March 29, 2000

Subject: Extinguishing the hatred of the past and nurturing the vision of a sane and peaceful future: Some feedbacks on the China-Taiwan meditation + More Strandings of dolphins reported + Peace from Hiroshima & Thoughts Arising from a Trip to India + The Hidden Costs of the U.S. Nuclear Arsenal + World Water Forum + Transforming Your World...A Guide Book to Creating the New World Realities + Boston urges GM food moratorium

Hello everyone

Things are moving so fast that I cannot wait any longer to send you this new compilation. Some of its content might be disturbing to some of you, I prefer to warn you. Some of it may also be very inspiring... The subject title says it all!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. There are more feedbacks on the Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal just posted at:

ERRATA: In the last Green Files #8 a mistake slipped through that must be corrected.

The information regarding the participation of the Natural Resources Defence Counsel (NRDC) and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) in a lawsuit is unfounded and resulted from a previous confusion that was pointed to me, but I failed to remember that it was already included in this paragraph. If you forwarded this false piece of information (below) to others, please make a similar correction. Sorry for the inconvenience.

"SUDDEN MASS DOLPHIN AND WHALE STRANDINGS in the Bahamas beginning on March
14 have coincided with nearby U.S. Navy acoustical tests - including low
frequency active sonar (LFAS). Evidence of a connection between such tests
and a rash of worldwide strandings has been growing, and such esteemed
organizations as the Natural Resources Defence Counsel (NRDC) and the Humane
Society of the United States (HSUS) have joined a lawsuit already underway in
trying to get the Navy to stop these highly risky and apparently illegal

From: "Anthony Marr" <>
Subject: Re: Meditation suggested to help facilitate a peaceful resolution of the China-Taiwan situation
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000

Dear Jean and Barbara,

Being a Chinese Canadian myself, I'm interested in the China-Taiwan problem,
to say the least. And I appreciate your thoughts and prayers, and I agree
with you on many points.

Do I think that Taiwan should merged back with China? Let me ask you back a
question. If currently Tibet were a sovereign nation, would you advise it to
reunite with China? I certainly wouldn't, at least not unless China has
changed a great deal towards freedom of speech and of the press, for one

Taiwan is a shining example of what the Chinese people can do when rule by
their own democracy and not by an autocratic regime, as in China where I was
born, or ruled by another civilization, as previously by the British in Hong
Kong where I was raised. Leave Taiwan alone in its own freedom and it will
take off in its own new direction. Merge it back into China and this ray of
independent brilliance will be lost.

Anthony Marr


Hello Anthony,

No one is taking sides with this meditation.

No one wants a war.
That's why the meditation is taking place.

The argument between Taiwan and Mainland China is supposed to be settled
by the two differing parties. We are merely injecting postive energies
into a negative playing field in order to help the differing parties to
peacefully settle their argument rather than start a war, which would be
detrimental to the entire world.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf

Dear Anthony

I thank you for sharing your unique and precious perspective on this issue.

I agree with Barbara that indeed the intent of this meditation is not to take side in any way but to instill positive energies that will help create a more favourable environment for the parties involved to find the best solution to ease the tension.

There are 2 things that I want to add. Since I did not have enough room left in my last email to the ERN list to include the following, this was left out of the picture. During the radio interview I heard here, they first spoke with a witness in Taiwan of the situation there right after the election and one of the main points he mentioned was that everyone should rejoice at the fact that for the first time in Chinese history there is a peaceful and democratic transfer of power from one government to another. This perspective is in line with yours I think.

The second thing I want to mention concerns the role humanity as a whole and people meditating for peace in particular can and should play to assist - to act as midwives shall we say - in the birth of a new era of peace on Earth where love and compassion will prevail. Here is a relevant excerpt from a letter I wrote last week as part of a discussion with the core group of people involved with the creation of a Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal which I'll send tomorrow to the entire ERN list.

I had a dream last week. It left a powerful impression on me as dreams sometimes do. Here it is for your consideration. Coincidentally - but is there any such things as "coincidences"?!! - I received and included more related material below.

