February 15, 2001

Miscellaneous Subjects #64: More Wonderful Feedbacks + UN Reports Global Deforestation Slowing Down + Canola Oil - Rape in a different guise + Is This Energy Crisis for Real? + FREEDOM TO CHEWS + The Apple in the Seed

Hello everyone

So here is my last compilation for the next 2 weeks. And this one will pretty much conclude the flurry of feedbacks received these last 7 days. Thanks a lot to every contributors for your passionate and very supportive comments.

Have a great time and keep smiling no matter what. Life is a constant Miracle ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator


I will be away on vacation for the next 2 weeks and will be back at the beginning of March. So please refrain during this period from sending me any email as I would appreciate not being overwhelmed with hundreds of emails to process upon my return. If you have something really important to share that could go in a forthcoming compilation, please wait until I returm to send it to me. Thanks!

From: "Yael" <yael@circleoflight.net>
Subject: Re: Miscellaneous Subjects #62:
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001

Dear Jean,

Thank you very much for including me on your list. I have been receiving
your compilations only for a few weeks, so I'm rather new. I am prayerfully
working to find a balance between acknowledging all of the things that you
write about and living in my heart and seeing the future I want to create.
I know that everyone reading this information has their own spiritual
outlook. I myself believe that we are all co-creators. I know that the
light is increasing dramatically and I believe that whatever we are holding
in our minds as our belief system is what is going to manifest. If we are
always holding all of the negativity in our minds I think we will be
creating more of it in the world. At the same time, stewardship of our
beloved planet is very important. We cannot be good stewards without real
awareness. So for me to continue to read about all that you present, I have
to find a way to stay aware without "buying into" it and getting overwhelmed
and feeling hopeless. In other words, truly seeing all of the negativity as
an illusion and working to transform it while holding my real vision of the
truth of this world. That truth being that what is real is love, the
connection of the heart and the communion of all life. What we do in
transforming it is to peel away the layers of the illusion of ego,
separation and strife.

As you said, I, too, am sure that, despite all the "facts" to the contrary,
a positive outcome is possible. I believe there is a transformation
underway that is accomplished through a shift into our heart. I think this
transformation is real, that despite what seems to be in front of us, this
earth can be healed and humanity can awaken. What is in front of each of us
is finding this balance between living in the heart and being aware of the
things around us that are not in integrity. As you said in your analogy
about the garden, it is definitely about the decisions that we make, moment
to moment. Those decisions determine the quality of our life and do
definitely create our future.

What I am questioning is where we should put our attention. Is it better to
stay in the light, in the heart with our focus on the vision of the world we
want to create? Or, do we focus on the negativity? When we "fight it" are
we using our co-creative power to actually bring forth more of it? It has
been my feeling that we should focus on what we are wanting to create.
Since you are so involved, how do you manage this balance? I wonder how
others do, too. I don't know how this list works exactly. Can I request
that others who have thought/prayed/worked with this share their thoughts
with me directly? If yes, I'd love to get emails.

Many many blessings on your work!

Yaël Hana Bethiem
Circle of Light
Eureka Springs, Arkansas

AND MY REPLY WAS (in part):

"Thank you very much for your wonderful comment with which I agree entirely. Keeping the right balance between focussing on the positive outcome and being aware of the traumas our world is experiencing has always been a challenge which is best faced when we regularly meditate and direct healing energies to where the needs are the greatest and to the whole Earth in general, while doing whatever is possible through our own life circumstances to help alleviate those problems. The information we get about the problems can be seen as the alarms sounding in our mind when something hurts somewhere in our body. Unless we have such warning signals - *and unless we heed them* - it would not be possible for us to focalize properly upon adressing the causes of the hurt and gradually work ourselves back to healthy balance and harmony. It is just the same for the ills of our world. Sometimes it has to hurt badly before we start paying attention and begin the healing process. Those who prefer to ignore the warning signals we get from around and within us do so at their own - and ours in this ever smaller world - peril. Those who endeavour to hide or camouflage the truth from us all about the mounting crises assailing our global environment and the entire community of Life on Earth are doing the worst possible disservice to all of us. The sooner we will take stock of the critical state of our world and acknowledge what needs to be done to comprehensively address those crises, the sooner we will steer out global ship towards safer waters and the promising shore of a bright future for all Life. And the key ingredients to master this vital task are unconditional love, compassion for all, and complete selfishness and harmlessness in all we think, say and do."

