Just want to let you know that I've been with you for years and your presence will be missed. I must admit I have not been reading every compilation like I used to in the beginning, but I feel it's because the work we have been doing as 'energy adjusters' is coming to a close because we have accomplished our goal. Thank you for the thousands of hours of time you have spent pushing, guiding, and informing us. You have been a grand treasure to thousands.....

Yvonne Jackson <delores822@tds.net> (United States - March 6, 2012)

"Dear Jean

You are such an extraordinary person, committed to peace, harmony, fairness and all we call humane. Thank you for all the time, energy and love that you continually send our way in your many, many compilations that allow a bigger and important awareness of what is occurring as well as what is needed to live in peace and compassion. I so respect your service and the many responses you make, when called too, to those who question and ask your opinion. They are always superb. You are a light and a guide to all of us."

- Joyce K. <ASOUL1@aol.com> (United States - November 2010)

"The Earth Rainbow Network is the most critical source of information that I receive, and I am deeply grateful for it. Today I was hungry for a new perspective, and I was excited to read the message you posted from Lees Meer and connect to his website. You truly offer to every soul the opportunity to access the information needed to continue to expand awareness. Everyone should take a few minutes to read your biography. You are a gift to us all."

- Virginia Nichols <bradvirginia@alamedanet.net> - (United States - April 2008)

"Dear Jean and friends.

As with many of you, I am a long-time subscriber to ERN; and I have long respected, recommended, and rejoiced in this amazing service provided to all of us. Like many of you, I don't always take the time to say "thank you" in writing; yet I feel so connected to Jean and an ever-expanding multitude of People of the Heart. Truly, regardless of appearances to the contrary, we are making a difference... a huge difference. All over the planet people are waking up in droves; and it is because of people like Jean who faithfully do their part month in and month out. Thank you, Jean, for all you do from all who are truly grateful for your efforts. Namaste."

- Ron Van Dyke <paradoxman@cfl.rr.com> (United States)

"Dear Jean, I am deeply grateful for the tremendous effort you put into your various compilations and the links to so many wonderful sites and commentaries. Having a source of information about what is really happening on our planet is so important. I must also tell you that the information is so terribly disturbing that I can only skim the surface to see "what else" the darkness is inflicting on humanity at this time. I also recognize that that darkness is inherent in each of us to some extent and we must choose moment by moment where we focus our attention.

Is there some way that you could remind people, in big letters up front, that it is still truly up to us and what we choose to hold in consciousness will make the difference for the future of this beautiful planet? When I wake each morning, I affirm that "I am a being of light and love and that I have the power to/and allow the creation of peace and prosperity for all sentient beings on Mother Earth". If it is true, as spoken about by so many spiritual teachers and channelers, we still have the power as God Created Beings to co-create the planet that we desire. Your weekly meditation focus is lovely and it feels critical that we must all spend some time every day focusing on the good, the light, and the love that is also present.

I honor your work and bid you peace."

- Ilona Ireland <ilonaeire@creativei.com> (United States)

"Jean, all I can say is thank you for your amazing work - it is an absolute life blood for me to find out, along with the referred sites, what is really going on in the world. The whole awareness of these issues is so huge and constantly challenges me to work out what I can do just to increase people's awareness of what we are really doing to this world and how we, as individuals, can change it through awareness, caring, intention and action. Thank you for your dedication - I have been a silent addict for some years!!"

- Diana Grosser (sdgrosser@bigpond.com) from Australia -- Message found in the ERN guestbook

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the Earth Rainbow Network, your hard work and dedication and for all the wonderful information you share with us all on a regular basis. Your emails are the ones I most look forward to each week. I am like you in that I also have a passion for sharing information and for the Truth. For people to wake up and see what is going on under their noses, to generate enough awareness and create a movement of people who create a collective wave of intention on a daily basis that will manifest the changes we all long for."

