October 17, 1999

Subject: Radio interview with Jean Hudon tomorrow + ONE BILLION PERSON PEACE PRAYER/MEDITATION 1999: "Hands Around the World" Sunday, October 24, 1999 + The Jam Echelon Day project ON OCTOBER 21 + Make A Difference Day, October 23 + Bovine Growth Hormone survives digestion process: New Study + Earth Day Network Updates: Worldwide Whirlwind + ABC News on Genetically Modified Foods

Hello everyone

As indicated in the subject field of this email, I have compiled a number of invitations and subjects that should be of interest to many of you. If you feel like me the urge to take an active role in helping to shape a better future for all on this beautiful planet, then you'll have some interesting options for action to consider below.

Think Globally, Groove Locally

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator


Carol Morishige of the Honolulu Church of Light (see below their proposed ONE BILLION PERSON PEACE PRAYER/MEDITATION 1999) has invited me for a radio interview scheduled on October 18th at 12:15 AM Pacific Time, with Fred Sterling as the host of the program. They are interested in "hearing of my vision and efforts in forming a global spiritual community." They also want to know what I see "as the biggest challenges facing humanity." And they would like me to "help people understand the importance of the Gaia Hypothesis concept."

A week before the ONE BILLION PERSON PEACE MEDITATION, they are dedicating their radio/Internet broadcast to "How We Can Make a Difference - The Amassation of Lightworkers". They are inviting people to share with the world what they are doing to amplify the consciousness of love and healing on the planet.

Ken Kalb, Cheryl Magill, and Jonathan Goldman will also be interviewed during this program.

Website where you can listen to the live broadcast: http://www.inward.com

Electronic Mail: theshift@hula.net

From: "Sara Diaz" <casadiaz@worldnet.att.net>
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 1999


Dear Brothers and Sisters of Mother Earth,

For many of us who are awakening to the love and healing of the Creator's Light, we are feeling the compression of the Third Dimension, or the world as we know it. In the chaos and confusion that sometimes surround us, we must remember to be in love. For in this love, we open our human essence to the golden light particles of the Creator. And as we amass in Light, we will have the courage to reach out to those around us, and hand in hand, move forward in love.

Last year the Honolulu Church of Light made an appeal to the world, and millions of people around the planet responded and enjoined in prayer and meditation. We are asking you, again, to find it within your heart to support this unprecedented global event on October 24, 1999, as we gather ONE BILLION people in unison to pray and meditate. Join with us in holding Mother Earth and all Her inhabitants in God's Light. Please help us create a world of peace for ourselves, for our children and our children's children.

"This is our cry. This is our plea. Peace on Earth" (Children's Monument ~ Hiroshima Peace Park) In love and aloha, Rev. Carol Morishige Honolulu Church of Light

LIVE BROADCAST at http://www.inward.com
Sunday, October 24, 1999
6:00 PM Hawaii Time
9:00 PM Pacific Time
10:00 PM Mountain Time
11:00 PM Central Time
12:00 AM Eastern Time (Monday)
4:00 AM GMT (Monday)

Global Times are posted at http://www.inward.com/globe3.html Please email: Honolulu Church of Light <theshift@hula.net> to list your city
from which you will be participating in this event for our Roll Call of Cities.

In support of Mother Earth and all Her inhabitants the Honolulu Church of Light is spearheading an unprecedented grassroots effort to gather ONE BILLION people around the world into a global (toning) prayer/meditation. Participants will gather at the Honolulu Church of Light at 6:00 PM, in private homes worldwide and other public gatherings globally to pray and meditate simultaneously.

The event will be BROADCAST LIVE on the Liberty Works Radio Network during "The Great Shift with Fred Sterling" and through the Internet at http://www.inward.com and http://www.broadcast.com (click on Liberty Works Radio Network-LWRN)

The program will begin at 6:00 PM Hawaii Time, then proceed with the Roll Call of Cities and the global prayer/meditation at 6:10 PM Hawaii Time. The meditation tones that will be used during the guided prayer/meditation are: 6:10 PM - Start Meditation Middle C (2 min.), Lower G (2 min), E (2 min.), Lower E (2 min.), A (2 min.) 6:20 PM- End Meditation Question & Answer session with Kirael to follow the meditation.

