February 6, 2000

Subject: The ET Files: The Watchers are coming

Hello everyone

Here is a subject I've promised to cover for some time now.

Personally, my gut feeling is that not only is the Universe teeming with life and all kinds of intelligent beings in the physical realm as well as the invisible ones, but, most importantly, we live in a *bevevolent* Universe, and all the fears surreptitiously drummed up by secret government operatives to depict in a negative light our brothers and sisters from other worlds and dimensions as well as the official pronouncements uttered by their overt accomplices to deny their existence are increasingly becoming irrelevant as their presence is seen and felt by more and more people everyday. However it would be preposterous to think they are here to save us from our own learning experiences as they cannot infringe the most basic universal law of non-interference with our own freewill. Our good, peaceful behaviour and speedy spiritual awakening is what will ultimately open the door to their coming on a planetary and unprecedented scale. They have always been here, monitoring our slow evolution and nugding us from time to time in the best direction through the channel of incarnated beings from their evolved ranks and through the selfless assistance of the more advanced elements from our ranks. But the time of Reunion with the galactic and universal Brotherhood of Light is at hand and most of us will have the unique priviledge of taking part in the Great Shift of consciousness and priorities that will ensue.

What you are about to read is only the fore-warning of their imminent arrival amidst us.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

Subject: "Within the next eighteen months...the truth about ETs"
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999
From: Susan Ferguson <theldar@ix.netcom.com>

The Extraterrestrials Co-Create Our Future

Dr. Richard Boylan, Ph.D. worked 25 years as a psychotherapist and clinical psychologist, author of four books, his most recent is Project Epiphany in which he claims that the Future is now!

Dr. Boylan conveys that sources in the U.S. government have made it clear to him that we (the human race) do have relationships with extraterrestrials.

A group of those that are enlightened by this contact have agreed upon a time table; within the next eighteen months, the truth of extraterrestrial existence will be undeniable.

At this time it will be announced by the head of the U.N. Security Council that we will be exchanging ambassadors with the Extraterrestrial Federation of Planets.

This federation is made up of beings of all types, from Whitley Striber's greys to non-corpreal, thought essences. From gasbag beings to intelligent insect races.

This federation is a non-monetary, non-violent, telepathic coalition of beings from numerous planets.

The Federation has already greatly affected our physical and spiritual evolution throughout history and even before.

Many great spiritual teachers and leaders, Boylan iterates, were actually alien in origin. They believe themselves intermediaries between the "God Force" and ourselves.

They, soon after establishing open contact, will distribute their vast technology.

They intend to give us the knowledge to build free energy machines, teleportation devices, food replicators and instant education machines that will be able to download a whole foreign language in a one hour session and much more.

They will graciously (and speedily) give us the secrets to telepathic communication, ending disease and aging and enabling time travel.

Dr. Boylan says the Mayans knew this would be taking place. By the end of the Mayan calendar, 2012, Earth and all of Humanity will be wholly integrated into this extraterrestrial federation.

We will be a world consisting of real communities built on trust, mutual caring, and shared common interests. Telepathy will bring an end to violence, greed and depression. We will be a society that is ready to reach for the stars, committed to constant self-improvement and artistic expression with a greatly expanded definition of home and of all other levels of reality. [This is an encapsulated piece of a more extended, in-depth interview. More details to appear in next issue of Magical Blend Magazine.]

"See God in Every Eye"

--Inanna, Goddess of Love V.S. Ferguson author, Inanna Returns and Inanna Hyper-Luminal

by Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D.*


A synopsis of extraterrestrial theology is presented, synthesized from information communicated by extraterrestrials to humans during close encounters. These are the extraterrestrial races actually visiting the Earth, and may apply to other member cultures of their interstellar political-cultural alliance, sometimes labeled the Interstellar Federation. This synopsis draws from a database constructed from 1989-present by Richard Boylan, research behavioral scientist and cultural anthropologist with graduate training in theology and philosophy. This database comes from in-depth debriefings of more than 180 experiencers. Those data provide the foundation for this analysis of the extraterrestrials' theological views.

