February 4, 2000

Subject: New series of feedbacks

Hello everyone

I have now a series of feedbacks from some of you on a number of subjects to share with all of you. I also have another email tonight (see the Mystical Files #3) which I recommend to your attention. As I'm trying to focus on my book project, I would like to remind you to please be extremely selective as to what, if at all, you may want to forward to me. I will always appreciate your comments on the material circulated through this networking service as well as your personal letters but I cannot continue to spend so much time everyday trying to keep up with all the material I receive. I know most of you are very respectful of my need in this regard and I thank you for this.

All my best to you

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

First I'd like to share with you a correspondance I had with Michael Lightweaver, coordinator of the Planetary Awakening Network (PAN) a couple days ago. He wrote:

From: Lightweave@aol.com
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2000
Subject: PAN Additions #466-520


We are happy to welcome 54 new participants into the PAN network
association. This is the largest number which has registered with the
association in any given two week period. We are especially pleased to
welcome our first participants from India, Pakistan and Morocco, along with
new participants from South Africa, Chile, Canada, Argentina, New Zealand,
Bulgaria, the U.K. Australia, Ireland and the USA!

I'll keep this very brief because we have so many additions. A few quick points:


* Light Workers Summit: The Light workers summit (Light Link 2000) is being
held in Chiang Mai, Thailand from Feb. 10-13, followed by the Silver Dove
Congress from the 14-19th. Among other things, our intent is to use these
gatherings as a focal point for increasing Light in the entire region. If
you could take some time to hold Asia in your healing thoughts, prayers,
meditations during this time, using us as a focal point, it would be deeply
appreciated. Select the time that your own guidance and circumstance
determines best.

* The Future Of PAN: This spring I will be discussing with you the next step
for our association, and soliciting your ideas. We have grown to the size
where sending out the directory is becoming unwieldily. I'm looking into
having the whole directory put on a secure website which is accessible only
to participants. This would give you the ability to view it at anytime and
also to update your own entry at will. More on this later.



How wonderful!

I'm glad so many people from the ERN list decided to join PAN - I checked and many are on this list - following my networking of the Intro info about PAN recently.

Seeing all these new entries, an idea came to mind. I would like to create on my site a web page dedicated solely to put together links to all the web sites of PAN members accompanied with the short dercriptive intro they each provided - although ideally we should soon have a URL reserved solely for PAN and dedicated only to PAN material to avoid mixing things up with any other site. With this page of links, people interested to explore these sites would have an easy way to do so. It would also help increase the sense that we all form a global online spiritual community and perhaps encourage individual PAN members to interact with other PAN members, each according to their current fields of interest.

I would also link this page on the top to the PAN intro info already posted on my site (for the time being until we have a dedicated PAN website) and put also the webring option and add any other material or intro info you would like to provide for this. We might also want to include a kind of PAN logo at the top of the page if any exists and, if not, perhaps suggest to interested PAN members to provide pics from their own creation as possibilities for this logo, with the final selection being made online by a tally of votes - which could even be automated to avoid any hassle for you (I know how to set this up. It is easy).

What do you think?

Having the whole directory put on a secure website as you wrote is also a great idea as well as the planned discussion you proposed for this spring on the future of PAN. I would certainly like to suggest the idea of a permanent standing committee that would keep tab of ongoing important world events and crisis points around the world that should be brought to the attention of PAN members on a weekly basis (it would probably be better to email this on a weekly basis to be as much in synch as possible with urgent or quickly evolving situations, although some issues will certainly be listed repeatedly until they are satisfactorily resolved) so as to increase both the frequency and efficiency of our collective work through focussed meditations and prayers. Some criterias for selecting what would make it onto this weekly "List of Suggested Meditation Focus" would probably also have to be devised. As for assigning a priority to what will be listed, perhaps we will prefer to leave it to the judgement and evaluation of each recipient.