- Craig Cumming <tryhypnosis@yahoo.com> (United States)

"Thank you so much, Jean! I realise only now, coming back after a week in the mountains and running to read you, that I’m addicted to your news… Since I started reading your post several years ago, I slowly stopped reading newspapers and watching TV news, and you became my essential source of connection with the outside world! We all bless you!!!"

- Dana Stockar <dstockar@yahoo.com> (United States)

"You do not know how much joy you give me, and I count on you to keep me informed of what is happening in this world. So often I feel the heaviness of all the problems and dark energies that control so much of our earth. Your work keeps me centered and spiritually fed. I know that the light will win, but so need to be reminded. Please accept the little I send as it also lets me participate in a small way. You perhaps little realize the wonderful work you do for the universe and all your readers."

- Lorraine Poag <nona007@earthlink.net> (United States)

"You are an inspiration and guiding light. Thank you on behalf of all humankind."

- Joyce A. Kovelman <asoul1@aol.com> (United States) http://www.essentialsforasoul.com

"Dear Earth Angel... Thank you for all you are and for all you do for humanity and for our planet! I am ever so grateful for your positive words & thoughts. I choose ones that resonate with my heart, and they help me in my reawakening, my intents & my vibration. Together we will heal and return to peace & harmony."

- Levan Hindmarsh <hindmarsh@earthlink.net> (United States)

"I cannot begin to express my gratitude for all you do. Many times your news is overwhelmingly distressing to me, but I'm still grateful for the information. If I didn't know what was happening on the planet, I'd never be able to take any positive action. You are a beacon of light and hope and I feel blessed that you are - however physically distant - an intimate part of my life."

- Virginia Macarthur <vbmacarthur@hotmail.com> (United States)

"Infinite gratitude for the amazing, unique and important service you provide. There are countless people like me who depend on the information you send as a counterbalance to all those other constricted media out there. And special thanks for the inspiring messages from Matthew, giving us real hope in these turbulent times."

Deborah Moldow <deborah@worldpeace.org> (http://www.worldpeace.org)

"I just forwarded out the latest message [Meditation Focus #140: Being All The Oneness That We Can Be] to many people and I titled it One-derfull Words! That they are!!!! Such a fabulous compilation, Jean. We so much appreciate who you are and all of the hours you spend gazing at this screen to do your service. My network is much smaller but I do pass your messages on and many of them have subscribed to your news letter. Keep up the good work… we are in the home stretch! Halleluiah! Big hugs from down under."

- Rayah Rowswell & Brian <OziRayah@optusnet.com.au> (Australia)

"Dear Jean, I bring my hands together to thank you for all that you share with us. For the hours that you search and sift. Your selections enrich my consciousness, deepen my awareness, help me relish our interconnectedness. I so appreciate your gift. And would like to honour you for offering this to me/us all."

This guy combines a very spiritual outlook with very radical and sharp awareness of what is going on.

- Keith Mothersson <keith.mothersson@phonecoop.coop>

- Marion Ellis <marionellis@iafrica.com> (South Africa)

"Thank you so very much for this newsletter. It is awesome, words do not do it justice. Your dedication and work in compiling this is beyond amazing. I consider this as an excellent source of weekly information. I do appreciate the links and find that much of the information is substantiated from other sources. Most grateful!"

- You <younjackson@aol.com> (United States)

"I've known of this site and its great sources and goals for many years. It was one of many similar synchronistic occurrences that occur whenever I consciously re step onto my spiritual journey. The principles and practice of more than one gathered together in a spiritual focus are such powerful tools for creating, healing, overcoming any obstacle. Why I slip off the path and become re-entangled with the frustrations and imbalances in this country and world eludes me. Yet I *know* without doubt that I return to places of *knowing* like this one. The practices of positive change cannot be stopped as long as a person can think and focus there intention to the spiritual meeting places that this site leads to. No force or power is too great to overcome the combined powers of human spirit. This is a great focal point for world healing and I'm glad to be a part. The world needs the participation of its beings, each of us, to bring us into a season of great rebirth. Together let's heal this world!!!"

