December 29, 2001

X-Files #5: Can You Believe This!

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I have one more for you this week - and many more ready for next week. This is a special compilation with regard to the hard-to-believe aspects of its components.

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Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

"The Bush family fortune came from the Third Reich."

- John Loftus, former US Justice Dept. Nazi War Crimes investigator and President of the Florida Holocaust Museum - More details in "Author links Bush family to Nazis" at

"In a time of universal deceit, TELLING THE TRUTH is a revolutionary act."

- George Orwell

"Most people are ignorant as to what is going on. When persons do learn of the depths and heights of the conspiracy, it boggles the mind, so the mind shuts it out."

- Anonynous


1. Matthew's comment on "Everybody's Got Their Own Terrorist"
2. White Christmas over NYC - Jets Spray Again
3. Did US jet fire missile into WTC as Ft 175 crashed into Sth Tower?
4. Top-Secret Weapons Testing?
5. UN Troops and Equipment Moving in NJ
6. How can we ever trust ANYTHING the FBI chooses to tell us?
7. Russian Underwater Encounters
8. Another Contactee Says 2012 Will Herald a Dimensional Shift


Red-suited man arrested, hauled before US military tribunal
A satirical ode to the new IllumiNazi Empire - Funny yet sobering

In a quiet moment this holiday, please go to this site and reflect on the happiness and abundance you can create with your mind to manifest in your life: -- Ken <> recommended this - Awesome!



From: "Suzanne Ward" <>
Subject: Matthew's comment on the article "Everybody's Got Their Own Terrorist" posted at
Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2001

"This angle on 'homeland safety' is of course as foolishly blatant as numerous other aspects of this 'Bush play' scene. There are indeed thousands of prisoners totally innocent of anything other than perhaps a name, a country of birth, perhaps a profession, who are being held without notification to family, attorney, or even an agency that has been formed to keep track of such individuals. That is, a government organization whose members often are surprised by hearing about a group of 10 here, 20 there, another small contingent elsewhere in some jail. This is *not* a unique situation in America. This has happened in previous times but not widely known -- there was no newsworthy Internet or speed of communication. So there is both positive and not positive in this situation. Truth being spread quickly is positive; *fear* resulting from the spread of even truthful information is not positive. The government is not intending to keep all of you uninformed about what is happening, because that would negate the fear factor. ALWAYS the puppetmasters are aiming to create fear, so please always examine whatever you hear with that in mind when analyzing whether something is fact or contrived fiction. If it causes fear, then that is the underlying purpose of the dark forces regardless of whether authentic or false information is sent out.

"Why is it so important to avoid fear, you might ask; could not fear alert us to be ready to meet and defeat the 'enemy'? I tell you, fear *IS* the enemy! Fear is a magnified form of negative energy attachment, and it is incompatible with the light. Gather together greatly fearful people and the light cannot get near them! With the incompatiblity of these opposing forces -- which form one of Earth's polarities in this time -- and with fear holding sway, the light cannot enter and prevail to heal those suffering from the pain of fear. When the light cannot prevail, the negative forces *will*, and virtual captivity of the soul eventually happens through its lifetimes of choosing to learn but failing to overcome fear.

"Do not be alarmed at what you hear. That is, yes, these situations are not fine ones as you see individuals being deprived of basic freedoms and the dreadful concerns of their families, certainly, but this situation *is* in the light! Any time something reaches the light it can be healed! Without the light, it can be perpetuated endlessly. So, please keep to a minimum any scary presentation when reporting this, is my advice. NEVER -- capital letters on 'never,' please, Mother -- NEVER would I advise or even mention as a possibility of proper procedure that truth should be suppressed. NEVER! I am recommending non-dramatic publicizing for the ultimate result of balancing as opposed to adding fuel to both sides in the game. I am not belittling the human emotional toll by saying 'game,' because cosmically, it *is* a game that the puppetmasters have devised. One side is willing, even hungry to find something -- *anything* -- negative to pin on governments, and the other side is just as eager to defend governments as benevolent, misunderstood, under-appreciated, forthright and honest. Many of these 'patriotic' people, some of them within governments, are frightened of knowing that what they have heard *'really'* is true, and thus they retreat into their cocoon of 'patriotism' and their keeping quiet is interpreted as agreement with the government stance.