This would obviously entail some work and a relatively sustained attention on the part of those few (maybe only 7) people on the Review Committee to devise this list and it would NOT - unless we decide to change the current system if there is some overload of stuff being circulated onto the list - prevent individual members to send their own Alert info and reading material directly to the entire PAN list. But it would certainly fill what I see as a very wide gap in our alert system as there are always a number of crises and focus points that go unattended and unmentioned by anyone on the PAN list - such as the horrendous war in Chechnya or the currently stalled peace talks between Syria and Israel, or the warming of relations between Greece and Turkey that could lead to a peace settlement in Cyprus, not to mention the risks of increased tensions between China and Taiwan, and so on and so on. And I did not even mention a host of other human rights or environmental issues (such as the accelerating erosion of biodiversity on Earth) that would certainly benefit from PAN's collective healing focus, at the peak time of world attention when an issue becomes burning enough to warrant political and media attention to foster some kind of re-solution.

I know you are about to leave, so please postpone responding to whenever you'll have time for this if you want to comment in any details, perhaps keeping these ideas and suggestions in mind to bring them up with others, if appropriate, during your trip in Thailand.

Have a good, safe and fulfilling journey -- and lots of fun!


From: BVinikas@aol.com
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000
Subject: Re: More about the FDA and GMOs

In a message dated 01/24/2000, globalvisionary@cybernaute.com writes:

<< Either the US Administration entirely purges this derelict agency from all
its rotten fruits or it disband it entirely. >>

Where have you been living, the moon? your accusation is of course true and
quite obvious to all in the wholistic health fields - so the only question is
- what to do about it? It needs some documented evidence regarding several
different subject areas that can go to the press -- the area you mention is
one, monsanto and milk is another, there are several. We need a champion -
are you it?

From: ILauraLynn@aol.com
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000
Subject: Enjoyed your writings - please read


Thank you for sharing and helping God's children to begin awakening.
God's wonderous love and light energy is within all of us. Yet, we have been
lost within a time warp, forgetting who we are and cut off from the
rememberance of the love and light that we are. We have had our knowing of
how powerful and wonderous of beings God created us to be. This happened a
little over 25,000 yrs ago and we have been stuck in this cycle since. This
also happened to Mother Earth. The power grids that were damaged and shut
down by dark beings are being restored and portals of light are being brought
to earth by the children being born to Earth at these times. The Earth is
awakening and rising in vibration and so are many humans on Earth. I have
awakened and experienced the power grids being recharged and filled with
light. I have many rememberances, including when these dark beings came to
Earth and used ray guns to put us into a time warp and make us forget who we
were. They also killed almost every human, we were not completely physical
beings at this time. They were from another dimension and from a darkened
planetary system. What survivors there were, recreated and were helped by
other exterestrials, yet they fell into a disaray of pain and suffering and
misuse of power. WE keep coming back to save each other! lol lol
Mostly been getting lost ourselves, or at least killed for trying. Thank
God we have a chance this time! Lets wake up! release all the illusions
and attachments and move back to a higher vibration of living and regain
control of our true powers of love for each other and harmonious living with
all of creation.

I Am You Are WE ARE ONE !!!!!

This is the presence within our Sacred Heart. Our will = God's will = true freedom
Let the Light within shine, your love and light will remind others of who they are.

Bless You, peace be with you, blessed be,

Your friend in love, light, and truth,

Laura Lynn
iLauraLynn@aol.com USA

From: "Annette Hughes" <annhughs@cow-net.com>
Subject: Need your help please!!
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000

Dear Jean,

I must say first ,that I have been well informed through your wonderful newsletters, you are doing a mighty service to those of us who are 'Lightworkers', and I thank you.

The reason I am writing at this time is for some information from you, or those on your mailing list. Several months ago you received a letter from a person in South Africa telling us about a school there where they had definite positive results from having all the children give out loving thoughts etc. at their morning assemblies. The positive results not only affected the children themselves, but those of the community too. I would be interested in knowing the name of the school and any other information, whereby I would be able to get in touch with them personally. I thought it would be a good idea to approach the school board in my own area to see if something similar can be instituted. We have to get our young ones thinking love, caring, and compassion, and where better to start than the schools.