- Jeri Velasquez <Jerimiah@optonline.net> on 2006-10-26

"You know I was told to receive your emails, I didn't know what the emails would contain but boy am I so overwhelmed with joy and gladness, (to say the least). I read each one and they all inspire me and keep me up to date with the truth of what is occurring on our precious planet, for that I am very grateful. I don't read the newspapers and rarely watch the news due to limited perceptions. You do a wonderful deed for humanity for linking us all together through broadcasting the information. If I didn't have the Internet connected I would just to receive your emails. The emails do take a while to read but very worthwhile. SO THANK YOU FROM MY HEART AND INTELLECT FOR BEING THE BEAUTIFUL PERSON THAT YOU ARE, TO DEVOTE SO MUCH OF YOUR TIME AND ENERGIES FOR DOING SUCH A GREAT SERVICE TO HUMANITY. GOOD WILL IN ACTION. I will be joining you in meditation this Sunday/Monday morning, from Melbourne Australia. Love and many blessings to you."

Tina Janine van Nispen <goodvibes7@optusnet.com.au> (Australia)

"Keep on keepin' on, dear Jean! Your wisdom and compassion encourage and inspire more people than you'll ever know."

- Nancy G Walker <ngwalker@grandecom.net> (United States)

"For years I have been receiving your emails. EVERY email is a conduit for unbelievable amounts of information on ALL levels. Its a pleasure to be part of world evolvement and the quickening of mankind as well as myself! Thank You for your work!!"

- Jeri Velasquez <jerimiah@optonline.net>

"Thank you sooooooooo much for all that you give to us through the ERN. Your newsletters and meditations have had a HUGE effect on my spiritual growth and awareness since I first subscribed about a year ago. I am truly grateful to you and all of your contributors."
Susan Jason
"You are an oasis of sanity in a very mad world... My eyes have been opened..."
Deb Cornish <decornish@webtv.net>

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been reading your compilations for about a year now and believe that your network is one of the most amazing and miraculous places on the Internet."

- Karen J. Wagner <goddesskj@msn.com> (United States)

"Jean, your compilations are a lifeline for me. The last ones especially, concerning Votergate. I'm so grateful for your work."

- Gloria Lorenzo <snowlion@onewest.net> (United States)

"Thank you so much for all you do. Please know how much we appreciate you and the haven of refuge you offer so that we may keep the thread that connects us all alive."

- Eve Howard <shc@nitline.com> (United States)

"Just wanted to say thank you for the information you disseminate. I do not read newspapers or watch TV news. You have provided a way for me to read what is really going on, as upsetting as it is. I have found many fun and informative websites from the sites you recommend."

- Betty <URDIVINE2@aol.com> (United States)

"You realize the quality and value of information you provide is difficult to gather individually."

- Bill Derau <tanchu@olypen.com> (United States)

"Your messages are a wonderful addition to my weekly library of information about our wonderful world, and its destiny. We are well into the Age Of Information, and I consider it to be the best hope for the future that I have known in my lifetime."

- Al Farthing <alfarthing@pchg.net>

" I want to tell you, how much I appreciate and honour your work! I am always happy to open my account and see you send a compilation again. Though its sometimes frustrating, you need to know what is going on in order to change it. The world would be much poorer without you. Thank you very much."

- "Matthias Böning" <rojolebt@gmx.de> (Germany)

"This comes with deep appreciation for your beautiful spirit in harmony with the Universes. You keep us sane and balanced in these tumultuous times!"

- Suzanne Phillips <lifeissacred@zianet.com> (United States)

"No one on Earth does a better job of compiling the information we need than you do! At times I want to scream... enough already! Why can't we just love each other, the Earth and Nature and get on with the real reason we are here... to be of service, which is why we have contributed to you 3 times. You are a gift to all of us and provide a much needed service. Thank you for not fainting dead away when some of this unbelievable data crosses your computer screen."

