June 9, 2000

Subject: More Feedbacks About Depression and Despair

Hello everyone,

Here are some of the many other feedbacks I received on this topic. It is always very exciting when so many comments come in because it shows it is an issue that touches many people. Actually, the fact that one depressed activist expressed his true feeling to Michael Irving who supportively indicated that he likewise sometimes felt the same emotion - something which admittedly most if not all of us certainly had to go through at some point in our lives - opened the door for the true magic to come out in many people and led to this outpouring of true gems and the naturally born wisdom that emerges from the depth of the real-life experiences we are here to go through.

The composite picture emerging through all these heart-felt and truly inspiring comments is one of compassion, empathy and love, for only souls embodying such qualities could care enough to take time to express their true feelings and share them so openly with thousands of people.

Ravenously enjoying the ride in your company!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

NOTE: In my original post on this topic, I had to take out something from the final compilation to fit everything I wanted to include and I now realize with all the interest generated following this, and in all fairness for Michael Irving who had initially the courage to tackle such a sensitive issue, that I should now include here first the other missing part of his email that was originally entitled "A World-Action survey".


"Because we are all in 'the same boat together' and because we are, in many ways, all very similar, I have found it incredibly helpful to know how others are feeling and what others are experiencing.

Here are some questions/topics for you to think about.

I would like to compile an overview of what we are all experiencing and send this out to all 120 on World-Action's mailing list.

Please respond.

In the overview mailing you can either appear as 'anonymous' or I can put your name and e-mail address so you can receive personal replies direct..... or just your e-mail address. Or, you can state what you are sending is for my eyes only.

You can either answer any or all of the questions, or just scan through the questions for the idea and write a general reply.

The Questions :

1) Do you get depressed?
2) Do you have to fight hard, at times, to remain 'positive'?
3) Why do you feel you get depressed?
4) Do you feel the world situation IS depressing?
5) Do you, honestly, find a lot of the solutions depressing?
6) Do you feel you don't have 'a say' in determining what goes on in the world?
7) What needs to be done?
8) What new initiatives need to be done?
9) Anything YOU would like to say?

I was going to be brave and answer these questions myself..... to nervously lead the way. However, from what I've written at the start of this, you already know a little how I feel...... but I will say this :

"I feel that we will really have to try if we are going to save the world. We are going to have to find the best initiatives and put EVERYTHING into them. We are going to have to stand up and speak and act. Not 24 hours a day, but when the time feels right."

"I wonder if people feel the Internet is just like TV.... you just sit there and passively look at it.... not knowing that the people who are putting everything into finding the solutions NEED your response (your honest response) and participation."

"I get depressed because as a part-time clairvoyant I feel that what World-Action is putting out is HUGELY important for the whole world. I really do. And yet there is little response. Why?"

"And, if you feel I am doing it wrong, tell me." [Mind you I might not include this 'topic' in the overview mailing or the mailing might be too long!]

"Would YOU like help starting an initiative of your own? I'll give you my honest response."

Best wishes,

World-Action and
Rainbow Dream Vision

"World-Action" <michaeli@globalnet.co.uk>

Michael has also started compiling the replies he got from the people on his list:

From: World-Action <michaeli@globalnet.co.uk>
Sent: 06 June 2000
Subject: EXPRESSION SURVEY.... To take arms against a sea of troubles


World-Action Survey Results


Here are extracts from the many responses received
by World-Action. More are still coming in.
Read through, at your leisure, and see what you feel.

I'm not going to say too much except :
It is better to EXPRESS - than repress (usually!)
And that's what this survey is all about.

Always remember :
WHATEVER you are feeling, there are many feeling
exactly the same way as you - therefore - you are 'normal' !


From: "Roan Carratu" <freehold@uswest.net>
Subject: Depression among activists.
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 1


I read your latest collection of email forwards where activist folks
were talking about depression at the lack of results of their efforts.

I don't get depressed about the lack of response to my and others
efforts. I have gotten a bit depressed when I was very sick and was
unable to do more in the effort, (a symptom of the illness,) but never
about the world's progress.

The changes that the world will have to go through to evolve, while
not being set in concrete, is not the result of our egos or our
individual efforts, but is the result of forces on a larger scale than
any individual or a thousand individual's efforts.