The following theological topics are discussed: the extraterrestrials' acknowledgment of, and ideas about, God; whether intelligent life is hierarchical or egalitarian; the ETs' spiritual mission; whether ETs are spiritual gurus; the ETs' role in human development; the ETs, Avatars and religious inspiration; ETs' views on death and judgment versus reincarnation; sin and the existence of evil; Creation and evolution; whether Redemption is universal; and the ETs' ideas about God's family. The presentation concludes with an examination of possible human reactions to the visiting extraterrestrials' spiritual cultures.

(C) 1996

This synopsis is constructed from data from more than 180 in-depth interview debriefings with experiencers of extraterrestrial contact (Boylan, 1994). The analysis and synthesis are the author's best distillation of that data.

It should be borne in mind that it is the nature of extraterrestrial communications that, in the overwhelming majority of instances, extraterrestrials communicate with humans by telepathic transfer of mental images or concepts, rather than by words or speech. Thus, there inherently is some human interpretation of the mental impressions transmitted by an extraterrestrial (ET). Nevertheless, certain core ET concepts, upon which this synopsis is based, are consistently reported by many different experiencers, lending confidence to the analysis and synopsis.

1. "God". The extraterrestrial races who have commented on the concept of "God" in answer to experiencers' questions, or who have brought the subject up themselves, uniformly affirm that they, too accept the reality of what Earthlings call God. However, the God they affirm is not the anthropomorphic or patriarchal figure of many Earth religions, but more of a Supreme Source [not ET vocabulary] -- a transcendent matrix of Consciousness, which underlies everything, and is that which gives essence and specificity to everything, which in turn is a partial manifestation of the Supreme Source. In more experiential terms, the ETs have taken experiencers and shown them "God." The experiencers typically described being in the presence of intense, overwhelmingly brilliant light from which emanates incredibly intense love, such that the experiencer feels lost in the infinite love. The ETs typically do not make extended commentary about "God", but either assure the experiencer that they too accept "God". Or they seem to let the direct experience of God speak for itself. The ETs have, when confronted with human confusion about whether they are gods, emphatically clarified that they are not God.

2. Extraterrestrial "superiority". The issue of the visiting extraterrestrial races' intellectual, cultural, genetic, technological and spiritual superiority, while not specifically a theological topic, bears discussing, because of the metaphysical implications. The average member of the visiting extraterrestrial races appears to manifest considerably higher intellectual capability than the average human. Such superiority may be partly due to education, culture, genetic engineering, or natural selection. Yet most extraterrestrials consider humans as equals in the sense of being a fellow sentient, conscious intelligent life form. Most of the ET races appear to be genetically advanced, as measured by more developed mental processes, sensory acuteness, parapsychological abilities, immune system robustness, reported longevity, and sophisticated nutritional processes. And without question, all visiting ET cultures are more technologically advanced than we are. Their very ability to jump across vast interstellar space and/or dimensions is but one example of ET technological superiority. Culturally, the ET races uniformly appear more advanced, as measured by the complex yet harmoniously interdependent functioning of their societies, absence of initiation of aggression, absence of warlike activities, the presence of altruistic concern for the Earth, its ecosystems and for humankind, the general absence of patronizing attitudes toward the more primitive human culture, and the ETs' holding to elevated philosophical and moral principles (Boylan, 1996). The ETs demonstrate highly-developed spirituality, as evidenced by the integration of spiritual awareness into their cultures, the absence of formalistic religious practices, broad compassionate attitude between cultures, and a highly-developed culture of concern for souls' development across lifetimes.

3. The ETs' spiritual mission. While the ETs have several missions which they are accomplishing by their gradually-intensifying contact with the Earth, let us consider here just their spiritual mission. ETs have repeatedly communicated to experiencers about the need to remember their (the human's) origin. Often the "forgetful" human has been shown their existence as a spark of consciousness preexisting before this lifetime. In other instances, ETs have shown humans previous lifetimes, during which the human processed experiences which offered the human the opportunity for spiritual development. Often the ETs have shown experiencers glimpses of a common origin with one or other extraterrestrial race group. This suggests cosmically broadened understandings of family, mutual concern and cherishing across star systems and lifetimes. In the present, ETs typically demonstrate respect for Earthlings as fellow conscious entities. The ETs have done considerable spiritual teaching during in-person encounters, touching on such subjects as the nature of life, metaphysical understanding of the nature of the cosmos, and a spiritually enlightened understanding of the community of intelligent life forms.

