October 23, 2001

The Light Series #1: Choosing Peace and Love

Hello everyone

I received several emails last week in the vein of those below and realized that many Lightworkers are picking the inner call for a renewed focus on Love and Light. I also had a powerful dream last week which woke me up. Its key message was about establishing greater communication and cooperation between this realm of existence and the one where Matthew Ward is, to set up joint activities in service of the Light so as to help break the bubble of illusion on Earth about the isolation so many believe we live in. Breaking the barrier between this world and the next nirvanic one is what I feel will help make the biggest difference in dispelling the shadowy influence of the opposing forces of darkness, and lifting humanity - all those willing to embrace the Light of course - out of the gripping hold of fear.

So as a result I've decided to undertake compiling on a regular basis what I've called "The Light Series" which will focus on various positive aspects related to creating the conditions facilitating the emergence of a world of Peace, Love and Harmony for all. If you feel like contributing to this process you are most welcomed. I'll have more comments of this in coming emails and a very special request.


Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

"It is the fear and all the issues within our own hearts that we must conquer. You see, when we release the light within ourselves, the whole world feels it. It affects the entire universe through a kind of contagion, because we are one. We are all a part of the same unified field of consciousness. That is the lightworkers way. We work on inner levels, which naturally expresses itself on outer planes. That is the only way to effect real change. Be wary of where your thoughts are, for they are creating your future."

- "Krista Herring" <heart4song@hotmail.com> in a reply to a feedback she received.

"We stand at the crossroads between two Universes. One is a world of Armageddon. The other Utopia. Which world do you chose?"

- Janet <TantraGoddess@schooloftantra.com>


1. Feedback & Excerpts from two Messages from God
2. Dream to End War
3. Channeled thought for the day
4. Reflections on Reality
5. Give Peace a Chance
6. Positive Action Opportunity
7. Love & Fear
8. Current News in Perspective


From: "Shanna MacLean" <shannamaclean@mindspring.com>
Subject: Circulate your writing more often
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001

Dearest Jean:

For some time I have wanted to write to you. I recall your many uplifting visionary writings in the past, so filled with God's Light. For example, the one most recently after the Twin Towers incident. These and other similar writings elevate to the highest expression of Creation, to God. Such writings bypass the dark layers of astral delusion clearing from the Earth at this time. They accelerate and quicken the purifying process. I know that you have been many times a chosen carrier of this elevated energy and that the words have been given through you. You bring through this energy beautifully, with a gifted writing style and a passionate expression.

I feel this was one of the original purposes of the Global Visionary group with which my spirit has always been aligned. I feel that the power of the Global Visionary email list could be greatly amplified to play a powerful part in the transformation of the world. How? By placing attention on envisioning the reality we desire, rather than literally feeding the undesired illusion that is around us. Are we not Gods? Think about the people who receive these messages and the potential power they have.

Please consider shifting the focus of this list to this high level of consciousness. Consider beginning with excerpts of your own writings. Others would follow suit and then we would have a communication of such high frequency spreading its wings over the Internet that it would be unstoppable.

I know you have much to read, but honoring our relationship over time, please take a moment to read the following excerpts from MESSAGES FROM GOD offered through Yael and Doug Powell, clarifying our role and about the World Trade Center events. Nothing could be more important than elevating attention to the highest possibilities.

Always in love,


AND MY REPLY WAS (in part)

Thanks for your kind appreciation of my inspirational writings. I was considering before Sept 11 to send to everyone an e-copy of my ecospiritual novel The Immortal Child - which perhaps you have already read. There is lots of good stuff in this book. But the deluge of emails and work have prevented me from doing so ever since. I hope to be able to give it some attention soon. I'll also think of looking into my old files indeed for previous writings when appropriate. Thanks for reminding me of this possibility. I would love to write new stuff like the Awakening of the Sleeping Giant but the usual time constraints are what prevents me from doing this.

As you may have noticed in my last compilation, I've announced a gradual special shift in focus for my compilations. Your email has been partly instrumental for this but there is more.


Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001

Dearest Brother Jean,

I was so happy to get your email. I think the sooner the better re. the uniting of Lightworkers in the new direction. I too had a vision last night of the Golden Galaxy, the New World. It was in process but WAITING FOR US TO CREATE THE NEXT STEPS.

