April 14, 2000

Subject: Feedbacks received regarding my brief comment on the "Fail Safe" movie

Hello everyone

Another very busy week at this end as usual. Lots of things are in preparation. The Focus group discussions have been moving ahead nicely but I'm not sure we will be ready to issue our first official "Weekly Focus for Meditation and Prayer" tomorrow. I'll keep you all posted.

Aside from that, I've prepared a "Special LFAS File" coming your way very soon. I have a whole bunch of information compiled on the Grand Planetary Alignment on this coming May 5th which will definitely be a Great Moment of Global Unification. I'll also send you soon The Ageless Wisdom Teaching - Part 2. I have also another one called "The Future of Economy" in the work.

Here are now lots of interesting feedbacks which I enjoyed reading.

Thanks a lot to all those who contributed them ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000
From: "Marianna Fay Hartsong, Ph.D., CMT" <docsong@sedona.net>
Subject: Re: Fail Safe Hair Trigger Call-In Day to the White House -- Monday April 10

Jean, I was surprised with your long letter you did not include this vital
piece of information. Perhaps you did not have it yet. Perhaps you'd
like to send it to your list.

Bless your heart for all you do do. :)


NOTE FROM JEAN: Thanks a lot Marianna. Indeed I had not seen this yet.


Post Cassini Flyby Feedback
Editor - Jonathan Mark

April 10, 2000

Dear Friends,

Please send feedback and insights about upcoming GlobeNet Conference and
Protests beginning this upcoming weekend in Washington, D.C. The following
information was complied by an E-mail alert from "Back from the Brink."
Check out their petition at http://www.dealert.org.
The petition signees had messages sent for them to the President and
now that Congress is in session, Back from the Brink will
forward this message to Senators and House Representative. Please consider
signing the petition about getting nuclear weapons off hair-trigger
alert. The timing of this national mobilization effort is partly inspired
by the April 9th airing on CBS of a new movie version of "Fail-Safe"
starring George Clooney and Richard Dreyfus. The movie grippingly described
how a computer error almost resulted in an all-out nuclear war.

Back from the Brink is sponsoring a national call-in day on the day after
the airing of Fail Safe, which is Monday, April 10th. They encourage you to
call President Clinton (202-456-1414 or 202-456-1111) to ask him to take the
initiative and work with the Russians to get all nuclear weapons off
hair-trigger alert.

Thanks for your work and support.

Background information on dealerting can be found at

Thought for the day:

Be constantly open to the unexpected!
BE REAL, no matter what!

* The Great Experiment II World-Wide Meditation April 23.

Dr. Marianna Fay Hartsong, Ph.D., CMT

Date: 10 Apr 00
From: Sherry Schiffer <arielky@netscape.net>
Subject: Re: A brief comment on the Fail Safe movie

Thank you for articulating my sentiments exactly and for disseminating this
disturbing information.

Ariel Ky

Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000
From: Chere Rae <heartvisions@earthlink.net>
Subject: Re: "Fail Safe"

Greeting Jean,

I could so FEEL the impact "Fail Safe" had on you. It did the same to me
the first time I saw it. While I was feeling your words and thinking if
it would be appropriate to respond every hair was straight up - so you
know what that means!

My experience from viewing "Fail Safe" years ago I recall vividly. The
same I remember just a couple years ago when many of our Spiritual
leader along with Hopi and so on predicted the time has come for
California or some place to fall into the sea.

In hind sight it was a gift that woke me up to another (higher) level.
I could feel the cold fear grab every part of my being, then after a
period of time my Spiritual teaching's started drifting in like a small
meteor shower! I was being asked if I were going to walk my talk or
not, I heard that! or follow! - Boy, oh, boy when I was able to answer
myself and own it, the Joy - Power - co-creator birthed and tears of
BLISS did flow, I was able to FEEL the release, that grip of terror had
on me plus owner ship of my own HEART and Trust of knowingness instead
of doubts in my head.

So, the point is I guess, what to do with one's cage when rattled to the
bone and on the matt again!

I believe we are being asked for a higher level of HEART opening, This
is indeed part of the time period we are in, there are no sign post. We
agreed to be here at this time - just FEELING our way along! Testing our
LOVE - FAITH and TRUST and feeling the power in that having to walk
both worlds!

I could also feel your frustration from a few other words that was
sprinkle through out the article. My though is many are being moved for
a reason, frustrating because we can't see it sometimes. I can't help
wonder why such heavy handed FEAR flags are being waved.

