March 24, 2000

Subject: Meditation suggested to help facilitate a peaceful resolution of the China-Taiwan situation (daily and on April 2 at 9:00 am GMT) + More feedbacks on the New Energy article + ReJourney of Infinity and Earth Chant Concert + A VITAL MESSAGE TO AMERICA from 95 yr. old Granfather of Co-op Movement + United Youth Congress + Win-win opportunity to Save the rain forest + CHINA KICKS OFF EARTH DAY

Hello everyone

Here is another compilation of feedbacks received on the New Energy article plus a selection of various other interesting material received recently. There has been a very good response to "THE DESTRUCTION OF OCEAN LIFE CONTINUES UNABATED" email and I'll have more on this for you in the next Green Files compilation coming up soon. There will also be some information on an important Climate Change campaign spearheaded by the EarthAction International network. If you want to find out more immediately check "THE HEAT IS ON - An Action Alert from EarthAction" at:

There is also another important development that I'll report to you in more details, most probably in my next email to all of you. Over the course of the last 3 weeks, a very active exchange of ideas has been going on at my initiative amongst a small group of people. It started when I received some alarming information from Boudewijn Wegerif who forwarded to me an article from the WorldNetDaily entitled "China Threatens to Nuke America" (posted at and published prior to the election in Taiwan.

Following this, Barbara Wolf decided to send a meditation alert to the 15,000 people on her e-list. Here it this ongoing meditation focus suggested to help facilitate a peaceful resolution of the China-Taiwan situation:

Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2000
From: Barbara Wolf <>
Subject: Pacific tension

Hello, this is Barbara Wolf.
Global Meditations Network

As you are undoubtedly aware, we are experiencing intense solar
activity. "Preparing for the Solar Maximum Cycle" is a channeled
message from Archangel Ariel giving a clear explanation of what is

The intense solar activity causes anxiety and stress, and so any
tension within the human race is apt to be accentuated. Therefore,
it is best to be on guard against family rifts, be they within an
individual family or within a larger framework of a family nation.

An antidote for stress (negativity) is to send Positive Energies of
Peace, Love, and Light, and so, when you see a family rift, please help
in your own way to mend the fracture.

At this moment, two Chinese families, one called Mainland China,
the other called Taiwan, are experiencing a rift that has the
potential to affect the entire world. You can send Positive
Energy to help reduce this tension. On a daily basis, until
the matter is settled, will you spend a moment or two consciously
sending Positive Energy into this area of conflict?

Jean Hudon of the Earth Rainbow Network
( is consulting with
managers of peace networks on the best way to coordinate an effort to
help reduce the Chinese tension. A plan should be in effect soon.

I am leaving for the South Pacific on March 30 to conduct a
peace pole ceremony in Samoa on April 3 at the opening of the Global
Millennium People's Assembly. On April 23, I will briefly be in
Taiwan. If the tension between the two Chinese families has not eased
by April 23, will you send me your Positive Energies of Peace, Love,
and Light? Thank you.

Barbara Wolf


April 2, Bangkok, THAILAND. 4-4:15 pm, Thai time, 7 hours ahead of GMT
(UT), at the World Fellowship of Buddhists Headquarters, meditation for
world peace and healing, lead by Helen Jandamit. You are invited to
participate. Emphasis is on directing Loving Kindness and Compassion to
Mainland China and Taiwan. Contact:


I suggest a link up between 4pm and 4.15 pm on April 2 (Thai time) We are 7
hours ahead of GMT (UT) so that would be 9.15 GMT (I think). There are
usually around 100 people at these monthly meetings. I will send out info
and coordinate with my network from here. I believe I can get a few thousand
meditating Buddhist monks (in Thailand and Korea) in on the link plus
various Christian (mostly Catholic), and Bahai groups and others that I
know. It would be immensely beneficial to know whether others on a world
scale could join us in mind at that time.


Because I am flooded with emails coming in re the 'Pacific Tension'
message sent a couple days ago re the two Chinas, I know a great number
of people are already sending positive energies to the two Chinas, and
so, you can be assured that this energy of the world will connect with
the energies of those who will be meditating with you on April 2.


