August 30, 2001

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Jean Hudon
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1. PARALLEL LIVES - Confirming what is in Revelations for a New Era
2. Alpine Eden proves Mother Nature knows best
3. Nato Invades Macedonia
4. America loses faith in the Israeli peace
5. Light request for the Middle East
7. Star Wars plan flouts environmental laws, say groups
8. Cosatu marches, angry at US boycott at the UN conference against racism


NOTE FROM JEAN: Over time I've been privy to lots of amazing material through my correspondence with Suzy Ward, who channelled 2 wonderful books for her deceased son Matthew - for more details see "The Veil is Opening - Introduction to the book Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven" at

I believe many of you will be interested in the following. Please note that you have only two weeks left to download from a free electronic copy of both "Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven" and "Revelations for a New Era" -- if you have not done so yet...

From: "Suzy Ward" <>
Subject: Fw: PARALLEL LIVES - Confirming what is in Revelations for a New Era
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001

Jean, isn't this incredible? Is this something you can (would like to) include in a compilation or send as a separate report? Or am I just totally blown away by this validation of that information that I never could buy into but was told to include in the book?

--- Original Message ---

Terry <> wrote:

Dear Suzy and Matthew,

I have finished both your books and really have been inspired to write you with the help of my guide. The section on parallel lives was especially exciting to me and helped to clarify some things I was told previously that I would like to share with you.

Matthew said: A parrallel life may be given existence at a pathway fork and it becomes the "path" not consciously traveled.

Matthew also said: There is a lot of energy in the universe for your thoughts to be converted into action or other plans to give life to the energy of your thoughts or your heart's desire... My desire is what I wish to tell you about.

I went to work in Chicago as a girl friday when I was only 19 years young.The man I was employed by was a handsome young single man of 31, way to old for a 19 year old like me.But I kept fantasizing how it would be like to be married to him because I had such a crush on him. However, I was very shy and, unfortunately, so was he.I knew he thought I was too young for him, after all, he already had finished college, been a lieutenent in the Army and was running his father's business.

In the meantime, I had friends at the USO in downtown Chicago where I met Bob, a young serviceman I was attracted too. Three months after meeting him, we got married and he was shipped off to Japan. I continued working for Dick while saving allotment checks and four months later joined my new husband in Japan.

Bob and I had our problems that first year. Dick wrote me a letter after I was in Japan but the one I answered never reached him. However, when I returned to Chicago, a year later, I phoned him. THIS WAS THE FORK IN THE ROAD. Dick invited me to come downtown and have lunch with him. We had a three-hour lunch as I told him I was unhappy in my marriage and wanted out. After that was History, we were in love. Six Months later we were married.

Now, this was ANOTHER REALITY on another DIMENSION. Because, on our current plane, I never married Dick, never made that phone call. Bob and I continued our marriage for eleven years having three children in the process.

How do I know this? Two years ago, as I was doing automatic writing with one of my guides, I was asked if I would like to correspond with an old friend.I said sure, who? Dick. I was shocked, I had never contacted him when I returned to the States and didnt know he was on the Other Side. I had previous contact with a few others who had passed over. I was so excited to have contact with him and we immediately started corresponding and love in our hearts took over.

Dick has been on the Mansion since 1995 he told me. He has been all through the schools provided for those in transition and beyond. He has taught me so much about Life Hereafter. Matthew's book is very accurate I am told. When Dick and I first started communicating telepathically, we discussed the WHAT IF... What if we got married, instead of me marrying Bob. Dick said WE DID!!!! Wait a minute!!!! Turns out, I was not alone in fantasizing us getting married and having a life together.

Before ever reading Matthew, Dick explained to me that our mutual desire of being married together actually happened. That it IS A REALITY.We are actually living on a different dimension (inner plane) and are having a parallel life right now.

Per Matthew: The energy invested in those paths not chosen must be allowed its continuance somehow....

Suzy asked:

1. What happens to parallel lives when the original person dies?
2. Since they have no bearing at all on the person's conscious awareness, what is their purpose?
3. Are different souls sharing parallel lives?

