Chronicle of a Co-creation - Part 1

Recently a new opportunity has arisen for people interested in cocreating with others an event to help stir the world towards peace, justice and environmental sustainability. With less than 1000 days now to go before the beginning of a new millennium, more and more people are aware that, as we approach the end of this century, we ought to create a context in which millions of people from around the world will be empowered to create in their own community and through their own networks a sense of anticipation and openness for the changes that must soon occur if we are to enter a new era of peace and harmony on Earth.

It is with these things in mind and a keen sense of my power to make a difference ­ as we all have ­ that I suddenly got, last November 29, an overpowering vision of what WILL be the worldwide celebration of our One Global Family on the eve of the year 2000. I literally saw thousands of people, coming from all corners of the world and representing the entire human family ­ all the cultures, all the tribes, all the religions ­ converging towards a huge gathering surrounding a central Earth globe to solemnly participate in the Opening Ceremony of the New Millennium. The unspeakable beauty of this potential event, unifying for the first time the entire planet watching a live broadcast of this event, brought tears to my eyes and a profound commitment to dedicate all my abilities, no matter what, to the achievement of this vision.

I immediately wrote a letter to capture the essence of what I just saw and started sharing it with others. This letter and much more information is now available on a Web site created for the implementation of this vision as mentioned in the Earth Proclamation hereafter. This document is a direct outcome of the communications that were soon established through the Internet with a number of people likewise inspired to take advantage of this unique opportunity to foster world peace, justice, harmony and a better world for all. It was sent out by email around the world two days before April 6 (the 1000 day mark before the year 2000) along with a Press Release announcing various events organized to highlight that auspicious date and inviting radio stations around the world to play the song Imagine by John Lennon as a tribute to the millions of people who believe, as John Lennon did, that we can create a new world of peace, love and harmony in our lifetime.

As I listened to this song played on numerous radio stations across Quebec at noon, I could sense the growing momentum of this initiative now spreading through countless channels to reach out to all heads of state, all religious leaders, all indigenous people and nearly everyone else on Earth in the remaining 1000 days. Twelve US state governors have already endorsed this 1000 Day CountUp to One Day in Peace and the drive to garner official endorsements is now spreading to other countries. As for the following Earth Proclamation, it is the means each individual can use to commit oneself to the task of creating this world anew and reaching out to more and more people everyday. The minute you dedicate yourself to this common goal, as I did when this vision first struck me, you become part of what we call the Earth Rainbow Network and you assist most directly in the birth of a new and better world for all.

Jean Hudon

To discover it all, get involved and offer your own unique contribution to this cocreation process, visit the Earth Concert 2000 Web site at:

Chronicle of a Co-creation - Part 2

"The entry into the 21st century and the third millennium will be a psychological experience vastly more profound than any anniversary we humans have yet experienced. (...) Earth's entry into the next millennium is a planetary "transitional" event, and as a "mega anniversary" it has potential for reinforcing the identity of human beings, first and foremost, as citizens of Earth, as Earthlings. (...) In a sense, Earth is no longer orbiting peacefully about the Sun. Earth is careening toward the spiritual equivalent of a massive stone wall. (...) Changing course will require an immense amount of energy. Not the energy that comes from coal, gas, oil, or even nuclear fuel, but rather spiritual and emotional energy, enough to change the thinking and lives of more than 5 billion people. (...)"1

"One thing we do know is that people want to survive, they want to work to make the world a better place. (...) The millennium legend-making we see today is an extremely constructive aspect of human nature."2

The story of how we CAN change things around and make a better world for ALL

As the year 2000 approaches, we are going to hear more and more frequently about this massive event with so much potential for change in our collective human thinking that it could be compared to a spiritual supernovae! What is at stake here is so colossal that we can barely begin to imagine it. Yet we go about our everyday life as if we did not notice yet this approaching crossroad in our history. We tend to blindly follow the worn-out path of our habits and money-obsessed consumerist lifestyle and resist any attempt made to open our eyes to the gigantic challenges facing us right ahead. The world cannot continue on its current path of self-oblivion and, indeed, many of us are screaming ŒSTOP AND LOOK’ to the rest of the numbly, sleepy crowd around us. We have got to change, and fast! And we all know it... somewhere within. Last month, you could read in this "Chronicle of a Co-Creation" about an initiative now spreading around the world to try to create the impetus for the kind of spiritual change needed to make a real difference. An Earth Proclamation and a Personal Commitment were presented as a way to start making the change where it counts the most: with you! Did you notice it? If not, take another look at it and see if it resonates with you.