4. Are ETs spiritual gurus? The sight of some Extraterrestrials, especially the luminous and noncorporeal ones, have prompted some humans who have come into their presence to consider these ETs god-like, and to ask if they should be venerated. Uniformly the extraterrestrials have quickly communicated to the human that they are not God, indeed that they, too recognize a supreme being. The ETs express that they see their role as, and indeed act as, catalysts and facilitators for growth in human consciousness and awareness. As Dr. Carl Sagan was reported to have said in a private remark, the ETs are here as "missionaries".

5. ETs' role in human development. The ETs have stated that they have been involved in human evolution since the ancient past. This has included ET genetic engineering of presumably terrestrial primate stock to advance the development of human intelligence and consciousness. The ETs have also intervened culturally, to "engineer" human consciousness by directed telepathic inspiration and by ET encounters with selected humans. Such interventions may help solve the archeological mystery of the Missing Link, and the cultural anthropology mystery of the sudden arising of Sumerian and proto-African high cultures without precursor cultures.

6. ETs, the Avatars, and religious inspiration. The Avatars (major world religious leaders) are understood to include: Zoroaster (Zoroastrianism), Lao-Tse (Taoism/proto-Confucianism), Moses (Judaism), Jesus (Christianity), Buddha (Buddhism), Mohammed (Islam), and White Buffalo Calf Woman (Native American spirituality). Native American shaman-experiencers have declared that Jesus was a Star-Man, and that the Avatars are Star People. The ETs have indicated that the Avatars were sent to raise human spiritual consciousness, and have alluded to ET involvement with them. Because of the imprecision of communication, it is not clear whether the Avatars were: humans consistently guided by ET consciousnesses, humans with ensoulment by a soul which was ET in a previous life, human-extraterrestrial hybrids, or ETs manifesting human appearance. None of the above scenarios negates the role of the divine in religious inspiration, but rather allows for the divine to manifest through ET intermediaries. Just as the great religious books and doctrines were not uttered by God directly, but proclaimed to humanity through human intermediaries as well.

7. Death and judgment versus reincarnation. Those extraterrestrials commenting on lifespan have unanimously spoken of ETs and humans as having had previous lifetimes, and, after death from their current life, going on in many cases to successive lifetimes. Besides affirming reincarnation, the ETs have spoken about individuals voluntarily and consciously choosing to re-ensoul in another body and live another lifetime. The subsequent lifetime is not necessarily on the same planet. Thus, ETs have shown a human person , in some instances, the human's previous life as an extraterrestrial, or their subsequent life as in ET form. Also, the ETs have shown a former extraterrestrial reincarnating in a human body to live a human lifetime. Indeed, some such "humanized" ET consciousnesses have deliberately come to Earth as missionaries, to aid in humanity's advancement. The degree of consciousness and spiritual progress that a given soul/consciousness makes in a given lifetime influences the possible choices available for that soul to have in a subsequent lifetime. There is no support in ET theology for the doctrine of only a single lifetime, after which the soul is judged and assigned a permanent fate.

8. "Sin" and the existence of evil. ET commentators have not dwelled on the idea of sin: they rather tend to portray bad human actions as unwise, unenlightened choices. The focus is on the human's learning to operate in a wiser fashion. The ETs are not moral relativists, however. If choices are bad enough, they may try to influence humans to step in, or rarely will step in themselves, to remedy the situation. The ETs have scolded many humans, including reportedly some governmental leaders, for bad choices which have harmed the environment or caused great human harm. The ETs appear to think of evil as unenlightenment, capable of improvement through growth in consciousness and awareness. Sanctions are seen more as blocks to harm and as moral lessons than as punishments.

9. The Godhead, Creation and evolution. The available data is ambiguous. ET telepathic messages have given indications of both creation aspects and evolution aspects to the cosmos. Perhaps the conundrum is clarified by knowing how the ETs understand the divine. God is understood as the Supreme Source, out of which everything is manifested. The Supreme Source is that matrix of Consciousness out of which all entities have their being. This theology is somewhat akin to that which was expressed in the first chapter of the Gospel of John. There John spoke about "the Word" [Greek: logos], (God/Jesus). The Word is equivalent to the principle which makes things be as they are. Everything exists with its own character insofar as it participates to a greater or lesser degree in some aspect of the supreme Word/Consciousness.

