February 15, 2000

Subject: The Changing Times: Heavy solar activity increasing to an 11 year climax this Spring + More about the ET's + An important petition to sign online to BAN AND BURY ALL RADIOACTIVE BOMBS + Healing Power of Human Touch + God's Tiny Servant + The Community of the Beloved Disciple: The Three Vows by James Twyman + Various announcements about upcoming events in the UK and in BC, Canada

Hello everyone

Have you noticed how the pace of change is picking up? We are funneling towards a climaxing moment in time when the world we knew before will suddenly vanish as a new world of unparalleled opportunities for evolution and enlightenment will arise from the fertile ground of centuries of slow but unstoppable awakening of the mind to the Reality of our common Divine Origin.

And the World of Man, forever One with Nature and All Life, will be made anew in the Cosmic Twinkling of an Eye...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator


The sun is smoking, literally, SMOKE RINGS! Been up all night watching in amazement. All indices are going wild: proton storm, K-index magnetic storm, electron storm, awesome CMEs and flares ongoing. The magnetometer is dipping well below scale indicating a compressed magnetic field around earth. Never seen the HAARP magnetometer so extreme. This is it, the beginning of the Cycle 23 magna-storms. See for yourself these incredible events!



Strong Geomagnetic Storm In Progress...02/12/00


A strong geomagnetic storm is in progress. The G3 storm conditions
commenced following the detection of a shock at the Earth's magnetic
field at 11Feb/2353Z. It is likely that this geomagnetic storm
originated from a solar flare and associated coronal mass ejection that
occurred on 9 Feb at around 2000Z. This level of disturbance routinely
causes power grid fluctuations, increased atmospheric drag and surface
charging on satellites. Intermittent navigation system problems, signal
fade of high-frequency (3-30 MHz) radio signals and auroral displays at
mid-latitudes are also possible. Numerous auroral sightings have already
been reported in New England.


Friday, February 11, 2000
Subject: UFO sighting in New Mexico
From: "Patti Jeane Spencer" <pattijeane@1starnet.com>

I just got back from the most interesting Lordsburg, New Mexico "Aliens and Spirits" Conference, (February 5-6), where David Shoemaker, the host, took us to the highest point on a mesa northwest of town Saturday night, where we all saw two enormous motherships on the ground, lit up, about eight miles away. Each ship was about over a half-mile in diameter. Small "scout" ships were seen departing from the ships to go to more outlying (mining?) sites, and then float back, repeatedly. At one point the group was surrounded by scout ships of varying distances, from three miles to a half-mile. David Shoemaker has examined the landing site in daylight and says they are mining alkalai to make Brown's Gas, a highly energetic substance. We also did a ceremony during the Conference to inject the thought in every human being, "I must take care of the (Earth) Mother." It was truly intriguing to participate in a conference where almost everyone there was a shaman or psychic.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

From: Name witheld upon request
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2000
Subject: Re: Feedbacks to the ET Files

To Jean and all those who responded to the ET subject:

You are all quite correct, from all sides.

I have had these experiences myself, directly and undeniably. Why, I do not
know. I can tell you that I have stood arm's length fully awake from
non-human beings that felt souless as one response put it. He or it was as
frightened of me as I was of him/it.

I have been tracked by the government and silenced, threatened by Naval
Intelligence and the CIA to stay quiet.

I have, I believe, two children whom I did not father, but who are part my
DNA and part something else.

There is a man named JC Masters who has followed them and me for years now,
and has not aged in that fifteen years. Nor has my friend and their
God-father, so to speak. Notice the name JC Masters. If you ever meet him,
beware of him.

These are dark beings with bad intentions, and our government has been in bed
with them for fifty years or more.

But, fortunately, fear not, for there is a great interplanetary brotherhood of light
as well. You see them travelling the skies. But they do not travel
in vehicles. The elongated vapor tubes with the lights dancing inside, that's
them. And more. They are living on the earth, within the earth, all around
us, and they have seeded this planet with a new kind of being, a new concept.

It is still embryonic. We are their children.

The dark forces would have us believe, and actually believe themselves, that
they have created us. Our government bought that story as well. Don't
believe it for one second. You are children of God, of High Mind. But, we
can all chose our path. The path of Love, Light and Selfless Harmony, or the
path of hatred, destruction and chaos. Which path are YOU on? That's all
you need to ponder. That's all you can ever do anyway. KNOW THYSELF. THERE

With love.

