January 17, 2000

Subject: Introduction to the Planetary Awakening Network (PAN) + A Mystical Experience in QUMRAN + New Publishers Directory and Network initiated by Michael Lightweaver

Hello everyone

Here is an email I have been intending to send you for almost a year now. Some of the people on this list are already part of the Planetary Awakening Network list but I'm sure many of you never heard about it. This is a project whose itinial co-creation by a small number of interested parties parallels in many ways the co-creation of the Earth Rainbow Network and it is definitely a perfect complement to the work carried on here - although I seldom forward to you the material posted to the PAN list, some of it made it into my compilations, and I occasionally send to the PAN list what I prepare for the ERN list.

As I wrote to Michael Lightweaver tonight "I have been planning for a long, long time to send this info to the ERN list - but never got around to pass on because of continuous other "more urgent" matters to focus on. Over a period of 11 months in 1999 I forwarded 127 12-page long emails to the ERN list -- a total of 1524 pages!! all archived on my site -- not counting the more infrequent emails to my French list, those (numerous!) to the media list, the environmental and peace NGO list, the GMO-related list and all the separate individual correspondance. Quite a busy year..."

I'm sure this is an email many of you will want to forward to your own list of contact...

Speaking about this, in another correspondance tonight with Ricardo Ocampo <anahuak@webtelmex.net.mx>, coordinator for the Anahuak Radiant Centre and the Operation Planetary Amor (OPA) network (with 13,000 subscribers in 90 countries), who mentioned to me that "We still forward your messages to our iberoamerican web of light", I wrote back asking "When you say that you still forward my messages to your iberoamerican web of light, do you mean all the 13,000 subscribers in 90 countries or just a portion of them? And do you mean you systematically forward *everything* you receive from me or just some of it occasionally? I'm curious because although I know many people forward my material to their own list, I have no idea how many do so and what is the total number of people who therefore receive copies of all this. This could be an interesting statistic to find out..."

So since this email is all about networking, I'm bringing this up to you. I would very much appreciate receiving from all those who forward the material I prepare to their own network that you let me know about it, and tell me how many people you have on your list and how often you forward my emails. Please include also a brief introduction about your network (name, goals, etc.) and about any website you may have, including the URL. I'll compile all the responses and send them to everyone on this list.

Here is my introductory comment now about PAN...

For over a year now I have been involved in an international association of Internet based networks devoted to positive planetary transformation. It's called the Planetary Awakening Network, and I thought perhaps you might have an interest in participating. We currently have over 465 networks from 45 countries. Some networks are as big as several hundred people an others as small as 5 people. If you are involved in consciousness raising activities in the area of human relations, peace education, the environment, complementary health and healing, spiritual development, or planetary and galactic citizenship - and if you would like to connect and exchange information with others around the world who are involved in similar efforts, then your participation would be appropriate. There is no charge or cost. Our association of networks is creating a beautiful web of light around the planet. As we get to know one another and exchange ideas, information and resources, we are creating a "synergy of service" to the world with One Heart and in One Spirit.

Our most essential mission is catalyzing the global planetary awakening of humankind by continuously vitalizing the common though-form and psychospiritual field of our Oneness with All That Is or, in short, fostering our sense of forming One Global Spiritual Community -- I had recently a powerful dream where this notion of our common work being the nurturing of this sense of "spiritual community" within all human beings was clearly stated.

And of course, keeping on the alert as guided by our still small voice within or by a formal PAN ALERT when any local event or global situation require our immediate peace-nurturing and love-rekindling attention and meditative focus -- while never underestimating the effect our every moment thoughts and feeling-waves can have on the entire world since a round-the-clock realization and manifestation of our Light-filled divine Reality is what really matters after all, because as more and more of us permanently live, breathe and embody this emerging planetary/universal consciousness, it then becomes more and more easy for others to tuned in, hundredth-monkey fashion, into this New Unity Consciousness.

For your information you will find a more detailed description below.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

What is PAN?

