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About the Conference in Paris to Curtail Climate Change and What We Can Do About It

We are collectivey at a most crucial crossroad in our history. Years ago visionaries, ecologists and scientists started warning humanity about the upcoming problems caused by our profligate use of fossil energies and general disregard for the global environmental consequences our single-minded pursuit of ever more profit and comfort would lead to, if left at its own innate design.

Last Monday, we could all take great comfort and pride in the fact that 150 heads of state had gathered in Paris to signal their willingness to attend to this problem and face together the hard task of fashioning a pathway that would help us all avoid crashing in the wall of climate-related upheavals. We have come a long way indeed! But the pathway ahead is still fraught with uncertainties...

• about our ability to adjust fast enough, and throttle down our collective greenhouse gas emissions soon enough ;

• and about our even greater challenge of learning to work collaboratively, in a fully transparent way, to both stop cheating the game for our sole benefit – continuing with the 'survival of the fittest' method that has made our species so successfull at marshalling the commons of this planet for its benefit, but is now also still blinding some of us to the inevitable and dire consequences of more of the same mindset – and to change the way of thinking/reacting that has created this Problem in the first place.

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

- Albert Einstein

If we are willing to look back from afar at our current predicament and the unique set of challenges we face, here is what we might see. The whole issue of fixing the climate problem is perhaps just a practice run – and a much needed prodding from 'life' – to get past what has for centuries, and millenia indeed, been the most critical roadblock to our lasting success as a species. Wherever we look, there are still a great number of related and unrelated problems that are preventing us from achieving our full collective potential. For instance, spending over a trillion dollars a year to defend ourselves against the hypothetical military threat posed by so-called adversaries is one very hard-to-deal-with issue whose lasting solution is still eluding us. Both the huge investment in money, creativity and manpower it requires, and the incalculable level of human and systemic sufferings, present and future, it entails are a huge drag on our collective progress and feed the insatiable beast of fear nagging us to be ever doubtful of others' intents, and to thus keep all our 'options' on the table to defend ourselves in the typical MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) posturing that has kept this planet teetering on the brink of oblivion since the beginning of the nuclear arms race.

Considering this background, not to mention the unreleting competitive drive to fight our way up the economic ladder towards material prosperity, it is absolutely remarkable that the same political players jousting for tactical and various other advantages in other arenas of life have agreed at all to convene in Paris and to send their respective teams for 11 days of negotiation to try to hash out an agreement that would somehow secure a bit more time of livable conditions on this planet before the really catastrophic consequences we now finally – except for some diehard skeptics – see coming very fast at us become totally uncontrollable, thus dooming our brief (on a geological time scale) flurry of progress to possible extinction.

So, clearly the threat of a collective eco-annihilation has brought us together despite the other forces tearing us apart, and this bigger fear has put to rest, for a moment, our various other fears.

Yet the tensions inherent in our 'survival of the fittest' mindset remain very much at play, and could very well bog down the negotiators and their bosses back home to a point where, sadly, failure to agree to a common pathway out of this mess of our own making could be the end result. Something ought to give way. And it is NOT in the fastidiously worked out negotiation documents, merely reflecting the difficulties of reaching a consensus. It is in our hearts and souls.

That's where the log jam prevents the creative juices, mutual trust and faith in each other from flowing. That's where we can have, all together, a positive influence. This Sunday, during our weekly meditation rendez-vous, we CAN help – very powerfully! – shift open the minds and hearts of our fellow human beings, simply because we are ALL connected at soul level and ALL intricately entangled energetically wise. To use a wonderful analogy from the late Buckminster Fuller, we can act as a trimtab (read THINKING LIKE A TRIMTAB to better grasp this concept), thus helping to change the course of history towards a much brighter future.

So I hope you will accept to join for an hour-long meditation – ideally, as the 30 minutes of preparation before the actual beginning of this theme-based meditation is really helping in putting us into a deep soul-driven stance and perfect synchronization with the Will of Life in All – this Sunday at the usual time (see your local corresponding time HERE for this globally synchronized meditation) and thus be a conduit for the soul healing energies that will be channeled to all our brothers and sisters around the world and, through them, to the collective force of goodwill assembled in Paris.

This way, we shall achieve a massive breakthrough that will clear the way for our common future – the one we will eventually come back to – to emerge through the dance of our aligned freewills, for the Highest Good of All... As One.

– Here is a footnote about what sort of 'ingredients', in our collective 'trimtab', could help shift the minds and souls.

• First one: Forgiveness. Nothing could hold us back more that the refusal to forgive. We all make mistakes. That's how we learn. That's why it is called "learning mistakes". Accepting to learn lessons from our errors (trial and error is how evolution works) is how we can overcome the burden from past experiments gone wrong. Instilling the willingness to fully forgive and to look ahead instead of behind is key in helping make this breakthrough happen. It applies to all situations and is a universal cure. Also, it can be said that even the most die-hard ones among us, even the worst corporate polluters, have been playing a useful role when seen through the correct perspective. Working against a certain resistance is how we strenghten the 'bone' of our resilience. It is how we can finally find the best answers to fix our problems. True: Some still cannot see beyond their own motivation for personal gain. Yet have we not all been through that same learning process at some point – eventually understanding that what benefits the whole is, in the end, what is the most beneficial for all, ourselves included? So let us all be patient with the slow learners. They'll get it too! In due time.

• Second one: Love. Of course, the universal bonding glue that holds the universe together and that ensures the nurturance, protection and elevation of each new generation is hardwired in our DNA. Recognizing it and opening wide the floodgates to allow this salutary energy to flow effusively in our hearts and souls is truly the universal panacea that makes miracles happen. Let us not shy away from Love. Let us welcome It... flow with It... Be It! And all our problems will be history, as we say. ;-)

As usual, your assistance with networking this widely will be much appreciated.

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If you are not familiar with the Sunday meditation mentioned above, please review the material and the links HERE for all the necessary details. If you wish to use the audio recording (mp3) prepared for this specific weekly meditation, you can download HERE the 30 minute meditation on the main theme of this week, and download HERE the 30 minute preparatory meditation.