Changing the world can only happen if we all change, one by one by one... And changing is the only way to begin to open up to the extraordinary potential for love, caring and compassion we all have within us. For as long as we remain entrenched in the old patterns, whatever they may be, we block the Flow of Change now surging all around us. If we resist, we may suffer badly and deeply. If we go with the flow, we may soon experience the blissful feeling of joy that comes from knowing who we are and why we are here. I won’t tell you what that is for the discovery can only be yours. I came here to spread the awareness of our divine origin and I follow everyday the path I’m being guided to follow to achieve what I came to do. And you can do just the same. Find who you are and you will know everything you need to know...

The one thing I do know now is that we are to create the momentum for the most far-reaching and powerful experiment in awaress-raising the world has ever known! No one is going to change the world by sheer force or through fear. Only Love can do it. And when we all see us as who we are, brothers and sisters of the One Human Family, we will see the greatest outflow of Love, Caring and Compassion for all living beings the world has ever seen! The Great Spirit of Life will be shining through and beyond us all to the entire universe to let everyone know and see that a new Being of Love is born. This is no mere dreaming. This is no myth-making. This is reality-making, for we are to be Co-Creators of a New World of Peace, Love and Harmony. And to this common task, I’m inviting you. Shall you respond?

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network coordinator and Earth Concert 2000 initiator

To find out how you can respond, visit the Earth Concert 2000 web site at

1 Quotes taken from the book "Global 2000 Revisited: What Shall We Do?" by Gerald O. Barney with Jane Blewett and Kristen R. Barney - A report on the critical issues of the 21st century prepared by the Millennium Institute -

2 Quotes of an interview with author Teresa Kennedy taken from the May 1, 1997 issue of the LET'S TALK 2000 Internet newsletter -

Chronicle of a Co-creation - Part 3

Anchoring the Vibration of Unity

By Jean Hudon

The millennium fever is slowly mounting as more and more people become aware that we are entering into a time of Great Changes. Violence and wars are gradually subsiding around the world despite occasional flares duly reported by the media. Benevolence and a sense of common responsibility for our future is demonstrated by so many people and organizations today that one would be hard pressed to try to fairly account for all the goodwill done by men and women around this magnificent planet. Yet the threats posed by seemingly overwhelming odds against us ­ continuing demographic growth in the poorest parts of the world, environmental damages inflicted on an unprecedented scale, apparent carelessness of politicians and megacorporations for the harm they do unto others, and so on ­ appear to stack the cards against us and our children, their children and all future generations.

From the outside, one may think no individual effort or initiative has any chance of affecting the outcome. But seen from inside, from the vantage point of the Creator of this universe, if one can assume for a few moments this quite unique perspective, all things appear in a much different light. Through the exercize of its own free will, humanity is charting a new course towards a marvelous future of untold happiness and spiritual wealth. Man is learning to let go of centuries of hatred for his kin and misconceptions about his role and place in this material world. A new fountain of Love is profusely flowing from the hearts of millions and millions of beings and this expression of the divine nature of man is slowly transforming this world into a place of harmony, equity, sanity and common perception of what holds all Life forms together in a symphony of balance and unity.

This inner awareness is now being expressed through a growing number of channels and will soon be at the forefront of human affairs. Guided by inner promptings and hundreds of small yet miraculous chance happenings, those channels are discovering how easy it is to serve the Grand Purpose of Life when the uncluttered desire to assist God is the true motivation of their decisions and actions, and not the earthly desires of an ego still untamed by selfless devotion to the One Being of Light. Synchronicities abound so much in fact today that books are written to demonstrate their existence as for any other natural Law of this universe. We are conquering the last redoubts of fear and separateness and soon the world and our very inner sense of being in this world will be entirely reborn.