With many Blessings in Love and Light,

Annette Hughes


From: CLauren103@aol.com
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000
Subject: Re: More feedbacks

Hello Jean,

I have never responded to your info but I do read and enjoy it.

This is a moment where I can respond with first hand information. I Am Cathy
Lauren from Penna. just outside of Phila.

I spent 2 weeks with the Heather Harder Campaign for President in New
Hampshire this month. I have just returned home. I was moved to help her as
spirit led. I am writing to tell you that Heather Anne lives and breathes
everything she says. There is no difference in her behavior on or off the
air or in or out of groups. This is a true Master walking around in a female
body. I know. She is kind and couragous. This women does not complain and
is living in lack to fulfil her calling to wake up the American Public.
Please America whatever you can spare send your dollars to Heather. If there
was ever someone you would want to help or assist it should be one so willing
as she. This women subsists on very little as funds are very scarce. You
would not believe the help she gives everyone and so very little is given
back. If every one just sent her a little bit it would go a long way. She
walks with God in ways even the most awake of us hope to. All of the
position papers she wrote herself. She researched them herself as well. She
works into the early morning hours and is tireless in her efforts to educate
the masses. She even took the time to do a healing session with me without
my asking for it. She feels what is needed constantly and acts. I
personally have never been more impressed with a human being as I am with
her. She walks the talk each and every day , all day and into the night. Do
your listener's know that she was offered the opportunity to be groomed and
polished and created as the wealthy candidates are? She turned down millions
of dollars to do it the grass roots way. One person at a time. Her rewards
are few.

I now end all my correspondence in her way.

Love and Light!

Cathy Lauren

Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2000
From: Pat Kostakeva <patkosta@earthlink.net>
Subject: Re: Food Safety Files 6

Thank you for your continued alerts about genetically altered foods. One way for
each individual to combat these foods, especially those of us who are lucky enough
to have a little land, is to grow heirloom seeds ourselves. Search on the internet
under "Heirloom Seeds" to find suppliers of organically produced seeds and do your
part to keep them growing. I've always felt that those of us who live in the city
should be more intimately involved with farms. I'm not sure how to do this. I
would like to rent about 2 to 5 acres on the corner of some large farm and raise
heirloom seeds there as an experiment. I see so much wasted land in the central
valley of California. Surely someone could give me 2 acres to grow a lovely plot
of corn and other vegetables. But, how would this impact my lifestyle? These are
all questions we have to answer and make a commitment. Just thought I would throw
out these ideas. Any other ideas? Thanks. Blessings and Light to All - Pat

From: IntlLaw26@aol.com
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000
Subject: Missapropriation of Funds, Cover-up Re. Research on Immune/Neurologic Disorders

I think you and your readers might be interested in knowing that huge
research dollars have recently been misapproriated by the National Institute
of Health, in a manner which appears to have been intentional, and which has
effectively prevented the fulfillment of Congressional intent that the causes
of Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS), also known as Chronic
Fatigue Syndrome, be scientifically determined. Currently, more than 500,000
Americans are disabled by this mysterious disease. Despite the fact that
research outside NIH has shown the disease likely involves an immune system
dysfunction, as well as the neurological system, and is believed by many to
possibly be caused by toxic chemicals, NIH continues to deny the somatic
basis for the illness, trying repeatedly to consign the illness to the
category of "all in people's heads".