As each of us has an ego, a tiny mechanism which divides the
seamlessness of Universe up into the illusion of being separate, (so
we can tell what is the plate and what is the food,) the planetary
ecoentity also has an ego. That ego is humanity's gestalt ego. But
in the same way that we individually are not our egos, and the Real
individual is as far beyond it's own ego as the sun is to a speck of
dust, so is the Real ecoentity beyond it's ego.

As above, so below.

When one of us transcends our ego's futile pretension of being the
center of Universe, it adds to the ecoentity's ability to transcend
it's own ego. It is only the gestalt whole of Humanity's illusion
that hides the truth of our existence and suspension within the
ecoentity, and thereby allows the slow destruction of that ecoentity.

But it's a mistake to think that the changes that must occur to
survive long term will come from any one of us, or even all of us who
see through the illusions. That which we are 100% part of is the
active component which gave us our knowledge of our relationship with
itself, and it will work through us. It evolved us, not as a 'God'
creating organic toys, but as a component of itself, like our brain is
part of our individual bodies. It will awaken others in it's own time,
and we will help them understand.

We are part of the brain of Gaia, not a separate creature. That the
speed of change is slow is not a reflection on us or it, it is just
the way all big changes happen. It's a upturning bell curve, slow at
the start and ending in a flash. As is, Human evolution is a million
times faster than any past evolution. We, in our tiny view of time,
think that Human Ego is the source of all technological change, but
this is not true either. It is always a mistake to think of ourselves
as individuals being separate from Gaia, and ourselves as a species
being separate from Gaia. It is just plain observably false. Free
Will and being part of the One are not opposites, they both exist
simultaneously, on different scales of reality.

It's not that 'I think, therefore I am'... It's 'Universe thinks,
therefore I am'.

Almost all the dire predictions, point of views, and even 'spiritual'
cosmologies I read on the 'net have as central to their words the
unquestioned assumption that Humanity is separate from Gaia, that our
egos are supernatural, that we are each centers of Universes of our
own, that what we do only effects ourselves, that ego is supreme, and
worse of all, that the world and Gaia is not only secondary, but of no
worth other than a throw away 'playground' for our egos.

This is no different than any belief system which is destroying the
ecosystem. Same root assumptions, same result in destruction. Cause
and Effect and Result.

And this is why people get depressed when they see no real progress in
saving the ecoentity. It is fear driven fantasy and the fear makes
people cling to ego like a leech to a bare leg.

Yet, if anyone throws out all beliefs, tames their ego back to it's
original purpose, and looks at the world without those fear driven
filters, what is seen is so outrageously beautiful that all such
depression is wiped away immediately, like the darkness of shadow
disappears in direct sunlight.

I don't expect my efforts to have a big splash on the world scene, but
I know that through my mind not being controlled by the illusionary
pretenses of ego, I have the effect that Gaia wants from my efforts.
Having no expectations, perceiving no difference between success or
failure, living from day to day doing what I can, saying what I know
from experience rather than egocentric delusions, I have no depression.

Clearly seeing the destruction, yet I live in paradise. Working as
hard as I can, there is no hurry for results. Knowing of the fear and
pain of others, and the horror of the results of that fear and pain, I
see equality and beauty, stainless souls and gentle hearts everywhere.
This is not fantasy I see, but the layer of what is below the ego's
delusions in each person that I meet. I do acts of compassion when
they present themselves, and judge none. Judgment is just another
form of terrorism.

Communication is at best a difficult task, because that is one of
ego's purposes. It is a translation device, among other purposes, and
all we intuit has to be translated into concepts, then words, then
sent to another person, where their ego has to translate the words
back into concepts, then their intuition fits the concepts into a
greater whole. Sometimes the words penetrate the conceptual barrier
of the ego, sometimes they don't. Why? Because concepts are the ego's
domain, while intuition is our Real Voice. So all that we intuit is
dropped to the level of concepts, and at the other end of the
communication, the words may not be re-elevated to the level of
intuition, or not knowingly to the ego, anyway.

Therefore, when one is talking about 'freedom', in meaning as intuited
and translated, someone else may translate the limited words into
'communism' or 'anarchy', rather than what you are actually

Why Gaia set us up this way is clear. To overcome the slow evolution
of the past, a faster means of change was needed, and that required
components of itself which could act as individuals, rather than just
a part of the biosphere, like the other species. We are in the middle
of our evolution, not done yet, and communication between Real Mind
rather than Ego will grow progressively easier and clearer, both
through technology and our slowly cleaner perspectives of the world as
ecoentity. Diversity is necessary to the process of finding faster
solutions to major Gaia threatening events, so it will be preserved.
It is one of the characteristics of what we are evolving into...
The Real Mind of Gaia.

