May 24, 2000

Subject: Miscellaneous Subjects #6: Lots of interesting *coincidences* and various feedbacks

Hello everyone,

Here is another compilation that I put together 4 days ago and which include some rather thought-provoking material that came here in a very synchronistic manner which speaks volume of the magic at work in such a multi-hued Rainbow Network with some people wonderful people sharing so many wonderful insights and visions.

I'm sure you'll enjoy most of it, if not all of it...

Tomorrow I'll send you another compilation that is also ready.

Love and blessings to all of you

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

Date: Sat, 20 May 2000
From: Vrisha Ishaya <>
Subject: START II Treaty signed

Dear Jean:

I just learned that the START II Treaty has been signed. This is
significant. It's an excellent beginning. The only drawback is that
there is no timetable for the total nuclear disarmament promised. It is
also a sad footnote that Pakistan, India and Israel will not commit to
refrain from developing nuclear weapons. So, there is more to be done.

Here are some relevant links you may wish to share, followed by the BBC
on-line report of the news. The Yahoo site has articles from AP and
Reuters as well that are worth reading, and other links such as to CBC
News on-line.

Yahoo links page on Nuclear Weapons:

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: text of START II Treaty:

Scientific American article on nuclear disarmament with valuable links:

My view of these matters is that a civilized planet will not produce or
maintain weapons of mass destruction. My hope is that the signing of
this treaty is a step toward the eventual civilization of planet Earth.

Best wishes, and blessings on you for your valuable work!

Benjamin Harris

Herewith folows the BBC article:

Saturday, 20 May, 2000, 21:41 GMT 22:41 UK
US and Iraq break nuclear deadlock

The United States and Iraq have reached a compromise in a dispute that
was holding up a key agreement on the future of nuclear arms control.
Chris Wesdahl, the chief Canadian negotiator at the United Nations
conference on nuclear non-proliferation, told the 187 delegates: "This
means that assuming that members will approve, the last piece of our
puzzle is complete."

The month-long conference in New York singled out Israel for the first
time for not being a signatory to the 30-year-old Nuclear
Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

The UN conference president, Algerian UN Ambassador Abdallah Baali is
now expected to discuss the issue with Israel.

The centrepiece of the conference was a strong political commitment by
the five main nuclear powers for "unequivocal" nuclear disarmament.
But the US, Russia, Britain, France and China did not consent to any
timetables to achieve this.


Mr Baali stopped the clock on Friday to give Iraq and the US more time
to settle their dispute.

Disagreement had centred on the US insistence that the conference
encourage Iraq to comply with the safeguards of the International
Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Mr Wesdahl did not say how the deadlock between the two countries had
been broken, although the Iraqis had argued that they were already in
full compliance with IAEA safeguards.

The compromise statement says the IAEA "has not been in a position to
provide any assurance" of Iraq's compliance with a UN resolution on its
nuclear arms programmes.

Before the compromise was reached, chief Mexican delegate Antonio de
Icaza voiced the frustration of many delegates when he said the
conference must not be allowed to fail over a single paragraph which
was "mainly of interest to two countries only".

He said the review had made "unprecedented accomplishments on nuclear
non-proliferation and disarmament" since it began on 24 April, and
"losing all is just not acceptable".

Renouncing warheads

Under the 1970 treaty, the five nuclear powers are obligated to move
toward disarmament while all other signatories vow to give up atomic
warheads for good.

Countries without nuclear weapons had harshly criticised the United
States and Russia for moving far too slowly in cutting their arsenals.
The main nuclear powers issued a statement on 8 May promising an
"unequivocal commitment to the ultimate goals of a complete elimination
of nuclear weapons".

But an influential group of moderate states, which two years ago
organised the New Agenda Coalition, dismissed that.

Brazil, Egypt, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa and Sweden
said the total elimination of nuclear weapons was an obligation under
the treaty and not an "ultimate goal".

Vrisha Sraddha Ishaya Phone: 505-327-1923 E-mail:


Dear Vrisha

Thanks a lot for sending in this good news. I also got that news from the BBC World News and was overjoyed at such an auspicious breakthrough. Even if we are still a long way from a completely nuclear-free world, I think we can now reasonably hope that there is indeed a bright future ahead of us -- provided we can manage (and I'm sure we can and will do so) to protect and restore this planet's environment (did you know we are losing 96 species each day to deforestation and that in 5 years from now an estimated 25% of the approximately 30 millions species on Earth will be gone forever?), get our demographic proliferation under control and live harmoniously with our living planet and with each other. The key is exponential awakening to our true divine nature and to our indissociable unity with all that lives on Earth and throughout the Universe in all dimensions. The tool is continuously amplifying within the global human psyche the divine resonance of just Who We Are through tuning day and night into this emerging Reality by simply Being-Emanating-Breathing consciously Who We Are.