I have been privileged throughout my life to have a front row seat to witness ­ and participate most intensely ­ to this spiritual renewal of planet Earth. At this very moment, I can see streams of energy and willpower being anchored through magnificent initiatives all dedicated to uplift and heal this world. The Earth Rainbow Network, for which I am a coordinator, is acting like an invisible magnet to bring together just the right mix of people and visions and actions to implement crucial elements for the Plan of Redemption. Not only is our world going to be healed from his physical scars, but most importantly, our souls will spiral back into the womb of Creation to reunite with the plane of Reality from which they all emerge aeons ago. Separateness will be no more. Illusion will be no more. Only Unity, the eternal vibration of Unity will be. And to this simple yet unfathomable Reality, we are all called to converge, like the rays of a star converging back to the center from which they were emitted to implode into a perfection of blissful unity.

You may write to the author of this chronicle at or at 14 Les Plateaux, L’Anse-Saint-Jean, Quebec, Canada, G0V 1J0. If you have Internet access, go to the Earth Concert 2000 web site at to find more information about the co-creators of this multifaceted millennial initiative.

"We are conquering the last redoubts of fear and separateness and soon the world and our very inner sense of being in this world will be entirely reborn."

Chronicle of a Co-creation - Part 4

The Butterfly
A New Symbol for the Renaissance of the Earth

Last June 26, 1997, at the UN in New York, on the occasion of the coming together of heads of state from around the world assembling to reassess the progress made since the first Earth Summit, there was a release of butterflies under the tutelage of the Butterfly Gardening Association. For the first time, under the watching eyes of the media and the people of the world, this most exquisite yet fragile creature was used to embody the new awareness of the exquisite yet so fragile beauty of our beloved planet Earth. The environmental awareness which has been one of the hallmarks of the end of this century heralds one of the most far reaching changes ever observed as we approach a new millennium rich with untold opportunities for peace on Earth and a better life for countless people, but also fraught with potentially disastrous unbalances in the world overtaxed ecosystems. Hopes mixed with a healthy dose of skepticism coexist in everyone’s mind with the inner desire to see our political leaders tackle the urgent task of reallocating the resources and creativity, wasted during the fruitless and now bygone era of armed confrontation, to help create the conditions for a new era of cooperation and fair sharing of the bounties of nature. But everyone will need to cooperate, each individual, the business community, the whole world, and not just the politicians, for such a new world to be. That’s what the butterflies can help bring about.

We all marvel at some point in our life at the magical wizardry of Life that transforms a slow and ungraceful caterpillar into a delicate, magnificent and graciously fluttering butterfly. Likewise, humanity has the same potential for transformation and awakening to its inner spiritual reality lying hidden in the complex machinery of evolution, a process so intricately woven to the rest of all Life on Earth that a new science was even needed to study its multifaceted intricacies, the science of ecology. Similarly, the process by which the inner awareness of its own awareness and existence of a species like our own human species has evolved to the point reached today, whereas we are collectively at the threshold of a global awakening to our unity, is the field of study of a new spiritual science which is barely beginning to emerge today as seen through the deforming glass of the New Age movement.

And like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon after a long process of transmutation and maturation, humanity is emerging out of its cocoon of flesh to discover it is much more than a collection made of a multitude of individual bodies endowed with a limitless creativity and desire to conquer the material world bestowed upon us all. We are going to discover very soon that we can be much more than that. We are going to discover that we can soar like a butterfly into the limitless universe surrounding us, and not only conquer the material universe waiting for our coming, but also the spiritual universe lying hidden in the deepest recesses of our mind.
So not only has this release of butterflies signaled the beginning of a new chapter of human evolution and the dawn of an era of peaceful coexistence within the human community and with the entire community of Life on Earth, but it also marked the birth of a new awareness for our entire species, the awareness of our unity as a single collective entity of living beings, all co-responsible to co-create a new world of bountiful abundance for all, a world made free of polluting technologies and destructive harvesting methods, a world where Peace will not mean the short moment of silence before the next explosion of violence, but a permanent state of mind permeating all people and all their activities. The emerging reality of our global human family of Love, all living in Peace and Harmony, will soon be etched in our collective consciousness by a memorable event, at the turn of this century into a new millennium ­ the Great Gathering of all the tribes, peoples and cultures of this world ­ and the butterfly as a symbol of global and personal transformation will soon be recognized as a portent and messenger for this new era, now just about to begin... the Earth Renaissance, the dawn of a new age.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator and Earth Concert 2000 Initiator

P.S. To get more information about the Millennial Great Gathering mentioned above and sign the Earth Proclamation, visit this Earth Concert 2000 web site.