Much love to you, and as moments permit, let's stay in touch.



Excerpts from two Messages from God

Through Yael and Doug Powell

(1) CHOOSING LOVE: The Truth of Good & Evil and the Power of our Attention. Now, you have asked Me how to deal with Evil: how to see it, how to relate to it and how to overcome it. The only way that darkness, evil, or anti-Love will cease is for you, each and every human being, to return your entire being to Love.

Now, as you are growing in your consciousness, you can start by recognizing that every time you focus on negativity in any form you are giving the anti-Christ energy. I have used the term anti-Love until now, but, of course, Christ is the name of My Love. Thus now you know what the anti-Christ is. It is the anti-Love. It is the negative energy that exists from the places where humanity has no Love; the parts of each human where they have forgotten their identity and left a hole where darkness can come through.

So now I call you to come Home, back into your true relationship with Me, as the entry point in My Heart through which My Love moves forth into manifestation. "Turn back to Love," I say to you, in all of your waking moments and in your dreams. As you recognize My call, you ask Me how to deal with the darkness you see around you. You must withdraw your energy from it. You must recognize your responsibility, you must turn back to Me. From absolutely every perspective on every level of Life, dear ones, do not engage it. Do not fight it, seek to destroy it, or overcome it. For if you do, the moment you put your attention on it, you are feeding it and giving it life. And as you place your attention on darkness you are not seeing yourself. You can only remember who you are by looking at Me, for you are made in My image. You are cells in My heart and the closer we become, the closer you draw to Me, the easier and easier it is to remember who you are. AND ONLY IN THAT REMEMBRANCE WILL EVIL BE ERASED. For in remembrance you will fill your being with My Love and you then become an opening for Love, and not for the anti-Christ.

I HAVE OFTEN TOLD YOU THAT WHERE YOU PUT YOUR ATTENTION IS WHAT YOU CREATE. This is true on the deepest levels of All That Is. This is the answer to your question. You can acknowledge that there is an anti-Christ, an energy and vibration that is the manifestation of anti-life (life without Love), but that is all! Otherwise, keep your eyes, heart and mind focused upward on Me. Call continually for your Love to reclaim the all of your being. It is true that the anti-Christ energy (and consciousness, for all things are embodied, even this) does want to do all it can to pull your attention to it. And, as you know, the single greatest tool is fear.

No, you cannot ever succumb to battle of Light and dark. Oh, that is where humanity is robbed of its identity! For in taking it on, YOU, THE CO-CREATORS OF THE UNIVERSE, SAY ITS NAME AND FEED IT YOUR POWER. In other words, you create it. It is difficult for you to see from your level of current functioning, but as I Am, so are you, too, the beginning and the end. Thus, at the same time that darkness is enticing you at your lowest level, dear ones, it flows into existence at your higher level, too. Not your highest level, for there you are united with Me. At the level of illusion, or more accurately, hypnosis, YOU ARE TRICKED into fueling its existence by lending it your co-creative energy by fighting it!!

Let this speak to your soul, for your mind may not comprehend. Yet your mind must be directed by you and by your will to choose Love in absolutely everything. Only so are you turning your beautiful faces homeward.

(2) The Light Is Increasing

The light is increasing. Dear ones, as it does, it will reveal what has been hidden. Truly this is what was happening with the World Trade Center. The consciousness of this country has refused to acknowledge many things on both sides of the "terrorist equation." Refused to acknowledge things about money and the practices internationally, of manipulation of money by the few. On the other side, of course, the U.S. has completely failed to acknowledge all the killing that has gone on in the name of both "democracy" and money (including that international manipulation).

Thus what happened truly was the result of the Light that is pouring in to the Earth and into the mass consciousness of humanity. At this moment, obviously, that consciousness and the governments of countries involved have not chosen honesty. Thus, the Light will continue to bring forth the results of this now rejected awareness. Now the rejection itself will also need transforming.

So in your personal lives as you open more and more fully to Me, dear ones, you must be willing to see all that the Light reveals. And, you must be willing to do this all the way up the vibrational scale. This means that as you become more and more clear, the revelations of the Light will be more and more precise. As your vibrational reality rises, as you become clearer Light, more Light, a speck of darkness will cause as much of a problem as a huge infringement did in the past because you are working in such refined energy that YOUR ATTENTION HAS FAR MORE POWER TO MANIFEST things. So that little "speck" will come forth as a boulder on your path more readily than a boulder sized blockage used to do. Thus the call for total dedication and total Mastery.