So I want to add my voice in support of this initiative and recommend that you focus positive loving vibrations of peace on this situation in your daily meditations and prayers and join the 15 minutes global meditation on April 2 at 9:00 am GMT. The pro-independence political leader elected in Taiwan has toned down his rhetoric and offered to meet with the Chinese leaders to explore avenues for a peaceful resolution to this tension but it remains to be seen whether China will be open to this. Here is a short self-explanatory review of the current situation there:

STRATFOR.COM Weekly Global Intelligence Update
13 March 2000

Power Shift in China: Opponents of Reform Gain A Major Victory

In recent weeks, the world has focused attention on Beijing's
threats against Taiwan and deteriorating relations with the United
States. But both are merely symptomatic of a larger shift within
China itself: traditional leaders of the Communist Party are
dramatically gaining the upper hand against pro-Western economic
reformers. The government has executed the highest-ranking official
in decades, a top official in an economically significant province.
And an old face - Li Peng - has returned to power. If these
victories hold, there will be a sharp reversal of China's economic
and foreign policies.


Also I heard a radio interview the day following the election with a woman from Beijing who reiterated the Chinese government's line that Taiwan is an integral part of mainland China and must be reintegrated one way of another and that this had, according to her, the general support of the people in China. The main conclusion afterwards with the radio host and an invited expert was that only time could mend the relationship and that the more China will become democratic and allow free speech, the more Taiwan will be open to consider reunification with China. (See also CHINA KICKS OFF EARTH DAY below)

Thank you for your assistance in this situation with potential global repercussions.

And feel free to network this to others

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

ERRATA:The URL for Paul LeBreton's website mentioned in the "Various News and Info" was incorrect - the 9 at the end was missing. The correct URL is

Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000
From: Light Worker Center <>
Subject: Email Addressed: Sec. Commerce/Sec. Navy

If you want to communicate your dismay over the Navy killing whales in the Bahamas and to join in the call to suspend any further tests of active sonar, email your protests to

"William Daley, Secretary of Commerce" <>
"Richard Danzig, Secretary of the Navy" <>



Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000

Dear Jean,

I want to thank you again for sending my article to your extensive list of
concerned and caring people.

I am also happy to have been put on your list and to gain your information
and insights on other important global topics.

And I hope that together we can hold enough hearts to keep the light on!

With thanks for all that you do...

With great aloha to you,



Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000
From: Boyd Martin <>
Subject: New Energy...


Thanks so much for that fine new-energy summary. Steve Kaplan is a friend
of mine, and I have great respect his work in this challenging and
sometimes risky field.

I have been working on a project of my own for the past three years, called
the E-Mo. It's a Class C motorhome powered with fuel cells being fed by a
water electrolysis unit connected to a solar cell array atop the RV. The
idea is to create a completely "eco-transparent" vehicle that is
self-sufficient. Other features include vegetable-based lubricants, carbon
fiber tires, hydroponics bay, water collection and recycling system and
onboard waste incineration. The E-Mo houses a micro-broadcast studio in the
rear deck capable of broadband netcasting and video production work for
conventional media outlets. One of the E-Mo's missions is to be a
self-promoting demonstration of alternative automotive options. For more


Boyd Martin
Portland, Oregon

From: "Karen Revell" <>
Subject: Alternative energy
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000

Dear Jean:

I think the time is ripe for the alternative energy sources to become
public. There has been car engines that run on hydrogen fusion (water)
developed and shelved by the oil companies. Now that gas prices are
soaring, and even the President is concerned, MAYBE we will see progress in
this sector.

They just announced on TV that airfare is going up, and food prices will go
up because of trucking costs, this will snowball and become a big issue in
the upcoming elections. It was also mentioned that the countries that are
holding the oil hostage are the countries that we have helped, Kuait being
one of them.

I think Spirit is on the move, and Mercury goes direct tomorrow, the
deadline for Hal Fox to get his financial support. My own project seems to
be moving along as well, and I'll let you know more about it soon.

Karen Revell

From: "Sharie Ramsey" <>
Subject: Re: Miracle in the Void: The New Energy Revolution
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000

Dearest Jean,

Thank you so much for your beautiful commitment to bringing news about the
world to us.

I received e-mails from some extraordinarily spiritually-aware people,
responding to my e-mail to you a few days ago about global warming ... and
global politics heating up... I was happy to hear from them.