10. Jesus and Redemption. Jesus' role in humanity's spiritual life must be understood in the context of what has already been expressed about ET influence on humankind and the Avatars. The ETs consider Jesus's life of service to others and self-sacrifice as an excelling example of living in highly developed consciousness, as were his spiritual teachings, moral guidance, and witnessing to high principles at the cost of his life. From this perspective , "redemption" is not so much a washing away of humans' sins, as it is strikingly setting a new and higher standard of moral (high consciousness) behavior, and showing humans the dark results of low-consciousness choices. Jesus left humans free to chose, but emphatically pointed out the consequences of those choices. That is largely what the ETs do as well. The ET civilizations which have evolved to the level of interstellar travel and missionary work have not commented on their own spiritual evolution. Whether some ET civilizations have had a spiritual master like Jesus incarnate among them is not known from available data. We have much yet to learn from our ET visitors.

11. God's family. One of the key questions of theology is relationship to God. Who is in God's family? How big is that family? How varied? Our ET visitors, by their very appearing among us, and by their communicating sensitive spiritual thoughts, demonstrate to us how wide and how varied God's family is. It truly spans the universe, and encompasses conscious, intelligent life in all its many forms. It may be reassuring to traditional religionists to know that it is true throughout the galaxy and beyond, that "wherever two or three are gathered, " there the divine is in the midst of them. The ETs acknowledge the spiritual preciousness of humans as sparks of the divine. Nevertheless, different ET cultures vary in the way they express that acknowledgment, in view of human transgressions against each other, other creatures and the Earth (Boylan, 1992).


As humans face the task of evaluating the visiting extraterrestrials' spiritual cultures, let us reflect on the lessons available from our own religious history. For example, will Americans encountering visiting cosmic cultures be that much different than the behavior of European colonists meeting foreigners (e.g., Carib Indians on Hispaniola Island)? The Europeans decided that the Caribs' religion was heathen and to be despised, which "justified" forcibly imposing Christianity on the Caribs.

Perhaps the appropriate behavior for humans at the upcoming meetings with ET representatives is the one suggested by Vatican Observatory astronomer and Jesuit, Guy Consulmagno. "If we were to make contact with other intelligent life, we'd have to tell our own sacred story, listen to them tell theirs, and learn."

References Boylan, R., 1992. Extraterrestrial Contact and Human Responses. Author, Sacramento, CA. Boylan, R., 1994. Close Extraterrestrial Encounters: Positive Experiences with Mysterious Visitors. Wild Flower Press, Newberg, OR. Boylan, R., 1996 Labored Journey To The Stars. Author, Sacramento, CA.

Dr. Richard Boylan is a behavioral scientist, university instructor, certified clinical hypnotherapist, and researcher into extraterrestrial-human encounters.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.,
LLC 2826 O Street, Ste. 2,
Sacramento, CA 95816,USA
E-mail: drboylan@jps.net

WEBSITE: http://www.jps.net/drboylan/
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by Richard Boylan, Ph.D. (c)1998

It is a given that in researching extraterrestrial encounter reports, the only persons available to study are the humans involved. And the only really qualified researchers of persons claiming extraterrestrial encounters are persons with the following five qualifications:

1) behavioral science professionals, e.g., psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers, etc. who ideally have a doctorate, or at least a master's degree,

2) plus years of clinical experience, including skills in differential diagnosis,

3) plus formal graduate training in research methodology,

4) plus are open-minded enough to inquire objectively into the extraterrestrial phenomenon,

5) plus have educated themselves sufficiently about UFO and ET matters to have an informed beginning basis for doing research.

I am the Secretary of the Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists, and have talked to hundreds of such professionals involved in this kind of highly-specialized work with persons claiming ET encounters. I do not find credible reports of "scum-of-the Earth aliens" from these professionals and the experiencers they have worked with. While the theoretical possibility of evil aliens may be postulated, in fact those civilizations which have evolved far enough to have both the inclination and surplus resources to reach out into space to nurture fledgling planets are not marauders.