I choose to acknowledge and in gratitude for your time, caring and
service, just how many seeds you have been responsible for tossing out
there, is uncountable!

Below you will find a piece from my research and what my focus has been
on Hu-Man Race Control and Manipulation for DECADES. A few a missing,
like MSG being sprayed on our organic's, however I think you can see how
the populous has been lulled to sleep so the meanies can do their best.

In closing I would like to share FREE program I'm presenting in May if
you have an interest. It is call "Adopt a Senior", created by a senior
from his own challenges and working with the Social Security - Bank
institutions - IRS - Major Health Ins. Co's and the ever-growing Senior
communities, a win-win for ALL, NEW paradigm. Let me know and I will
send it if you choose.

Peace and Blessing,
Chere Rae

From: http://cco.net/~trufax/research/aspfluo.html
THE BIG FOUR: Effects of Aspartame, Fluorides, Aluminum and Mercury on Human Neurophysiology and Behavior

Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000
From: Charlotte King <charking@viser.net>
Subject: Re: A brief comment on the "Fail Safe" movie

Jean I saw this movie and at first I was not going to watch it, but when I
started to watch it, I could not turn away from it. It had a cast of
excellent actors and as George Clooney was trying to show us with his
backing of this film, Live TV works. This movie shows us how a small
electronic part, probably costing less than 10.00 can be responsible for
Nuclear Disaster. We can have the most sophisticated computers in the world,
but human error can cause even the best machine to crash, causing all kinds
of problems. I am sorry that they did not find the malfuctioning fuse and
light that they had already replaced in the beginning of the exercise and
make note of it was human error, because we did not spot the problem. It
makes me think of Y2K and how we all worried about what could happen. I
felt it was a very good movie and am glad that I watched it.

Note: The original Fail Safe Movie was aired right after this movie aired
on CBS; it was being shown on Turner Classic Movies, starring Henry Fonda.
It was excellent the first time I saw it and still caught my entire
attention, even though I had just seen the remake. I definitely recommend
it if you get the chance to view it.

Charlotte King

Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000
From: "Wendy K. Moss" <wkmoss@ix.netcom.com>
Subject: Re: A brief comment on the "Fail Safe" movie

In response to Jean Hudon's recent remarks, I offer the following:

Immediately after viewing the Fail Safe program with my husband, he
turned to me and said, "I didn't really get into it, did you?"

I, on the other hand, was so worked up that I could have discussed it
for hours and was certainly not going to be able to go to sleep right
away, as I think he was hoping. I told him that I felt that program was
immediately remarkable in the following ways.

1. I don't think that even a decade ago the majority of the North
American viewing population would have been ready to view such a
presentation. We have made progress as a culture, albeit slowly.

2. I commend George Clooney and his colleague producers as well as CBS
as a network for having the courage to produce the piece. And I also
agree with Jean that hopefully other major commercial media elements
will follow CBS's lead in producing and/or presenting programming of
substance that really matters to the survival of the planet.

3. I appreciated the list presented at the end of the program of all of
the countries that now possess nuclear capabilities. Its juxtaposition
with the preceding drama was alarming considering that the story
revolved around just two superpowers who had the exclusive corner on the
market of weapons of mass destruction. With so many new players today,
the need for communication and cultural understanding becomes ever more

I think after my husband's hearing my strenuous and detailed response to
his initial impression, he "woke up" quite a bit and has now changed his


Wendy Moss

Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000
From: "Beverly B. Ferguson" <OM@bestweb.net>
Subject: Re: A brief comment on the "Fail Safe" movie

Hi Jean,

I watched the "Fail Safe" movie last night: I have also been aware of the
same "movie" playing every day in my life since we were asked to hide under
our desks in grade school. We have lived our whole lives with the threat of
nuclear annihilation.

It occurred to me that the one thing mankind has no control over is Death.
Therefore we human beings: -mostly men I noticed; (women and children just
played the helpless victims) choose the _illusion of control over death_
provided by nuclear weapons rather than the feeling of having no control at

Though most human beings may not have control over death we could learn to
control how we live our lives, that would be true mastery.

Peace, Love & Harmony,

Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000
From: Frankie Lee Slater <liveart@concentric.net>
Subject: Conscious Media for a Conscious World


In response, I want you to know about the "conscious media for a more
conscious world" we are creating here in Los Angeles - all within the
framework of "the art of living," with the recognition that we are the
active ingredient in creating the world we really want for ourselves.