The misapplication of funds was discovered through a "whistleblower" working
inside NIH, who then notified the NGO representing folks with CFIDS, the
CFIDS Association of America. Petitions are being circulated across the
U.S., addressed to the Government Accounting Office, demanding action and
alleging bad faith by NIH regarding not only this egregious act of
misapproriation of funds, but also in the overall investigation of causes of
CFIDS, and a related syndrome, Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS), also believed to
involve the immune and neurological systems and suffered by even more
Americans than CFIDS. A committee which was mandated to consist of impartial
scientists of different persuasions with respect to these mysterious diseases
has instead been "stacked" with foes of the somatic theory who want to label
the multitude of physical symptoms of millions of Americans which prevent
them from working, as nonexistent. I think we should all care, because
likely, what's making them sick can make us all sick!

Many Gulf War Veterans returned from Desert Storm with the same symptoms
suffered by patients with CFIDS and FMS, and have since been found by
independent research to likely also be suffering from immune and neurological
problems, and even chemically-induced alteration of their DNA. This is,
however, despite the U.S. Government's complete denial of their physical
illnesses, in favor of psychiatric diagnoses. Does this not cast an
interesting light on the entire subject of "cover-up of chemically-induced
immune and neurological disease"? It seems by now common knowledge that
Gulf War Veterans were exposed to chemical weapons, nerve gas and other
extreme health hazards environmentally (burning oil fields, etc).

What do folks with the above-mentioned medical syndromes have in common?
They fall within the emerging field of "Neuroimmunology". Don't you think
it's interesting that NIH has been so hostile to research on the causes of
CFIDS and FMS, even being willing to risk being found out and suffering legal
action to keep from using earmarked research dollars to discern the real
causes of these serious diseases? Reminds me of the Gulf War Syndrome
cover-up. Perhaps the chemical lobby might have some interest in making sure
that media coverage about CFIDS and FMS leans heavily toward the "all in
their heads" theory. We've all read those articles. I, for one, think it is
curious at best, and, at worst, maybe a cover-up worse than the discovery
that the Tobacco industry knowingly exposed millions of folks to serious
health dangers. Many toxic chemicals, such as organochlorines (DDT, PCBs,
dioxins, etc), some of which CFIDS patients have been found to have in larger
than usual amounts in their body tissue, and heavy metals, such as mercury,
found in most peoples' mouths, are known to cause damage to the immunological
and neurological systems. We should all refuse to allow any more chemical
cover-ups, and, in all cases, be anxious for our government to take the
needed action to discover the real cause of serious and debilitating

Thanks for keeping us awake and informed!


P.S. For more information on the CDC/NIH Scandal, see

Also, an interesting fact:
CFIDS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, is the fastest-growing chronic disease in America.


From: MarSharda@aol.com
Subject: RE: Food Safety Files 5: Beware of Canola Oil + Canola oil poison
(This material is posted at http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/FoodSafetyFiles5.htm)
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000

Thanks for sending that info on canola over. I've done some more research here and have found that although it's made from a strain of rapeseed, it's not actually original rapeseed... it's a new strain that's been bred to be nontoxic. That said, after reading about how it's processed, at such high temperatures, I agree that it's not a good oil to be ingesting. So, out it goes! Now I've got to figure out what the best alternative to it is for those rare times I don't want to use olive oil (ie, in baking). Perhaps safflower, or sunflower, and in some cases corn. I'll let you know!

Here are some more articles I found:



Here's a great article about the growing process:


Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2000
From: Trevor Osborne <wharmony@omen.com.au>
Subject: Credibility and Honesty in Reporting

Hi Jean,

This is Trevor Osborne from down-under, formerly from up-over (UK).

I read with great interest and concern what you are reporting and I pass a
quite lot of the information on to my network people. However, I have
learned how important credibility and honesty in reporting is and that long
term credibility comes from checking out reported "facts" before passing
them on, and/or providing source REFERENCES of the information.

Therefore, can I suggest you ask the people who supply you with your
information that they provide a list of references at the end of their
articles so that anyone who is interested in checking for more detail can
do so. If this is not done, then one has no way of telling what is TRUTH
and what is RUMOR. There is no point is spreading rumour and false
information, I'm sure you will agree.

