July 22, 1999

Subject: The news you won't get in the News: John F. Kennedy, Jr.'s alleged assassination plot + Denunciation of crimes committed in Serbia by Clinton and Cohen by the US based International Ethical Alliance

Hello everyone

Back from a trip, I'm now focussing some of my attention on my usual public information service. I already had a number of posts almost ready to be sent to you (including some interesting feedbacks to my last post entitled "What can we expect for August 11 to 18, 1999" and another one on the theme of the coming millennial celebrations, plus a follow up on the Y2K problem and many more), but in view of more recent stuff received, I decided to postpone them and focus instead on the news you won't get in the News - there is so much material in fact that I decided to send you 2 large emails today.

First you'll find some incredible allegations that John F. Kennedy Jr's death now making the headlines *could* not be an accident after all, much like what many said about Princess Diana's death. I'm not taking any side on this issue but think it's quite odd that they have decided to cremate his body immediately (along with the 2 women with him) and spread their ashes at sea less than 24 hours after finding their bodies. The whole media circus around this and the stories they promote about how inexperienced a pilot he was and the mystery surrounding the exact cause of this inexplicable crash may indicate that there is more than what meets the eye in this whole sad affair. I'll leave it to you to make your own mind on all this.

And you'll also find much much more to ponder...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S Check also one of the most amazing crop circles I've ever seen at:


Or view it here immediately

It appeared just a couple days ago!

From Jeff Rense website at http://www.sightings.com
where you'll find many more articles on this subject below, we have this in an article mentioning that in addition to people posting condolence on JFK Jr's George magazine website, hundreds of others seek to find sinister mysteries behind the plane crash:

The more suspicious George correspondents have this to say - and I quote:

One suggests that "some people in the CIA (perhaps freelancers)" decided to kill JFK Jr "in case he ever became president, and investigated CIA involvement [in his father's murder]".

George readers cite rumours that people at Martha's Vineyard "heard an explosion about the time his plane was due there".

According to a B. Evans, "something is very fishy", as "this type of plane he flies does not nose dive. They do NOT nose dive. They glide, at worst. Gliding planes don't lose their tires ... or explode".

(clip - read the entire post at http://www.sightings.com/politics4/jfkcond.htm)

From: "Kerry Boytzun" <kerry@stdio.com>
Subject: A Report On Disappearance Of JFK, Jr By Former Navy Pilot
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 1999

A Report On Disappearance Of JFK, Jr By Former Navy Pilot

Latest JFK Assassination Information
From Joe L. Jordan <powstryk@flash.net>

Here is what we know:

The plane is similar to the old "Cherokee Six" which is a very reliable
aircraft. It's counterpart in a car would be a Chevy suburban. It is a
pussycat to fly and you would virtually have to force it into a stall.


Although JFK did not file a flight plan, he could have been under close
surveillance (as Diana was in her final days) and a plan for his elimination
could have been on the shelf waiting for implementation. It is rumored that
the NWO will kick in at Y2k and they are slowly eliminating any personages
who could rally the country to prevent the takeover.

The rapid descent and no distress call are consistent with a stinger or
sidewinder shootdown or an on-board bomb with a descending-altitude
pressure trigger (He was descending and on approach to the yard)

It seems strange that Clinton has not already dispatched Navy salvage
vessels which easily locate the wreckage. It is perhaps they are somewhere
crashing a similar plane to have "Wreckage" to bring up that doesn't show
missile or bomb damage.

This event is very strange. The plane was brand new, equipped with every
conceivable device and there was no turbulence, rain or gusty winds.

Comments welcomed. Please distribute widely.

Joe L. Jordan North Vietnam, 147 missions


JFK Jr. Flight Inconsistencies Cited By John A. Quinn/NewsHawk

For those who still don't want to think the unthinkable about the
disappearance of JFK Jr., I show here proof POSITIVE that the news NOW being
disseminated about what happened to Kennedy has been DOCTORED and

In proof of such, I quote here from a news item typical of those from within
the first 12 hours after the plane's disappearance. Note that this article
like many others specifically states that at 9:39 PM Kennedy RADIOED the
Martha's Vineyard airport, gave not the slightest indication of trouble, and
said he was making his final approach, no more than TEN MILES from the shore
and 13 miles from the airport.

ALL such reports of the VERIFIED fact that Kennedy was in radio contact with
the destination airport and within TEN MILES of shore have vanished from the
"official" accounts now being propounded by the mass media outlets, in a
blatant example of spin-doctoring and disinformation/manipulation.

