AUGUST 4, 2000

SUBJECT: Miscellaneous Subjects # 19: More Feedbacks + Turtle war + Before and after: The effects of bottom trawling the seafloor are as devastating as clearcutting forests + SMOKIN' REEFERS + Toxic Bodies: Endocrine Disruption and Our Imperiled Future + Another patented new-energy technology + Fighting Racism

Hello everyone

This is IT. The last one for some time. At least, that is my current plan.

Love and blessings to all of you!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

From: "Harmony Foster Kieding" <>
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2000


First of all, I want to thank you for all your wonderful light-work and all that
you do in reaching all of us with what is going on. I look forward to reading
your mail very much!

I just wanted to share some insights and feelings about what is needed to activate
the spirit of true harmony in the world these days.

Alice Bailey in "Esoteric Astrology" talked about the Seven Major Rays influencing
and conditioning our planet:

Ray I: The First Ray of Will or Power
Ray II: The Second Ray of Love-Wisdom
Ray II: The Third Ray of Active-Intelligence
Ray IV: The Fourth Ray of Harmony Thru Conflict
Ray V: The Fifth Ray of Concrete Science
Ray VI: The Sixth Ray of Idealism, Devotion
Ray VII: The Ray of Ceremonial Order

It is about the Fourth Ray that I would like to share some insights. First,
my life experience has led me to add another word to this Ray's name: I think
of it personally as "The Fourth Ray of Harmony Thru Conflict RESOLUTION".
In this missing word lies a major key to harmonic convergence. For example,
why do so many peace talks break down? Why is there strife in all of society?
Why cannot family members get along?

Part of the answer is that we haven't learned to truly communicate with one
another in a peaceful fashion. So much of the time we can't even listen to someone
without our own defences arising.

And how very odd that while this lack of knowing how to communicate non-violently
has led time and time again to conflict, wars, violence and loss of human life
(and our fellow plant and animal life forms!!), the topic of communication is
considered by some to be a very dry and even dull subject.

I would urge a second look at the roles that communication skills have in achieving
our goals and dreams of unity.

Here are three links: ( I am not affiliated in any way with them, or receive
monetary gain by promoting them)

Leadership Training, Conflict Resolution and Communication Skills Training

Center for Nonviolent Communication Active Listening Techniques

Blessings to you and to all of us..
Harmony Kieding

Harmony's HomePage

Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul-II-The Crosses and the Signs


Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2000
Subject: Re: Miscellaneous Subjects # 18

Dear Jean....

I have read your emails through out this year.....even during my three month
stay in Sri Lanka.

I am always grateful for your efforts to alert humankind that they are
sometimes creating terrible disasters that have a ripple effect for years to

Thank you for being the vigilant watch dog.....thank you for your ever
present mindfulness......thank you for being the precious being that you are.

Thank you for all your hard work.

Althea Avery Gray

NOTE: And thanks a lot Althea for keeping up with all that I send - which is quite a task in itself! My main hope is that by putting together and disseminating all this information, I could have been instrumental in both inspiring some people into some form of action or personal change as a result of what they learned here, and also in contributing to global awakening and thus to hastening the emerging new era of Peace, Love and Harmony on Earth -- which is the ultimate goal and inevitable result of all our efforts and love in action.

From: Art b Rosenblum <>
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2000
Subject: Hagelin Wins Reform Party - Buchanan Out !

Dear Norm, List friends,

Here's the kind of miracle I have learned to expect and its happening.

It looked pretty hopeless to see Hagelin as Reform Party candidate, but
he's in. He gets $12.5 million !

Now we need to work hard to get Nader to join with Hagelin and make the
change the world needs to see. Send this on to your newspapers who fail
to inform you. I sent it to our Phila. Inquirer.

Peace and Love,

Art Rosenblum <>
Aquarian Research 5620 Morton St., Philadelphia, PA 19144

Dear Inquirer Folks,

You've got some great artcles, I love 'em. But sometimes you miss
important stuff !

I understand with all that is happening that you missed this, but don't
omit it entirely !

Reform Party may yet come out of the woods and have a major influence.
Folks are spending less time with the paper when they see the most
interesting stuff elsewhere !

