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A Point of View on the Attacks in Paris

While the French nation is watching the news reports relating the different elements of the monstrous bloody carnage that hit Paris and shocked the world, it is not always easy to step back, to keep his cool, or even to rise vibrationally above the fray to see more clearly and radiate the frequency of unconditional Love, so vital in these difficult hours. But everyone can do it. It is only in our oasis of inner peace that we can find the serene calmness of the soul that knows itself to be invulnerable and immortal, and perceive the still small voice of our intuition that can best guide us safely, amid the turmoil, and help others who want it to do the same.

That being said, it is healthy also to not get carried away by the ambient frenzy, especially that which calls for revenge, as it is well known that an "eye for eye and a tooth for tooth makes everyone blind and destroys any chance of ever smiling again to life".

It is still difficult for the moment to say with certainty what are the hidden motives of those who ordered this simultaneous attack on multiple fronts. But knowing, with history's hindsight—when one is even slightly informed about the true hidden intentions concealed under the "official" theories claiming to designate those responsible for previous so-called "terrorists" attacks—that the vast majority of similar onslaughts that took place around the world since that term exists have actually been engineered not by the actors on the front line, as the official versions would have us believe, but by those who pull the strings in the shadows and who finance, train and arm these "actors", who are simply pawns in a far greater chessboard involving savage, powerful, ruthless forces determined to win the war for global domination they have been waging for decades.

There is no need to say more about this, since thanks to the space of relative freedom for the flow of alternative information which the Internet is, many people today are alerted and aware, perfectly able to avoid falling into the emotional trap of panic-stricken fear, the main goal each time of these assaults, designed to emotionally destabilize the population in order to make it accept soon after, with forceps if necessary, disastrous, even inhumane decisions, sometimes engaging the whole nation—decisions to which this population would never have consented without this artificial shock.

To feed our common reflection, you will find below a compilation of links to articles and videos providing various pieces of the puzzle that we can then each reconstruct according to our mental shrewdness and guided by our own intuition. I point out that the second part entitled "Backdrop" was prepared about two weeks ago to make us all more keenly aware of the formidable military forces currently deployed on the planet, which never before in its entire history (at least its known part) has been so much armed to the teeth with such sophisticated stunningly powerful means of destruction that the slightest misstep of our political leaders could unleash worldwide—and which were actually unleashed in a succession of regional conflicts like the one that has been tearing apart Syria in the past 4 years.

If I include this here under this title, it's because I would like to humbly submit to you that one of the true intentions of the sponsors of Friday's massacre was to get an important domino to fall, that is, the sending of a punitive expeditionary force in Syria by France against the ISIL scarecrow, agitated by the puppet manipulators controlling it, which could be also supported by ground troops from other members of the Western military alliance—whose leaders are "coincidentally" just about to meet at the G20 summit in Turkey, where they were supposed to talk about global warming, amongst other things, on the eve of the Paris Summit, which now may be canceled or at least hampered with several leading figures invoking a risk to their personal safety to duck out of it... And guess what they will be discussing at this G20 after these attacks on the strategically chosen date of Friday, November 13?... Guess also which fossil fuel merchants are thrilled by these events perfectly timed to derail the negotiations that might put an end to the one trillion dollars in direct and indirect subsidies from which these climatic bomb merchants benefit handsomely every year?... You get the picture?

In short, there is something very fishy here... But be careful! We should also avoid falling into the other trap, that of anger and revolt against the state actors who also are often only pawns, bigger ones of course, but nevertheless simple pawns in the planetary chessboard, which others in the shadows know very well how to manipulate. Instead, we must support those who, guided by their heart rather than their fear, will talk the good talk and rise above the calls for vengeful violence, to opt instead for the path of wisdom, the path of compassion, the Path of Love.

We must also applaud and admire the courage of the police and all those who devote themselves in this kind of tragedy to protect and help their fellows, and restore stability and security for all, but only if they act in a manner that fully respects the fundamental rights and freedoms secured after a hard-fought battle by those who preceded us, and which are the foundation on which a better future can be bequeathed to those who follow us.

