The Earth Proclamation

We are One people...
We share One planet...
We have One common dream...
We want to live in peace...
We choose to protect and heal the Earth...
We decide to create a better world for all...
We will do our best to make that dream come true...
We will change what needs to be changed...
We will learn, to love, share and forgive...

We are One people,
we want to live
and we will.

Personal Commitment

I, the undersigned,

aware that human activities are seriously endangering
the fragile ecosystems of our planet,
aware of the widening gap between the haves and the have-nots,
aware of the need to redirect my energies
to protect and restore the global Web of Life,
decide to begin right now to rethink my ways and values,
and change what needs to be changed in myself and around me.

I want to contribute to the local and global efforts now underway to create a better world based on equality, justice and a sustainable planet a world in which Peace on Earth prevails.

Understanding that we are all individually responsible for the kind of future we will create for our children and for countless generations to come, I will participate in initiatives, locally and globally, to transform our world and protect this Jewel of Life we call Earth.

I agree with this Earth Proclamation and personally commit myself to do all that I can to spread it throughout the world and help make our shared dream of Peace, Love and Harmony on Earth come true.

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