June 1, 2000

Subject: Various Feedbacks + Peace Gathering June 1 in Cebu/Philippines + Peltier & Indigenous Freedom + World Peace and Prayer Day + Watershed on nuclear power coming up + Another May 5 Alignment Feedback + Massive Atrazine Pollution of Groundwater Sources in Midwest USA + Time to shift from oil to new sources of sustainable energy + Sonar tests have gone public + Navy Drops Criticized Sonar Test Off N.J.

Hello everyone,

Here is another compilation of feedbacks and information for your review and sharing with others.


Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. The following was sent by "John Owen" <jowen@igc.org> as part of his reaction to a comment made by a Focus Group member (lots of intelligent and fruitful discussion !! within this core group preparing each new Meditation Focus sent every week...)

I'm reminded of a powerful group chant/song from Starhawk:

We are alive, as the earth is alive
We have the power to work for our freedom
If we have courage we can be healers
If we have courage, like the sun we shall rise

(last line accompanied by raising our arms to the sky)

From: Spiritedbc@cs.com
Date: Fri, 26 May 2000
Subject: Re: Miscellaneous Subjects #6

Hi Jean, I am so grateful for all your hard work!! I for one, would not be
privy to these world events and news if not for you. I am forwarding these
articles to everyone I know in hopes of continuing the eye opening you are
providing for me. The article for Newsweek was excelllent and I hope I will
be available to join the headless hearts in every way I can. By your passing
this info along, I can be more a part of this inspiring movement!!

Thanks so much and blessings to you, Jean.


P.S. Jean, I just read Gregg Braden's new book called "The Isiah Effect" and found
it excellent in explaining the prayer process and how it works to be most
effective. You probably are already aware of the info, but many others are
not. I have not read it quite so well expressed and learned a lot from his
sharing. Perhaps you could forward the info for others to learn from.

Date: Tue, 30 May 2000
From: Gail J <ebonysea7@cheerful.com>
Subject: Thank You

Hi, Jean. I just want to thank you for your response to my e-mail and for
posting it in your compilation. It's so wonderful and amazing how many
people have contacted me from all over the world to offer support and
encouragement, as well as ideas on how I can begin my path of service.

Bless you and thanks for giving your address. You can bet I'll be sending
you little something to help you in your tireless efforts. I look forward
to all your e-mails.

Namaste <{{{><

"Be the change you want to see in the world."
-- Mahatma Gandhi

Note from Jean: There is a warm and very pleasant feeling of love and bliss enfolding me as I think about and sense in my soul the inexpressibly beautiful family we all form around the Earth as we join minds, hearts and thoughts to help each other see how wonderful and divinely blessed we are, and as we extend a helping hand and an open heart to help others not yet entirely awakened from the slumber of aeons to also see and *feel* that beauty and join the family of loving souls, of brothers and sisters, of multihued rays of light enfolding the Earth in a Rainbow of Love...

The initial vision of the Earth Rainbow Network is truly becoming a manifested Reality in the heart of so many... And it is just a beginning...

It may be fitting here to state again for the benefit of the vast majority of those on this ERN list who have never seen the Mission Statement of this Network "buried" in one of the 300+ webpages posted on the Earth Rainbow Network website...


"One Planet, One People, One Peace"


The Earth Rainbow Network was formed in January 1997 by a small group of people interested to use the approaching millennial celebrations as a catalyst to unify the world. By cooperating with a wide range of people and organizations, we hope to co-create a sustainable future for the entire community of Life on Earth.

With the collaboration of people in countries around the world, we are therefore offering a way to cooperate in co-creating a massive shift of consciousness on this planet towards peace, unity and a sustainable relationship with all other Life forms, including our living planet, using the upcoming millennial celebrations as the main focus and turning point to achieve this goal.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has!"

- Margaret Mead


* We will strive to help unify the world and bring Peace on Earth.
* We commit ourselves to support all creative, cooperative endeavors advancing the following goals:

• To promote life-sustaining spiritual values.
• To make the world a better place for every living being.
• To unify humanity beyond all cultural differences.
• To inspire caring and respect for one another.
• To share the world's bounties more evenly.
• To safeguard the environment.
• To BE a world family.