Message from Kirael with Fred Sterling as the medium:

Millions and millions, and likely even billions of your brothers and sisters are beginning to sense a great wave of energy moving across Mother Earth. You may feel the pressure of Mother Earth mounting, for She is going through a shifting process. It's an awakening period, my friends, for Mother Earth and all Her inhabitants, and She feels it through you. She listens to the thoughts of humanity. We need a billion people to come together to create a positive awareness of a beautiful time about to unfold for us. We need to know that we can heal all the negative thoughts that are creating a world that appears to be falling apart. We need to create a meditation that will allow people the freedom to not fall prey to the doom and gloom. It can become very intensified between here and the end of the year because a lot of people are in devout fear of seeing the end of the world. Let us create a new mastermind, where light overcomes the doom and gloom. Let us create a space where the human population is in control of its destiny.

Collectively gather your consciousness in peace and become so strengthened in unison that Mother Earth and all Her inhabitants will receive a healing. For you may choose different colors of skin or shapes of eyes, but the truth is, you all came from the same Light of the Creator. Awaken to this light, and be willing to look right into the eyes of doom and gloom and the people that are creating it, and Light the Light. You have seen it in a crowd when someone lights a candle, and the next and the next, then all of a sudden the whole crowd is lit up: We are talking about the world being held in Light, my friends.

Let us pray and meditate for peace in our Truth, Trust, and Passion amongst our brothers and sisters. This is a time of celebration to experience going from one century to the next. Choose to stand in the Light of the Creator. For in the Creator's Essence, a collectiveness of thought process vibrates in an effectual mass of energy that constitutes the vibrational essence of your human world. Thus, choose, my friends, to collectively think the highest thoughts you can think. It is I that kneels before you. It is I that throws my cloth to the wind. It is I that prays for you on a daily basis. It is I that bows before you at every given chance - for it is I that is you.

From the deepest part of my heart energy, I honor your faith and courage.

This event is being created in Truth, Trust, and Passion to network as many individuals, families, and groups as possible for global peace and harmony. Volunteers and donation of services from the world will make this event a reality. Please email <theshift@hula.net> to unsubscribe. Honolulu Church of Light 575A Cooke Street Honolulu, Hawaii USA 96813 Telephone: 808-591-1113 Facsimile: 808-593-1398 Mission Statement: "Love and Healing" is the birthright for all.

Through the interaction with the Guidance Realm, we create a positive awareness that the global Shift in consciousness is here.

Prayer Statement: We are dedicated to provide a safe environment for all to feel the beauty within.

Website: http://www.inward.com
Electronic Mail: theshift@hula.net

We meet ourselves time and again in a thousand disguises on the path of life


From: "Kerry" <successmachine@home.com>
Subject: FW: Political News from Wired News
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 1999

TAKEN FROM: http://www.wired.com/news/news/politics/story/22102.html

Hackers Ascend Upper 'Echelon'
by James Glave

Mossad. Bomb. Davidian. MI5.

If the hunch of a loose-knit group of cyber-activists is correct, the
above words will trip the keyword recognition filter on a global spy system
partly managed by the US National Security Agency.

The near-mythical worldwide computer spy network reportedly scans all
email, packet traffic, telephone conversations -- and more -- around the
world, in an effort to ferret out potential terrorist or enemy

See also: Spying on the Spies

Once plucked from the electronic cloud, certain keywords allegedly
trigger a recording of the conversation or email in question.

Privacy activists have used the words in their signature files for
years as a running schtick, but on 21 October, a group of activists
originating on the "hacktivist" mailing list hope to trip up Echelon on a
much wider scale.

"What is [Echelon] good for?" asked Linda Thompson, a constitutional
rights attorney and chairman of the American Justice Federation.

"If you want to say we can catch criminals with it, it is insane that
anyone should be able to snoop on anyone's conversations."

"Criminals ought to be caught after they commit a crime -- but police
are not here to invade all our privacy to catch that two percent [of
criminal communications]," she said.

A 1994 report by the Anti-Defamation League described Thompson as "an
influential figure in the militia movement nationally." The report says the
American Justice Federation describes itself as "a group dedicated to
stopping the New World Order and getting the truth out to the American

The Anti-Defamation League says Thompson claims to have contact with
militias in all 50 states.

On 21 October, Thompson, along with Doug McIntosh, a reporter for the
federation's news service, and members of the hacktivism mailing list
community, invite anyone concerned about the system to append a list of
intriguing words to their emails.

