June 13, 2000

Subject: Some More Feedbacks about About Depression and Despair + The Seed of Life Peace Foundation - Peace Initiatives + World Earth Healing Day Report + A tap on the shoulder + Earth People... Awake!

Hello everyone,

There is no room left for any comment. So here we go...


Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

From: <sharieroseramsey@hotmail.com>
Subject: About Depression and Despair
Date: Tue, 06 Jun 2000

Dearest Jean,

Thank you to everyone of us who feel the love and who live love and share
this wondrous light with all the world! Thank you so much Jean, this topic
has revealed such magnificence in every one who has written to you on this
topic of depression and despair.

About depression, I wanted to relay what goes on neurologically so that we
understand why depression is a blessing in disguise. We often throw around
the terminology related to depression without thinking through to what is
happening within us ... and it's so wonderful to take a look at this! What
is depression? What does it mean when the brain is depressed?

Brain function requires a variety of chemicals interacting with one another
... creating explosions in our brain which often light up like a bright
idea. We commonly think of the brain as needing oxygen to live, but the
brain needs so much more to function: potassium and chloride, nitrogen, and
other chemicals and a variety of compounds.

Your brain chemistry has a certain metabolism and stamina. Some people
(like most people reading this) can juggle vast amounts of information,
while others struggle to make it through the most basic daily routine
(more about this later).

Having stamina of the brain is sort of like being a world-class athlete ...
only instead of having a body that accomplishes amazing feats, it is your
brain and your mind that manages to create wondrous thought energy that
spans the universe.

Imagine you were to come upon a person having difficulty walking. You might
think perhaps they had muscular dystrophy, or multiple sclerosis ... or
depending on your personal life experiences, you might assume the person is
drunk... or "on something". What if someone said to you, "That's the
winner of yesterday's Boston Marathon!" Suddenly you'd have a completely
different awareness of why the person was having trouble walking.

This is the analogy for depression I love to use because it makes people
realize that mental exhaustion is very much like physical exhaustion ...
it's a depletion of your normal range of bio-chemistry.
When you're exhausted you need rest and nutrition and you will recover. If
you are not allowed to rest ... if for example, the world class athlete were
forced to run another marathon the next day, and then the next day... it is
common sense what would happen. Use that same common sense with mental
exhaustion ... put your health and well-being first, and rest.

I think of the employees of chemical companies and those in the mental
health profession taking their luxury vacations ... which allows them to
recover from their daily grind at work, and then go right back to it. How
is it they have the resources to go on vacation when so many suffering from
mental exhaustion are wiped out financially? I hope you can read between
the lines here ... to see a picture you might not have seen before.

The good news is: when your brain chemistry is exhausted, many of your old
connections simply aren't happening anymore. This is your wonderful
opportunity to break through to truth. This is when it is easiest to move
beyond the thinking of the past. This is when you can set your sights on
your goal, and reinforce it by interacting with people who share your
vision. You are most vulnerable and impressionable when you are depressed
and exhausted... so use this to your advantage.

Give yourself plenty of air ... you need the oxygen and nitrogen.
Go for walks... eat wholesome food... and get plenty of nutrition. Organic
vegetables, soy milk, natural grains, and organic fruit. Breathe, love, and
laugh. DO NOT allow others to make demands on you. Recognize those who try
to force you to think or behave according to their whims or wishes, and
remove yourself from them -- they do not have common sense.

Depression is an unprecedented opportunity to take a quantum leap in your
thinking. When you're exhausted, you can re-plenish and re-build much more

If thunderbolts rain down upon you, ground the shock value. Use the shock
to boost you to where you want to go.

I am not talking theory. I am speaking from personal experience. I also
happen to be a Doctoral Scholar of Psychology who has evacuated from the

One last word about those who struggle to make it through their day. Many of
them are quietly (or not so quietly) juggling vast amounts of information
related to having been exploited or violated, disregarded or treated as
worthless throughout their entire lives. If you wonder why they can't get
it together, or if you imagine they are mental defectives, that is rarely
the case. In my experience, having heard story after story, I came to see
what magnanimous human beings they are to have endured such horrors ... and
most of them did it as children. It is a testament to the spirit that they
survived at all.

Love to all of you!

Only truth can light the way.