( There is more to see if you go at http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/Mission.HTM )

From: "MarLou Gaudet" <marlouyes@dellnet.com>
Date: Tue, 30 May 2000

Hi Jean:

Just got a chance to read your message on Memorial Day.
Well here is another bit of info. that's quite close to me and my family.
I've not seen Pvt. Ryan yet (do love Hanks) I find it extremely
difficult to live that one via the "entertainment" area. Glad you had an opportunity to see it, Jean, "Your a greater man than I, Gunga Din". One of my Dad's frequent quotes! (Even though I was girl I got all the quotes that and the poem "IF" most frequent)

My Dad, Col. Herman Felix DeFeo, M.D.was a doctor in WWII and a Lt.Colonel; the French called him "Le Petit Colonel" (he was 5'7" I don't think that's so short! I figure Dad must have been around some really tall Frenchman!) Even though Dad was Italian (and some French) he spoke French fluently and loved France very much. He landed in Le Harve. Also whilst in England he was made Honorary Mayor in Manchester (somewhere one of us in the family have that picture!)

But it was the WAR that nearly destroyed a happy man. His pain about the suffering and the wounded; the dead the dying. Dad was also a poet and the soul of the artist as well as healer.

He made acquaintance with Wiley Post (I think that was his name- US Foriegn Correspondent?)

Dad, Dr. D., headed 108th Gen Hosp. then the 166th Gen. Hosp. one of the first MASH units. The stories were very sad. Drs & RN working in the mud upto their knees. Children going through garbage cans to eat. Dad was suffering the dichotomy of being a soldier-warrior healer and artist! But he loved God and his Country so he did what he felt he must do.

He became the head of the Hospital Beaujon when Americans took it over from the German/Vichy 1944 (I believe). Many stories there as well; many from German soldiers/prisoners.

Dad has his picture in Wash. DC and was in Who's Who in America and now my sons and my brother and I have submitted Dad's bio to the Tom Hanks WWII memorial. Dad was one of the unsung heros of WWII. A VERY HUMBLE man so I doubt he'd feel very comfortable with what we are doing! Through all the families personal changes etc. we are gathering what we, each of us, has left in memorbelia for the Museum archives that will include artifacts as well.

Well, Jean, there are a lot of stories, ours are true unfortunately, all sad, WAR is not the answer and it is hell just as Ms. Roosevelt said (I think it was she not Pres R could be wrong!)

Hope I've not bored you with our family pride but we must NEVER make war like this again.
I truly enjoy your messages they are SO important! Thank you again.


Mar-Lou Gaudet

From: nomades@skyinet.net
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000
Subject: Peace Gathering June 1 in Cebu/Philippines

Dear Jean,

Can you help spread the news that we will be having a Peace-Gathering
with people from all religions and all walks of life in Cebu at
the ancient Fort San Pedro to pray for Peace in Mindanao, the Philippines and
the World.

It will be on June 1, 1.30 to 4.00 pm local time (New York 12 hours

We will be glad to accept short peace-messages from all over the world
to be read at the meeting. We will also plant a peace pole made of
bamboo with the words: Peace Prevails on Earth in english, japanese,
tagalog and cebuano (2 philippine languages)

Thank you so much
Shambala Center

Note from Jean: I suggested they read the Earth Proclamation during their event.

From: "Linda Evans" <levans47@earthlink.net>
Subject: Fw: Peltier & Indigenous Freedom
Date: Tue, 30 May 2000

Dear Jean: I will send a donation too. Your wonderful work is reaching so many hearts...thank you a thousand times and may your blessings be multiplied that many times too. Our small meditation group, which meets every Friday, has been focusing on Africa for some time now. We play African music during part of our meditation and call forth peace, renewal of the land and people's spirits, connection of children's hearts to Mother Mary so they are protected and aligned with their Divine blueprint, rain for the parched areas...it feels that our spirits become African during that time and we are often moved to tears. We ask for empowerment & protection for the priests and humane workers who are trying to help the Africans, particularly the children. The loss of that beautiful continent would be a tragedy...I join in with you at noon too on these causes.

The saving of the indigenous, who are now so percuted, seems one of the most important current issues (there are so many issues that need attention!)...

In that spirit, I forward this message recently sent out to friends....