If you feel there are others who may be interested in what we're
creating, showing up in support and creating along with us, please
extend this to your extended community. I hope that you do and you

The truth is there are many many wonderful things people are being and
doing in this world, in little evidence to date in the media. We are
working to change that, to open the door for more so that, as you have
envisioned, pro-active media can be the standard rather than the

Thank you so much for your work in creating community. I enjoy your
mailings and look forward to meeting you in person one day.


Frankie Lee Slater
The Art of LIVING Coalition


The Art of LIVING
Conscious Media for a Conscious World

A Mystery School for Prime-time Television
(Weekly TV Reality Program, presently in development, intended for
global, multi generational audience)

Sourced in the emerging worldview that life itself is a creative process
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will act as a generative force, opening millions of viewers the world
over to the essential understanding that each and every aspect of life
can be raised to the level of Art. This powerful one-hour weekly
program is the first to present the important human stories of our time
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It is a Mystery School for prime-time television, synthesizing the
wisdom teachings of many cultures, from all of time and creation,
together with the leading communication and change technologies of our
day. While other reality shows compete for the same "who did what to
whom" stories, The Art of LIVING will establish a new standard,
demonstrating "what is being done for, with and by whom, and how." This
is the high end of reality programming - designed to effectively meet
the needs of the 21st Century human by enhancing how we experience
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The story is told through the words and laughter of His Holiness and a
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Richard Gere and our extended community. By presenting His Holiness'
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Creating Conscious Community


(Those interested to get the complete original post should request it from Frankie Lee Slater <liveart@concentric.net> )

The Art of LIVING Coalition

The purpose of The Art of LIVING Coalition is to support people in
fulfilling their highest potential by providing a context within which
they can understand their essential nature as creative, along with the
tools to consciously co-create the better world we all want for
ourselves and our children and our family of the earth.

The basis for our work is grounded in 20 years in-depth exploration in
communications, creativity, human excellence and how to effect positive
change. Over the years since it was founded by Frankie Lee Slater and a
group of her friends in 1996, we've actively taken the framework of the
art of living and its principles out to the people. This happened in
both large and small experiential settings, involving an extended multi
generational community throughout Southern California. We documented
a good deal of our experiences via audio and/or video, established our
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Several thousand have participated in this "greenhouse phase" in what
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ability of people to come together around a shared vision - especially
one that opens the doors to a deeper understanding of who we really are,
while offering a broader perspective of social well-being.

What we've discovered is that people ask different questions and take
different actions than they would ordinarily when they identify
themselves as "artists of life". In making this integral shift in
perception - from "being acted upon by life" to "becoming actively
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The Art of LIVING is a valuable resource to facilitate people in making
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them where they can be made better, creating them where deemed
necessary, and making them accessible. In this way, people can
understand how it all relates to them, and immediately reap the benefit
by applying what they learn in their own lives and sharing their
experiences with others.

The Art of LIVING Coalition
841 9th Street, Suite B
Santa Monica CA 90403
tel/fax 310-451-2017
and coming soon...

Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000
From: BigPlanet <northernsoul@bigplanet.com>


I dont get tired of all your share, even if lately there is urgency daily to
keep inform the network seems not to be information like you sended today something
should wait at all, awareness needs tobe water with inteligent info every day, I can't
allways translate enough the materials for my Spanish mailing list, but I do
my best. I though that the connection in Spanish, Red de Luz will have it,
but no, not your intelligent awakening info.

As I was forwarding this morning the costs of the weapons, my feelings
INVESTED TO DESTROY IN WAR. Same energy needs to be used reverse. And then
I prayed, HOW?! and the respond was *Keep on meditating in the Highest of
those humans behind the bottons, behind those kind of jobs, behind the
signature of those papers. They are humans too, they have a Highest
connection with the One of All. Pray for them to WAKE UP AND SEE AND FEEL
the consequences of their SLEEP.

I just wanted to share this. Thanks again. And if you or anybody in the
abundant networks know a way to move through the language barrier, to
translate fast the info, there is a big part of our world that can be
supported in their awakening journey and speaks spanish.

Thanks again and blessings to all

Ma Amrita
from Buenos Aires, Argentina


From: "Dharma Dharini Dasa" <d_dasa@hotmail.com>
Subject: Re: A brief comment on the "Fail Safe" movie
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000

I am wondering, due to the dependently arising nature of the universe and
the duality of mind (one can see this so clearly in the yin/yang symbol-the
seed of life are in death and the seed of death is in life, or one of the
Supreme Maha Sutras-"Life is death and Death is life") if it is possible for
humanity to pray for or to project peace or nonviolence without projecting
war or violence. Do violence and non-violence, war and peace, hot and cold
etc. exist independently of each other?