Compassion is an act of the Real mind. It is not an emotion, nor a
concept of the ego, but a direct movement, an action, of Gaia through
the individual. I have perceived a growing awareness of compassion in
the people of the world in my 51 years of life. Not among those
ancient subcultures which formed when compassion was at it's least
level, but in the rest of the world. And even in those ancient
subcultures, like the global military, there are indications that some
of those who enter the various 'national' militaries already have a
knowledge, even of the experience, of compassion.

The evolution of awakening is continuing. Depression is an indicator
of the out-of-control ego. When experienced, go to the mountain, or
seashore, or somewhere there is no visible sign or effect of Humanity
and it's ego, and let your mind bathe in the sheer essence of our
greater body: Gaia. Each will gain far more than they can imagine.



From: "World-Action" <michaeli@globalnet.co.uk>
Subject: A CHANGE IN DESTINY - Peter Russell
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2000


The task of showing whether or not humanity is viable rests with us - each of us.

Unlike other species, humanity can anticipate the future, make conscious choices and deliberately change its own destiny.

For the first time in the whole history of evolution, responsibility for the continued unfolding of evolution has been placed on the evolutionary material itself.

We are no longer passive witnesses to the process, but can actively shape the future.

Whether we like it or not, we are now the custodians of the evolutionary process on Earth. Within our own hands lies the evolutionary future of this planet.

Author of The Global Brain and The Awakening Earth

World-Action and Rainbow Dream Vision

Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000
From: lsalzman@aba.org (Lorna Salzman)
Subject: Your recent postings and comments thereon

Dear Jean Hudon: I would greatly appreciate your posting this to the same
list to which you sent your original comments. Thanks.

I see that all of us across the world share the same emotions of despair,
frustration, anger, as well as a burning desire to confront those people
and institutions who have caused these. Some may come close to "burn out"
as many activists have. It is not easy for single individuals to sense that
any progress has been made or that things are changing.

Since we are not equipped to see into the future, we will never know
whether we "succeed" or "fail". Therefore, if we are to counteract
burn-out, and do fruitful work, we should redefine the word " success". I
recall Paul Jacobs, in the film about his work called "Paul Jacobs and the
Nuclear Gang". He confronted nuclear fallout and in the process died from
radiation. But in the film he quoted from the Talmud, saying that it is not
possible to know whether we win or lose ultimately, but nonetheless we
must continue fighting.

I think this is a very wise concept. First, there is no particular point in
time that everything succeeds or is won. None of us would even know if and
when that point arrived, because there would already be other battles under
way, to be resolved even further into the future. Second, we have our own
objectives and our own ways of defining whether we have succeeded or not.
Third, not everyone shares our own objectives or even issues; some people
perceive one thing to be the most important but others perceive
differently. This is known as the Blind Men and the Elephant Syndrome.

It is this syndrome that in fact has fragmented us. Some of us perceive the
problem as arising from within us as individuals and therefore requiring
individual solutions first and foremost. Others perceive it as a single
ideology: capitalism, materialism, technocracy, corporations,
centralization, racism, industrialization, etc, etc. (Often because we
prefer to define the problem in such a way as not to undermine our own
ideology, religion or political stance, or threaten our own power and
status). Some of us see the problem as mainly an economic one (the
Marxists); some of us see it as a political one (Greens); others see it as
a spiritual crisis of humans and humanity; some of us see it as a purely
ecological, technological or scientific one. So how do we build an
effective movement?

Well, first of all nothing can ever be a single movement. All entities have
components. We should be excited over the fact that as a result of Seattle
(and all the things that led up to it and are now manifesting themselves
afterwards), it is quite clear that there is a comprehensive merger of
various movements that heretofore were entirely separate and often unknown
to each other. We have discovered that others share our analysis, if not
all of our objectives and strategies.