From: "Dharma Dharini Dasa" <>
Subject: Meditation
Date: Sat, 20 May 2000

Namste Jean,

Thank you for all of your e-mails. I share them widely with friends and

The Foundation for World Awakening which is a non-profit institution whose
centers exist for the enlightenment of wo/mankind would like to extend an
invtation to join in a meditation at 9:00 every Monday evening for the
enlightenment of each individual on this planet.

We are entering a new cycle of ages called the Golden Age which is a state
of consciousness as well as an astrological event. The spiritual seeking of
each and every individual into what this life is about is crucial during
this time, for it is said that at the end of the Golden Age there shall be
no more human consciousness, only divine consciousness. This can be
interpreted that human consciousness will become divine or that there will
not be humans.

So much depends on the seeking of each and every person, as global
transformation begins with the individual.

Already a mighty spiritual awakening is upon us. Millions from across the
planet have received the profound divine mystical experience (the personal
and undeniable encounter with the Source of Supreme Consciousness - Moses and
the thorn bush is a well known example of such experience). They walk and
talk with this Supreme Energy in a very tangible form. There hearts have
truly flowered and they have become totally transformed beings. For these
beloved and blessed individuals, the Kingdom has come; Heaven has met Earth.
Not only can these beings relate with this Source of Supreme Love in a
form, they can also see the forms that others are relating to.

They have moved from the realm of mere belief (ignorance and speculation)
into the realm of discovery. This is so crucial as it is belief that
separates while discovery unites. A brief look into history would reveal
all the blood shed and suffering brought about by the inflicting and
defending of beliefs, ideals and concepts.

Many who moved from belief to discovery, who received the profound divine
mystical experience (it is such experience which is the common denominator
in the lives of the saints, sages, prophets, and mystics throughout the
ages) were jailed tortured or killed as the framework of belief (ignorance)
cannot accommodate a return to a state of grace.

One can also see this separation caused by belief in the lives of the
discoverers such as Copernicus or Columbus. One can also see this evidenced
if one were to put beings of various faiths in a room and let them discuss
their beliefs. Heated arguments and sometimes bloodshed will generally
follows such a meeting of the mind. Even those within various faiths or
sects often cannot agree. That is why there are separate churchs and sects.

One would hardly expect the same behavior at a meeting of those who have
discovered such as saints, sages, or avatars such as the Christ, Krishna or
Buddha. The beliefs of others become so trivial to one who has discovered.
In such a being there is tremendous compassion for those still being made
use of by belief and ignorance. This state of compassion is so clearly and
beautifully illustrated by the words of a dying Christ, "Forgive them ,
Father, for they know not what they do."

Enlightenment can be defined as liberation from suffering. For ignorance is
the parent of suffering. Enlightenment and suffering are at opposite ends
of the same "reality". An enlightened being can not create or project war.

Those who wish to join some sixteen million worldwide in this meditation, it
is at 9:00 PM your time, every Monday.

First become aware of your breathing, then ask or pray to see the true
condition of your heart (one must relate from where one is, not where one
wants to be). Feel your heart. Review your week. See who has hurt you
that week. Ask to fully reexperience the pain you experienced and in the
midst of that pain ask to be able to forgive that being. Then ask to
experience fully the pain that you have caused others. From the midst of
that pain. Visualize that being who you have hurt, and ask that he or she
forgive you. You will find a noticeable shift in consciousness in several
weeks. You will also begin to have direct and personal encounters with the
Source of Supreme Love, God, whatever you wish to call this phenomena in a
form that you can relate to. You will also discover that tremendous
compassion for others both who you have hurt, and who have hurt you will be
born. This compassion can oftimes be saintlike. Deep understanding of
fellow humans and yourself will be born in this meditation. Soon your heart
will fully flower. (This can sometimes be experienced as severe chest pains
or burning in the chest.) Finally ask to be put in touch with the core of
wo/mankind and then ask for liberation from ignorance and suffering for
yourself and for all of wo/mankind.

