April 3, 2003

Reminiscence Series #1: The Immortal Child - Birth

Hello everyone

Here is the surprise I had promised you in my last compilation. After months of hesitation despite several clear calls I've been getting in meditations to share this story with you, I'm finally beginning today to send you the first segment of an amazing story I wrote in 1987 after experiencing in meditation a life-changing experience with the motherly presence of Gaia, the archetype representing our living planet - also the Greek name for the Earth goddess. In that awe-inspiring moment I was given the mission to serve as an instrument to write a book that would enable the readers to experience what it is like to feel the planet - and ultimately the entire universe - as one single living being. Writing the book over the course of two memorable vacations on the beach by the Atlantic Ocean and then at my home, I strove to remain as neutral and receptive as possible to actually allow Gaia to write this through me.

The long and ever-rebounding odyssey I went through afterwards would probably take an entire book to tell. But for now I invite you to put aside for a moment all other concerns and worries, and delve along with all the other members of the ERN family in what author Ken Carey described as the "riveting and fast moving account of perhaps the greatest adventure story of all time."

Humbly and cheerfully...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator


From: "Ray O. Driskill" <rodrisk@hotmail.com>
Subject: The Immortal Child - A Wonderful Snack


I loved the book. I felt immersed in a familiar yet exciting space pregnant with spiritual possibilities. I cannot believe that this was written in 1988. It is ahead of its time even if it was written today. The concepts and terminology are so similar to the best of what I have read recently. My whole body resonates to the glorious vision of this book.

However, these 102 pages make a tasty snack, but where is the substance, the expansion of these awesomely described abilities that Gaia and all of us possess. The "lost" years from 10 to 20 leave a gaping hole that I almost fell into when I realized that you had declined to address the entire puberty issue. That you chose not to tell us how you/Gaia handled his first bully or his first crush on a girl astounds me.

I demand (just kidding!) a sequel/prequel that fills in the blanks maybe somewhat like Kwai Chang Cain on the "Kung Fu" TV series or "Rocky 7". This premise deserves expansion/illumination at least as much as James Redfield's Celestine series (which I really like) or Richard Bach's "Illusions" and his subsequent expanders. No kidding. This jewel of a novella/small novel cries out for MORE, more description of the growth process thru puberty and the late teens with a particular emphasis on how an enlightened soul handles common problems and situations that tend to pull us off center and off balance.

The final chapters simply take my breath away. They make my heart sing with joy and resonance. Your grasp on what IS and how it can unfold so parallels my own as to be a little scary. Scary in the sense that if I ever really admit to myself that all this that you describe in a very creative way, is actually true and real, then I would have to devote much more of my time and energy to sharing it with everyone. You remind me that the only thing keeping me from experiencing more of what you describe is my own reluctance to claim more firmly our birthright. I have been aware for some time that at some point I will have to let go of the notion that this human body defines my extents, that I/WE are actually so huge and expansive that stars and planets could orbit within us.





Dear Ray

Wow!! Your comment really inspires me to go ahead and share this book with the whole ERN list - if I can just find time and a space to insert it somewhere. I'll probably quote you when I'll introduce this book to the list.

A million thanks for your comment. As for the missing years, I had indeed in mind to write a sequel to fill that part in. But there was plenty enough material already in the first one for a movie which is the ultimate hope and goal of this book.

Much love to you


The Immortal Child

Jean Hudon

This book is dedicated to the immortal and eternal Force without which nothing we know would exist... Life !

© 1988 by Jean Hudon.
All rights reserved for all countries.

First edition
Register of Copyright, Library of Congress
ISBN 2-9800662-3-0



A long, long time ago, on an island lost amidst oceans of stars, in a place where neither foot nor eye had ever been set, a spark of Life slowly began to form and shine more and more strongly until it beamed with an almost unbearable intensity. For the first time - but was there ever a first time - Life, at a precise point in space-time, was able to manifest its Presence, diffused throughout the visible universe.

Life was already there when the first atoms of hydrogen were formed from the raw material of universes. And when the first huge clouds of hydrogen gave birth to the first stars, sparkling like diamonds in the infinite vault of the sky, there again Life was manifesting a sign of its Presence. Yes! Life has always been at the origin of all that has taken form...

But there, for the first time, all the necessary conditions were met for the beginning of the gestation of all the other forms of Life, endowed with movement and freedom. Right from these first instants was written in the great Book of Life, the Story of all beings that were to be begotten in the times to come.

All... We were all there, joined as One Single Being, One Single Look, One Single Thought.

The Immortal Child had just been born...


"Go on! Push... Push!... There, almost... Just one more time! Yes! You're doing well. That's it... Oh! The head is coming out..."

And with a last effort punctuated by a huge sigh of relief, Marianne expelled from her womb the little being she'd been carrying for nearly nine months.

"It's a boy!" exclaimed Roberto. Since the first contractions, he had accompanied his loving wife throughout the labour leading to the birth of their first son, now lying blissfully on his mother's breast, his eyes wandering in surprise around the room.

One more time, just one amongst an infinity of others, Life had completed the prodigious task of creating a human body, starting from the simple marriage of two cells. During those long months, through an uninterrupted and fast process, the whole history of Life had been re-enacted during the various formative stages of this little human body. But the attentive and protective work of the forces of Life does not stop there, for birth is just the beginning of another process spread over a whole life and well, well beyond...

