March 28, 2000

Subject: Green Files #8: SOME FEEDBACKS AND UPDATES ON "THE DESTRUCTION OF OCEAN LIFE CONTINUES UNABATED" + THE HEAT IS ON - An Action Alert from EarthAction + Massive Iceberg Peeling Off From Antarctica's Ross Shelf + Kick Off! 30 Days to Earth Day! + Drumbeat for Mother Earth Film Award + Suicide Seeds on the Fast Track

Hello everyone

Here is a selection of recent important news and info received for your review and possible action, especially in the case of the Action Alert from EarthAction "THE HEAT IS ON".

Also I want to briefly mention that I received numerous positive feedbacks to the Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal - and if anyone else has a comment on this, it will certainly be most appreciated. I will not forward them however to the entire list but only to those who respond. But you are welcome to review them at

Best regards to everyone ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. Someone sent me last week a composite picture (resulting of the creative efforts of many artists) which I found so beautiful that I decided to put it at the bottom of the opening page of the Earth rainbow Network websiste. I attach a small version of it as a introductory teaser and invite all of you to give it a good look at (see at the bottom of this webpage).
From there you can click on the picture and find out more about this excellent initiative. Here are 2 short excerpts quoted from their presentation.

"What do we eat? Breathe? Drink? Build our houses on? Mother Earth. This is so obvious its been taken for granted and forgotten, overlooked. It was known by humans in the distant past, but has been put aside while we explore our abilities to build things and create and expand. It's now time however, especially for the New Millennium, to remember and once again acknowledge our Mother Earth. After all, where would we be without her support?


Some have subtle changes, others have major realisations and increase in wisdom and communication with our natural world. The information is all there, around us in everything we see, and has no name or particular source or 'guide'. It just exists, and when we open to this, we truly welcome wise to ourselves and the Universe because the information is direct and not through a channelled source. Come back to yourself, come back to Source."

Their goal is to have 1 million people seeing it -- and hopefully being enraptured by it -- before Earth day 2000, that is by April 22nd.


From: "MarLou Gaudet" <>
Subject: Fw: Preview: ABCNEWS World News Tonight
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000

Hi Jean

I am forwarding to you what I wrote to Peter Jennings group. I could not believe the insanity of our government. I will pray for a healing everyday on this. They are destroying our beautiful planet - unbelievable.



To: Peter Jennings <>
Sent: Thursday, March 23, 2000
Subject: Re: Preview: ABCNEWS World News Tonight, Thurs., March 23, 2000

Hi and Thanks again for the communiques:

OH AM I WORRIED!! I have been concerned about the lives of our mammals in our oceans!! I began to wonder WHY are they coming up DEAD at various shores across the planet! I don't buy the "red menance" or whatever excuse thats been around for ages BUT DEAD MAMMALS EN MASSE on the shorelines is not. THEN I HEARD ABOUT the NAVY'S LOW FREQUENCY ACTIVE SONAR (LFAS) experiments!!! Even your ABC TV in San Franciso presented a video acquired from KGO TV News (10 minute video) called " WHEN THE WHALES STOP SINGING" regarding this new disaster!

WHAT THE HECK is the matter with our government military groups. MADNESS? DONT THESE FOLKS HAVE GRANDCHILDREN?? I'm telling you if our Whales and Dolphins stop "singing" WE, ON THIS PLANET, ARE IN DEEP DOO DOO - LIKE DEATH TO THE EARTH and its inhabitants - hey that's you, me and our offsprings!

Apparently these underwater sonar experiments are causing deafness in the whales and dolphins, and brain damage (this is info the the FEW necropsies that have been allowed). Heaven know what is must be doing to the other ocean life! Check this person out she Bobbie Sandoz (author of "Beware the Beached Canaries") at:

She has some VERY VIABLE information on this disaster. THE WORD "STOP" is now a good word for the NAVY, (as well as hatred etc.)