Additionally, ALL early accounts noted that within seconds of this radio
contact by Kennedy, a plane which COULD have been Kennedy's was observed on
radar descending 1200 feet in 12 SECONDS--a full-on, headlong dive in other

NOW, the "official" line has it that these SAME radar returns in fact show
the plane--now described as "definitely" Kennedy's--to have descended 700
feet in 29 seconds--a fairly steep descent but not out of the question.

More importantly, this later damage-controlled, spin-doctored version is A
LIE. The earlier news stories carried the truth about these points, which
prove that the plane was in a crash SECONDS AFTER KENNEDY RADIOED THE
MARTHA'S VINEYARD TOWER, at which time ALL WAS WELL! These facts, now neatly
edited out of the sanitized, New World Order "news"/fiction literally prove
that either mechanical failure or pilot error was almost certainly NOT the
cause of the plane's apparent disintegration and disappearance, along with
all on board.

John Quinn/NewsHawk Inc.


And here below is an article in which JFK Jr.'s flight instructor describes Kennedy as an "excellent pilot". This seems especially significant in view of the fact that some media outlets--in particular British tabloids--are now savaging Kennedy as a reckless, careless, thrill-seeking spoiled brat who, with at most 35 hours flying time, had no business flying in the dark. According to my own personal knowledge of this region and considering the reported weather conditions I can say it all adds up to pretty safe flying conditions--and a plane piloted by someone described here as first-rate.

John Quinn/NewsHawk Inc.



ORLANDO, Florida (Reuters) -- A federal pilot examiner who tested John F.
Kennedy Jr.'s flying skills said he was an "excellent pilot," a newspaper
reported Sunday....

..."He was an excellent pilot," John McColgan of Vero Beach, Florida, told
the Orlando Sentinel. "I put him through the paces, and he passed everything
with flying colors."...

...He said Kennedy had a lot of flight experience for someone with a pilot's
license for 15 months...

"He flew a lot," McColgan said. "In fact, by now he probably has ENOUGH
HOURS TO BE A COMMERCIAL PILOT. He had more than 100 hours when he came to
me for his flight check." (c) 1999 CNN


I say something IS DEFINITELY wrong with this whole picture. \John
Quinn/NewsHawk Inc.


EXCLUSIVE What Happened To America's Golden Boy? Part One
By Sherman H. Skolnick <skolnick@ameritech.net>

On his third birthday, he stood and saluted. Do three year olds understand
great turning points in history? He stood there as the flag-draped coffin of
his father was slowly drawn past. His only son watching the funeral of John
F. Kennedy, assassinated 35th president of the United States. He knew as he
grew up that it was his mother's wish that for their safety, no statements
be made by them contradicting the big lie of the government, that a "lone
assassin" blew out the brains of his father, right in front of numerous
witnesses. Thereafter, dozens, if not hundreds of material witnesses were
themselves murdered, such as the CIA patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Oswald's
murderer, Jack Ruby, and a long list.

John F. Kennedy,Jr. knew that dark forces opposed the terrible truth. His
father was encouraged on going along with a disaster shortly after taking
office. The Bay of Pigs fiasco, April,1961. President Kennedy fired Director
of Central Intelligence Allen Dulles who reportedly muttered under his
breath to JFK, "Traitor". Was there justification for political murder and
if so, when,if ever, will the high-level forces go "public"? The President
vowed to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter them to the

(clip - long details about John F. Kennedy (the father) assassination plot)

John F. Kennedy, Jr. grew up, well-educated, having some knowledge of this
factual backdrop. He was aware that his uncle Edward Kennedy was nearly
assassinated in the summer of 1964, in being one of the few survivors of a
sabotaged plane crash. Teddy as a result wears a back brace. John-John as he
is called is aware that his uncle Robert F. Kennedy opposed the CIA. In
fact, in March, 1967, Bobby touched off a tremendous scandal wherein there
were identified numerous foundations, set up by prominent families, as
conduits and pass-through of CIA clandestine funds for covert projects.
{Thereafter, I and my associates started an on-going, intensive project to
find out how it worked and continues to work up to this date.]

John-John was aware, that although publicly agreeing with the "lone
assassin" finding of the Warren Commission, uncle Bobby Kennedy secretly
vowed, if elected President, he would bring to justice the high-level
perpetrators of the Dallas murder. Bobby was himself assassinated in June,
1968, just after winning the important California presidential primary.
Supposedly by a "lone assassin".

