August 28, 1999

Subject: August 28 is Aspartame Awareness Day worldwide: How you can help + Meditation help requested for East Timor (see at the end)

Hello everyone

As promised, here is a compilation of *some* of the material sent to me by Betty Martini, the indefatigable anti-aspartame activist from Atlanta, Georgia, in the US, who has been waging a herculean David versus Goliath fight against Monsanto and the FDA in an effort to stop the poisoning of millions of people worldwide. She has now enlisted dozens of people in many countries as part of Mission Possible International, the volunteer organization she created to expand her battle to the entire world. She decided that today would be the Aspartame Awareness Day and, in support of this noble and vital cause, I've decided to send you all some of the voluminous correspondance I receive from Betty and Shoshanna, also from Atlanta, who is assisting Betty almost round the clock.

I won't try to emulate Betty's eloquent pleas and facts exposés. I will only urge you to review this material and make up your own mind on this deadly poison. Check their website and review my previous posts on this if you have not seen them at
, FeedbksAspartame.htm, NancieMarkle.htm and StopNeotame.htm

And please help spread the word on this plague

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999
From: Betty Martini <>
Subject: August 28 is Aspartame Awareness Day worldwide: How you can help

Below is one of the press releases. While there are walks and talks, and flyer distribution there are many things people can do tomorrow. Radio and TV will be broadcasting the information. Some people will distribute the brochure we produced for the day and to place Warning: NutraSweet Is A Neurotoxin, to medical buildings and hospitals. It is at and titled "NutraSweet Disease Is A Worldwide Plague". We want people made aware that aspartame is also a genetically engineered product, and that was never made known to the people since it was approved in l981.

We hope everyone will do something tomorrow - notify a restaurant or manufacturer with a flyer, notify a newsgroup how to get the brochure - send brochures to family and friends, etc. If you are a writer get the info to the public and the web site.

If you have an interest in some of the horrors aspartame causes, then get information to that segment. For instance, aspartame blinds, mimics MS, is escalating Alzheimers and precipitates diabetes. It triggers brain tumors, testicular tumors, ovarian and uterine tumors, pancreatic tumors and is a seizure triggering drug that interacts with other drugs and changes brain chemistry. Because of serotonin depletion it triggers rage, manic depression, suicidal tendencies and organizations dealing with mental disease and crime should also be notified. Aspartame is also a teratogen and triggers birth defects and can cause mental retardation if the baby survives and is PKU. In Atlanta we notified schools that aspartame destroys minds, reduces intelligence and triggers disruptive behavior. If anyone wants a copy of a letter sent to the schools on the addiction problem please email me. Also, we are asking for petitions to be signed for recall and to be mailed to me. Bryant Holman has bumper stickers that say aspartame kills and has two versions of the petition. You can get in touch with him at He has the Aspartame Support Group, one of two on line for the victims of Aspartame Disease.

Thank you, one and all,

Betty Martini, Mission Possible International

Standard Press Release follows:

For Immediate Release: Aspartame Awareness Day, August 28
Contact Betty Martini: 770-242-2599

Reminder to ALL Media with Additional Information

The first NutraSweet Detoxification Center has been set up by Dr. Paula Rhodes, and she will also be at Return to Eden on 8/28 to speak to the press.

August 28 is Aspartame Awareness Day, an initiative to inform consumers throughout the world of the deadly effects of this chemical sweetener sold as NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, etc. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the chemical poison even though in lab tests it triggered seizures, tumors and death in animals fed aspartame. FDA's own audit, the Bressler Report also posted on revealed brain, mammary, testicular, pancreatic, uterine and ovarian tumors.

An FDA report of 10,000 consumer complaints listed 92 symptoms from headaches to impotence and death. Get it from an email addressed to, otherwise you need a Congressman. Diet drinks is the #1 source on the FDA report. Renowned H. J. Roberts, M.D., has declared Aspartame Disease a world plague affecting millions of consumers in 100 countries of the world, and ready to publish a 700 page medical text on the epidemic. Dr. Roberts will be speaking in West Palm Beach on the 28th after a 10:00 A.M. walk to Meyer Auditorium. Other events, walks, talks and warning flyer distribution will be held throughout the US and other countries of the world.

The public needs the facts which have been concealed by a smoke screen of government disclaimers and cover ups by corporate interests. Come to Return to Eden, organic food market at Cheshire Bridge and LaVista in Atlanta, Sat, August 28, 1:00 P.M. for facts and free literature that may save your life. Meet Betty Martini, founder of Mission Possible International, a worldwide volunteer force dedicated to eradicating this poison from our food supply.