On a cosmic scale, the life of a being is only a minute, yet indispensable part of an infinitely slow maturation process, leading from the first spark of Life to the apotheosis of the never fully realized total manifestation of Life. But for now, these considerations were of little relevance to Marianne and Roberto, in ecstasy before this precious gift which Life had bestowed on them. Their one and only concern was to give their son all the necessary care and attention to help him fulfil all the hopes they had for him. But in doing so, without being fully aware of it, they were becoming the invaluable collaborators of the forces of Life. They instinctively knew what to do, and not for anything in the world would they have allowed someone else to take over the sacred responsibility that had been entrusted to them.

"Tell me Marianne..." asked Roberto while their new born was eagerly nursing at his mother's breast. "Did you feel it too, that powerful wave of energy that passed through my body just when the baby's head emerged?..."

Her mind still numbed by the sheer intensity of what she had just been through, Marianne closed her eyes a moment, searching through the flood of emotions and sensations she had felt a few minutes ago... Suddenly she opened her eyes wide and gazed intently into her husband's... "Yes... What a strange feeling. It's coming back to me now... Like a strong electric current through all my limbs. In the heat of it all, I thought it was just emotion, but now that you say you felt it too..."

"It was as if the whole room was suddenly filled with a great magnetic presence," added Roberto.

"Maybe it was our son's soul..."

"Really?," asked Marianne. "Do you really think that's possible?... Yet, what we both felt isn't our imagination. There must be something for us to learn here... and understand."

They were interrupted by the doctor's arrival. The labour had progressed so well that the nurse who assisted at the birth had not thought it necessary to call him.

"Well, I'm a bit too late, it seems."

"Oh, but everything has gone well," said Roberto. "You know, when you surrender to the forces of Life and let things take their natural course, everything always goes right."

"Besides, take a look for yourself," added Marianne with a broad smile of satisfaction. "Isn't he a wonderful baby?..."

" Mmmmyes, of course..." replied the doctor whilst he weighed up in his own way what the parents were saying, with a reproachful glance to the nurse who had neglected to tell him early enough about the imminence of the happy event.

"Everything seems normal," he concluded after a moment. "I'll be back tomorrow to see how the breast-feeding is going."

"Tell me doctor..." asked Roberto, as the doctor was about to leave them. "Have other parents already mentioned feeling, how can I put it, something like a burst of energy passing through them at the instant their child was born?... Both myself and my wife felt the same thing and I wonder if it's a common experience..."

Surprised by such a question, the doctor frowned and replied casually: "Oh you know, that sort of thing really doesn't interest me and I doubt whether anyone else here pays attention to such things. I'm sorry, I can't help you. Let's put it, shall we say, down to tiredness. It must be natural!" he scoffed. And without waiting any longer, he hurried out to his other appointments.

A few days later, after considering dozens of names, Roberto and Marianne, were still not able to decide on a name for their son.

"Oh won't we ever agree on a name!" exclaimed Roberto in irritation. "How can we find out the name that best suits our son?"

"Maybe it's not for us to choose..." ventured Marianne.

"Perhaps the fact that we can't agree on a name means that we haven't looked for it in the right way."

"What do you mean?" asked Roberto, suddenly intrigued.

"I believe that instead of toying with various known names, we should simply close our eyes, be still and wait until the name, the only name that's right for our son, springs up in our minds."

"Well, why not!" answered Roberto. "As far as we've got, we might as well."

Then, closing their eyes and stilling their thoughts, Roberto and Marianne slowly slipped into a sort of trance as they were accustomed to do since they first got to know each other. They were indeed at the forefront of this new generation which was discovering the importance of regularly taking a pause in their daily activities for a moment of relaxation and inner attunement. For many years, they had drawn much benefit from these meditation periods and knew how much Peace and serenity this exercise could bring them.

After a few minutes, again, to their great surprise, a phenomenon similar in many ways to that experienced at the birth of their son took place. An intense vibration overwhelmed their whole beings and a great calm overcame them. They felt they were going through a unique experience they wouldn't forget for quite some time. A soft light surrounded them and soon suffused the whole room. Though their eyes were closed, each of them was able to intensely perceive the presence of the other and feel, as one single being, the limitless Peace in which they bathed. And then appeared within their minds, in letters of fire, the name destined for the being born of their love.

Shivering with ecstasy and quivering gently with the currents running through them, they opened their eyes at the same time and looked at each other for a few seconds, each gazing deeply into the other's soul, perfectly aware that the other had lived through the same experience... and knew! Roberto and Marianne stood up in a single movement and went to the room of their son who was waiting for them, silent and wide-eyed in his cradle, a serene smile on his face and a knowing spark in his eyes...

Marianne took him in her arms and, in one breath, they spoke aloud the name which would be his...



Far, far away, at the outermost bounds of the star fields of a galaxy like so many others, on a stretch of golden sands caressed by the ceaseless roll of waves, a miracle is in the process of happening. Something new, unique, never seen before, is, for the first time, disturbing the apparent peace of the worlds of 'inert' matter. A living being is taking shape...

Slow process of gestation arising from the patient work of aeons, cautious attempt emerging from the primal soup, but also promise of an uninterrupted succession of increasingly complex and evolved life forms, a cell, a single cell, simple structure of elementary forms, has taken shape through the magic of Life and opened the first chapter of the most prodigious story ever told, that of the evolution of Life in matter. For a very long time, an eternity in fact, Life had nurtured this mighty project. And there it was. Out of the Primordial Spark was born the first offspring of the unlimited creative power of Life. And soon, a second cell appeared, born out of the fission of this Primordial Spark. And, for the first time, the Universe experienced duality...

The two sparks born of the source observed each other for a time, assessing the sheer scale of what had just happened... With the third cell, the great saga of Life started its prolific ascent towards the Light. For what came from the One was bound to return to the One...