From: Ecomagick@aol.com
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000
Subject: Re: Feedbacks About Despair & Depression

About depression, from a seed in the dark soil,

Hello everyone, and thank you for all your comments. I read part of the writings on depression, yesterday, but I didn't have time to read through the whole thing. I wanted to reply, but I am new to this list, afraid of negative response, and the issue of depression hits very close to home. Instead of replying I searched for a depression chat on the web. I found one at: About.com, under health, then depression.

Anyway, I am practicing techniques to bring light into my life and the life of my family, community, and any that cross my path. I am diagnosed clinically depressed. I believe in, experience, and facilitate miracles and healings, still I am on medication for depression. The only time I have experienced freedom from depression (outside of medication) is when I went on a 7 day fast and had a lot of people praying for me. Actually, my release from depression lasted for 4 days after the fast was over. On the 4th day I found myself crying in desperation on my bed and praying fervently for release from the intense feeling of doom, failure, self hatred, brokeness beyond repair and many other thoughts from hell. I was experiencing hell on earth. In my state of mind the only way out to freedom was through death. Thoughts of death, of my death and all the possible ways I could achieve it, ran through and over my psyche like wild horses beating hooves randomly into a fallen persons' skull down on the ground who happened to be in a field where they were spooked. “No, no! I DON'T WANT THIS!” I screamed inside my mind. The horses didn't listen. I tried to breath in light. The horses didn't see it. I called all the powers of light that I knew. I could see them in the distance, but a darkness was corralling me with my wild friends. I tried to calm down, but the tears, thoughts, and hooves burned my face and my soul. I decided taking the oppression of the pharmasuedical company was far less costly than a permanent solution for a temporary problem (suicide). I took a pill and was released, "free" again from the degradation of the dark fence that held me and my wild friends captive. What is it going to take to heal this disease? What is it exactly? Why is it exactly? Do I need all the answers to find the solution? So, we are made up of chemicals. Emotions are experienced through chemical reactions in the brain. I am supposedly missing some synaptic something, or neurotransmitter chemical is not connecting, and some how this causes my brain to experience the end of the world. Why can't I just talk myself out of it? Why can't I just put it all behind me? Goddess knows I've tried. Why? What kind of meditation do I need to try? What God do I need to pray to? Is it my Karma? Is some subconscious part of me using this as a crutch ? Is it my silver fillings? Is it the food I'm eating? Am I just a monster? NO!... to all of the above?... No, I'm not a monster. LOL So, what is going on?

Every one on the list seemed to have a great solution for depression caused by environmental circumstances, but what about depression that is chemical? Is it a figment of my imagination? What about another chemical imbalance called diabetes? Can people just snap out of that? What about the diabetics who have gone blind? Should they just snap out of their blindness? Should skitsofrenics snap out of their psychosis? Should heart attack potential cholesterol clogged patients snap and clear their veins? Should althiemers patience snap out of their memory loss? Yes! We should snap out of it and turn over a new leaf. It can happen. I believe in miracles, in deep healing. Healing can happen at all levels. YES! It can! Healing happens in more ways than there are people on the earth. It sometimes happens in a snap, and sometimes it takes several life times. Let's just be aware and respectful of the different paths we are all on. I don't know how accurate this statistic is, I think it was in my psychology 101 book, but some where I read that 65% of the population in the USA is on antidepressants. Do all of these people really need them? I don't know, but with that in mind let's remember some of these people can't just snap out of it. It’s always possible of course, but for some reason it's not happening, so let's consider our words, our judgments, our thoughts and let's ask our selves, "are they a projection of what we ourselves can do, or do they reflect a compassionate understanding that our personal reality does not necessarily reflect everyone else's?" We may not consider some one else to be as "evolved" as we are. Others may be at the bottom of the mountain while we are half way to the top. Are we going to carelessly hurl words like rocks at them, because they cannot move as quickly as us? Or are we going to clear the path, shout words of encouragement or at the very least say a prayer for them?

I am glad to see depression addressed in a loving environment such as this list. It is the shame of this issue that pushes it's victims into corners and closets and coffins. There is no reason to be ashamed of our experience in this world. We are all learning. The freer we are to expose the darkness within, the freer the light is to come and fill us up. The freer we feel to make mistakes, the freer we are to learn a better way. Just as a blind monk can meditate, a depressed person can channel light into this world. Would we be here if we were perfect?