Dick and I are still alive on another plane or dimension and living our lives together. The PURPOSE is to help each other experience and evolve to reach a higher level of spirituality. Per Matthew: Those lives that started at the various pathway forks are diffent energy aspects of the same soul.

Well, I have rattled on, but there are so few people you can talk to about these things, I would enjoy hearing from anyone who wishes to comment on my experience or tell me of their own. Suzy, you have my permission to do as you please with my letter.

My email address is: - My name is Terry (Ingram, Texas)


Dear Terry...

I can hardly type, I feel so excited about what you have written!!! I wasn't enthusiastic about including that chapter in "Revelations For A New Era" because I couldn't relate to it at all. (I think I made that quite clear in the book!) But since the contents decision was Matthew's and the Council's, not mine, that information that YOU not only understand, you are LIVING, did get published -- and now, I'm thrilled that Matthew gave me all that information! Actually, now I can comprehend it because you have explained it so well. Thank you so much for writing, Terry, and thank you especially for offering me the privilege of sharing your experience. This is such an extraordinary treasure, your communication with Dick and through him to know of your parallel lives, that I am going to send this to Jean Hudon. His assistance in publicizing the Matthew Books through his beautiful tribute to them (The Veil Is Opening) and disseminating that to his Earth Rainbow Network could also help you locate someone who has a similar awareness of his or her parallel life/lives.

All blessings to you (and to Dick!),



Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001
From: Mark Graffis <>
Subject: Alpine Eden proves Mother Nature knows best

Quote from this article below: "If people would only realize that if one leads a life in cooperation with nature and not against it, then nobody in the world need die of starvation."

Friday, August 24, 2001

By Reuters

RAMINGSTEIN, Austria -- In the coldest part of Austria, a farmer is turning conventional wisdom on its head by growing a veritable Garden of Eden full of tropical plants in the open on his steep Alpine pastures.

Amid average annual temperatures of a mere 39.5 Fahrenheit, Sepp Holzer grows everything from apricots to eucalyptus, figs to kiwi fruit, peaches to wheat at an altitude of between 3,300 and 4,900 feet.

Once branded a fool, fined and threatened with imprisonment for defying Austrian regulations that dictate what is planted where, he is now feted worldwide for creating the only functioning "permaculture" farm in Europe.

Permaculture, an abbreviation of permanent culture, is the development of agricultural ecosystems which are complete and self-sustaining.

"Once planted, I do absolutely nothing," Holzer told Reuters. "It really is just nature working for itself -- no weeding, no pruning, no watering, no fertilizer, no pesticides."

His 110 acres of land in the mountainous Lungau region in the province of Salzburg are classed by European Union directives as unfit for agricultural cultivation due to the steep gradient and poor soil.

When Holzer inherited the farm -- then 44.5 acres -- 39 years ago, it was only used for the grazing of the family's cows and sheep. He carved terraces out of the steep inclines --like the ancient Incas and Maya of South and Central America --to stop erosion and trap rainfall.

He rejected the use of pesticides and fertilizers, which he considered poisonous, and the concept of monoculture -- the cultivation of just one plant type over an expanse of land --because he believed it sapped the soil of all nutrients.

Instead he began growing a host of timber and fruit trees, shrubs and grasses all mixed up together.

"Everyone said I was mad and I had to pay numerous fines because the authorities said that it was illegal to plant such a combination," Holzer said.

"When I bought this patch of land off a farmer, it was not fit for the cows and sheep grazing on it. People scoffed that I was neglecting my land -- but now they come to harvest cherries from June to October."

"This is the worst type of soil, which just goes to prove that there is no bad soil, just bad farmers," he added.


Most of the plants Holzer and his wife Vroni grow at his "Krameterhof" holding are not meant to flourish in Alpine conditions, according to experts.

In winter, the temperature can fall to below minus 22 degrees Fahrenheit and a blanket of snow lingers into May. Snow can even fall in the height of summer.

Holzer said he found agricultural textbooks and his own years at agricultural college virtually useless.

