September 15, 2000

Subject: Taking Charge of One's Health: Angelic Music recommended + A comment on the incredible death toll of malpractice by US doctors + Murder or Bad Vaccine + Betty Martini lecturing on Aspartame in the UK + Genetically engineered human insulin + Epidemic rise in lymphatic cancer linked to genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (rbGH) + Jubilee 2000 petition for 3rd World debt cancellation + To Fill A Sieve

Hello everyone

This compilation has been entitled "Taking Charge of One's Health" because of all the information and alarming statistics it contains pertaining to the risk of entrusting our health to the medical profession. There is no quick fix to recommend to begin taking charge of one's health as it is a life-long process that begins with the very attitude you have towards your body. Is your well being important enough to provide yourself only with the best non-polluted food, air and water you can find? Are you willing to do whatever is takes to achieve the optimal conditions for good health, including entertaining only healthy thoughts and a healthy lifestyles? If you answer yes to these 2 questions, then you will be interested to also find out more below about some of the greatest challenges to maintain a generally good health throughout your life.

A healthy mind in a healthy body makes for a healthy *and happy* life.

Jean Hudon

Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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Another important aspect to help maintain a good health is regular meditation.

For over 12 years I've been using the first song of the album "ANGELIC MUSIC" as a most inspiring background music for my meditations and I'd like to recommend it to all of you, especially if you also like to play such music when you meditate. It is particularly appropriate for the 30 minute meditation proposed each Sunday by the Global Meditation Focus Group as it is extremely conducive to attaining high levels of inner attunement with the Divine Self in all of us. At my request, Iasos has accepted last week to make the entire first 30 minute selection of his album "Angelic Music" available for free as a RealAudio file which you can find at:

Here are some excerpts I found at

Liner Notes:
When Iasos' "ANGELIC MUSIC" was released in 1978, it immediately became an underground classic, due to its universal appeal. It was one of the first albums that helped create a new music genre now known as "New Age" music. And it still is one of the most cherished pieces of music world-wide.

"ANGELIC MUSIC is an album capturing the talents of Iasos at the apex of his career, an album with lasting appeal, and a depth of expression few modern instrumental composers can duplicate."
(Ben Kettlewell, Fall 89/Winter 90 issue)

Some quotes about Iasos Music taken from:

Aeoliah, one of the leading new age musicians (in a communication to Iasos - August 1995)
"Just want to thank you so much for bringing through some of the highest and most evolved sound energy in form on this planet. There will come a time when the people on this planet will thirst for this energy, and will one day recognize the transformative value of the spiritual vibrations that breathe life into this music."

R. Buckminster Fuller (in a letter to Iasos)
"I find your inter-dimensional music needing new words to describe it. I feel as though I were entering a new world - a new and very profoundly beautiful world."

Alan Watts, Metaphysical Philosopher
"Iasos is doing the classical music of the New Age."

See also at and where Iasos wrote:

During this past 90 days, we have noticed a "trend" or "pattern": Quite a number of you have purchased from us 3 or 4 copies of our "Angelic Music" CD, to give away as gifts to your friends. Since this appears to be a consistent and sustaining trend, we decided to "flow with it" and "facilitate" this process. Accordingly: From NOW until the end of September 2000, our "Angelic Music" CD can be purchased for $10 each (in any quantity) instead of the normal $17 price. But be sure to mention "Angelic Gifts" to avoid the normal $17 price.

The following which is related to the theme of this compilation was also discovered on this extensive website. Iasos wrote:

Many of us have gone through the process of "waking up" to the realization that there is MUCH MORE to "reality" than television and the mass-media is reporting to us. It's always a shock when this occurs. And usually, it's a "gradual" waking-up process. Ken Adachi, the Editor of the website EDUCATE-YOURSELF, has taken it upon himself to create a website to facilitate this process of people "waking up" to what's really going on, here on our precious little planet. You might say, his website is a benign "wake-up call". Though his site covers many areas, the prime focus is health. For those of you in the mood to get a concentrated dose of what's happening behind the scenes - all nicely organized by categories - I invite you to visit:

(Found at this site)