Finally, we must continue at all costs to nurture the common vision of an Earth at Peace, regenerated and freed from the dross of past evolutionary ages, and to raise our vibrational frequency, through our thoughts, words and actions, so as to get into resonance with the universal Forces of Good summoning us, through their Love, to join them, and thus pass with flying colors the collective test of our spiritual maturity, which will be our one-way ticket to a world of opportunities so extraordinary and a happiness so unspeakable it is useless to try doing more than evoking it.

Let us sow Life... Let us sow Goodness... Let us sow Love... and that's what we shall reap.


11 Signs of a False Flag

Several articles in French from were recommended here. But has several related articles in English, such as...

The Paris Terrorist Attacks, “9/11 French-Style”, “Le 11 septembre à la française”

(...) France’s president Francois Hollande no doubt was aware of the October warnings. He had been briefed by his intelligence advisers. Shortly before midnight local time on November 13, president François Hollande announced drastic police state measures against an alleged terrorist network operating nationwide.It is highly unlikely, however, that Hollande took this decision spontaneously in the evening of November 13, on the spur of the moment in response to the attacks and prior to the holding of a cabinet meeting. The decision to enact a State of Emergency had no doubt been envisaged in advance of the attack in relation to a potential terrorist attack scenario. As we recall, the last time a State of Emergency was enacted was in May 1961 in response to the Algiers putsch (Putsch d’Alger), a failed coup d’état to overthrow President Charles de Gaulle’s government. Hollande’s midnight speech had the appearances of having been scripted –i.e with regard to the adoption of a State of Emergency, a far-reaching political decision:

(...) These drastic police state measures (including the repeal of habeas corpus) ordered by president Hollande were decided upon prior and in the absence of a police report. Initial reports confirmed the involvement of half a dozen terrorists. There was no evidence of a nationwide terror network. But as we mentioned above, Hollande had no doubt been briefed by French intelligence which had, according to reports, “predicted” the possibility of a 9/11 style attack. (October 2 media reports).

(...) What the French media in its coverage of these tragic events fails to mention is that both the US and France, not to mention Britain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel are covertly supporting various Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist formations in Syria and Iraq including al Nusrah and the Islamic State. France is the victim of the Islamic State, but at the same time the US and its allies including France are “State sponsors” of the Islamic state which is an Al Qaeda affiliated entity. Lest we forget, the US has supported Al Qaeda and its affiliated organizations for almost half a century since the heyday of the Soviet Afghan war.

(...) In recent developments in the Middle East, the terrorists are recruited and trained by the Western military alliance. NATO and the Turkish High Command have been responsible for the recruitment of ISIS and Al Nusrah mercenaries from the outset of the Syrian insurgency in March 2011. According to Israeli intelligence sources, this initiative consisted in:“a campaign to enlist thousands of Muslim volunteers in Middle East countries and the Muslim world to fight alongside the Syrian rebels. The Turkish army would house these volunteers, train them and secure their passage into Syria. (DEBKAfile, NATO to give rebels anti-tank weapons, August 14, 2011.)

(...) There are Western Special Forces and Western intelligence operatives within the ranks of the ISIS. British Special Forces, and MI6 have been involved in training jihadist rebels in Syria. The Islamic State (ISIS), the alleged architect of the Paris attacks, was originally an Al Qaeda affiliated entity created by US intelligence with the support of Britain’s MI6, Israel’s Mossad, Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Saudi Arabia’s General Intelligence Presidency (GIP). The ISIS brigades were involved in the US-NATO supported insurgency in Syria directed against the government of Bashar al Assad. Since August-September 2014, they are the object of Osama’s fake counter-terrorism campaign. The evidence, however, amply confirms that ISIS is protected by the Western military alliance. With regard to France, a Washington Post 2011 report entitled “France sent arms to Libyan rebels,” confirms the role of the French government in support of the Al Qaeda affiliated Libya Islamic fighting Group (LIFG).

(...) The evidence amply confirms that while Russia is targeting ISIS strongholds in Syria, the Western military alliance is supporting the Islamic State terrorists. The notion that the Paris attacks was an act of retribution and revenge directed against France is questionable and contradictory inasmuch as the evidence confirms that France has been channeling weapons to jihadist rebels in Syria including Al Nusrah and ISIS.