Those who would like to experience the Golden Age first hand are invited to
attend a retreat for enlightenment in India. There is no cost but travel.
Food and lodging is provided. For those who wish to attend, information is
available at


Dharma Dharini Bhagavad Dasa
Foundation For World Awakening, Phoenix



Date: Sat, 20 May 2000
Subject: The number one issue facing humanity

Dear Jean Hudon

Please carefully read and fully understand
Rainforests Biodiversity Scale Of Destruction.
It states that the number one issue now facing
humanity is the manmade ecological disaster
of mass species extinctions that results from
Rainforests Destruction. We will reach the
point between the years 2012 to 2016 where
only 10% virgin Rainforests area remains,
leaving only 50% of Rainforests species.
We must not go past this natural threshold.
Read and understand a brief summary of
Rainforests Biodiversity Scale Of Destruction


Read our new study on Overpopulation
Zero Population Growth Will Occur
Somewhere Between 2020 To 2029
ZPG 2020 @ 6.64 Billion
ZPG 2029 @ 6.90 Billion

Mark Elsis

Forming A Unity Of One Percent To Stop Our Extinction
By Developing The Largest And Most Informative Online
Environmental Educational and Humanitarian Network
Help Us Connect The Dots For A Sustainable Web Of Life

Phone Toll Free: 1 877 LOVEARTH = 1 877 568.3278
Outside The United States: 1 941 349.9426
Fax Toll Free: 1 877 WEB OF LIFE = 1 877 932.6354
Outside The United States: 1 941 349.0295

5683 Midnight Pass Road Suite 106
Siesta Key Florida 34242


Executive Director: Mark Elsis




Date: Sat, 06 May 2000
From: Doreen Agostino <>
Subject: Re: Extension of the Focus on the Famine in the Horn of Africa

You are an AMAZING soul and I personally thank you and ask our Divine
Mother Father God to bless and recognize you for your energy and
commitment to humanity.

I consider myself awake and searching for more and more of the same. I
am not quite sure how we connected however I consider our connection a
blessing and choose to recognize and give thanks in all ways.

From: "." <>
Subject: global vision
Date: Wed, 10 May 2000

I have just learnt recently that oil is regarded as the blood of our planet.
This quite horrified me - I have always been opposed to the type of fuel we
use for our transport systems without really knowing why? Since the advent
of the internet,ideas put forward for alternative methods are now available
which previously have been concealed by corporate , and cartel groups for
their own ends. Mother Earth has the resources aplenty to fuel all our
requirement cleanly -we can live in harmony - doing it the right way. We do
not have much time left to "get it right" A meditation to this effect would
be a effective and is urgently required. We are an oil based economy but an
effective transition to cleaner cheaper power source is imperative. I have
been interested in the New Group of World Servers and their work for a
number of years. I was getting a meditation from the Arcane School to work
for Our Planet but have had to move and have yet to establish contact
again - in the mean time I would be interested in any Meditations to restore
our Earth to Her former glory.

Yours in Light and Love


Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000
Subject: Long live the Headless, sans-umbrella Hydra!

Art Rosenblum forwarded a post with the following (excerpted):

> Yet as Newsweek magazine commented about the [Seattle and DC]
> protests, "One thing that seems to be lacking today is a mission
> statement, a credo, that gives the movement, such as it is, some focus."
> This conference seeks to achieve just such a focus, to create a new
> language and credo that can unify the disparate movements" <snip> <

P L E A S E , D O N ' T D O I T !!!

Surely, recent Events have made it clear that we have all the 'focus' we
need! We don't need a 'new language', the old one works just fine! our
credo is already quite well-defined, thanks! Further, to any who
watched Events unfold, it was made abundantly clear that we were UNITED,
the antithesis of 'disparate'! The point that we made in spades is that
there's not ONE thing wrong with the direction in wch our society and
our world are headed, but MANY. And I believe THIS is what Newsweek and
other pro-status-quo, no-rocking-the-boat advocates have difficulty
grokking in their bones ...

a second excerpt:
> (NOTE: an impressive list of speakers and organizations that have signed on
> as co-sponsors) [for the NY Conference -- more later] <

(NOTA BENE: I, for one, am not impressed by' impressive lists of
speakers and organizations'. We are each quite capable of speaking for
ourselves -- as interviews with the 'protestors' amply confirmed.)