From: PLANETNEWS@aol.com
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2000

"Health, Peace and Freedom for All"
(415) 381-2357


Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D.

Dr. Richard Boylan is a behavioral scientist, university instructor,
certified clinical hypnotherapist, and researcher into
extraterrestrial-human encounters.

The Synopsis Discusses The Following Topics:

- The Extraterrestrials' Acknowledgment Of God And Ideas About God
- Whether Intelligent Life Is Hierarchical Or Egalitarian
- The ETs' Spiritual Mission; Whether ETs Are Spiritual Gurus
- The ETs' Role In Human Development
- The ETs, Avatars And Religious Inspiration
- ETs' Views On Death And Judgment Versus Reincarnation
- Sin And The Existence Of Evil
- Creation And Evolution
- Whether Redemption Is Universal
- And The ETs' Ideas About God's Family
- The Presentation Concludes With An Examination Of Possible Human Reactions To The Visiting Extraterrestrials' Spiritual Cultures

For Complete Article(s) Visit WEBSITE: http://www.jps.net/drboylan/"

From the Questions and Answers section of Heather Harder website at www.harder2000.com

Democracy 2000 - Campaign for Citizen Participation

UFO’s and Extra Terrestrial Life

"UFO’s exist and have always existed. You must only view the Nazca Lines in Peru as proof. No amount of Government denial will change my beliefs." Dr. Heather Anne Harder

As the Federal Government continues to deny the existence of other worldly life forms, the American people only lose trust in the Federal government. The truth is, the knowledge that we are not alone is buried deep within our cellular memory. We already know the truth. This alone accounts for the deep fascination with all things which deal with this topic.

I believe we are not alone. The family of God is much larger than most of us, including Steven Spielberg, can even imagine. Daily hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of contacts are being made which prepare us to meet our cosmic neighbors. How many more need to occur before we acknowledge them as real?

Some of these contacts and ET’s are friendly and others are not. As in all things, discernment is critical. These visitors from space are helping us prepare for
a new day on Earth. Instead of trying to deny their existence. We must begin now to prepare for open and direct contact with many extra terrestrial beings.
We need to learn how to discern which ET’s acts unselfishly for greatest good and which only serve themselves.

Americans can best prepare themselves for this contact by learning to respect diversity. If we can’t get along with our fellow humans because their skin is a
different color, they worship differently, speak a different language, or believe a different ideology, how can we hope to exist in a world filled with beings
that look like giant praying mantises? Now, more than ever, we must begin to look inside a person’s heart to determine whether this is a friend or foe. We must learn to trust our own findings and not some governmental report. According to one poll, more people believed in the existence of ET’s than believed they would every see a social security check. But, be careful what you wish for---most ET’s that have time for joy rides are not the ones with which you want to play. The ET’s that work on behalf of this planet are busy trying to save humanity from destroying itself. To hasten this open contact with these heavenly helpers, learn to stand in your own power and respect yourself. They do not want to induce fear, or to be worshipped as gods!

Meanwhile if you have a close encounter of any kind, stay in your power. They are guests on this planet and only you have the true power to determine your destiny. If the contact feels unpleasant, send them away. Your thoughts can do the job. Demand they leave you alone. Moving into fear only gives them power over you. Call on God, Jesus or other Divinity to help you, these names have power in all worlds.

# # #

Dr. Heather Anne Harder is seeking the Democratic nomination for President of the United States of America in the year 2000. Heather Harder can lead and guide this country, not only because she is a woman, but also because she has the expertise, dedication and desire to get the job done. Her plain talking, down to earth, radical common sense sometimes surprises and always impresses. She has proven her tenacity and determination, her compassion, and ability to lead. She began this massive undertaking in 1990 and first ran for this office in 1996. Dr. Harder holds a Ph.D. in education and is a former university professor. She is an entrepreneur and businesswoman, author and mother of two daughters. To learn more about Dr. Harder or her campaign call 219-663-7340, www.harder2000.com, or e-mail harder2000@aol.com.

Permission is granted to use part or all of this position statement for publication and distribution with proper citation.

Dr. Heather Harder is available nationwide for telephone interviews or by arrangement.

CONTACT: Deborah McGrew for scheduling 219-662-7248

Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2000
From: Ellen Thomas - Peace through Reason <prop1@prop1.org>

Really appreciated this message re nuclear weapons. As you can read at our
website, http://prop1.org, we speak similar thoughts day and night outside the
White House since 1981. Hope you'll tell people about our website, and
encourage them to sign our petition online at

On a more personal note, have you read James Redfield's new book, "The Secret
of Shambala"? I think you'll really like it if you haven't.

