January 13, 2001

Subject: Mystical Files #5: A Most Auspicious Time -- Gates Open" 14.-21.1.2001 + Flowers blooming on the Kuan Yin statue in South Korea + First message from the Angels of Divine Justice + The Astral Plane, its Meaning and Ways to Interact With it + The Age of Empowerment

Hello everyone

I was not planning to send another compilation this week but I *have* to do so anyway.

Reading the following, you'll understand why I had to it...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. I've just completed today a new website for a friend living closeby and featuring her quite unique paintings. A brief explanation (available in French only for now) is included along with each painting. Give it a look at http://pages.globetrotter.net/pauf

Also please keep in your heart and mind for the global meditation tomorrow the suggestion made in the last Meditation Focus "A Miracle for Peace in the Middle East" (available at ) and see also some of the latest positive developments at: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/ap/20010113/ts/israel_palestinians.html

Peres, Arafat Hold High-Level Talks
(AP) - Former Prime Minister Shimon Peres and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat joined peace talks Saturday in a final push for an agreement before President Clinton leaves office and Israel's battered leader faces voters. CLIP The return to negotiations was accompanied by Israel's lifting of blockades on two major Palestinian cities - Bethlehem and Jericho - and a decrease in violence. CLIP


From: Mary Magdalene of the Cross <MAYAWISDOM@aol.com>
Subject: Fwd: A Most Auspicious Time

How about this for Confirmation #3! (This is my Third Witness. Please refer to the New Years World Peace Meditation Experience sent to everyone this week.)

This too is the Initiation Announced earlier to the Maya Community Initiates of Temple of the Deer. It would be a great courtesy of others to inform me if participation is anticipated in these January 14- 21 Ceremonies and Initiations.

This is a work in harmony. Please do not allow your "Personal Ego" or minor differences of opinion to alienate you from participation in the Circle of Light and Peace. No one is greater or more important than anyone else here. Shed your "Outer Skin" and let your Light Body Shine through. Allow yourself to see yourself as What you really are.

Let go and Let LIGHT BE! Participate! Participate! Participate!

This is going to be Major!!! If you can get to a desert or a Sacred Waterfall, or Sacred Pyramids, Sacred Ground of any kind, a Temple, a Church where you might see a representation of the Goddess of Earth or "Mary" the Mother of God, (Which is really a very, very Occult Mystery) do so. Go camping! Anything! Just get away from the daily surroundings of ordinary energies. Travel away just like the Masters are doing. Movement! Movement! Movement! This is required. And watch the Stars. Get there in the Astral or in the Physical! Be part of the CARAVAN! You will walk through the Gates as the Gates come to you! If anyone desires specific instructions on how to prepare your self and your ceremony, please inquire.

Loving You!

Mary Magdalene of the Cross

Ancient Wisdom of the Maya: http://www.mayawisdom.web.com/
eGroups : Mayawisdom: http://www.onelist.com/group/Mayawisdom


A Most Auspicious Time

Dearest Seekers of the Sacred,

A very auspicious time will soon be upon us, as a magnificent and powerful star alignment moves into position and unleashes its impact upon spiritual potential. This letter is written that as many souls as possible might to ask that you make every effort to spread the word. I have just returned home to the US from a 7-week journey, most of which was spent in the monasteries, temples, and ashrams of India and Nepal. This trip was extraordinary, and represented a major transit in my own progression of awakening.

Feeling reborn into a new state of being, I am eager to immediately pass everything on to each of you through the transmission of light and love that the Teachings of Wisdom offer us. One of the significant revelations that I received is the occurrence of the upcoming star alignments that will herald a major gateway of spiritual progression for initiates and seekers worldwide.

This gateway will take place for one week - from January 14th through January 21st. For tens of thousands of years, this gateway has been awaited and prophesied by the Vedic sages. It is an opening that will make manifest the turning of the Great Wheels of Time, as we move beyond the dark influences of the Kali Yuga and emerge from the grasp of past solar karma. As the sincere seeker offers up the open book of the human heart for healing and ascension into the higher realms of being, divine response will be accorded exponentially.