Educate-Yourself is a free educational forum dedicated to the dissemination of accurate information in the use of natural, non pharmaceutical medicines and alternative healing therapies in the treatment of disease conditions. Free Energy, Earth Changes, and the growing reality of Big Brother are also explored since survival itself in the very near future may well depend on self acquired skills to face the growing threats of bioterrorism, emerging diseases, and the continuing abridgement of constitutional liberties. It is strongly recommended that visitors to this web site print out hard copies of the information that is of interest. Do not assume that your hard drive, this web site, or even the Internet itself will always be there to serve you.
Ken Adachi, Editor


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These statistics are from Alan Zerr:

Hi Everyone,

Just was made aware of some very interesting stats.
This is not a political comment; simply stats.
The numbers speak volumes.

Share these with lots of people.



Number of physicians in the U.S. = 700,000.
Accidental deaths caused by physicians = 120,000 per year.
(that's over 328 deaths per day ... 1 jumbo jet of dead people every day in the U.S. according to Reader's Digest, June 2000, which has also published these same figures)

Accidental deaths per physician = 0.171
(U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services)

Number of gun owners in the U.S. = 80,000,000.
Accidental deaths caused by guns per year (all age groups) = 1,500.
(that's 4.01 deaths per day; 324 fewer deaths per day than doctors cause)

Accidental deaths per gun owner = 0.0000188.
(U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms)



The following commentary is by Sharie Rose Ramsey <> :

With all the talk of adding safety precautions to firearms, common sense says,
"Add safety precautions to the medical profession!"

Since the Hippocratic Oath of "do no harm" is not adhered to, it is recommended that physicians follow their professional ethics, and report negligent colleagues to the medical licensing board rather than looking the other way and allowing the patients' health to sustain the damage.

The physician must ask, "Is the patient's well-being affected by sub-standard care?"

Since the answer is "yes", the following persons and agencies are entitled to a report of the personal injury damage:

1) the patient,
2) the hospital (when applicable),
3) the licensing boards,
4) the malpractice insurance companies, and
5) state and local law enforcement

Failure to file such a report should result in the mandatory license suspension of all physicians and nurses receiving payment in exchange of caring for the patient. In cases where such payments are received from state or national health insurance, which is paid for by the public -- such as medicare, medicaid, medical, etc. -- the criminal charges of assault, fraud, reckless homicide, manslaughter, conspiracy, and other applicable charges are to be filed by the state and federal prosecutors.

Our health and well-being is priceless. Since the well-being of our communities depends on our productivity and efficiency, our wholeness and well-being should be a priority in our schools' curriculums.

Too few of us were told that "health" means "being whole".
Too few understand that "being whole" means living with integrity of our mind, body, and spirit.
Too few know that having integrity means being truthful in every aspect of our lives.
By confronting the damage caused by our artifically-imposed socio-political-economic system, we can join together to create what is real... so we can live true to ourselves... and to all of life.

As for your "mental health", before discussing your personal problems with anyone, ask about their education; ask them to show you the course catalog from their alma mater, and study it yourself to see what courses they took in "mental health". You are sure to discover that the vast majority of their coursework was not about "mental health", but about the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders. You may discover they have had shockingly little, if any, training or education in "mental health".

After those many years of being institutionalized (meaning being mentally conditioned by the medical establishment/pharmaceutical companies), the "mental health professionals" seem to have amnesia when it comes to the proper treatment of human beings. Phone a few of your local psychologists and psychiatrists and speak with the doctor directly. Ask them what "mental health" means, and you are likely to be told something about self-esteem, work, and healthy relationships; this is not what "mental health" means.

"Mental" means "of the mind".
"Health" means "wholeness", "being well".

Having "mental health" means "having a mind that is whole"; this means your mental order has integrity throughout, your thoughts are pure and direct, and not convoluted with reasons and excuses.

Achieving mental order and integrity comes through your commitment to truthfulness. Being true to yourself in all aspects of life has side-effects of helping you to grow in wisdom, fulfillment, self-confidence (to "confide in", to trust your Self), purpose and motivation, direction, and a feeling of love for yourself and others.