"I followed their advice initially, but my trees started dying off. I then realized that I had to eradicate from my memory all that I'd learnt at college," he said.

Enlightenment came one winter during one of Holzer's routine moonlight strolls, when he noticed that the only apricot tree faring well in the harsh winter conditions was one he had forgotten to cut back according to ministerial regulations.

Unlike the pruned trees whose main lower branches snapped off under the weight of snow, the "neglected" tree's branches were intact.

Their unrestricted length had allowed them to droop with the tips touching the ground for support while the snow slid off, Holzer found. Allowing natural vegetation to grow around the trunk provided further support and nourishment for the tree.

"If people would only realize that if one leads a life in cooperation with nature and not against it, then nobody in the world need die of starvation," he said.


Holzer's philosophy is that nature knows best and needs negligible interference from Man.

"We're born into paradise, but are destroying its foundation, the soil. The soil can look after itself, there's no need for Man to tamper with it."

Giant stone slabs pepper the landscape and serve as incubators by absorbing the sunlight and giving off warmth. The trees do their part as well in keeping the ground warm. Fallen foliage helps keep frost from reaching the roots.

Tree stumps dot the plantations to regulate irrigation. Like

a sponge they soak up water and later distribute it.

Animals too have a role in the Holzer ecosystem. Scavenging pigs till the soil in place of a tractor, while grass snakes were reintroduced to keep voracious slugs and mice in check.

Holzer is modest about his achievement which has led to projects in more than 40 countries and lectures on "the elimination of poverty in agriculture." He has rejected suggestions that he should have his method of permaculture patented.

"I would consider that as theft from nature. It's not my possession, I got it from nature and have an obligation to pass this knowledge on," the bearded 59-year-old said.


Holzer says his method of organic farming produces a much higher quality of crops than conventional farming, and at a fraction of the cost and effort.

He says his rare strain of grain contains 12 times the goodness of conventionally grown grain and as a result fetches a price 100 times higher.

His success means that he no longer lives directly off the crops in his sprawling garden, or the rare fish in his Alpine ponds and lakes.

People pay to pick their own fruit from his land, experts visit to study "Holzer Permaculture," and the man himself regularly holds seminars when not in a far-off country such as Colombia solving chronic problems of the soil.

And only one thing has so far stumped the man with green fingers.

"Bananas," he said with a shrug of his burly frame. "They froze. It's no surprise as they need an average temperature of 30 degrees. But I'm still working on it."

Copyright 2001, Reuters


Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001
From: Michel Chossudovsky <>
Subject: Nato Invades Macedonia


by Michel Chossudovsky

Professor of Economics, University of Ottawa

22 August 2001

The URL for this article is:

Some 3500 heavily armed NATO troops have entered Macedonia with a mandate to "disarm the Albanian rebels". Whereas a token collection and destruction of obsolete weapons is envisaged, the evidence amply confirms that the "National Liberation Army" has been armed, equipped and financed by Washington. NATO's ultimate goal is to protect rather than disarm the terrorists, weaken and disable the Macedonian Security Forces and install a protectorate under direct military rule. The US-EU brokered "peace" agreement constitutes an act of surrender and submission to the NATO aggressor.



The disarmament process is totally fictitious. Why would NATO disarm its own proxy force, which has been re-equipped in the last few months with brand new weapons "Made in America".

Following the signing of the framework document, NATO announced it had agreed "with the NLA on terms and procedures for an eventual arms turnover". In this regard, NATO plans to replicate the token "disarmament" of the KLA implemented in the wake of the 1999 bombing campaign in Kosovo, where small arms and AK-47s were handed in on a "voluntary" basis. This process was then followed by the arming and equipping of the KLA with advanced weaponry leading into the terrorist attacks in Southern Serbia and Macedonia.



Washington has pushed Macedonia to the brink of civil war with a view to justifying a NATO led intervention "on humanitarian grounds".

Deliberately jeopardised as a result of the terrorist assaults and the NATO invasion, Washington is fully aware that the "peace" agreement (including the constitutional amendments) has little chance of becoming operational under a "functioning democracy". In this regard, NATO has already hinted that it "has contingency plans" if it is unable to accomplish its mission under the framework "peace" agreement.