It has been observed that following any mass prayers for peace or marches,
some battle or skirmish will erupt somewhere within days somewhere across
the globe. This is also evidence that in the efforts to disarm America, the
acts of violence become more evident, particularly among the children who
are more suseptable to such thoughtforms.

There are sages and mystics say that war is a karmic repercussion of
slaughterhouses - that from time to time man will turn on man and experience
the pain that it caused from the slaughter of animals for food.

Others say that it is the nature of mind to dominate and if it is battled
with, it gets stronger as fear and hatred feed fear and hatred. Others say
that it is a reflection of the inner core of man. Others say that if people
are in fear it is easier for a government to control them as fear feeds fear
and the government must be seen as a protector of the people from outside
influences if it it to dominate (like in the 60's mothers told the kids that
the boogeyman would get them if they didn't do what they were told-then
there was Santa Claus, the devil, God, and finally the IRS).

Whatever the case it will be interesting to see the impact on human
consciousness that the airing of that movie will have. Will people be more
frightened? Will more wars and violence erupt? Will we pray for peace and
project and perpetuate war in the process? Will we display our
non-acceptance of the world (hatred) and try and change it? Or will be
begin to seek spiritual understanding of what is necessary for life in this
most fallen and degenerate of ages and what is irrelevant? Only time will

I really enjoy your writings and forwarded the last about the divine
mystical experiences with the Divine Mother, and Algeria to our
international e-mail list. Thank you so much for sending your letters.

Dharma Dharini Bhagavad Dasa
Foundation For World Awakening

Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000
From: "Sasha (Alex) Lessin, Ph.D." <alessin@aloha.net>
Subject: Re: A brief comment on the "Fail Safe" movie

Aloha, Jean

Thank you so much for keeping me and mine informed about the real news and
issues I care about. You bring together things I couldn't find in the time I have,
but that the New Age community here on Maui needs to know. I'll forward materials
I stumble upon to you too. Again, thanks.

Sasha Lessin


From: MIKMIKL@aol.com
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000
Subject: Re: A brief comment on the "Fail Safe" movie

All the intellect, education and teachings have no meaning in a world with
no meaning. If the results of our progress is possession and wanting, then
crime, terror, holocausts and nuclear wars, shadow our existence.

Intellect must be accompanied by wisdom. Linking our teachings to
accomplish love and joy has to be the meaning of life. If it is absent
then we live on the edge of a precipice.

It is the duty of every newspaper and media organization to inspire people.
Mankind does not exist to possess.
I call on the conscience of all newspapers to print this letter, showing the
way to a meaningful world.

Michael Levy,
Author, Poet and Philosopher.

From: "Lordcybereye" <lordcybereye@NOSPAMhotmail.com>
Subject: Fw: 'Foreign troops in US' We are ONE!
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000

Hi Jean,

I just though I would send this to you because it disturbed me and it goes
along with your comment on 'Fail Safe' and how we should realize what we are
doing. Below is a reply I gave to an e-mail I got, and the e-mail is below

Love and peace,
Ian 'Lordcybereye' Hopfe
May the Creator give you the strength to BECOME!

PS To reply remove the 'NOSPAM'


Shame on everyone that believes propaganda like this! Russ, I have been
getting your e-mail from for some time now and this has got to be the worst
thing I have ever gotten from you, you of all people. I thought you were
different from normal people. May the Creator give you strength to see your
true path.

World government IS coming and their is nothing anyone can do to stop it!
This is not something that should be stopped, it should be helped! One
world, One Nation, One Government, One Race, means no war, no death, no
starvation, no trade tax, less world tax, better business (more partners
less trade rules), capitalism will grow, and MILLIONS of people will make
MILLIONS of dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the rest of the world will more
than prosper. Rich people NEED people to work for them, so the more people
get rich the more work will become available. This is not slavery, this is
work, and if you work for a few years and save money all the time anyone can
get rich! Rich people know how to get rich, just do what they do. WORK

When the world is one the world will turn its attention to more important
things. Eliminating all disease, hunger and starvation, poverty, wars, and
mostly HATE. The goal of Humans is to survive, and no ONE man can do that.
WE need each other! We need to help each other so we may all live on. In
the years to come we will all feel the pressures of this small planet and we
will NEED to expand to space.

The Human race's common goal should be to unite so we will be ready for the
time when we must expand to the great unknown! Every life is important, but
no life is more important than any other! How can someone not see the BIG
picture! I'm not important, but WE (Humans) are important!