Ellen Thomas
Proposition One Committee
PO Box 27217, Washington DC 20038
202-462-0757 -- fax 202-265-5389
prop1@prop1.org -- http://prop1.org

* depleted uranium, fission, neutron *

Sign the Petition Online!: http://www.PetitionOnline.com/prop1/petition.html
Write Letter to Congress about HR-2545 - http://prop1.org/prop1/letter.htm
Depleted uranium keeps on killing!: http://prop1@prop1.org/2000/du/dulv.htm
NucNews: http://prop1.org/nucnews/briefslv.htm

Note from Jean: A few days ago I read a couple excellent articles in a small monthly journal, Paradox, "a purposely provocative publication and a catalyst for growing people" published for over 4 years now by Ron Paradoxman. I liked them so much that I requested an electronic copy from him to share them with you. Enjoy!

Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2000
Subject: Healing Power of Human Touch
From: paradoxman@juno.com

© by Ron Van Dyke

I currently have a male body; but my soul is almost always feminine, and
my spirit is always androgynous. I am human; but I am also divine. My
mission, the one I have consciously accepted, is to become whole and
participate in the reconciliation of all things. That is, I believe, why
most, if not all of us are here. It is my belief and strong conviction
that we will never fulfill our destiny without lovingly sharing the
healing power of human touch, and paying very close attention to our
sensual and sexual nature. Sex is not only spiritual (male and female
created He them, for it was not good for man - or woman - to be alone);
it is essential to learning the lessons we have come to learn on our
human journey. And that lesson is to be and to live LOVE.

This issue, as every February issue of "Paradox" since I began, will
deal with sexuality, relationships, and coming to terms with our
paradoxical human nature. Several articles will provide food for thought
on this topic.

Yes, it is true. As written at the top of this page, I do speak the
unspeakable and proclaim that which many think but few actually say. I
dare to walk where men and women have feared to tread, and where even
angels have hesitated to go. I am a renegade iconoclast, a voice no one
can still. In my role as Paradox Man, I have come to declare the oneness
of Mankind, the wholeness of God, and the healing of the breach. In the
Spirit of the Living Christ, I proclaim freedom for human captives,
restoration of sight to the blind, and understanding to those weary of
religious bullshit that hypocritically promises healing by a process of
separation, denial, and downright lies.

I channel Me, but it's not just Me. It is You. It is Us. We ARE ONE!
What I channel is the Divine Voice that speaks within each of us, and has
spoken loudest throughout time in the role of prophets, seers, shamans,
and others gifted to speak Words of God to the people in each generation.

What I declare is for those with ears to hear and hearts that long to be
whole again. As I said, human touch heals. In fact, without embracing
that which ignorant religious people (that's us!) have rejected - or
placed huge limitations upon - we can never become whole again!
Furthermore, we can never be - in time, space, and physical being - the
unique and perfect individual expressions of God we came to manifest.
That's right, our destiny will be denied and our heritage hopelessly
squandered to maintain the delusion of our belief systems in the face of
"new" revelation (but they're really very old truths - and common sense).

What can I say? Much! For we have all labored under the fallacy that
we can become well, whole, and sat-isfied by any religious process that
invalidates our essential parts and functions. And none of our parts are
more essential than our physical (sensual and sexual) selves, our egos
[next month's topic], and our shadow selves [April's topic]. That's
right. It's the very things we have vilified and been taught to resist
and reject that will be our saviors. In these are hidden the mysteries
of godliness. In "these" lie the answers to the unfathomable secrets of
universal wisdom. The stone that the builders rejected is the
cornerstone of all creation. And without the reestablishment of that
cornerstone, every building we build and every life we live will be in
vain - falling short of fulfillment. Our creations will tumble. Our
lives will run askew. And we will walk, living and moving, in the
greatest delusion of all.
"And what is that greatest delusion?" you ask.

It is the delusion that there have ever been any mistakes, that any of
us have ever been lost from the heart of the great God and Goddess who
see us all as their beloved children.

Oh, we have surely felt lost. Separa-tion has been sensed. Yet these
apparitions of so-called negativity have been designed by the Wisdom of
Divine Counsel to be the greatest teachers of all. Oh, yes! These
misunderstood happenings in each of our lives have been the very will of
Father and Mother God. They are the "sine qua non" (not without which)
that make up the ALL THINGS that work together for our greatest good.