***Life has got to be truthful -- or else it's meaningless... and empty.***

Most people have mental "dis-order", such as glitches and quirks in their personality, character and thought processes -- many of you have noticed this in others, and some of you notice it in yourselves. Mental dis-order most often results from one or more of the following:
1) receiving contradictory and/or mixed messages in childhood,
2) growing up in a dysfunctional family,
3) neglect - the message of being "worth less...",
4) abuse,
5) indoctrination - being denied the right to think for oneself, and
6) trauma - a threat to one's life or integrity such as sexual abuse, war or any other life-threatening experience, witnessing a death or natural disaster, and so on.

Bringing order to your mind means your thoughts, words, and actions are congruent with the wholeness of your being; and herein lies your peace of mind. Being true to yourself and your values requires that you first make a conscious choice of what you truly value in life. Be willing to set aside the external messages and social conditioning, and listen to the joy, peace, truth, and love within you. Think, speak, and act with integrity. Be willing to throw off the value system imposed upon you by all forms of external "authority", including church, school, government, media, and so on.

Release your attachment to the illusion that fades with time, and tune into the part of you that lives forever. Look upon the world, with all its possible histories and futures, from the vantage point of your eternal life, and you begin to understand the importance of your psychological integrity.

"Psychology" means "the study of the soul". Through being true to your soul, you see and hear the indiscriminate and the unconscionable, and you will refuse to be indoctrinated by the campaigns of your institutions.

Be truthful. Study your soul... listen to the silence of your wholiness.

Sharie Rose Ramsey

(September 11, 2000)


To gain some insight into the corruption and exploitation lurking within the mental health profession:

Date: Sat, 09 Sep 2000
From: Ginny Rodgers <>
Subject: National Vaccine Center -- Not so surprising info

Murder or Bad Vaccine

This was the title of a chilling article from the September 2000 issue of Redbook magazine. In this startling feature, several fathers were accused of shaking their babies, when, in fact, a vaccine had caused a reaction that caused the children to have problems.

In one such case, an anesthesiologist was convicted and is serving a jail sentence for killing his child even though many experts have shown that the brain hemorrhage suffered by his baby was the result of a "hot lot" of bad vaccine. The article goes on to expose an increasing trend of parents who were falsely accused of child abuse because their children were damaged by vaccine reactions which looked similar to shaken baby syndrome. In most cases the parents were acquitted of the false charges but they were left with bankruptcy due to legal bills, and a severely damaged child who would require intensive care the rest of their lives.

The Redbook article reports on several families who were heartbroken at the damage to their children from the vaccine, followed by the horror of being arrested and accused of causing that damage. In the article, Barbara Loe Fisher founder of the National Vaccine Information Center, ( ) stated that the US government spends $1 billion a year to develop and promote vaccines, but only a fraction of that goes to fund independent studies of side effects. Fisher stated, "Vaccine testing is done on a too-small number of kids, and they are monitored for too short a time."

Unfortunately, reporting of adverse vaccine reactions is voluntary and subject to biased opinions. The Redbook article reports that between 11,000 and 12,000 reports are made per year about adverse reactions from vaccines. They also state that surveys have shown that these reactions are grossly underreported. Some of these studies indicate that only 1 in 10 to as few as 1 in 100 of all actual adverse vaccine reactions are reported. This means that as many as 1,200,000 adverse vaccine reactions may be occurring each year.

Congressman Dan Burton of Indiana has joined the voices in Government questioning the vaccine issue as he commented, "Federal policy makers are not paying serious attention to the dangerous side effects that are occurring. We can no longer keep our heads buried in the sand on this issue. The risks are too great for both parents and children."

From: "Peter Quiller" <>
Subject: Betty Martini lecturing on Aspartame in the UK
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2000

Hi all!

You may remember my sending out that emotive stuff about Aspartame recently?
I attach an email from my friend Terry Kane who is a DJ on radio in
Hastings. What he doesn't know about that side of the business isn't worth
knowing. We are indeed in the grip of some gigantic conspiracy for reasons
that we can only guess at!

Luv to all


Email from Terry.