The Planetary Awakening Network is an association of networks devoted to positive planetary transformation. We share an understanding that we are in the midst of a major planetary transition which is described in many ways by different belief systems. Western astrologers speak of it as the transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian age. This transition involves an awakening of a new consciousness which includes, but is not limited to:

* An awakening to the understanding of the inter-relatedness of all Creation, the fundamental unity of all Life, and the Oneness of Humanity.

* An awakening to our deep connection to Nature and the Earth as a living being.

* An awakening to the inter-connectedness and unity of the body-mind-spirit.

* An awakening to the understanding of our true potential as creators of our individual
collective reality.

* An awakening to the understanding that - perhaps - our greatest impact in the world has as much to do with who we are at the core of our being as it does with what we do.

There is a sense that we are in the midst of an "evolutionary leap" which involves, not only humanity, but all Creation and the Earth herself. Our intent as an association of networks is to link with one another for the purpose of becoming acquainted, exchanging information and exploring ways of working together synergistically to make this transition a gentle and positive experience for the highest good of all. Participation in this association of networks is appropriate for all those involved in conscious raising efforts related to human relations, peace, health and healing, spiritual development, ecology and the environment and planetay and galactic citizenship - to name a few. In our communications we often use the term "light workers" in reference to those involved in these endeavors. Purpose

The purpose of association is two-fold:

1) To provide an international communication network for the exchange of ideas, resources and information; and

2) To provide a planetary emergency alert system for light workers to be able to collectively use their interdimensional tools (meditation, prayer, ceremony, etc.) to bring about a positive resolution to specific crisis.

The Planetary Awakening Network came into being in April, 1998 as an international coalition of networks. The original purpose was to create an international emergency alert system in which participants could use their interdimensional skills to help bring about a healing to planetary crisis situations. From that beginning point it has developed as an e-mail based international communication network for the exchange of ideas, resources and information among those involved in some form of conscious raising activity as mentioned above.

Currently we have over 520 networks from 45 countries, representing over 170,000 people. Some of these "networks" are informal and as small as five people; the participant and a few friends - while others are large networks of a thousand or more.

You may register to participate in the network association by sending the information requested below to (as of May 5, 2004) "Maggie Erotokritou" at surya@spidernet.com.cy

Although your full name, address and phone number are requested (for purposes of verification if necessary), your address and phone number will be kept confidential and will not be forwarded to other participants. Once you register, you will receive a copy of the current Network Directory. Additions will be forwarded to you periodically as new registrations are received.

Common Questions and Answers

Q: I don't have a network. Can I participate as an individual?

A. You may not have a large or formal network, but perhaps you participate in an ongoing group of some kind or simply have a circle of concerned friends who you would be willing to alert in the case of a crisis. If so, you could consider this as your network and your participation would be welcomed. We ask for a minimum of at least 5.

Q: How would I send something out through the Network?

A: Each participant is provided with the e-mail address of every other participant. This will allow you to send something out to all participants and potentially to their networks. You may also post a notice on the Network Bulletin Board which is sent out every 15 days with each new set of additions. All that is requested is that you follow the e-mail guidelines which we have established.

Q: As a participant will I be required to forward information to my network?

A. Absolutely not! You always retain the right not to forward any information which you feel is not appropriate or not sufficiently important to share with your network.

Q: Are there different levels of participation?

A: Yes. There are three choices: (a) "Alerts Only" - Planetary emergency alerts only, (b) "Weekly" - A maximum of one non-personal e-mail per week from another participant, (c) "Unrestricted" or a willingness to receive any information anytime with the understanding that you may request removal from someone's list if you receive either too much info or info which is not of interest.

Q: If I find that participation creates too much e-mail or I receive unwanted e-mail, how can I disengage?

A: If you receive unwanted or too much mail from another participant, you can simply ask to be removed from their mailing list - and still remain as a Network participant. Or, you can change your "receipt of e-mail frequency" status. If you choose to drop out altogether, you can notify the coordinator and have your name removed from the list.

If you have other questions, send them to Michael Lightweaver at lightweave@aol.com

Do You Wish To Register?

If so, complete all of the information below and e-mail to lightweave@aol.com Also, feel free t to forward this on to others who might be interested.