See this:

Date: 7/31/00
From: NLP News Flashes,




John Hagelin and Russ Verney
Monday, July 31, 10 AM
Dallas Press Club, Dallas

In an emergency meeting of the Reform Party's National Executive
Committee in Dallas today, committee members voted unanimously,
7-0, to disqualify Pat Buchanan in his two-way race against
John Hagelin for the Party's presidential nomination.

The vote was a response to mounting evidence of "massive
election fraud" by the Buchanan campaign, which submitted
nearly 500,000 ballot requests on behalf of ineligible primary

"Pat Buchanan has committed political suicide. He was caught
perpetrating what may be the most massive election fraud in
U.S. political history," said quantum physicist John Hagelin,
who has been locked in a close primary race against Buchanan.
"Fortunately, democracy is alive and well in the Reform Party.
I congratulate the Executive Committee for standing up for
Reform Party principles, and against the strong-arm tactics
of Pat and Bay Buchanan."

A recent survey of 1,000 Independence/Reform Party voters in
New York found Hagelin with a commanding lead in the popular
plebiscite. According to Manhattan County Chair Cathy Stewart,
over 700 people had voted or intended to cast votes for Hagelin,
while only one person identified himself as a likely Buchanan

"Buchanan resorted to desperate measures when it became clear
that this was a popular vote he could not win. But this time,
Pat went too far," Hagelin said.

"Pat Buchanan tried to cheat the Reform Party members and wound
up cheating only himself," said Russ Verney, former Reform
Party national chair. "He had a wonderful opportunity to build
and lead a party of principle, integrity, and values. Instead,
he chose the low road of politics-as-usual."

Hagelin and Verney will discuss the future of the Reform Party
and the Hagelin presidential campaign at a news conference on
Monday, July 31, 10:00 a.m., at the Dallas Press Club.

For more information, please visit the Natural Law Party website

NOTE FROM JEAN : I also received the following along with this same press release above...

Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2000
From: <>
Subject: Fwd: Dr. John Hagelin is Reform party Presidential Nominee!

Dear All,

I really think this is worth reading and acting on. I know Mitch well and I whole heartedly support John Hagelin. If you are not familiar with his position, please look him up. Please send this to others, if it resonates for you.



Dear Friends,

After years of effort toward getting recognized in the political forum, physicist John Hagelin, who I have featured on A Better World on several occasions, is now gaining national prominence.

Illegally and undemocratically, along with Ross Perot, denied entree to the National TV Presidential Debates in 1996, Hagelin is suing, and will probably win again the Federal Election Committee, an Ol' Boy network that "controls" our Democracy for us--isn't that thoughtful of them? They do this by making sure no 3rd Party candidates get to be heard in these national debates. Actually for fear that the American People would once and for all turn away from the standing duopoly parties that can hardly be distinguished from one another, and vote for one that actually makes sense, such as that represented by John Hagelin.

I have included the announcement below about John replacing Pat Buchannan for presidential nominee for the Reform Party because this is a historic moment, and one in which John could, just could be speedily propelled toward a level of national prominence, if only the media would let him, that could make a meaningful difference in this election. Jesse Ventura, a wrestler, out of nowhere, and with a mighty slim budget, became governor of Minnesota. Well, if that's the case, surely a Harvard-trained, centered, intensely caring and bright quantum physicist could become president out of nowhere too. Isn't that where all greatness comes from anyway??

Please write to the Federal Election Committee and Demand that they allow John Hagelin and Ralph Nader to participate in the national debates. Go to the Natural Law Party website for more info. Watch C-Span as they feature John regularly.

Let us pray and work toward bringing spirituality into the body politic where it is so sorely, desparately needed. More war and guns are not an answer. Intelligence, heart and corporate responsibility are the beginning of a new paradigm we absolutely need.

John Hagelin will be appearing in August and September on A Better World TV in its different airing locations. Stay tuned!