This spiritual gathering of all gatherings, the Maha-gathering of our time... will soon commence. A great congregation of our planet's true illuminaries will occur as the sages, masters, yogis, pundits, and nirmankayas come down from their sacred abodes throughout the Himalayas.

Some will come by foot, traversing the high passes of the Himalayan range, descending from the most remote regions of India, Tibet, Nepal, Burma, Bhutan, and Sikkim. Some will teleport and simply appear out of the ethers, seemingly emerging from thin air into the crowds that will be gathered. Entire groups of nirmankayas will suddenly appear, manifesting through their lightbodies.

Together this mighty and majestic conclave will move into the rhythm of the Vedic chants and ceremonies of the ancient of days on the banks of the revered Ganges, at the convergence of three sacred rivers, in the holy city of Varanasi, India. The three sacred rivers represent the causal spiritual streams of Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma, the three aspects of God Consciousness through which enlightenment and co-creatorship is achieved.

Untold numbers of holy men and women are expected to gather, perhaps more than half a million. The Himalayas are now literally buzzing in anticipation as representatives from all the mystic traditions in the East, prepare to join together in a massive invocation for enlightenment and liberation.

The Ascended Masters of the Brotherhood of Light will be represented in full force, as the Divine Corridor is ignited at levels of manifestation never before attained. This gathering of illumined saints and sages in Varanasi happens every twelve years on a smaller scale, however this year represents a specific and extraordinary star alignment that occurs only once each 144 years.

The sequence of 144 years is occultly significant in and of itself. This most powerful high holy week is called Maha Siharshrum Kumba Shalela. To be gathering at this specific time, in spiritual invocation and unification, with our planets Masters and Illuminaries will be nothing less than phenomenal. If ever there was a fertile moment in history to gather together in group formation this is it!

Astrologically, the sun will be making a transit from the south node to the north node, which energizes the progression from the past to the future at solar levels of karma. This is big, much grander in the cosmic scheme of things than we can really understand. It has to do with everything that humanity is or ever will be.

The south node represents where we have come from and what we have learned from that journey. The north node represents what we aspire to and where we seek to be. Many sages of the eastern traditions resolutely believe that gathering in conclave during this star alignment assures enlightenment in this lifetime. The fact that it is seven days in length is occultly significant as well, regarding the attainment of all seven dimensions of human divine development.

During this most auspicious gateway, the mantle of planetary guardianship will be passed from the East to the West for externalized manifestation. The Oath of the Nirmankaya will be taken by many, many souls as an undeniable fact of planetary progression. The initiates of the West will now be made ready to fulfill their destiny.

The time is now! This celestial gateway will provide the impact of cosmic impulse at a level of power and light that can truly penetrate the density that has hampered the progression of the human spirit. A full eclipse in the sign of Capricorn will also take place which will offer a primal surge of influences that bring thought, aspiration, and all manner of spiritual longing into manifestation.

There will be no better time in this century to move forward on the path and to put into vitalized motion your souls higher purpose. This will be a potently auspicious time to seed and sanctify new creations, projects, and endeavors of both personal and collective intention. I cannot find words to truly emphasize the spiritual opportunity that the Maha Siharshrum offers us. Initiatory ascent in the revelation of the higher thresholds of consciousness will be at an optimum.

(Author unknown)

There is also the Maha Kumbh Mela, the greatest-ever gathering of human beings with up to 70 million people expected over the next six weeks in India. For details go at

For more information on the holy city of Vanarasi, visit:


Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2001
Subject: Flowers blooming on the Kuan Yin statue in South Korea


"Flowers that bloom only once every 3,000 years are budding on the head of a sacred Buddhist statue."

"Buddhist priests in South Korea say the legendary flowers blossoming on the forehead of Kian Yin the Compassionate only appear when the 'Sage King of the Future' comes into the world, which one Buddhist leader called, a delight that gives joy beyond description."

"The Miracle of the Flowers, as it's now being called, happened in the Chonggyesa Temple in a suburb of Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Tens of thousands of pilgrims are flocking to see the white blossoms on the tip of the eyebrow of the shining, gilded statue of Kuan Yin."