Ok, God, I hear you. But coming back to earth let me say this. I have
struggled to find meaning, to integrate all parts of me, and to know who
and what I am. I have wrestled with religious precepts that seemed to
alienate me from myself and deprive me of that which brought me my
greatest pleasures. Those precepts seemed to declare repeatedly that, no
matter what I did or did not do, I was unacceptable to YOU! And life
seemed to bear excruciatingly loud witness: "you are inadequate, Ron!"

But I am finding an adequacy as I dare speak my truth - knowing full
well that I am not alone. My truth is quite universal, though not yet
widely conscious among the masses. For Master Jesus declared, "And you
shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free." Ironic as it
may appear, religions, even those that sweepingly use (misuse?) that
name, seem bound and determined to keep the Truth - individual
expressions of personal thoughts and feelings - at bay. ANYTHING BUT THE
TRUTH! Their mes-sage is damning: We'll accept you IF ... if you
blindly and silently hide behind our doctrines and dogmas ... if you
deny your Self ... if you pretend, as we pretend, that everything is
carefully controlled ... and if you play our games ... then, yes, then
we will accept you.

Well, let me tell you, brothers and sisters - children of the Living
God: you are always acceptable and accepted by God just as you are right
now. There's nothing, nothing you have to change about your essential
being! But there is something you must change: your faulty beliefs that
have been handed down as religious dogma Ö in the East making everything
an illusion, and in the West making everything a sin. These "beliefs"
have robbed you of experiencing LIFE in its fullness. And yet, even that
has been a perfectly designed "imperfection". Even that is your
schoolmaster, your tutor, your mentor, and your guide. All things are,
and always have been, ordered by God to increase love with understanding.
Oh, yes, these are the eternal gifts given in time to provide
opportunity for us to become consciously aware of the height, depth, and
breadth of our gloriously wondrous beings.

Hello. I am Ron, a servant of the Most High God. You who have been
asleep: wake up. Wake up and be YOU! For you are perfect. Never have
you strayed. Always they have said of you, "Behold, my beloved, in whom
I am well pleased." That's the unconditional Love God has for all of us.
And that is true spirituality - the kind that makes us consciously
whole again. Yes, that is the gospel, the really, really good news that
sets us free. And you are by brother. You are my sister. And we are
One in God - connected, so connected.

Now, let's not be afraid to touch one another. Let us choose to
experience the healing power of human touch - without shame. Yes, it
does require rethinking and the reestablishment of new boundaries; but I
sincerely believe it will be worth the effort, as we become the new
humanity that finally sets us all free to be our divinely unique selves
and to individually express the glory of God. Peace to all who will good
towards all.

Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2000
Subject: God's Tiny Servant
From: paradoxman@juno.com


Brenda was a young woman that wanted to learn rock climb-ing. Although
she was scared to death, she went with a group. They faced this
tremendous cliff of rock, practically perpendicular. In spite of her
fear, she put on the gear, took hold of the rope and started up the face
of that rock. Well, she got to a ledge where she could take a breather.

As she was hanging on, whoever was holding the rope up at the top of the
cliff made a mistake and snapped the rope against Brenda's eye, knocking
out her contact lens. You know how tiny contact lenses are and how it is
almost impossible to find. Well, here she is on a rock ledge, with who
knows how many hundreds of feet below her and hundreds of feet above her.
Of course, she looked and looked and looked, hoping that she would be
able to find that contact lens. Here she was very far from home. Her
sight was now blurry.

She was very upset by the fact that she was nowhere near a place where
she could get a new contact lens. And she prayed that the Lord would
help her to find it. Well, her last hope was that perhaps when she got
to the top of the cliff, one of the girls up at the top might be able to
find her contact lens in the corner of her eye.

When she got to the top, a friend examined her eye, but there was no
contact lens to be found. She sat down with the other members of the
party, waiting for the rest of them to come up the face of the cliff.
She looked out across range after range of mountains, thinking of the
Bible verse that says, "The eyes of the Lord run to and from throughout
the whole earth." She thought, "Lord, You can see all these mountains.
You know every single stone and leaf that's on these mountains and You
know exactly where my contact lens is."