Love to you,

Linda Lee

Subject: Peltier & Indigenous Freedom

On behalf of the indigenous people everywhere, we would do well to remember some of these ideas from Ramsey Clark's speech to free Leonard Peltier, a famous Native American who has been falsely imprisoned for 23 years. Even Amnesty International has called for his unconditional release. Another case of govt lies and whitewash...to keep harassing those who try to help the indigenous....so the powers that be can have free access to the minerals on their lands. All over the planet, the indigenous are suffering and being wiped out...Tibetans, Burmese, Guatemalans, Native Americans, Mayans, Kurdish, Rain Forest tribes...the list is endless. It is because their land is valuable...it is because they love Mother Earth and want to protect her. Time is running out...if we want to protect what's left of the planet, we have to move quickly and vocally. The big corporations and govt. agencies don't care about the health of the planet, and those that do are being persecuted and harassed behind the scenes. Please get involved in some way. Please circulate the truth so that people wake up. June 12th is Leonard Peltier day, where people will gather and march to demand his freedom. He has fought his whole life to help his people, despite being sick in prison. Let's do something in our lives so that his fight is not in vain.

For more information, visit http://www.freepeltier.org

NOTE FROM JEAN: The Focus Group is also planning to issue a spoecial Earth Healing Meditation Focus for June 21st. More on this soon...

Date: Tue, 30 May 2000
From: Rebecca Lord <mosa@rapidnet.com>
Subject: World Peace and Prayer Day

Hello Jean,

We're e-mailing the following note to all
mailing lists we receive. If you are called to do so, please,
forward it on to your mailing list. You may also like to visit
the website I co-edit at: www.ratical.org
Peacin' Lightly,

Rebecca Michele



World Peace and Prayer Day invites you to join us in offering prayers
for Global Healing and Unity by becoming an e-mail contact in your
area or by listing the Gathering you are planning for June 21, 2000
on our webpage.

Please visit: www.worldpeaceday.com/2000/gatherings.html

"If you're interested in helping to organize a gathering on June 21st,
please refer to the WPPD2000 Organizer Support Section and submit your
location and contact information to: WPDOrganizer@yahoo.com.

As we join together on this special day, we ask for the help of the
world community in establishing gatherings in as many locations as
possible, especially areas where Peace & Healing are needed the most.

For individuals and organizations who are hosting events, make sure to
sign up on our mailing list to receive updates and information regarding
the ongoing global peace process."

We know many thousands of people will be praying with us on June 21st.
The power will be far greater if we can all be aware of the sites
around the globe and feel our inter-connectedness.

Thank you for all you do.

For Our Mother and All Her Children,
Rebecca Michele Lord
WPPD 2000 Staff

Please also visit: www.worldpeaceday.com/2000/posters.html
to view the beautiful painting donated to us by Leonard Peltier!

Date: Tue, 30 May 2000
From: "Jerome C. Glenn" <jglenn@igc.org>
Subject: Watershed on nuclear power coming up

For those who want to stop more nucear power plants:

In November this year, two weeks after the Presidential election, US
negotiators will arrive in The Netherlands for the next round of
negotiations on the Kyoto Protocol of the Climate Change Convention,
referred to as the 6th Conference of Parties (COP6). One of the most
controversial issues they will grapple with is whether nuclear power
should be eligible for the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), one of the
so-called "flexible mechanisms" of the Protocol. This is a critical
issue for the American nuclear industry. Eligibility for the CDM will
mean new financial support and political legitimacy in the developing
world markets that are so crucial to its future. At home, this renewed
legitimacy could help to carve out a future for nuclear power after so
many years of stagnation.


From: "george Knox" <grantman@usaor.net>
Subject: Another May 5 Alignment feedbacks
Date: Tue, 30 May 2000

Dear Jean;

I thought I would share this with you and your friends in the Network.

As all of you know on the 5th, the Alignment occurred. My close friend from
Virginia was visiting me here in Western Pennsylvania and asked if we could
take time that afternoon, to pause and reflect at the proper time while the
Alignment was occurring. To be completely honest, I might have forgot if it
hadn't been for her insistence.

That afternoon found us traveling in North Western Pa. and at the proper
time, I exited the interstate and began searching for a place to meditate.
She was completely unfamiliar with the area and I have only traveled through
the area a few times, so I went on my gut feeling in locating, the "Quiet

I took a side road off (Old route 8), just past the new " improved" super
highway route eight. We soon found ourselves passing by all the typical
backyard fare of the area. Americana you don‚t see traveling at seventy
miles an hour on interstates. Homes with two cars in less than running
condition, stuck in the front yard and porches just short of the highway
right of ways. I was looking for access a valley I have seen in this area,
which was beautiful in the fall. But was unable to find it. We walked on as
time was growing short.