Specifically, they suggest the following keywords:


The campaign has spread around the Net and has been translated into
German. Organizers hope "gag Echelon day" catches on on a global scale as a
means of raising awareness of the system.

Neither the NSA, nor its UK equivalent -- the Government
Communications Headquarters -- has admitted that the system exists, although
its capabilities have been debated in the European Parliament.

Australia's Defense Signals Directorate, an agency allegedly involved
in Echelon, recently admitted the existence of UKUSA, the agreement between
five national communications agencies that reportedly governs the system.

Last fall, the Washington-based civil liberties group Free Congress
Foundation sent a detailed report on the system to Congress, but the system
was not debated.

The latest effort hopes to further boost public awareness of the system.

"Most people are angry about it," said Thompson. "When you find out it
is not some science fiction movie, most people will be outraged."

But an Australian member of the activist community hopes that "jam
Echelon day" will be about public awareness of technologies of political
control, not about generating paranoia.

"Public awareness should empower -- not scare people aware from using
the Net," the activist, who identified himself only as Sam, said.

Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999
From: Betty Martini <Mission-Possible-USA@altavista.net>
Subject: Make A Difference Day, October 23, Sponsored by USA Weekend Mag and Points of Light Foundation.

Suppose your son or daughter is continuously dosed with a poison that
blinds, drops intelligence, eradicates memory, grows brain tumors & other
cancers, brings fatigue, depression, ADD, panic, rage, paranoia,
diabetes, seizures, suicide and death.

Suppose the toxin is supported by unlimited advertising and the
manufacturer pays off the American Dietetics Association, the American
Diabetes Association, the AMA and whomever else to convince us the poison
is safe as rain.

Suppose the lies are backed by a federal bureaucracy knowing it may kill
your child, but the bureaucrat who approved the poison got a fat job as
have many of his successors.

Suppose this government watchdog, ignoring thousands of consumer
complaints, has become an Attack dog protecting corporate corruption.

Would you want to know the truth?
What would you do to protect your child from these criminals?

No supposition! This is the bitter reality of Aspartame/NutraSweet/Equal,
Monsanto Chemical, the Food and Drug Administration, the twin ADA
girlfriends for hire, Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola and the hundreds of food, drink
and drug producers who add to their products a poison Conceived in Fraud
and Dedicated to the Proposition that Profit is all that Matters!

Below are more of the 92 reactions FDA listed from 10,000 aspartame
complaints, but you can't get the list without a congressman. FDA will lie
to you and ask "What List?:

Headaches Weight Gain Nausea Deafness
Tachycardia Diarrhea Infertility Chest Pain
Tinnitus Rashes Spasms Palpitations
Floaters Insomnia Comas Burning tongue
Loss of diabetic control Numbness Slurred speech

Aspartame was invented by the G D Searle Co [acquired by Monsanto in 1985].
For 16 years FDA refused to approve it, until 1981 when Commissioner A H
Hayes overruled the findings of a Public Board of Inquiry and protests of
the American Soft Drink Association and blessed it. The tests submitted by
Searle were so bad that FDA later, for the first time in history, asked the
Justice Department to prosecute a manufacturer for fraud. The prosecutors,
Sam Skinner and Wm. Conlon were hired by the defense attorneys and the case
expired when the statute of limitations ran out. If the Godfather hires
the District Attorney don't expect a conviction!

Aspartame's toxicity is verified by many of the world's finest doctors!
Access http://www.dorway.com for hundreds of pages of evidence, the FDA complaint list, listen to doctors, get links to 200 web sites and a support group and lists of publications by medical experts. If your doctor doesn't know
its a shame because many of his patients present symptoms of fatigue,
headaches, joint pain, memory loss, vision depreciation, seizures, he may
misdiagnose since he's targeted for misinformation by the "authorities".
Bring him the facts and ask him to get on-line.

Get it out of your school!
Get it out of your cafeteria!
Get it out of your home!
Take all asparpoisoned products back to stores for refunds!

Save lives by educating everyone you know!
Disability and Death are too much to pay for corporate Greed!

If your child is taking medication remember that aspartame is a drug that
originally had a drug application but was withdrawn so it could be
marketed as a food additive requiring no monitoring of side effects.
The interaction with drugs includes monoamine oxidase inhibitors,
alpha-methyldopa and L-dihydroxphenylalanine just for starters!