Because of my background in non-establishment chemistry and physics,
I am now writing about the "new" energy which Steve Kaplan is advertising.

In the 1800's, Nicola Tesla and Dr. Walter Russell, of Eastern Europe and of
New England respectively, had independently worked with, and wrote about the
power and potential of "free" energy. These two beautiful, spiritual men
Knew (((LOVE))) of Truth, of God, and of humanity as the POWER needed for
Truth beyond fears, beyond beliefs, beyond judgment, and beyond ILLUSION...
Knowing the Truth about nature, and the elements of the ethers (as did
Christ), blows ALL scientific "theories" off the map...


Nicola Tesla demonstrated it repeatedly, in a variety of exhibitions.
But his work was destroyed by the renowned J.P. Morgan, his benefactor, who
saw no potential for "profit" in Tesla's work... because it was "free"
energy. J.P. Morgan instead invested in the more primitive work of Thomas
Edison, as it required wires and other materials which the consumer would
have to purchase, and through which Morgan could profit.
Massive fortunes have been made off of Tesla's patents... over 200 in all...
and fortunes will continue to be made into the future.


There are many books and at least one film on the life of Nicola Tesla.

Thank you,

Sharie Rose Ramsey

Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000
Subject: RDOX (Battery) -- Re: Miracle in the Void: The New Energy Revolution

Dear Jean,

As promised in my earlier post, this is another new tech battery that's on
the stock exchange presently and doing very well (though still in development
and still at "penny stock" level). Please note that it's totally harmless to
the environment.

Best regards,

Gabriella Taylor

About ReDOX: RDOX spent 15 years developing high-energy battery
technology. It holds patents on thin-film aqueous aluminum-sulfur batteries,
which offer energy densities far greater than anything on the market now.
The ReDOX Battery can last more than twice as long as a conventional alkaline
battery, has greater energy density than the lithium ion batteries that power
many of the newer laptop computers and (therefore can provide longer service
between charges), is less expensive to build, more powerful, totally harmless
to the environment and recyclable. This last attribute is especially useful
in the manufacturing phase of the business, with the emphasis being placed on
environmental issues by municipalities and other governmental entities today.

The ReDOX battery is less expensive to build, more powerful, totally
harmless to the environment & recyclable. Since it can be made in multiple-
layer thin-sheet form and molded in almost any shape, it can serve as a
structural part of the device being powered. This gives it the added
advantage of not creating increased or additional weight to the device it
powers. Contact: CEO Richard A. Szymanski, 281-445-0020, 340 North Sam
Houston Pkwy. East, Suite 250 Houston, Texas.

Regarding Hydrogen Batteries, this environmentally safeguarding stock has
soared, though only at around $13/share presently.

This is the most recent news on it at and a href="">

From: "Rosalie Bertell, Ph.D., GNSH" <>
Subject: Re: Various News
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000

Dear Jean,

Tesla towers are being used extensively in the movies, for example, Jurasic
Park, and by the US military, see the HAARP complex. It is a technology
which was rejected for electricity production because it was hard to metre.

Rosalie Bertell

Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2000
From: "Alanna K. Hartzok" <>
To: jean hudon <>
Subject: thank you and...

I really appreciated your direct response back to me re. your McCain
comments, and would like to introduce myself to you a bit. I serve as UN
NGO Representative for an international organization with 52 member
orgs. We are a global movement working for *All people have equal and
inalienable rights to the land and natural resources of the earth.* and
*All people have responsibility for the proper care and use of the land
and resources of the Earth.*

FYI, below, the people I have put together who have the capacity to
implement this ethic through a taxation policy approach. If you wish to
learn more, please read my article *Financing PLanet Management:
Sovereignty, World Order and the Earth Rights Imperative* on my website


Land value taxation shifts the public finance revenue base away from
wages and onto land and natural resources, thus securing common heritage
benefits for all while furthering incentives for wealth creation.

This equitable and efficient approach to land allocation and
conservation is being increasingly recognized as a key policy necessary
to correct the maldistribution of wealth problem that currently plagues
market economies. Land value taxation has a number of other benefits
including curtailing sprawl and speculation, encouraging economic
development in appropriate areas, maximizing the efficient use of
transportation and other infrastructure, and promoting affordable land
access for housing, commerce and farming.