I like the idea a few people mentioned today... something like... Set your intent in motion, and then let it go to creator. When creator has it, it is divine will. Divine will works only for the highest good of all that lives and occupies divine territory, and what is not sacred? What has creator not created? So, let go and hold on only to the expectation that all will be made more in the likeness of light, when creator holds our desires in her hands.

To all my brothers and sisters in darkness, take comfort in the seed that waits through winter in the dark cold ground, to emerge from the feast of dark soil and grow toward the sun in the spring. The womb is dark. Space is dark. We float and feast in both. Maybe love is simply the marriage of light and dark. We are whole and perfect the way we are, now. We are children of the universe and we deserve to be here.

No matter what path we're on, or how broken our bodies are in this world, we can be a vessel of light.

Bright Blessings to us all,



From: Purpfire@aol.com
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000
Subject: Re: About despair

Dear Jean (and Michael):

NO - I am not depressed. In fact, I am very very excited. I am happy to be
alive. I spent a great deal of the 80s in a deep depression (well into the
90s actually) and I had to "relearn" how to be. Depression is a teacher. If
you think in terms of energy you realize that what is really "depressed" is
your energy. Why is that? What is it that you're not looking at? What can
you do to change that so that the energy flows? Depression shows up to let
us know that we are VERY close to a major breakthrough. If we would embrace
the depression itself and allow it to communicate to us that which it is
trying to teach us, it shifts everything.

We're living in a very unique time. We have the means and the opportunity to
change everything, it's a matter of choice.

Do we see the changing world as a threat? Do we see other people's dramas
unfolding and take them on as our own? It's time to step into our power. WE
HAVE THE POWER to make all the changes necessary and to facilitate the ease
and flow of those changes. The question is do we choose it?

I send you lots of love and light. I challenge you to empower that
depressed energy and shift it. You CAN do it!!! Trust that you are making a
difference and allow the subtle energies (which is what those of us who have
been "working on ourselves all along" are now getting into) to shift.
Embrace the lessons and free yourself.

Hugs from Denver,
Suzan :)

From: "Joy Wright1" <joyeagle@uswest.net>
Subject: Observation
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000

After reading all the input about depression and the great views being
offered, one thing is very clear to me:

As a group, we all made a spiritual agreement to partake in what we are
currently doing. We all knew before hand the "danger" of what we have
taken on.

I say cudos to us all, for the bravery and courage, and yes, even for
the depressions, and non depressions, may we "enjoy" each and every
moment, tis proof we are alive and "on the job".


From: CoetaMills@aol.com
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000
Subject: Re: World Report Issue #2

Dear Jean,

I've been receiving your e-mails for probably more than a year. First time
I've written. I, too, go through periods of despondence. I think of it like
the soldiers at the front. They need to be pulled back from the front from
time to time for rest and relaxation in order to continue engagement. Either
that or burn-out sets in. So, from time to time, I do just that.

The wonderful report to which I'm replying was a wonderful, refreshing,
invigorating retreat ...especially the inspiring news briefs from around the
world. We do need to see some victories here and there, some progress. The
rescue dogs that worked in the Oklahoma City bombing were getting depressed;
they were not finding any live victims. Their trainers conspired to have
someone hide so the dogs could find someone alive and have a victory. This
handled the dogs depression so that they could continue working. I
understand those rescue dogs, and their needs; I have the same needs.

When reading this report, I felt re-energized, and I began writing
pertinent e-mails to various ones in the report, and forwarding the good news
to many people.

Yes, we need to know where our energies are needed; but we also need to
hear that there is something right happening in the world.

My love and light,

Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2000
From: Diana Rhodes <Diana@sol-star.demon.co.uk>
Subject: The Seed of Life Peace Foundation - Peace Initiatives

Dear Jean

Will you post this in your excellent news service. I find
your compilations extremely informative and often use information in the
SOLPF Newsletter. Please also send your 'words of peace' to be included
in the scroll. I will post full info following but it is rather long I
think to put in your Newsletter, hence the following precis.