Please Register Me As A Participant:

Full Name:
Address: (confidential)
Postal or Zip Code:
Telephone Number: (confidential)
Fax Number: (confidential)
E-Mail Address:
Size Of Network: (Please Indicate A Specific Number)
(the number of people you could contact directly within 12 hours, in case of a crisis, either in person, by phone, fax or e-mail.)
Project or Group Name:
Project Description: (35 words maximum)
E-Mail Frequency
___ ALERTS - I wish to be sent only Planetary Emergency Alerts.
___ WEEKLY - I wish to be sent no more than one non-personal e-mail per week
from another participant
___ UNRESTRICTED - I am willing to receive e-mail from others with
restriction, with the understanding that I may request removal from som ones
list if I receive either too many e-mails or info which is not of interest.


These guidelines have been established from our experience and from suggestions which have been received in order to provide an operational framework for the association. The underlying principles are fairness and respect.

1. Participants are asked to honor the e-mail frequency requests of each participant by sending only planetary emergency alerts to those who have so requested, and no more than one mailing a week to those who have requested this.

2. Participants may send info to other participants in two ways, either directly or via posting a notice on the bulletin board which is sent out with each set of additions. When sending info directly to other participants, please title the mailing with either "PAN ALERT" - Followed by the subject of the alert or "PAN INFO" - Followed by the subject. This will alert each of us that the others have received the information and we will not forward it to the list. Instructions on how to post on the bulletin board are sent with each set of additions.

3. Please keep the content of mailings brief - no more than a few paragraphs. You may provide a website or e-mail address for those who want more details. This is a matter of respect.

4. Please be discerning and respectful in the information you forward to participants. While personal letters are always appreciated along with the exchange of vital information, many of us find our boxes daily filled with forwarded information such as jokes, cute stories, inspirationals, chain letters, etc. So much so that - for some of us - "forward" equals "delete." There are many critical issues facing the world today. Some are important regional issues and others are critical planetary crisis. And each of us have our special areas of concern. Participants are urged to be reserved in issuing Coalition Alerts in order not to water down the effect that overuse of the Alert System may have.

5. Please protect the privacy of other participants by keeping the PAN e-mailing list confidential. When doing a mailing, use your "blind copy" (Bcc) feature of your emailer program or whatever your server provides so that all of the addresses won't show up on the mailing. If in question, do a test mailing to yourself.

6. If you drop out of the association, please remove the PAN e-mailing list from your database. This is simply a matter of fairness and respect. If you change your e-mail address, make sure to inform the PAN Coordinator of your new e-mail address so he may update the PAN e-mailing list.

7. If you have indicated that you only wish to receive emergency alerts, you should not use the PAN list to send frequent non-emergency information yourself. That is also a matter of fairness.

Corrections & Additions

If you have corrections to your listing, please forward them to the coordinator. These corrections along with new entries will be sent to you at approximately the beginning and middle of each month. Also, as a participant, you may post a notice on the Bulletin Board which will be sent with each set of additions and corrections. Guidelines and categories are listed below:

Our association of networks is creating a beautiful web of light around the planet. We encourage you to exchange personal communications with those who share your interests and concerns. The synergy of our service can often be enhanced as we link up around the world with One Heart and in One Spirit. At the same time, we ask all participants to observe the communication guidelines which we have established for participantion. At the bottom of each listing we have indicated the "e-mail frequency status" which each participant has ask us to observe. Please respect their request. We are continually receiving additional registrations to the Network. Sets of these additions, along with corrections, will be sent out periodically for you to add to this original set. Please read the Guidelines over carefully before utilizing the network.