Circle of Light, 3969 Mundell Road, Eureka Springs, AR 72631
(501) 253-2998 or 1-(800) 252-1952


From: "Ariel Ky" <drumbeatdeva@hotmail.com>
Subject: Dream to End War
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001


Thank you so much again for your herculean efforts to keep us all well informed. I uncovered the following song, "Last Night I Dreamed the Strangest Dream", some years ago in the resource room while teaching in the English Language Program at UC Berkeley. I taught it to my students as a song from the, sixties protest movement against the Vietnam War, and I'd like to share it with your readers now because it still holds the promise of a powerful vision of ending war.

I also want to urge everyone to share the vivid dreams that most of us are presently experiencing with other people. We're all trying to assimilate this stream of information hosing us down, so it's important to turn within and tune into the multidimensional self that knows the truth of the matter.

I'm forming a dream circle in the Bay Area with the guidance of Robert Moss, Way of the Dreamer, http://www.mossdreams.com. He's written books, recorded tapes, and gives workshops on dreaming, the best resource that I know of at this time. I urge others to form or join dream circles in your area if you want to take a positive step to change our collective future. We're all connecting at a soul level, beginning with our dreams. Sweet dreams!

Ariel Ky

P.S. Don't forget to spend some time daydreaming, too. You can't fret all the time.

Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream
words and music by Ed McCurdy

Last night I had the strangest dream
I'd ever dreamed before
I dreamed the world had all agreed
To put an end to war

I dreamed I saw a mighty room
Filled with women and men
And the paper they were signing said
They'd never fight again

And when the paper was all signed
And a million copies made
They all joined hands and bowed their heads
And grateful pray'rs were prayed

And the people in the streets below
Were dancing 'round and 'round
While swords and guns and uniforms
Were scattered on the ground

Last night I had the strangest dream
I'd never dreamed before
I dreamed the world had all agreed
To put an end to war.

TRO-©1950,1951 & 1955 Almanac Music, Inc.


Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001
Subject: Channeled thought for the day
From: Denis Cottard <denis.cottard@fnac.net>

October 17 2001

Those who govern you, are turning pages before you finish reading them. It’s to not let you anytime for wondering, and awakening.

If you tune up to the rhythm they want to impose on you, you make them Masters of the game, and know that you will never run as fast as they do because they well know where they go and where they want to carry you out.

They sow disorder in minds, because the order THEY want to set up can only be established upon YOUR disorder.

Desynchronize yourself as much as you can from this acceleration which has no other goal than make you lose your bearings.

More than ever, take time to focus on the values which are yours, on what really makes sense to you.

Allow yourself to slow down and go at your own pace, in order to mark reality with YOUR imprint, and not with THEIRS.


From: "Kiara Windrider" <kiarawindrider@worldnet.att.net>
Subject: Reflections on Reality
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001

By Kiara Windrider and Barry Martin
October 20, 2001

The past few weeks have surely been a wake-up call. Like many of you, we have been inundated with emails from so many people struggling to make sense out of these events, so many going through the entire spectrum of human emotions, so many holding out a beautiful vision of new possibilities of rebirth and transformation. We too have felt at times to make our voices heard, presumably voices of sanity in an insane world. Or is it that the insanity is simply being driven up from the shadows, magnified so we can resolve it?

For ourselves, as we take time to reflect back on these days, there is a realization that much of our writings have come from a place where we have felt "driven" to write. Searching deeper, this driven-ness seems to arise from a deep feeling of not being safe, from the fear that we have lost control of our own lives, from the fear that something or someone bigger than ourselves can determine our destiny, and the ultimate fear, the one that drives so much of our human behavior - the fear of ceasing to exist. And so we fight, attempting to regain control in a myriad of ways.

In our conversation together we realized that we have become polarized in our own way. We have been attacked in a place deep within our psyche, and our fear imprints got triggered in response. Yes, we worry about the possibilities of moving towards a global war with grievous consequences for many, and we worry that the agenda for a planetary awakening or rebirth may be in jeopardy. These fears may be real, yet where do these fears arise?