A four page brochure can be found at titled NutraSweet Disease is a Worldwide Plague

1. Take the 60-day No Aspartame Test and send us your case history. Mission Possible International 9270 River Club Parkway Duluth, GA 30097 USA 770-242-2599 2. Tell your doctor and all of your friends!
3. Return Asparcidal food to the store. (anything with Monsanto's NutraSweet/Equal/Spoonful/Benevia/NatraTaste)
VISIT Get links to over 200 sites on aspartame
VISIT http://www.notmilk.comExposing Bovine Growth Hormone Disability and Death are not acceptable costs of business!
VISIT Books on aspartame by Dr. Roberts


The Independent on Sunday has found that Monsanto often uses genetically
engineered bacteria to produce the sweetener at its US production plants.
"We have two strains of bacteria- one is traditionally modified and one is
genetically modified," said one Monsanto source. "It's got a modified
enzyme. It has one amino acid different."

A Monsanto spokeswoman confirmed that aspartame for the US market is often
made using genetic engineering. But sweetener supplied to British food
producers is not. However, consumer groups say it is likely that some
low-calorie products containing genetically engineered aspartame have been
imported into Britain.

"Increasingly, chemical companies are using genetically engineered bacteria
in their manufacturing process without telling the public," said Dr Erik
Millstone, of the Science Policy Research Unit at Sussex University, and a
member of the National Food Alliance.

Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999
From: Betty Martini <
Subject: Admission aspartame cannot be heated even though FDA granted approval for baking in l993 and blanket approval in l996!

Aspartame is estimated to be in 9000 products and climbing, although this web site says 3000. Here is the email sent below: (also PKU warning is not on all products as required) Regards, Betty ***** David Gould wrote:

Just received a message from a reader; pretty interesting, to say the least: Thanks for the heads up on aspartame.

Did a little research on the site you noted, and was stunned to learn it is now in over 3000 products and because the patent ran out, it may appear under any number of names. I decided to go to the enemy to learn to protect myself family. Here's what I found at the FDA site:" - a wonderful complete database of food additives/toxins


When the additive is used in a sugar substitute for table use, its label shall bear instructions not to use in cooking or baking.

Here is an admission that they know that high temperatures changes the nature of the substance. The problem is, of course, that it changes at 86 degrees, so, leave your diet pop out in the sun for awhile and find out what poison is really all about!



The approval of Aspartame by the FDA: "The crime of the century!"


In Dr. Roberts first press conference he said if something wasn't done then in 5 or 10 years we would have a world plague. Its quoted in his first book published in l990, Aspartame (Nutrasweet) Is It Safe? , Charles Press, the last page. Now you can welcome Aspartame Disease, probably destined to be one of the largest epidemics in world history. We're talking about 200 million people consuming a deadly neurotoxin, a deadly addictive drug that interacts with other drugs including monamine oxidase inhibitors, alpha-methyldopa and
L-dihydroxphenylalanine. We're talking about a drug that changes brain
chemistry and changes the dopamine level of the brain.

Dr. Roberts has brought out some of the drug interactions in his book
Aspartame (NutraSweet) Is It Safe? He says that the drugs include
Coumadin, phenytoin (Dilantin), antidepressants, propranolol (Inderal),
methyldopa (Aldomet), insulin and lidocaine (Xylocaine). Such an influence
may be manifested as either reduced or excessive drug activity. Dr.
Roberts mentions in a chapter on Parkinsonism of impaired levodopa action
by amino acids and protein. A few of many possible mechanismsof drug

* Alteration of the blood proteins to which drugs attach.
* Altered receptors on the membranes of cell walls.
* Interference with drug transport across the blood-brain barrier.
* Existing metabolic disturbances and impaired kidney function in the
elderly that enhance their vulnerability to chemicals and drugs (Weber l986).
* An interaction between the methanol component of aspartame and various
ethanol-related compounds. The latter include the hypoglycemic sulfonylureas (used for treating diabetes), metronidazole (an antibacterial drug), allopurinol (used in the treatment of gout), and disulfiram (Antabuse) taken as maintenance prophylaxis by alcoholic patients.

Aspartame actually had a drug application before it was withdrawn to be
marketed as an additive which would require no safety monitoring. Doctors
and scientists and victims have been screaming at the FDA ever since
aspartame was approved. It caused 3 Congressional hearings but Monsanto
lobbying and influence was just too powerful to get it off the market.
Then when people started going blind the Community Nutrition Institute
petitioned the FDA to ban aspartame to save people from blindness. I call
the FDA, Monsanto's Washington Branch Office. Their actions speak for
themselves, they cared more for Monsanto then the people.