Mitchell Jay Rabin


August 1, 2000
News summaries from GRIST MAGAZINE

The Democratic Party has unveiled new TV commercials that lambaste
the environmental records of George W. Bush and his running mate Dick
Cheney, just in time for the Republican National Convention in
Philadelphia. One ad shows an image of Texas with pollution spewing
from the top of the state as if from a smokestack. The narrator
notes that Bush appointed a chemical company lobbyist to enforce the
state's environmental laws and that Houston is the smoggiest city in
the U.S. Another ad, which criticizes votes Cheney made on a number
of issues during his congressional career, points out that he was
"one of only eight members of Congress to oppose the Clean Water Act."

straight to the source: New York Times, James Dao, 08.01.00

straight to the source: USA Today, Kathy Kiely, 08.01.00

read it only in Grist Magazine: Enviros waste no time in attacking
Bush's veep candidate -- in our Muckraker column


A number of scientists are warning that the spread of invasive
species could become the next big environmental crisis. Some of the
invasives are brought into non-native areas deliberately, but most
are imported accidentally, particularly as global trade increases.
Once the species get established in places where they have no natural
predators, they can spread like wildfire and wreak havoc on native
ecosystems. Harvard biologist E. O. Wilson believes that invasives
will lead to more extinctions than pollution. One recent study
estimated that invasive species, including diseases, cost the U.S.
more than $130 billion a year. A few examples: The Asian longhorn
beetle has lead to the deaths of more than 5,000 maple trees in New
York and Chicago. The sagebrush of the Western U.S. is being wiped
out by cheat grass, an extremely flammable invader from Europe. And
lygodium, or Old World climbing fern, is now smothering 100,000 acres
in south Florida.

straight to the source: Washington Post, Joel Achenbach, 07.30.00

read it only in Grist Magazine: More Internet smut -- the fight
against cheatgrass

From: "EllenWaara" <>
Subject: Re: Whose Internet is it anyway?
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000

Thanks for the great information.

The deadline for registeration for election of the membership for the ICANN
has passed - it was at midnight GMT today. But, we can be on their
announcements list:
Ellen Waara
Inside Solutions




July 31, 2000 - Marina del Rey, CA -- The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) announced today that it had ended its first At Large Membership registration period with more than 158,000 Internet users signed up worldwide. The registration period extended from February 25 - July 31. The ICANN At Large members will select five members to the Board of Directors in October.

ICANN's At Large Membership program is intended as a means for Internet users from all over the globe to have a voice in ICANN's technical policymaking structure for the Internet's domain name and numbering systems.

During planning in 1999 and 2000 for the At Large elections, many members of the Internet community expressed concern that few people would be interested enough in ICANN's technical coordination functions and domain name policy issues to apply to become At Large members. The projection adopted by the Board in November, 1999, called for at least 5,000 members before the election process could continue. Since the At Large member signup system began operations in late February, 2000, the registration numbers have far surpassed all expectations, reaching more than thirty times the original estimate.


Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000
Subject: Turtle war

Only humans could invent the dredge.

Only humans could invent the massive nets

Only humans would maintain that both of these are efficient and proper ways
of dragging hundreds of unwanted species to their open, dry deaths. And only
humans have the potential to do anything about this.

It is a case of responsiblity, as i see it, and i'm sure that thousands
agree with me, though they remain quiet and still for whatever reasons, those
i must leave up to them. those are their responsibilities, these are ours.

I don't know how to get people to care about what is going on. I don't
know if i CAN get people to do anything about it.

Whalers and fishermen say "it's a job. I have a family that needs food and
this is the best thing I can do." enormous corpulent companies say, "this is
what the people want. I'm just doing a community service here. You can't
expect me to change my methods, can you? I have a business to maintain.
This is the livelyhood and food on the plates of my children. YOU WOULND"T

The ever-knowing brain of other species' inner monologues. But these
people belong to MY species. and we are still worlds apart.

As i've told the people at, I have no power over people
and i have no say in the scheduling of their personal awareness, but i DO
have the power, opportunity and ability to send my message to people such as
you and that message is one of fathomless thanks and appreciation. Without
the things that i've been sent from i would have no idea of
the incredible scope of help and aid that our planet and it's inhabitants are
receiving. I would not know, outside of the Sierra Club Magazine or the NRDC
pamphlets that i am mailed, that ANYTHING IS HAPPENING AT ALL! what the fuck
is the matter with the PEOPLE at the news stations. why do things of this
magnitude have no penetration into the lives and dinner table conversations
of the massive impact masters of the U.S.?