Then as I proceeded, I took a right turn at the top of a hill when I saw the
sign, " Vision Quest" . I joked to her this must be our sign!

A few hundred yards down an old dirt road we came to what appeared to be
several tall massive Tee Pees. Obviously, part of the Vision Quest property.
The property looked like a corporate meeting area where people came together
to develop their cooperation skills, so we bypassed instructions on signs
that said all visitors report to the main office!

We strolled about three hundred yards across a field of clover and wild
grasses to the edge of a ridge that overlooked two magnificent valleys. A
metal fence blocked our entrance to a large stony area that lay just beyond
the ridge, but we quickly found a hole in the fence and settled in for

From our vantage point we viewed a vast expanse of two valleys, to the left
and right of us. On the left, a thunderstorm was making its way toward us
yet in the valley to the right sun shone down on farm fields and blue lakes.
We could see for thirty miles, it was spectacular.

As we made ourselves comfortable, my friend prepared a small altar. I made
mention to her that way off in the sunny valley a large bird was flying. We
joked, that maybe it might be an eagle! A good sign for the event!

I notified her that the time had arrived and she began to pray lifting her
arms toward the heavens. I just sat there and listened to the birds chirping
all around us and enjoyed the view. I had picked up a stick that looked like
a divining rod and was holding it in my hand, and sat quietly on the stony
moss covered rocks.

Suddenly the birds stopped chirping, and I heard a swoosh pass over head,
like a large gust of wind was shaking the tree tops. I looked up and saw a
large bird fly directly over us. I tugged on my friend and said, " Hey look
at that". What followed was quite amazing.

Over the next few minutes eight large eagles of different sizes flew over us
in circles and dives! It was awesome. At times I felt as if a bird might
land on the stick I held, they were that close. The thunderstorm that was
approaching dissipated and never came near us. We both felt a tremendous
feeling of peace and calm, and for me it was something I had never felt

The eagles started flying at the exact moment of the "merkaba" or global
prayer time and
they disappeared at the exact moment the global prayer time was over. They
only flew for 10 minutes -- 5 minutes before 3:00pm est and 5 minutes after
and then they were gone. At ten minutes after, however the birds simply
vanished and the normal sounds of the valley returned. .

Then strangely as if on cue, from behind us I heard the chirp of a cell
phone. Like an alarm clock! I turned to see if someone was behind us and su
ddenly eight horsemen in uniforms passed us riding down a path on the ridge.
I smiled as they rode by, neither startled nor alarmed at this sudden
intrudence as did my friend. Surprisingly each of the horsemen greeted us
with smiles and waves. They too quickly disappeared as fast as they had

Numbed by our experience we left the area. On our walk away from the ridge I
found a small yellow bird feather. My friend asked, " Gee, wonder what I
will find?" A few hundred feet further I looked down on the ground and saw
an old piece of newspaper, with the headline, " Milestones".

With feather and scrap paper in our hands we reached our car. A man walking
by greeted us as we got into the vehicle. We asked him if this place was
available for meetings.

He laughed, and questioned us, as to how we had gotten on the property in
the first place. "Vision Quest", is a home of sort for runaway juveniles and
kids in trouble with the law. Private property, no trespassing.

We gathered up and left.

I once read where there are portals that open up at times that connect this
world with the others. If you are lucky enough to see one or come in contact
with one, treat it with respect. I‚m sure one opened up for us that day.

We will cherish its treasures forever.

George Knox

From: "JoanDunn" <JoanDunn@email.msn.com>
Subject: Massive Atrazine Pollution of Groundwater Sources in Midwest USA
Date: Tue, 30 May 2000

Jean, I am attaching an article sent by a friend to members of Congress, EPA, and Al Gore and Clinton, requesting they take action on atrazine in drinking water. If this subject matter is something you would include in your newsletter, my friend can be reached at mark@journey.com, subject line Atrazine.

Thanks for all you do. You cover so much ground and you distill subjects down to their core, which is sometimes tough to do in this realm of thinking and acting that we are into.

Thank you again. Because of your newsletter I was able to put together a press release on the LFAS issue for our local community, which is VERY NAVY and right on the ocean. I don't know if any action was taken, but at least I could put out good information for the press to grab hold of.

Thanks so much,
Joan Dunn

Chemical levels high for Midwest babies

WASHINGTON, July 28 (UPI) - An environmental watchdog group charges
the levels of a corn weed killer are so high in tap water in hundreds of
Midwest communities, many babies are at increased risk of cancer and the
EPA isn't moving fast enough to protect them.