ALSO your ABC TV News in San Francisco ran a video acquired from KGO TV News on this subject. THIS NEEDS TO BE shown as many places as possible. TIME for LA to get this too. Looks like ABC is really ready to present the facts and keep us aware of whats REALLY going on. THANKS

ALSO For some really honest and sane EARTH WATCHing folks:

Let's turn EARTH into a Golden Era of health not a barren MARS planet with nothing living as we know it (of course there is always underground - you want to live that way??)

Love & Light to all

Mar-Lou Gaudet


Thanks a lot Mar-Lou for not remaining silent and actively contacting some of those who, perhaps, will play their due role and report back to America about this horrible, senseless tragedy.

If everyone were to do like you, and courageously take on themselves to speak out as you did, we would soon have a shift in consciousness and priorities on Earth that could ensure a better future for our children and the offsprings of our intelligent and sentient dolphin and whale brothers and sisters swimming in the seas and all the other precious life forms of this world.

I know that many people have done like you in the last few days and I trust many many more will do so in the coming days and weeks to bring this carnage to a definite end.

With vibrant love and blessings



Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000
Subject: Requests for Reprinting

Because I have been receiving a number of requests for reprinting THE BEACHED
CANARIES article in Newsletters and Journals, I feel it's important to
include the recent Carribean strandings at the top of the article.

Since my voice serves as the one carrying the message via story in lay
language, I would like to convert the information below to as simple a form
as possible. Because I do not yet know exactly what the tests described below
entail, I need some help in converting this information to simple and brief
lay language accurately. Following is what I plan to write and would
appreciate any corrections or additions to this information.

"SUDDEN MASS DOLPHIN AND WHALE STRANDINGS in the Bahamas beginning on March
14 have coincided with nearby U.S. Navy acoustical tests - including low
frequency active sonar (LFAS). Evidence of a connection between such tests
and a rash of worldwide strandings has been growing, and such esteemed
organizations as the Natural Resources Defence Counsel (NRDC) and the Humane
Society of the United States (HSUS) have joined a lawsuit already underway in
trying to get the Navy to stop these highly risky and apparently illegal

Larry, Carol, and Jean, You may want to send this once I have completed it as
an addendum notice to go with the article, which incidentally, I have been
getting a lot of feedback on.

With my thanks and aloha,


P.S. Thanks, Jean for your broad mailing that helped to initiate so many of
the requests. The information below is a list of the tests the Navy was running prior to the mass strandings in the Bahamas.

<<Echo Tracker Classifier, the Channel Probe Pulse Program, Environmentally Adaptive Sonar Technology, GenAcoustic Inversion, the Light Weight Sound Source, the Littoral Sea Mine, the Multipulse Airgun, the Shallow Water Active Detection/Classifier, and the Shallow Water DICASS. Adding to the din produced by these sources is a mid-frequency active sonar system used by a participating destroyer, as well as aircraft flyovers and other activities incidental to systems testing and data collection.>>

Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000

Dear All,

Note in the article in the SF Chronicle (see below) that the National Marine
Fisheries Services was "consulted" before these tests were run. Logic follows
that the NMFS thought it would be "OK" to proceed, once again putting them in
the apparent position of partnership with the Navy in this operation.
Accordingly, I think it's important that we find out exactly what NMFS said
in that "consultation."

Because of my continuing concern about the role of the NMFS in this regard
and their apparent conflict of interest, I have very serious concerns about
them doing all of the tests on corpses that will prove or disprove a
connection between the tests and the strandings.

Thus, I hope that the Natural Resources Defense Counsel and the Humane
Society of the United States will both insist on having their own
representatives overseeing these tests.

Be aware that I first developed my concern about this when I was told by a
small organization in California that even though their organization offered
to pay for necropsies on ears and tissue of dead whale corpses in Malibu that
the National Marine Fisheries Services refused. If you then track all of
their testing, you will note that they consistently avoid the tests that
would reveal symptoms of sonar exposure as identified by the Marine Mammal
Commission such as tissue and cavity explosion. In fact, when tissue is
described as having possibly exploded, tests are run, instead in search for
obsucre viruses and red tide, even when it was present in the area.