For example, Monsanto's name change. If this name change did in fact occur,
I would like to see the author provide a credible reference where s/he
learned about it (eg. government corporate registration website) so the
reader can check the information out. If, for any reason the person cannot
supply a reference then they should state that what was being reported is
their OPINION and should be checked before passing it on as being a fact.
This will give the author credibility as well as those who pass on the

Another example. I recently had an occasion where I wanted to check out a
powerful statement I read in a reputable magazine that Australia's largest
research organisation, CSIRO had compared the nutrient value of foods today
those in 1948 and apparently found they were gravely deficient in many
nutrients. When I called the magazine for a reference they gave me the
contact details of the man who gave them the info. When I contacted him he
couldn't give me any details, so I contacted the CSIRO after thoroughly
checking through all their webpages on the subject and all their
publications. The lady who was in charge of all their publications
eventually came back to me stating the following:

"We have conducted an exhaustive search of CSIRO records and can find no
trace of any such research by this division or any other within the
organisation. On reading the "alleged" findings of the "alleged" article,
our scientists were most concerned about the "alleged" scientific facts
therein. I can say in the strongest terms that we do not wish to be
associated with the information as reported in the article."

Jean, your comments are welcomed...

With kind regards... TREVOR


Hello Trevor

Thanks for expressing so clearly your concern. Just like you I would love to always have all the needed references provided along with all the material (tons of it!) that I received daily. Unfortunately it is seldom the case. However, in most cases either I trust the source because of the track record of credibility (when someone has sent me material later to be found to be a hoax or an unfounded rumor, you can be sure I do not pass along any other doubtful material afterwards or I do so only with a mention that I could not confirm its authenticity), or the source is readily credible because it is a reputed newspaper or NGO.

As for trying to get such references when lacking before passing on the material received, I simply do not have time for this. As you might imagine I do this as a service, alone and with previous little time available.

But whenever an information I have circulated appears to be proven false or incomplete, I always strive to include the corrected or complementary information other people on this list have provided me afterwards - and this a one of the great strenghts of this Earth Rainbow Network, isn't it!

We don't live in a perfect world, as illustrated in your second example!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. As for the change of name of Monsanto, I've seen the same info in other newsclips. So it's real.

From: PLANETNEWS@aol.com
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000
Subject: Re: More about the FDA and GMOs: AIDS Cure Invented By Oklahoma General Practitioner

Yes...it is true...Cancer and AIDS 'cures' have been suppressed since they
were discovered/invented...but not just for two years. There is a lot of money to
be made/received and jobs created for those who... work with/collect for
cancer and AIDS 'cures' through several foundations...and scientific

...come on now...there are some pretty intelligent researchers out there...it
wouldn't take long to find 'the cure'...if the motivation to find it were in
the right place. But why would any of those in the 'receiving camp' want to stop collecting a
huge revenue now...? ...they won't...and so it up to 'us' to get smart about the lies being told.

There have been many 'cures' ...and one of which has been around for several
years...through a simple home remedy of using a small hand held machine built
by Dr. Bob Beck (inventor) and we have witnessed the healing of friends
through the use of these machines ourselves.

The machines are blood cleaners that zap virus' right out of the body by way
of a small electromagnetic charge placed on the wrist...which can be adjusted
so that it does not have to be felt to work effectively.

This technology has been available for many years and much effort (extreme)
has been used in order to keep it an unavailable knowledge.


From: PLANETNEWS@aol.com
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000
Subject: Totally non-polluting cars...

Thanks to MID-NIGHT-SUN Trading Post for sending this:

Subject: Totally Non-Polluting Cars!

"Some time ago I came across the information that Mexico City is currently contracting to have 40,000 compressed-air automobiles built in order to replace their taxi fleet. The compressed air engine was designed by a French inventor named Guy Negre. It uses about $2 worth of electricity to fill the tank with compressed air, and can power a car at speeds of up to 60 mph -- not real fast, but fast enough!!