The first picture I remember is that of the mushroom of a nuclear explosion seen from afar in a generally white environment. It was frozen in action. Then with a switch of perception that felt like quickly going earlier on the timeline, before the occurence of this event, I felt I had something in my hands, a kind of instrument that if used properly, was enabling me/us (there was a sense of collectively doing something to mitigate this potential outcome) to change things at the source and thus set the stage for a better scenario in the future. A quick glide into the future after this showed me a world still alive, but the air was gray with the soot of pollution. Following another quick jump in the past and another use of the “instrument”, I came back in the future to see the results, and this time the air was perfectly clear and the ambiance light and serene. I then suddenly woke up in the middle of my sleep and made sure to impress myself enough with the memory of this dream to have a conscious remembrance of it after my “night” of sleep.

The conclusion I drew from this dream is that we definitely have the power in our hands -- and hearts -- to affect the future of this world beyond our wildest imaginings. This is something we urgently need to learn and to wisely use. This is at the heart of our current evolutionary process. And this is not something that anyone of us can do alone...

We ought to see past our individual limitations, whatever they may be, to co-create and co-conceive the necessary conditions for achieving the incredible potential for Good and of Love still mostly lying dormant in us. We owe it to our children and literally to ourselves for *we are the ones* who will eventually come back in this future to reap the consequences, positive or negative, of what we will achieve -- or fail to achieve -- today.

(end of quote)

This segment above is part of a longer letter that is now posted at as a reference and background material for this whole co-creation process.

I hope this will help you better understand how we view our role and that assistance we may be able to bring in this situation

Love and blessings to you

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

From: "Aileen M Marty MD" <>
Subject: RE: China-Taiwan Meditation
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000

Dear Jean: At the US Naval War College we have been carefully following the
events in China. And much of what you say is quite correct. You may find
it of interest, that the Chinese have offered the Taiwanese a far better
deal than they offered Hong Kong or Macau. They offered not only the "one
country - two systems idea", but that the Taiwanese could keep their flag,
army, and many other things. You may wish to concentrate your efforts on
understanding the mentality of the Taiwanese.

All the best,

Aileen M. Marty MD

Associate Professor,
Pathology and Emerging Infections
F. Edward Hebert School of Medicine

Subject: RE: I suppose you want to be added to the ERN list...
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000

Jean -- Thank you for responding, and yes I did want to be added to your
network. I have also checked out your wonderful site. I am very
enthusiastic about the worldwide efforts being made for global peace and
unity. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to participate in any way I
can to join in the Light and also to feel the presence of this Light. I
have grown spiritually in great leaps and bounds over the past couple years
through this new technology and source of communication. I only wish every
living being could have this same opportunity.

In Light, Love and Life


From: "selena" <>
Subject: Bangkok confirmation
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000

Dear Jean,

I found your e-mail when I got back from work. Thank you so much for sending
out the info. about the April 2 link-up so quickly.
This evening I'll put up a page on my website in this connection. Also
tomorrow I'll be going out live on a radio programme broadcast here in
Thailand. It is a question/answer session about meditation. Guess what will
be brought into the discussion? I'm always amazed how synchronicity works.
That same day I'll be able to send the message about the synchronised
meditation session around the grapevine among my venerable friends at
Mahachulalongkorn Buddhist University.

Yesterday night when I was doing a Magnified Healing session for the Earth,
I felt an enormous shift. Today at the height of the dry season, there was a
tropical storm - I believe it was nationwide. Two hours later our area was
under about eight inches of flood water and now everything is fresh and cool
(and thoroughly washed)..

I sense our Light Family is really mobilising on several issues at this
time. How each of us directs our energy, in thought, intention, speech and
action is crucial to facilitate harmonious change.

I feel honoured to have the chance to focus the compassionate intentions of
my brothers and sisters in Light and Truth on April 2.

The last time I was invited to lead a session at the World Fellowship of
Buddhists Headquarters, we had a synchronised meditation for Peace in
Kosovo. It was surely one of the contributing factors in bringing relative
stability to the area. Certainly major positive changes happened within
weeks of that session.

Those actually present in the room felt a massive focusing of energy. The
light in the room was alive. We left the room with every cell in our bodies
humming. People said that when they got home, they just slept for hours.
They felt as though they had been in the eye of pure consciousness. The
human physical form is not used to that frequency and intensity and needed
to rest.