Michael Lightweaver
PAN Coordinator


Managing Mail From Other PAN Participants

One of the challenges we face in PAN is what constitutes a Planetary Crisis sufficient warrant an alert. First of all, most crisis are going to be local or regional - at least originally - even the crisis related to Iraq which initiated this alliance. Also, some of them have more global implications than others. For many folks, the slaughter of buffalo at a national park in the USA or the captivity of an elephant in India doesn't carry the same weight as a pending war in the Mideast or the Balkans. For others it is a primary concern. All of us have our special concerns. Thirdly, there are the things which are generally seen as a crisis in consensus reality (the nightly news) such as Kosovo, etc. and there are those concerns found primarily in various alternative communities such as the "patriots," the "Christian Coalition," as well as channeled or psychic predictions of disaster. Each of us have different standards for determining what constitutes a crisis, and different thresholds which must be crossed before we become alarmed. Because we are an alliance with many differences, it requires some tolerance and gentleness from each of us. Personally I am very conservative about sending alerts or even in my interpretation of what constitutes a "planetary crisis." But I realize that many others see the world through a different set of lenses.

So when and how should the PAN "Alert Only" list be used? Basically it has to involve a planetary emergency. This would include natural disasters, wars, civil strife or other such crisis. Alerts should be requests in which we are asked to take interdimensional or other action which will help bring about a healing to the situation. One criteria to use in deciding whether something should go to the Alert list is whether it involves a crisis that is so immediate and grave that it cannot wait until the regular PAN mailing which goes out on the first and fifteenth of each month. There is a place on the PAN bulletin board for "Alerts." These are major concerns which you may wish to alert PAN participants about but are not immediate or planetary. The bulletin board goes out to all PAN participants (including the Alert list) every two weeks.

The guidelines which govern our communications suggest that if a person receives either too many or undesirable e-mail's from another participant, the easiest thing to do is simply to ask to be removed from that persons list. Being human, mistakes do happen and requests sometimes fall through the cracks. So sometimes a second request is necessary. If this doesn't work, then please notify and I will take it from there. Personally, I have written a brief "standard response" which I send to those who send me more mail than I can process. It simply asks that the individual not send me more than one non-personal e-mail per week. Some of you have already received this from me. If this isn't honored, then I simply ask to be removed from the list. If you want a copy of this for you own use, let me know.

Planetary Awakening Bulletin Board - included in the bi-monthly mailings done by the PAN Coordinator

Posting Guidelines

1. Please keep your posting to 60 words or less, in addition to your e-mail and web address.

2. Since the Bulletin Board is for PAN participants, you must include your own name and e-mail address for inquiries from those who want more information.

3. Each posting will only be sent out once. It will then be added to a cumulative Bulletin Board which will be sent to new participants.

4. Postings may be sent at any time to the coordinator (lightweave@aol.com) and will be sent out in the next regular mailing near the beginning and middle of each month.

5. The coordinator will place your posting in the most appropriate category.


ALERTS (This includes calls for meditations, prayer, etc. as well as specific action requests such as petitions or contacting decision making persons regarding some concern or issue).

HAPPENINGS (This includes conferences or gatherings which involve many activities or presenters. It isn't for personal workshops, local events or endeavors of a primarily commercial nature.)

NOTICES (This is for brief noncommercial notices or announcements which don't fit into one of the other categories)

RESOURCES AVAILABLE (This is the place to notify other participants of non-commercial resources which may be available and helpful to us in our various pursuits.)

WANTED (This is the place to post notices if you are trying to connect with others around a specific concern or issue, need some kind of information, or are traveling and looking for contacts at your destination, etc.)

HEALING REQUESTS (This is the place to post requests for absent healing or prayers for yourself or others with critical physical, mental, spiritual or material health concerns or crisis. Please include the persons name, city
country location and nature of their concern.)

MISC (This is a catch-all section of anything that doesn't quite fit into another category).

MARKETPLACE (This is the section if you are promoting a product, service, etc.)