From: "Ursula" <nomades@skyinet.net>
Subject: Philippines
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2001

Dear Jean,

Some good news.

After Edsa 2, the peaceful revolution which changed the President of the
Philippines, I visited Manila a day ago - it was wonderful to feel the
changes, people seem to be more one family. Taxidrivers were extremely
friendly, Sunday morning people were jogging, families walking together.

Even if the garbage problem is not solved and got worse, but the
overall vibration is so positive and wonderful - if only the world would
know that it is possible that people stand up together, sing, pray and
hold vigil for change. It was done - in spite of no great focus on this
spot of the world of meditation groups from around the world.
The greatest power still comes from within.

Let us be joyful for this achievement, more work is coming, but
awareness was created, people experienced that they cannot be
fooled all the time and there are still sensitive leaders who listen
to them.

One placard on a thanksgiving caravan read:
"When people lead, leaders will follow."

With love and joy

NOTE FROM JEAN; If this "miracle" could happen in The Philippines for a second time in history, as it happened in Serbia some time ago to topple the Milosevich regime, or in the Czech Republic last week where People Power secured again true freedom of the press - a very rare commodity in the U.S. - there is no reason why this could not happen anywhere else in the world...

From: "Jenny Habib" <JennyHabib@berko77.freeserve.co.uk>
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001
Subject: Re: Miscellaneous Subjects #62

In answer to the question about what to do with Bush and his 'Mafia,
surely the first thing is to stop assuming he is evil. There is no reason to
suspect that he is any more evil than Clinton (Mr. Open Fly)
G W Bush needs to be sent healing positive thoughts, to which he is as
likely as any other man to respond!

Despair is being created by pressure groups with lots of axes to grind. We
should be aware of this too!

Peace and Love


From: Janeeda1@aol.com
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2001
Subject: Re: Lots of Wonderful Feedbacks

Hello Jean.

I want to say thank you for the articles on *mad cow*. I have sent them
along to those I know. My dear friend Dorothea whom I send important issues
to, sends them along too so you see they are traveling. I received this
response from her today and as you can see, the reply she received from one
of her friends confirms what your articles have said. I wanted you to see
this because there obviously is a huge coverup here in the US. This is
someone who had never left this country.

Much love to all,

Hi Dorothea,

My dear cousin Arlene died of this disease (mad cow) two years ago. She
lived in Weymouth with her family and never left the US in her life, never was ill
previously and lived a very healthy life. It was devastating to all of us,
especially her husband and four children and six grandchildren. She became
ill at Christmas and was gone by February. The Dept. of Health would not
reply to questions, but the doctors were very certain of what it was and
told us so without any hesitation although they were as clueless as the rest of
us as to how she contracted it.

Let's pray that this is not the next epidemic, as there is no cure and so
little known about it.


From: "Lorraine Stofa" <lorraine@tls.ca>
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001

Dear Jean,

I have been reading your newsletter for the past year. You are inspirational, and have helped myself and others to focus ours energies on the positive. Well, what can we say. I think Peter Finch in the Movie " Network" said it all. " WE ARE FED UP AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE !!!


The earth mother has granted us PERMISSION to stay here. SHE HAS EXISTED FOR .... HOW MANY HUNDRED BILLION YEARS. Who is to say for sure... But I do believe that she will not be destroyed. Lets take COMMON SENSE , it does not only come in a box. How many civilizations have come and gone? WE have the technology and now we need to add the love. The earth mother is a living and breathing. She is bigger then you and I . She will survive and humankind will begin a new age, as it has done before time and time again. UNTIL WE GET IT RIGHT. SO LETS KEEP THE POSITIVE PRAYERS AND MEDITATION GOING STRONG, WE WILL PREVAIL IF WE ARE SO INCLINED.



Lorraine Stofa

Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2001
From: Michelle Moreau <michelle@oneworldec.com>
Subject: Request for response

Dear Jean,

I can only speak for myself here, but quietly, I read all of this and take it with a
grain of salt. There have been compilations that were just flat out wrong. Such as
the one regarding the so-called Three Mile Island disaster. My father was Sr. Risk
analyst for that accident. Moved to town and was on the island on a daily basis for
2 years. Knows first hand what exactly did and did not happen. And I assure you,
he does not glow and other than diabetes, is in perfect health.