Finally, the time came to go down the mountain. They walked down the
trail to the bottom. Just as they reached the bottom, there was a new
party of rock climbers coming along. As one of the new climbers started
up the face of the cliff, she shouted out, "Hey, you guys, anybody lose a
contact lens?" That would be startling enough, wouldn't it? She had
found the contact lens! But why she saw it was more amazing.

An ant was carrying the contact lens as it was moving slowly across the
face of the rock. What does that tell you about the God of the universe?
Is He in charge of the tiniest things? Do ants matter to Him? Of
course they do, He made them and He designed them.

Brenda told me that her father is a cartoonist. When she told him this
incredible story, he drew a picture of that ant lugging that contact lens
with the words "Lord, I don't know why You want me to carry this thing.
I can't eat it and it's awfully heavy. But if this is what You want me
to do, I'll carry it for You." If God is in charge of the ants, don't
you think He cares about you and me? I guess Solomon was right. One
could learn a valuable lesson from that ant... TRUST IN GOD!

We could probably all say a little more often, "God, I don't know why
you want me to carry this load. I see no good in it and it's awfully
heavy. Still, if you want me to, I'll carry it for You."

Author Unknown

P.S. In case anyone would like to find out about how to get previous and future issues of Paradox, you will have to ask it directly from Ron at paradoxman@juno.com

Subject: The Three Vows
Date: February 12, 2000
From: Lightparty@aol.com

The Community of the Beloved Disciple

The Three Vows

The ancient community founded by St. John, the Beloved Disciple, embraced
three sacred vows given to them by Jesus in the fourth gospel. The Gospel
of John contains hidden secrets that only initiated members of the community
were able to fully understand. In this letter, the second in a series of
letters before you begin your own formation program, we will take our first
look at these vows and their significance today.

The First Vow:
To love all beings unconditionally

This is the summation of the teachings and mission of Jesus - to
demonstrate unconditional love. During the Last Supper Jesus gave his
apostles a new commandment, one that he himself fully embodied. He said that
he wanted them to love each other without conditions, just as he had loved
them. This is where the inner and the outer teaching join and become one holy

The Community of the Beloved Disciple considered this the foundation of
their path to God. The practice of unconditional love transcends religion and
dogma, all the differences that seem to separate us from one another. It is
also the foundation of every esoteric path. It is clear, then, that the
deeper one goes toward the heart of every spiritual tradition, the closer
aligned they become. The goal of the Community is to first live, then
extend this truth to all beings.

The Second Vow:
To feed the sheep of God

Jesus used imagery that could be easily understood in his time, and he told
stories that taught common people deep truths. Many of his allegories
centered on a shepherd's love for his sheep. He said that the Good Shepherd
was the one that would leave his entire flock behind to search out one that
was lost. What sense does this make to the logical mind? Obviously the
logic of God is very different from that of the world. We are asked to feed
each other in the same way, to leave everything behind, to risk everything for
the sake of one soul.

You have accepted a very important role. By vowing to feed the sheep you
recognize that your own salvation is intimately linked to each person you
serve. When one is freed we are all freed. Once again, where is the logic
in that statement? If you think with your mind you will not find it, but if
you gaze softly with the heart it will appear before you as if through the

The Third Vow:
To hold the Divine Mother in your heart until it is time to give her back to the world

The Emissaries said, "You are ready." This was a statement to each one of
us, both collectively and individually. Their role is over and it is now up to
us to initiate the next level in the Great Plan. We are pregnant, preparing to
give birth. The time has almost arrived, and the anticipation is great. The
role of the Community of the Beloved Disciple is to prepare the way for the
release of the Feminine Christ, or the Compassion of God. This role was
given to them by Jesus when he said to Peter, "What difference does it make to
you if I ask [John] to stay until I come again?" For two thousand years we
have been living within the masculine extension of Divine Light. That light has
now shifted, and it is the feminine that is ready to emerge, and it must
emerge through us. We are the ones who will give birth to this Light,
simply by willing to nurture and love one another.

This is a role that has been traditionally held by Mary, the Mother of
Jesus. Jesus told John to take her into his home and care for her. And yet the
energy she extends is not limited to one form, but is for everyone,
regardless of their religion or upbringing. The Feminine and the Masculine
Christ are within us, and they are not separate from one another. It is not
ours to bring them together, for they have never been apart. It is ours but
to see what has always been true, and to give that same gift to all.

These are the three vows you are preparing for.