Thank you again Jean, and all there with you,

From one coalescent point in the wholeness/holiness to another I greet you,

Helen Jandamit (Rev. Sadharma, Soliel)

Subject: Ocean Sanctity: More Strandings of dolphins
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000
From: Larry Morningstar <>

Bobbie Sandoz wrote:
For your information on page 2 of Saturday's [Honolulu] Advertiser
(3/25/00) is a report of strandings in the Solomon Islands.

With aloha,


Cheryl wrote, fwding a message from Sue Arnold:

Beached Dolphins Found in S. Africa

PORT ELIZABETH, South Africa (AP) (3/26/00?) - The Associated
Press reported that Marine wildlife experts were mystified by the
mass beaching of 28 dolphins. Their carcasses were found on a beach
in the Woody Cape Nature Reserve, an isolated location near the
Indian Ocean city of Port Elizabeth.

[Note: the report on South African strandings was extracted from a
copyrighted AP report -- LM]

These two reports come on the heels of the massive whale standings
in the Bahamas.

Dear Ones,

I am reminded of the story of the young Dutch boy with his finger
in the dike, trying to hold back the waters. There are so many
holes in the dike, and the Navy and their international cohorts
are busily blasting new ones.

I am glad we are looking for correction closer to the source, as
my fingers are aching... they can't move quickly enough, and they
are needed for other things too, besides plugging dam holes.

My prayers for the lawsuit, my prayers for a Congressional
epiphany, my prayers for a new, non-oxymoronic meaning of
Naval Intelligence, my prayers for NATO pounding its active
sonars into into passive ploughshares, my prayers for the
beached canaries and indeed for cetaceans everywhere, my
prayers for Planetary Awakening, my prayers for guidance.
My gratitude for the wonderful community of loving, caring,
selfless people with whom I have been drawn to work on
ending this madness.

May the world's oceans again be a safe and quiet home for
all who live there. May we treat our cetacean brethren with
love and respect.

May it be so.

Aloha Nui Loa from the Healing Isle of Kauai,
Larry Morningstar
Ocean Sanctity

Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000
Subject: "THE DESTRUCTION OF OCEANS" - Real Satanism
From: art b Rosenblum <>

When a satanic cult takes in young people and teaches them to torture
and kill animals and, when they can get away with it, also torture and
kill young children and women and adult men, we are justifiably enraged.

But real satanic cults are rare - or are they ?

Satanists are, if anything, liars. Real satanists rarely call themselves
satanists. They are more likely to call themselves a "service".

That in fact, is what our navy has become, and I would maintain that all
militarism is a form of satanism and that is why they have no compunction
about the killing of whales and dolphins any more than they have about
bombing helpless women and children in poor countries or dispensing
radioactive depleted uranium shells all over Iraq.

We have been brainwashed into believing militarism is good or at least
necessary, but when we see their fruits, their cruelty and torture of
other creatures who have in no way threatened us or attacked us, we might
begin to perceive their true satanist nature.

I believe it is time to "speak truth to power" as the Quakers say. I
believe it is time to organize protests at the home of Navy Secy. Richard
Danzig and let the world know the kind of satanism he is involved in. I
will gladly provide his home address to any who ask.

Peace and Love, Art Rosenblum <>
Website: (Phone: 360-403-9533 PST)

From: "Isamu Nakahara" <>
Subject: Peace from Hiroshima & Thoughts Arising from a Trip to India
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000

Peace from Hiroshima

I am writing to let you know about a free world peace prayer event that will
take place in Hiroshima, Japan on December 12, 2000. I think you might be
able to get our information to the kind of people who might be interested in
joining us. If so, please let me know and I will send you a brochure. You
can also find more information at:
(use link to get to English)
(for English directly)

This event will include a beautiful lantern floating ritual the night of the
11th, which will be the last full moon of the millennium in Hiroshima. The
next morning at 8:15 (the time the A-bomb exploded) we will join hands, form
a circle around the A-bomb Cenotaph in Hiroshima's Peace Park, and have a
moment of silence to recall the culmination of unrestrained power struggle.
Then, after walking about five minutes to a hall that seats exactly 2001
people, we will say goodbye to the 20th century and, with music, symbolic
action, and silence, offer a collective prayer that the 21st will see the
end of war and a dramatic shift toward cooperation and harmony.