Reading about the bad things in life will only bring you down. But if you
read the good things, see the good things then you start to feel good about
life. A smile is contagious just like a frown, SO SMILE!

This message (At bottom) came from some unfortunate soul that has not had
the chance to expand their mind. My prayers go out to you, and all like
you. Here is a smile :-) please pass it on! I love you my friend and I
hope the Creator will give you the strength to heal and join the ONE world
we live on.

Thinking like this will only divide the world more. The Human race has
already gone through this phase of development, and now is the time to use
what we have learned. Unite again on a worldly bases! Help bring the
Humans to the next level of development. Everyone must change, borders must
be broken on all levels physically, politically, mentally, spiritually, and
culturally. We must ALL embrace the 'Human Culture' as a hole not in parts
as we do now. I may live in the land mass claimed by Canada but I'm a Human
first living on my planet. I love the diversity of my fellow humans, and I
know they and theirs are a part of me and I of them, we are ONE!

People get offended when someone says they are better than they, do they
not? That is why many people of the world harbor a hatred for the west.
People living in the USA and Canada tend to think they are better than the
rest of the world. But we are NOT! I'm no better than the starving, the
poor, and the killers of this world. I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty
helping the less fortunate, and I'm not afraid to ask for help when I'm
down. I'm a proud man that is willing to help, ask, and learn. I'm also
proud to be Human because I know if I'm down someone will help me. When a
fellow Human is hurt, lost, or confused someone will help because we are
one. It is natural to help ourselves is it not? By helping someone I'm
helping myself, my soul, my race, and my planet!


No one government will or can take control of this planet. Even if they are
the nicest bunch of Humans you could find, they will not TAKE control. The
Humans will GIVE control to the right group. No one can take control of my
soul, control of the soul can only be given to someone you trust.

This reminds me of the story of the bet between the Sun and the Wind. The
Wind bet that he could get the jacket of that man but the Sun couldn't. The
Sun took the bet and the Wind proceeded to try and take off the mans jacket.
The Wind blew and blew and then he blew harder than he ever blew before.
But the mans jacket never came off, because the harder the wind got the
harder the man held on to his jacket. Now it was the Sun's turn. The Sun
moved from behind the clouds and started to shine just like he always did.
The man removed his own jacket.

You see the Wind made it uncomfortable for the man to take his jacket off
but the Sun knew how to make the man comfortable. A person only does
something when they are comfortable and know they will not get hurt.

NO invasion of the United States of America will happen. How can this
happen if the UN is always playing to the whims of the USA? If the world is
to unite under one flag the USA should be the first lead the way. Can you
imagine how many Nations would fallow? The United Nations brings just that,
UNITED NATIONS! No foreign nations to argue because they are ONE nation
already! You see their is not 'foreign troops' in the USA, they are all
'Our Boys'. We are Human they are Human, the same, no different. We MUST
unite or 'Our Boys' will forever be killing each other for no reason.

YES, you read right! NO REASON! I dare anyone to give me one 'REAL' reason
why we should not unite. The key word is 'REAL', so nothing like we have
right to this land, or we own something, or it's our law, or we are
sovereign, or we can't get along. Remember we are ONE, we are all Humans,
and we all live one Earth. Laws, land titles, and cultural riffs are not
real! They are all in our heads, we made them up to help us grow. Now we
are done growing in that capacity and we are ready to grow more, so the
barriers must be taken down.

Please do not be afraid of change. Change is the only way we learn and
grow. If you are afraid of change have faith in your fellow Humans. It is
natural to help each other, and it's more natural to help when asked. So
ask for help and guidance and we will help.

Do not be afraid to help, ask, and learn! For that is how we all... BECOME!

Love and peace,
Ian 'Lordcybereye' Hopfe
May the Creator give you the strength to BECOME!

NOTE FROM JEAN: Thanks a lot Ian for your most eloquent reply to those who let fear and terror prevail - at least for now - within their minds. I found very inspiring your "Wind betting with the Sun" allegory in the context of how to illustrate the best way to motivate people towards change. Of course, some *like me* will take issue with your view that capitalism is the way to bring prosperity to everyone - I'd say that unless the inevitable consequence of the concentration of wealth into the hands of an ever tinier minority (as is now the case worldwide) is counterbalanced by enlightened socialism (for lack of a better word), unbridled capitalism and greed is what could soon precipitate the final collapse of our planet's ecosystems...