Endocrinologist H. J. Roberts, MD, FACP has studied aspartame for 15 years
has a data base of 1300 aspartame victims. Dr Roberts has declared
Aspartame Disease a world epidemic. His books, Aspartame [NutraSweet] Is
It Safe?, Sweetener Dearest and Defense Against Alzheimers Disease should
be on every doctor's bookshelf, and you need them if your're a victim.
(www.icanect.net/sunpress) Roberts states a national survey shows 40% of
children to the age of 9 consume aspartame products. There are no warnings
except possibly for phenylketnurics (who cannot metabolize phenylalanine)
but some of these warnings have vanished since aspartame got blanket

Dr. Miguel A. Baret from the Dominion Republic removed milk from 360
children's diet, as a preventative against diabetes. Cow's milk has a
specific protein that can cause diabetes, especially in children. The
children drank juice laced with aspartame. Immediately many developed
problems described as "abnormal restlessness, lack of concentration,
irritability and depression.." Dr. Baret, realizing aspartame was the
cause of this change in his students, had aspartame removed. "The results
were as astonishing as the very situation I was trying to correct. Their
symptoms disappeared in 4-6 days in ALL of them!!" Thank you, Dr. Baret,
for this study showing what aspartame does to the brains of our children.

Dr. Ralph Walton, Psychiatrist and Professor and Chairman of the Center for
Behavioral Medicine discusses the reactions Dr. Baret saw firsthand. "We
have known for many years that when aspartame is ingested along with a
carbohydrate rich meal the usual physiologic increase in tryptophan is
blocked, while brain phenylalanine and tyrosine concentrations are
increased. These changes in amino acid neurotransmitter precursors could,
I believe, alter indoleamine/catecholamine balance, and thus have a
profound effect on mood and cognition ... depressed mood, anxiety,
dizziness, panic attacks, nausea, irritability, impairment of memory and

Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D, author of Excitotoxins: The Taste That
Kills says that NutraSweet stimulates neurons to death, damaging the
brain. The synergistic effect on a child using aspartame and MSG, another
excitotoxin, is specially destructive. Dr. Blaylock says that even if a
baby were to survive when the mother uses aspartame the problems will
likely emerge at puberty when a child has to use the more complex parts of
his brain, that aspartame triggers autism and ADD, Attention Deficit

Louis Elsas, M.D., Professor of Pediatrics, genetics, Emory University,
testified before Congress Nov 3, 1987 that "aspartame is in fact a well
known neurotoxin and teratogen (triggers birth defects) which, in some
undefined dose will... irreversibly in the developing child or fetal
brain, produce adverse effects." He also says "I am particularly angry at
the type of advertising that we have seen here today that is promoting the
sale of a neurotoxin in the childhood age group." Monsanto advertises the
poison with a picture of a pregnent woman knitting! Yes, they know. They
funded a study for Dr. Diana Dow-Edwards on aspartame and birth defects.
When the results were disastrous they withdrew funding and Dr. Dow-Edwards
had to pay for the study. Then neither the FDA or Monsanto would accept
it. This fiasco gave the world the Monsanto Creed: "If the research
doesn't say its safe we neither fund or accept the study."

Dr. Ralph Walton, after researching Medline, said on 60 Minutes that all
industry funded studies showed aspartame to be safe, but almost 100% of
independent studies showed problems. Monsanto definitely does not want
studies done they cannot control. When Dr. Walton did a study they refused
to sell him the aspartame. After one man suffered a retinal detachment,
another started bleeding from the eyes and others complained of being
poisoned, the institution stopped the study. Did Monsanto know what would
happen? Aspartame changes the menses and can trigger infertility. Many
women believing they can't have children throng the fertility clinics where
they wait sipping diet drinks, the reason they're there!

A recent study (Trocho) has shown that formaldehyde accumulates in the
cells and damages DNA with 50% toxicity in the liver and substantial
amounts in kidneys, adipose tissue, retina and brain. In a paper on
aspartame and the liver by Sandra Cabot, M.D., from Mission Possible
Australia (author of books on the liver)she asks why would anyone consume
aspartame, saying: "I certainly would not put it into my body because I'm
not ready to be embalmed." And that's what aspartame is, Do-It-Yourself
Embalming! Dr. Blaylock says in light of the above study, anyone who would
use aspartame would have to be suicidal!