If you genuinely care about world peace, please join us and add your unique
energy to the explosion of peace and love we hope to release.

Steve Leeper
fax: 81-82-245-2051


NOTE FROM JEAN: in another email I got from Steve just coming back for a trip in India and Pakistan to meet with ordinary people and make them aware of the horror of nuclear weapons by showing them what it did in Hiroshima , I read this quite revealing segment that may be of interest to anyone concerned with the proliferation of nuclear weapons on Earth...

Thoughts Arising from a Trip to India


"The most important finding of the GPA trip was that the majority in India and Pakistan do not fully understand the nature of nuclear weapons. Even most of those we met, who are among the best educated, know the bomb only at an abstract and theoretical level. They know that such weapons are extremely powerful and destructive, but we found that showing our slides and telling our story had a powerful effect on many of them. Confronted with the concrete reality of human beings burned to the bone and survivors suffering the rest of their lives from the aftereffects of radiation, they gasped audibly, and some made the emotional leap from identification with the bomber to identification with the bombed. This leap is essential to the commitment to eliminate such weapons. Wherever we went, our primary message was that nuclear weapons inflict massive, indiscriminate, cruel and inhumane destruction. As such, they are obviously, under international law and by any standard of human decency, illegal and should be banned and eliminated. For the most part, that message was accepted immediately. The three most common forms of resistance we encountered were:

1) The US is the bad guy in all this, and Japan is its yes-man sidekick, so why are you over here telling us about nuclear weapons instead of over there?

2) Yes, they're terrible, but how else can we protect ourselves? (This especially in Pakistan.) and

3) Yes, they're terrible but how in the world can we hope to influence the global military-industrial complex that inflicts these things on us against our will?


Note from Jean: If you want to be made aware of the continuing threat these weapons pose for all Life on Earth, you might want to read this transcript of a CBS News "60 Minutes" program that I mentioned to you recently and posted at:,1597,158208-412,00.shtml

"The Missiliers -- Is The Cold War Really Over? -- 60 Minutes II Presents Exclusive Report -- Features Those With Fingers On Nuclear Trigger"


"A Top-Secret Exchange Program -- U.S. Generals Visit Russian Command -- Russian Counterparts Go To U.S. Silos -- Will Tensions Lessen?"

Check also The U.S. Nuclear Weapons Cost Study Project at:

The Hidden Costs of the U.S. Nuclear Arsenal

(quoted from the above)

"It took four years of sifting through government records, many of them previously classified, and doing rigorous analysis to come up with the bottom line: $5.5 Trillion.(!!!) If future cleanup, stockpiling and dismantlement is included, that rises to $5.8 trillion."

"Even with the Cold War over, the United States is spending $35 billion a year — 14 percent of the defense budget, or $96 million a day — on nuclear efforts of which about $25 billion goes for operation and maintenance of the nuclear arsenal. The rest is spent on cleanup, arms control verification, and ballistic missile defense research."

(end of quote)

Have you any idea how many lives could have been saved from hunger, malnutrition, lack of access to clean water, etc. with that kind of money?... How many children could have received a good education and proper houses built for them to have a decent life?...

Now, how many corporate behemoths were "fed" with these 5,500 billions of U.S. dollars?...


"A fourth finding of this trip is that extremely powerful forces are arrayed against peace. India and Pakistan are both run by the military. What would happen to the military if the world really made a sharp turn toward peace? It is in the interest of the military to keep the world dangerous, and even to make every conflict appear more dangerous than it is. The greater the danger, the higher the military budget and prestige. The true masters of this technique are in the US, of course, but the ubiquitous presence of military personnel and machine guns in India and Pakistan made the situation more obvious. Most people, probably most military people, believe that the role of the military is to maintain peace. This may have been true at one time, but it is not true today. Consciously or unconsciously, the military is the enemy of peace. If even fifty percent of the military budget were spent in a deliberate effort to make friends and create genuine peace, the world would be vastly safer, more stable, and more enjoyable. If, for example, Pakistan had sent troops and tons of food to help the areas of India devasted by the cyclone that hit not long before our trip, India and Pakistan would be friends today. Making peace in this world of rapid transportation, instant communication, and total economic and environmental interdependence is not all that hard. But the process of peace is deliberately undermined, sabatoged, and scuttled by those who find antagonism and the threat of war more exciting, emotionally satisfying, and lucrative. The ridiculously self-destructive nature of enmity becomes crystal clear reading Indian and Pakistani newspapers while observing the lives of their people (not to mention their roads, buildings, airports, phone systems, etc.).