"I can mention another current tactic to promote fear -- and that is precisely what it is, that's ALL it is, is a tactic to induce more fear in the planetary, large-as-life play being acted out. It is not correct that there are mass areas prepared for holding tens of thousands of United States citizens as prisoners, like readied concentration or detention camps. What *is* correct is that this word has been leaked with the intention that people who hear it can quake in their boots or their beds with alarm at what they *fear* is transpiring. Is this not a great deal easier than the actuality of rounding up all those bodies, transporting them, feeding and clothing them afterwards? FEAR is the intention, and if fear can be created easily one way and with much more inconvenience another way, who would not choose the easy route for the same results? Fear is intended to burn out Earth. For the dark forces, the death of this once-magnificently and purely arrayed planet would be a victory.

"Please remember, all of you: What can be visualized, or imagined, can be created! It is a *concept* that is first created, and when there is sufficient manifesting energy directed at the concept, it becomes 'reality.' It is given life, or 'reality,' by the numbers of people who consider it so. Do NOT give negatively-based concepts any more fuel toward 'reality' than they have, please! Withdraw the fuel of the dark forces by sending to them what is missing from their souls and causing them to behave in the ways you consider evil, something which they cannot create themselves: light. How does one do this? By allowing the judgments to fall aside and compassion to aid the understanding that the opposite of light is not darkness, but rather is the *absence of light,* and the soul in its darkly-perceived reality believes it has been abandoned by its Creator. That soul is suffering from fear, and in its frenzy to rid itself of fear, its dark nature consistently has turned to the false gods of power and money.

"Consider also the value of directing creative energy toward a concept that is in the light from the onset. Imagine a world glowing in the golden dawn of people awakened in harmony, people caring for and about each other, a world with equality in the distribution of its gifts. *Imagine* this enLIGHTened Earth of peace, abundance, love, beauty -- -- Heaven, if you will! -- and then *CREATE* it! It is easier to create beauty and harmony than to create hatred, greed, terror and dis-ease. From the beginning only love and light have been building materials for everything from a tadpole to a star, and to distort these into making products of darkness, one must seriously digress consciously from the soul-level urging to co-create within the godly provisions. Learning -- but really, remembering -- who we are and unfolding our beginnings, is the wondrous promise of the light. It is with enticements, however false, of power and glory and dominion over All that the dark forces tempt those who weaken before these dreams of control and unwittingly but in free will choosing, spiral away from the light.

"Mother, I believe that answers Jean's interest in hearing from me. Probably it exceeds it! Thank you." (Matthew)


From: "Reb" <>
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2001

Updates and photos at


Wed. Dec 26, 2001 - NYC - Two jets were observed on the afternoon of Tuesday, December 25 between 2:00 and 4:30 pm, laying circular and grid-like patterns of an unknown white substance in the sky over New York City. The substance was emitted from the planes in thin trails which slowly expanded to form a wide cloud-like cover over a wide area of the city. No official explanation has been given and authorities could not be reached for comment.

The most recent previous report of such activity was on Sunday, Dec 23, when one jet was observed producing vertical patterns over New York.



Taken from [tapa-chemtrails] Digest Number 280

Message: 3
Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2001
From: "nicolajmolloy" <>
Subject: Did US jet fire missile into WTC as Ft 175 crashed into Sth Tower?


Topic Conspiracy

An American stealth jet fired a missile into WTC Building 7 just as Flight 175 crashed into South Tower.

Posted with permission from

A Boeing 767, United Airlines Flight 175, is swallowed by South Tower while an unnoticed supersonic aircraft directs a missile into Building 7 of the WTC complex, passing its target at almost the same second that sight of the doomed airliner is replaced by the impact explosion, an explosion just beginning to blossom.

But a news video camera does capture the attack plane as it streaks by, and another video camera held by a CNN cameraman captures the missile exploding near the base of Building 7, the headquarters of the CIA in New York. Below you will find motion clips of the critical segments of each of these two video tapes. Togetherthe two video clips nail down the truth of the greatest war crime in American history -- the frame-up to make the Taliban take the wrap for the the cream of the American financial elites and their stooges in the highest offices of the U.S. government.


