You will find below 147 twelve-page long emails sent to the Earth Rainbow Network e-list
from January 10, 2000 to December 21, 2000.


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The Millennium Miracle

A compilation of various material and comments

Food Safety Files 4: The beginning of the end for the Frankenfood

Food Safety Files 5: Beware of Canola Oil

Introduction to the Planetary Awakening Network

The last Y2K feedbacks + More on Heather Harder’s Presidential Platform

Risks of taking aspartame revealed in UK newspaper and much much more

Aspartame was only able to be approved because the FDA violated the law

AspartameGate: About the bribery and corruption of the FDA and U.S. politicians
and the mass poisoning of hundreds of millions of innocent children, men and women

More about the FDA and GMOs

More feedbacks and some interesting updates

Food Safety Files 6: The most revealing compilation about Monsanto

New series of feedbacks

Mystical Files 3: Graceful Passages
+ LightShift 2000 latest update + The New Group Consciousness

The ET Files: The Watchers are coming

Feedbacks and various announcements

Urgent Planetary Awakening Network Alert

Feedbacks to the ET Files and to the
Urgent Planetary Awakening Network Alert

Biotech industry in deep trouble and much much more

The Changing Times

Green Files #5

The Fight Must Continue! - Three Feedbacks + Thoughts and motivation for action

Food Safety Files 7: More aspartame horror stories

Green Files #6: Environmental news with a positive slant + Scientists fear that global warming has now gone beyond the point of no return

Various feedbacks and some other subjects

Feedbacks about "A very special and *urgent* request"
and about "The Bigger Mystery Behind Elian’s Survival"

More feedbacks to "A very special and *urgent* request"

The Seattle Meltdown: A Compendium of Activists

Mystical Files # 4: Ancient Prophesy Fulfilled + THE GREAT EXPERIMENT II
+ The Externalization of the Community of the Beloved Disciple

Mystical Files # 4: More interesting feedbacks to recent posts

Miracle in the Void: The New Energy Revolution

Various News and Info

Green Files #7: US to propose tighter organic food rules & much more!

Four Mesmerizing Stories: Night of the Red Sky +
The Secrets of Thoth and The Keys of Enoch + The Inca Prophecies +
The Chinese Pyramids - An Extraterrestrial Legacy

The Destruction of Ocean Life Continues Unabated

Meditation on the China-Taiwan situation + various feedbacks & info

Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal

First feedbacks to the Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal

Green Files #8

Extinguishing the hatred of the past and
nurturing the vision of a sane and peaceful future

Green Files #9: Endorse Platform for World Bank to Stop Funding Oil, Mining and Gas
+ much much more

ET landings imminent according to the BBC World Service

Various Topics

The Ageless Wisdom Teaching

"Car-Out" Days + "Green" Biofuels
+ Children as a Critical Cause and much much more

The rape of the Virgin Mary + The Birdies: An incredible miracle story

A brief comment on the "Fail Safe" movie

+ Mobilization Against Corporate Globalization
(Seattle II)

Various Subjects: The 2001 Summit + World Report
+ DAILY GRIST + Some more feedbacks

Feedbacks received regarding my brief comment on the "Fail Safe" movie

May 5th Grand Planetary Alignment and Global Meditation

Special LFAS File

Miscellaneous Subjects: News of what happened on Earth Day
+ Revelation of a Miracle + Male Sexual Dysfunction Triggered by Aspartame

Accounts of Police Brutality in Washington covered up by Press
+ The IMF & World Bank -Two Instruments of National Destruction

Meditation Focus #1

NOTE: The other Meditation Focuses are now available at

Miscellaneous Subjects #2: Earth Day At 30 + Worldwatch Institute Report Card
+ Some feedbacks and much much more

The Future of Economy: New Economics + The New Currency of the New Paradigm
+ The U.S. Debt Pyramid Scam + The Bankruptcy of the US

Miscellaneous Subjects #3: Reminder of the World Earth Healing Day
(Planet Alignment)
+ Petition asking for the release of a Tibetan nun -- and much much more

Miscellaneous Subjects #4: Some Feedbacks on The Future of Economy
and much much more

Some feedbacks to the May 5 Alignment
+ Report on The Power Paradigm Conference

Miscellaneous Subjects #5: Feedbacks, LFAS, Angels, GMOs and more!

Miscellaneous Subjects #6: Lots of interesting *coincidences* and Various Feedbacks

The Birth Pangs of a New World

Various amazing/beautiful/touching/passionate feedbacks and more stories

Various Feedbacks and Subjects

About despair, an Undaunted & Undeterred friend, Etc.

Feedbacks About Despair and Depression

World Report Issue #2 + Cure for cancer? and more!

More Feedbacks About Depression and Despair

Food Safety File #8: The Sweet That Kills:
Aspartame Morphing into Neotame: World Alert!

