December 14, 1999

Subject: Y2KAOS #2: Oil Supply May Fail Drastically - Late January -- Part 2 + FWD URGENT ACTION ALERT: World Atomic Safety Holiday (WASH) + Corporate America Under Siege: The Undeclared State of Emergency + CLINTON SET TO DECLARE NATIONAL EMERGENCY - More than 50 simultaneous Y2K crises expected, stretching resources to limit + EMERGENCY AGENCY EXPECTS THE WORST - Y2K could be more than government can handle + Federal employees to be evacuated - Y2K dangers in foreign countries forcing large moves

Please see me note in the first accompanying email



(DD) nite tyme, would not blame yall if you dreaded the day I came in. LOL and kicked Hylander for bringing me

(underpaid) DD1 - thanks for the doom! I like to keep those stress muscles worked out - gotta go - bye

(DD) still working with a couple of large independents that are racing to get small gas fields with propane generating capabilities up for the turnover so some will be available more

(DD) I really am called DD

(Hylands) DD1, I'm curious, have you noticed an increase in refinery explosions over the past year or so?

(DD) Not really. Lots of major breakdowns, but that is to be expected from antiquated refineries. What I can't figure out is how so many miss the implications of my industry. Its like most do not even think about it in the equation. I see it even in people who are honestly looking for real info. Come to think of it, why would most know much about it? It is a very 'closed' mouth industry, very competitive.

(Gary_Seattle) One thing I think DD1, we should keep quiet in our little neighborhoods about what we are doing

(DD) I try to respect the choices of those who do not choose to see all this, not my way, but must be appropriate for them

(GregCaton) It's like Gary North says ... if they aren't preparing by now, spreading the word is more likely to hurt you. It is one thing to prepare for neighbors. It is another thing to jeopardize your family by alerting the entire community.

(DD) we are all adult and agree to our course. I am an Elder of my people and such is our way. Have large greenhouses that will be in full production as well, and know all native plants.

(Guest75909) Tell us of your people.

(DD) I am of small band called Kee-Apa. And we also have much of medicines etc. We are from West Texas, kind of a mix of Comanche, Kiowa and Apache. There is no hospital there. How many are getting full vaccinations for choleraetc. so you can help those who get it? I am what this society calls a medicine woman and older partner is called the medicine man. I sit on the pan-american council of elders, so do much like when honduras and nicaragua got hit by Hurricane Mitch. The indigenous peoples there did not get govt help. By the time we can get in all diabetics etc. are already gone, worse death rate is usually from dysentery and parasites.

(GregCaton) DD1 ) I wanted to get back to some earlier unanswered questions that we couldn't cover because of all the chatter traffic .... At what point did it become apparent to you that this was an unavoidable train wreck ? Gary North likes to say that, for him, it was early 97.

(DD) About 3 years ago was about the last point that we could have really gotten it done to point that train would not derail or wreck takes many months to reblueprint DAB's etc.

(DD) and i speak of my industry there

(GregCaton) In other words, if they had put all their resources into remediation in late 1996, it might have been avoided?

(DD) YES. Almost certainly. I bought my house with it in mind 6 years ago, did not see much of anything being done and seemed improbable it would even then.

(GregCaton) I see. I asked you earlier if you saw any chance we wouldn't see (at the least) a 30's style depression, and you said NONE.

(DD) And do not forget that for this last year oil prices have been in the basement, Everyone liked the low prices but it took needed funds away when they were needed most, as the slump a couple of years ago did, too.

(DD) depression requires a base economy and ability to do much, don't think we will have it. Hope we will and that depression is the worst it will be

(Gary_Seattle) We don't have a base economy, we produce almost nothing

(DD) With currency that is not based in metals. It is only based in peoples opinion of the value of $. We have not even been able to feed our own population since the early 90's

(GregCaton) I have a friend who knows Ed Yardeni quite well. He says that in private, Yardeni paints a picture of extreme depression.

(DD) I am not surprised, kind of figured that Ed was burned out, and who could blame him. He has been vocal and would not like to be the roman messenger etc.

(GregCaton) DD1 ) Actually, the U.S. remains one of the world's largest exporters of food stuffs.

(DD) Foodstuffs, yes. But we have a population that demands large amounts of all products available year round

(Dean--DuhMoyn) What about deflation? For the first 3 months, then after. Will there be a US economy?

(Guest75909) The U.S. is a food exporter. Our graineries are stuffed to overflowing

(DD) but we import more than we export in edible human foods.