Just because some turtles are dying does not mean that i should lose any
sleep? hmm. hopefully they will understand that we are just as connected to
the beef on our plate and the sibling or stranger accross from us as we are
to the turtles and the whales and the plankton and the snails that are having
their genders reversed by the biocide TBT, as we are to god or ourselves. it
boggles my mind how an inventive, intelligent species could somehow have been
short changed on the EYES AND REASON portion of the world TV dinner, the
Planet Earth Buffet.

Thank you for your work and time.

Thank you for caring and using your position to do what you can.

Thank you so much from a stifled youth in the repressive society that
can't just admit that it has made a shit-barge full of mistakes and just ends
up burying itself alive with the dirt it tries to cover its own bungles under.

Thank you for digging away the dirt and dust that people are being told
is good for the lungs, is good for you, don't fight, don't worry, it's fine,
the government knows what they're doing and the justice system works as
smoothly as a hybrid engine.

Thank you for shrieking during the lullaby, the baby refusing to be
lulled back into the black nightmare.

Thank you from a fellow insomniac.

Thank you so much. don't ever stop what you're doing right.

Ross Copeland

Use these words. Quote me. Let your readers and listeners know that I,
among the thousands of quiet ones am not silent and have no intention of
remaining so. use these phrases creditless to me, if that's what it takes.
i need no credit other than that you have heard and you know. I have heard
that you know. And that is the entire catalyst for this flurry of emotion
and gratitude.

Please don't let her eyes shut. the baby's been drugged.


Thank you very much for sharing your impassioned plea for a global awakening to our collective and individual responsibility towards all other life forms on Earth. As more and more people are feeling like you the sting of the inner Call to respond actively to the global threats to all Life on Earth by men's selfish and myopic pursuit of purely materialistic goals, things are really starting to change locally and globally. But we have not achieved yet the critical mass needed to halt and reverse the ecosuicidal course we have been following during the 20th century. My gut feeling is that we are nearing this critical threshold and will soon see a flurry of international initiatives aimed at healing the planet and ourselves from the self-inflicted wounds of our immature youth and enter as a species a new era of responsible stewardship of *and* partnership with all other equally vital Life forms on Earth. The Healing Century is about to begin and needs everyone of us to succeed!...


Since you are mentioning dredging and massive nets, here is an article that I had been waiting for the right occasion to circulate it,,,

Before and after: The effects of bottom trawling the seafloor are as devastating as clearcutting forests.

December 15, 1998

By Environmental News Network staff

(ENN) -- An extremely common industrial fishing method, known as
bottom trawling, has the same devastating impact on the ocean bottom
as clearcutting forests has on the Earth's surface, according to a
series of reports published in the December issue of The Journal from
the Society for Conservation Biology.

Trawling vessels drag huge nets for thousands of miles along
estuaries, bays and the continental shelves, pulling tons of marine
creatures, rocks and mud. Les Watling of the University of Maine in
Walpole and Elliott Norse of the Marine Conservation Biology Institute
in Redmond, Wash., estimate that trawlers scrape nearly 6 million
square miles a year, the equivalent of half the world's continental
shelves. This is twice the area of the lower 48 United States and
about 150 times larger than the area of forests clearcut each year.

And on top of that, fishermen trawl pretty much wherever and whenever
they want because there are very few government restrictions in place
-- the frontier mentality still reigns in high-seas fisheries,
according to the report.

The damage left behind by trawling is immense. Many of us retain in
our mind's eye the storybook picture we had as kids of the bottom of
the ocean as one vast wet sandy desert. The truth is that the bottom
of the ocean is a complex series of ecosystems, made up mud, seagrass
beds, coral reefs, rocky reefs and cobbles. Each sea bed type supports
a different community of sea life, and provides protection from
predators, food and a safe place to raise young.