Like his father and two uncles, John F. Kennedy, Jr., intended to run for
president. NOT WAY INTO THE FUTURE BUT IN THE 2000 election! It was supposed
to be a deep, deep secret until about August 1, 1999. Like the tragedy with
his uncle Bobby, John-John secretly vowed, if elected President, to bring
the cabal that murdered his father to the gallows and a national firing
squad, a punishment upon guilty verdict to be provided by a special tribunal
set up for the purpose.

George Herbert Walker Bush heard about it through his cronies at CIA and
vowed to stop John-John. By the way, a little known FBI document shows the
elder Bush played some role in the cover up of the murder of JFK. Old man
Bush's son, George W.----- could he win in 2000 against a non-scandal scarred
John F. Kennedy, Jr.? On the other hand, the campaign camp of Presidential
Candidate Albert Gore, Jr. is baffled. Would this tend to flatten out Gore's
plans? The very few Democrats trusted to know, or somehow who knew, believed
America's Golden Boy, would dispose of all opposition and take the Democrat
Party to victory in 2000 and traditional Democrat Party values. After all,
some consider Clinton a closet Republican by how he has damaged the Democrat
Party. John F. Kennedy, Jr., however, was toying with the idea of running as an
independent, third party candidate, to deal with the anguish of many
Americans unhappy with both political parties.

John-John was worried that the U.S. Secret Service could not and would not
protect him. He rightfully believed that what is now called the U.S. Secret
Service was complicit in the murder of President Abraham Lincoln. (See: "The
Lincoln Conspiracy" by Balsiger.] They were complicit in the murders of
President Garfield and McKinley as well as the murder of his father. For the
good of the nation, he told his closest confidants, he would risk it. Like
his father, he was ready to use his charm and language to give the idea that
the era of the common man has arrived.

All this was snuffed out by the apparently ritual murder of John F. Kennedy,
Jr., typical of the espionage assassins who do their bloody trick on

July 16, 1999: Anniversary of apparent missile shoot-down of TWO Flight 800,
covered up by Bill Clinton in 1996 so as not to interfere with the
Presidential election, this with the complicity of the FBI and the National
Transportation Safety Board. Two days later is the anniversary of the
frame-up of Teddy Kennedy, 1969, regarding Chappaquidick. John Jr.'s uncle
Teddy was somehow trapped into getting blamed for the death of a "boiler
room" women, Mary Jo Kopecne, one of a group of women keeping records on
colored cards, at the 1960 Democratic Convention. Robert Kennedy in charge
of the "boiler room" developed a system to indicate what convention
delegates could be bought with sex or money and such, so as to make brother
John the convention winner for sure. This date in 1989 was when the
Vatican's giant soybean operation in the U.S. was destroyed by
Archer-Daniels-Midland and Cargill with the aid of directors of the Chicago
Board of Trade who bribed five Chicago federal judges to torpedo the
aspirations of Ferruzzi, the Vatican's American company. {The confession of
bribery by a Board of Trade director made to me and a witness is part of the
undisputed federal court record.] More about this in Part Two. The ritual
murder of John F. Kennedy, Jr. near the anniversary date of the Ferruzzi
debacle, sends a message to would-be justice seekers. But the Vatican has
not forgotten or forgiven what was done to their company by the unholy

And about this date in 1978, John D. Rockefeller 3rd was assassinated near
the Rockefeller compound in upstate New York. I was the only reporter to
make inquiry of possible foul play. AND about this date in 1996, Amschel
Rothschild, about to be designated as the new head of the family worldwide
fortune and empire, was assassinated in Paris and written off as a suicide
but the Paris police say it was not suicide.

Sherman H.Skolnick,moderator/producer Chicago public access Cable TV Program
"Broadsides", on since 1991, chairman/founder, Citizen's Committee to Clean
Up the Courts since 1963.


Check also "What Happened To America's Golden Boy? Part Two" by the same author at http://www.sightings.com/politics4/golden2.htm
entitled "The Plot Against Albert Gore, Jr, and John F. Kennedy, Jr." and which contains wild allegations of conspiracies to kill both Gore and John F. Kennedy, Jr. - a real eye-opener or spy fiction depending on your own inkling!

