June 12, 2000

Subject: Food Safety File #8: The Sweet That Kills: Aspartame Morphing into Neotame: World Alert!

Hello everyone

It has been some time (actually 6 weeks) since I've sent you anything on aspartame which, as most of you probably know, is a deadly sweetening substance that has been approved in 1981 by the FDA despite the opposition of its own scientists - and then it was swiftly approved all over the world and now hundreds of millions of people ingest it everyday in their food and beverages, unknowingly poisoning themselves and their children and gradually triggering a whole series of debilitating diseases, some of which end up killing a growing number of men, women and children.

I have repeatedly expressed my outrage that such a massive crime could continue with most of the mainstream media keeping a tight lid on this horrific story, not to mention most of the people involved in the health/disease industry who have very little incentive to research this story for themselves and warn their patients off aspartame, most of politicians and the FDA and similar agencies' technocrats elsewhere who could be sued to the end of times by the hordes of aspartame sufferers if the truth was publicly admitted, not to mention the crooked CEOs and managers of the few companies that created and still produce and market this sweet poison and got fabulously rich from its sales.

Of course, aspartame is not the only threat lurking in our food supply: genetically engineered plants and animals, toxic chemicals used in agriculture and by the food processing industry, unlabelled irradiation of a growing number of food products to make them stay "fresh" longer, water fluoridation, trace residues of deadly chemicals such as PCBs, dioxin and DDT, radioactive contamination from all the "accidental" nuclear plant releases, accumulated radioactive waste and all military use of radioactive material (including uranium-enriched ammunitions massively used in the Gulf and Kosovo wars) ALL finding their way into what we eat, drink and breathe. And of course, there are the E-Coli water contamination to consider (which killed at least 8 people in Walkerton, Ontario, Canada a few weeks ago) and all the other deadly bacteria and viruses we have to contend with... And as if that was not enough, some scientists have been warning the politicians of Canada, the country endowed with the largest fresh water supply in the world, that if nothing is done soon to stem the flood of pollution ending in the water supply sources of most Canadian cities, finding clean, drinkable water will soon become a major problem here! So imagine what the situation may be elsewhere in the world...

No wonder why so many people now turn in throngs to buying (or growing!) organic food and bottled water (which may also be contaminated by chemicals leaching from the plastic bottle itself!).

Yet amidst this cacophony of threats to our health with all the astronomic health costs and debilitating human suffering engendered when people become ill because of this deadly cocktail of poisonous substances, aspartame really stands out both because it is so ubiquitous (it is used - with or without a written notice on the product label - in at least 5000 food products -- more than 9000 worldwide according to some estimates) and because so many people are still unaware of the risks they and their children incur when they ingest food containing this treacherous sweetener - which was accidentally discovered to be so sweet to our taste buds when a lab scientist researching it as a potential chemical weapon licked his fingers on which traces of the powdery compound were left.

In the following passionate and very well documented diatribe against aspartame, we are warned once again about this scourge and about the threat of yet another incoming stealthy poison -- neotame -- by Betty Martini, the indefatigable mother of all anti-aspartame fighters who has almost singlehandedly warned hundreds of thousands of innocent people off aspartame and who is assuredly feared by the entire aspartame industry because of her unrelenting courage against the worst possible odds and system-wide indifference and/or complicity with the artificial sweetener industry of literally almost all politicians, regulatory health authorities, journalists, physicians, makers and sellers of aspartame-laced products (including pop beverage industry producing the Diet sodas) because she keeps standing out of the complacent crowd and vigorously blows the whistle to shake people out of their sweet numbness and artificial stupor.

I hope you are at least laughing a bit by now at my emphatic and breathless treatment of this subject ;-)

So, in short, aspartame stinks and those who can still think otherwise after reading the following article are probably too much in denial to be able to actually face the consequences of admitting that they have poisoned themselves and their own children for years with aspartame - not to mention the rest of the pollution and contamination issues listed above...

Now the real question is: "What will it take to tear that Aspartame Wall of Indifference down and ban forever this neurotoxic chemical from our food supply?"

I now rest my case.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

As usual, your comments are welcomed...

P.S. See also my additional comments near the end and some concerns about Betty's health. I have 2 other compilations on the subject of Despair coming your way and many, many more subjects in the work!

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"If we believe we can win, we will. The belief that you will win without fail summons all your strength, even that which is normally latent, making your triumph a reality."

- William Hazlett (1778-1830)


In reply to Ana Mary Fuentes (see her original letter at the end), Betty Martini wrote:

Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2000
From: Betty Martini <Mission-Possible-USA@altavista.net
Subject: Re: Neotame in Spain? World Alert!

Dear Ana Mary,

I am shocked and don't know how this happened. We do need verification in
writing and one of the packets but I'm putting this on lists to start an
investigation. Monsanto who made Neotame told a reporter in England that
since aspartame was already approved they did not have to get FDA's
approval. And a neighbor who built the Augusta, Georgia NutraSweet plant
did say the original manufacturer was marketing aspartame
(NutraSweet/Equal) before it was ever approved, and that it was a deadly
poison, which of course, we knew. I had the formula analyzed by a peptide
chemist who told me that with neotame they had just scrambled the formula
but that it had the identical deadly breakdown products.

When I lectured for the World Environmental Conference and wrote a post
about it to a neurological list, it was published on Nancy Markle's name
although I don't know who she is. A global net worker by the name of
Shoshanna Allison saw it and because her ex-husband had developed lupus
from aspartame she put it on 450 global networks knowing if she could
alert world perhaps she could stop it from happening to others. It had
shattered her marriage as her husband developed the usual mood swings and
ballooned up in weight as formaldehyde, a breakdown product of the wood
alcohol, accumulated in his cells. Indeed, after a year and a half it has
continued to make world news. They can't put out the fire because people
on aspartame seeing their symptoms got off of it and when their symptoms
disappeared they knew what ruined their health and shattered their lives,
and forwarded on the post to thousands more. They saw the symptoms in
their friends and relatives and warned them as well. It was obvious what
H. J. Roberts, M.D., has said repeatedly, that aspartame is a disease
because the symptoms are predictable and there is a pattern, and that
aspartame disease is now a world plague. His 700 page medical text on
this world epidemic will probably be published by Fall. I spoke with him

Because the world found out that aspartame is a deadly poison, Monsanto
has had to realize attorneys are getting in line. As one said: "Tobacco
will pale next to aspartame." So they sold the Nutratanic. They also
know that if aspartame is recalled the world will wake up well from the 92
symptoms on the FDA report and more, and the many diseases it triggers if
they are not already fatal. On a small scale this once happened. Return
to Eden, an organic market in Atlanta took our material and published a
16 page brochure titled Killer Kola. It was distributed free to 15,000
people. A couple of months later the owner, Wendy Purcell, called and
said: "You'll never guess what is happening!" I said: "I already know, a
great percentage of the people who read that brochure got off of aspartame
and were shocked to find out that medical problems that could not be
diagnosed disappeared. My address is not even in the brochure and the
victims are coming to my house. One lady (Lee Fullerton) burst into
tears in my arms and said, "I am almost totally blind like Joyce Wilson in
the brochure. Please help me so I can live and help warn others." In
l986 the Community Nutrition Institute petitioned the FDA to ban aspartame
because hundreds were going blind from the wood alcohol in
aspartame. Unfortunately, the FDA is very loyal to Monsanto Chemical
Company who bought NutraSweet from Searle in l985, and they refused to do
so. Asking the FDA to tell Monsanto to recall aspartame is like asking
Romeo to give up Juliette. The revolving door at the FDA has gotten so
bad I told Dr. Michael Friedman when Monsanto hired him in June, they
should build a bridge to take care of the traffic. We sent case histories
consistently to Dr. Friedman which he never published in the report of
complaints and he defended Monsanto on 60 Minutes when the famed James
Olney, M.D., made world news in l996 over the brain tumor/aspartame
connection. Aspartame breaks down to diketopiperazine, a brain tumor
agent. Indeed, they rewarded Michael for his protection even though it
was the FDA themselves who refused to approve aspartame for 16 years
because aspartame triggers brain tumors (astrocytomas, pituitary adenomas,
etc.) and did in original studies as well as mammary, uterine, ovarian,
pancreatic and testicular tumors. I had demanded a warning for cancer on
aspartame by the FDA as they had one on saccharin. But rather than have
concern for the consumer public dying of cancer and adding this warning,
they took the warning off saccharin. The 26 questions asked of the FDA
and submitted for us by then Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, still
remain unanswered. The FDA simply refuses to answer those questions
because it exposes the horrible crime that was committed by them in the
approval of a neurotoxin for human consumption - genocide. The Trocho
study performed in Spain showed not only does the formaldehyde accumulate
in the cells but damages DNA. When you mess with chromosomes you can
destroy a species. Indeed, James Bowen, M.D. wrote a paper Aspartame Murders
Infants in violation of the Federal Domestic Genocide Law, Title 18 which
is now on www.dorway.comwww.dorway.com He says that the toxic mechanisms of aspartame are:

1. Abortifacient Abortion causation
2. Terotogen Birth Defect production
3. Adjuvant Forms antigenic tissue, triggering immunologic attack, fetal wastage
4. Chelation Chelates metals, promotes heavy metal poisoning.

He lists some of aspartame toxic agents as methyl alcohol,
diketopiperazine, phenylalanine, formaldehyde, aspartic acid and formic
acid. Dr. Bowen is the one who wrote the FDA some years ago (document on
www.dorway.com) and told the FDA that aspartame is mass poisoning of the
American consumer public and more than 70+ countries of the world. Today
he admits he has Lou Gehrigs disease from aspartame.

Being a neurotoxin aspartame (NutraSweet/Equal/Spoonful,
etc.) triggers many neurodegenerative diseases. Many ask how can
aspartame trigger so many symptoms (92 by the FDA's own report) and so
many diseases. In a nutshell aspartame destroys the central nervous
system and mimics MS, can precipitate Parkinson's (and changes the
dopamine level of the brain), destroys the brain, the optic nerve and
immune system, and ravages every organ in the body. One of the more
serious problems the consumer public is not aware of is aspartame damages
the hypothalamus and causes sudden death syndrome. I just received by
Federal Express the case history of Kathy Fulford. Kathy, who used 48
packets of Equal a week, had a great deal of the symptoms on the FDA
report and was beginning to black out, once almost hitting a car head
on. Exclaiming she was dying her friend put her symptoms in the computer
and came up with the www.dorway.com web site. Off aspartame her symptoms
disappeared. This is why industry yells misinformation on the Internet,
they know they are being exposed and have hid this deadly secret, (the
hidden epidemic) for years as death certificates only listed the problems
and diseases triggered by aspartame such as seizures, brain tumors,
misdiagnosed MS, Parkinson's, etc. Monsanto has funded the trade
organizations like the American Dietetics Association, their media flacks,
and the American Diabetes Association and writes their material. Kathy
Fulford's neighbor was a Diet Coke addict and also was experiencing these
blackouts. Unfortunately when they found her after her last, she was
dead. Another heavy user was a pilot on American Airlines who had one of
these blackouts in flight and died. The other pilot landed the
plane. American was petitioned to remove Equal from the planes by Captain
Fred Fox. They refused, after which 5 American Airline Pilots who were
heavy users died of problems commonly known to be triggered by aspartame
such as seizures and brain tumors. Another had a stroke.

Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D. said in his paper on pilots on the
Aviation page on www.dorway.com "One of the intriguing associations with
excitotoxins of all types is the occurrence of sudden death. For example,
we know that one of the primary sites of action of these excitatory
substances is the hypothalamus and that sudden cardiac death can be
induced by stimulating the hypothalamus. It is entirely possible that
excitotoxic stimulation of these hypothalamic centers could also lead to
cardiac arrhythmia and sudden death. Hypothalamus stimulation has also
been shown to produce an ECG pattern exactly like that of myocardial
infarction. Combinations of excitotoxins, such as aspartic acid and
glutamate, greatly increased the risk. "

I have warned the FDA repeatedly they not dare approve Neotame. Here's
what's behind it. When Monsanto sold the Nutratanic they also sold the
rights to Neotame which has not been approved in this country. A press
release from Chicago dated May 30 said:

"Monsanto Co. announced that it had sold the last of its sweetener
businesses and the NutraSweet brand name for $440 million, to an investor
group that includes former Monsanto managers. The former unit, which
sells bulk sweetener to beverage and food companies such as Coca Cola Co.,
will be called NutraSweet Co. and be based in Chicago, said Nick Rosa,
chief executive of the new company. Monsanto divested a related business,
which sells Equal sweetener to consumers, in March. Monsanto, the farm
chemicals company that merged with Pharmacia & Upjohn to become Pharmacia
Corp., has said it will use the money from the sale of these businesses to
reduce its debt. ........
The sweetener business sold today was acquired in a leveraged buyout, said
Rosa, a former Monsanto senior vice president. Boston-based investment
firm J. W. Childs Associates provided the bulk of the funding through the
J.W. Childs Equity Partners II fund, Rosa said. Neotame is 40 times
sweeter than aspartame, the generic name for NutraSweet, and 8000 times
sweeter than sugar, Rosa said. The company hopes to get regulatory
approval for neotame later this year, he said. Also today, Monsanto
announced that it had sold its equity interest in two European sweetener
joint ventures, NutraSweet AG and Euro-Aspartame SA, to Tokyo-based food
and chemical maker Ajinomoto Co. for $67 million. Peapack, New Jersey
based Pharmacia shares fell 1 1/4 to 50 1/2 in trading on the New York
Stock Exchange. ......."

If Monsanto sold the rights to Neotame to this GROUP THAT INCLUDES FORMER
MONSANTO MANAGERS, then have they made a deal with the FDA to get Neotame
approved for this launch of Neotame they propose later in the year? Is
this sale a straw man? Would the FDA with knowledge of three
congressional hearings because of the outrage of the public being
poisoned, their own audit (Bressler Report on www.dorway.com ), thousands
of case histories on aspartame sent for years along with damning letters
and their own refusal to approve aspartame for 16 years because they know
it triggers brain tumors, still approve Neotame? James Bowen, M.D., says
its already on the market unapproved in some products. I asked the FDA
but received no answer. How can this group of Monsanto managers be so
assured it will be approved later in the year?

In Dr. Blaylock's note on pilots he also said. "It must be recognized
that pilots would also be frequently exposed to other excitotoxins, such
as MSG, hydrolyzed proteins, etc., that have a synergistic effect that
greatly increases the likelihood of an adverse reaction." Can one but
imagine the synergistic effect of aspartame, neotame, MSG, RBGH, fluoride
and other FDA approved horrors! (See Dr. Blaylock's paper Neurotoxic
Interaction of MSG, Aspartame and Other Toxins on www.dorway.com).

What's behind this mass poisoning? If aspartame is recalled people all
over the world would wake up well as those almost 15,000 people who read
the Killer Kola brochure published by Return to Eden. Monsanto couldn't
have this as they would be put out of business, and there is no checkbook
that could pay the millions of victims the world over. They had to make
sure an aspartame formula is kept on the market so people would be kept
sick. Neotame is a more potent aspartame. If this is approved by FDA we
ask for immediate indictment by the Justice Department for malfeasance,
and the doors of the FDA be forever closed in favor of an agency of those
known to have concern for the consumer public. They are already guilty of
Title 18, Section 1001, of distributing misleading information aspartame
is a safe additive when in reality it is a neurotoxin that originally had
a drug application withdrawn to market as an additive with no safety
monitoring. It also changes brain chemistry and interacts with drugs and
was granted blanket approval to be used like sugar by Dr. David
Kessler of the FDA in l996 who had full knowledge that aspartame was a
neurotoxin. He then left the FDA for Yale amid accusations that he padded
his expense account. Who got him his job? After receiving thousands of
complaints how could he do this deadly deed?

How did they get this approved in Spain? Spain was probably the last to
outlaw aspartame and may not have known as much about its deadly effects
although it was in Barcelona that the Trocho study was performed. Some
countries say they have little information on aspartame except for
Monsanto's propaganda.