Bottom trawling rips all that up. The nets take everything in their
paths and the weighted lines dragging the ocean floor crush, bury and
expose any remaining wildlife. By leveling the ocean floor, the food
chain is disturbed, the hiding places have been removed and conditions
favorable to faster growing species take over.

Seafloor recovery could take centuries. Many seafloor inhabitants are
slow growing and long lived and are therefore slow to repopulate and
rebuild their structures in areas that have been disturbed. Some
species of sponges can reach 50 years old, some clams can live for
more than 200 years and individual gorgoinan corals have been
estimated to live 500 years or more. Some tube-dwelling species can
only rebuild homes during an early stage in their development and are
therefore left permanently exposed by trawl gear.

Bottom trawling also causes abnormally high nutrient levels in the
ocean by stirring up the sediment. Most continental shelf environments
typically get half their nutrients from the steady influx of organic
material decaying in the sediment. But by stirring up the sediment,
bottom trawling releases a huge pulse of nitrogen and other nutrients
into the water.

Cynthia Pilskaln of the University of Maine in Orono and her
colleagues estimate that re-suspending as little as a tenth of an inch
of sediment could more than triple nutrient levels in the sea water.

Higher nutrient levels could increase noxious phytoplankton such as
those in red tides, notorious for causing mass fish kills, and shift
the balance of plankton populations, which in turn could shift the
balance of the fish and other marine life that feed on them.

While the federal government has jurisdiction over eight times as much
sea as land, only a tiny area of the ocean is protected from
commercial fishing -- the 110-square-mile Florida Keys National Marine
Sanctuary. Commercial fishing is permitted in the other 11 national
marine sanctuaries. This lack of protection is attributable to
opposition from the fishing industry and lack of public awareness,
says Tatiana Brailovskaya of the Nereus Project in Newcastle, Maine.

Continued unregulated bottom trawling will eventually lead to more
severe collapses of worldwide fisheries, say many of the scientists
who contributed to Conservation Biology's special report issue. In
shrimp trawls in some parts of the world, 90 percent of the catch is
bycatch, thrown back dead or dying. Also, as preferred fish become
fewer, the boats are fishing for species which were formerly not
considered marketable, further depleting the ocean.

The Marine Conservation Biology Institute and American Oceans Campaign
announced the publication of the findings Monday and are calling for
the creation of true reserves where fishing is banned.

Why has it taken so long to notice the destruction of sea floor

"The oceans, unlike forests, still look like oceans even after we've
removed their contents," says James Carlton of Williams College-Mystic
Seaport in Mystic, Conn.

The majority of work presented in The Journal of Conservation Biology
was financially supported by the NOAA Regional Marine Research

Copyright 1998, Environmental News Network, All Rights Reserved

July 31, 2000
News summaries from GRIST MAGAZINE

Tropical waters in the Northern Hemisphere have been heating up at a
dramatic rate, about 1 degree Fahrenheit per decade since 1984,
contributing to the unprecedented bleaching of coral reefs over the
past 10 years, according to an analysis released last week by the
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. NOAA scientists had
no explanation for the temperature increases, though global warming
is a possible contributing factor. Meanwhile, global warming is
certainly contributing to the shrinking of the ice cap in the Arctic.
And with less ice to navigate around -- some scientists predict that
by the middle of this century the ice cap could vanish every summer
-- shipping companies are looking at ways to make the Northwest
Passage into the Panama Canal of the North. Canada fears that the
extremely fragile environment of the Arctic could be devastated by
the shipping traffic, but it is battling the U.S. and European
governments over who gets to regulate the traffic.

straight to the source: CNN, 07.28.00

straight to the source: Washington Post, Curt Suplee, 07.29.00

straight to the source: New York Times, James Brooke, 07.29.00

Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000
From: "Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D." <>
Subject: "Toxic Bodies: Endocrine Disruption and Our Imperiled Future"

Dear Friends,

Human and animal growth, sexual and social development, and metabolism
are regulated by the endocrine system, a collection of glands that
produce hormones vital for normal functions. Every day, these critical
systems in our bodies are being corrupted by the billions of pounds of
toxic substances in our air, earth and water.