The Seed of Life Peace Foundation is a not-for-profit-organisation
founded to foster and encourage a climate in which sustainable peace and
environment are normal. Its remit is to cross all cultures and all
creeds in the commitment to create service in action through thought,
word and deed spreading this throughout society for the higher good of
humanity. Its peace initiatives include an Annual World Prayer for
Peace and Healing; a Gathering in Wales UK being the focal point to link
millions in unity; the Peace Scroll collating words of peace from World
Leaders, Spiritual Leaders, individuals and organisations, including a
Children's section - please send your words for inclusion asap; a Peace
Garden and Arboretum creating an oasis for retreat and healing and to
inspire other Peace Gardens around the world; Education - dissemination
of information including a quarterly Newsletter, website, and Gatherings
to impart knowledge and wisdom transference. For further info. re.
Gathering for Third World Prayer in Wales, 11 - 16 August 2000, or any
other project, contact:- Garth Farm, Machynlleth, Powys, SY20 8HQ and
email Diana@sol-star.demon.co.uk

Diana Rhodes

From: "Leigh"
Subject: World Earth Healing Day Report
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000

We had our best international response to World Earth Healing Day so far,
with over fifty countries notifying us of their participation. Thanks a lot
to all of you who networked the leaflets and press releases. We had a good
response from the local and international media. As we help this and similar
information to be released into public awareness, with the appropriate
presentation, more people have the opportunity to witness the growing shift
in consciousness, and to join in. As you will see on our website and in our
newsletter, the response from participants has been wonderful. You can read
them on the website at www.worldhealing.co.ukTo subscribe to the free Earth
Healing Newsletter, contact me through the website at www.worldhealing.co.uk

CLIP - Please ask Leigh to get the entire report

Some people have wondered why there seemed to be no great Earth changes or
mass awakenings in public consciousness following May 4. Trying to measure
the effect of global meditations and astrological alignments is difficult,
not least because the effects are not always immediate. The idea is not to
loose enthusiasm when instant results are not apparent, but to keep the
momentum going as far as it is in our means to do so, and to realise that
there is always an opportunity to make a difference.

We feel that it is important to move beyond the glamour and hype that
surrounds some of the new age movement, and to focus more on our own
integrity. While we value greatly the need to hold a vision for world peace
and healing, the important point for us is not whether other people are
waking up with us, but whether we are willing to fully experience and
express our essential unity in all aspects of our life. It may seem like
this is impossible to do at the moment, and that it is easier to wait for
everyone to wake up. But it is actually possible if we change our
perspective of where power lies and where there is opportunity. Knowing the
connection that we have with Spirit, and the values of love and peace that
we cherish, we have all that it takes to change our world for the better.
The only thing that is stopping us is our own fear - for what else could be?



Date: Wed, 07 Jun 2000
From: Vadim Nemirovsky <vadimsky@mindspring.com>
Organization: In Higher Service
Subject: A tap on the shoulder

A tap on the shoulder

Jean left her kids playing in the meadow and reminded herself to relax -- they looked safe. Spreading the bushes in her path, she made her way along the edge of a ravine, found a secluded spot and answered the call of nature. It seemed the air in front of her started to shiver. She could see waves passing through the very air as the sunlit valley below wavered through its shimmering veil. As soon as Jean straightened up and zipped her jeans, her eyebrows came together for no apparent reason and her fingers raced to rub a sudden, though soft throbbing in the middle of her forehead. In midair, right in front of Jean, a vapory haze became a silvery glow, which quickly materialized into a glistening oval object a few feet away. Once Jean was able to see inside, she was instantly transfixed by its occupants. Smiling wide, a handsome, purple-skinned man raised his long, thin fingers from the vehicle's controls and peered questioningly at Jean. After a moment, he saluted her by touching his fingers to his forehead. "Good to see you, Captain Jeran-O-San!"

"What a startling pleasure, dear Amos-E-Ma!" Jean responded, as her body relaxed into a balanced, confident posture, unlike any she had ever eased into before. She took a deep breath, smiled and addressed the other occupant, a gorgeous woman with emerald skin and shining lilac eyes, dressed seemingly in nothing but wavy blue hair. "So good to see you, Loen-O-Che." For an instant, Jean's heart raced as she remembered the profound love she had for these two courageous, tried-and-true souls and all the adventures they had together through many missions and lifetimes.

"Brother Captain, we were afraid we lost you," said the man, leaning forward over the vehicle's controls. His smile reached out to Jean, yet his voice carried a solemn, still questioning tone.

"You know, when they tell you in mission prep school how hard it will be to remember…" Jean admitted more in self-reflection than in apology. "Now, it seems how could I ever forget?"