I also find some of your compilations rather one sided. I was never a Nader fan
(he's a former Democratic you know - the party couldn't even find someone within
their group to represent them) yet you inundated us with all this pro-Nader stuff.
Ultimately, it probably cost Gore the election. Let's just admit it.

Finally, why not post more articles like this one from Freedom House:

"According to the organization's annual survey, 86 countries representing 2.5 billion people or (40.7 percent of the world's population -- the highest proportion in the survey's history), are rated Free. Their inhabitants enjoy a broad range of rights. Fifty-nine countries, representing 1.4 billion people (23.8 percent), are considered Partly Free. Political rights and civil liberties are more limited in these countries, which are often characterized by corruption, dominant ruling
parties, and, in some cases, ethnic or religious strife. The survey finds that 47 countries, representing 2.2 billion people (35.5 percent), fall into the Not Free category. Inhabitants of these liberties....."

I know you're on this 'denial' kick, but if we do not show some evidence of progress then we loose hope. And if we loose hope, why even bother.

While I find what you do a huge service to all with tremendous value and meaning (honestly I do or I'd ask to be taken of the mailing list), everyone may not get as excited about an issue as you.

Much Love and gratitude,



Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001
Subject: Practical Metaphysics, a response to Miscellaneous Subjects #62
From: SRAOSHA <sraosha@indo.net.id>


Palms up. This is a personal note to you Jean. I attached an article worth
reading (in my opinion) and somehow related with an email posted on your
updates (on the use of cannabis in religious practices).

I hope you have time to read this attached article. One of the point in this
article [...."Often trance work, hallucinogenic drugs, and unconscious
"channelling" are detrimental to our soul purpose. These all heighten our
awareness of the energies in another body (usually the astral body) , but
sever our awareness of our physical consciousness at the same time. (This
also happens during sleep but the mechanics are different, and obviously the
process is not harmful, unless excessive.) Any practice that is not
integrated into our normal everyday awareness lessens our ability to handle
the energies of the different bodies and fragments our Being.] is somehow
reflects my view & response to an email posted on your updates by Roger
Christie of Hawaii.

Don't take me wrong, as a nature commodity, I see the potential of hemp as
the best natural fibre available in nature. I'm sure there're many other
beneficial use of hemp.

I leave it up to you on how you'll postulate/address this issue. I do
believe that each of us has a unique way to take care of our soul,
especially when "we're handling energies of different bodies and fragments
of our Being"

multihued hugs,


NOTE FROM JEAN: Due to the quality of this excellent article Nita recommends to me/us, but also due to the fact it is 8-page long and thus too large to fit into a regular compilation, I've posted this document on the ERN website at the following URL for those who may want to download it and read/study it.

Practical Metaphysics - The Journey of Soul

Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001
From: Michelle Moreau <michelle@oneworldec.com>
Subject: UN Reports Global Deforestation Slowing Down

Dear Jean,

With kindness and love I send this to you. Another example of how
information can be somewhat one sided. This agency has been around for
50 years and with aerial photographs and other forms of measurement show
positive steps in the deceleration of deforestation.

In Love,


Environment News Service
Wednesday, January 24, 2001


ROME, Italy, January 24, 2001 (ENS) - The global rate of forest loss has
slowed to nine million hectares per year, according to the latest global
forest assessment by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization

The Rome based agency has carried out global forest assessments for 50
years. Its latest study shows a rate of forest loss 20 per cent lower than
the last global figure reported in 1995.

Forests are disappearing most rapidly in Africa and Latin America while in
Asia, the reduction of natural forests is largely compensated by new
plantation forests. In Europe and North America the forest area is
increasing, the survey shows.

Overall, the world contains around 6,000 square meters of forest per person.
The figure is falling by 12 square meters every year.

The survey's findings show some countries still have high levels of
deforestation, mainly because of conversion of forests to other land uses.
But other countries show significant increases in forest cover through
plantations or natural regrowth.

"These differences cannot be explained by population pressure on forests
alone," said FAO director general, Dr. Jacques Diouf.

"Rather they are apparently the results of economic developments at large,
and national forest or land use policies.