Dr. James Bowen who suffers from Lou Gehrigs Disease from aspartame told
the FDA years ago it is "mass poisoning of the American public as well as
seventy plus countries in the rest of the world." and said "Every known
metabolite of aspartame is of marked or questionable toxicity and patently
unsafe for human use." (www.dorway.com)

What if a child is diabetic? Diabetic specialist, Dr. H. J. Roberts says
in his position paper on diabetes, hypoglycemia and aspartame this toxin
keeps blood sugar out of control, destroys the optic nerve and can cause
diabetics to go into convulsions. Now diabetics use insulin pumps to
control blood sugar.

Courageous physicians like these have spoken, and many screamed at Congress
in three congressional hearings. But industry lobbying and power has kept
this poison on the the tables and in the foods of the world. And now
Monsanto wants FDA to approve an even more potent aspartame - Neotame!

Mission Possible International is an unpaid, worldwide volunteer force
warning all consumers off this toxin. We have nothing to sell, and but one
mission - to save your life! We want to know if we have made a difference.
We want to know from physicians about every patient whose symptoms
disappear. We want a list of every school that removes this neurotoxin.

Make a difference, then tell us the results from removing this poison.
Help tell the world by making copies of this life-saving message for all
your friends, workmates, club, schools, all doctors and health workers.

Visit http://www.dorway.com/handouts.html to download our brochure: NutraSweet
Disease Is A Worldwide Plague.

Respectfully, Mrs. Betty Martini, Founder
Mission Possible International
770 242-2599

P.S. Its what they do to the babies and children that get to me the most. A six year old just died from it - used children chewable Tylenol with aspartame, had a seizure and perished. I get the urge to send Monsanto and the FDA to a black hole in space!


From: Sh0shanna@aol.com
Date: Sun, 3 Oct 1999
Subject: Bovine Growth Hormone survives digestion process: New Study

A new study just published in the current issue of the Journal of the
American Dietetic Association intended to prove that drinking milk prevents
bone disease.

However, careful review of that study only proves that the dairy industry will go to great lengths to commit scientific fraud and then continue to market their
calcium milk myth.

In addition to an extremely biased bone study, details of which are revealed
in this column, the dairy industry inadvertently published the most
self-incriminating scientific paper in their history. Dairy scientists have
admitted that the level of a very powerful hormone contained in milk,
insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I), increases in the human body after milk

In the last two years, IGF-I has been identified as the key factor in the
growth and proliferation of various cancers including prostate cancer
(SCIENCE - January, 1998), breast cancer (THE LANCET - May, 1998), and lung
cancer (JOURNAL OF THE NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE - January, 1999). However,
scientists at the Food and Drug Administration have previously (incorrectly)
argued that this powerful growth hormone in milk did not survive digestion
and cannot alter human blood chemistry. Now that the evidence is in, the
scientific community has proof of how wrong government regulators were in
approving the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (rbGH). Milk from
cows treated with rbGH contains increased levels of IGF-I.

Excerpt from article on:

from Robert Cohen, the Notmilkman

From: "Earth Day News-US" <EarthDayNews-US_001420@earthday.customer-email.com>
Subject: Worldwide Whirlwind
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999

Earth Day Network's Earth Day 2000 Worldwide campaign is in full swing!

Over 2900 groups in 164 countries have already signed up, and will participate in Earth Day festivities around the globe. Worldwide events in April include:

- A global music concert in Manila that will be broadcast across Asia.
- 30,000 trees planted by students in Mexico City.
- A biodiversity conference in London to be hosted by Prince Charles.
- The organization of a national youth environmental education network and environmental monitoring system for Earth Day 2000 in Gabon. Organized by local environmentalists, the network will connect Africa with similar networks in France, Canada and Belgium.

For a full listing of Earth Day events click on the events calendar at http://www.earthday.net .


Earth Day Network's International Coordinator, Shalini Ramanathan, recently attended the Earth Day European Roundtable on Clean Energy, held in Switzerland. Leading environmental groups, including Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives and the International Solar Energy Society, attended to strategize and plan for Earth Day 2000 in Europe. Shalini also attended additional strategy sessions with Earth Day organizers in Paris, London, Amsterdam, and Brussels -- Europeans will be busy in April 2000!

In October, Earth Day Network and network members will host organizing meetings in Australia, China, Philippines, South Korea, and the Netherlands. Island nations -- whose physical existence is literally threatened by sea level increases associated with global warming - are also expected to announce exciting developments in their efforts to become energy self-sufficient.