View still shots to be found at

Next, almost without a second's interruption in continuity is the scene on the ground where the missile that is launched during the fly-by hits near the base of Building 7.

Note that there is no visible connection between between these two almost simultaneous events -- the shock wave from one has not reached the other during the interval captured here.

See critical video action segment at [ editors note: Photo added 12/13/3:45PM CST]

And last, from the street below the WTC, we see the stealth attack plane streaking by, even as the missile must be hitting its target on the other side of the complex. Note that the smoke from Flight 175's impact has not yet begun to ascend.


(video footage without translation -- for trnaslation see )

In addition to these shots we know that the area in the vacinity of Building 7 was out of bounds even to credentialed reporters and firemen.

We know that the Defense department was warned by the F.A.A. that hijacked aircraft were heading for New York City.

We know that the Defense Department has been caught in a lie when it stated that there were no interceptors at nearby bases to pursue and shoot down the sabotage aircraft.

Large numbers of WTC workers were absent that day -- less than 3000 thousand perished there.

We know that the United States had been talking to India and other nations about joining in military actions against Afganistan before September 11, 2001.

We know that there is $trillion dollars in oil wealth in Central Asia and that the Taliban had refused to allow a pipeline or transnational-oil-corporation of their resources.

We know that the Taliban had successfully eradicated production in the lands it controlled and that it was gaining in power and threatening to eliminate the vast opium production of the Northern Alliance drug lords, opium which finds its way to China and then, as refined heroin, to the addicts of the world -- producing hundreds of billions of dollars of revenue to be laundered through Wall Street and London investment banks, the funds that have financed the booming slaver-capitalism economy of Red China, at the expense of the world's national economies and middle classes.

And finally we know that the World Trade Center on the day that it was destroyed held the evidence and killed the investigators in two of the biggest financial crimes implicating ruling-elite establishment figures. Oil Companies were and executives were before a New York grand jury on charges of illegal oil swaps involving sanctioned Iran and Kazakhstan. Big investment banking figures and the chairman of the Federal Reserve were being investigated in a gold price fixing case, in which Federal Reserve gold was sold behind closed doors of a closed "made market" at well below what the gold could have obtained on the open market without price fixing. The evidence and the research in both of these cases went up in smoke when the towers and Building 7 came down.

Right now justice is too weak to be served. All you can do is pass this letter to others and refer them to the following sites if they have any questions: (for forwardings)

May I add that the anthrax that has been sent to congressmen and others is from U.S. military stockpiles. The F.B.I. has just ordered one of its stockpiles at a major University destroyed. This is highly suspicious in its timing and unprecdedentedness and irrationality at a time when research samples are needed for investigations related to this undeclared war.

The government is protecting its crime by taking extreme police-state powers to itself.

The claim that the captured American who was fighting for the Taliban has confessed under interrogation that the Taliban are planning a biowarfare attack on the U.S. is both noncredible and incriminating of those making the claim. If the Taliban were planning to use anthrax they would have tried doing so when they still had a country to save. And if they were to attempt it, -- and they have not showed a disposition to do so -- they would have used it as a threat, telling us that they would resort to germ warfare if we did not meet a specific list of demands regarding Afganistan, the life of Mullah Omar or the policies of the Sharon government with respect to Palestine. They did none of this.

From this we can conclude that our own deviant leadership is about to compound its own criminality by killing its own people to further the objectives they didn't attain when the engineered the WTC frame-up.

Dick Eastman Yakima, Washington

Every man is responsible to every other man.

FOOTNOTES: The first shot, the one from a distance, upon closer examination is not relevant and may just be a bird or a small private plane. I just noticed that it can be seen passing in front of a much closer building in the picture about a mile away, while the towers are perhaps 10 miles away.

Nevertheless the comination of the other two still carries the thesis.


Also and alternatively: - photo analysis of missile-firing WTC attack aircraft -- supplies translator for Japanese site


Taken from tapa-chemtrails Digest Number 279
Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2001
From: "World-Action" <>
Subject: Top-Secret Weapons Testing?

Why Did WTC TOWERS Fall In Such A Strange Way?



Top-Secret Weapons Testing?
Were Tesla-style EM weapons used in the Kobe earthquake, the Oklahoma City bombing and the downing of TWA Flight 800, in a secret war between unidentified factions?