(GregCaton) I guess that depends on what we call edible.

(DD) graneries yes (with a rail system that cannot still seem to move it around sufficiently for a lot to not rot, due to the computer problems still of merging the UP with ATSF

(Gary_Seattle) The Dept of Agriculture does not have a huge food back up supply

(DD) ever seen anyone on a forced diet that was any fun to be around? LOL

(Guest75909) only as a matter of taste, and I will check that out ...doesn't sound right.

(DD) check out the produce from s. america, mexico etc. also. We use to feed the world I know, is a hard pill that we have let so very many family farms go under.

(Gary_Seattle) food from Mexico and S. America is full of garbage. In Mexico they use DDT.

(Guest75909) they got rid of food reserve program when they went to food stamps.

mebs) Where do our big canners get most of their produce?

(DD) I see the acres of greenhouses in far west texas growing momoculture vegetables

(Guest75909) produce from south america, mexico is seasonal ...we can have tomatoes and strawberries year around

(DD) tomatoes are main thing they are growing out there yes

(Guest75909) agribusiness is very efficient

(DD) any here old enough to remember when citrus was seasonal to buy here? or any of a dozen other items of produce we would all today consider a staple and be shocked it was not at store? I remember when local store had only onions, potatoes carrots year round

(Guest75909) I drive through the San Joaquin valley at various times of the year...the great garden of the world.

(DD yes and i must say I really do like it. I would be most happy to see this all be a great big product of fertile imaginations.... but I do not seem to be able to live in that level of fantasy. I am extremely lazy and would like to stay that way

(Ryker) DD1... just out of curiosity, do you think the human race needs something like this to happen? To help slap us back to reality?

(DD) don't know about needing it but historically it seems to be a bit inevitable that something comes along. Interesting that so many cultures have prophesies that all are showing intriguing signs. Funny thing about TEOTWAWKI is that that seems to happen about every 30 years or so anyway, even without a big bang.

(Guest75909) DD) I asked earlier about shutdowns during rollover... is that going to be the norm in Texas?

(DD I have heard some of the refineries and chemical plants talking of such and a couple have announced it like at Deerpark.

(Ryker) How old are you if you don't mind me asking??

(DD) Actually I do not really know but am probably in mid fifties. Just grew with old style people.

(GregCaton) I don't see it. Can you really think of anything, worldwide, to happen to civilization, that could be as big a meltdown as this? Anything at all that you could compare to?

(DD) I know it is impossible, no matter how hard I try, to grasp the real possibilities. The only thing I know for sure is that whatever scenario I come up with cannot be the whole of it

(Gary_Seattle) One thing no one brought up tonight are the solar flares coming (not to change subjects) to cause further disruptions

(GregCaton) Ham radio operators are already feeling its effects. On some nights there's very little HF traffic.

(DD) How about that mass coronal ejection on June 2? That was a biggy MCE's that size were theoretically possible yes, but was the first we really got to measure.

(GregCaton) Gary ... any news from your programmer friends in the field ????

(Gary_Seattle) are you familiar with Fleetwood Mac? "tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies..."

(GregCaton) That's it? They just tell you that everybody's lying about compliance?

(DD) Read carefully. Most 'statements' do not outright lie. They just leave out important issues. Tell me a single utility that has even broached the subject of fuel supplies.

(Ryker) Sounds a bit like the NERC reports. "Fill out this form so we know how we're doing. Oh, by the way. Here's what you should put on the form......" :\

(Gary_Seattle) Officially we are Y2K compliant. I got lucky, I was in the hospital the day I was supposed to sign the paper saying compliant.

(DD) what scares me is the companies who have spent only a fraction of their budget

(Dean--DuhMoyn) DD -- my electric company (Alliant) suggested getting extra firewood, a generator, water, food, etc.

(DD) I sent a letter to the co-op overseers in the state gov with some very tough questions. They did not reply, but sent them to my local co-op. The manager did not even understand the questions nor did any there.

(Gary_Seattle) so Greg, are you more or less optimistic today about Y2K?

(GregCaton) If even half of this is truth, I'm edging closer to 9.5 (major disaster)

(DD) Greg I was reading again today about all you bad boys who are 'hyping' all this stuff to make the big bucks. I wish to heck I was lying through my teeth

(GregCaton) Anyone who thinks we're getting rich on Y2K is wrong.