Land Value Taxation Consultants can assist you and your community
through all stages of the implementation of this policy approach,
beginning with the * initial education and advocacy process through the
* political groundwork that may be required to obtain enabling
legislation, into * land assessments * establishing accurate land
cadastres and the * structuring of specific fiscal instruments that
will secure the value of common heritage resources for all members of
the community.


Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000
From: "Amethyst Freeman" <>
Subject: ReJourney of Infinity and Earth Chant Concert

Dear Jean,

Currently in Australia the Journey of Infinity is occurring. This journey or sacred pilgrimage is occurring as a process of reconciliation and preparing the land for the new energies that are
been focused onto our planet.Groups of people will be travelling the sign of infinity throughout the land, connecting, performing sacred ceremonies, linking with indigenous people and celebrating the sacredness of this ancient land. An Earth chant concert is also been planned to be held at Uluru.
Would you please network this information and contacts. Thank You.

Love and Light blessings,

Amethyst Freeman (West Oz)




The preparation of land and peoples for the global Olympic focus in September

THE INFINITY JOURNEY is now an exciting reality with local and international participation ensuring that this spirit-guided initiative will play a central role in preparing the land and peoples of Australia for their increasing global spiritual influence in the new Aeon. When Wholisitc World Vision brought the Aquarian Cross from 'old' Jerusalem to Glastonbury Tor in 1990 - celebrating the reality of the Second Coming of the Universal Christ consciousness - a dedicated group from Glastonbell (NSW) in Australia anchored the energy of this "Aeon Shift" ceremony in the Southern Hemisphere. Later, at a special retreat in Victoria in 1997, WWV consciously linked Avalon in UK with Avalon Geelong in Australia and through this ancient sacred connection via the 'old' & 'new' Jerusalems the next stage of the unfolding plan was born with the vision of a great journey of healing and reconciliation in the southern hemisphere.

This epic pilgrimage will operate between the southern hemisphere autumn and spring equinoxes with various groups and individuals creating their own itineraries & initiatives.

A SPECIFIC HIGHLIGHT will be the EARTH CHANT indigenous concert to be held at Rainbow Valley, near Alice Springs over winter solstice - it is hoped many of the Infinity groups will attend the event and Simon Peter Fuller plans to bring the Aquarian Cross.

WWV is also involved in networking the idea of holding A SILENT MOMENT FOR WORLD PEACE at the opening and closing Olympic Games ceremomies - with over 2 billion people focused on these ceremonies, this could be a quantum leap in human consciousness!


Check the Webpage at for more details

Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000
Subject: A VITAL MESSAGE TO AMERICA from 95 yr. old Granfather of Co-op Movement

A VITAL MESSAGE from a GRANDFATHER of the Cooperative Movement

by Ernest Morgan (Copied from New Environment Bulletin - see notes below)

Now in my 95th year, and with failing health, I don't expect to be around much longer. But I have a vital message to leave to the world and especially to America. The maldistribution of ownership and income in our country is extreme, and is rapidly getting worse. Characteristically, the CEOs of our leading industries receive more than 400 times the pay that the rank and file workers get. Similarly, the richest one percent of the people own more of the productive resources than do a large portion of the rest of our society. As a result the people of our country are no longer able to buy the products of industry. The wheels keep turning, and we enjoy temporary prosperity, by the astronomical expansion of debt. The Federal debt is now over five and a half trillion dollars, and private debt is even larger. This can't go on forever, and when it stops we crash, as in 1929 only worse.