And with all this screaming, complaints and nasty letters to the FDA so
that they know beyond a shadow of a doubt that aspartame is poison, what do
they do? In l996, Dr. David Kessler, FDA Commissioner grants blanket
approval for a deadly drug to be used like sugar. And Pape of the National
Yogurt Association petitions the FDA to allow aspartame in yogurt without
it being labeled, absolutely against the labeling law which requires a PKU
warning. I can understand why Mr. Pape doesn't want it labeled. He knows
aspartame (NutraSweet/Equal/Spoonful) has a bad name because he was counsel
for the National Soft Drink Association. My, my, my what a small world!
And did the FDA allow it? Thats one of the 26 questions too, they won't
answer! Then Dr. Kessler amid allegations he padded his expense account
resigned. He had completed his mission - to accomplish what Monsanto had
asked of him. And he did it with full knowledge that aspartame is a
literal deadly poison. As Dr. Blaylock says in a lecture on, reactions to aspartame are not allergic, but toxic like
arsenic and cyanide!

Reading the history of the approval of this neurotoxin is like something
out of the twilight zone. How did they get away with it? The studies were
the target of an indictment for fraud that was not carried out when two
U.S. Prosecutors went to work for the law firm defending the case, and let
the statute of limitations expire. When the District Attorney goes to work
for the godfather expect acquittal. Still the FDA would not approve it for
16 years, even when President Reagan, a friend of Rumsfeld and Searle,
demanded the FDA do so. So President Reagan fired the FDA Commissioner and
appointed Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes to do the deadly dead. There was so much
opposition a Board of Inquiry was set up that said not to approve aspartame
because it triggers brain tumors. Dr. Hayes over-ruled his own Board of
Inquiry and went to work for the PR firm of the manufacturer, sort of like
an art director going to work for a pig farm. It is rumored that he was
paid $1000.00 a day. You know what an FDA Commissioner does in a PR firm?
He sends postcards home from Bermuda! He has refused to speak to the press
ever since including when Dr. John Olney made world news, and was on 60
Minutes about the brain tumor/ aspartame connection. Dr. Olney is a world
famous researcher and founded the field of neuroscience known as
excitotoxicity. He has probably received 300 world awards. He was the
physician who prevented baby food companies from putting MSG in baby food.
And what did the FDA do? They ran to the rescue of Monsanto, their dear
loyal friend!

Read the secret trade information on where the original
manufacturer, Searle (Monsanto bought them in l985) admitted they had to
consider complete conversion to DKP (the brain tumor agent) and if the FDA
found out they wouldn't approve it. How's that for premeditated murder -
full knowledge that when they marketed aspartame it would break down to a
brain tumor agent and give the consumer public brain tumors. Oh, the FDA
says they knew about the DKP. Aspartame was fed to rats and rats developed
brain tumors. Yet the FDA now refuses to admit aspartame triggers brain
tumors. You know when it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, waddles
like a duck, hangs around with other ducks, and people call it a duck,
there is a good reason to believe it is a duck. Aspartame breaks down to a
brain tumor agent, fed to rats triggered brain tumors, and fed to the
consumer public triggered the same brain tumor as in the rats. Now FDA
wants to call it an anecdote rather than a duck! I call it the crime of
the century! I wept when Kelli Motluck, heavy user of aspartame had one of
those astrocytomas converted to glioblastomas. She had a wonderful husband
and child. She told me "I want to live, I want to live, I want to live,
but if I die you be sure to let the world know what Monsanto did to me."
And I wept when Cyndi Veth died too, so very young. I weep every time
these youngsters die from aspartame triggered brain tumors.


In a nutshell aspartame destroys the central nervous system, the brain, the
optic nerve and the immune system and ravages every organ in the body. It
triggers an irregular heart rhythm and physicians not realizing aspartame
is a drug medicates these patients and many times they can go into complete
heart block or die of myocardial infarction. See Dr. Roberts position
paper, Aspartame and Cardiac Symptoms. It is a teratogen and can destroy
the fetus or trigger birth defects. There is no warning for pregnancy, and
you don't know if the baby is PKU until its born, so if it survives it will
probably be mentally retarded as the phenylalanine concentrates in the
placenta. See Dr. Elsas testimony before congress and Dr. Roberts position
paper on aspartame and pregnancy. You just couldn't make a better poison.
In fact, according to Alex Constantine in his article NutraPoison, he says
aspartame was listed with the pentagon in an inventory of prospective
biochemical warfare weapons submitted to Congress. Perhaps the physician
who said it the best was Dr. James Bowen who told the FDA many years ago
that aspartame was mass poisoning of the American public and more than 70
countries of the world. And he has Lou Gehrigs disease he says was
triggered by aspartame. Dr. Woodrow Monte said on CBN recently that the
reason aspartame causes so many problems (symptoms and diseases) is that it
effects every part of the body!