If you want to get the entire report from Steve, simply ask it from him at <>

Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000
Subject: World Water Forum [fwd]

Dear Jean,

I thought you'd want to know the status of WATER in the world.

In addition, I wanted to remind you (and yours) that the international
environmental demonstration in Washington is on April 1 and April 2 in front
of the Romanian Embassy.

The demonstration protests the cyanide and heavy metal contamination of the
Danube as well as that of many other waterways in Hungary, Romania, and other
parts of Europe. In addition, it is tied in with the first international
environmental lawsuit that has been accepted by the International Court of
Justice at the Hague. A press conference is scheduled to release this
information at the Hague on March 26th.

Please invite ALL to join in this cause.

with all best,


World Water Forum: Universal Water

THE HAGUE, Netherlands, March 22, 2000 (ENS) - Water security for
all in the 21st century is the declared goal of government ministers from
around the world at the close of the World Water Forum in The Hague today.

The Global Environment Facility (GEF) announced Monday at the Forum
that it will double its funding for addressing global water and
related land degradation issues. During the next five years, the GEF
plans to program $US500 million dollars for international waters
projects in developing countries and economies-in-transition. The
GEF, a World Bank Group member, finances 100 water-related projects
in 131 nations.

GEF Chairman and CEO Mohamed El-Ashry warned that, "unless action replaces
rhetoric, the number of people experiencing water shortages and stress is projected to rise to 2.3 billion, representing more than a quarter of humanity."

Ismail Serageldin, a vice president of the World Bank who is also chairman of
the World Commission on Water for the 21st Century, sees one solution in the
development of innovative crops that grow well in water scarce regions.

"Crops that are improved to flourish in low-water environments,
together with this powerful new tool, the Water and Climate Atlas,
make up one key component in an overall global water strategy,"
Serageldin said.

But the International Rivers Network, a U.S. based conservation
organization called Serageldin's report, "old water in a new bottle."

"A Water Secure World: Vision for Water, Life and the Environment" is
a "restatement of tired orthodoxies from the international water
establishment" that contains no vision and hardly mentions the
environment, the group charged. Their assessment is endorsed by 16
groups from Brazil, England, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Slovakia, South
Africa, Switzerland and Thailand.

Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2000
Subject: Transforming Your World...A Guide Book to Creating the New World Realities

I'm am in the middle of writing a guide book. It's a guide for those people
who have stuck up theirs hands and said, "I want to make a difference to this
world!". If that's you and you'd like to read it, you will find the first
four chapters of it on our web site as of Sunday, March 26th.

There will be more coming shortly, but I wanted to make it available now.
I'm sure that Spirit has a reason for pushing me to get it out before it's
finished, but I'm following my feel to get it to you now.

Here's an excerpt from it so that you can see if it's something you want to
read. If you're one of those people who doesn't like accessing web sites or
can't, just drop me an email and I'll send you a text version of it for easy
home reading. It's not copywritten (I don't believe in it.) You can send it
on to anyone you'd like or delete it if it's not for you. It's an offering,
a gift. Please accept it in the spirit of love that it's offered.

With love

Transforming Your World
...A Guide Book for Creating the New World Realities

By Soleira Green,

Table of Contents

Chapter One The Dream Seed
Chapter Two So you stuck up your hand?
Chapter Three The Sacred Temple
Chapter Four Embracing the Passion of Your Soul
Chapter Five be continued

Excerpt - Chapter Three

The Sacred Temple

The dream seed lies within us, slumbering in some, wide awake in others. If
you're reading this, it is either bright eyed and bushy tailed raring to go
or it's ready to get there. Begin by feeling inside your heart...not just
beneath the surface...I mean really deep in. So far in that you'd wonder
you could journey that far inside. Head straight in between the breast
plate, back a few inches, then down, down, down and then back again...almost
like you could go on for an Eternity in there. Because you can you know.
The only thing that will stop you is the rocks that you've rolled on top of
the sacred temple door deep within.