Thousands of businesses will fail and millions of people will face starvation while food rots in the fields. Executives will be jumping from tenth story windows, as they did in 1929. Our society will have gone to hell! How can we avoid this, and preserve our prosperity? What is called for is an almost religious revival. Our society is dominated by a paradigm of greed and exploitation. We must, as quickly as possible, substitute a paradigm of caring and sharing. That alone can save us. It will already be found in the Cooperative Movement, and in some individual lives. My father, Arthur E. Morgan, demonstrated it in his career. In his engineering practice, when he hired other engineers to work for him, he made them partners. In the giant flood control project which he directed at Dayton, Ohio, there were five huge dams to be built which would take hundreds of men seven years. Instead of housing these men in the usual tarpaper shacks he built five beautiful villages in wooded areas. This cost a lot more than tarpaper shacks but the quality and stability of the workforce was so high that it actually saved money. Furthermore, the accident rate was reduced by 85% over what was expected in jobs of that size, saving 30 lives. I inherited my father's philosophy. Launching a business in 1926, I ran it for 44 years, sharing the leadership and income with my employees. My income was not much higher than theirs, and I deliberately ran the company as a community. I hired Blacks, Japanese-Americans and Jewish refugees from Europe on an equal basis with everyone else. In the atmosphere of community the ethnic differences ceased to matter. Our sales policies were carefully designed to fit the needs of our customers. Caring and sharing was a great success. I strongly urge our society to shift to a paradigm of caring and sharing, to make free enterprise a continuing success. Of course there are other challenges to be met. The population explosion in the U.S. and Third World countries must be checked. Likewise we must avoid the exploitation of the workers in Third World countries and must cancel the debts of those countries.

Money now being spent on the military should be devoted to positive uses, such as the harnessing of solar, wind and geothermal energy to reduce global warming. Forestry should be conducted skillfully in such a way that our forests will produce an annual crop of lumber forever - with the undesirable trees used as pulp. Important though these issues are, caring and sharing should be our major concern. - Ernest Morgan, Community Service, Inc. P.O. Box 243 Yellow Springs, OH 45387 (Editor's note: The above article was copied from the New Environment Bulletin -Monthly- Subscriptions: $10/yr., $14 overseas - to Hank Manwell, 902 2nd St., Liverpool, NY 13088 website: THE COMING FINANCIAL COLLAPSE mentioned by Ernest Morgan is not a small matter at all. Having expected severe repercussions from Y2K which did not happen, folks might assume the collapse of the economy won't happen either.

Evidence (coming tomorrow) is that it is only a matter of time, unless we really did take Ernest Morgan's words seriously in a massive way, much more so than we successfully dealt with Y2K.

It is possible. But is it likely ? Truth to be told, I am a very positive thinker, but I fear it is not likely at all in the short time before the collapse occurs.

Y2K gave us a clear time line, but the coming collapse does not. The media does not even reflect its likelhood because those who own the media don't want us to know.

I see it this way: Extremely wealthy (read also greedy) people control the media and the stock market. When they pull out it will collapse. Presently they are manipulating the price of gold to keep it very low and at the same time causing large gyrations in stock prices. Those people who know when stocks will rise and when they will fall. They sell before it falls and buy before it rises greatly increasing their wealth.

At the same time this makes the small investor comfortable with sudden changes so when the big boys pull out and prices start to tumble, small investors will stay in and lose all to the big boys. That is exactly what they want.

Of course, as it collapses they will buy up the gold at artifically low prices and gold will rise rapidly so that they will be even further enriched.

I am psychic but not a market advisor and cannot tell you what to do, but you may want to think about this and draw your own conclusions. Also think about the motives of those who do advise you in financial matters.

The advice I can and will give is that we look seriously at what Ernest Morgan has to say and start right now to study the cooperative movement which is really the only answer I know of for families and individuals.

I did that myself, starting in 1948 when I left the U.S. for a cooperative community in Paraguay, S.A., a group exiled from Germany in 1937. They now have 2,600 people mostly in the northeastern U.S.

The Bruderhof is only one of some 600 cooperatve groups in the U.S. today and I have been visiting and living in many others from 1964 on. There is now a new Communities Directory coming out in a few days and I'd encourage all of you to get a copy of your own right away. Find out about the cooperative systems best for you.

The directory is published by the Fellowship for Intentional Communities and you can get all information from their website which is simply:

Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000
From: Greg Smith <>
Subject: United Youth Congress


I am a ten year-old college freshman and I have pledged my life to the
pursuit of a world at PEACE and where children can live without fear. I
hope you will join me in this effort.