- Barbara Gaughen-Muller <BGaughenmu@aol.com> (Costa Rica)

"Thank you for all your dedication and hard work. It's refreshing to know there are still some sane people in this world of chaos."

- Sharie Hartwell <hartwells001@hawaii.rr.com> (Hawaii)

"I am one of your silent admirers, appreciating the world news that come to me through you. Living on Sri Lanka, studying Buddhism and now even more than before the Tsunami, practicing it, I am grateful that you enable me to be one part of the world meditations. We, my partner and I, live very retreated far from big city life and decided consciously against radio or TV in our house. To send light into the world where it is most needed, you at least need to stay somehow in contact. That's why I subscribed to your newsletter, recommended it countless times and regularly forward the meditation focus to my former Reiki students, living back in my home country Germany."

- Uta Dulias <devine@gmx.com>

"Your work is brilliant and deeply appreciated."

- Guru Singh <info@gurusingh.com> (California)

"I am so grateful for all the good work you do to inform so many people world wide. I am always interested in what you have to say because of your integrity and depth of understanding in choosing people to feature on your site."

"Joan Ocean" <joan@joanocean.com> Hawaii - http://www.joanocean.com

"Cum artibus ad veritas - Jean Hudon has done as much as anyone I know to use the Internet medium as a networking tool to bridge knowledge (scientia) and spirit (spiritus). A service of art (artes) in search of truth (veritas), hence the motto."

- "Nadia McLaren" <nadia@uia.org>

"The Earth Rainbow Network Newsletter. Incredible reading! Food for feasting the heart. Put yourself on the email list, and receive frequent newsletters."

- Ara Miles <ara@spacesbetweenthings.zzn.com>

"Thank you for all the time and effort you put into your messages. They are so full of information, spiritual guidance and many other things, including food for thought. I have checked and bookmarked many of the addresses you have given. It is my belief that you are a forerunner of a beautiful future when we will all help each other and you are showing us one of the ways."

- Ann Gunter <eagunter@netmdc.com>

"I enjoy hearing from you immensely and depend on your newsletter to stay informed. Much appreciation from a fellow Canadian living in the mountains of southern Oregon."

- Suzanne Aubin <suzaubin@earthlink.net>

“Jean - thanks so much for producing one of the best information emails on the web. You continue to serve enormously.”

- Neal Kruse <nkruse@pacbell.net>

"I absolutely love your compendia... To me they are the best information sources I have access to."

- Jeff Wefferson <therockist@yahoo.com>

"The Earth Rainbow Network newsletter is a wonderful voice of sanity and compassion in such trying times. Your work is a blessing."

- Meredith Tupper <meredith@pintsize.com>

"Keep up the great work you are doing, you are my only choice when it comes to KNOWING what is really going on in the world."

- Judy Owen

"Jean, I have received your emails since around 1996 when I first got on the Internet and found you through some searches. I have never written to you before. I want to thank you for the information you send and although it is depressing, it is also full of hope. Your simple format of email and links is a credit to best design principles and the diversity and quality of writing therein keeps me busy for many hours with each new mailing. (...) Your emails are like documentaries, dramatic pieces, news broadcasts and they leave the mainstream broadcast media looking like the ruling administration propaganda machine that it is. Lies by omission."

- Mik

"Thank you again for your service with the Global Visionary newsletter. Reading your compilations is very much a part of my daily life. I am deeply grateful that there is someone like you in this world providing the information that you post and the links to people all over the world who are seeking truth. What you do is unique. There isn't another person doing anything else close to what you do that I've been able to find."

- Ariel Ky <arielky@lmi.net>


NOTE: You will also find many other such comments left by visitors in the Earth Rainbow Network guestbook


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