Now why would we roll rocks onto the door? Because many times in the past
twenty-six thousand years and even in the past twenty-six years, we've
brought that precious and sacred part of ourselves out to try to present it
to those we thought we could trust and it was stepped on and generally
squashed until it fled, fleetingly back to the safety of its prison, deep in
the inner temple of the heart. Every rock is another hurt. And sometimes
there are plenty of them. But hey! We're not going to let a few little
rocks get in the way of the greatest game in the universes are we. Look
they're just little hurts...not really big rocks. And we put them there in
the first place, mainly because the world wasn't ready for our passionate
sacredness of Self yet

But guess what? IT IS NOW! There was such a huge expansion of our energy
fields on the eclipse in the August 1999 and there was such a major expansion
of consciousness at the stroke of midnight for the year 2000, that all that
is now changed. No, it isn't just that the time is right. It wasn't going
to happen anyways. It happened because a whole bunch of us stuck our hands
up over the past ten/twenty/fifty years and said "I'll do it!"...and do it we
have. We've created this shift. And no matter what anyone says, about
galactic federations guiding us or ascended masters directing it, WE DID IT!
It can only get done by beings living in the third dimensional world bringing
in the higher dimensional energies by living it every single day.

Sorry, I digress. We're on that journey into the sacred temple. Come
on...roll those rocks away from the door. What are you afraid of? That
someone won't trust you again. That someone will rebuke you again. That
someone won't love you again. That's all old paradigm stuff.
That's the small self you talking. Phooey! You're a great being of Light
and you've come a long way for this. Are you going to let tiny, weenie
little things like someone not trusting you or saying something unkind
to you, stop you. NO! You're not!

So heist those rocks up and give them a blast out of your heart. We don't
need them anymore. It's time to come out and play. Source is calling.
Can't you hear? Throw open those temple doors and let that sacred,
beautiful, magnificent, trusting, loving, precious you come out to create the
real temple...EarthStar in all Her shining glory.


Afraid of opening the temple doors? Not me...and not you! Not anymore.
Come on out guys. The storm is over. The rainbow glistens in the sky. Call
forth that sacred centre and let your passion for creation soar into life!

From: "C'esca Lawrence" <>
Subject: Fw: Boston urges GM food moratorium
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000

Now this is PROGRESS! Yeah!!

Boston urges GM food moratorium



WHEREAS: Genetically engineered foods have never been proven safe, nor are
genetically engineered foods tested by any federal agency as the Food and
Drug Administration requires only that the companies engineering these
foods state, on the "honor system" that the foods are safe with no further
testing required; and

WHEREAS: Cornell University researcher, John Losey, and other researchers
indicated in repeated tests that the larvae from Monarch Butterflies were
dying at an alarming rate from toxic pollen generated from the genetically
engineered corn near their feeding sites; and

WHEREAS: A class action lawsuit has been brought against the Food and Drug
Administration by some of the nation's most prominent anti-trust lawyers
for rushing these novel, unpredictable and untested food technology
products to the market; and

WHEREAS: Numerous bioengineers and related distinguished scientists have
gone on record stating this technology clearly is different from traditional
breeding methods and is highly probable to exhibit a host of undesirable
health and environmental risk factors as well as great potential for
negative cascade effects in the genetic cross-pollination of beneficial
plants, insects and other fragile ecosystems directly linked to the breeding
of this novel experimental food production technology; Now, Therefore Be It

RESOLVED: That the Boston City Council, in meeting assembled, urges the
Federal Government to require labeling of genetically manipulated foods
and further urges a moratorium on the production of any more of these
foods until acceptable testing systems are in place; and Be It Further

RESOLVED: That March 26, 2000 be declared YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT DAY in the
City Of Boston


"It is not enough to have a good mind.
The main thing is to use it well." - Rene Descartes

"If you did not do what you did today, the entire world would be in
some way different." - Seth

"The most minute transformation is like a pebble dropped into a still
lake. The ripples spread out endlessly." - Emmanuel

Remember to enjoy each day as if it's your first or last day on Earth
in this body... - Unknown