"The car has takes in air as it brakes, and has a carbon block filtration system, so the air that it exhausts is actually cleaner than the air that comes in; ergo, a car that cleans the air! While it sounds too good to be true, this is fact, not fiction; the real question is why we aren't hearing more about it....

"Anyways, apparently the major auto industries have all invested tons of money in fuel cell development, and are not able to turn on a dime in order to pursue this much more elegant solution."

The company website can be found at this address:


It includes pictures of the cars and the following description:


After more than thirty years with the combustion engines, the French engineer Guy Negre has developed a concept of a totally non-polluting engine for use in urban areas. The different versions of MDI engines provide the most comprehensive answer to the urban pollution problem: simple, economic and clean.

This invention, which uses high pressure (300 bar) compressed air to store the energy needed for running the engine, is protected world-wide by more than 20 patents owned by MDI.

In urban areas, the engine powers a five-seat vehicle with a range of approximately 200 km using 300 litters of compressed air (300 bar) stored in either carbon or glass fiber tanks.

A compressor driven by an electric motor connected to a standard electric outlet does the recharge of the compressed air tanks. A rapid recharge, using a high-pressure air pump, is also possible.

To demonstrate the viability of the concept, three prototype vehicles equipped with air, mono-energy, and engines were developed.

A taxi called "TOP" (Taxi ZerO Pollution) and pickups truck, were built. In May 1998, the first road tests of these prototypes were done in Brignoles, France.

A great interest in the zero pollution concept has been expressed by the news media. Since May 1998, the taxi "TOP" has been the subject of more than 40 television programs and several newspaper and magazine articles around the world.

The potential market for the "clean engine" concept is immense: e.g., vehicles such as taxis, buses, vans, delivery trucks, industrial warehouse tractors, golf buggies, lake or canal boats and many other applications in which fixed engines are primarily used in urban or restricted areas.

A version of MDI engine can, in addition to air, also function with the use of traditional fuel; petrol, diesel, natural or town gas, at very low consumption levels. The change of source of energy is handled electronically based on the speed of the vehicle; e.g. below 60 km/h it runs on air and higher speeds it runs on fuel.

To manage the development process successfully, MDI has contracted its product research and development activities to CQFD Air Solution, a company based in Brignoles, France. Here, under the direction of Guy Negre, some 30 engineers and technicians have at their disposal the most modern equipment for engine and vehicle development, testing and production, supported by the latest in information technology.

As soon as the MDI engines and vehicles are commercially viable (within 1-3 years, depending on the version) they will have a market, with very limited competition, if any, for an estimated period of 10-15 years.

The commercial strategy is currently concentrated on the urban markets, with products including taxis, delivery vans and pickup trucks.

Based on a new concept of local vehicle production and sales, MDI promote regional manufacturing license rights in the form of franchised turnkey factory systems. Such a turnkey factory will have a normal production capacity of 2000-4000 vehicles per year and will employ some 130 people. A model factory is being constructed in Brignoles, France.

It is estimated that the first zero pollution vehicles will be on the market in year 2000.


Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000
From: "Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D." <jackie@deepteaching.com>
Subject: Food exposure to gamma radiation for sterilization

Dear friends,

While there has been considerable media coverage of the controversy over
food irradiation, few people know that more than just food has been
undergoing exposure to gamma radiation for sterilization during the last
25 years. It is likely that most of you reading this article have goods
in your homes that have been irradiated. Hundreds of items are
irradiated internationally in the more than 150 irradiation plants
around the world.

Learn about why we should be concerned about food and product
irradiation in this week's Healing Our World commentary on the
Environment News Service, hosted on the LYCOS Search Engine and Internet
Guide. You can view this weeks article, entitled "More than just your
food," at http://www.ens.lycos.com/ens/jan2000/2000L-01-25g.html



From: "Howard Roske" <makasha@bwn.net>
Subject: A click a day keeps the saws away
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000

Please support saverainforest.net a click each day keeps the saws
away...also if you have leads to sponsors for this effort let me
Have a green day.