We are winning

This is the last war on Earth. Believe it or not, the war in Kosovo is the last battle opposing military forces on this planet. Not because it will degenerate into a world conflict, but because it is the very last conflict to be fought with weapons of destruction, small or big. The tide is turning. The Power of Love is taking over at this very moment the shadow of death and hate that has been hanging over this beloved planet for so many centuries. The prophesied era of lasting peace and rejuvenation of this world back into its primal state of Edenic harmony is manifesting as thousands, hundreds of thousands and now hundreds of millions of people have heard the inner call to focus their common will towards achieving Peace on Earth and harmony with all Life forms. Assistance has been requested by a critical number of people and is now being provided by divine servers of the One Will of God. Streams of Light are pushing back the minions of chaos and darkness into oblivion as millions of angels are circling the world and countless battleships of Love have been put to sea by the prayers and peace-filled meditations of embodied souls.

This symbolic language which speaks the truth from the soul into the ear of man is expressing what can only be hinted at and understood from the highest spiritual perspective one may reach. The shifting point, the critical juncture when enough positive vibrations have been created not only to offset the illegitimate creations of ignorance and spiritual blindness but also to actually establish on Earth the true seeds of centuries of peaceful coexistence of man with man and of man with Nature and all other invisible living beings inhabiting this world and the Universe.

Acknowledging this dawning reality in one's heart and soul will both precipitate its irresistible unfoldment and make manifest still more hidden powers of goodness and Love that have been dormant, up to this point in history, in countless individuals. A metamorphosis not unlike the reawakening of beauty and loving kindness as expressed in the visionary Beatles cartoon movie "Yellow Submarine" is now underway. The baddies and the meanies are retreating, and the flowers are blooming once again as the music of Love and brotherly compassion is resonating once again from the deepest recess of human nature, from the core goodness of soul-infused divinity shining brighter and clearer by the minute now in this world.

If your mind has not been overwhelmed yet by the revealing and triggering effect of this written expression of what IS, then turn off your critical mind for a minute and allow yourself to *feel*, mounting from deep within, the resonating vibrations of joy, victory and liberation that are emanating from the collective mind-soul of humanity and from much higher above our plane of existence...


...and you'll partake in the blissful experience of actually *knowing*, without needing any more rational explanations, that we are winning.... that we - all of us - even the most ensconced souls lost in their own blinding self-created illusion, are coming out of darkness into a new realm of lighted magnificence, on the edge of a new era like no other before in the entire history of this planet. Let this felicitous tingling sensation wash over you and in-form you of what is going on...

After suffering for an untold number of incarnations through the sometimes harsh learning experiences of this material world, nowadays humanity is learning to let go of past self-inflicted erroneous misconceptions and open up to the emerging sense of oneness and brother/sisterhood that will soon pervade every aspect of human existence and reality. This will really spell the end of "business as usual". Just as we have learned to collectively respond with diligence and compassion to the plight of millions of people in desperate need of assistance and succour following every natural disaster that has struck at the heart of so many nations in the last few years, we, no matter our religious beliefs or racial allegiance, are beginning to respond en masse to the man-made humanitarian disaster experienced by tens of thousands of children, women and men in Kosovo. And this is not only a hopeful sign, it is the external expression of the turning tide of history as we now enter a new era in which the very notion of resorting to violent means to settle a conflict will elicit a deep shudder of utter revulsion and antipathy towards anyone foolish enough to express such a thought.

Soon, imminently, we will see in world affairs propositions and political decisions completely unthinkable only a few months ago. Instead of pursuing the madness of inhuman and unsustainable policies and now obsolete economic principles, humanity will band together as One big United family to help all those in need of physical assistance, whether they are in Asia, Africa, South or Central America or in the very middle of presumably prosperous nations in Europe and North America. In the same spirit of caring compassion expressed towards human existence, the rift between man and Nature will soon be healed as the Sons and Daughters of Gaia will rediscover their unique and precious role as caretakers of the natural balance of Life on planet Earth. The flow of species extinction will be stemmed while vast and still relatively pristine tracks of lands will become off-limit to all exploitation and human encroachment; and from there, we will help Nature gradually restore back the planet to its original pristine and exuberant beauty as this will become the basic mission humanity will assign itself to accomplish in this coming new century which, based on the Gregorian calendar, is just about to begin.

The Change, occurring at blinding speed, in an historical twinkling of an eye, will be felt by everyone on Earth as its growing energetic vibration will inevitably swell into a sudden cosmic realization that We Are All One. This New Reality is only a few more "moments" away and its emergence can already be felt like a tidal wave of Love extending its divine sparkling Presence and engulfing those sensitive and innerly-attuned enough to experience it as warm tears of happiness roll down their cheeks, wetting their appetite for ever more of this divine "manna", endlessly erupting from the inner volcano of Love that sits at the very center of our collective being.

The Power to make this world anew has been unleashed and the juggernaut of World Peace and Compassionate Love is finally rolling onward.

Your assistance in networking this message is heartily welcomed.

Worded on April 7, 1999