Chronicle of a Co-creation - Part 5

How it all began and where it is going

Recently I received an email from Mary Granfors ( currently organizing the Milenio conference in Costa Rica (see below*). She wanted to know exactly what the Earth Concert 2000 is and how to plug into it. I would like to share with you all here an edited version of my response as it is a good description of where we are at now.

Dear Mary, as you correctly surmised, what the Earth Concert 2000 will be is not clear yet. I had last November 29th an overpowering vision of a great gathering of representatives from all the cultures and tribes of this world on the first day of the year 2000 as described in the first letter I wrote to share this vision - see at - and of which I include here a excerpt for the benefit of all those not connected on the Internet.

"Imagine for a moment... In parks and venues all around the world, millions of people have come together to celebrate while large viewing screens are showing images from around the world of people doing just the same thing and watching similar viewing screens. Billions of TV viewers at home are also watching and joining in their hearts this global moment of Unity. At a predetermined moment, a solemn ceremony begins with appropriate symbolism and grandeur to mark the beginning of the new millennium. Dignitaries, celebrities, kings and prime ministers from all countries stand together around a huge globe representing our planet to accentuate the momentous importance of what is about to happen. Then runners bearing a symbolic flame of Life and leading a group of people from their respective countries, people from every culture and land of this immense world, converge like a sublime gathering of all the tribes to join the official delegates circling the central globe. We then see successive close-up views of indigenous people from Amazonia, from the heart of Africa, from North America, from Asia and Europe, from the Pacific islands and the taigas of the North, from all the corners of this magnificent planet, all dressed in their traditional attires, marching solemnly towards the center, accompanied by people from the other cultures now sharing the land with them, each group joining successively the central gathering as the world is watching the rich diversity of our human family.

The momentum is growing apace as the last groups join the crowd of thousands of people now gathered around the slowly rotating Earth globe in the middle of the vast open-air amphitheater. Then the final ceremony begins as all the torch bearers come forward to simultaneously communicate the fire coming from the farthest reaches of all lands to this huge Torch of Hope above the globe that will keep burning afterward for the duration of the whole year, and maybe for years to come, as a living symbol of our global commitment to make our world a better place to live for all generations to come. A long moment of silence and inner presence to the magic of this instant allows every human being enough time to truly commit his or her remaining days, months and years of life on this planet to do the best he or she can to contribute to the betterment of the world. A Declaration of Intent coalesces in a few well crafted words the spirit of the moment and spells our common hopes for the future. Simultaneously translated in all languages through national televisions and radios all over the world, these few well chosen thoughts help us all, just before the moment of silence, to join our minds in a common appreciation of the New Reality now dawning on Earth.

Then the torch bearers lift their torches and communicate the fires of our hopes and dreams to the central torch that springs to life, illuminating the whole audience. After a moment of awe, the whole audience bursts into applause and then la fête begins! A properly conceived musical and theatrical event follows and continue late in the night... And the world is changed forever."

Of course this description is just one possibility amongst many others, but it gives an idea of the profound effect that this moment in time will have on all participants, all over the world. So then, after first circulating this idea and networking with other people, I got this idea of creating what is now the Earth Rainbow Network. Obviously, I cannot alone create such a massive event. Therefore, I decided to put aside for a while the initial idea of an Earth Concert 2000 to focus instead on co-creating with others this event. So we then devised after many drafts the Earth Proclamation as a tool to create the personal commitment needed on the part of many individuals to take responsibility for our common future. Then through many chatting session and email exchanges with a number of people, we also co-created the Mission Statement for the Earth Rainbow Network.

Now, after taking some time to grow a little more, as new people and organizations continue to join the Earth Rainbow Network, we are now focussing on the need to bring together, face to face, as many of those who felt the need to take time from their personal lives to prepare events (like yours) and projects for the Millennium. We are therefore planning to have a meeting in Santa Barbara, next December, to devise a common path of actions and create a mutually supportive structure or system to allow our various Millennium initiatives to gather momentum and achieve a greater synergy, while presenting a united front to the media and the public as a group of citizens and grass root organizations collaborating to create a memorable Millennium "rite of passage" that will have a lasting effect to foster world peace, human unity and environmental sustainability.

