faraway lands, but true brothers and sister in the universal Circle of Life.

The momentum is growing apace as the last groups join the crowd of people now gathered around the slowly rotating Earth globe in the middle of the vast amphitheater. Then the final ceremony begins. Children from all the cultures converge from the crowd and form a large circle, holding hands around the Earth globe. A Declaration of Intent expressing in a few well crafted words the spirit of the moment and spelling our common hopes for the future is solemnly read. Simultaneously translated in all languages through national televisions and radios all over the world, these few well chosen thoughts help us all, just before the moment of attunement, to join our minds in a common appreciation of the new reality now dawning on Earth. Then the theme song of this global event begins, "The Children of Peace", sung by an international celebrity. The whole planet is entranced by this song as we enter the last few minutes before the change of century, according to the Greenwich time in London. Children choirs linked by satellites from around the world conclude this song with the words "Peace, Love, Harmony" sung in 8 different languages and then the final word "Unity". During these three minutes of grace and beauty, every human being is able to truly commit his or her remaining days on this planet to do the best he or she can to contribute to the betterment of the world. And the final countdown of the twentieth century begins 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. And the cheers go up with the fireworks and the fiesta begins!

Imagination can give an ephemeral reality to what has just been described, but human ingenuity and a lot of dedication and heart will need to be devoted by a great number of people to make such an event possible. Despite our best intents and the great need for such a unifying event, mountains will have to be moved to make it happen. Yet, faith can move mountains! So, let's just hold this vision and start working together to make it happen.

Some additional considerations

My interest goes well beyond the purely cultural aspect of this event - which needs to represent the multifaceted tapestry of our common cultural heritage from around the world. In fact, it goes to the heart of what may help bring about a global unification of mind and spirit of our planetary human family. We are all well aware that the future of our world is still in jeopardy because of the relentless over exploitation of its natural resources and its accompanying overpopulation in certain parts of the world, not to mention decades of cumulative pollution, some very lethal and dangerous for future generations. Despite great progress in this decade to stem the tide of destruction and alleviate the pollution, recent reports state that the governments are way behind in their pledges of implementing sustainable policies made at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit.

Something very fundamental needs to change in our collective attitude and understanding regarding our relationship with the countless other life forms constituting WITH US the entire Web of Life on Earth. To me and to many other leading edge thinkers, nothing less than a spiritual revolution in our hearts and minds, in our emerging collective consciousness, is necessary to help stir the world on a true sustainable path, on a path to sanity, justice, sharing and truly lasting Peace. Nothing less will suffice. To this goal, like many other kindred souls on Earth, I have dedicated most of my life and I will keep working relentlessly to bring my contribution to this collective task of renewal and metamorphosis of our culture and global civilization. And so it is from this perspective that I approach the task of co-creating with others what could potentially be a major steppingstone in our path to collective self-renewal, namely the moment of entry into a new millennium. From this unique vantage point in our history, we will stand at the threshold of untold opportunities to create a more just and healthy world for all. We will all have a chance at this point in time to assess our course of evolution, change and development, and possibly make a conscious choice to dedicated our entire life from then on to improve our options in the face of the mounting crisis that, on all sides, will assault us more and more frequently as a result of past neglect and sheer greed.

To achieve such a change of hearts and attitude, I firmly believe that a special ceremony must be designed to help mark this important moment of transition into a new era and, at the same time, create an opportunity for the entire human population viewing this event to participate to a much needed experience of spiritual attunement into one collective whole awareness. At a certain moment of the ceremony, as described above, all should have a few minutes, after listening to proper instructions, to join their thoughts and minds and delve deeply into the awareness of our unity as One Human Family, sense the inexpressible beauty of being all alive on this planetary Jewel of Life, and turn our attention as One group consciousness to the task awaiting us to make this world a better place to live for all human beings and all species. A specially designed musical segment will infuse this moment of soulful cohesion with exactly the right vibrations, thus magnifying the unifying effect of that Instant of Magic.

There is another aspect which to me is likewise vital to insure a true success and lasting effect to this project. Nothing of this nature stands a chance of seriously influencing the course of our history, if it's just an ephemeral blip on the calendar of our civilization. The spirit emanating from this project and the means to achieve it must be shared as widely as possible long before and well beyond this event. To this end, there are many tools that have been created in the last few weeks which, once they are shared and widely recognized all around the world, will create the right context and atmosphere for such an event to flourish and bear fruits. The Earth Rainbow Network and the Earth Proclamation are such tools and are designed to gradually reach out to the multitude in an effort to create an all-inclusive momentum of anticipation for what is intended to become a turning point in our collective history.

The general idea here, at the basis of these tools, is to open to all the option of participating in the co-creation and implementation of this project, a bit the same way Earth Day in 1990 offered to the whole world the chance of being part of this environmental awareness day of activities, thus rallying the participation of over 300 million people from all countries. This is also what was achieved on a smaller scale with the first Earth Concert I promoted in 1989, with 20 concerts taking place in 15 different countries, and the involvement of thousands of people in 40 countries in the preparations leading to this event. My experience is that when the people can appropriate an idea and make it their own, it has a much more powerful impact than when they simply witness the efforts and achievements of others. Offering to a wide array of people, cultures and organizations the option of contributing a portion of a global project such as this one will offer them the possibility of co-authoring this collective effort and thus being infinitely more proud of it and dedicated to its success and continued effect. This is why I sensed it is so important that almost everyone watching this global event in about 2 years from now, be able to recognize at some point that someone from his/her part of the world is representing him/her there and participating to this great gathering of all the tribes and cultures of this planet.

So it is with these thoughts that I will leave you for now hoping that you have been touched by this vision of a global Millennium Gathering on January 1st, 2000. May we enter the 21st century united and invigorated by a common, powerful and empowering vision of our future.

Jean Hudon

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