(...) "The development of apparently magical EM weapons capable of initiating earthquakes or nuclear-force-level explosions over or within targets located at a great intercontinental distance by transmission of scalar or Tesla EM ray-waves from two or three transmitter sites - or EM weapons able to strike target sites from an orbiting satellite, spacecraft or aircraft-or ground-based EM beam-pulse weapons capable of taking out orbital or airborne targets, has for the first time in our planetary history allowed the use of 'deniable' massive-force weapons in terrorist acts directed against the general population.

These EM weapons effects are "deniable" in that they can be blamed upon natural earthquakes, meteor air-burst explosions or bolide ground-impacts, or can be set up as terrorist-bomb, ground-to-air missile or even alien UFO scenarios. The ability to cause apparently magical-force events implies an enormous advantage to certain individual power groups who appear to have stolen these weapons (from the states that originally developed them) to use solely for their own advantage.

Such weapons in the hands of secret power groups who are willing to use them without mercy against the innocent citizens of planet Earth, represents a horrifying future prospect in the power struggles of this planet. Defence against such weapons and the curs who control them must now be our primary objective. The nuclear terror has been replaced by something far worse: a usable, high-energy weapon.

'BLACK HOVERING OBJECT' connected with hoaxing and disparagement of worldwide Crop Pattern phenomenon:

'BLACK HOVERING OBJECT' involved in 1992-1997 North Atlantic 'Battle':

'BLACK HOVERING OBJECT' and Psychotronic abuse of 6 soldiers in UK around 1990:

Image of a 'Black Hovering Object':

Possible 'Black Hovering Object' and Aerial Pulse Beam Attack on Murrah Building, OKC:

Note from Jean: There is indeed an intriguing black movie object seen in these TV video shots

Still Images:

Still Image:

See also at

(...) Colin Andrews showed a photo of an unidentified black object hovering over a crop formation. Then he showed a photo from La Guardia Airport of the World Trade Towers over the wing of an airliner. A similar black object hovered over the South tower. I think he said it was taken about a week before 11 Sep 01.

BLACK HOVERING TRIANGLE OBJECT and sabotage of Crop Pattern phenomenon in 1990:


Also taken from tapa-chemtrails - Digest Number 280

Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001
From: "nicolajmolloy" <>
Subject: UN Troops and Equipment Moving in NJ

From: MyTWaryor4JC@
Fwd: UN Marked Trucks, with Blue Beret Guards from Germany Spotted Moving Thru NJ
Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2001

Part: 1

Since they are in NJ, I would like to hypothesize that they have arrived on that recent UN/German ship that docked in NJ, who were headed to Fort Dix location of a large detention camp facility as well. UN Blue? I am sure many (if not all) have trained in former Yugoslavia under UN/NATO/Partnership for Peace auspices...and would not be surprised if they were Germans as well. While researching in Germany at a military base, I saw the German Bundeswehr (military) mag, "Y" showing a picture of German military in camo's, in a UN vehicle and UN blue berets, and the article enthusiastically stating how Germany has a treaty with America that if a national emergency occurs in America they are poised to rush their troops to the US to "help" in a national emergency situation. Germany has recently pledged almost 5,000 troops to the US for "help." I have personally talked with German MP's fresh from Kosovo, pistols strapped to their sides, who admitted to me in Germany that they had been INFORMED THAT MARTIAL LAW WAS COMING TO THE US, and that their troops were there for that very purpose: to enforce "peace" under martial law, to seize weapons, etc. AND TO FIRE UPON AMERICAN RESISTERS.

Take the following material very seriously.

- Pam Schuffert reporting from New England

Part: 2

From :Patriot573@c
Sat, 15 Dec 2001
Subject: UN Marked Trucks, with Blue Beret Guards Spotted Moving

This information was Posted for General Alert and Request for Confirmation. CLIP

Summary of Events: The observer was driving on New Jersey RT 80 Westbound, 12:15 Noon time in the process of passing a whole column consisting of 15 vehicles, Humvees, GMC 6x6 type troop transport trucks, OD Camo, Military Police Markings Bar Lights, No US Military Markings Visible, Troops dressed in Current NATO BDU's, M65 Field Jackets, Blue Berets and Armed. Nationality of Troops Unknown. When attempts were made to drive parallel for closer observation, was motioned by waving to move on. Indication they did not want to be visually recognized.