Concluding Remarks

On November 13, France was the victim of a carefully organized terrorist attack in different locations in the Paris metropolitan area, resulting in more than 140 deaths. The Islamic State was identified as the architect of this criminal undertaking. What is intimated in the media reports of these tragic events is that the jihadists are attacking France. But at same time, the countries which claim to be the victims of terrorism including France are involved through their intelligence services in supporting terrorist organizations in the Middle East. It’s called America’s “Global War on Terrorism”. This contradiction has to be meaningfully addressed at the political level. The Global War on Terrorism is a lie which provides legitimacy to police state measures.The state of emergency gives the police a green light to arrest on mere suspicion throughout France. A telephone hotline is opened. Citizens are invited to call and report anything which they consider suspicious. Civil rights have been suspended. Arbitrary arrests are occurring in Paris without warrant. The attacks could potentially contribute to a new wave of Islamophobia.

CONFIRMED: French Government Knew Extremists BEFORE Paris Terrorist Attack

(...) In the coming hours and days, the French government and its various co-conspirators in their proxy war against Syria will propose a plan of action they claim will stem the terrorist threat France and the rest of Europe faces. But the reality is, the problem is not something the French government can solve, because the problem is clearly the French government itself. ISIS is Behind the Paris Attacks, But Who is Behind ISIS? With the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS) emerging as being behind the attack, the question that remains is, who is behind ISIS itself? While the West has attempted to maintain the terrorist organization possesses almost mythological abilities, capable of sustaining combat operations against Syria, Iraq, Lebanon’s Hezbollah, support from Iran, and now the Russian military – all while carrying out large-scale, high-profile terrorist attacks across the globe – it is clear that ISIS is the recipient of immense multinational state-sponsorship. The rise of ISIS was revealed as early as 2007 in interviews conducted by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh in his 9-page report “The Redirection.” The interviews revealed a plan to destabilize and overthrow the government of Syria through the use of sectarian extremists – more specifically, Al Qaeda – with arms and funds laundered through America’s oldest and stanchest regional ally, Saudi Arabia.

(...) In fact, the desperation exhibited by the West and its efforts to oust the Syrian government and salvage its proxy force now being decimated by joint Syrian-Russian military operations, is directly proportional to the diminishing size and stability of this corridor.

Just last week, Syrian forces reestablished firm control over the Kweyris military airport, which was under siege for years. The airport is just 20 miles from the Euphrates, and, as Syrian forces backed by Russian airpower work their way up toward the Turkish border along the Syrian coast, constitutes a unified front that will essentially cut off ISIS deeper inside Syria for good.

Should ISIS’ supply lines be cut in the north, the organization’s otherwise inexplicable fighting capacity will atrophy. The window for the West’s “regime change” opportunity is quickly closing, and perhaps in a last ditch effort, France has jammed the spilled blood and broken bodies of its own citizens beneath the window to prevent it from closing for good.

The reality is that France knew the “Charlie Hebdo” attackers, they knew beforehand those involved in the most recent Paris attack, and they likely know of more waiting for their own opportunity to strike. With this knowledge, they stood by and did nothing. What’s more, it appears that instead of keeping France safe, the French government has chosen to use this knowledge as a weapon in and of itself against the perception of its own people, to advance its geopolitical agenda abroad. CLIP

MUCH more though

German journalist Udo Ulfkotte stunning revelations last year of just how much the news are controlled

You will also find this video that John McCain openly admits on Fox News about being in close contact with ISIL leaders. This picture claims to show him in company of ISIL (or ISIS) top leader before he grew a beard.


Officially, the world has spent about 15 TRILLION (15,000 billion) US dollars in military spending in the past 10 years and this is without counting the secret expenditure called "black budgets" which are obviously difficult to estimate overall. Only in matters of espionage and secret military operations, according to a Washington Post article, citing data revealed by Edward Snowden, the United States alone has spent more tha $500 billion since the attacks of September 11, 2001, including $52.6 billion only in 2013.

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"In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist."

- Dwight Eisenhower (taken from his farewell address to the nation)

"If there is to be peace in the world, there must be peace in the nations. If there is to be peace in the nations, there must be peace in the cities. If there is to be peace in the cities, there must be peace between neighbors. If there is to be peace between neighbors, there must be peace in the home. If there is to be peace in the home, there must be peace in the heart."

- Lao Tzu

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