(Rodig) Is it just me, or does anyone else live 2 lives, one preparing for big problems and one planning as if nothing is going to happen at all?

(GregCaton) Rodig ) No... you are not alone in this. Forgive me if all this seems surrealistic, even though I've been studying the issue this long.

(Guest75909) preparing yes, and living the current life, yes ...working everyday, yes

(DD) In some ways I think it is harder now that we are all prepped. The doing was a comfort for a long time. Anyone get solace from stepping into their pantry from time to time?

(Gary_Seattle) I still am shocked by the media saying nothing about the coming storm

(DD) what actually could they say that would not just start the hard times sooner?

(GregCaton) NBC has scheduled a TV movie about Y2K Movie for November 21.

(DD) I'm looking at November 17th with interest. That's when the Leonid meteor storm hits and we ain't talking a shower, folks. This would be the first we have really had since we had satellites. Could be interesting. Last year it was not as close and they were able to turn the satellites 12 % to have the smallest face to it and could still get enough solar to operate. Two only were hit. Well now that I have probably succeeded in giving some nightmares, I must say it has been good to be able to talk truth tonight.

(Guest75909) DD...could you recap for those who came late to the party?

(DD) Best figures we can come up with is 26 to 34% of today's available supplies of oil/gas and refined products being available through about the 3rd, week of January. Even if was the reverse and was only a 30% decrease, it would be a very bad time. The worst of the 70's 'oil crisis' was about a 7% reduction. Figure no gasoline available to the general public after January

(Guest75909) Is that caused by refining problems here, transportation problems from overseas, or a combination of causes? (the usual suspects...chips, power problems, software snafus)

(Ryker) all of the above and then some

(DD) refining, wells, gathering lines, pipelines, etc. Old refineries that have been band-aided to the max already (haven't been able to build new ones mostly, the old "not in my back yard" syndrome). Also embedded chips in the offshore, onshore wells in RAMs etc. and then we get to the re-blueprinting of DABS etc. These figures are for domestic production, which is about 60% at best of our consumption. The overseas situation is even worse.

(Ryker) DD - Greg said a couple weeks ago that they are just now starting to work on the critical nav systems for freighters and tankers, and that there is now way they'll get done in time. If that's true, imports will be gone or severely reduced too...

(Guest75909). What about safety issues?

(DD) I do not really know that end of the industry well, sorry. But I know enough that I chose to live far from them. The safety issues are the ones that ARE getting massive attention, so I am not expecting bad problems.

(Guest75909) Did you know that the only work done on most refineries recently has been environmental compliance work? Safety is where the greatest liability issues are for the refiners.

(DD) yes that is the baby that is getting the attention, probably the best thing. Also is where a large percentage of the real problems are too. What gives me the willies are the naphtha etc. pipelines -shudder- Heck, we do not even know where a good many of the pipelines really are underground. I know it sounds crazy to those not in the business but is true.

(Guest75909) Yes--very evil mixtures of chemicals come out of those pipes... all flammable and toxic in the extreme.

(DD) also who back then would have been able to dream of the level of distribution we have and need today? Most of the right of way deeds even today do not pinpoint the location or even how many lines. They use 'blanket' right of ways that just allow to cross "as staked" or just across such and such a piece of land. Although most nowadays are documented well in the companies who build them, but give them one big take over and records get misplaced.

(Ryker) Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen with or without Y2K computer problems...

(DD) there have been some problem, and there will be more as they get older.

(Ryker) If an underground line breaks, how do they find the break if they don't know for sure where the line is?

(DD) if it breaks there is little difficulty finding the break, is usually a pretty big hole showing a big oil spill, although some they know have leaks they have never been able to find

(Guest75909) folks in the construction industry have to deal with this all the time... sometimes not successfully. there is an agency that tries to track this stuff but it is way too complex.

(DD) Yes, they try but the info is very sketchy many times

(Rodig) So what do you think the price of gas will go to, when you will be able to get it?

(DD) After January, there won't be any gas for public use at any price.

(Guest75909) Colonial says it will shut down its Houston to Linden (NJ) pipeline for at least 8 hours over the roll

(Gray_Seattke) whom is going to go to Blackfoot Idaho to uncover feet of snow to find which chip in the railroad is bad? NOT ME

(DD) well it might just help to shut them down and get them back up. But there is nothing to put in them or a way to pressurize all along the way won't do much good, I'm afraid

(Guest75909) pressurization requires electricity, yes?