In Peace,
James Twyman

From: Angeltoad@aol.com
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2000
Subject: Various announcements:


Hope & Resistance Gathering

12-17th May 2000
Oxford, England

Workshop themes:
- Evaluating our nonviolent resistance
- Sustainability and support

A gathering of people from all over Europe committed to nonviolent direct
action. Inspired by the 'ploughshares' tradition of disarming weapons with
hammers, acting for peace with each other and the Earth.

Hope and Resistance 2000 will have two main themes which the presentations
and workshops will explore:

1) Evaluating our nonviolent resistance
The last two years have brought some exciting new actions such as Trident
Ploughshares 2000, Bread not Bombs Ploughshares and genetiX snowball.  What
can we learn from these and other actions to help us in the future?

2) Sustainability and support
Exploring ways of organising support for actions, from preparing ourselves
to the nuts and bolts of how to communicate our message.  How can we develop
our networks to facilitate the organisation of support?  How can we sustain
ourselves and each other for the long haul?

Participants are encouraged to offer a workshop, give a presentation, show a
video or bring information about their campaign. There will also be time set
aside for relaxing workshops on massage, Tai Chi, Yoga, juggling or whatever
people would like to offer.

"Hope & Resistance gatherings are the most important gatherings in my
political life.  I've only ever missed one and that was because I was in
prison and couldn't get the tunnel finished in time!!  What impresses me
most is our desire to step aside and criticise, and reflect upon our
actions, movements and selves, combined with obvious commitments to
long-term nonviolent resistance.  And alongside this seriousness I've
experienced an enormous amount of fun and warmth and friendship.  The
gatherings, the people, have helped me grow up politically, and never fail
to challenge and annoy and inspire me.  It's like getting my batteries

- Stephen Hancock, 1997, ploughshares activist from England.

Nonviolence means actively resisting violence.  Violence doesn't just mean
the harming of people and the planet but also includes passivity and
obedience in the face of such harm or damage.  We regard the conversion,
dismantling and disarming of destructive weapons, machines and technologies
as nonviolent so long as there is no possibility of threat to life and
health.  We seek a common democratic consensus which includes the oppressed
and the poor.

The Details

When: From 4.00pm Friday 12th-10.00am Wednesday 17th May 2000. Participants
are asked to stay for the whole Gathering in order to create a sense of

Where: The venue is three miles from Oxford (accessible by public transport)
in large grounds in the countryside, facilities are basic, sleeping
accommodation is in large dormitories with single beds.

Price:  £50.00 (includes accommodation for 5 nights and breakfast, lunch and
dinner each day)

Food:  will be vegan (no dairy products) and organic where possible.  Offers
to help prepare food welcomed.

Reservation essential as places are limited to 50. When you contact us to
reserve your place please let us know if you would like to give a workshop,
presentation etc and let us have the workshop title and a brief description
of the workshop content, if its not obvious. Directions and an agenda will
be sent to those who have registered, in mid April.

For further details and to register
  please contact
  Rowan Tilly,
  P.O. Box 3279,  Brighton,
  Phone/Fax: +(44) 1273  625 173 
  E-mail:  rowantilly@gn.apc.org

About the Hope and Resistance gatherings

Since the network first began meeting in 1988 we have broadened our
diversity in age, politics and spirituality.  We have evolved an explicit,
functioning, democratic structure that facilitates active participation and
is welcoming to new people.  Participants stay for the full duration (five
nights) in order to create and sustain a sense of community.  Everyone takes
on some simple tasks such as helping to cook.

The gatherings explore issues around nonviolent resistance, the escalation
of civil disobedience and actions which uphold justice; hold workshops
offered by participants; share experiences and offer one another support.

'Precisely because I do not have the beautiful words I need, I call upon my acts to speak to you'
- Daisy Zamora



Vancouver Canada, March 17th - 19th / 2000
The Body Soul & Spirit Expo
Western Canada's Holistic Lifestyle Expo
Featuring everything Alternative Medicine, and Healing Arts to Newage Thought, and Astrology- Inspiration Concerts each evening featuring Newage Artists from Canada and the United States, and ongoing lectures....

Dr. Robert Gerard - Author "Change Your DNA, Change your Life"
Robert Perala - Author "The Divine Blueprint"
Dr. Wayne Toppings - Author and "How Kinesiology can benefit You"

Angelic Choir Concert with Andrea Aerosmith
Ancient Echo's Celtic Secrets with Greg Joy
The Comets Tail with Ronin

More info www.bodysoulspiritexpo.com