"Jeran-O-San, we lost many of our best," stated Loen-O-Che, looking Jean hard and straight in the eyes. "Some become collectors of land and objects for their own use. Some blindly go against the prime directive. Some even use their previous training and aptitude to dominate others. We come to them in dreams, but they don't remember us or their mission orders." A silence followed.

"I remember now!" Jean's words, spoken slowly with resolute intent, carried strength and grace. "I volunteered to serve in the Culture Advancement Task, the Wave of Light. We will awaken the people from the dream of distrust to the life of brotherly love and cooperation with the eternal brotherhood of all life. No one is free unless everyone is free."

Again, a short silence filled the air between the woman on the ground and the occupants of the shiny platinum craft hovering a few feet in front of her. "So, how are we doing?" Asked Jean.

"We are not quite there yet. This civilization needs a lot more conscious love. We are coming to the most auspicious opportunity we may get." Loen-O-Che stopped, then added, "If we miss… this time, we may not get another chance soon… we may have to leave some behind for a while …"

"That is always the risk," said Jean somberly. "Thanks for tapping me on the shoulder." "We wouldn't forget you, Brother Captain, I'm so looking forward to being at your service." Amos-E-Ma beamed, holding his hands as if in prayer. He stopped smiling, adding, "Our time is up, Captain. Here's the last part, the non-interference directive. Since you were born on this planet -- we have no right to influence you. As you know, we have to erase this encounter from your conscious recall."

"Hey, I would not want to be improperly influenced!" Chuckled Jean as her friends laughed along. "I am of sound and serene mind and totally intent on accomplishing our mission! Well done on your task, my dear, dear friends. Thank you so much. You are always in my heart. Till we meet again!"

A thin beam passed over Jean's body as the craft disappeared from her view. Standing over a ravine, she felt calm and complete even though she knew that something her eyes beheld a moment ago was no longer there nor in her memory. That did not matter. The singular sense of her mission, the return to the wisdom of love and goodwill, contained all of her. It required all of her energy and time, yet it gave her a feeling of happiness of such intensity as she had never felt before. For once she knew her purpose. Her whole life, in retrospect, only led her to this.

Jean's very thought process changed. Her life now appeared as a web of relations with the builders of the new civilization, some of whom she now remembered meeting in the mission prep school. Once the energy of those who remembered, like the hundredth monkey, tip the scales towards love, light and wisdom, Earth's entire civilization will rise in a wave of predestined unity. Yes, she was one of the icebreakers, the first wave of Earth's native-born volunteers. The ones sent to open this culture to greater trust and understanding by living an exemplary loving life. For a moment, she became serious, remembering the risks: life and death in obscurity, unable to see the light for lifetimes. Then she laughed, thinking that she turned out to be the one she was always hoping to meet.

Barely watching her steps, as if a force moved her through the bushes, she came back to find the kids loudly playing in the grass. "I wonder if there is a department in the intergalactic agency that could help with the many burdens of motherhood?" Mused Jean, picking up a shirt her daughter had dropped.

Walking over to the lunch table, Jean found a dozen bees enjoying the last of the family's lunch. As she thought of putting the food away, she called out to her children, "Kids, are you done eating?" Her daughter, hiding behind a tree, didn't answer. Her son turned to hear her better, then shook his head. As Jean looked at him, something thundered inside, like a great dé-jà vu. Trancelike, she peered at her son as if across a great void, his body flashing in and out of focus. With a jolt, her heart leapt out towards him. After a moment her sight cleared. She found herself standing by the table holding a couple of paper plates, her kids still playing in the sun in cheerful abandon.

But something changed. Jean noticed an unfamiliar smile as if permanently placed on her face, along with the strange sense of lightness and certainty. There was something tremendous and wonderful, like a promise fulfilled, stirring within her. Jean sat down to collect her thoughts. Looking at the trees, she rubbed the middle of her forehead. Feeling a gentle breeze, she wondered if it was simply the fresh air playing tricks on her mind. Jean took another deep breath and let it out with a tiny sigh.

It was getting late and she had to get back soon to start making dinner. What was the reason for that dreamy smile and the soft throbbing in her forehead? When she had time away from the kids and chores she would think about it some more, she resolved and started packing. Or, who knows, maybe it was just one of those totally illogical visions she saw in her childhood.