Hi Peter

It is now 2.09 am. My show on the radio has now been extended to 1.00 am and
on the way home I was listening to Ian Collins on 'Talk Sport'. He was
talking on the 'phone to Betty Martini, who is currently lecturing in the UK
on the subject of 'Aspartame'. This went on for an hour or so and calls are
still coming in from listeners. Predictably, 'Talk Sport/Murdoch team' had
'set up' the discussion in order to play the multi-national card/agenda.
[See Bilderberger group et al]

The discussion included a 'debunker' in the guise of a medical student who
claimed to be a chemistry/biology student of four years standing and he
proceeded to dissect and destroy all of the claims the good lady made.
Obviously they didn't mention any of the major brands containing Aspartame!

Sadly I cannot envisage a positive agreement resulting in a ban on
Aspartame. If they cannot induce the FDA to ban it in the States, it ain't
gonna happen anywhere else! If they pretended to impose a ban, they would
replace it with something just as sinister. Drug companies are in the
business of DISease, protected along with all the multinationals, by the

Where do we go from here? A number 19 bus seems like a rather nice idea.
Perhaps we could stop for tea and muffins on the way, and escape into the
three way dressing table mirrors where this sort of madness has never
existed. I think I'm getting tired, I'll make some tea and retire (we'll
both be a year older soon)

Much Love
Terry Kane


PS Terry and I were both born in September during the 1940's and we aren't
getting any younger. We both used to play the same game with our respective
parents' dressing table mirrors, by placing one opposite the other and
creating a world that went on forever! Betty Martini has been conducting her
campaign for a number of years and it is thanks to people like Jean Hudon
who are to be congratulated in having kept her campaign in the public eye.
Aspartame is a mega-serious issue and cannot simply be swept under the
carpet along with all the other contentious issues we are failing to

Terry's reference to the No 19 bus refers to our preference to walk under
one some days. We've all been there haven't we? Particularly in recent
years. We must never give up.

Lotsa luv to all


From: "Mary Hunt" <>
Subject: Genetically engineered human insulin
Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2000

Hundreds of thousand of US insulin dependent diabetics have found that they cannot safely or effectively use the synthetic genetically engineered human insulins. All the beef based insulins have been removed from the US market and soon the pork insulins will be. Eli Lilly claims they have no plan to discontinue the pork insulins, but they are extremely difficult to find. Those of us that know there is another source of beef insulin are now importing it from the UK. The FDA is refusing to allow the foreign beef insulin to be distributed in the US. They say that it is due to the BSE risk. However, the FDA knows that the beef pancreas material used in the foreign insulin comes from US cattle.

I hold USDA import permits for both pork and beef insulin, but the FDA will not allow me to use the pork permit due to Lilly's claims that they are still making it. I do not believe they are because of the fact the last pork insulin I bought was over a year old and they expire at the end of two years. I have asked the FDA to physically inspect where they make pork insulin, but all they did was call Lilly and take their word for it.

We need you backing to get animal insulins back into the US. Please help us. For further information please check this web site or contact me.

Mary Hunt

Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2000
To: Jean Hudon <>,
From: "Dave Rietz (" <>
Subject: Epidemic rise in lymphatic cancer linked to genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (rbGH)

This has everything to do with Monsanto, rBGH, cancer and the FDA. I
pass this to you.. in case you would like to post it to your lists.

With luck... this will catch some attention!


An epidemic rise in one under-publicized category of cancers should
sound an alarm for all Americans. There is a powerful link to the
dramatic surge in lymphatic cancer: the 1994 approval of the genetically
engineered bovine growth hormone (rbGH). Before 1995, lymphatic cancers
were comparatively rare.

Today, if one adds up the total number of cancer deaths from breast,
prostate, lung, pancreatic, and genital cancers, they do not
cumulatively equal the number of deaths from lymphatic cancers. Do I
have your attention?

This year Americans will consume nearly 180 billion pounds of milk and
dairy products in various forms. That will average out to 666 pounds
per American, nearly 40% of the average American diet. Cheese eaters,
ice cream slurpers, and milk drinkers of both sexes and every age group
will be ingesting dairy products from hormonally-treated cows.