I explore the critical problem being caused across the globe by
endocrine disrupting chemicals in this week's Healing Our World
commentary, "Toxic Bodies: Endocrine Disruption and Our Imperiled
Future," found on the Environment News Service, hosted on LYCOS at

Endocrine disrupting chemicals are found in just about every member of
modern society, including indigenous populations from the Arctic to the
equator who are usually considered sheltered from the technological
world. And because they remain in the body, these chemicals are passed
from generation to generation. They are destroying our immune systems
and causing mental retardation. Yet industries continue to pollute and
legislators do little to stop them. Learn about this issue and share
your ideas about how to stop this devastating cycle.

Take care and I wish you and your family peace,


Date: 23 July 2000
From: Hal Fox <>
Subject: Another patented new-energy technology

Dear Friends,

For several years we have been telling our readers about
BlackLight Power, Inc. and the great discovery of Dr. Randell
Mills. In addition, there is a patented technology of the
production and use of high-density charge clusters. This is the
Shoulders, Puthoff, Gleeson, Ilyanok, Mesyats technology. These
several scientists have shown that high-density charge cluster
phenomenon has been independently discovered in four separate
labs in three countries.

We have had requests from two sources for Dr. Hagelin to visit
our lab and learn more about this technology. We extend that
invitation to anyone who is serious about the need for new energy

This high-density charge cluster technology has been used to
produce direct electrical energy, direct thermal energy, to
stabilize radioactive liquids, and is being proposed (by our
laboratory) to be used for the on-site transmutation of high-
level, radioactive spent-fuel pellets from nuclear power plants.
There have been five patents issued and Emerging Energy Marketing
Firm has acquired exclusive rights to all high-density charge-
cluster patents issued in the United States. This company is
dedicated to commercializing this new-energy technology as soon
as possible.

For your information, the source of the excess energy is believed
to come from tapping the vacuum energy (or zero-point energy) of
space around us (and in us). U.S. Patent 5,108,180 is the first
of these patents. You can go to the IBM web site and look at or
download this patent.

Best personal regards,

Hal Fox
Editor, Journal of New Energy

Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000
From: Michelle Moreau <>
Subject: Fighting Racism

On a British Airways flight from Johannesburg, a middle-aged, well-to-do,
white, South-African Lady finds herself seated next to a blackman. She
immediately calls the cabin-crew attendant over to complain about her
seating arrangement.

"What seems to be the problem Madam?"asked the attendant.
"Can't you see? she said. You've sat me next to a Kaffir! I can't possibly
sit next to this disgusting human. Find me another seat!"

"Please calm down Madam, the stewardess replied. The flight is very full
today, but I'll tell you what I'll do -- I'll go and check to see if we
have any seats available in Club or First Class."

Hearing this, the woman cocks a snooty look at the outraged black man
beside her and to all the surrounding passengers.

A few minutes later the stewardess returns with the good news, which she
delivers to the lady, who cannot help but look at the people around her
with a smug and self-satisfied grin:

"Unfortunately, Madam, as I had suspected, Economy Class is full. I've
spoken to the Cabin-Services Director, and Club is also full. However,
we do have one seat available in First Class."

Before the lady has a chance to answer, the stewardess continues..."It
is most extraordinary to make this kind of upgrade and I have had to get
special permission from the Captain. However, given the circumstances,
the Captain felt that it would be outrageous for someone to be forced to
sit next to such an obnoxious person." At this point she turned to the
black man sitting next to the woman, and said: "So if you'd like to
gather your things, Sir, I have your new seat ready for you..."

At this point, apparently, the surrounding passengers stood and gave a
standing ovation while the black man walked up to the front of the

Go British Airways!

As we know, we see discrimination in some form or another almost
everyday and often times it leaves a sour taste in our mouths. The
previous story shows us the side of diversity that we arehopefully
all working for.

It is a pleasant twist to see that there are companies and individuals
who face discrimination head on, if only one small step at a time.
Hope you enjoyed reading The Positive Side of Diversity...I
applaud British Airways for their action in this situation

... people will forget what you said ...
... people will forget what you did ...
... but people will never forget how you made them feel ...