Note, too, that Wang, the NMFS representative in this article suggests that
the whales' bleeding eyes are due to trauma shock as opposed to tissue
explosion. She also knew that the tests would include up to 200 why weren't they "just saying No" to it?

With aloha,

SF Chronicle article

The Navy had consulted in advance with the National Marine Fisheries Service, as required by the Endangered Species Act, to devise a plan for ensuring that the tests would not harm endangered or threatened wildlife. The plan included aerial surveys and acoustical searches for nearby animals, said Kathy Wang, of the fisheries service Southeast regional office in St. Petersburg. The Navy spokesman would not reveal details of the test, but Wang said the plan called for sounds of about 200 decibels at 6,600 to 9,500 cycles per second. ``Two of the whales had eyes that were bleeding,'' she said, ``suggesting acute shock trauma.'' Wang said two baleen whales washed ashore dead in the Bahamas the previous week during a period of U.S. Navy live fire. But that was limited to ``nonexplosive small-arms fire'' that could not have harmed the whales, said a Navy source who spoke on condition of anonymity. Wang said tissue samples obtained from four of last Thursday's dead whales are to be sent to marine fisheries service scientists for analysis and may reveal some details about the cause of death.

Subject: THE HEAT IS ON - An Action Alert from EarthAction
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000
From: EarthAction <>

23 March 2000

***** ***** ***** *****

I. THE HEAT IS ON - An Action Alert from EarthAction

"There is a global emergency going on. The Earth is heating up, and
everyone's future is at risk. Please join us in sending a strong message
to our governments that now is the time for action to prevent violent
changes in our climate."

Leonardo DiCaprio
Chair, Earth Day 2000 Celebration
Washington, DC

When we burn oil and coal in our cars and factories, we release gases
such as carbon dioxide that trap the sun's heat in the atmosphere. As a
result, our planet is getting hotter and our climate is changing.

Already the oceans are rising and tropical diseases are spreading. We've
seen a recent increase in droughts, floods and hurricanes which have left
thousands dead and millions homeless. And this is just the beginning.

To stop global warming before it's too late, we've got to replace oil and
coal with clean energy like wind and solar power. But our governments,
under pressure from oil, coal, and car companies, won't take action in
time unless enough of us demand it.

April 22 is Earth Day 2000. We need as many people as possible, in all
parts of the world, to voice their concern. Please use this opportunity
to tell your leaders that decisive action is needed now to protect our


Please write, fax, phone or email your president or prime minister. Urge
him or her to:

o Announce that your government will give stronger support to clean
energy such as wind and solar power, and will end government support for
highly polluting fossil fuels such as coal and oil.

o Go to the international climate talks to demand agreement on a safe
global limit, fairly divided among all countries, on the production of
gases that cause global warming.

P.S. "Please visit or write to EarthAction, to sign
up to receive future action alerts on this issue. The only thing that
will save the Earth is persistent pressure from citizens." Leonardo

You can also order free copies of EarthAction's Clean Energy Planet
Postcards featuring a photo and message from Leonardo DiCaprio from
EarthAction's website,

For other things you can do for Earth Day - and to learn what others are
doing - visit, or write to Earth Day at:

Earth Day Network
91 Marion Street
Seattle, WA 98104

***** ***** ***** *****


Many additional materials are available for this particular campaign:

- Background Information on Climate Change
- Pulitzer Prize winning cartoon David Horsey
- "Nowhere to Hide", a summary of Climate Change worldwide
- Resources on Climate Change (contacts, publications, web sites)
- "The Climate Negotiations", article
- "Behind the Climate Negotiations", article
- Climate Change charts & graphics

All are available at our website French & Spanish
versions are also available on the web, in printed form or via email by
request. If you need assistance in using these materials, please contact

All materials distributed by EarthAction, unless otherwise noted, may be
freely reproduced and re-formatted for your own uses and publications. We
would appreciate receiving copies of publications where our materials are

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The EarthAction Network consists of over 1,800 citizen groups in 151
countries. Our purpose is to enable thousands of organizations, citizens,
journalists and parliamentarians to act together simultaneously around
the world on critical global issues. EarthAction produces an Action Kit
eight to twelve times a year which is distributed to our Partner
Organizations for use in mobilising their members to take action on
important global issues. Partnership in the EarthAction Network is
offered to citizen groups free of charge-however, groups that have the
resources are asked to contribute US$30 to $100 per year. Individuals may
also join the EarthAction Network for US$25 per year.