Some More Feedbacks about About Depression and Despair

Miscellaneous Subjects #7: World Awash in Chlorine Based Poisons + LFAS news,
Survey on GE foods, New Cell Phone Safety, etc.(06/15/2000)

Final Feedbacks to Depression and Despair + Top Ten Ways to Shift Reality

Miscellaneous Subjects #8 : Support fo John Hagelin + Loving Awareness
+ Enviros Force Brazilian Congress to Kill Destructive Rainforest Law, etc.

The X-Files #2: Imminent disclosure of definitive evidence on ETs, UFOs and covert government projects + Ground Penetrating Radar Finds Hidden Cities + The Mars Records, etc.

Miscellaneous Subjects #9: Oil Industry has lied to us!
+ The situation in Mexico on the eve of the elections and more

Some victories to celebrate!

Miscellaneous Subjects #10: + It’s All About Surrender
+ The terrible plight of orang-utans in Indonesia + Goldman Prize, etc.

Miscellaneous Subjects #11: A day on the Path! + Rules for Life
+ World Rainforest Movement’s Sign-on declaration

Miscellaneous Subjects #12: Listening to Wild Dolphins
+ Whale deaths linked to undersea blasts + much much more!

Miscellaneous Subjects # 13: Some comments received + Shark Cartilage is no Cancer Cure
+ WorldSlavery & WorldBank + Ram Dass Re-visited, etc.

Miscellaneous Subjects # 14: Some Feedbacks + 17 August 2000 - WORLD GATHERING + The bears tragedy in China + Much much more

The Free Democracy Network and Roadshow + The World Mind Society
+ Jon Peniel predicted by Edgar Cayce

Some Feedbacks + Health Freedom File --
The "safe" vaccines that maim and kill

Miscellaneous Subjects # 15: Some Feedbacks + Voting for Nader
+ Fired Journalists Stand Up To Media Empire + Cell Phone Health Danger and more!

Miscellaneous Subjects # 16: Dalai Lama not invited to UN Peace Summit
+ Vital Signs 2000: environmental trends that are shaping the future and more!

GMO Update #26: The GE Food Alert Campaign
+ The New Eugenics: The Case Against Genetically Modified Humans
+ Genetically Engineered Spider Toxin Threatens Butterflies

Up Beat News File #1: More on Jon Peniel’s book + New Energy - Green Victory This Year! etc.

Miscellaneous Subjects # 17: Top Arafat Aide Upbeat With Future + Fury as Japan unleashes its harpoons
+ Superfish are no superfix for hunger + Tumor meat and more

The Chemtrail File

Miscellaneous Subjects # 18: Some Feedbacks + Good News on Bears in China + More info regarding
the Dalai Lama & UN Peace Summit + LFAS breakthrough and more!

Miscellaneous Subjects # 19: More Feedbacks + Turtle war + The effects of bottom trawling on the seafloor and more!

Miscellaneous Subjects #20: The World Community Alliance + A Call to Action for UN Millennium Summit & more!

Miscellaneous Subjects #21: Meditation Request on Jerusalem + Unreported Police Brutality during the recent GOP Convention in Philadelphia & more!

Green Files #11 : Chernobyl In Slow Motion’ Seen In Barents Sea + The Greening of the Democrats + Curitiba, Caiapos, Los Alamos & much much more!

Miscellaneous Subjects #22: Nuclear Submarines + Ages-Old Polar Icecap Is Melting +Independent panel criticizes TWA 800 crash report & more!

The Activist Compilation: Many Feedbacks, Useful Information and Beautiful Words

The Military Legacy & Some Perspectives on the Criminalization of U.S. Society

Green Files #12: The Big Meltdown + Cyber voices against climate change
+ Convention on Climate Change and more!

The Global Oil Price Crisis -- a Blessing in Disguise

Miscellaneous Subjects #23: Earth Healing Newsletter + Massive Bombing Campaign
Against Civilian Targets in Sudan + War on drugs or war on the American people?

Taking Charge of One’s Health

Miscellaneous Subjects #24: A Vision of the Peoples of the World + Earth Charter & more

Green Files #13: Anti-GMO petition from Quebec and much much more!

Miscellaneous Subjects #25: Peace Poem Project + Police brutality
against anti-globalization protesters + Next Protest Stop: Prague

Miscellaneous Subjects #26: More on the IMF/World Bank meeting in Prague
+ The Mythic Call + We Need Even Higher Oil Prices and more!

Green Files #14: The Simultaneous Policy + Protests in Prague
+ Deep Peril for Deep-Sea Corals and more!

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: The Explosion + Fidel Castro Speech at the U.N.

Miscellaneous Subjects #27: More on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
+ Why they won't let Nader debate and much much more!

Miscellaneous Subjects #28: Pogrom in Nazareth
+ Extinctions - NOT Just a Fact of Life and more!