In the days following the signing of the framework agreement, the International Crisis Group (ICG), a "Non-governmental Organisation" (funded by George Soros') with links to US State department pointed to the need to "changing the mandate" of the NATO led "Operation Essential Harvest": "NATO cannot limit its mission to 30 days. It must be prepared to do more than collect arms that are voluntarily given to it. It must seal the border with Kosovo and should provide the security assurance required to see the 13 August agreement through to parliamentary ratification and implementation. And it must be prepared to use all necessary force to make that assurance real…

Unfortunately, despite the agreement, there is little trust or even expectation of peace among either ethnic Albanians or Macedonians. That puts a heavy burden on the international community, which will need to decide… whether the mission should have a more open-ended time frame and a more vigorous, traditional peacekeeping role…"20

In turn, the US media has already started to build a "justification" for a more permanent NATO presence as a means to guaranteeing the social rights of ethnic Albanians. An Associate Press report, for instance, quotes: "Mustafa Arifi, 26, sitting with his uncle in the cool shadow of the local mosque… Not only does he want NATO troops to come, he wants them to stay far longer than the 30 days envisioned by the alliance. 'I know the big powers are on our side,'' he said with certainty. 'I would love for them to be here for 20 years.''' 21 And no doubt once the NATO mandate has been redefined --using a "humanitarian" or "peacekeeping" pretext-- the next stage will be to extend NATO's "mission" beyond the agreed 30 days, leading to a more permanent military presence of NATO troops, as a stepping stone towards the installation of a full-fledged NATO protectorate on the Kosovo-Bosnia model.

In this regard, it is worth recalling that Bosnia-Herzegovina was carved up "along ethnic lines" under the 1995 Dayton Agreement. Similarly, Under Operation "Essential Harvest", the arrangement imposed by NATO on the Macedonian government, is that the terrorists will remain in the territories they occupy and NATO will ensure that Macedonian troops will not enter rebel controlled territory. This also means that Macedonians who were expulsed by the terrorists will not be able to return to their homes. And NATO has confirmed, in this regard, that it will not assist in the return of "internally displaced persons".22

In other words, by firmly protecting the KLA-NLA in their territorial enclaves and allowing the process of ethnic cleansing to proceed, NATO has deliberately created conditions which favour the partition of Macedonia, opening the door to "the detachment" of the so-called "Albanian regions" occupied by KLA-NLA forces and their (possible) annexation to a so-called "free Kosovo".

Meanwhile, the Atlantic Military Alliance --while paying lip service to the territorial integrity of the Yugoslav federation-- is also promoting the secession of a "free Kosovo" from Yugoslavia, which would lead to a fracture of Yugoslavia as well as much broader conflagration in the Balkans.

Go at to read the whole article and the EndNotes.

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From: "Martin Hyman" <>
Subject: America loses faith in the Israeli peace
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001

Here is an article from this weeks Sunday Times For Your Wonderful newsletter.

Martin Hyman


America loses faith in the Israeli peace

Andrew Sullivan

Every now and again, amid the pieties and platitudes of diplomacy, some obvious truths briefly emerge. When IRA suspects were found, in the middle of a "peace process", apparently training anti-American guerrillas in Colombia, it briefly occurred to the usual handwringers in the American press that the IRA doesn't really want peace.

The believers in the "peace process" have subsequently gone into their usual denial, continuing in their well-meaning fashion to perpetuate war while they negotiate for "peace". But in Washington, at least, many people noticed the IRA's intransigence.

It was in some respects a turning point. The notion that the IRA can be trusted is now all but dead in the American capital. Tony Blair, take note. Very few people in DC believe in your peace process any more.

But the real shift in American analysis in recent weeks has come over Israel. Of course, the notion of a negotiable peace with the murdering hoodlums who run the PLO was always a fantasy. The Oslo agreement has turned out to be a pretext for Yasser Arafat's continued war against the very existence of a Jewish state in Zion.