So that's where we are at now. You are most welcomed to "plug into" this unfolding venture and discover with us what Life has in store for us. I know from deep within that there is a Golden Path we just have to allow ourselves to be guided upon as we tread and sense our way ahead. I'm not the one who can tell you exactly what the Earth Concert 2000 will be. I just know it will be, not necessarily under that name, not necessarily exactly as first envisioned, but most probably beyond whatever we may try to imagine. I know the world will come out of its current predicaments, that peace is growing, that we have a future and that we are bound to achieve a Golden Era of love, harmony and spiritual renaissance all over the Earth. It's something I can't help but to feel and grasp from within my heart, from within my sacred connection with All That Is.

So I trust, and I move ahead, one day at a time, and I also know that to succeed, we need to be in this all together, in synchronous collaboration and synergy, each doing his/her part and trusting others will do theirs to the best of their abilities. For we are a marvelous family, here and beyond this material world, and we have been preparing for this moment for eons. We can't miss a beat in the cosmic dance of Life, for We are Life.

So I hope Mary you will see/feel beyond the words what is guiding me/us all in this endeavour.

Together in unison

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator and Earth Concert 2000 Initiator

* Milenio is an international peace conference and celebration from Dec. 27th 1999 to January 2, 2000 in Costa Rica. They have the support of the University for Peace, the government of Costa Rica, Oscar Arias, Arun Gandhi, Robert Muller and others. They plan to link a working peace conference with a spectacular New Year's Celebration to enhance the visibility, effectiveness and development of peace initiatives worldwide.

Chronicle of a Co-creation - Part 6

The Gathering of the Peacemakers

Next December 12, 13 and 14, 1997, in a magnificent place called Casa de Maria, in California, will take place, under the auspicious blessings of Mother Mary, to whom this spiritual retreat center is dedicated, the first international gathering of the participating members of the Earth Rainbow Network. More than 20 people (as of August 28) have already expressed their commitment to come to this meeting and contribute to the unfolding co-creation of a cathartic event to take place on the first day of the year 2000, with ongoing activities and results occurring throughout the year 2000 and reaching far, far beyond.

The beginning of a new era, however artificial the choosing of its "official" starting point might appear to be, is always a moment of great worldwide attention and focus as countless people and organizations make special preparations to fittingly mark this unique circumstance. After more than 8 months of existence and a considerable amount of communications, mainly through emails on the Internet, a small group of dedicated souls has decided to come together to bring closer to reality a vision that has spontaneously emerged in the minds of many people. This vision, embodied in the Earth Proclamation, co-created and networked by the founding members of this network, calls for the worldwide manifestation of true Peace on Earth and the expression in all fields of human activities of the qualities of compassion, generosity and unconditional Love every human being can demonstrate when the right environment is created to foster their expression.

This meeting, bringing together visionaries and Peace activists of all hues and colors, will have on its agenda to articulate and define a way by which millions of people will have the opportunity of collaborating to the most intense and far reaching rebuilding effort our world has ever seen. The field of our rebuilding activities is a world in disarray tormented by the legacy of hundreds of years of war and violence against man and nature, a world in which a few well-off people now dictate their agenda for continued environmental destruction and human impoverishment for the sole purpose of putting forever more riches in their own gargantuan moneybag. The purpose of this meeting is not to oppose these people, for we all contribute in some way to the value system which gave rise to this unbalanced situation. The purpose of this meeting is to open a new era of human cooperation and spiritual enlightenment from which will emerge the true seeds of change that alone can bring about a new and better world for all humans and all crawling, swimming, running and flying life forms, as well as all generations to come.

The exact mean by which this aim will be achieved has not yet been defined, but many ideas and visions now on the table before the Earth Rainbow Network Peacemakers, offer some inkling as to what this might be. Making the first day of the new millennium a day of Peace, spiritual attunement and global acknowledgement of our common responsibility to care for our natural environment and heal the scars left by centuries of mindless plundering are some of the ideas prominently put forward by those who will come to this meeting. But with the varied experience and the multiform activities and projects the participating members of the Earth Rainbow Network will bring to the pool of their common resources, we can easily surmise that the scope of their co-creative endeavour will be much larger than just a "Do-it-all-in-One-Day" project.