Aspartame Disease is a crime against humanity that didn't have to be. The
coverup is unbelievable. Even with CNN doing their hoax bit and AP and Time
Magazine involved, it only got the information to more people. Lauran
Neergaard who wrote the AP article said to me: "But we didn't use your
name?" No, they didn't or the web site that would have given the correct
information and government documents. They knew all along it was me, were
on the web site, knew it was the truth, and told a lie. CNN ran the hoax
bit twice. They should know it didn't work the first tme and it didn't
work the second time either.

By golly, its a plague, and when Dr. Roberts new medical text on the world
plague of Aspartame Disease is published soon it will no doubt make more
world news. Better panic than death, and I can tell you we have literally
jerked many victims from the jaws of death by giving them the facts instead
of propaganda like Monsanto, FDA and CDC, and the trade organizations that
take money from Monsanto and endorse their product.

Mission Possible operations (a worldwide volunteer force) in most states
and in many countries of the world are getting the truth to the people.
You can't put out the fire. The only thing you can do is help get it
removed from the marketplace because we will. Monsanto knows that if
aspartame is recalled people will wake up well from all kinds of horrible
medical problems, from joint pain (caused by hardens of the synovial fluids
by aspartame) to seizures. They know they have to do something to stop
this, so their solution is to get an even more potent aspartame approved,
Neotame. I have told the FDA the world now knows and if they approve they
are going to start a war.

Disability and death are not acceptable costs of business. Attorneys say tobacco will pale against aspartame. This is the greatest scandal in U.S. History, the mass poisoning of the consumer public in 100 countries of the world.

Betty Martini, Founder
Mission Possible International
Mission Possible Aviation
770 242-2599

Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999
Subject: Aspartame seeping like sewage into food supply...


Dear Melissa,

The support groups, and Mission Possible International strive to alert
everyone on planet earth that aspartame kills and must be recalled! Now
they're mixing it with sugar, unlabeled, and its seeping like sewage into
our food supply with equal toxic effects. It will take Congressional action
to remove the poison, because the FDA sleeps with Monsanto and is their
branch office in D.C. Three Congressional hearings disclosed rivers of
damning evidence, but Monsanto lobbying neutralized them. Trade data from
NutraSweet admitting aspartame breaks down into DKP, a brain tumor agent
was presented.

The choice of protecting citizens or taking money is always a no brainer.
When the bovine growth hormone issue was discussed only one congressman
refused contributions. So consider that Monsanto and their buddies sleep
with the FDA, own Congress, and hire the media: but they don't control US.
This is a people-to-people crusade and your voice, excitement, zeal and
unstoppable persistence are decisive. It's a citizen's problem and must be
a citizen's project.

It either has to end in Congress or in the courts! 1,000 lawsuits should
get Monsanto's attention. They're trying to sell the NutraSweet Co. as
they know the lawsuits are coming. They are being hit from every angle.
The United Kingdom is going after their genetic frankenfoods. The press
is becoming aware and articles are being written, TV exposes are shown and
more books written to warn the world. Soon it will be an unstoppable avalanche.

We do this around the clock. What hurts most is the millions affected,
and aspartame has more victims than many wars. Alzheimers is now the 4th
cause of adult death and nursing homes can't be built fast enough to hold
the victims. Diabetes tripled. MS and lupus are rampant. Aspartame
causes divorce, disease, agony, outlandish medical expense, unnecessary
diagnostics, miscarriages, birth defects, infertility, tumors, mental
impairment, rage and crime ..... the list is endless, but the FDA counted
92 symptoms including DEATH! Pilots lose sight, mental stability, their
occupations, and some their very lives. Passengers, planes and pilots have
lower priority to our government agencies than the business interests of
Monsanto, greatest poisoner on the planet, and I have thousands of case
histories to back up these accusations, and our government has more!