Back in Seattle, Earth Day Network is assembling a top-notch team to coordinate its massive international network. New additions include former Earth Day Network volunteer and recent graduate of the Evans School at the University of Washington, Frana Milan. As Sector Organizer, Frana will ensure that women's groups, indigenous peoples, and youth networks are part of Earth Day.

Also on board is Vickery Prongay, who is putting her recent Peace Corps experience in Guinea to good use in organizing Africa. And a hearty Earth Day welcome to our new International Organizer for Latin America, Helen Couture, who has worked extensively on issues relating to finance in that region.


Watch for our upcoming Environmental Education Eco-Kit, which will available in November. The Eco-Kit will highlight 10-15 innovative environmental education projects and will be translated and distributed to teachers and youth leaders around the world. For more information on the Eco-Kit, please contact Serryn Janson, International Earth Day Network Coordinator, at sjanson@earthday.net.

Encourage your friends to sign up for this list, which gives general updates on the Earth Day 2000 campaign at http://www.earthday.net/involved/signup-email.html . Those without web access can send a message to communications@earthday.net with the word "subscribe" in the subject line.

Date: 10/16/99
From: gnn@grassrootsnews.org (Grassroots Media Network)

This is on the ABC.com website today! oct 15, 1999

Genetically Modified Foods

Scientists are creating genetically modified foods that taste better, stay
fresher longer and are more resistant to pests. And we're eating them. But are they safe?


Genetically modified foods have been widely consumed in the United
States since 1996. They're almost impossible to avoid: a third of all U.S.
corn is genetically modified, as is half of all cotton and half of all

Soy protein can be found in 60 percent of all processed foods, from
frozen dinners to baby food to yogurt. As for corn aside from corn chips,
tortillas and corn starch it also makes up the high fructose sweeteners
used in fruit drinks and natural sodas. The more corn or soy, the more
likely it's been genetically modified. The meat you eat probably contains
genetically modified components, as does milk.

Everything from tofu hot dogs to soy milk to vegetarian meat alternative
(all made from a soy base), probably have genetically modified ingredients in


Foods are genetically modified to resist disease, weed killers, drought
and insects, by adding desirable genes from other plants. The other purpose
is to add genes that boost nutritional value, flavor, color, shape, texture,
etc. Examples include corn and cotton with built-in pesticides, tomatoes
given genes to help retain a fresh-picked texture, wheat with extra gluten
for lighter bread, even tomatoes with an anti-freezing gene from the winter

In the works are beans and grains with higher levels of protein,
potatoes with more starch, coffee beans that grow caffeine-free on the vine,
strawberries with less sugar and tomatoes with more solid flesh and less

Proponents say that genetically modified foods reduce pesticide use,
erosion and water pollution. They can also increase crop yields.


Allergies: The protein added in genetically modifying foods sometimes
come from something completely unrelated, which could put allergy sufferers
at potential risk.

Since 1992, the Food and Drug Administration has required testing for
all foods made with genes taken from eggs, milk, wheat, shellfish, legumes
and nuts, which account for about 90 percent of American food allergies.
While the FDA mandates that warning be put on foods modified with these
genes, it's tough to police and some worry it could fall in the cracks.

Decreased nutrition: Introduced genes may change nutritional value of

Environmental problems: Genetic modification could spill over into
insects and other plants, making them resistant to pesticides and herbicides.
The Environmental Protection Agency has been criticized that they haven't
detailed to crop developers what should be done to ensure the environmental
stays safe.


If you're out shopping, the only foods you can be assured aren't
genetically untouched are those labeled organic; "natural" doesn't mean

The primary suspects in ingredients are soybeans, corn, canola, cotton
and dairy - unless it expressly says the ingredients are organic.

In Europe, a recent poll said 40 percent of people didn't trust
scientists over genetically modified foods. A new survey shows that
genetically modified food has become the No. 1 food safety issue, with 50
percent of the public rating it their most pressing concern. Prince Charles
and Paul McCartney have come out against genetically modified food. The
European Union has introduced mildly restrictive labeling requirements. The
pope has warned people of the ethical implications. In the United Kingdom,
1,300 schools have banned genetically modified food from their cafeterias.

Tests done by Consumers Union, which publishes Consumer Reports,
detected genetically modified ingredients in baby food and infant formula. In
response, Gerber and H.J. Heinz announced they would shun such ingredients,
though they deny there's any danger.

Michael Guillen on ABCNEWS