The very fact of their coming together is in itself an accomplishment worth noting. Barely knowing each other, save for their interchanges of emails and the offering of ideas posted on their web sites, as well as relatively few phone calls, these people from the United States, Canada, England, Switzerland, South Africa and a few other countries, have all individually decided to commit the time and resources needed to come to this meeting... or will soon do so. They will not come to this meeting as individuals bent on making others follow their ideas and furthering their own personal projects. They will come as living souls, aware of their common responsibility to blend their creativity and lifelong dedication to the cause of peace and a better world for all, and they will consciously serve as a collective channel to assist the spiritual hierarchy in its unfolding manifestation of the perfect Plan for the Redemption of Man.

This mission they all have, knowingly or unknowingly, is acting like a powerful magnet to bring them all together and guide them as they will discuss their options and find out, in one common bold strike of genius, how they will play their role in this cosmic play of Love and help bring about an experience all humanity will share, an experience whose resounding effects will echo in all fields of human activities and for centuries to come.

Stay tuned and send in your own good vibes to assist the Peacemakers, for we are all to take part in and benefit from their labour of Love. And remember, this is not just a meeting of some high-minded idealists seeking a way to fulfil their life mission. It is the first gathering of men and women from the four corners of this world prefiguring the massive Gathering of all the tribes and cultures of this planet, joining together on January 1, 2000 to open a new era of Peace and definitely put behind us centuries of barbaric wars, thus co-creating the conditions for global healing and the spiritual renaissance of the world.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator and Earth Concert 2000 Initiator

To get more information about the millennial Gathering and the Earth Rainbow Network mentioned above as well as sign the Earth Proclamation, visit the Earth Concert 2000 web site at

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Chronicle of a Co-creation - Part 7

A Message of Peace

I would like to add my voice to those campaigning for Peace on Earth and bear witness to the fact that our world is arriving at a key crossroad in its history which could be both a starting point to renewed hope for the future or to a downward spiral into oblivion.

Next January 1st, 2000, we could enter a new era of unprecedented peace and harmony that would be the most fertile ground for the level of international cooperation necessary to shift our world onto a sustainable path towards a better future, a future of equity, responsibility and unity for all people on Earth. Already, hundreds of organizations throughout the world are actively preparing special events in line with the magnitude of this unique circumstance. Everyone is now beginning to sense the life-changing experience this moment of global celebration can turn out to be, if we all join our goodwill and peaceful intents to co-create an exceptional moment of unity and joyful brotherhood, all over the Earth.

For One Day in our whole history, we CAN put down all barriers, put aside all differences, open our hearts, and truly come together as One United Family, the family of all living humans, the family we are by our common ancestry going back to the first Homo Sapiens on Earth, and see, feel and understand all together that no matter the color of your skin, the creed you believe in or the role you play in society, we have so much more in common than what seemingly separates us that we are INDEED a most unique accomplishment of Life, a collective expression of the innate Creative Power that Is and will always Be.

As such we CAN commit, all together on that auspicious day, to live in Peace and to strive with the best of our collective and so resourceful abilities to correct the wrongs of the past, share more equitably the bounties of our world, not only with current generations but most importantly with all the children still to be born, making sure every single human being on Earth is fed and housed properly, each according to his/her own cultural preferences, and review everything we do to ensure that our environment and all other life forms receive the same care and protection we would normally give to our mother when she is suffering from a life-threatening ailment.

These ideas, expressed in so many different but basically similar ways at numerous world conferences and forums in the last few years, are now gaining an increasingly wider acceptance everyday, all over the Earth. There is not a single human being on Earth today who is not somehow aware that our planet is in dire straits and that Peace is needed more than ever to address the numerous crisis confronting us today. Only Peace, the true Peace that comes from the groundswell of Love now surging in every heart and radiating from every being that accepts this divine Gift, can open the way for the complete renewal and renaissance of our world and its inhabitants.

Proclaiming the first day of the new millennium as the First Day of Peace on Earth can immeasurably assist in creating the conditions allowing for such an incredible yet so precious accomplishment. We plead with those in a position of power who truly care for our world and its future to hear this urgent call. We pray that the inner Light that guide us all will show how this can be accomplished. We ask you, whoever you may be, to ponder these thoughts with an open heart and an open mind so that their true and profound value and spirit can illuminate your own thinking and decisions. The world CAN be changed for the better and, in fact, has never ceased to be. We already ARE all Co-Creators of a better world. So let’s make it happen in our lives, in our communities, in our country and all over the Earth.

Jean Hudon
Co-Founder and Coordinator of the Earth Rainbow Network
A grassroots force for a better world
Established on the Web at

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