"'Kuan Yin is a gentle Buddhist deity who refused to enter paradise (Nirvana--J.T.) because she heard the cries of suffering humanity,' says religious expert Dr. Kenneth Ireland 'She is acknowledged to save the soul of everyone on Earth, turning her back on none. Many are now saying that the monastery of Chonggye-sa could become the Buddhist Lourdes because many cures are being performed there.'"

"According to the monks, 21 threadlike stems are growing from the statue of Kuan Yin, each with a tiny white flower 'no bigger than the tip of a ballpoint pen.' This is the first time in the 1,000-year history of the monastery that the flowers have blossomed. 'Buddhists say sighting the flowers is like witnessing the birth of Buddha,' he added."

"Experts say it's unthinkable that the 500-year-old statue of Kuan Yin, gilded every three years over the (original) woodwork, could produce growing flowers without divine intervention. 'Botanically, the flower is related to the ficus,' says botanist William Grant. 'There is just no way it could take root in the statue.'"

"Dr. Ireland says the flowers are regarded as divine in India, Japan and China and are believed to bloom only when a momentous event is about to happen. Buddhist monks are currently keeping a prayer vigil at the statue, waiting for the event that will change mankind's future forever."


From: "Spiritus Sanctus" <Spiritus@mindspring.com>
Subject: First message
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001

Dear Jean,

Your recent messages have meant the world to me. They come at just the right time, address just the right issues, and emit an aura of very healing light. It's hard to put into words....

Today's message is the first one that the angels have instructed me to send you. I am not sure if it's because there is something in it specifically for you or if it is to be shared. I'm sure you will know.

I have this uncanny feeling of having known you for a long time.....

With love,

Cynthia Rose


22 degrees Capricorn

The Angels of Divine Justice
Also known as The Angels of Ybario

Beloved, it is with great joy that we introduce ourselves to you.

We are among the most powerful angels of Divine Justice. We are the special custodians of Divine Justice in that we control the doings of negative powers in the whole zone girdling the earth as well as on the planet in all three planes, i.e. in the mental, the emotional, and physical world.

We see to it that the negative powers never get the upper hand and that no chaos is created in these spheres, because if this ever happened, this would have to be again equalized by the positive powers. Our basic qualities are harmony and justice.

To those of you who feel overwhelmed by recent revelations of negativity in current events, we point out to you that it is these very revelations that are part of the remedy and protection that we are inspiring.

The earth is in a time of great change. The planet as a whole is going through a quantum leap in consciousness. This is causing a great flushing out of destructive policies that have been going on for a long time. It is similar to spontaneous remissions where great amounts of toxins and poisons are released suddenly, leaving the body renewed and more alive.

The disturbing revelations of deception are catalyzing amazing alliances among people and organizations from very different backgrounds. These alliances are resulting in outpourings of fantastic creativity and strength. Successful efforts are being made to educate the public and create positive and evolutionary changes in laws, governments, corporations, economies, cultures, and individuals, etc..

Destruction must have darkness in order to thrive. Many of the outworkings of Divine Providence at this time are revealing the alarming facts behind disguises of 'positivity' that have veiled those who perpetrate destruction. Deception depends on secrecy, and these secrets are being revealed very quickly.

We are asking those of you who are frightened by this revelatory stage of the process to look beyond at the following stages. This will give you hope and great joy.

During and after this present stage, which is the unveiling of those organizations and individuals who promote destructive policies, comes a time of great healing and pulling together. Every day people are being snatched out of the ordinariness of their lives and assuming positions of heroism and pivotal power in their immediate environment. Each person at some point is realizing that they are going through a healing and awakening together with all of humanity.

So many movements of restoration and rehabilitation of the environment, institutions, and other matters are proceeding that the family of man is finding that ancient divisions and barriers between peoples are no longer practical or desirable in the common effort to create heaven on earth.

Positive and negative forces are ultimately governed by the same Law. This is The Law of One that calls for the highest good of all concerned. This law is always in operation, which is why the Wise say ,"All things work for good to those who believe." and "Give thanks for all things concerning you."