But Arafat's summary rejection of the best offer the Palestinians have ever had at Camp David dramatically undermined his American apologists. And the succession of brutal suicide bombings against Israelis that followed has woken up a few dreamers to what the PLO has been up to all along.

Perhaps these dreamers were listening to Arafat's television station recently when it broadcast the following piece of positive thinking: "All weapons must be aimed at the Jews . . . whom the Koran describes as monkeys and pigs . . . We will enter Jerusalem as conquerors . . . Blessings to he who shot a bullet into the head of a Jew."

Or maybe these optimists simply read the report of the recent suicide bombing printed in USA Today and noted by conservative commentator George Will: "The blast . . . sent flesh flying onto second-storey balconies a block away. Three men were blown 30ft; their heads, separated from their bodies by the blast, rolled down the glass-strewn street . . . One woman had at least six nails embedded in her neck. Another had a nail in her left eye. Two men, one with a six-inch piece of glass in his right temple . . . tried to walk away . . . A man groaned . . . His legs were blown off. Blood poured from his torso . . . A three-year-old girl, her face covered with glass, walked among the bodies calling her mother's name . . ."

But whatever the reason, you can hear a tide quietly turning among Washington's political and journalistic elites. In a matter of a week, five separate columns in The Washington Post called for Israel to junk the Oslo accords and launch a real war against the infrastructure of Arafat's murder machine. The goal? To separate Israel from neighbouring Palestinian areas by a simple, defensible wall. No more negotiations with duplicitous murderers. No more peace process.

Here's the scenario, floated by the Post columnist Charles Krauthammer, the brilliant analyst who helped formulate the Reagan doctrine: "A lightning and massive Israeli attack on every element of Arafat's police state infrastructure - the headquarters and commanders of his eight security services, his police stations, weapons depots, training camps, communications and propaganda facilities - with a simultaneous attack on the headquarters and leadership of Arafat's Hamas and Islamic Jihad allies.

"Arafat has given Israel war; he will now receive it. He either flees (as he did from Jordan when trying to overthrow King Hussein in 1970) or is deported back to Tunis (as he was from Lebanon in 1982). Israel does not reoccupy Palestinian cities. Israeli troops stay only the few days necessary to (1) begin building a wall of separation between Palestinian and Israeli territory and (2) evacuate the more far-flung Israeli settlements. With a new border consolidated, Israel withdraws."

Part of the impulse behind this is not merely frustration but fear that the Jewish state, once again, is in peril. Demographers predict an Arab majority within Israel's current extended borders by 2020. Under the onslaught of constant murder and fear, the Jewish public might be convinced to surrender enough arms and territory to give the PLO what they really want: a chance to destroy Israel altogether and murder any Jew they can find.

The only solution is to retrench in a smaller, more defensible, more Jewish state. And the only way to do this is unilaterally. Keep Jerusalem but seal off the rest of the West Bank by a wall similar to that which keeps Gaza at bay. Give it all to the thugs who now pass for political leaders among the Palestinians. Accept that the only peace in the region will be the peace of a threatened war and an impregnable, walled border. Ehud Barak, burnt by Arafat one too many times, has now embraced the plan.

Ariel Sharon is said to be mulling it over. Washington's elites have given Jerusalem the hint that they will do what they can to support Israel when the usual chorus of international disapproval descends after Israel's mini-war.

What will the Bush administration do? So far, it has issued the usual bromides, condemning both sides for any violence, regardless of morality or provocation. Colin Powell at the State Department will whine and worry. But Powell doesn't matter on this issue - or on much else, for that matter.

The secret of the Bush administration is that it is the most proIsrael of any since Reagan. Cheney and Rumsfeld and Bush have few illusions about the Palestinians and quietly look at the Clinton administration's disastrous interventions as a cautionary tale.

If Sharon strikes, Washington will almost certainly refrain from much but a mild harrumph. And privately, many in Washington will be relieved that Israel has decided to enforce what no peace agreement with terrorists could ever accomplish: a real and defensible peace.

What, one wonders, is Jerusalem waiting for?