If we're to continue being as successful as we were in Seattle and DC,
there's no doubt whatever in my mind that we must remain 'headless' --
headless, AND umbrella-less -- tho surely, we've got all the 'focus' we
need ...

Simply because Newsweek (an organ of officialdom and IMO both a major
literal and symbolic carrier of our national plague-of-somnambulance),
writes that we 'lack a mission statement' DOES NOT mean we must quickly
develop and 'official' one to please them, to go along with their expectations!

Consider: Should we sprout 'heads' ... be under no delusion ...
concerted and determined efforts initiated from the highest levels of
Officialdom WILL be made to lop them off. Seattle's mayor was so
frightened of the PEACEFUL citizens' voicing their concerns regarding
the usurpation by the WTO of the economic power of the workers that he
shut down his city's Millennial Celebration. The self-acknowledged
'bewildered' DC Police Chief, despite the fact that we could see for
ourselves that it was the *police* who panicked and frantically began
waving cans of pepper spray and (we-made-a-'mistake') mace in the faces
of young folks who were OBVIOUSLY and unthreateningly minding their own
business, have shown us that they're willing to deal with
'troublemakers' in their own inimitable storm-trooper way. The
live-on-the-scene videos that crossed our television screens during
those nights must NEVER be permitted by Americans to be a part of our
future America.

The simple truth of the matter, Newsweek, is that WE ARE America ... and
as Americans, we've all simultaneously felt 'the last straw' upon our
backs and have collectively awakened to the fact that our so-called
'leaders' are taking us and our country in directions we will not accept
for ourselves, our kids, and their kids. There will be no future worth
living when our planet has been stripped of her last tree, when the last
mountaintop has been peeled back to expose and make easily (ie
'cheaply') available last of our planet's coal. We do not accept that
the military has the right to wantonly experiment on OUR planet with
their HAARP 'project' in a criminally insane, megalomaniac attempt to
'own the weather [and global communications networks] by 2025' as they
state they'll do on their own webpage.

We realize that we will no longer enjoy meaningful lives when the last
fish has been gill-netted from the sea ... and we will not accept such a
'fate' simply because it benefits obscenely-rewarded CEOs and stock- and
shareholders of out-of-control transnationals in their pell-mell
marathon to obtain the conjurer's magic called 'money'. The hype about
the 'extraordinary economic boom' rings hollow indeed to those unable to
feed and clothe their kids or obtain appropriate medical attention for
their families ... while the military budget for weapons of mass
destruction grows exponentially (now -- at least the published part --
at an horrifying and embarrassingly indecent over-$300 BILLION ... AND
growing), far far beyond what reasonably might be warranted. There are
many things seriously WRONG with the direction in which America is
currently headed that desperately need to be turned around right now,
before we lose beyond recall our planet's health, our Constitutionally
guaranteed rights, our right to determine what we want to do with our
OWN lives during our all-too-brief sojourn in physicality. We don't
like the direction we're being UNREPRESENTEDLY being forced (in some
instances, under threat of police action) to go in at the behest of the
oil, pharmaceutical/'food'/chemical (now THERE's a combination!)
transnationals and politicians -- who not surprisingly are in the
pockets of these same power moguls.

There. You wanted to know our focus? Perhaps I've hit the largest
nails on their 'heads' ...

How many for-real protestors in Seattle wore full-face ski masks? To
answer my own question: NONE! The only ones wearing the masks were the
agent provocateurs -- our own GOVERNMENT's agents -- attempting to
instigate a riot so their shiny new 'non-lethal technology' and training
might be brought to bear and displayed publicly against the naive, the
unsuspecting ... and to ensure that their message was driven home to any
stay-at-homes who might possibly be tempted to exercise such civil
RIGHTS in future. It fizzled. The protesters had other more pressing
matters on their minds than smashing storefront windows and overturning
trash cans. The police were seen frantically and (sadly) fearfully
waving and spraying their pepper and mace at American citizens determined
only to have their collective voice heard, since their Congressional
'representatives' are all 'green' thanks to the transnationals, and
there's no one left to turn to. The Powers That Be showed us beyond
question that they are not on our wavelength. They don't seem to have a
clue, they've never before seen longshoremen, labor unions, students,
PhDs, mothers, grandmothers et al standing shoulder-to-shoulder in the
incredible mosaic that materialized out of the blue and onto the Seattle
and DC streets ...