Somehow beneath all this there is the assumption that what happened on September 11 was "bad". We assume that what is "good" would be to undo this somehow. We assume that if there is the possibility of war to follow that it would undermine the possibility of peace. We assume that we in our own vision of truth must overcome the dark clouds of a lesser untruth. We assume our own truths to be self-evident. How else could a sane person define reality? How else could God respond?

Would our responses change if we truly felt that there is only God, and that there is nothing but God? Even when we, as individuated aspects of God, forget who we are, and in the forgetting create chaos and distortion, are we not still held in the divine, still part of the dance of God? This is how God awakens in form, realizing Itself in often disturbing and discordant ways.

"Jai mahamaya ki jai", say the yogis, "hail to the great play of life"! In our delicate humanness we are programmed to avoid extinction of life, and so we go into fear. This is not "bad" or wrong either. If this is the basis for our behavior, however, then the cycle of fear, characterized by defense and attack, continues. This is the core basis for the separated egoic condition, the basis for what motivated the terrorists, and to some degree what motivates those who seek to retaliate and punish. In God there is no polarity between good and evil, and therefore all things are an opportunity for grace.

We have talked about standing at the threshold of a planetary initiation. As we look at the life of one of the greatest initiates who ever lived, Jesus, we observe how he embraced his own death, knowing that this death was only an illusion. As he walked through the gates of illusion with a steady heart, he was enabled to overcome the cellular programming of survival fear, and move into his own resurrection and ascension. Could it be that part of the doorway we face is to go beyond acting out of fear and separation, even the fear of death, and to transcend the illusion of death entirely?

What seems to be coming up for the two of us at this time is a deeper need to examine our own responses to the current crisis. If we are truly on the verge of a planetary awakening or initiation, this demands responses from us that are outside of our familiar boundaries of reality. How do we reverse the deep programming locked into our very cells, the fear of extinction? Is this fear of extinction perhaps the basis for our separated egos and all the violence they create? And as we allow for the possibility that all of this is "good", simply God evolving and awakening in all of Its myriad individuated aspects, may we perhaps move through our own doorway of initiation, going beyond subtle distinctions of polarity/duality into our own experience of resurrection and ascension? Is this perhaps how unity consciousness will be birthed in the mass consciousness of humanity?

These are the questions that come up for us. We share this because our process does not seem to be different from what many around the world are now experiencing, and perhaps we can help each other clarify what this process of initiation means. Although many have experiencing these initiations individually, this is perhaps the first time we are undergoing this level of initiation as a planetary collective.

Perhaps none of this will change what we are doing on the outer levels. But it may change why we do it.

(Kiara Windrider is author of "Doorway to Eternity", available through http://hoep.org. Barry Martin is author of "The Time Spiral", accessible through http://members.tripod.com/chrysalis_foundation.)


From: "Theresa Matthew" <theresa.matthew@ntlworld.com>
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001

This is no ordinary war, our Earth is in grave danger. We need people of like minds to come together and oppose the criminal activity of war. All what we have, all that we should leave to future generations could easily be destroyed.

This Earth may be unique holding life as it does in this part of the Universe, are we really willing to allow men who have not even the authority of their Governments and certainly not of the people to cause such devastation in our name? The only way that we can challenge this is for all likeminded people to come together and make a statement and the greatest way of doing this, is as has always been, through the POWER OF MUSIC. We must lift the human race out of darkness and restore the LIGHT OF PEACE, HARMONY AND ALL THAT IS GOOD IN THE GLOBAL FAMILY ON MOTHER EARTH.

Please Contact: Theresa Matthew
Tel: +44(0)1622 817136



We are the Heart of the Nation

We are the Heart, we are the Heart of the Land
We bring our Strength, we bring our Love
We are the Heart, we are the Heart of the Land
We are the Light of the Holy Dove


And Together as we Stand,
We are the Heart of the Nation
And Together as we Stand,
We'll see an end to all desecration
It won't be long FOR WE ARE ONE
It won't be long FOR WE ARE ONE

We are the Light, we are the Light of the World
We bring our Strength, we bring our Love
We are the Light, we are the Light of the World
We are the Love of the Holy Dove


Shoulder - to - shoulder as we Stand
We are the Heart of the Nation
Love turns the Key to the Door
In every Heart to end this war
It won't be long FOR WE ARE ONE
It won't be long FOR WE ARE ONE

Peace to the World
To every Heart in every Nation
Peace to the World
To every Heart in every Nation
Peace to the World
To every Heart in every Nation...........fade out singing

Theresa Matthew (c) 2001
Peace Emissary


This is no ordinary war, our Earth is in great danger,we need people of like~minds to come together. All that we have, all that we should leave to future generations could easily be destroyed.
This Earth may be unique holding life as it does in this part of the Universe, are we really willing to allow men who have not even the authority of their Governments and certainly not of the people to cause such devastation in our name?