But that is a major step forward. We have recognized that a particular
paradigm, world view, structural arrangement and set of objectives, affects
all of us whether we fight for biodiversity, human rights, social justice
or economic equity. All of a sudden we also realize that we cannot make
progress on our own and we cannot even move ahead unless we understand the
interrelationship of these issues. (And this lack of understanding is or
was more prevalent in the developed world than in the less developed world
by the way, hence the fact that the most profound and integrated views and
strategies are emanating from the LDCs).

Thus, we create our own despair if we do not recognize the tremendous
achievements of the past months and how much further we have come since
even a year ago. I find this tremendously invigorating and inspiring. For
the first time in years I see the real possibility of systemic change
emanating from different places at once and focusing on similar targets.
That is the first step towards progress and "success" and I think we have
taken it. Now we can enter an even more serious complex stage: convincing
the unconvinced of our argument.

This is where our differences and diversity come into play. We participate
in different spheres of human endeavors. Sometimes these overlap and
sometimes they do not. But that does not in any way interfere with our
ability (and responsibility) to alert, educate and recruit these different
constituencies. We do not have to "agree" on who is the enemy. Rather we
should offer different scenarios, views and strategies to our own
particular constituency, all of which will reinforce rather than undermine
the unified vision we have developed about globalization.

Globalization has its economic, political, social, ecological and spiritual
dimensions. Everyone is affected in one way or another by the same
institutions, objectives, values and arrangements. Once we make people
understand this, we have succeeded in step 2. After that it is strategies
that come into play.

I would however like to address the issues of uncertainty, imperfection,
and evil. Somehow humans are destined to think that there is such a thing
as perfection, that a state can be reached in human societies that is free
of evil and suffering. Organized religion takes much of its power from this
belief or beliefs like it: that if humans can only become more moral and
caring, they will overcome these problems. Unfortunately as much evil is
committed in the name of good as in the name of evil. Last night I saw a
revival of a much-heralded sci-fi film, based on a story of Ursula K.
LeGuin, called The Lathe of Heaven, It is about a man who honestly and
sincerely wants to abolish all the world's evils and imperfections.
You all know what happened: when he got his chance, he only made it worse,
by orders of magnitude.

We all have illusions and the need to believe in forces greater and better
than ourselves. But that is an accident of evolution and brain development,
just like the capacity for creating great works of art is. But we cannot
live by imagination only, by fiction or by invented paradigms. We only live
three-quarters of a century as individuals. Anything we start in our adult
lifetime has to be carried on by others, hence by definition we cannot know
whether we will "succeed" or not. Nor can we, for reasons of ethics and
politics, merely assert that our analysis and prescription are The Way.
That is authoritarianism, not ethics or democracy.

Somehow the greatest challenge we have as humans and as activists is to
accept the possibility of imperfection, occasional failure, rejection by
others, and to nonetheless keep on with our work simply because we are
ethically bound to do so, whether we reap the reward or not.

My own work and writings, on ecology and evolution, have led me to a
profound respect for the ages-old evolutionary process, one which involves
both chance and necessity, success and failure, and which forms a continuum
between the past, present and future. Evolution can only work with the tools
at hand, the existing individuals and their genomes. It cannot speculate,
and it cannot create alternate processes or worlds or scenarios. In the
evolutionary process there is no foregone conclusion or assurance of
success. That is determined by the individuals and genomes that are the
most adaptive and appropriate to the particular environmental conditions

Out of my understanding of evolution - a subject which is foreign to many
but absolutely integral to ANY ecological thought or action - I have come
to believe that if we commit ourselves to plans, strategies and actions
that support this process rather than undermining it, we will have achieved
most of what we wanted. In other words, a belief system that puts the
integrity of the evolutionary process and its product, ecological
relationships, at its core will necessarily achieve all of the SOCIAL,
ETHICAL and POLITICAL objectives we seek. This is a kind of positive
feedback. The things that are needed to preserve evolutionary processes and
ecological relationships will necesssarily involve specific re-arrangements
of values, institutions, endeavors, economic and political arrangements,
regulatory affairs, etc. When we save the planet in accordance with these
principles, we will be serving the interests of social and economic justice
at the same time. Another way of saying this is that social justice is a
necessary but insufficient prerequisite for saving the planet.

I dont know that I have answered the concerns of those who expressed
despair, but I do know that an understanding of evolution - after all, this
is the entire history of humanity -- is a life-affirming action that has
allowed me not only to appreciate and respect all of Nature's creatures but
one which helps me understand and tolerate the imperfections of humans. If
we can reach this kind of equilibrium, then we will abolish despair.