The police leaders (and their superiors) felt terribly threatened by
what they sensed was about to happen, and they didn't know why, couldn't
point a finger at this one or that one, FBI/CIA Intelligence offered
little (so these made up a story about some instigator guerilla e-group
and fed it out thru respectable (if also fearful) individuals via
compliant media. Guns and terrorist weapons our guardians of the peace
can deal with; with united Consciousness and hearts, they cannot ... for
they've not experienced it before. With patience, determination, focus,
and gentleness we will teach them.

How many 'official' media tv networks, newspapers, and magazines
reported the TRUE Story of Seattle? NONE. Sadly, they for the most
part are so intimately beholden to The Powers That Be that the owners of
'approved' media do not countenance 'alternative' takes on what really
went down.

The power structure, in their overriding fear of 'losing control' (as
was amply demonstrated by the DC police), will infiltrate any and all
'official' alternative planning sessions (you can bet their seats at the
Ethics and Meaning get-together will allow them to hear EVERY word and
videotape for ID and sorting purposes all presumed 'agitators'); the
Old Guard will clamp down upon and attempt with ALL means available to
them to terminate any 'high-headed' 'leaders' ' efforts.

In this citizen's opinion, umbrella organizations are NOT what we need.
Those in entrenched power, in their ultimate quest for dominion over
others -- who would continue to whittle away at EACH citizen's
Constitutionally guaranteed rights to freedom of speech and assembly --
would appreciate nothing better than our offering our 'heads' up to them
on silver platters.

RUBBISH! We HAVE no 'heads', and so be it!

Our power base which Newsweek and others seek to 'flush out' lies within
the hearts of EACH of us. The Powers That Be have never seen this
before -- clearly, they're unable to deal with it. We're presently a
hydra-headed Medusa, and in this ephemeral form lies our strength, our
hope, and our inevitable success. Eventually, the somnambulent masses
WILL awaken and join their still-sleepy voices to our own. To continue
being as effective as we were in Seattle and DC we must work at our
local levels, assisting our friends and families, and their friends and
their families, to rub the sleep from their eyes. Our Number shall grow
as fractals do, thru infinitely-faceted iterations.

To be successful, we need to quietly send our financial support to
those organizations whom we personally wish to support so that when Time
Is, our *self-chosen* umbrellas will collectively be able to tend to the
legalities attendant upon mass rallies: buying the 'parade' permits;
publicizing the Events at which our presences are requested; renting the
halls and sanitary facilities; hiring the medical professionals; and if
needed, acquiring the attorneys to assist those of us who've put our
lives on the line in the Name of Desperately Needed Change for the
future of all.

Each of us needs to remain focused, balanced, and alert.

Clearly, if these last two Major Civil Events have taught us anything,
it is that we do not need to be any more organized than we already are
... we KNOW when we're needed, for we are intimately and inseparately
bound together by high-frequency, harmonically-resonating strings of
Consciousness ... and as the world could not help but notice, we respond
in solidarity in incredible numbers, against all odds. This
fire-in-the-heart is hardly an American quirk; for the same is also
simultaneously occurring in Uganda, Yugoslavia, Thailand, Indonesia,
China, South America, and myriad other countries 'round the world.

The People are awakening from their long slumber ...

Please, Foundation for Ethics and Meaning, let's NOT buy in to the Old
Regime mentality, 'you gotta do things OUR way so we can figure out how
to control you better" ... We do NOT need to be 'organized', don't need
to be umbrellad by *any* group, no matter how well-intentioned. We've
been successful precisely because we truly already ARE a coherent
grassroots hodgepodge (a new evolutionary strain of _hominus apoliticus
independentus_). If the Powers That Be are having difficulty
strategizing against us (or even finding us ;), so much the better!
Playing by the power elite's rules is what's screwed things up royally
to date ... from here on, I suggest we continue to evolve as we have
been: fractally, from infinite GLOBAL grassroots pockets-without-heads
... and from our hearts in the Oneness of the truly Grand Unified Field.

With respect to (a doubtless well-intentioned) Mr LeVine PhD, we don't
need a Foundation to assist us with developing and focusing our 'Ethics
and Meaning' -- we've already got them! That's precisely why we're
doing what we're doing, and doing it with the fervor and determination
and Love with which we're doing it.