The only way we can challenge this is for all like-minded people to come together and make a statement and the greatest way of doing this is as has always been through the POWER of MUSIC. We must lift the Human Race out of darkness and restore the LIGHT OF PEACE, HARMONY and All That Is Good in the Global Family on Mother Earth.

The Power of Music is the Power of Love

Love is the most powerful energy in the world

If the people of the World stand shoulder to should in LOVE this World will be saved.

Please Contact: Theresa Matthew
Tel: +44(0)1622 817136


From: SandozB@aol.com
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001

Dear Jean and others,

I am pulling together an abbreviated list of all of the cutting edge science that supports the power of sending love, light and positive intention to the world and explains why and how this shift in our focus can alter the course of humanity from one probability such as chaos to another such as harmony.

Anything you and others can share that demonstrates the truth of this understanding would be greatly appreciated.

I will then pull this together and begin an Internet campaign for sending this information out broadly along with a request that people hold the energy field of this loving and light intention to the world at this time.

With aloha, Bobbie


From: EdElkin@aol.com
Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2001
Subject: Love & Fear

Dear Global CyberFriends:

Because I share the vewpoint of Elizabeth who forwarded "Love and Fear" by Yael Lachman to me, I share the story with you. It gives heartfelt and powerful advice on what to do in these times.

Please spread it widely through your local newspapers, magazines & e-mails.

Aloha & Love,
Ed Jor-El Elkin

From: nmeier@got.net (N Meier/E Good)

Hi.... I know we are all more than overloaded with emails about our fragile, changing world as of last month. That is why I have passed on very, very little of what I have received, and always hand-pick each email and each person who receives it, when I do decide to send anything. Of all the scores of things on so many levels that I have read, this, I think, may be the best one. Thus, I was compelled to share it with you. I've received truly great pieces from many writers, famous and not so famous, channelings, political and spiritual pieces. Yet this one is simply by a local writer in our free weekly newspaper here in town. But I think it really says it all. It gives me chills every time I read it. I hope it helps to heal your heart, and Yael said to feel free to share it with others if it moves you as much as it did me.




Love and Fear

by Yael Lachman

(Originally appeared in Good Times: Santa Cruz County's News and Entertainment Weekly, 9/19/01)

I was up in the mountains last week. Tuesday morning, just after dawn, I crawled out of my tent and ran smack into a ranger whose job that morning was to whisper the news from New York and Washington, D.C. When he had finished, we looked at each other for a long, helpless moment. Then we both turned away before either of us could cry. The ranger went off to find more campers. I stood there staring at a tree.

There are moments in your life when the world splits open and forces you to decide what is most important to you and what you are going to do about it. Immediately, my mind ran through all the scenarios taking place back in the city: fear and hysteria crackling over the airwaves; calls for retaliation; a declaration of war, complete with nuclear warheads, biological weapons, and unthinkable devastation.

Then something made me stop and look. Right in front of me, the river ran down the mountain. A marmot froze on a rock. The real world grabbed me by the collar and hauled me back from the brink. Once it had my attention, it demanded to know exactly what I intended to do. What is required of me, right now, by everything that is holy?

That's the question, and we must find an answer fast. We can no longer deny that evil exists, and we can no longer fail to respond. Standing by the river, I thought, We love the world too much. We love our own lives, and it has made us soft. Everything we love is fragile and vulnerable: this river, this fish, this rock. We are doomed. They know how to fight. All I know how to do is love this world.