(Gray_Seattke) Yes it does

(Guest75909) So we are back to the triangle.

(DD) Also, I would be intrigued as to how they plan to shut down oil lines that require heating for them to flow. If it stops for long, it gets totally stuck.

(Guest75909) The Canadians say they are not going to shut down, that they are ready, and that shutdown is really a bigger problem than they anticipate from y2k

(DD) natural gas is better in pipeline but the wells themselves have problems and the gathering lines many times etc. all the EPA sensors etc. are a bit daunting

(mebs) is it really 40 where crude turns to sludge, DD?

(DD) depends upon the grade of the crude as to flow temp

(mebs) higher grades can handle lower temps?

(DD) grades of crude is a language all to itself and a bit too technical to get into here but the info is available. As a rule of thumb the lighter the grade the lower temp it can go

(mebs) ummmmm... think I'll pass on crude oil grades 101

(DD) figured as much. As to how long before most figure it out, most I know that are vitally interested in y2k have not, so don't figure the masses will. Why should most know these things? It is a pretty particular set of knowledge.

(Gray_Seattke) So, how bad do you think things will get DD1?

(DD) Worse than I can imagine but DO NOT see this as an 'end'. Big change, yes, but such is the norm in historical perspective. The cumulative errors are going to not be figurable as to timing and effect, just a general curve is best I can get. If the NCIC computer's problems that started this summer are any indication it could be worse than we think. By the way, NCIC = national criminal information computer = the FBI

(Rodig) So do you think we will see oil shortages before January? (DD1stLight) Yes, from people topping off their tanks. Well, I hate to leave good company but I do have to sleep some.

(Ryker) DD, appreciate your presence tonight. It's been an eye opener for sure..

(mebs) Sure was nice meeting you, DD

(DD) Thank you, you are all most kind.

------------------------------------- For those of you who do not do chatrooms I can tell you much has been deleted to give continuity, and some brevity. You may still feel that it is a jumble but you should be able to see the main thread.

The question is:

Who do you think is more believable - or likely to be accurate - a DD or your local banker?

Who do you think is more likely to understand the problem - a DD or the editor/publisher of your local paper?

Who do you think is more likely to tell it like it is - a DD or the PR persons, lawyers, and such of the establishment institutions?

And then we must ask - does DD really see the full picture? Or do you, or I?

We don't have long to wait - to see.

Peace and love, Bruce Beach

That's it for now. Wishing you all the best.

Peace and Love, Art Rosenblum Aquarian Research 14724 184th St. NE, Arlington, WA 98223 Working together for positive future, tax exempt since 1970. Website: (Phone: 360-403-9533 PST) Send blank e-mail to: <> to join our listserv. Use <> to quit.

Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1999 From: art b Rosenblum <> Subject: Fw: URGENT ACTION ALERT: World Atomic Safety Holiday (WASH)

Dear Friends,

This is without question I think we should do. Call the folks listed and urge the shut down.

However, there are problems. Assuring a 30 day supply of diesel fuel at nuclear plants to keep spent rods cool and keeping those diesel supplies running that long may not be easy for other reasons just coming to light. See my next post about that because it looks like our entire oil supply on which so much depends may not be at all reliable after late January.

Peace and Love, Art Rosenblum

From: News <> Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1999 Subject: URGENT ACTION ALERT: World Atomic Safety Holiday (WASH)


CALL: President Clinton (202) 456-1111 Christopher Dodd (202) 224-5224 (Senate Y2K committee) John Koskinen (202) 456-7171 (Chair Council on Year 2000)


To support Y2K WASH (World Atomic Safety Holiday)

Temporarily shut down all US nuclear reactors in a phased procedure by December 30.

Ensure there are reliable backup generators and adequate fuel supplies for 60 days.

De-alert nuclear weapons systems Encourage other world leaders to undertake these initiatives



Please call (415) 868-1900 for more information. Thanks for your help. We have 20 more days!