From: "hagit raanan" <>
Subject: PAN: Light request for the Middle East
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001


Almost everyday I get despair phone calls from my Palestinian friends, it is huge distress in there, mainly economical. Soon starts school year and some of them cannot even buy the kids elementary things to start school, some of them have no money even to send them to school not to say feed them. Terrible! The despair is so heavy. That might be another issue to express your care. Sometimes it looks like leadershipsí interest is to increase anger and frustration.

At the same time, being proud Jewish Israeli aspect of the One, I respect and share the pain of my own people. I think the following will say it better. Friend of mine, devoted peace activist wrote this letter:

"This is a continuing tragedy for me as my neighbor, my cousin, my daughter's teacher, my son's pupil, my younger daughter's classmate's mom, my younger son's classmate, my older son's neighbor, my daughter's best friend's brother, have all been murdered in the recent violence that plagues the Mideast."


I'm grateful for your attention and good intention, keep on pray with us for the Humanity to wake up, the sooner is the better.

In Oneness and Infinite Love - Hagit


27 Aug 2001

The Bush administration is pressuring the European Union to drop new restrictions on genetically engineered foods. Last month, the European Commission gave preliminary approval to require labeling on most biotech foods. Administration officials say the rules would discriminate against U.S. products and violate World Trade Organization requirements. They say that the rules could cost U.S. businesses $4 billion a year. E.U. officials say the cost estimate is exaggerated, and they want the administration to lay off with the pressure. Compared to the U.S. public, European consumers have been much more concerned about the safety of genetically engineered foods. Saudia Arabia, Sri Lanka, and Mexico are also discussing tough biotech food laws.

Washington Post, Alan Sipress and Marc Kaufman, 26 Aug 2001

Take action to label genetically engineered foods

Sum dum gai -- in the wake of Bonn, Bush's isolationism takes a page from China -- satire in our opinions section


The emissions from Boeing's new high-speed plane, the Sonic Cruiser, may pose a direct threat to the ozone layer. Two years ago, the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change found that 1,000 supersonic aircraft flying in the stratosphere would thin the ozone layer by about 1 percent a year. Boeing expects to sell, gulp, several thousand of the new planes. Cambridge University's Helen Rogers, a contributor to the IPCC report, says the Sonic Cruiser will be just as damaging to the ozone layer as supersonic planes. Are you doing the math? For its part, Boeing says the plane's design is not yet finalized.

London Independent, Geoffrey Lean, 26 Aug 2001


28 Aug 2001

Wielding scythes and shears, hundreds of protesters hacked down two test fields of genetically engineered corn in southeast France on Sunday. The incident was the fifth such protest against biotech foods in France since late June. Jose Bove, a French farmer who is one of the world's leading anti-globalization activists, has called for a campaign of civil disobedience unless the government orders the destruction of all test plots of biotech crops. French Environment Minister Yves Cochet has condemned the attacks, while acknowledging that the concerns motivating them are legitimate. Worldwide, consumer support for genetically engineered foods is low, but the industry has convinced most governments to back its products, reports the London Guardian.

Planet Ark, Reuters, 28 Aug 2001

South Africa Independent, 26 Aug 2001

London Guardian, John Vidal, 28 Aug 2001

The Roquefort files -- Jose Bove's quest to sell his cheese and fight globalization -- by Donella Meadows and Hal Hamilton

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Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001
From: Amethyst Freeman <>
Subject: Star Wars plan flouts environmental laws, say groups

Star Wars plan flouts environmental laws, say groups

A coalition of environmental and health groups has launched a legal challenge against the United States Department of Defence, charging that a planned missile test range in the Pacific would violate federal environmental laws.


Date: 29 Aug 01
From: Kim Baker <>
Subject: Cosatu marches, angry at US boycott at the UN conference against racism

Doesn't seem to be much coverage of the USA debacle - regarding their stance at the UN conference against racism currently being held in Durban, South Africa. Bush has downplayed this conference, referring to it as "a conference being held in SA" leaving out that it is the UN conference against racism.

Cosatu marches, angry at US boycott

UN chief Annan arrives in South Africa