Panicked, I scrambled around in my mind for inspiration, for an image of someone wise who had lived through a war and who could tell me who I was supposed to become in these desperate days. I was expecting a freedom fighter, maybe -- someone with a gun. But the person who sprang to mind was Chiura Obata, the Japanese-American painter who fell in love with Yosemite and the High Sierra. He appeared to me looking exactly as he does in a photograph from 1942, taken at the Tanforan detention center. In the photograph, Obata is calm and smiling, teaching a bunch of children to paint.

Of all the things to do. There's a war on, your people have been rounded up like cattle, and there you are playing with a paintbrush. I blinked, hoping to conjure a more martial role model this time, but Obata stubbornly remained. He sat before me, out on a rock in the middle of the river, watching impatiently as I struggled to comprehend.

Then, all of a sudden, I got it. Obata wasn't teaching those kids how to paint; he was teaching them how to love. Day after day, right through the barbed-wire fence, Obata taught showed those children how to see beauty; how to keep their hearts open. He knew that when evil and destruction arrive, we must refuse to stop loving the world. Then -- and this is the crucial thing -- we must act on behalf of that enormous love.

What America has just learned, very painfully, is that we have not loved enough. We have cringed at gruesome wire-service photos and turned our backs on the suffering of the world. We have allowed our own government to bomb civilians, withhold medical supplies, and sell weapons to brutal thugs in every part of the globe. Through our own ignorance, we have helped create a world where desperate people will gladly sign up to be the messengers of death. And now that death and destruction have reached our own shores, we must decide how we are going to respond: with love, or with fear. The whole world is holding its breath, waiting to see which one we will choose.

So. Which will it be? Love, or fear? If you choose love, then you must act today to tell every person in a position of power that you will not allow our government to inflict more suffering in your name. After that, you must sit down and ask yourself what you have been put on this earth to love, and how you will let this one, great love of your life grow bigger than you ever imagined. You and I need to have this conversation with ourselves and with everyone we know. We need to figure out how to pool our gifts, all our infinite blessings, and let them spill out over the edges of our own, small lives.

There are people who will try to tell you that love is a luxury and that life in all its miraculous beauty is less urgent right now than the need to retaliate against the forces of evil. I am here to tell you that unless we respond with love, we will certainly hand evil its great and final victory. Go out, right now, and plant yourself in the middle of that which you love most -- the thing within you that is most alive. Now listen carefully, because as that love cracks your heart open, it will tell you exactly what this broken world needs from you. This is your holy work, and it cannot wait. Make it big this time. Make it so.



'Children die' in Kabul strikes

Afghan Aid Halted at Borders (Monday October 22)
Aid intended for Afghan refugees is being stopped at the borders, causing a continuing logistical nightmare for relief agencies. CLIP

"The winter will be on us soon, so there's a need to go very quickly to insure that aid reaches the women and children there in time," said Nicolas de Torrenta, the executive director of Doctors without Borders last Wednesday. "It takes from several days up to several weeks to reach the most remote areas in the country where people are at most risk," he added.

The weather is only the latest challenge for those trying to provide aid to millions of desperate Afghans. The United States bombing campaign and internal war between Taliban and Northern Alliance soldiers have kept food, medicine, and other aid supplies stranded at border crossings in virtually every nation that adjoins Afghanistan.


In Pakistan, thousands of tons of wheat from the U.S. wait to be shipped across the border. Tents and water tanks from Japan, hand pumps from Saudi Arabia, and fortified milk from Denmark all fill warehouses waiting to be shipped into Afghanistan.

Agencies Request Bombing to Be Halted

It's why so many aid agencies have called for a temporary halt in the bombing. But the U.S. military has indicated it will continue the bombing and the warring Afghans have shown no desire to heed calls for a cease-fire. In the meantime, the U.S. airdrops 35,000 food packets into Afghanistan every day. At best it's enough to feed about one percent of those in need.

Israel Wants Killers or Troops Stay

JERUSALEM (AP) - Standing firm on tough conditions, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said Monday his troops would not release their hold on six West Bank towns until the Palestinians turn over the militants who assassinated an Israeli Cabinet minister. The U.S. government, meanwhile, issued its strongest denunciation of the Israeli operation Monday, demanding that Israel pull out immediately. In Jerusalem, thousands of Israeli demonstrators demanded that Sharon expel Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and bring down his Palestinian Authority. Israeli tanks rumbled deeper into Palestinian towns, setting off street battles for a fifth day. CLIP