Simply put: Dollars before people! Aspartame Awareness Day is going to
help. At this point, I'm asking Bryant to put the recall petition on the
lists so it can be printed out and given to every health food store we come
in contact with. Have them sent to me. One million signatures will get
their attention. As Dr. Bowen who has Lou Gehrigs Disease from aspartame
told the FDA - its mass poisoning! Congress and the Justice Department
must now disregard Monsanto's power (with their checkbook) and do its
job. Their families can lose their life just as much as ours from their
poison. There is nothing any stronger than consumer power in action. We
also have to make the restaurants, grocery stores and manufacturers
responsible. I know its a big job, but after years I can now see the
finish line. With Dr. Roberts new medical text on the world plague, the
world should target those responsible to solve the problem who have failed
in their duties.

And in the end, one more book will have to be written: A Crime Against
Humanity: The Aspartame Story! And then all trade organizations who made
themselves prostitutes will also be exposed.

FDA, CDC, FAA, Justice Department - Are you listening?

Betty Martini, Mission Possible International

From: Betty Martini <>

A Wall Street Journal article (6/11/99) stated that children were treated
at a hospital in northern Belgium for symptoms including headaches, stomach
aches and diarrhea after drinking Coke at school. The children told
hospital officials that the Coke gave a burning sensation to the tongue.
Headache is #1 on the FDA report of 92 symptoms, diarrhea #7 and abdominal
pain and cramps #5. The report is by most frequent occurrence and these
symptoms are notorious. The burning tongue is caused by a combination of
things, the wood alcohol converts to formaldehyde and then formic acid
which burns the tongue. It is also caused by neuropathy triggered by
aspartame. Diet drinks sat in 120 degree Arabian sun in the Persian Gulf
for as long as 8 weeks at a time and the troops drank them all day. At 86
degrees according to the protest of the National Soft Drink Association
( aspartame breaks down. ( It becomes a witches brew of
toxins.) An experiment by Jennifer Cohen with Winston Laboratory in New
Jersey analyzing Diet Coke in room temperature, in an incubator and in the
fridge revealed that aspartame breaks down to formaldehyde and DKP (a brain
tumor agent) EVEN IN THE FRIDGE. Report on

Symptoms of aspartame are identical to symptoms of Desert Storm Syndrome
and on 60 Minutes on this subject someone in the military admitted they
were unable to understand why the troops complained of this "burning
tongue". A recent study on aspartame in Barcelona showed formaldehyde
accumulates in the cells and damages DNA with 50% toxicity in the liver and
substantial amounts in the kidneys, adipose tissue, retina and brain. A
recent Reuters article detailed that Desert Storm Syndrome had to do with
the genes. This genetic change reported in this study further implicates
aspartame in this Syndrome. Those in the states were told not to send
anything to the troops with sugar. For a map of DORway and the FDA report
of 92 symptoms email with nothing in message text or
subject line.

The burning tongue issue is notorious with aspartame and is constantly
discussed on the support groups on line for victims of Aspartame Disease,
the Aspartame One List and Aspartame Survivors International. Neurosurgeon
Russell Blaylock, M.D., in a lecture on says the reactions
to aspartame are not allergic but toxic in nature like arsenic and cyanide.
We're talking about a chemical poison. H. J. Roberts, M.D., has now
declared Aspartame Disease to be a world epidemic and is in the process of
publishing a medical text on the plague.

Ermelle Martinez, Mission Possible Los Angeles, and a science teacher,
reported that a student having a reaction to Coke called the company asking
if aspartame was also in regular Coke. She was asked what city and zip
code she was calling from. When the student said L.A. Coke hung up on her.
This is very troublesome amid rumors that aspartame is being mixed with
sugar and is being added to regular drinks. It is already in Tab and
Fresca. Aspartame is not a diet product but a drug that makes you crave
carbohydrates. See protest of NSDA. It also interacts with other drugs
and changes brain chemistry.

Industry and trade organizations are battling back on the aspartame issue
because of an email that made world news having to do with a World
Environmental Conference and a spokeswoman for the EPA mentioning an
epidemic of MS and Lupus. Nancy Markle had actually picked up a post I had
written and published it under her name, where I said: "I'm here to
lecture on MS and lupus and identify the toxin as NutraSweet." You can see
the industry influence when reporters mention a study on headaches at Duke,
sometimes used to show an independent study. It was actually done in the
Searle Center (original manufacturer - Monsanto bought them in l985), and
funded by Monsanto. Russell Blaylock, M.D., explains in an interview on
Mission Possible Radio (audio and transcript on how studies
are fixed. He is the author of Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills ( 1 800
- 643-2665). Further Ralph Walton, M.D., discussed on 60 Minutes in Dec,
l996 that research into peer reviewed studies showed that almost 100% of
independent studies not funded by industry show problems with aspartame.
This research is now on This 60 Minutes presentation was
when famed researcher Dr. John Olney who founded the field of neuroscience
known as excitotoxicity made world news over the aspartame/brain tumor issue.