Lorna Salzman

Lorna Salzman
718-522-0253; 631-653-3387

"There is grandeur in this view of life, with its several powers, having
been originally breathed by the Creator into a few forms or into one; and
that, whilst this planet has gone cycling on according to the fixed law of
gravity, from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most
wonderful have been and are being evolved" (Charles Darwin, The Origin of

"Evolutionary history should provide the primary basis for assessing
biological integrity". (Paul Angermeier & James Karr, "Biological Integrity
vs. Biological Diversity...Protecting biotic resources", BioScience, vol.
44 #10, Nov. 1994)

From: ASOUL1@aol.com
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000
Subject: Touch of Wisdom


Thank you for sharing some comments on depression among light-workers.
Everyone needs to be supported and encouraged, even light workers. So, your
sharing of responses is very gratifying. I now recognize the importance, as
well as the need for connection among those who help give birth to the new.
Hence, we must not allow ourselves to become isolated.

The second idea that impacted me, was the importance of being unattached to
any particular outcome and trust in God's plan.

If someone doesn't want to change, move on to someone who does and lend
encouragement and assistance to that person. Each person has a choice to
make, we cannot make it for them.

I was very inspired by all that Jean shared with us today.

Joyce A. Kovelman
The Millennium Project, Calif.

Date: Tue, 06 Jun 2000
From: Palden Jenkins <palden@globalnet.co.uk>
Subject: Re: Feedbacks About Despair & Depression

Hello Jean - I'm still here!

My experience is that 'depression' is an integral part of the
Path. History changes slowly in relation to our lifetimes. No amount of
quick-fix cosmic ideology will really overcome this. However, this is
depressing news only if one seeks a quick fix and then it doesn't happen -
or it happens and then proves to feel different than expected.

I went through a cosmic depression in the early 90s, after the subsidence
of the positive wave of 1989. I felt it was too late for the world to
right itself, and that the incremental damage was becoming globally
fatal. Eventually my spirit intervened, but it didn't dissuade me from
these perceptions - and neither did my genuine friends. Instead, a new
revelation came up. It concerned a Buddhist teaching I thought I'd learned
25 years earlier: "non-attachment to the fruits of one's labours". I
realised-accepted that, if I really stood by my commitment, I had to drop
all hope of results and work on regardless, for whatever time it
took! Sounds simple, yet it takes a lifetime (or ten) to demonstrate in
action. I also acknowledged that, as a soul, I'm a spiritual workaholic,
and that I wouldn't necessarily feel happy if the problems all got solved!

We cannot see the future. We do not know the full range of ingredients
necessary to build a true basis for planetary breakthrough. We don't know
the full sequence of learning experiences needed for the thorough
reconstruction of a new world. We value-judge certain ills to be
'bad'. Thus, weather extremes, black ops, corporate power and pollution
are 'bad'. Indeed they are, within our current understanding. But we
honestly do not *know* - in truth, they're just different from what we
currently assess to be good. And life relentlessly just goes on,
disobeying our wishes and prayers and leading us closer to inevitable
crises of faith.

Humanity resists ingeniously. We all do. Resistance also has its wisdom -
it stops premature outcomes and incomplete solutions. The dragging out of
time stops everything happening all at once, so that we can savour every
single experiential flavour and try every option. Someone recently said in
the feedbacks: "He [Michael] will come to understand that it is all about
his own judgement and surrender.... There is no world to save except the
one that he believes is his." Well, this is an easy way
out! Metaphysicalise it! Cosmic depression is a genuine issue, and it's a
stage on the Path which people in an up-swing phase are keen to deny and
avoid. Repetition, resistance, despair, feelings of non-progress all
legitimately drive us, kicking, struggling, pitifully invoking our angels
and quoting our aphorisms, to a point where we accept that what we want and
what we get are different things. The grating between the two is a key
element of Earth-planetary existence, and it applies to rich and poor
alike. We came here seeking this pain! And we did create it, but that's
not all of the story.

In a human history of tens of thousands of years, a century is
peanuts. Taking (say) 1965 as a starting point, then one century of change
takes us to 2065, when your grandchildren will be middle-aged (and probably
periodically depressed too, for the same or different reasons!). And what
about the time when Heaven has indeed been established on Earth? Will
everything be hunkydory, or is this not where the real challenges
start? You wait to see what's over the fifth horizon from here - you'll
want to run back to the safe old days of Year 2000 when the spiritual
stakes were lower!