Corporate America Under Siege: The Undeclared State of Emergency By Stuart H. Rodman 12-2-99 Picture this bleak future, Americans with no civil liberties. No right to free speech. No right to question your government. Newly-enacted Y2k related legislation places limits on free speech and on your right to access vital information obtained from corporations-even when your safety and well being is affected. What are they trying to hide? Corporate America Under Siege: The Undeclared State of Emergency By Stuart H. Rodman 12-2-99 Suppose you found corporate documents which say that your company has a chemical plant that could send a poisonous, billowing cloud of lethal byproducts hovering over your neighborhood killing thousands of people instantly and leaving the survivors blinded, with scarred lungs, cancers, and otherwise maimed for life. And, what if you also discovered that the government already knows about this but that it is now a federal crime to tell anyone else what you discovered! Even if you survive the pending calamity, your life will be ruined by your own government, just for trying to save others. Sound like fiction? It's not. It is as real as a heart attack. Recent legislation enacted by Congress creates just such a possibility. Consider the following: Under provisions of the recently enacted Chemical Safety Information, Site Security and Fuels Regulatory Relief Act, Public Law 106-40, you could be fined up to a million dollars a year for speaking ill about a corporate chemical plant! In a posting from "Roleigh's Lodge", Roleigh Martin's prominent Y2k related internet site, observer Scott Secor offers this caution to "covered persons" and researchers, Whether you are or not, you better keep your mouth shut about chemical plants. You can be fined $5000 per facility per mouth off, up to a total of $1 million/year. Speech restrictions will be in effect until Aug. 5, 2000, at which time a decision will be made on the restoration of democracy." It's true! The new law provides that hazardous materials produced or stored in these plants, which most Americans live within five miles of, must be reported to the Environmental Protection Agency in the form of an "Off Site Consequences Analysis" (OCA). This report details the worst case scenario for the plant in the event of a Y2k related computer failure. What we don't know could hurt us. A chemical discharge in Bhopal India killed 2,000 people within just a few miles of a Union Carbide plant in 1984. The U.S. General Accounting Office says that most of the 66,000 such plants in the U.S. are susceptible to the Y2K computer problem but still are not ready for the Year 2000. Despite the harsh realities, if you have actually have seen the OCA report and divulge any of its contents to the public, you become a "covered researcher" and could be fined up to a million dollars a year per incident. These reports must be pretty scary. The good news? People without access to the facts are still free to speak at will. Only those who speak the truth are placed outside the law! There's more. Imagine that you heard that utility companies around the country might fail next year and that 26 million Americans may be forced to survive without winter heating, drinking water or sanitation. Did you think that as a citizen you had the right to know details about how this information might affect you or your loved ones? Think again! According to Congress, not so if the information concerns the Y2k computer glitch. The Year 2000 Readiness and Information Disclosure Act, Public Law 105-271, places public utility companies in a position whereby the truth about their Y2k preparations is no longer accountable to ordinary citizens. This new federal law makes Year 2000 information exempt from release even under the Freedom of Information Act! That's what a citizen action group in San Diego discovered when they attempted to use the act to resolve questions raised in the media about the readiness status of local drinking water utilities. "Five communities within a seventy mile radius of my home were recently revealed by the U.S. Navy as being likely to experience a 'probable total failure' in essential services this winter because of Y2k.", says Mark Snyder, a local San Diego resident and Vice President of the San Diego Y2k Citizen's Action Group. Local concerns about the preparedness status of utilities were heightened last summer with the release of the Navy's "Master Utility List", an internal working document maintained by the Navy to keep tabs on the availability of civilian infrastructure near their installations around the country. The spreadsheets produced for this study revealed that because of Y2K, essential services in 128 cities affecting 26 million Americans were at risk for some level of failure this winter including water, gas, or electric services. Other cities also targeted for trouble in the report included New York City, Miami, Orlando, and Clearwater, Florida among dozens of other. "We just want to know the truth about the County's essential services so we can prepare ourselves and our loved ones properly", says Snyder. "Even after the spreadsheets were made public though, our local authorities denied that there were any problems." In fact, although acknowledging that the spreadsheets were authentic, Naval officials explained that the dire predictions were the result of missing data and not a final conclusion. It appears that the civilian authorities in 44 of the 128 cities surveyed by the Navy had refused to answer questions posed by Navy auditors even when only 6 months remained before the immovable deadline of January 1, 2000. Snyder explained, "San Diego is a Navy town. We just can't understand why our local utility representatives would not be more forthcoming when approached by them. It makes us wonder if there is something horrible that they are holding back." Snyder's concerns seem well founded. Recent studies of Year 2000 preparedness by the government's General Accounting Office found that the distribution of drinking water and waste removal is highly susceptible to the Y2k computer problem and to the availability of electricity from the power grid. However, the Y2k status of water districts throughout the country is not coordinated by any outside public agencies and the status of the municipal districts is mostly unknown.