"Therefore, forestry surveys should address, on a sustainable basis, further
development of the forestry sector, which constitutes a backbone of world
food security."

Last August, the FAO revealed the first hints that deforestation was slowing
around the world. Preliminary analysis of more than 300 satellite images
showed the rate of deforestation in tropical countries was at least 10
percent less in the past 10 years compared to the 1980s. Half of the images
showed a reduced rate of deforestation and 20 percent an increase.

"These preliminary results do not mean that the battle against deforestation
is over, and a reduction in deforestation must not be used as an excuse for
unsustainable forest practices," said Hosny El-Lakany, assistant director
general of the FAO Forestry Department at the time.

"It does show, however, that the long-term efforts of FAO and others to
build awareness of and capacity for sustainable forest management are
worthwhile and should be reinforced."

Commenting on the new global assessment on forests Monday, El-Lakany said
remote sensing had increased the information about forests in general. "But
field surveys remain the main source of knowledge about forest dynamics and
forest change," he added.

"FAO is now addressing the need for improved quality and relevance in
forestry information in new proposals for future forest assessments to be
discussed at the Committee on Forestry in March."

The Committee on Forestry, known as COFO, is the FAO's leading forum for
international discussions on forest policy and technical issues. It will be
attended by more than 100 FAO member countries, who will hear the
organization's State of the World's Forests 2001 report.

To read more about the FAO's global forestry assessment, visit:

I HAVE ALREADY NETWORKED SOME WARNINGS ABOUT CANOLA ( see Food Safety Files 5: Beware of Canola Oil at http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/FoodSafetyFiles5.htm ) AND THIS IS A USEFUL REMINDER

From: CoetaMills@aol.com
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001
Subject: Canola Oil

This was in my email box today:

Canola Oil - A must Read

Before you buy your next bottle of cooking oil...

I think it's important that as many people as possible KNOW
about the origins of this product. Then, if you choose to
buy it, at least you're doing so with your eyes open.


Dear Editors

Recently I bought a cooking oil that's new to our
supermarkets, Canola Oil. I tried it because the label
assured me it was lowest in "bad" fats. However, when I had
used half the bottle, I concluded that the label told me
surprisingly little else and I started to wonder: where does
canola oil come from? Olive oil comes from olives, peanut
oil from peanuts, sunflower oil from sunflowers; but what is
a canola? There was nothing on the label to enlighten me,
which I thought odd. So, I did some investigating on the
Internet. There are plenty of official Canola sites lauding
this new "wonder" oil with all its low-fat health benefits.
It takes a little longer to find sites that tell the less
palatable details.

Here are just a few facts everyone should know before buying
anything containing canola. Canola is not the name of a
natural plant but a made-up word, from the words "Canada"
and "oil". Canola is a genetically engineered plant
developed in Canada from the Rapeseed Plant, which is part
of the mustard family of plants. According to
AgriAlternatives, The Online Innovation, and Technology
Magazine for Farmers, "By nature, these rapeseed oils, which
have long been used to produce oils for industrial purposes,
are... toxic to humans and other animals". (This, by the
way, is one of the websites singing the praises of the new
canola industry.)

Rapeseed oil is poisonous to living things and is an
excellent insect repellent. I have been using it (in very
diluted form, as per instructions) to kill the aphids on my
roses for the last two years. It works very well; it
suffocates them. Ask for it at your nursery. Rape is an
oil that is used as a lubricant, fuel, soap and synthetic
rubber base and as a illuminate for color pages in
magazines. It is an industrial oil. It is not a food. Rape
oil, it seems, causes emphysema, respiratory distress,
anemia, constipation, irritability, and blindness in animals
and humans. Rape oil was widely used in animal feeds in
England and Europe between 1986 and 1991, when it was thrown
out. Remember the "Mad Cow disease" scare, when millions of
cattle in the UK were slaughtered in case of infecting
humans? Cattle were being fed on a mixture containing
material from dead sheep, and sheep suffer from a disease
called "scrapie". It was thought this was how "Mad Cow"
began and started to infiltrate the human chain. What is
interesting is that when rape oil was removed from animal
feed, 'scrapie' disappeared. We also haven't seen any
further reports of "Mad Cow" since rape oil was removed
from the feed. Perhaps not scientifically proven, but
interesting all the same. US and Canadian farmers grow
genetically engineered rapeseed and manufacturers use its
oil (canola) in thousands of processed foods, with the
blessings of Canadian and US government watchdog agencies.
The canola supporting websites say that canola is safe to
use. They admit it was developed from the rapeseed, but
insist that through genetic engineering it is no longer
rapeseed, but "canola" instead.