The Hour of Truth in the Middle East: Worldwide Prayer Vigil + All the latest on the situation in the Middle East

Miscellaneous Subjects #29: Major Threat to the Amazon Rainforest
+ Ralph Nader and the U.S.Election + Doomsday Danger and much much more!

Miscellaneous Subjects #30: Unreported TV debate with Nader
+ Myths and Realities Regarding Iraq and Sanctions and much much more!(10/17/2000)

Miscellaneous Subjects #31: Ten Good Reasons for opposing the G-20 + More on Corporate globalization,
IMF/World Bank + 21 Good Reasons to Vote for Ralph Nader

Miscellaneous Subjects #32: Campaign For A New Jerusalem + Global Warming: Earth Out Of Balance
+ Ecosystems in drastic decline and much much more!

Feedbacks on the Campaign For A New Jerusalem
+ Squeezing Blood From A Stone

More Feedbacks on the Campaign For A New Jerusalem
+ Crash Course on the Middle East and much much more!

Miscellaneous Subjects #33: All Marine in Jeopardy + The US Elections
+ Ten Core Green Values + Yet More Feedbacks on the Campaign For A New Jerusalem

Elections in the U.S. and Canada: Hard Choices + A critical national issue
+ Environmental pollution is causing disability and death and more!

Miscellaneous Subjects #34: Strong opinions pro or against Nader and Gore
+ Protests to stop Japan from slaughtering dolphins and whales + much much more!

Stunning Revelations on the Middle East Crisis

Miscellaneous Subjects #35: Is a People's Rebellion Against the Corporate Stranglehold
on US Politics Heating up? And much much more!

Miscellaneous Subjects #36: Appeal from Nader + More comments on the US elections
+ What the Butterfly Knows + Scarey quotes from Bush

Miscellaneous Subjects #37: Allegation of tampering & more on the US election results
+ The Practice of Tonglen + Spiritual Journey to Macchu Picchu & much much more!

Miscellaneous Subjects #38: The mystical meaning of 11:11 + More on Voting Irregularities
+ Bush Secrets + Child Martyrs From Arafat's School

Miscellaneous Subjects #39: More on the US elections
+ Climate model produces dismal predictions + The last oil shock

Miscellaneous Subjects #40: Climate Meeting Resources + Extraordinary Election Prediction
+ Gore camp demands FBI inquiry and much much more!

Miscellaneous Subjects #41: Some Feedbacks + More on Election 2000 +Cannabis decriminalization in UK? + Middle East in freefall and more!

Miscellaneous Subjects #42: Some more feedbacks on the US Elections + News Reports of the Plight of Palestinians + Global Manipulators Move Beyond Petroleum

Green Files #15: Urgent Action to Cool Down Global Warming + The Joe Energy Cell
+ People power + Irradiation of Food and more!

Medical Files #1: Shaken Baby Syndrome - The Vaccination Link
+ The Medical Mafia and much much more!

Miscellaneous Subjects #43: More Evidence of Electoral Fraud in Florida
+ Deadlock at the Climate Change Convention in The Hague and More!

Miscellaneous Subjects #44: Scare tactics in Florida + Poetic Justice
+ Noam Chomsky on Globalising resistance to corporate power and more!

Miscellaneous Subjects #45: Some Feedbacks + New Chemtrails theory just might make you sick
+ Can Life Survive Earth's Depleted Ozone Layer? and more!

Green Files #16: Various critical viewpoints on the failed Convention on Climate Change in The Hague

Miscellaneous Subjects #46: The War Against Drugs + UN ask for Aid Relief Money + AIDS Epidemic
+ Humanitarian crisis in Chechnya + Republicans Winning by Intimidation

Feedbacks to my correspondence with Shaun Darius and some other comments AND MORE!

Miscellaneous Subjects #47: Deforestation in Malaysia, Australia and around the world
and much much more!

Miscellaneous Subjects #48: Trade Ruling Undermines Environmental Agreements
+ The downside of globalization + Ecological Footprints and more!

Miscellaneous Subjects #49: Violence in West Papua/Moluccas/Aceh + Day of Compassion
+ The 01/01/01Global Meditation + Stepping Off the Toxic Treadmill and more!

Miscellaneous Subjects #50: Corporate, Right-wing Influence in the US Judicial System + Endangered Sea Lions
+ Just say NO to all Flu shots and much much more!

Green Files #17: Special Message on Supreme Court + Organic Food and Farming Bill
+ Global Ban on 12 Very Toxic Chemicals and more!

Day 3 of Bush Corpocracy: American truth must prevail + America in the grip of Bush's 'Iron Triangle' + Supreme Court vs. Democracy? and more!

Miscellaneous Subjects #51: Easy-to-read analysis of the Supreme Court decision + Hagelin stuns EPA with stirring Starlink testimony + More

Miscellaneous Subjects #52: Prayer for the New Millennium + Graceful Passages + Global Meditation Bulletin 5 and much much more!