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from January 5, 2004 to December 22, 2004.


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Rising Phoenix Series #27: Jumping Headlong Into a New Year
of Mutually Empowering Sharing and Learning


The Empire of Darkness Series #4: Connect The Dots... And Shine Back

The Green Holocaust Files #12: Facing Up to What We Are Doing to Mother Earth

The Light Series #56: Taking Up Responsibility for a Brighter Future

The Empire of Darkness Series #5: Could it Get Worst Than That? You Bet!

The Big Brother Files #50: The Deceiver-In-Chief & His Cohort Exposed

Miscellaneous Subjects #200: A Hefty Load of BullNews With a Tiny Silver Lining

The Arisen Phoenix Series #2: Major Hope On The Horizon

Miscellaneous Subjects #201: Spinning the Truth

The Light Series #57: A Rainbow of Wise Words

The Green Holocaust Files #13: The Death Throes of a Dying Civilization

The Empire of Darkness Series #6: The Concealers Exposed

A Call To Spiritual Action & Wake Up Torchbearers

The Green Holocaust Files #14: On The Very Edge of The Tipping Point

Turning Tide of History #14: Earth Shifters at Work

The Empire of Darkness Series #7: Nasty "Chickens" Coming Home to Roost

Miscellaneous Subjects #202: A Hodgepodge of Good And Bad News

The Light Series #58: Massive Spiritual Stimulation Underway

Hybrid Series #17: Moving Full Speed Ahead And Upward

Miscellaneous Subjects #203: Revealing Revelations

Hybrid Series #18: News and Comments Worth Reading

Miscellaneous Subjects #204: Man-made Nuklehorrors

The Veracity Series #1: A Sobering Reality Check

Veracity Series #2: Facts The Corporate Media Don't Want You To Know

Hybrid Series #19: May Peace Prevail On Earth

The Writing on the Wall Series #25: Balancing Light and Darkness

Veracity Series #3: Shedding More Light on Current 3D Reality

Hybrid Series #20: Wobbling Global Situation

Turning Tide of History #15: Balancing Awareness With Enlightened Action

The Empire of Darkness Series #8: All Hell Breaking Loose!

The Empire of Darkness Series #9: Pogrom in Fallujah

The Light Series #59: Love and Light Filling Our Hearts

Veracity Series #4: Fallujah Revisited

Hybrid Series #21: The Party Could Soon be Over!

The Arisen Phoenix Series #3: Brightening Prospects

The Writing on the Wall Series #26: The Icing on the Cake

The Empire of Darkness Series #10: Can They Really Get Away With All This?

Hybrid Series #22: Mixing Things Up

Veracity Series #5: I still believe in the good in man

The Light Series #60: A Nonillion Reasons to Be in Love

Miscellaneous Subjects #205: The Sacred, Precious Gift of Life

The Empire of Darkness Series #11: Did Anyone Say "TortureGate"?

Veracity Series #6: Yet Again Exposing More Unpalatable Truths

The Light Series #61: A Cornucopia of Fascinating Events and Gems

The Writing on the Wall Series #27: War Criminals at "Work" - Please do not disturb...

The Light Series #62: One-ification is underway

The Empire of Darkness Series #12: More Baloney For The Gullible

The Arisen Phoenix Series #4: "The field of potential is going crazy"

The Green Holocaust Files #15: Alarm Bells Ringing All Over

Veracity Series #7: Tenet Down - Many More To Go

The Light Series #63: Preparing For The Big Cosmic Jump Start

Hybrid Series #23: The Horrors of Today - and Yesterday!

Veracity Series #8: The Coming Fall of a Tyrannic Dictator in the Making

The Writing on the Wall Series #28: World Saviors Wanted

The Arisen Phoenix Series #5: Mystical Union Becoming More Common

Miscellaneous Subjects #206: Taking Care of Business

Hybrid Series #24: It's Over for Bush & Co

Veracity Series #9: A Reckless U.S. Administration is About to Meet Its Fate

The Light Series #64: Enlightening Magical Inspiration

Veracity Series #10: Is Democracy Doomed? Why Would Megakillers Care Anyway?

The Writing on the Wall Series #29: The Day of Reckoning for the Demonic Presidency is Coming Fast

The Green Holocaust Files #16: Hoping For Better Policies While Environmental Destruction Worsens

The Arisen Phoenix Series #6: Positive Signs Giving Cause for Hope

Veracity Series #11: Time to Get Rid of the Real Bad Apples... including the "Loony Tunes" in Chief

The Writing on the Wall Series #30: Rocky Times Ahead

The Light Series #65: Caring and Concerns - And Lots of Oddities!

The Empire of Darkness Series #13: The Reigning Monsters Inc.

Turning Tide of History #16: Calamities Ahead and New Hopes

The Writing on the Wall Series #31: The Undeniable Facts About U.S Politics

Rising Phoenix Series #28: A World In Turmoil Looking Ahead

The Empire of Darkness Series #14: Hurricane Bush Bearing Down on The World

The Light Series #65: The Beautiful Dance of Life

The Writing on the Wall Series #32: Plenty of Smoking Guns - Literally and Figuratively

Heroes of Our Time Series #8: When the People Lead...

Hybrid Series #25: Straining to Keep up With a Growing Infoglut

Miscellaneous Subjects #207: The Bush Wars Against Most Everything

The Light Series #67: We Have Turned The Corner

The Empire of Darkness Series #15: The Smirking Robot Terrorizes The World

Rising Phoenix Series #29: The Gates of Heaven Are Opening

Hybrid Series #26: Trying to Get at The Truth

The Empire of Darkness Series #16: Too Hot to Handle...

Miscellaneous Subjects #208: Crunch Voting Time Fast Approaching

Children Gulag in America

Hybrid Series #27: Democracy's Eclipse in the US?

The Writing on the Wall Series #33: Down to the Electoral Wire

Hybrid Series #28: Oh dear!... Four! More! Years!

The Empire of Darkness Series #17: Banana Democracy Headed by Ayatollah Bush

The Days of Infamy Series #1: A Fictitious Democracy - An Horrendous Carnage

Rising Phoenix Series #30: Taking The Beast By The Horns

The Writing on the Wall Series #34: Stolen Democracy & New Killing Field

The Light Series #68: Changing Realities

The Days of Infamy Series #2: The U.S. War Criminals Inc.

The Writing on the Wall Series #35: Holy Shit!

New Democracy Series #1: Exciting And Encouraging Developments

The Days of Infamy Series #3: Bush Visits Canada - War Crimes in Fallujah

Rising Phoenix Series #31: Subtle Activism and Mass Awakening Urgently Needed

The Days of Infamy Series #4: The Unrepentant, Unashamed War Criminals

The Light Series #69: Just AMAZING!

The Empire of Darkness Series #18: Monsters Inc.

The Light Series #70: On the Bright Side

The Days of Infamy Series #5: The Bush Cartel Imminent Full-Blown Dictatorship

Rising Phoenix Series #32: Ships of Light and so much more!

The Empire of Darkness Series #19: The Cherry on the Cake