Except canola means "Canadian oil"; and the plant is still a
rape plant, albeit genetically modified. The new name
provides perfect cover for commercial interests wanting to
make millions. Look at the ingredients list on labels.
Apparently peanut oil is being replaced with rape oil.
You'll find it in an alarming number of processed foods.
There's more, but to conclude: rape oil was the source of
the chemical warfare agent mustard gas, which was banned
after blistering the lungs and skins of hundred of thousands
of soldiers and civilians during W.W.I. Recent French
reports indicate that it was again in use during the Gulf

Check products for ingredients. If the label says, "may
contain the following" and lists canola oil, you know it
contains canola oil because it is the cheapest oil and the
Canadian government subsidizes it to industries involved in
food processing.

I don't know what you'll be cooking with tonight, but I'll
be using olive oil and old-fashioned butter, from a
genetically unmodified cow.

Here is more information..........

Canola oil from the rape seed, referred to as the Canadian
oil because Canada is mainly responsible for it being
marketed in the USA. The Canadian government and industry
paid our Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) $50
million dollars to have canola oil placed on the (GRAS)
List, "Generally Recognized As Safe". Thus a new industry
was created. Laws were enacted affecting international
trade, commerce, and traditional diets. Studies with lab.
animals were disastrous. Rats developed fatty degeneration
of heart, kidney, adrenals, and thyroid gland. When canola
oil was withdrawn from their diets, the deposits dissolved
but scar tissue remained on all vital organs. No studies on
humans were made before money was spent to promote Canola
oil in the USA. Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) is a rare fatal
degenerative disease caused by a build up long-chain fatty
acids (c22 to c28) which destroys the myelin (protective
sheath) of the nerves. Canola oil is a very long chain fatty
acid oil (c22). Those who will defend canola oil say that
the Chinese and Indians have used it for centuries with no
effect, however it was in an unrefined form ( taken from
cholesterol level was 150. After a year using Canola oil I
tested 260. I switched back to pure olive oil and it has
taken 5 years to get it down to 160. Thus began this
project to find answers since most Doctors will say that
Canola oil is O.K.

My sister spilled Canola oil on a piece of fabric, after 5
pre-treatings and harsh washings, the oil spot still showed.
She stopped using Canola oil, wondering what it did to our
insides if it could not be removed from cloth easily. Our
Father bred birds, always checking labels to insure there
was no rape seed in their food. He said, "The birds will
eat it, but they do not live very long.". A friend, who
worked for only 9 mo. as a quality control taster at an
apple-chip factory where Canola oil was used exclusively for
frying, developed numerous health problems. These included
loose teeth & gum disease; numb hands and feet; swollen arms
and legs upon rising in the morning; extreme joint pain
especially in hands, cloudy vision, constipation with stools
like black marbles, hearing loss; skin tears from being
bumped; lack of energy; hair loss and heart pains. It has
been five years since she has worked there and still has
some joint pain, gum disease, and numbness. A fellow
worker, about 30 years old, who ate very little product, had
a routine check up and found that his blood vessels were
like those of an 80 year old man. Two employees fed the
waste product to baby calves and their hair fell out. After
removing the fried apple chips from the diet their hair grew
back in.

My daughter and her girls were telling jokes. Stephanie hit
her mom's arm with the back of a butter knife in a gesture,
"Oh mom" not hard enough to hurt. My daughters arm split
open like it was rotten. She called me to ask what could
have caused it. I said, "I'll bet anything that you are
using Canola oil". Sure enough, there was a big gallon jug
in the pantry.

Rape seed oil is a penetrating oil, to be used in light
industry, not for human consumption. It contains a toxic
substance. Even after the processing to reduce the erucic
acid content, it is still a penetrating oil. We have found
that it turns rancid very fast. Also it leaves a residual
rancid odor on clothing.