Please take a look at my website and you will find information about me
and my programs. Soon I will be adding more details about the United Youth

Your friend,
Greg Smith

Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2000
From: Mona LaVine <>
Subject: Win-win opportunity to Save the rain forest

Hi co-workers, friends and relatives,,

Save the rain forest and become eligible to win a trip to Belize!
It's easy. From now until April 22, visit the Race
for the Rain Forest site, click on the "Save the
Rain Forest" button and log in, and you will
automatically be entered in their sweepstakes.

A winner will be selected from a random drawing of qualified entries.
Each time you log in, you qualify for entry - so the more you log in, the
greater your chances of winning, and the more rain forest you save!

The winner will receive a 10-day trip for two to Belize,
hosted by The Nature Conservancy
and led by a trained in-country naturalist.

You can help with just a click -- at no cost to you!"

best regards,

From: "Earth Day News-US" <>
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000


Denis Hayes, Chair of Earth Day Network, is fresh off the plane from
China where he recently spent several days meeting with top
government officials, NGOs, and members of the media to kick off
Earth Day 2000, and was met with an enthusiastic reception. "The trip
surpassed my hopes by a factor of 10," he says.

While in China, Denis met with top officials from the country's State
Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA), and with top energy
experts to discuss opportunities for China to use Earth Day as a
catalyst to move forward on energy efficiency and other key energy

China's Earth Day plans include nationwide distribution of pledges
urging individuals to check off their commitment to 12 actions to
help the environment. Several of the top officials Denis met with
were among the first to sign pledge cards.

Denis' visit made news in Beijing, sparking extensive press coverage.
The kickoff made the front pages of two of China's main national
newspapers, and Denis also appeared on a national English-language
talk show with an audience of 300 million to give a briefing on
worldwide plans for Earth Day 2000.

"The welcome I received and the enthusiasm I saw for working on
China's environmental issues was so encouraging," says Hayes. "It's
the kind of experience that makes this work so rewarding."


Want a new car?

How about a brand-spankin' new car that gets great gas mileage (we're
talking 40 mpg on the highway, 50 in the urban jungle) and does its
level best to reduce its pollution contribution to global warming?

Want it for FREE?

Then surf on over to and enter the
Earth Day Earth Smart Car Giveaway to win a shiny, just off the
assembly line, fancy-schmancy, enviro-friendly, cutting-edge
gas/battery hybrid TOYOTA PRIUS!

The Toyota Prius is the world's first mass-produced hybrid vehicle,
and combines an efficient gasoline engine with a powerful electric
motor that automatically recharges as the car is driven. The US
version will run 86% cleaner than federal requirements.

After you enter, be a good friend - forward this email to your
favorite people to give them a chance to win a brand new Earth Smart Car too!

-- Earth Day 2000 Actions: How can you help?
Here are 5 basic steps you can take to help protect our planet from
global warming:
1. Make sure the next car you buy gets at least 30 miles per gallon.
2. Replace light bulbs with energy-efficient fluorescents.
3. Replace worn-out home appliances with energy- efficient models.
4. Choose the best energy-saving models when you replace windows.
5. Wrap your water heater in an insulating jacket.

--Explore WWF's Earth Day site at
to learn more about what you can do this earth day to
help save our living planet!

--Free education kits: This year's WWF annual "Pennies for the
Planet" campaign kits include newsletters for kids and highlight the
challenges facing the Chihuahuan Desert, the East African Mangroves
and Marine Ecosystems, and the Sumatran Islands Forests. To request a
kit, send an e-mail with your name and address to


Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2000
From: Harmonia <>


Some people are very bossy and
like to tell others what to do, but don't
want to soil their own hands.
They are called ... "Dick Tators."

Some people never seem motivated
to participate, but are just content to
watch while others do the work.
They are called ... "Speck Tators."

Some people never do anything to help,
but are gifted at finding fault with
the way others do the work.
They are called ... "Comment Tators."

Some people are always looking to
cause problems by asking others to
agree with them. It is too hot or too
cold, too sour or too sweet.
They are called ..."Agie Tators."

There are those who say they will help,
but somehow just never get around
to actually doing the promised help.
They are called ... "Hezzie Tators."

Some people can put up a front and
pretend to be someone they are not.
They are called ... "Emma Tators."

Then there are those who love and
do what they say they will. They are
always prepared to stop whatever
they are doing and lend a helping hand.
They bring real sunshine into the lives of others.
They are called ...Sweet Tators."