There's a certain acceptance one is forced to face in old age, disaster or
illness, when little more can be done about life and its circumstances
except forgiveness. We're forced to drop what we feel *ought* to be the
case. We're obliged to come to peace with *what is* and work with it. Our
choice is to accept 'no choice'. This isn't defeat unless one makes it so
- it's a revelation. It brings an extra twist to our planetary learning
experience. It's one of the reasons many 'bad' things crowd out today's world.

I encourage Michael and others who resonate with his message to welcome
their depressive feelings - they're for real, they're valuable, and golden
nuggets are indeed hidden there. It took a long time and much effort to
achieve depression, which isn't easily falsified and it has no glamour.
It's a great achievement and a sign of real progress - even if fellow new
age travellers award no brownie-points for feeling depressed. Chocolate is
not so nice when the sugar is taken out - but it sure is the real
thing! Yes, folks, organic, GMO-free vegetables have dirt on them, and
they come in funny shapes and sizes! The transformation movement perhaps
needs to lose its sugary coating - this too is a resistance to change. We
might not see our dream in our lifetimes, and even if we do, it might not
feel like we thought it would feel: if we cannot accept this, one thing is
certain - one day we will accept it! To quote a golden oldie: "Rejoice,
rejoice, we have no choice, but to carry on!". Go on, swallow those vitamins!

So saying, he returned to his invoices and tax forms! Blurgh.


From: "Jeremy Burnham" <jbreathe@icon.co.za>
Subject: About respair
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000

Dear brother Jean,

Who is that wonderful Antares with so deft a keyboard touch? Does it take stark darkness to wring such elegant humour from him? - in which case, turn out ALL the lights, say I!

A brief comment on Lao Tse's insight: I think the emphasis is less on not doing anything, more on doing nothing. For those with available hairs to split, I mean taking the time consciously to look in there, into the void. Not shadow boxing but shadow feeling.
Minimum action, maximum awareness.

Hey, they never told me about this at school, but I think it could be fun . . .

Cape Town
712 7734

The Seven Kahuna Principles:
1. The world is what you think it is
2. There are no limits
3. Energy follows attention
4. Now is the moment of power
5. To love is to be happy with
6. All power comes from within
7. The measure of truth is effectiveness.

From: <andersonmno@hotmail.com>
Subject: Re: Feedbacks About Despair & Depression
Date: Tue, 06 Jun 2000

dear jean,

what i want to tell you comes deep from my heart:
whenever i have had those down moments, it has been because of loneliness
which leads to "a quoi bon" (what good is it for), feeling powerless and the
whole down-spiral that gets going. to be in touch, THANKS TO YOU, with all
those beautiful people on the path is SO inspiring, i feel such support and
it gives me such a lot of courage that the heavy oppressing lid of THE
system hovering over my soul (or so it seemed) is just disintegrating nicely
but surely.

one person said this is the year of 'void': it is true, a whole year of
void, we've gone through half already, but then - isn't it such a gift also?
instead of being depressed, why not stop, breathe and watch beauty around us
- there's loads!, stop and receive inspiration, stop and plan carefully our
future actions... which will be powerful because we will have taken enough
time to receive, to feed and to be impregnated by the universe.
i have forwarded your messages to lots of people, friends, pupils, etc. and
keep doing so. your action is like a bushfire - nothing will stop it: even
if the net collapses this very next second, you cannot stop the tide (do you
remember the musical 'don't bother me, i can't cope' - it was in the early

THANK YOU, i wish i had more time to be in touch, but i am soul-wise!
love,light and joy be with you!


Date: Tue, 06 Jun 2000
From: Chere Rae <heartvisions@earthlink.net>
Subject: Re: Feedbacks About Despair & Depression

WOW! now that was a lot of beautiful power and "multihued" energy coming back from
your posting of despair/depression! I was feeling it while I read everyone's
clarity and ownership for their own SELF GRATITUDE and declarations.

So thank you, for that shift, I guess I really was hungry for that shot as well.
Maybe you should post something like that from time to time to keep all the juice's
just a flow-n.

In gratitude to you all,