To explain what has happened: an experiment in free will concerning "delayed time" and "parallel space" has been allowed to take place to test the infinite potential of The Law of One, where time, and sometimes space, gaps were inserted between a destructive event and the eventual outcome of "Highest Good". This has resulted in terrible suffering and bloodshed, which in an aftertime or parallel dimension was redeemed, but in the present world seemed to be only destructive at the time. The coming quantum leap in consciousness is a result of this experiment, where suddenly, like an arrow being loosed after being slowly pulled back as far as it could go, the opposite direction is quickly and suddenly attained. This is occuring because otherwise the planet would not survive, setting off a destructive chain reaction in space similar to that of destroying any part of any organic ecosystem. This quantum leap is a natural reaction of an all-pervading, or omnipresent, healthy immune system response in the organic body of Creation.

It is important to remember that energy is a continuum between negative and positive poles. Negativity is necessary for time and space to exist.

Negative forces are destructive forces. They are important so that a fallen tree in the forest decays and becomes earth. Take for example the time when a person uses free will to make a decision, such as to play instead of work, or write a symphony instead of eating a dinner, then all other possible realities that energetically co-existed at the moment of decision must decay so that the chosen activity can manifest clearly in time and space. If a person decides to turn right at a crossroads, then the energetic frequencies that existed in the possible moment in will, mind, and feeling, for turning left, going straight, stopping all together, going back, etc. are released and must decay like the rotting tree in the forest. All of these decay functions are performed by negative forces, and negative forces are equally loved by the Creator because they serve in this way. "God's love shines equally on the good and the bad alike." In the change that is coming, negative forces will recalibrate their roles so that they are the highest good of all concerned in the present moment and space.

The new quantum state will allow, as we have said before, for the highest Good of All concerned to be attained IN THE PRESENT MOMENT and IN THE PRESENT SPACE. Another way of explaining this would be the concept of INSTANT KARMA.

Because human awareness is changing to whole brain [instead of half-or ñless-brain], a wrong decision that would result in harm to anything, including self, will be intuitively and INSTANTLY recognized and corrected. This will bring about the greatest harmony and justice, which is our specific angelic assignment from Divine Providence.

Delta brainwave production ensures an innate understanding of the unified field and the knowledge that when one is harmed all are harmed. Each man and woman is destined to discover within their hearts the truth that they are one with God and that other men are brothers and women are sisters. Each child is destined to discover that all adults are loving parents. Everyone will remember that the world is an actual extension of their own bodies.

Because of free will, we ask you, as many angel groups have asked you in these messages, to call on us in your prayers and meditations, to call on us in your hearts. Please ask us to help bring about the harmony and justice you desire for yourself and for all others. This will focus our attention specifically within your individual sphere of free will. It is our assignment from Divine Providence to respond to you when you ask for the Highest Good of All concerned.


From: http://www.spiritweb.com/Spirit/astral-planes.html

(Spirit Web is a most comprehensive website promoting spiritual consciousness since 1994)

The Astral Plane, its Meaning and Ways to Interact With it

The spirit realms are generally described as dimensions or planes distinguishable by the different densities and vibratory rates (or frequencies) of the substances they contain, and the various dimensions are said to interpenetrate, existing in the same space. [...] The next subtle plane beside physical is called Astral Plane.

The astral planes are generally divided into the lower, middle, and higher, although each division actually contains many, many divisions of varying vibratory rates. After we have shed our physical body, most of us reportedly "wake up" in our astral body living in the specific astral plane in which substance is vibrating at the same rate as the substance of our astral body ...

CLIP - Lots of references deleted here but available at: http://www.spiritweb.com/Spirit/astral-planes.html

From my own perception I would like to suggest to you, that you are always keep critical mind to discern when interacting with astral-plane, as many non-evolved entities in trouble and confusion search interaction with humans. Help only, when you are fully grounded and able to discern with your perception. For mental people who are easily influenceable I strongly suggest, do not intentionally search to interact with astral-plane and beings at all.