A year ago I received the following from Maggie Erotokritou (she is from Cyprus) commenting on my correspondance with Michael Lightweaver about the new Planetary Awakening Network name in the process of being chosen at that time and I had not forwarded it to you yet. Reading this you'll find that she had a most extraordinary mystical experience. I wonder if there has been any new development since... Her comment about the great potential for this PAN network also brings up the realization that we could be doing much more, especially lately, to respond to local or global crises (for instance, no one has circulated any ALERT yet regarding the war in Chechnya...). Fortunately, we've had our traveling Peace Ministrel, James Twyman, to motivate us all into joining together for specific meditation rendez-vous. However, the lack of such globally-arranged rendez-vous does not necessarily mean that people do not feel compelled to meditate whenever there are conflicts or Peace breakthroughs in-the-work as for the Israel-Syria negociations now underway in the USA. Any responsible lightworker knows that there is no need for global calls to get active in supporting and nurturing through his/her meditations and prayers the spiritual collective pool of peace and love energies that continuously works wonders to smooth out the way towards a peaceful, just and environmentally sustainable future for all. The call only needs to come from Within - usually just at the peak moment when it is most essential - for us to respond, and take a few minutes off to offer ourselves as an instrument of His/Her Will.

So here is what Maggie had to say...

From: Maggie Erotokritou <surya@spidernet.com.cy>
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999

Dear Jean,

I don't know whether I was supposed to receive your reply to Michael or not but anyhow I wanted to respond to it. I liked your ideas and your dream about co-creating a global vision and global spiritual community. The initial idea of having an alert network was great but I too feel only a starting point and that there is much more that we can do. We have this network set up and it can expand and go much further. I feel a sense of drawing together and creating oneness and yes like you said creating the 100th monkey effect.

I would also like to share with you some of my recent experiences in Kumran and specifically yesterday when an important vortex seemed to be activated which flooded my body and opened my heart chakra. You might like to use parts of it in your next newsletter if that feels appropriate. Love and light, Maggie


Several of you have been reminding me that I had promised to write about my experiences in Qumran. Because of something very significant that happened today it seems the right time to do this. When I first heard the name Qumran a couple of years ago on an Essene workshop, there was such a familiarity, a sense of remembrance that I wanted to go there, wherever it was. I found out that Qumran is in Israel and later read that it has been said to be the place where Jesus received his initial training as an Essene to become one of the greatest healers ever. It is also the place where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. A whole library of information still exists within the caves.

Last October when I went to the Middle East Lightworkers conference I also wanted to visit Qumran but it seemed it would not be possible on that trip. However because of certain events and a meeting with a man called Victor Barr, at the last moment we changed our plans, rescheduled our flights and went to Qumran.

On the last night of the conference visitors joined us and I was given a piece of jewelry made by Victor Barr. This jewel acts as a transmitter of energy and it enabled me to access certain information about Qumran. I was told that a group of us should go there to meditate in the cave and to open and activate an energy vortex deep within the mountain. Over the next 24 hours, exact and precise details of how this should be done were revealed.

At the appointed time, five of us set off for Kumran, climbed the steep mountain and did the work we had been instructed to do. It was no coincidence that the five of us had been drawn together to do this work, two from America, two of us from Cyprus and one from Israel. What happened exactly during that time is hard to understand, only to say that the energy was so powerful that it turned our lives upside down and inside out and set our lives in new directions.

Until a week ago I had been unable to use the jewel again or to think about what had taken place, the dust was still settling. Then last week I received a call from a friend in Israel to say on a psychic level a healing room had been discovered deep within the mountain. Whilst on the phone I tuned in and could see this room which was full of the most brightest light I had ever seen but information started coming through that it should not be touched or accessed yet and only those who were pure in mind, body and spirit would be allowed to enter this sacred place at the right time. A group from Israel have started going to a specific point on the top of Qumran where they can feel the energy from this room emanating.

Today as I was driving the two hour journey from Nicosia to Paphos I was suddenly and unexpectedly almost blinded by a flash of light which I saw and knew to be from the healing room in Qumran. A vortex within the room had activated and I felt this in my heart chakra which was also activated in the same way and radiated masses of light, this continued for quite some time although I had no sense of time and arrived in Paphos hardly knowing how I had got there.

Something very important is taking place right now in Qumran, remember this is said to be one of the major vortexes of the Earth and some people have said they can see the energy radiating out for miles from there. Friends in Israel are also now picking up some sort of activity and radiance which has not been felt in this way before.

For those of you who are interested to tune into this, please do so and I would be very interested to hear your feedback and may be a small group could form to focus on this, let me know if you are interested. Please pass on this information to friends who may be interested.