Most Americans are unaware that laboratory animals treated with
rbGH experienced enormous changes in their lymphatic systems. The
spleens of these animals grew dramatically.

The controversial genetically modified cow hormone was approved for
human consumption in February of 1994. Cancer statistics
have recently been published by the U.S. Census Bureau comparing death
rates from cancer by sex and age groups in 1980, 1990, and 1995. These
data support evidence of a runaway plague. All of America became a
laboratory study for rbGH, which is now in America's ice cream, cheese,
and pizza.

There are small increases and decreases in lymphatic cancer rates from
1980 to 1990 depending upon sex and age group. What happened in 1995
represents the most dramatic short-term increase of any single cancer in
the history of epidemiological discovery and analyses.

(Deaths per 100,000 population in specified age group)

% %
1980 1990 1995 increase 1980 1990 1995 increase

35-44 4.3 4.5 36.5 811% 2.4 2.1 44.0 2095%
45-54 10.2 10.9 143.7 1318% 6.6 6.0 140.7 2345%
55-64 24.4 27.2 480.5 1767% 16.8 16.7 357.5 2141%
65-74 48.1 56.8 1089.9 1919% 34.4 39.5 690.7 1749%
75-84 80.0 104.5 1842.3 1763% 57.6 71.2 1061.5 1495%
85+ 93.2 140.5 2837.3 2019% 63.0 90.0 1249.1 1588%

The approval process for rbGH was the most controversial drug
application in the history of the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). In
order to address that controversy, the FDA published an article in the
journal SCIENCE (August 24, 1990).

Data in that paper reveal that the average male rat receiving rbGH
developed a spleen 39.6 percent larger than the spleen of the
control animals after just 90 days of treatment. The spleens from
rbGH-treated females increased in size by a factor of 46 percent. These
are not normal reactions and portray animals in distress. These animals
were "under attack" by the genetically engineered hormone. The spleen
is the first line of defense in a mammal's lymphatic system.

Lab animals treated with rbGH developed lymphatic abnormalities.
This same hormone causing changes in lab animals was introduced into
America's food supply in 1994. As Americans continue to ingest
genetically engineered milk and dairy products, lymphatic cancer
rates soar. Americans have become laboratory subjects in genetic
engineering's experiment, and the resulting data indicates
extreme cause for concern.

Robert Cohen


The test Mr. Cohen references is: Richard, Odaglia & Deslex, 1989

This key MONSANTO report that shows that rBST was responsible for
causing CANCER in laboratory animals. Mr. Cohen had partial data from a
study authored by Richard, Odaglia and Deslex hinting at a horrible
threat to all Americans. Mr. Cohen sued the FDA and Monsanto but a
federal judge would not review or release the entire study, despite the
fact that FDA should have. FDA did not review the contents of this
important study.

This key Monsanto study was reviewed by Canada. During the course of the
review, safes were mysteriously broken into and files stolen. This key
90-day study was actually a 180-day study. Canada will not learn this
until the stolen files are replaced. However, what happened to 300
laboratory animals during the first 90 days was so horrendous that a
group of five courageous Canadian scientists jeopardized their jobs and
careers by holding a press conference to reveal the truth (1999). So
outraged were they about the cancers and actions of this genetically
engineered drug, that they went public with their report.

President Clinton, who is lactose intolerant, signed a law that provides
very harsh penalties for obtaining "trade secrets", under which the
above documentation now falls. The world public will never know the
truth... just suffer from the horrible consequences.

From: "Kiki Paquet" <>
Subject: Jubilee 2000 petition for 3rd World debt cancellation
Date: Wed, 06 Sep 2000

Dear friends,

Below you will find a letter conceived by english magazine DAZED & CONFUSED
and published by french magazine NOVA, about the Third World debt

I live in Mali, one of those poor countries that have been tricked into huge
debts by the World Bank. Now, there is a lot of gold in Mali that has been
extracted mostly by an increasing number of foreign companies. I don't know
what happens to that gold, but I wonder how come the country has been
getting poorer and poorer since I first set foot on its land in 1976 while
having so much gold? Those foreign companies are still operating there, so
what's wrong?