Rape seed oil used for stir-frying in China found to emit
cancer causing chemicals. (Rapeseed oil smoke causes lung
cancer) Amal Kumar Maj. The Wall Street JournaL June 7, 1995
pB6(W) pB6 (E) col 1(11 col in). Compiled by Darleen

Canola oil is a health hazard to use as a cooking oil or
salad oil. It is not the healthy oil we thought it was. It
is not fit for human consumption, do not eat canola oil, it
can hurt you. Polyunsaturated or not, this is a bad oil.

Be Sure to also read this informative report written by
leading health expert Tom Valentine, Canola Oil Report.

Go to Ask Jeeves yourself: http://www.askjeeves.com/ and
type in (Where does Canola Oil come from?) and see what you
come up with.

Happy Frying,

Rodney W. Flynn
Lucent Technologies
VIRGOS-AC Development
Phone *: 978-960-3166

Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001
From: "Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D." <jackie@deepteaching.com>
Subject: Is This Energy Crisis for Real?

Hello all,

I don't know about you, but for me, this energy crisis has seemed
questionable from its beginning. How could it be possible for power to
be flowing on one day and then, without an increase in demand, suddenly
a state of emergency exists the next day?

The darker side of me suspected that the fossil fuel powered utility
companies had somehow manufactured the crisis in order to achieve two
very important aims: to raise prices and to reduce or eliminate
environmental controls. As it turns out, both have been achieved.

The front page of the Seattle Times on Sunday reported that I am not
alone in my suspicions and the attorneys general of Washington State and
Oregon, as well as a number of federal commissions and legislators, are
calling for an investigation into what is now suspected as being the
willful manipulation of energy supplies to artificially raise prices.

I discussed part of the story in my commentary "Energy Crisis or Greed
Crisis" in my Healing Our World series on the Environment News Service
last week (http://www.ens.lycos.com/ens/feb2001/2001L-02-09g.html). I
have written a second part to this story, "Energy Crisis or Energy
Hoax," that discusses these new developments and the suspicion of
unlawful business practices by the fossil fuel utility companies. You
can view it at my website at

Be well and I wish you success in trying to figure out what is going on.
Whatever the truth turns out to be, reducing energy demand, switching to
alternative energy sources as soon as you can, and not buying into the
alarmist rhetoric from Washington will help immensely.

All the best,

Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D.

13 Feb 2001

Shocking -- but might this be a bit of good news? A U.S. Food and
Drug Administration report has found that consumers want mandatory
labeling of genetically engineered foods and feel "outrage" when they
learn just how many supermarket products already contain genetically
engineered elements. Consumers are concerned that such foods may
have negative environmental and health effects in the long term, the
report concluded. Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) and Rep. Dennis
Kucinich (D-Ohio) have introduced bills to make labeling mandatory.
But the FDA's Joseph Levitt said the agency did not consider labeling
to be scientifically necessary or legally possible.

Washington Post, Marc Kaufman, 13 Feb 2001

Take action and demand labeling for genetically engineered foods


Joseph also wrote to me separately "I am already on your list and have been for the past two years or more. I got some of my inspiration to "keep going" from you."

Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001
From: Joseph Edwards <ozmorah@earthlink.net>
Subject: Of Like Minds

Hello Everyone,

My name is Joseph William Edwards. I am a member of the New Civilization
Network. I have chosen, specifically to write to you because, after
reading your bios, it appears that we are of like minds, hearts and
souls. Although we are of diverse backgrounds, ages and disciplines, we
seem to be walking in the same direction toward the same path of
Oneness. We all want a harmonious world of love, in peace, with joy and
bliss. The real question is: "How do we get there from here. . . intact
and together? I believe I have come up with one way we might do this. It
is entertaining. It is innovating. It is self-actualizing.

It's what I call, "The idea of the Ideal." Twenty-five years in the
making, it is an idea whose time has come. There is no doubt,
what-so-ever, that if we want all our dreams to come true within most of
our lifetimes, this little innocuous web site just might be the "How... "
It has the potential to ignite a 21st century paradigm in the
evolution of humanity.

The web site is: "The Apple in the Seed" (http://appleintheseed.net)
Take a few moments to go there. Although it is very intricate and
extensive, you will know in a very short time if this is something you
would want to come back to. Let me know what you think and feel. I'm I a
mad man. . . or just a dreamer?

Thanks for your interest and consideration,


Valentine's Day, 2001