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from February 4, 1999 to December 30, 1999.


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Aspartame - The Sweet Chemical That May Kill You

Feedbacks received on this letter above

Neotame: A poison even more potent than Aspartame

Aspartame Awareness Day

The Y2K Challenge

Miscellaneous Subjects

Contrails - Poison from the Sky

Some Good News

Stop Genetically Engineered "Frankenfoods"

Various Feedbacks

A Melting Pot of Gems and Powerful Words

LOTS of New feedbacks

About Fear, the Elite, Local Currencies

Feedbacks on the theme of fear, about GE foods, etc.

Call for a Global Peace Vigil

Appel en faveur d'une Vigile mondiale pour la Paix

Chiamata per la Vigilia della Pace Globale

The Survivable Path - an introduction to a most vital perspective
for the survival of Life on our living planet

Feedbacks to The Survivable Path

Feedbacks on the Call for a Global Peace Vigil

2nd series of Feedbacks on the Call for a Global Peace Vigil

Various Subjects

Special Meditation Alert

Feedbacks to Calling in the Light on Kosovo

More feedbacks on Kosovo

We are winning

La victoire est acquise

Stiamo vincendo (Italian version)

Estamos vencendo (Portuguese version)<

Thought-provoking reflections on Kosovo and more

Feedbacks to "We Are Winning"

The Earth Day Clean Energy Agenda & more

A Fulfilled Prophecy is a Failed Prophecy

The Big Lie About Kosovo

Various Feedbacks on Recents Posts and Other Subjects

Genocide of the Navajo People and Other Subjects

Feedbacks on Big Mountain Genocide and some other issues

Thinking globally and living responsibly

A special X-Files issue

Feedbacks on the X-Files issue and much much more

Sorcerer's Apprentices

Prince Charles article against Genetically Modified Organisms +
Avoiding and banning dangerous foods

The Phoenix is opening its wings

Feedbacks on the idea of a decentralized Millennium Gathering

Pathways to Unity

More feedbacks on the Millennium Gathering and much much more

Feedbacks to Pathways to Unity

Genetically Modified crops can cross-pollinate and various others news

Biotech industry starting to panic and other news on Monsanto and the Terminator Technology

It's all a matter of perspective

What can we expect for August 11 to 18, 1999

The news you won't get in the News

Other news you may have missed

How do you want to celebrate the new millennium?

Feedbacks to "What can we expect for August 11 to 18, 1999"

World Earth healing Day -- Wednesday 11 August 1999

The Green Files

Feedbacks to '"The news you won't get in the News" +
More "revealing" stuff on JFK Jr's death

Feedbacks to "World Earth Healing Day"
and to "How do you want to celebrate the new millennium?"

More on August 11, 1999

Miscellaneous Files

Some personal feedbacks about the August 11 meditation

Second series of feedbacks on August 11
and some other unrelated items

Another Green File

The Pentagon Papers on Y2K about the coming World Crisis

Extensive Anti-Genetic Engineering Resource list
Farming's genetic revolution has yet to materialise and much much more

Another X-Files issue

Third series of feedbacks on August 11
and other miscellaneous items

Aspartame Awareness Day

Last feedbacks about the August 11 meditation
some other miscellaneous subjects and
4,000 scientists warning about plant and animal mass extinction.

Time for a laugh

Miscellaneous feedbacks and topics

An update on some of the problems faced
by the Genetic Engineering industry

Humanitarian/War Crisis in East Timor and
Some Y2K Updates

Many other big blows in the face of the "FrankenIndustry"

More on East Timor and the Frankenfoods
+ Another series of feedbacks on various recent posts
+ New technology converts atmospheric heat to electricity

Feedbacks to the Humanitarian Crisis in East Timor
+ and some very special contributions from people on this list

The Humanitarian Crisis in East Timor is far from over

Various feedbacks on recent issues and much much more

BIOWARFARE: The "Chemtrails" over America, Canada, England and Australia

The Mystical Files - James Twyman's experience with
the Madonna and excerpts from his forthcoming book

Various feedbacks on recent posts

The Green Files series: #3

The Coming Y2K Global Disaster and Opportunity For Change

A comment on the next email and feedbacks on various recent posts

The Scare Tactics That Will Backfire

More Y2K material for your perusal - The bug that just won't go away

The Frankenfood Files: 13 Myths About Genetic Engineering and much much more

Going to Extremes

LFAS feedbacks and more information on the subject

Think Globally, Groove Locally

Radio Interview with Jean Hudon + Whales & Dolphins LFAS alert

Comments and news on all kinds of things

The Mystical Files #2

Feedbacks about the right use of our spiritual Light +
World Atomic Safety Holiday

Are you Y2K Ready?

Two Living Geniuses - Dr. Randell Mills and James Lovelock

The Anti-Establishment Files: The WTO meeting in Seattle

Food Safety Files 1: Biotechnology companies face new foe +
Health risks associated with the use of cellular phones

Food Safety Files 2: UK Grocery Chain Bans Aspartame +
NY Times ad against GE Food & more

Various feedbacks and updates on recent emails +
some interesting gems

UK Concerts for Chechnya with James Twyman and more

Countdown to the WTO meeting in Seattle

More on Chechnya and some strongly worded comments

The Positive News Files

More feedbacks from you and some more gems

Yet more feedbacks from you

A special WTO Green Files series

LFAS Update: The U.S. Navy is jeopardizing all marine life

WTO: News From Downtown Seattle

Food safety Files #3

Mayhem in Seattle and Victory for Grassroot Democracy

Eye Witness Account: The Battle in Seattle & more

Feedbacks to Mayhem in Seattle

A Bouquet of Timely Information

Millennium Meditations Compilation and other related information

Y2Kaos #1: Oil Supply May Fail Drastically - Part 1

Y2Kaos #2: Oil Supply May Fail Drastically - Part 2 + Much much more

Bright Future Beyond the Y2Kurve

About the full moon and Robert Cohen's crusade against the FDA and GMO

Another global meditation + The Peace Troubadour in East Timor
+ Some feedbacks + Frankenfood Industry Under Attack

Harry Oldfield and his invisible universe + Ramonet on GMO

The Green Files #4: Canadian scientist hopes Y2K will shut down planet
and much much more!

Two more days to go before the Y2Krisis - Some feedbacks and a special spotlight on Starhawk

Palden Jenkins comments on the Y2K effects and many more feedbacks