(c) Vadim Sky 2000

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To give
is how to recognize
you have received.

- A Course in Miracles

NOTE FROM JEAN: The truth of the matter is that many of us are here on a divine mission to achieve just what is so adeptly described in this story Vadim wrote. Sadly, it is also true that many have not yet awaken to - or choose everyday to ignore - the inner callings urging them to express openly their unique abilities to heal, love and serve. We are so much greater than what we have grown to believe through a materialistic/hedonistic sensuality-driven culture ("hedonistic" means viewing pleasure as the defining goal in life). Yet through countless "chance happenings" and the channel of the "still small voice within", more and more of us are gradually being nudged towards ever more realizing the tremendously awesome potential for loving, serving and caring vested within each of us from the moment of birth into this physical realm. And this is good news, for soon the faint echos of the Other Reality where we all came from will become a shattering clamor that will change from within the very face of this world and its inhabitants. Paradise on Earth will be, *IS* the emerging fact of Life for all to see and embrace...

As a complement to the Tap on the Shoulder above, here is another story that was received through this source years ago...

Earth People... Awake!

You came from every part of this mighty Universe to help revive this dying planet. You are those few selected ones who were given the rare privilege to assist this planet in giving birth to a new Being in the cosmic pantheon of gods: Gaia, the Immortal Child.

The Time is Now...

Awake from your spleepy state and carry out your Divine Mission on Earth.

The Time is Now...

Open your mind to the ideas poured into you through the sacred guidance of your soul.

The Time is Now...

Manifest the Vision of a New World through enlightened and courageous actions.

You have been given all the necessary skills and training up to now in your life to accomplish your Cosmic Duty. Trust the Spirit that inspired these words through one of Its many channels. Be sure that the cohort of God's angels will always be at your side to protect you and help you in fulfilling your Destiny. But above all, know that all the God Qualities are embedded within you and are available at any time to assist you along the Path. You are One with God, as you have always been and shall be forever...

Earth People... Awake! Awake!

Awake from your dream state, beloved Sons and Daughters of Light. You have nothing to fear, for I am with you, I am within you, I AM YOU... Stand up and walk towards the bright future that I devised for you. Stand up and talk to everyone around you about this glorious Destiny awaiting Humanity. Stand up and raise the real issues of your time: Peace, Love and Harmony. Peace among nations, Peace among neighbours, Peace within you. Love towards God, Love towards others, Love towards yourself. Harmony with the Universe, Harmony with the Earth, Harmony within you.

You are the leaven in the bread. You can change things around. You can trigger a global shift of consciousness. You can make a difference. For you are not alone... You are millions scattered all around the Earth as Seeds of Light. You must now shine as the true Sons and Daughters of Light that you are... You are the Earth People. Your mind encompasses the whole planet and feels it as a single Being now ready to be born anew...

Earth People... Awake! Awake! Awake!

You are the morning dew crystalline pearls of Light emerging from the sky and fixing in Humanity's Consciousness the message of God ... "UNITY is bound to manifest again its immanent Reality on our beloved planet Earth. From every part of My cosmic body, I sent Messengers of Peace, Bearers of the most sacred Mission ever embodied in human flesh. You are those who can change the face of the world. Awaken yourselves now from the slumber of matter and let shine this immortal Flame of Love that is your true and only nature. Rejoice with the celestial hosts as you express in your life the wisdom and compassion I pour and will unremittingly pour into you...

Now is the Time...

Command to all the Earth Forces of Life to renew and purify its lands and oceans so that the myriads of Life forms may blossom again as it was before Man attempted to destroy this magnificent blue sphere of Life, the craddle of Humanity, the Immortal Child. Command to all the invisible beings surrounding you and they will obey you, for you are My Sons and Daughters, for it is My Will that overshadows you and shall guide your steps on this eternal Path of Light that you are walking upon since the Beginning of Time.

I say "Open your heart, open your mind, open your soul to My Divine Guidance and all will be made anew on the face of the Earth and in the heart of Humanity"...

And one day, not far from now, the Story of how the Earth People have awakened themselves and joined to transform the world shall be told at night, around a fire, by old wise sages to the children of our lineage, now latent in our loins...

Taken from the Meditation Room on the Earth Rainbow Network website at: http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/medcorner.htm