The coalition of civilizations making gradually-open contact with Earth have rightly been called since ancient times The Watchers. They are prepared to filter out any theoretical marauders who might decide to drop by this blue planet. This statement is derived from innumerable ET communications to experiencers, from ancient and indigenous leaders' statements, and additionally supported by one of the MJ-12.SSG insiders himself, Dr. Michael Wolf.

As to whether the ETs will "save the day" as regards Earth's ecological crises or the coming cataclysms know as Earth Changes, it is up to us, and the ETs tell us that, to save our own day (and planet). They will help, but only if asked, (and not shot at.) My analysis, and that of Drs. Mack, Sprinkle, Fiore, et al., is based on behavior (extraterrestrial) over time (centuries). "Actions speak louder than words."

The extraterrestrials' messages concerning warning us of dangers we are presenting to ourselves, providing us with important and useful information for advancing our society and ourselves mentally and spiritually, preparing us (through select human experiencers) to accept socially the reality of extraterrestrial contact, and are readying us for joining the larger community of inhabited worlds.

The burden of proof is on the person alleging evil extraterrestrial races. I have seen no proof of such a hypothesized group. What has been presented as "evidence" are lurid tales found in some UFO magazines and books, the probity of which can be charitably called doubtful.

Yes, the extraterrestrials who interact with humans are benevolent. There are major human misunderstandings of some extraterrestrials, due to human anthropomorphic lack of understanding of quite different cultures and personality styles. As anthropologists have shown in dealing with culturally very different human groups on Earth, it is incorrect to judge the culturally-different human group by the cultural standards of one's own culture. Even in America there are people who put down another ethnic group because they think/phrase things/behave differently than "we" do.

Some ET races are here to teach, some here to guide, some to heal, some to advance us culturally, some to advance us biologically, some to study us, some to passively observe, some to take samples of our flora and fauna, some to stand guard. None are here to invade, none are here to kill, none are here to intimidate, none are here to culturally take over. We humans are not the "bad guys", but we have some less-evolved persons in our midst. That is the way it is in the universe as well, we are told. However, the difference is that the less-evolved cultures on other planets are not permitted by the Inter-Galactic Federation to roam the galaxy freely and cause havoc on vulnerable planetary populations, such as us.

There are reasons why we have been assigned the Watchers since our earliest times. And protection is certainly one of those reasons. The above description is in marked contrast with the disinformation peddled by "ex"-CIA John Lear, Jr., "ex"-ONI "Wild Bill" Cooper, shadowy billionaire-financed David Jacobs, and their ilk. But the above is the truth.

Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000
From: Antares <antares@tm.net.my>
Subject: Contact and Censorship

Contact and Censorship

Contact has been made at the Sattva Sanctuary and many other places, yet is has been censored by the TV, radio and press. Why? Because it did not take a billion dollars of taxpayer's money and elaborate equipment to make contact. It is inconsistent to think a race of beings with the ability to travel interstellar and interdimensional would be using radio waves for contact. Therefore SETI and other main stream organizations and institutions which depend upon such equipment and financing surely must censor or discredit the fact that contact has already been made. It is also inconsistent to believe our off world visitors would not be very advanced both spiritually and technologically because their technology would have destroyed them without the balance of spirit. It only stands to reason they would contact the advanced masters on this plane with a high degree of honesty, integrity and spiritual development who would have the telepathic abilities and reference points to understand. There are various reasons why they do not contact those within your government or religious institutions due to the long track record of ill intent and misuse of knowledge and power.

The masters of the Earth throughout every culture have chosen to work towards Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All in service to the Creator in all creation. These off world beings represent whole civilizations that live according to these same principles. These principles and those who live by them are a threat to those who desire to control, dominate, dumb down and disempower the individual. Money now is the manifesting force behind destiny and those who control the money control destiny. They control the Government, all of its agencies, the major religious institutions, society in general, and even the main stream media. Only a few courageous people have against all odds and with a lot of courage, personal loss and hardship chosen truth, service and impeccable integrity to be the governing forces in their lives.