EarthAction International Offices:

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Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000
From: Mark Graffis <>
Subject: Massive Iceberg Peeling Off From Antarctica's Ross Shelf

UniSci - Daily University Science News

A massive iceberg, approaching record size, according to estimates, is
peeling off from Antarctica's Ross Ice Shelf and may soon be adrift in
the Ross Sea. The iceberg is estimated to be 11,000 square kilometers
in size, about twice the size of Delaware.

(Editor's Note: For a quick look, go to [3]this URL. Real-time
satellite imagery can be obtained from the Antarctic Meteorological
Research Center at [4]this URL.)

According to Matthew Lazzara, a scientist at the University of
Wisconsin-Madison's Antarctic Meteorological Research Center, the
iceberg is about 295 kilometers in length and 37 kilometers wide.

"This is a very big iceberg, close to a record if not a new record,"
said Lazzara. "It's not often that you see them of this magnitude."

Images of the iceberg from two polar orbiting satellites are available
through the UW-Madison Antarctic Meteorological Research Center, a
research center supported by the National Science Foundation and
housed within the UW-Madison Space Science and Engineering Center.

A National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration polar orbiter as
well as a polar orbiter of the Defense Meteorological Satellite
Program gathered the data for the images, which were assembled at the
UW-Madison Space Science and Engineering Center.

Each satellite orbits the Earth, pole to pole, at an altitude of about
700 kilometers.

From: "Earth Day News-US" <>
Subject: Kick Off! 30 Days to Earth Day!
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000

For Immediate Release
23 March 2000

Contact: Michelle Ackermann
206-876-2000 ext. 226


30 communities across the US kick off 30 day countdown to Earth Day 2000

SEATTLE, WA, USA - Earth Day Network today kicked off the 30 day
countdown to the 30th anniversary of Earth Day. 500 million people
around the world are expected to participate in Earth Day 2000 events
during the month of April. In the US, most major cities and
thousands of smaller communities will host Earth Day activities.

"The 30th anniversary of Earth Day will be the biggest Earth Day
yet," said Denis Hayes, National Coordinator of the first Earth Day
and Chair of Earth Day Network. "Millions of people will come
together in the US and around the world to rally for a switch to
clean energy and take action for a cleaner, healthier environment."

Building on the grassroots strength of Earth Day, today's national
kick-off features 30 communities around the country where individuals
are marking the occasion by taking action around the theme of 30 in
honor of the 30th anniversary of Earth Day. Highlights include:

* Trenton, MI: 30 members of the local faith community are holding a
prayer vigil outside a local dirty, coal-fired power plant;

* Orange Coast College, CA: Students are kicking off a massive
recycling drive for the 30 days leading up to Earth Day, and are
working to save the equivalent of 2000 trees;

* Seattle, WA: 30 elementary school children from each of two schools
are staging an event, presenting their environmental hopes for the
future to local elected officials and creating a huge paper maché
Earth with the Mariner's Moose, mascot for the Seattle Mariners
baseball team, in attendance;

* Washington DC: Press conference unveiling celebrity participation
for the flagship Mall event, featuring 30 national sponsors of the
event and detailing how the entire event will be powered with
renewable and clean energy sources off the grid - the first time it's
ever been done for an event of this size;

* University of Boulder, CO: 30 campus departments will attach
environmental pledges, fashioned as leaves, on an artificial tree on
campus that will be replaced with a real tree for Earth Day;

* Los Altos High School, Mountain View, CA: High school students are
getting together to buy at least 30 CO2 pollution credits and retire
them so companies can't use them to pollute anymore.

"Today communities across the country and around the world are
kicking off a month of activities leading up to Earth Day 2000," said
Hayes. "Earth Day has always been about everyday people taking
action in their own communities for a cleaner, healthier environment.
This year, with hundreds of millions of people around the world
participating in the biggest Earth Day yet, we will take real steps
toward a cleaner, healthier environment for our future."

For more information on Earth Day Network and the 4500 organizations
in 180 countries participating in the worldwide Earth Day 2000
campaign, please visit


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up for this list, which gives general updates on the Earth Day 2000
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without web access can send a message to
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From: "Phyllis von Miller" <>
Subject: Drumbeat for Mother Earth Film Award
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2000

From: Indigenous Environmental Network <>
Subject: Native Enviro Film Wins Award


By the Indigenous Environmental Network

Tom Goldtooth, 218-751-4967
Jackie Warledo, 405-382-0820
Joe DiGangi, 312-554-1029

Native Film, "Drumbeat for Mother Earth" wins top prize at New York
International Independent Film and Video Festival

On Eve of International Negotiations to Eliminate Toxic Pollutants,
Documentary Draws Attention to Impact on Native Americans

(Bemidji, MN) "Drumbeat for Mother Earth," a documentary produced by the
Indigenous Environmental Network and Greenpeace has been awarded a top
prize from the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival.
The film was recognized as Best Environmental Documentary.

"This is a great honor for all of those who worked on the film," said
co-producer Joe Di Gangi, a toxics campaigner with Greenpeace. "More
important than the film's accolades is the recognition by audiences of the
tremendous threat persistent organic pollutants or POPs are having on
Native Americans across the country."

Persistent organic pollutants (POPs) are chemicals such as dioxin and PCBs that
are highly toxic in very small quantities and remain in the environment for
long periods of time. POPs are released into the environment through the
production and incineration of chlorine-based chemicals.
Food is the most common route of exposure.

As illustrated in the film, POPs have become a silent plague on Native
American communities whose lands and waters have become contaminated by these chemicals. Their traditions, diets and livelihoods are compromised by industry and the US government who have both failed to eliminate the poisons.

Drumbeat's recognition comes just two weeks before US negotiators are set to travel to Bonn, Germany for another round of United Nations-sponsored talks to eliminate the production and use of POPs. The ability of POPs to travel long distances across national boundaries has resulted in the need for international cooperation.

In response to the growing concern of Native Americans and Indigenous
Peoples throughout the world, the German government, is planning a
reception welcoming Native Americans and Indigenous Peoples. "Native
members of our delegation from Tanana Village, Alaska, and a Yaqui
ceremonial leader from Sonora, Mexico will join other Indigenous Peoples from Canada, the Arctic and other regions of the world in this reception," says Tom Goldtooth, national director of the Indigenous Environmental Network and co-producer of the film. "These toxic poisons are in the fetus of our pregnant women. Our communities have a right to know about these dangers and have a voice in these issues that effect our health," Goldtooth said.

Still, the battle to ban these substances appears to be a war waged on our own soil. While the European Union (EU) and other nations around the world have demonstrated their commitment to eliminating POPs, the US is not yet on board. In a leaked memo to the EU, the US threatened to block negotiations if the Europeans would not join forces with the US to weaken the treaty. The US wants to delete the goal of elimination of POPs from the treaty text, in favor of management of POPs.

Over 130 country delegates and non-governmental organizations from every continent will travel to Bonn, Germany during the week of March 20 to participate in the treaty negotiations. Non-governmental organizations will be participating as observers.

Indigenous Environmental Network
P.O. Box 485
Bemidji, Minnesota 56619-0485 USA
Phone (218) 751-4967
Fax (218) 751-0561
Internet Web Site:

"An alliance of Indigenous Peoples empowering Indigenous communities
towards sustainable livelihoods, environmental protection of our lands,
water, air and maintaining the sacred Fire of our traditions."


Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2000
From: Mark Graffis <>
Subject: Suicide Seeds on the Fast Track

EarthVision Reports

SAN FRANCISCO, March 24, 2000 - A report released by the Rural
Advancement Foundation International (RAFI) reveals that Terminator
and Traitor technology are riding a fast track to commercialization.
Terminator technology, the genetic engineering of plants to produce
sterile seeds, is universally considered the most morally offensive
application of agricultural biotechnology, since over 1.4 billion
people depend on farm-saved seeds. Traitor technology, also known as
genetic use restriction technology (GURTs), refers to the use of an
external chemical to switch on or off a plant's genetic traits.

"We've continued right on with work on the Technology Protection
System [Terminator]. We never really slowed down. We're on target,
moving ahead to commercialize it. We never really backed off."
Harry Collins, Delta & Pine Land Seed Co., January, 2000

"After Monsanto and AstraZeneca publicly vowed not to commercialize
terminator seeds in 1999, governments and civil society organizations
were lulled into thinking that the crisis had passed. Nothing could be
further from the truth," said RAFI's Executive Director Pat Mooney.
"Despite mounting opposition from national governments and United
Nations' agencies, research on Terminator and Traitor (genetic trait
control) is moving full speed ahead."

According to RAFI, Delta & Pine Land, the world's largest cotton seed
company, is moving aggressively to commercialize Terminator. And
despite massive protests, the US Department of Agriculture supports
and defends its anti-farmer patent and research on suicide seeds. Last
year, AstraZeneca conducted field trials on genetic trait control
technology (Traitor technology) in the UK. According to industry
sources, it is not the first company to conduct field tests of this

RAFI's report concludes that corporate commitments to disavow
Terminator are virtually meaningless in light of the pace of corporate
takeovers. Monsanto and AstraZeneca have each merged with other
companies since they pledged not to commercialize suicide seeds.
* On December 2, 1999 Novartis and AstraZeneca announced they would
spin-off and merge their agrochemical and seed divisions to create
the world's biggest agribusiness corporation -- to be named
* On December 19, 1999 Monsanto announced that it will merge with
drug industry giant Pharmacia & Upjohn to create a new company,
named Pharmacia, with combined annual sales of $17 billion.

The Director General of the United Nations Food and Agriculture
Organization (FAO) Jacques Diouf recently declared his opposition to
Terminator. In publicly rejecting Terminator, FAO's Diouf has come to
the defense of the 1.4 billion people who depend upon farm-saved seed
for their survival.

Among the national governments that have announced their intention to
oppose Terminator technology are Panama, India, Ghana, and Uganda.
India, one of the first governments to publicly reject Terminator,
explicitly prohibits Terminator genes in a draft bill now before the
Indian Parliament. Ghanaian Minister of Environment, Cletus Avoka,
says that his government will not tolerate the use of Terminator
technology. Panama's Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries writes that
his government "will adopt measures to prohibit the specific patents
as well as the technology in general." Ugandan officials have said
that their government is discussing measures to outlaw Terminator at
the highest levels of government.

Terminator and Traitor technologies are not limited to a single
patent, nor is the research confined to one or two companies. Delta &
Pine Land is currently the high-profile crusader for Terminator, but
the goal of genetic trait control is industry-wide. According to RAFI,
over 30 patents are collectively held by the multinational
agrochemical firms that dominate the field of biotechnology.

According to RAFI, the future of Terminator/Traitor Technology rests
with national governments and multinational corporations. The pressure
points for political action are, first and foremost, with national
governments around the world. Second, pressure should be applied at
key international fora such as through the BioSafety Protocol at the
Convention on Biological Diversity, and intellectual property
negotiations at the World Trade Organization.

Entitled Suicide Seeds on the Fast Track, the new RAFI CommuniquÈ is
available on RAFI's website [1]

Source/contact: RAFI International Office, 110 Osborne Street, Suite
202, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3L 1Y5 Canada; phone (204) 453-5259; fax
(204) 925-8034; email [2] The above article was
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