Snyder adds, "making matter worse is the fact barely one third of the electric utility companies on the grid have allowed their Y2k plans to be audited by anyone outside their own industry. They tell us they're ready but many of their systems have been exempted from testing just because their vendors say the new parts are great. When independent laboratories examined the problem though, they report that many similar deliveries fail up to fifty percent of the time. We feel there is plenty to worry about."

A Siege Mentality

In an effort to find the truth, Snyder's group sought relief under provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). They were soon to be stunned however. Although the Navy seemed more than eager to accommodate the group's desire for the details regarding information affecting their community, they were unable to do so because the Act had been quietly modified to make information about utility preparedness none of the group's business!

The newly enacted Year 2000 Information and Readiness Disclosure Act (Public Law 105-271), modifies the FOIA which was originally enacted to provide citizen's with a vital tool for maintaining the nation's system of checks and balances. The new law reads, in part,

"Except with the express consent or permission of the provider of information described in paragraph (1), any year 2000 statements or other such information provided by a party in response to a special year 2000 data gathering request made under this subsection- (A) shall be exempt from disclosure under subsection (b)(4) of section 552 of title 5, United States Code, commonly known as the ``Freedom of Information Act''; (B) shall not be disclosed to any third party" Citizen's rights are rarely suspended in a time of peace. However, the corporate special interests have used their muscle in Congress to assure that secrets about their Y2k readiness plans remain well beyond the level of ordinary public scrutiny. Despite public claims to the contrary, things may be so bad for them in fact that they felt it necessary to lean upon Congress to create an undeclared, defacto state of National Emergency. Will the new millennium bring with it the last days of civil liberties? The latest congressional actions seem to express our government's greater duty to promote the agenda of corporations than to preserve and protect citizen's rights. San Diego's Y2K Action Group may have already had a taste of the future. For now at least though, they may still have recourse from President Clinton in the form of an audit by the Executive Branch of the Federal Government. While most of us regard the Y2k computer problem as a technology issue, it seems the virus has suddenly mutated itself and has now become the bug that ate our civil liberties. _____ About the Author Stuart's reports on the developing Y2k story have been heard nationwide on radio appearances including Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell, Sightings on the Radio, The Laura Lee Show, and Common Sense with Jim Bell. Stuart is a Y2k Activist with a background in the IT profession. He holds an M.S. Degree from Portland State University and has been a featured panelist and community advocate for the White House Council on Year 2000 Conversion's "Community Conversations" initiative. Stuart's book "The Last Days of Power? The True Story" is available for immediate delivery from Contact Stuart from Or email to:

Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 From: David Bresnahan <> Organization: Subject: Current Y2K stories on WND 1 of 2

Investigative Journal Alert -

Please share this alert with others.

CLINTON SET TO DECLARE NATIONAL EMERGENCY More than 50 simultaneous Y2K crises expected, stretching resources to limit

By David M. Bresnahan 1999

President Clinton has already made plans to declare a national emergency because of expected disruptions caused by the Y2K computer problem, according to Federal Emergency Management Agency documents.

A final training session followed by a mock Y2K disaster exercise will include the actual disruptions and problems that Y2K emergency planners believe will take place during the change to the New Year.

Find the full story at

EMERGENCY AGENCY EXPECTS THE WORST Y2K could be more than government can handle

By David M. Bresnahan 1999

The federal government is expecting the Y2K computer bug to cause more than just a few minor inconveniences, according to training materials for emergency managers.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has been conducting regional Y2K workshops for federal agency officials who will be dealing with Y2K-related problems.

Under "Planning Assumptions," the document details conditions emergency managers are expected to encounter during the period now called "Day One" by federal officials -- Dec. 28 through Jan. 3.

Get the full story at

MONDAY NOVEMBER 15, 1999 Federal employees to be evacuated Y2K dangers in foreign countries forcing large moves

By David M. Bresnahan 1999

Even though the president claims Y2K computer bug problems will be minimal and there is little reason for concern, plans are ready to evacuate State Department employees from foreign countries because of Y2K-related hazards.

At least 800 diplomats and employees will be evacuated from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova, at a cost of about $10,000 per person. The number could increase in the weeks ahead, according to State Department documents.

The CIA gave a report to the Senate Special Committee on the Year 2000 Technology Problem which revealed that at least half of the 161 countries evaluated are not Y2K ready. While disruptions in the U.S. are predicted to be minimal, problems in foreign countries could cause major problems.

Clip - read the rest at: