Suggestion to extend for one more week the Meditation Focus on the situation in Kashmir

In view of the latest developments in Kashmir, the subject of last week's Meditation Focus, we feel it necessary to recommend continuing our global healing and peace-nurturing work for another week on this situation. Following yesterday's bomb attack in the Kashmir city of Srinagar, the Hizbul Mujahideen militant group which claimed responsibility for the bomb are apparently saying that they will, in the next few days, launch their heaviest bombing in 10 years against India. Hizbul Mujahideen had held a single round of peace talks with Indian government officials in Srinagar last week, but the process was halted on Tuesday when the pro-Pakistan group called off its 15-day-old truce. Hizbul Mujahideen blamed India for the breakdown of the talks and the cease-fire, citing New Delhi's refusal to let Pakistan participate in a three-way dialogue on the future of the Himalayan territory.

According to a New York Time editorial, "Washington should press both sides to come back to the table without preconditions. Every reasonable effort must be made to avoid a new Kashmir war," it said. The paper said the Clinton administration is right to be concerned about the military confrontation between India and Pakistan over Kashmir, a conflict that American intelligence agencies now judge to be the world's most perilous. The dispute over who will control India's Muslim-majority state, it said, has already provoked two wars. That was before New Delhi and Islamabad acquired nuclear bombs and medium range missiles. "Now any resumption of full-scale conflict carries the risk of starting a nuclear war between the two nations," it said."

Please also hold in your heart and mind a vision, as guided by Spirit during your meditations, of a renewed dialogue between India and Pakistan and the easing of tensions between those 2 countries over the Kashmir dispute. May the power of Love and compassion overcomes the desire for revenge and violence so as to bring about Peace, forgiveness and understanding between and for everyone concerned.

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