RedBread2@a... wrote: same thing seems to have happen in Texas also dont know whole story yet.


NOTE: This below goes to prove that there are LOTS of things the US government - no matter who is in the White House - is strenuously trying to hide.

Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2001
Subject: How can we ever trust ANYTHING the FBI chooses to tell us?



As many of you may recall, I was in the New York area the day TWA 800 crashed and saw many of the witnesses on the local stations state that a rocket took this plane down. So, I've followed this closely and noted the full page ad that many of the witnesses took out in USA Today that said that they were ignored by government officials and the FBI. These witnesses cared enough to spend a large amount of money to tell America that our government is lying and covering up this terrorist attack.

I've reported a lot of details in the past but would ask you: Why is it that the FBI would not allow the press, the public, or even the National Transportation Safety Board, who is supposed to investigate airplane crashes, access to the wreckage? The reason given by the FBI is that if it was a terrorist attack, it is a matter of National Security. However, at the same time, the FBI maintained that it was not a terrorist attack but an explosion of the center fuel tank. So, if it was not a terrorist attack, why not let the NTSB and the press investigate? The government can not have it both ways. Either it was a terrorist attack or it was not, in which case the NTSB should have done the investigation.

And, why put reporters who reported the facts on this crash in jail? For those who have not followed this, Mr. James Sanders was jailed for reporting the facts on this crash. Because members of the NTSB were concerned about the government cover up, pieces of seat fabric were given to Mr. Sanders for an independent analysis. The analysis, from an independent lab, West Coast Analytical Services, Inc., a California chemical testing laboratory, reported that the fabric was covered with a solid rocket fuel which is totally different from the fuel used by jet aircraft.

To my knowledge, Mr. Sanders is still in federal prison. And, now, like Waco and the Oklahoma City bombing, the FBI is destroying all evidence.

Jim Hardin

The Freedom Page



NTSB Destroys Incriminating Evidence
Reed Irvine
Dec. 14, 2001

The National Transportation Safety Board, NTSB, has secretly sent a large part of the wreckage of TWA Flight 800 to a Long Island junkyard for recycling.

Millions of dollars were spent recovering the wreckage from the ocean and transporting it to Calverton, where the fuselage was assembled as a mock-up to impress the public with what a thorough job the investigators - the NTSB and the FBI - were doing.

That was for show, but there was other wreckage that they didn't want shown. Journalists and private investigators were not allowed inside the Calverton hangar to inspect the bulk of the recovered wreckage, but even members of the official investigating team were not allowed into a special area where the FBI secreted items that they didn't want the representatives of the NTSB, TWA, Boeing and the interested unions to see.


Maj. Fritz Meyer was piloting an Air National Guard helicopter when he saw TWA Flight 800 hit by missiles. Later he viewed the wreckage in the Calverton hangar and was struck by the heavy damage done to a nose wheel and tire. An NTSB official with him remarked that experts told him it was caused by a bomb.

The "bomb" must have been attached to a missile. That was also evidence that had to be destroyed.


The destruction of so much evidence that could be used to prove that the government has covered up the real cause of the crash of TWA 800 may have been legal. However, those who ordered it apparently feared they might not have been allowed to get away with it if they did so openly, because it is morally outrageous.

Reed Irvine is chairman of Accuracy in Media.


In tapa-chemtrails Digest Number 275

Date: Sun, 09 Dec 2001
From: Patrick O'Connell <>
Subject: Russian Underwater Encounters

Thanks to an anonymous poster: I have asked Paul Stonehill to join our tapa-chemtrails group! Patrick

Subject: Russian Underwater Encounters : What Lurks Beneath The Surface (INNER EARTH GIANTS have advance technology)
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001

Russian Underwater Encounters : What Lurks Beneath The Surface
By Paul Stonehill

Excerpts from :

In the summer of 1982, Mark Shteynberg, along with Lt. Colonel Gennady Zverev, were conducting periodic training of the reconnaissance divers ("frogmen") of the Turkestan and Central Asian military regions. The training exercises had been taking place at the Issik Kul Lake, a deep water lake in the Transiliysk Ala Tau area.