Today to confirm the information in the Nancy Markle post all one has to do
is go to There is even information on
why the EPA did not tell the truth on the World Environmental Conference as
well as the above mentioned Barcelona study. Aspartame destroys the
central nervous system and mimics MS, and posted is Dr. H. J. Roberts
position paper MS or Aspartame Disease. With regard to lupus aspartame
turns your immune system against your body. The formaldehyde embalms the
proteins and makes them strange to the immune system. The immune system
attacks your own body because it has your own denatured proteins as an
antigen. This then generates the false information fed into the immune
system that your own proteins are to be attacked. Than any other insults,
mental, physical or immunological can stimulate the immune Attack - LUPUS!
It is sickening that some media influenced by industry is still trying to
play this down as a hoax. Some had even been on the web
site prior to publishing. A post from World famous toxicologist Dr. George
Schwartz tells the NutraSweet team what he thinks of their propaganda, and
a journal by Dr. Woodrow Monte sets the matter straight on Monsanto's
misinformation on the aspartame methanol issue. This is no hoax - it is
the Crime of the Century! On June 7 the Wall Street Journal also played
down the aspartame issue. Marilyn Chase who wrote the issue still has not
retracted the comments even though she was given the web site with
confirmation and WSJ received a letter directly from Dr. H. J. Roberts. The
two support groups on line were set up from calls coming in from all over
the world from the victims. They have stopped the assault and symptoms
continue to disappear.

To fuel this issue further, breast implant patients have also reported MS
and lupus, and Dr. Roberts has just released a book on Aspartame Disease in
Breast Implant patients discussing whether systemic symptoms reported were
really due to Aspartame Disease. ( 1 800 - 814-9800 ).

On 5/15/99 a CBS News Report discussed 34 children who became ill from
Bazooka gum found in a school yard. The symptoms were the same headaches
and stomach aches as reported with Coke and Bazooka contains aspartame.
They were written to years ago but refuse to remove it or answer
correspondence. It is particularly serious in gum because aspartame is a
drug with small molecules, works like nitroglycerin, goes through saliva
straight to the brain. Some have had a grand mal seizure on one piece of
sugarfree gum.

Monsanto must be coming under extreme pressure. They have just hired the
former acting FDA Commissioner, Dr. Michael Friedman to their Searle
office, div of Monsanto. Dr. Friedman has been receiving from Mission
Possible the aspartame complaints for years. He has never responded to an
email, and the FDA continues to refuse to answer 26 questions on aspartame
given to them by former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich. FDA and
Monsanto can now remove the revolving door and build a bridge to take care
of the traffic. FDA remains Monsanto's Washington Branch office! It's
time to set the matter straight. Monsanto, FDA, Coke and Pepsi must take
responsibility for this plague of Aspartame Disease. With operations of
Mission Possible all over the US and many countries warning all consumers
off this neurotoxin the coverup has been exposed. contains
even the Bressler Report, the FDA's own audit of the horrors that were
triggered by aspartame on original studies including brain tumors to
atrophied testes and grand mal seizures. The damning CDC investigation is
also listed.


Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999
From: grace <>
Subject: meditation help

Dear Jean

I am contacting all the people I know to help me with a crisis that's
happening down my end of the world (Australia).

The Australian defence force is currently readying itself to go into EAST
TIMOR (an island near Indonesia) with the aim of restoring peace there.
The people in East Timor are supposed to vote on Monday for their
INDEPENDENCE from Indonesia but the Indonesians are aginst this so they
have gone in with their militia to subotage the vote by using viloence.
People are being killed. The killing has been going on throughout the past
decade and so this vote was a step in progressing towards an harmonious
existence for the people in Timor.

I am asking everyone I know to help me in meditations over the week-end for
BALANCE to be restored in East Timor so the vote can proceed and the
killing can stop.

I will be meditating at 10 am and 10 pm (8:30 pm and 8:30 am Boston time)
daily over the next 4 days.

I would be greatly appreciative if you could join us in this meditation and
pass this message onto others who might feel drawn to participate.

Sending you love and warm hugs