The toxic weed killer atrazine should be banned, said representatives
of the Environmental Working Group (EWG) at a Washington press
conference today. They released a report that charges that for infants
in the Midwest who are fed powdered formula reconstituted with tap water
government regulators have drastically underestimated atrazine exposure
by 15 times.

Atrazine, which the group described as the most widely used pesticide
in the United States, is used as a weed killer on 70 million acres of
corn crops throughout the Midwest. The concern is that after it is
applied, atrazine runs off the cornfields into the reservoirs and
groundwater sources that supply tap water to millions of Midwestern

EWG said its analysis of tap water tests from seven Midwestern states
found high atrazine levels in 800 Midwestern communities.

"Atrazine contaminates tap water delivered to 10.4 million people in
796 towns in seven Midwestern states. That puts babies at risk," said
Jane Houlihan, a senior analyst who co-authored the EWG report. "In our
analysis of tap water we found atrazine contamination so high in 138
towns that infants by age 5 will exceed what federal law defines as
their lifetime allowable dose of atrazine."

She said, "In 40 communities, bottle-fed infants will exceed their
legally allowable lifetime cancer risk from atrazine by their first
birthday. In some communities, the lifetime cancer risk from atrazine
concentrations is more than 20 times the legal limit."

Under the Food Quality Protection Act, the EPA is required to make
all pesticide exposure safe for infants and children. Congress gave EPA
an August 3 deadline by which time it should have evaluated the most
toxic one-third of the 9,000 U.S.-registered pesticides and reassessed
the legally allowable tolerances for those substances.

"The EPA will miss that deadline and thus will have failed to
protect American babies," charges Houlihan.

The manufacturer of atrazine called the EWG report "alarmist" and
denied that the levels of atrazine cited in the report put infants,
children or adults at risk.

"Parents have no reason to fear the safety of the drinking water of
their communities. The EWG has misrepresented scientific facts to create
panic among American parents," said Dave Whitacre, senior vice
president of science for Novartis Crop Protection, Inc.

"The EWG has a history of shunning the time-honored scientific peer-
review process in evaluating the accuracy of its positions," added
Whitacre. "Government-established standards provide a wide margin of
safety to all populations."

EPA sources said the agency is actively working on an updated and
comprehensive scientific review of atrazine, particularly in regard to
the safety of children.

Time to shift from oil to new sources of sustainable energy

NOTE FROM JEAN: I seldom network info about how much oil is left but for those of you who hope to see a shift towards sustainable energy sources - or for those wondering if gas price at the pump will continue to rise - the following excerpts from a discussion group specializing in energy resources gives an ominous clear warning about what is coming...

Date: Tue, 30 May 2000
From: Mark Graffis <ab758@virgin.vip.vi>

Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 18:32:46 +0100
From: C.J.Campbell <colincampbell@eircom.net>
To: energyresources@egroups.com
Subject: Re: [energyresources] net energy

Don't be misled. Advances in exploration technology and improved knowledge
increase the chances of finding oil, meaning fewer dry wells, but the amount
found continues to fall. Most of the prime prospects have already been
tested and what remain get ever smaller and more difficult. "We can now find
a needle in a haystack, but it is still a needle".

I think 2005 remains a good estimate of the peak of conventional oil with
the peak of all liquid hydrocarbons coming about five years later. This year
however is likely to see a spike of about 20 Gb discovery with half coming
from a solitary super giant in the Caspian, if that is confirmed by testing.

I think that the market may well discover in the next few days or weeks that
OPEC lacks the physical capacity to increase production fast enough to
offset growing demand and replenish depleted stocks. The market may soon
perceive that it is unable to produce enough to meet its policy of holding
price between $22 and $28. When the OPEC ceiling is breached the market will
likely dither before concluding that there is n't a roof above it either,
other than falling demand. Falling demand sounds like recession. So I don't
think we will have to wait til 2005 to observe the social consequences. It
is also well to remember that peak, when it comes, is not immediately
apparent as such. The "flat-earth" economists still apparently have
difficulty in accepting that the US Lower 48 peaked in 1972, so they
certainly wont see it til long after it has happened, maintaining their
blind faith in market forces and technology..

best regards
Colin Campbell

----- Original Message -----
From: Stuart H. Rodman <JRodman527@aol.com>
To: <energyresources@egroups.com>
Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2000 7:51 AM
Subject: [energyresources] net energy

Duncan writes in "The Olduvai Theory: Sliding Towards a
Post-Industrial Stone Age" (1996) http://www.dieoff.com/page125.htm,

"In the 1950s, oil producers discovered about fifty
barrels of oil for every barrel invested in drilling
and pumping. Today, the figure is only about five for
one. Sometime around 2005, that figure will become
one for one."

However, worldwide oil production probably will not have peaked that
soon and with the advent of 3D seismic, energy costs of exploration
may have dropped in some instances, at least relative to older
projections. In his recent article from the New Republic
(http://www.tnr.com/051500/easterbrook051500.html), Easterbrook
states that in some cases,

"Improvements in seismology mean more oil per drilling--in the '80s,
only one in ten holes struck deposits, but today it's one in two for
the best companies."


Does the development of "cheaper" exploratory techniques mean that
the projected "sink" date of 2005 should be reevaluated? How can we
find the data either way?

Given the above, what are the market reactions likely to be in 2005
if production has not yet peaked and exploration remains "subsidized"
to the same extent that it is today? Are there likely to be any
immediate social consequences?



Moderator note: All technological improvements and resource discoveries
are already included in the 2005 estimate. The latest estimates by country
can be found at:

http://dieoff.com/campbell.htm -- http://dieoff.com/campbell.pdf -- http://dieoff.com/campbell.xls

From: "Tompkins, Deborah J" <TOMPKID@polaroid.com>
Subject: Sonar tests have gone public
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000


It was with great pleasure and gratitude that I watched a segment on the
television about the Naval sonar testing and its affects on whales. It was a
long segment, about 10 minutes, and showed pictures of the devices being
used, the whales beaching themselves, with the official statement from the
navy that the there was absolutely no connection. The fact that it was on
television to me is a major leap forward in raising awareness of this most
insensitive, cruel issue. Peace, love, and prayers are working.
Thank you for bringing a focus to the issues that need work.
Blessings to all,

Deborah J. Tompkins
Polaroid Corporation
1265 Main St. W-5
Waltham, Ma
Phone-(781) 386-1676
Fax- (781)386-1938


Navy Drops Criticized Sonar Test Off N.J.

By Marc Kaufman
Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, May 27, 2000; Page A02

The Navy has abandoned plans to test controversial sonar systems off the New
Jersey coast following protests by federal regulators and environmental
groups that the intense sounds can harm whales and other ocean life.
In a brief statement yesterday, the Navy said its Littoral Warfare Advanced
Development test 45 miles off the New Jersey coast this week will proceed
but will "not include active acoustic sources."

The decision, which environmentalists hailed as a first, marks an escalation
in a growing dispute over whether efforts by the Navy to test and deploy new
types of sonar submarine detection systems are dangerous to sea life. It
also comes two months after a dozen whales stranded themselves on two
beaches in the Bahamas one day after Navy exercises nearby used the loud,
intense noises.

Many scientists believe that whales and other marine mammals can be harmed
by the extremely high-decibel sounds--some significantly greater than the
sound of a 747 jet at takeoff--created as part of the Navy's new "active"
sonar systems. The animals, which rely on sound the way humans rely on
sight, can suffer directly with burst eardrums and permanent hearing loss,
and indirectly with harmful changes in behavior.


According to Joel Reynolds of the Natural Resources Defense Council, an
environmental group long critical of the Navy's active sonar systems, the
decision to cancel active sonar tests off New Jersey marks a significant

"We think this is very important because the Navy has now been told it
cannot simply reserve a vessel, schedule an exercise and proceed without
worry of environmental impacts when dealing with low-frequency sonar
systems," Reynolds said. "This is the first time where [the NMFS] told the
Navy that it cannot move forward because of a failure to comply with the
Endangered Species Act."

According to Reynolds and federal regulators, the site off New Jersey is
particularly rich in sea life and would be home to billions of spawning
squid in the late spring. The endangered sperm whale feeds on young squid
and would likely be in those waters as a result.


To read the entire article, please go at

Date: Thu, 25 May 2000
From: Richard <lykan@ixks.com>
Subject: A Quote

"Just imagine if all of the various governments could actually agree
to have competitive paint-ball wars instead of bullet wars, and it
made a lot of money which corporations would like too - lots and lots
of potential cash flow there, in entertainment terms. And of course it
would be one more step away from being savages."

- Richard Vines Jr