Here is now something that I believe sums up pretty well why the "New World Order" as defined by the invisible world government, variedly called the Trilateral Commission, the Group of 300, The Bilderberg Group, the Brotherhood, the Global Elite or the Illuminati, which has been pulling the strings of most if not all Western *so-called* "democratic" governments for a very long while and which has ordered and masterminded the war in Kosovo, should be opposed by all possible and peaceful/non-violent means.

The following denunciation by the International Ethical Alliance of the crimes committed in Serbia under the direct command of the Unites States must be both heeded for its truthfulness and lauded for its boldness. See also after it the comment receive from Palden Jenkins on this.

Pass on to others as you see fit

From: Peter Kawaja <hpkawaja@nc.tds.net>
Date: Wednesday, July 14, 1999 12:02 AM










1. The herein indictment supplements, supports, and incorporates by reference the facts and legal principles asserted in the May 23, 1999 indictment of Milosevic et al.

2. The jurisdiction of the Tribunal is invoked pursuant to Statute (Article 18.1) which imposes a duty on its prosecutor, Justice Louise Arbour to hear and investigate "information obtained from any source, particularly...organizations."

3. INTERNATIONAL ETHICAL ALLIANCE, Inc. is a United States nonprofit organization, incorporated under the nonstock laws of the State of Connecticut to promote ethics in public forums, including this Tribunal and the Internet.

4. Defendant CLINTON is President of the United States and pursuant to its Constitution and War Powers Resolution of 1973 (50 US Code 1541) has limited powers to act as Commander-in-Chief of its armed forces. Defendant COHEN is Secretary of Defense of the United States.

5. On March 24, 1999 defendant CLINTON ordered the military forces of the United States to participate in an aggressive military attack on former Yugoslavia and with the aid and abetment of defendant COHEN continued the attacks for more than 60 day, in violation of: (i) Article 2 of the United States Constitution, giving Congress the sole power to declare war (ii) 50 USC 1542, mandating initial and regular consultations with Congress; 50 USC 1543, mandating written reports of necessitating circumstances; and 50 USC 1544 mandating the termination of the war use of United States Armed Force after 60 days in the absence of the official enactment by Congress of specific statutory authority.

6. At all times relevant to this indictment, the Armed Forces of the United States have participated in non-defensive aggressive military attacks on former Yugoslavia, which have not been necessary to defend the national security of the United States and have also been violations inter alia of (i) Article 18 of the Geneva Convention On The Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War, which provides, "Civilian hospitals organized to give care to the wounded and sick, the infirm and materinity cases, may in no circumstances be the object of attack, but shall at all times be respected and protected by the Parties to the conflict;" and (ii) Protocol II (8 June 1977) to the Geneva Convention of 12 August 1949, Article 14, which provides "It is therefore prohibited to attack, destroy, remove or render useless...objects indispensable to the survival for the civilian population, such as foodstuffs...drinking water installations...[and] works or installations containing dangerous forces...even where these objects are military objectives..."

7. Non-defensive aggressive wars as defined and proscribed in the Charter of the International Military Tribunal, Nuremberg, Aug. 8, 1945, are:

"War crimes: namely, violations of the laws or customs of war. Such violations include, but not be limited to, murder, ill-treatment ... of civilian population, ... wanton destruction of cities, towns or villages, or devastation not justified by military necessity. "Crimes against Humanity: namely, murder ... and other inhumane acts committed against any civilian population, before or during the war. ..."

8. The definitions and proscriptions in the preceding paragraphs have been formally adopted by the United Nations as set forth in its Convention on the Non-Applicability of Statutory Limitations to War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity, G.A. res. 2391 (XXIII), annex, 23 U.N. GAOR Supp. (no. 18) at 40, U.N. Doc. A/7218 (1968).

9. As has been recently charged by former Nuremberg prosecutor for the United States, Walter Rockler, with respect to the 1999 attacks on former Yugoslavia:

"We have engaged in a flagrant military aggression, ceaselessly attacking a small country primarily to demonstrate that we run the world. The rationale that we are simply enforcing international morality, even if it were true, would not excuse the military aggression and widespread killing that it entails.
"It also does not lessen the culpability of the authors of this aggression."

10. As stated in paragraph 88 of the May 23, 1999 indictment of Slobodan Milosevic et al by the Court herein (the International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia):

A superior is responsible for the acts of his subordinate(s) if he knew or had reason to know that his subordinate(s) was/were about to commit such acts or had done so and the superior failed to take the necessary and reasonable measures to prevent such acts or to punish the perpetrators thereof."