Quite unexpectedly the officers were paid a visit by a very important official, Major-General V. Demyanko, commander of the Military Diver Service of the Engineer Forces of the Ministry of Defense, USSR. He arrived to inform the local officers of an extraordinary event the had occurred during similar training exercises in the Trans-Baikal and West Siberian military regions. There, during their military training dives, the frogmen had encountered mysterious underwater swimmers, very human-like, but huge in size (almost three meters in height!)

The swimmers were clad in tight-fitting silvery suits, despite icy-cold water temperatures. At the depth of fifty meters, these "swimmers" had neither scuba diving equipment ("aqualungs"), nor any other equipment, only sphere-like helmets concealing their heads.

Well, the local military commander (quite alarmed by such encounters) decided to capture one of the creatures. With that purpose in mind, a special group of seven divers, under the command of an officer, had been dispatched.

As the frogman tried to cover the creature with a net, the entire group was thrown out of the deep waters to the surface by some powerful force.

A short time later, the staff headquarters of the Turkmenistan military region had received an order from the Commander-in-Chief of the Land Forces. The order consisted of detailed analysis of the Baikal Lake events and reprimands. It was supplemented by an information bulletin from the headquarters of the Engineer Forces of the Ministry of Defense,

USSR. the bulletin listed numerous deepwater lakes where there had been registered sightings of anomalous phenomena: appearances of underwater creatures analogous to the Baikal type, descent and surfacing of giant discs and spheres, powerful luminescence emanating from the deep, etc.

Such documents, without exception, were highly classified and "for the eyes" of a very limited circle of military officers. The purpose fo such documents was "to prevent unnecessary encounters...."

The territory under the military unit jurisdiction where Shteynberg served had an anomalous water reservoir, the Sarez Lake (in the Pamir area). It was roughly a kilometer and a half deep. Sarez is visible to those stationed at a "tracking point" in the Pamir Mountains (the "tracking" is of American SDI satellites by Russians). Superpowerful instruments and devices of the Soviet military sub-unit (that had been doing the actual "tracking") had repeatedly registered submersion in Sarez of disc-like objects, their surfacing and subsequent liftoff.

The files of the Russian Ufology Research Center contain much more information about Russian underwater sightings, including statements of Naval officers and intelligence operatives. While the most interesting information will be published in the new book, co-authored by Paul Stonehill and Philip Mantle, it is safe to conclude that the Soviets (before), and the Russians (now) are preoccupied with the strange and sinister creatures lurking in their waters. The Russian Ufology Research Center has a collection of "hydrosphere aspect" sightings. The secret files of the Soviet Navy contain much valuable information on UFO sightings. Soviet military researchers are quite thorough. The files have been largely inaccessible, even after the fall of the USSR. But I was able to collect some interesting information.

History The earliest mention of giant beings (resembling Shteynberg's "swimmers") goes back to early 1900's. Several boys in Georgia (Russian Empire) discovered a CAVE inside a mountain, full of human-like skeletons. Each skeleton was three meters in height. To get to the CAVE, the boys had to dive into a lake. George Papashvili and his wife recall the incident in a book, Anything Can Happen published in New York in 1925, St. Martin's Press.

Paul Stonehill Russian Ufology Research Center P.O. Box 571951 Tarzana, CA. 91357-1951



Another Contactee Says 2012 Will Herald a Dimensional Shift

I have just found an article in the first edition of UFO Reality in which a UFO contactee called John Craig describes the appearance of a UFO following his cry for help on May 16 1992. The show lasted half an hour and was also witnessed by his family. He started writing a book with his wife (who is Japanese), called Merging Point, which "detailed the acceleration of evolving consciousness to a point in 2012 AD, when we would transmute our 3D consciousness to become truly multidimensional, galactic beings", but the book seems only to be available in Japanese. On May 16 1993 - the anniversary of the contact event, Craig received a telepathic message leading him to a deserted beach where he witnessed another UFO, and he began to chant in an unknown language. The phrase "Echan Deravy" kept recurring, and he eventually realized that this was to be his new name. Deravy is a Scotsman living in Canada, who speaks fluent Japanese, and now lectures on a wide range of subjects, including remote viewing.