I am glad you wrote Ana Mary. I'm putting this on many lists so that this
can be verified with Spain's government. We have to have verification in
writing and I would be grateful if you would mail me one of the packets to
Betty Martini, Mission Possible International, 9270 River Club Parkway,
Duluth, Georgia 30097. We need to know also when this was approved and
who are the authorities we need to write to get this immediately recalled
before people become sick from it in Spain, and they start approving this
in other countries.

As I said in the beginning, they can't put out the fire and people
everywhere are finding out that aspartame is a chemical poison. I am
particularly interested that the Mayo Clinic put propaganda on their web
site that its a hoax and that a woman (myself) thinks it
triggers obesity, MS, etc. Yes, I wrote the Mayo Clinic and quoted the
Congressional Record where Dr. Wurtman in an affidavit admitted aspartame
makes you crave carbohydrates so you gain weight and yet is being marketed
as a diet product. You see, it is a drug. I also sent them Dr. H. J.
Roberts position paper Multiple Sclerosis or Aspartame Disease? So while
I had documented everything they questioned from eminent physicians they
kept up the misleading information on web. Then Jane Brody of the New
York Times wrote about it still trying to convince the public not to
believe the facts on aspartame. I finally discovered what was behind it
all and the Mayo Clinic. It will be released in a world press release
very soon.

Thank you for alerting us Neotame is in Spain. We are a worldwide
volunteer force and at the same time you receive this Mission Possible
operations the world over will have the information and will begin
investigating immediately.

All my best,
Betty Martini,
Mission Possible International 770 242-2599

Web Sites:

Congressional Records, Bressler Report(FDA audit), CDC
investigation, protest of National Soft Drink Association, FDA report of 92
symptoms, info on email that made world news -

www.dorway.com/nomarkle.html River of information from physicians
www.holisticmed.com/aspartame Aspartame Toxicity Center
www.presidiotex.com/aspartame Aspartame Support Group
www.aspartame-survivors.org Aspartame Support Group
www.presidiotex.com/asparspan Aspartame in Spanish
www.sunsentpress.com Dr. Roberts web site of books or 1 800 - 814-9800
Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills by Dr. Russell Blaylock 1 505 474-0303

At 02:06 PM 6/7/00 -0500, Ana Mary Fuentes wrote:

Dear Betty:

I am from México and recently I made a trip to Spain. I am also an
aspartame victim and every time I go out, I look through products trying
to find out if they have aspartame on them.

I talked about spain, because I noticed that at restaurants they are
using neotame. It is incredible that this poison is walking all over the
world, and no matter it is killing people, we cant stop this delivery.

I am trying to let the whole world know here in México about it. We need
a huge movement to spread the world, because not even doctors know what
they are giving to their patients.

I went to my pediatrician, and gave him information about the
aspartame. I asked him to put that info in front of all the mothers that
go to get a consultation with him, and not give medicines containing
aspartame or fenilalanin on them.

I finished consuming that killing agent and I feel much better now. It
triggered CFS on me, so I am working with a group that is helping me a
lot. Spreading this info in the group is saving more lives. We need to
use TV for showing everybody that they are killing themselves without
knowing it. We also, can use newspapers. We have to be so curious to
find the information in internet, because most people dont know, it is a

Thank you for the great fight!!!!!. You count on me in México to keep up
the good work.

God Bless You!!!!!!!!

Ana Mary Fuentes

Brainscans of Gulf War Vets show Brain Damage

In the June issue of Radiology, researchers report that sick Gulf War veterans when compared with healthy veterans had 20 percent less brain cells in the brain stem, 12 percent less in the right basal ganglia and 5 percent less in the left basal ganglia. That reduction is similar in magnitude to results found in patients with brain diseases like amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and multiple sclerosis, as well as dementia and other degenerative neurological disorders, although the brain areas affected are different. -- Science Daily

NOTE FROM JEAN: After preparing this above and writing my introductory comment, I opened this other email below from Betty that ahe had CCed to me. Betty is not exactly a young person (see her picture attached) and I've always been bowled over by her dedication and stamina. In the last few months, she has been traveling a lot around the U.S. to give numerous radio and TV interviews and I'd say that we should all send her some healing and supportive energies both in appreciation of her service and to help her sustain the grueling schedule she is putting herself through in defense of sanity and out of compassion for the millions of people suffering from aspartame-induced diseases. And I'm sure any donation will also be most welcomed at Mission Possible International, 9270 River Club Parkway, Duluth, Georgia 30097, USA. You may also want to do likewise to support another key pillar of this health-conscious citizen's initiative: Dave Rietz <dorietz@awod.com> who created and maintains the extensive www.dorway.com website of Mission Possible International.

Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2000
To: Sh0shanna@aol.com
From: Betty Martini <Mission-Possible-USA@altavista.net>
Subject: Re: Fwd: Neotame in Spain? World Alert! (not sent out on media lists)


Unfortunately, when I was in Houston I was carrying a heavy bag with all
the books etc., and you know I have a neck injury and wasn't suppose
to. It sprained my back and it took me a lot of energy to get out of bed
to just post this. It's painful to walk or sit. So I can't do anything
right now but go back to bed. But at least I wrote it and put it on the
aspartame support list, survivors, MP, MCS, etc. Did what I could. I did
send a copy to Jean Hudon. The TV program in Houston was great and hits on
www.dorway.com are off the chart.


FINAL NOTE FROM JEAN: Rest assured Betty. I'm sending tonight this entire email to my 1000+ mainstream media list, and soon to the ERN list and to the Anti-GMO list, hoping/expecting that others will also forward this to their own lists of contacts around the world.


Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2000
From: Betty Martini <Mission-Possible-USA@altavista.net>
Subject: Re: Food Safety File #8: The Sweet That Kills: Aspartame Morphing into Neotame: World Alert!

Dear Jean,

You are so very kind, and quite a writer. I am so indebted to you also for
getting this around. If you don't get people to question Neotame right
away and try to get it removed it could end up like aspartame, on the
market for years, probably killing tens of thousands of people from the
diseases it triggers. The majority in Spain probably have no idea it's
dangerous or what it is.

As to corrections, aspartame was approved in l981. You may be remembering
l986 because that's when the Community Nutrition Institute petitioned the
FDA to ban aspartame because even then hundreds were going blind. Also,
the story from Searle is that they were developing an ulcer drug when they
found out it was sweet. Alex Constantine is the one in NutraPoison who
said that aspartame was listed with the Pentagon in an inventory of
prospective biochemical warfare weapons submitted to Congress. When I
asked on the ban genetic engineering list some years ago had anyone seen it
in the congressional record someone said they did around l970 but I don't
have any paperwork on it. I've also been told that the components of
aspartame were used in Nazi Germany although not developed as aspartame, of
course. So finally I asked Dr. Roberts what he knew about it and he said
they found out it was sweet in l965 but it had been developed at an earlier
date. There is another reporter who did a radio program on aspartame
titled: Aspartame: Weapons of War, and she says it is a biochemical
warfare weapon. One thing we do know for sure, is that is exactly how it
works on the body. And Dr. James Bowen said some of the troops in the
Gulf might not have reacted to such things as nitrogen gas if they had not
been first poisoned by aspartame and become sensitized. It's called
polychemical sensitivity syndrome. I have the tape on aspartame as a
weapon of war someplace. But the official story from Searle, as if they
would tell the truth, is that they were developing an ulcer drug at that
time. I just don't buy it. Either buy it definitely had a drug
application first and later was withdrawn to market it as an additive so it
would require no safety monitoring.

So grateful to you, Jean. Incidently I'm still getting "Nancy Markle"
calls everyday because now they know I'm the one who lectured and my phone
number has been put on the post. Many people who just want to verify the
facts call, and it keeps going with the appropriate web sites. You would
simply be amazed at how many people call and say they have sent the post,
got people off aspartame and seizures stopped, joint pain stopped, vision
clears up, etc. It is absolutely incredible how many thousands of people
have gotten well and are alive today who might not be, because of that
post. If you and Shoshanna had not sent it around I shudder to think of
how many of those people today would not be around to talk about it. I
thank you again, and again for the lives of those people the world over.

All my best,