11. The facts alleged in Counts 1 and 3 below are based on verbatim quotations from a May 27, 1999 New York Times article former United States President Jimmy Carter, charging:

"The decision to attack Yugoslavia [as] counterproductive, and our destruction of civilian life [as] senseless and excessively brutal."

12. The facts alleged in Count 2 below are a summary of acts in an open letter to American and other NATO leaders from Bishop Artemious of Kosovo, a leader of a resistance movement against the Milosevic regime, charging:

" The greatest victim of your bombing is Democracy! Before your bombs democratic forces existed here, however embryonic. Destroying those forces is the greatest crime of your bombs... ."

13. On information and belief, a number of unnamed officials of the United States and other governments have acted in concert with or aided and abetted defendants CLINTON and COHEN in the acts charged herein and therefor also warrant indictments by this Tribunal.

14. On information and belief, as reported by journalist Alexander Coburn:

"The tribunal's prosecutor, Judge Louise Arbour, has kept a contemplated indictment of those responsible for the single largest ethnic cleansing of the mid-1990s locked in her desk. [It] refers to Croatia's Franjo Tudjman and his forces--a senior KLA commander apparently among them--who drove 300,000 Serbs from their homes in the Krajina, bombarding and murdering them as they fled. This was carried out under the supervision of the US Ambassador to Croatia, Peter Galbraith, with US personnel offering Tudjman's cleansers targeting advice and appropriate materiel."

15. On information and belief based in part on evidence presented in a BBC2 documentary of May 1, 1999 prepared and reported by Harold Pinter, NATO's onslaught against Serbia was (ii) "a bandit action, committed with no serious consideration of the consequences, ill-judged, ill-thought, miscalculated, an act of deplorable machismo;" (ii) "contrary to the United Nations charter [since] NATO was bombing a fellow UN member, without UN authority;" (iii) [in bombing Serbian TV were] " ugly murders of human beings who propagate words or images that somebody else doesn't like." Pinter further reported that, "The greatest single act of displacement and ethnic cleansing in the entire Yugoslav war was that of 200,000 Serbs from Croatia in 1995 carried out by officers trained by NPRI, an organization of US army veteran commanders and armed with a great deal of US weaponry, in an attack of which the US had full knowledge...and its purpose was creating convenient ethnically-pure maps without committing US ground forces."

16. There is substantial credible evidence to require the disqualification of Justice Arbour from this tribunal, including but not limited to: (i) the engaging in selective prosecution by intentionally failing to act on any facts or principles of law which she knows or has reason to know would incriminate defendants CLINTON and COHEN, and other as yet unindicted officials of NATO and NATO countries; (ii) conflicts of interest, or the appearance thereof, in receiving compensation from funds contributed to the Tribunal in whole or in part by NATO countries; and (iii) biases in favor of NATO countries.

17. Five of the fourteen justices of this court, including Chief Justice Gabrielle Kirk McDonald represent NATO countries (United States, United Kingdom, Britain, France, Italy, and Portugal) the United States, Portugal), have conflicts or appearances of conflicts of interest and should either recuse themselves or be disqualified from this case.

18. The aforesaid precedents and legal principle and the allegations contained in paragraphs 1 through 19 are re-alleged and incorporated into each of the charges set forth below.


1. The Armed Forces of the United States, acting under orders of defendants CLINTON and COHEN have executed a non-defensive aggressive military campaign against former Yugoslavia.

2. Defendants CLINTON and COHEN and others have committed or aided and abetted actions which they knew, or had reason to know, would result in the following.


The killing, injuring, terrorizing, and destruction of the homes of thousands of Serbian and other civilians in former Yugoslavia, including but not limited to, such acts described by former President Carter as:

a.. 1. 25,000 sorties and 14,000 missiles and bombs, 4,000 of which were not precision guided, as of May 1999;
b.. 2. The use of anti-personnel cluster bombs that have resulted to damage to hospitals, offices and residences of ambassadors, and the senseless and brutal killing of innocent civilians and conscripted troops; and
c.. 3. The use of specific types of cluster bombs that are designed to kill and maim humans and are condemned almost universally by other nations, as are land mines.

The provocation of the government of former Yugoslavia to continue to increase the murder, terrorization, and deportation of Albania civilians in Kosovo, and such acts as are charged in the May 24, 1999 indictment of Slobodan Milosevic et al, that are described by Bishop Artemios of Kosovo as resulting in the destruction of democracy in Yugoslavia.