Love and light,

Maggie Erotokritou

The Women's Spiritual Network http://www.lightsong.com/wsn

Michael Lightweaver is initiating another excellent and useful New Consciousness network and I'm sure some of you will be interested to hear about it. Do not hesitate to pass it on to anyone or any publisher that could be interested...

From: Lightweave@aol.com
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000
Subject: Publishers Directory

Dear friends

This is Michael Lightweaver with Network 2012. In 1993 I published an
"International Directory Of New Consciousness Newspapers and Magazines" as a
part of my ongoing networking activities. The directory had 87 full page
entries from 15 countries and 33 states here in the USA. This directory is
no longer in print and the information at this point is quite outdated.

The primary purpose of the directory was to link up publishers, connect them
with potential advertisers and writers and to serve as a link to their
geographical area for those who might be interested in finding out more about
consciousness activities in the region. There was no cost to the publisher
to participate in the directory.

A lot has happened since '93 in terms of publishing and communication. The
internet, of course, is the main change. We can communicate nationally and
internationally now with an ease we couldn't have dreamed of ten years ago.

I have been involved in various international networking efforts since the
Harmonic Convergence since 1987. The most recent is the organization of the
Planetary Awakening Network (PAN) in the spring of '98. This is an internet
based international association with currently 465 participating networks
from 45 countries.

Over a year ago I was prompted to put together a new International Directory
of Consciousness Periodicals. I'm a bit slow but finally I am ready to take
this on and this is the reason I'm writing to you.

I would like to invite you to participate in this internet based directory.
It will take a few moments to provide the information requested and there is
no cost or charge involved.

What do you get out of it?

* First, it will be a way to connect with other consciousness publishers
around the world and see what they are doing. As a participant, you will
receive a copy of the directory via Email.

* Secondly, once we have a certain number of participants, we will make it
available to potential advertisers and writers.

My role is to initiate and to coordinate this. What I foresee is that it
will actually develop into a publishers network and what ultimately comes out
of it will be up to the creative ideas and desire of participants.

I will be leaving on the first of February for Thailand for the whole month
to attend an international light workers summit (Light Link 2000). If you
respond before the end of January, I will send you a copy of the directory as
of then. If you respond in February, I will send you a copy of the directory
in early March, or simply the additions if you had sent in your info in
January. From that point on - if you have registered - I will forward new
entries to you periodically, depending on the frequency of my receiving them.

Based on experience, I know this will be an excellent networking tool among
publishers and potentially an excellent way for you to secure new advertisers
and writers beyond your immediate area.

If you wish to participate, please complete the info below and return to me
as soon as possible. If you are no longer publishing or if you definitely do
not wish to participate, please also let me know so that I can remove you
from the list and not continue sending you emails.

I have 335 publishers on my snail mail list and 118 of these with email, so I
expect this to develop into a good directory and network. Also, if you know
of publications that might be interested in participating, please share their
name, contact person and email address with me and I will include them if
they aren't already on my list.

If you would like to know more about Network 2012 and my networking
background, you can visit our website at http://www.n2012.com

One Love,
Michael Lightweaver
Network 2012
PO Box 18909
Asheville, NC 28814 USA

Publishers Directory

Name of Publication:
Full Address:

Contact Persons Name:
(Publisher? Editor? Other?

For Internet Publications
Publication Frequency:
In Publication Since:
Website Traffic (Visits):

For Printed Publications
Publication Frequency?
Average Print Run?
Average # of Pages?
In Publication Since?
Primary Geographical Area Served?
(National, Regional, State, City)

Format of Publication
__ Newsletter
__ Tabloid
__ Magazine
__ Directory

Primary Focus of Publication
(check appropriate categories)
___ health & healing
___ alternative education
___ peace & justice issues
___ galactic citizenship (ET's, UFO's, etc.)
___ spiritual transformation
___ planetary transformation
___ ecology & environment
___ human relations
___ metaphysics
___ Other (explain)

Brief Profile of The Publication (60 words or less)