We are ALREADY a highly organized, highly intelligent, highly motivated
(hence highly mobile), and passionately-devoted-to-our-dreams (if
motley) group, a group whose 'heads' are widely scattered over the
entire planet. In these qualities lie our strengths. We don't need to
go offering self-proclaimed 'authorities' our 'heads' on silver
platters, the better for them to lop them off. After all, these
'authorities' are precisely the ones whom we're determined to re-form!

No, thank you. I prefer to monitor my Inbox to keep abreast of what's
wafting in the currents, and I'll pop up to join hands with other
like-minded brethren when I deem it appropriate.

You asked for a focus, Newsweek? Clearly your reporters have missed the
point: this isn't 'just another protest march' -- this is THE Protest,
the Mother of All Protests ... for the Mother, and mothers, of All.

thanks for bringing this to my Attention, guys --

- ilyes


Bravo sister! Passionately well put!!

Suffusing hugs to you


P.S. BTW, taking a break on a rock after kayaking across the 2 mile wide Saguenay river this afternoon (April 26), I read Time Magazine's take this week on the DC protest. It is worth a look. The journalist did a hell of a good job to explain it all - and there was considerable unseen organization and preparation that went on starting up to 6 months before the IMF World Bank meeting in DC. But you are right there were no clear leader. And the spokesmeetings they did are a fabulous decentralized and yet efficient formula.

To read it go see at,3266,43184,00.html

DISSIDENTS: Rebels with Many Causes -- The ragtag protesters who brought us Seattle imposed themselves on the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank last week. What do the new radicals believe?

and at,3266,43186,00.html

The Veteran: Ralph Nader eyes the White House

and at,3266,43183,00.html

The IMF and Tanzania: A case study of how the global banker's shock therapy helps economies but hammers the poor.


Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000
Subject: Re: Long live the Headless, sans-umbrella Hydra!

Thanks for the encouragement, Jean! :-)

The Times article is terrific, thanks for the heads-up! I think s/he
DOES really grok the essence of what's going on. In parts of it, I felt
like I'd written them myself! Stuff about when there are 'heads', they
get lopped off, and various other references (no wonder I liked it, eh? ;)

I received a post from Art who DOES feel that an umbrella-group would be
helpful, to help put into words the focus of what's going on. (He also
commented (nicely) on how L O N G it was ... ;) I haven't answered
him, I think I've said evertything I wanted to say about the matter,
prompted by the post you sent from the Mr Moral-and-Ethical PhD.

Thanks for yr consideration in including it in yr next go-round!

I STRONGLY support Nader ( for President ... and if we ALL
come together on this too, WE CAN PULL IT OFF! I hope I hope I hope it
comes to pass ... won't THAT shake'n'bake things up?! =:-D We're on a roll!

One brick at a time ... ;-)

cheers, Jean -

- ilyes

Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000
From: Gaye Vasulka <>
Subject: Re: Accounts of Police Brutality in Washington

Hi Jean,

A friend thought you'd enjoy seeing the start of something I began writing after
reading your email.....
maybe put some chords to it's all so sad, so unfair.
Prayers are with you, and all the victims.
Prayers for a loving, understanding, kind, and decent spirit to inflame all
travelers on our little earth.

LIBERTY AND JUSTICE (where did you go??????)

human rights in the shadows
poison on the wind
parades of deception we ignore
politicians shaking hands
too blind to understand

too blind to see
the writing on the wall
peace can't exist without
Liberty and Justice
.........................for all

Faith & Hope for a brighter future,

Gaye Vasulka


Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000
From: Lise & Denis Kirouac <>

Bonjour Jean,

I take this opportunity to add my own THANKFUL MESSAGE for having you
in my life. You supply us with so many wonderful stories and
information. I have cancelled everything else including spiritual
meetings as the same information comes from you at about the same time,
and it is never biasé. May God reward you for your wonderful light work
you are doing for all of us.

At one point you asked us to send $1. to a specific person. I really
believe the same should be done for you as you must be taking a lot of
quality time from your family to inform us and this means a lot to a lot
of us. We should be thankful to your family to allow you to do such a
great job. We don't want to miss you. So this little contribution might
keep you with us for a while longer. Mine is in the mail. With lots of
love to you Jean.


NOTE FROM JEAN: Lise sent 2 bucks in the mail. Thanks a lot Lise!
It is the first time I ever received financial support for this service.