Another book excerpt of The Complete Ascension Manual written by Joshua David Stone :
(his website is at http://www.drjoshuadavidstone.com - more on him also at http://www.spiritweb.com/Spirit/joshua-david-stone.html)

Between Lifestimes --- [...] I am going to attempt to give a glimpse of what goes on the astral, mental, buddhic, atmic, monadic, and logoic planes of consciousness after the death [or passaway] of a soul extension. Where a soul extension goes after the death is determined by how it had lived throughout all its past lives, including the most recent past life, and how it dealt with its bardo experience. It will gravitate like a magnet to the plane that is most appropriate to its soul development. [...] The choices for a soul extension first entering into the spiritual world are:

1. A quick return to Earth life

For the average person who has attained even the smallest level of enlightment, an immediate return to incarnation on the Earth would be unthinkable. The average person gravitates to the middle astral plane. Paramahansa Yogananda said that if a person has the slightest degree of a spiritual belief in life, his passin would be a pleasant one. [...] It is usually only the lower impulses of Earth life that draw a soul back for immediate rebirth without some kind of review and assessment period. This path is followed very often.

2. Hell regions

There is a lot confusion as to whether there is actually a hell region. The most fundamentalist religions say there is, and that if you don't accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour you will burn there forever. Some metaphysical schools of thought say there no hell region, it is just a state of mind. In my opinion the truth is somewhere in the middle. Hell is most definitly a state of mind. It is also a location, but it is not as the fundamentalist religions describe it. People are in hell when they are run by the negative ego, by material and astral desire, and hence are cut off from their own souls. [...] Hell, however, is not a place of eternal damnation. It is really just the very lowest level of the astral plane. Some have referred to it as outer darkness. [...] Soul extensions will stay there indefinitly until they begin to take responsibility for their actions, or until they can't take the torture of their own deluded consciousness any longer and cry out to God for help. Each time they cry out to God for help, a guardian angel will come and offer some aid and assistance. Over time, such a soul extension will begin to emerge out of the darkness. There is no eternal damnation in God's plan or consciousness. God, in His infinite mercy and forgiveness, gives all soul extensions, no matter how deluded, a chance to return home.

3. Purgatory

The term purgatory is also a term that has been confused by the fundamentalist religions. It has very negative connotation and has been associated with hell, but this is not true. Purgatory is a region where soul extensions go who are not evil like those in the hell regions, but rather just misled and not educated properly on Earth. They are those who have been misled in their education through unsound religious practices, those who have been overtaken bad habits, those who are atheists, those obsessed with material desire and attachments, those who have gone insane, and so forth. This would be the lower astral region. It is often very difficult to awaken such people to their spiritual path. There is a great mass of humanity living in this region of consciousness.

4. Lower, Middle and Upper astral plane

There is a borderland zone that is above the purgatory and hell regions and that actually superimposes itself on Earth life. Here are good people who have found what they consider to be contentment in areas close to the Earth. This particular area is like an astral counterpart that duplicates life on Earth, except it is still in the astral plane. Life is so much like that of Earth it is often hard to realize that once has even left. At some point these soul extensions begin to yearn for something better.[...]

It must be understood now that life after death looks not much different from life on Earth. The astral and mental and higher planes have whole thriving life with cities, beaches, mountains, homes, streets, concerts, libraries, social halls, clubs, churches, and temples just like we have on Earth.

Many soul extensions, when they pass over, do not even realize they are dead. They are in their astral bodies which look just like their previous physical bodies. The unique thing about life after death is that astral bodies travel with the mind. If they want to go to the beach, they just think "beach", and they are immediatly there. There is no need to get in a car, train, or airplane to travel.

Very often when soul extensions pass over like this, they will think of the family they have just left and they will immediatly be with a given family member. What they don't realize is that they are in another dimension, and their family members can't hear or see them. This can be quite confusing for people who haven't realized that they have died.

There are some soul extensions who are so attached to the material world that they don't allow themselves to go through the tunnel to the other side and are stuck on the earthly plane even through they are in their astral bodies. There are called "Earth-bound souls". They may continue to live in the same house they lived in before death. They don't realize that it is their own consciousness that is keeping them stuck on Earth and not allowing them to continue their spiritual evolution.

There are some soul extensions who are able to get hold of some vital force and play tricks on people who are still in earthly bodies. [...] Many people, when they die, stick arround and watch their own funerals before passing on the astral plane. Those soul extensions of a more evolved nature will gravitate to their higher astral realms and possibly to the mental realm. Many soul extensions, when they pass over, sleep for a long time before awakening on the inner plane. This is especially true of those who have experienced lingering illness or uncontrollable grief and of those with a strong desire to continue life in the physical body.