And believe me the malians are so poor that the poor in our countries are
rich compared to them. All of that to pay back for debts that have brought
no visible improvement to the country.

Last year, the french/german television channel ARTE reported that Thailand
had been refused the licence to produce HIV medicines at a lower cost so the
poor countries can afford to buy it for their people. I was wondering why
since they would not be able to buy it at a high price anyway. I just got
the answer to my question through one of JEAN HUDON's (EARTH RAINBOW NETWORK)
newsletters: the Clinton administration has just proposed a new huge loan to
Africans in order to buy those medicines directly from the US medicine

I have no word to comment this, do you?

Therefore, I'd be really grateful to you if you would sign the letter below
and send to the 2 adresses.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
All the best to all of you

P.S. this letter has been translated by me and amended by John Bunzl, the
founder of the International Simultaneous Policy Organisation. I have
adopted Simultaneous Policy myself, and will be promoting it in Mali and in
France, because I think it is the best proposal for an overall change, since
it will really include all of us citizens of the world. You should really
take the time to visit SP's site at, John and I will deeply
appreciate it if you would send your comments and give your ideas.


All together, we can change the course of things

Return to: (at and

Mr. James WOLFENSONN, President
The World Bank
1818, H Street NW, Washington DC 20433, USA
Mr. Horst KOHLER, Managing Director
International Monetary Fund
H Street NW, Washington DC 20009, USA


You hold in your hands the lives of the people of the poorest countries on the planet. The way you use your power determines their lives as well as their deaths. You control the processes that condemn all hope of their debt cancellation.

The solutions you propose to confront the damage caused by the debt have no positive effect. Even worse, they curb all possibility of progress. While those countries are struggling to reach the regulation level imposed by you, in Africa alone 19,000 children die every day from lack of the funds necessary for vaccination campaigns as well as decent medical care.



(appropriate letter ending)

Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2000
From: "Beverly B. Ferguson" <>
Subject: To Fill A Sieve

A group of devotees invited a master of meditation to the house of
one of them, to give them instruction. He told them that they must
strive to acquire freedom from strong reactions to the events of
daily life, an attitude of habitual reverence, and the regular practice
of a method of meditation which he explained in detail. The object
was to realize one divine life pervading all things.

"In the end you must come to this realization not only in the meditation
period, but in daily life. The whole process is like filling a sieve
with water."

He bowed and left.

The little group saw him off and then one of them turned to the others,
fuming, "That's as good as telling us that we'll never be able to do it.
Filling a sieve with water, I ask you! That's what happens now,isn't it?
At least with me. I go hear a sermon, or I pray, or I read one of the
holy books, or I help the neighbors with their children and offer the
merit to God, or something like that and I feel uplifted. My character
does improve for a bit -- I don't get so impatient, and I don't gossip
so much. But it soon drops off, and I'm just like I was before. It's
like water in a sieve, alright. But now he's telling us this is all we
shall ever be able to do."

They pondered on the image of the sieve without getting any solution
which satisfied them all. Some thought he was telling them that people
like themselves in the world could expect only a temporary upliftment;
some thought he was just laughing at them. Others thought he might be
referring to something in the classics which he had expected them to
know -- they looked for references to a sieve, without success.

In the end, the whole thing dropped away from them all except for one
woman, who decided to see the master.

He gave her a sieve and a cup and they went to the nearby seashore,
where they stood on a rock with the waves breaking around them.

"Show me how you fill the sieve with water", he said.

She bent down, held the sieve in one hand, and scooped the water into it
with the cup. It barely appeared at the bottom of the sieve and then was

"It's just like that with spiritual practice, too", he said, "while one
stands on the rock of I-ness, and tries to ladle the divine realization
into it. That's not the way to fill a sieve with water, or the self with
divine life".

"How do you do it then?", she asked

He took the sieve from her hand, and threw it far out into the sea,
where it floated momentarily and then sank.

"Now it's full of water, and it will remain so", he said. "That's the
way to fill it with water, and it's the way to do spiritual practice.
It's not ladling little cupfuls of divine life into the individuality,
but throwing the individuality far out into the sea of divine life."

Trevor Leggett