Based on the above, petitioner prays for an order:

a.. A. Requiring defendants William Jefferson CLINTON and William COHEN to show cause no later than August 10, 1999 why they should not be indicted for war crimes and crimes against humanity;
b.. B. Scheduling hearings to commence on August 20, 1999 and summoning the defendants to appear;
c.. C. Authorizing petitioner International Ethical Alliance to be represented by counsel at said hearing to examine the defendants and witnesses;
d.. D. Summoning former President Carter, Bishop Artemious of Kosovo, former Nuremberg prosecutor Walter Rockler, Alexander Cockburn, Harold Pinter and others to testify as witnesses;
e.. E. Disqualifying Justice Louise Arbour and other NATO country justices from any further participation in the proceedings of the Tribunal; and
f.. F. For such other relief as to the Tribunal may seem just and proper.
DATED: July 8, 1999

Respectfully submitted by,

Jerome M. Zeifman, Esq.,
Attorney for
International Ethical Alliance
PO Box 565, Sandy Hook, CT O6482 USA
Tel: 203 426 3859 Email: zeifman@iethical.org

Additional references about the despotic agenda behind the New World Order

Read also "Too hot to handle" from The New Scientist, 5 June 1999, about the terrible long term effects of the widespread use of depleted Uranium as a component of ammunitions used during the war in Kosovo leaving a legacy of cancer and genetic mutations for numerous future generations of people in Kosovo, at:


Roan Carratu had this comment on this horror:

"To poison the land and kill for decades or centuries with radioactive
bullets, is more of a crime against Humanity than using land mines and
bombing civilians."

And the article concludes with:

The ultimate irony is that DU could poison the very
land that NATO is trying to protect, says Rokke.
"The aim of this war is to enable the Kosovars to
return home. But unless the uranium is cleaned up,
those that survive the Serb atrocities and the NATO
aerial attacks will have to return to a contaminated
environment where they may become ill."


From: "Palden Jenkins" <palden@globalnet.co.uk>
Subject: Re: If you have time, could you please tell me what you think of this
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 1999

Hello Jean

What I think:

1. Well, these certainly are valid points to put, though I would consider
some more important than others. Cluster bombs, and a few other things.

2. However, the authors ae trying to make Clinton et al responsible for the
habit of war itself, and war has not yet been made illegal. In the context
of the allowance of war, C-in-C's are entitled to do what they think best in
war, within the Geneva Convention terms, so some of these arguments, imho,
undermine themselves by trying to make too big a case;

3. Railing against figureheads like Clinton doesn't help, imho - they just
get replaced by some other fall guy. It's the system as a whole that needs
looking at. Criticising the president is just the flip-side of the
hero-worship of the president that happens in USA, methinks. Also, given
what Americans are likely to actually *get* for a president, in the system
as it stands, does anyone really think things will improve if they get rid
of Clinton?


Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999
From: Le Monde diplomatique <dispatch@london.Monde-diplomatique.fr>
Subject: July 1999

X-URL: http://www.monde-diplomatique.fr/en/


The protectorate, a way to dominate *


Just as they did in Bosnia after the Dayton Agreements, the Western
powers are getting ready to place Kosovo under their guardianship,
with the declared aim of restoring peace and democracy. Yet the
protectorate, a modern form of colonialism, risks putting a seal of
approval on the ethnic partitioning of the province.


Translated by Derry Cook-Radmore


First victims of biological warfare


The United States and Britain continue to bomb Iraq on the grounds
that Saddam Hussein has a hidden programme of chemical and
biological arms. One of the declared objectives of Washington's
foreign policy is to combat the proliferation of weapons of mass
destruction. Recently declassified archives now reveal, however,
that the US was the first country to incorporate biological warfare
into its military doctrine. And there are indications that it was
used, at least on an experimental basis, during the Korean war.

Original text in English

Excerpted from GWBUSH Website:

Black T-shirts are available for $15 each displaying George Bush Junior's now infamous quote: "There ought to be limits to freedom"

George W. Bush, is the son of the former US President George Bush and is likely to win the next presidential election if the Establishment-controlled media succeed in "selling" him to the US electorate. According to the plans hatched by the Elite, he would be the front-man presiding over the strongest erosion of freedom in modern history through the microchipping of the entire US population... to begin with!! - a deadly trick the population can and will resist once properly informed -- and the Internet is the medium of choice to do so!

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