For further descriptions look at Bardo Experience at: http://www.spiritweb.com/Spirit/nde.html#bardo

For other more subtle planes look at Angelical and General Spiritual Realms at:
http://www.spiritweb.com/Spirit/lightwork.html#Angelical and General Spiritual Realms

There could be much more added on description about astral plane and its meaning, but as said above, you may focus your spiritual attention to higher realms, also when the higher realms may look unreachable to you somehow.

CLIP - Lots of related websites and pages at:


The Age of Empowerment
by Matthew Webb <visionquest@eoni.com>
Posted Tue, 9-Jan-2001

At this moment many different meditational and prayer-centered organizations around the world, are using group focus to bring about global change. Some meditate for peace, and others pray for the intercession of Divine forces. This is being done to place humanity once again on an evolutionary course. Some groups meditate upon creating a coherence of mind, others upon peacefulness and wisdom among our race. Still others use a silence of mind to calm the modern chaos and conflict.

Regardless of the methods of various practices, or the credentials of their spiritual leaders, the essential point to realize here is that humanity is awakening out of a 3000-5000 year slumber. This collective sleep came upon us as we left natural ways and laws.

What is being realized is that there is a higher order in the universe, than that imposed by martial regulation. There exists a higher law than the edicts of courts, judges, popes or presidents. This law is higher because it is the very source for human existence, as well as all of life and existence itself. The highest law of all is structured by natural and spiritual design. The greatest means for success in life is therefore through natural and spiritual principles. Natural laws and spiritual principles are in essence one in the same thing. They are both ways of referring to the Cosmic Order we must all recognize, or suffer the consequences of wrong Intent, (extinction). There are a great many among us today, who are realizing that what we need is a unity of spiritual Intent.

Our collective effort and focused group determination, is exactly what is required at this moment in history. Very soon, the days of individual and competitive effort will end, one way or another. In the future they will be remembered as obsolete and even primitive. True social progress will in the near future, be defined as progressive and mutual spirituality. Our unity of spiritual focus will render the sweetest fruits that humanity has ever known, in the form of compassionate relations, dynamic community living, and the sharing of resources. In greater enlightenment, people will directly perceive the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of all humanity, in all places upon the globe. All of this will take place through one singular means in the elevation of consciousness, at a grass-roots level of society. Groups around the world dedicated to the expansion of consciousness, act as sparks igniting the spiritual fire of global illumination.

Natural and spiritual laws tell us that the purpose of life is growth, change and constant evolution. Humanity is still very much in the midst of this evolutionary process. We are growing and becoming more than we ever were, (or at least this is the human potential, and most fundamental need). Our brain capacity and conscious potentials are such, that we have the option to choose the path of our own destiny. But this capacity for free will comes with a price. It is ours to choose, yet we must choose wisely or suffer mass destruction forged by our own hands. There is a broad range of possibilities open to us, but only within the parameters of natural law. Outside of these parameters we may not stray for long, because the Universe has its own organized purpose. We may not defy this purpose indefinitely. This means that free will is not the whole equation of human mental capacity. We must be more than merely intelligent, we must also be wise. Wisdom is none other than the application of truth in ones' life. The greater this application becomes, the greater is the resulting wisdom. Wisdom tends to be the bi-product of natural living, since nature operates directly upon Truth. In our free will, the acquisition of natural wisdom is necessary. We may then make the choices which sustain all life, and not just the benefit of a few.

When we follow the natural design, the choices we make are evolutionary. This means that our decisions result in the inner and outer growth of the human being. We are becoming conscious members of Cosmic citizenship. When this happens we become more than just the citizens of nations, or members of a given culture, religion or ideology. By adopting natural and spiritual laws as our guiding system of living, it is then that the whole universe becomes the place of human creation and contribution.


Full article (6 pages) at http://www.spiritweb.com/Spirit/age-of-empowerment-webb.html

Matthew Webb is also spearheading the Global Group Mind Meditations held on every second and fourth Sunday of each month at 3PM Pacific time. -- Contact him at <visionquest@eoni.com> or visit http://www.eoni.com/~visionquest for more details.