One by one let us address those who wish to leave you in darkness. Those who control the money know they will have to give up the need for domination and control, the manufactured lack, misinformation and all the games which hold the masses in ignorance as indentured servants. Why? Because advanced civilizations do not use money. They live abundantly without separation. They know they are one family and work always in the highest good of the whole and the environment knowing it is all one. They know the Creator is omnipresent in all creation. They would not think of dominating, controlling, forcing lack or subservience upon another. They also have free, clean, earth friendly energy.

These benevolent off world visitors are an immense threat to those who do wish to leave you ignorant, demand subservience, or wish to perpetuate the gross uneven dispersal of wealth, class separation, and complete dependency for all your needs. This is why you will not see UFOs reported in the mainstream media by the talking heads, financed by big business who are there to maintain the status quo uninterrupted. The main stream religions will also have to release their stranglehold on society because these ancient off world cultures know more about God and the universe as well as our history than they will ever know. Their knowledge would put an end to the dogma, the misinterpretations of the anointed ones and the alteration of sacred books by kings and institutions for their own personal power and wealth. They will clarify the teachings of the great masters all of whose teachings removed God from the Temples and put God where God belongs, back within the hearts and minds of the individual and within all life. For this they were crucified.

These advanced cultures understand the following passages. "Man/woman are created in the same image and likeness of God." "The light that lighteth every man/woman is the light of God and the Temple is within." They also understand the prophecy, "There shall come a day when man/woman will not worship God in the temples or mountain tops but within self and Ye are Gods." Thus they are a threat to the religious institutions that stand between man/woman and God capitalizing on and perpetuating fear, unworthiness and guilt, demanding subservience to images separate from Man and Nature. What the fundamentalists and the fanatics do not realize is that the masters of every culture and every religion were inspired by off world advanced cultures whose ships are referred to in every sacred text. They also do not realize that is where the great masters ascended to and from where they will return.

Let us now address the Military. The goals of the military are to get the knowledge and technology to dominate or overpower others. The national security depends upon being top dog with the most destructive weapons available. Their agenda is to shoot them down, get the knowledge and technology for power over rather than service. To them these off world entities are a threat. Everything they do not understand and do not have power over is a threat. Do you understand why they are not being contacted? Do you understand why they need to cover up the existence of UFOs. They have no control over them. These off world visitors are superior on all levels with complete stealth capabilities. They are capable of interstellar and interdimensional flight with weaponry capable of turning this planet on its side or into a cinder in a moment. How does that make one feel who is responsible for your protection? Quite inadequate, therefore they must cover up the existence of UFOs and continue to retro-engineer the crashed ones here and there until they have a model of their own. This has already been done, yet it is grossly inferior. They also must keep the threat alive because their very existence depends upon having a constant threat. All they can see with, unfortunately, is a military mind.

One of the last censors is the politics within the very UFO community itself. There are the hardware hounds that censor anything that is not nuts and bolts. There are those who focus on abduction, implants and mutilation. There are those who capitalize on fear and suspense, who censor anything spiritual or benevolent about advanced races returning to Earth. Each believes he or she has the truth and the only truth and some have built empires upon and must maintain a limited truth. What if it was all the above. What if they transcended the egotistical drives, competition and put all their information together to solve the puzzle? The UFO phenomenon cannot be pigeonholed or dominated and censored by any one group. It then becomes another religion or institutionalized belief system.

At last you have the radical few, those who seek knowledge not recycled ignorance. There are those who want to know and the enlightened ones that do know. They are a threat to all of the above and are censored the most. Contact comes with enlightenment. So now you know why despite video footage, pictures, multiple eye witnesses, miraculous awakenings and healings here at the Sanctuary and despite millions of sightings and contacts in and around the world, UFOs are censored on TV, radio and the press. What they do not know is that they cannot censor the universe and a grand reunion that is about to occur. A reunion has already happened here on the mountain at the Sattva Sanctuary and all it took was an open mind, a loving heart and a little courage. The reunion will be world wide in the very near future. It is part of Earth's evolution, a divine plan sponsored by the very source itself. The age of ignorance and tyranny is coming to an end. There is more to the story. Be well.

James Gilliland, Author of "Becoming Gods", "A Reunion with Source" and "Becoming Gods II" which covers Interdimensional Mind, Earth Changes, Planetary Ascension, UFOs their Origins and Intentions. PO Box 281, Hood River, OR 97031 (509) 395-2092