March 4, 2000

Subject: Various topics: Fail Safe action alert + SpamCop + Michael Lightweaver's bit of news + Tribute To The United States + More on "China Threatens to Nuke America" + Fluoride Huge Risk for Some + Gestapo 1, Grizzlies 0 + Second Enormous Iceberg Breaks Off From Antarctica

Hello everyone

A quick word to say that I've compiled this series of miscellaneous subjects for your information and action if you choose to take up one or more of the issues proposed to your attention. As usual feel free to network to others.

My next email to you will be a very special one that will introduce many if not most of you to what has been called "The ageless wisdom teaching". It will be both a challenging and very mind-expanding read...

Warm regards to all of you

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

Subject: (abolition-usa) Fail Safe action alert
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000
From: Kevin Martin <>


On Sunday, April 9, over 20 million Americans are expected to watch the
live CBS television remake of the anti-nuclear drama "Fail Safe"
starring George Clooney, Richard Dreyfuss, Harvey Keitel, Brian Dennehy,
and Noah Wyle. Thousands of concerned citizens will gather in homes,
churches, colleges and universities for Fail Safe "watch parties" to
discuss the movie and raise their voices to demand the abolition of
nuclear weapons. Even if you can't organize or attend a watch party, we
need you to participate. Here's how:

1. Watch Fail Safe on your local CBS television station, Sunday, April
9. CBS says the show will air at 9:00 p.m. in all time zones, but check
your local listings to be sure.

2. Flood the White House with calls on Monday, April 10, a national
call-in action the day after Fail Safe airs, to demand that President
Clinton take leadership for the abolition of nuclear weapons. For a
call-in day flier to distribute to your organization or to friends,
family, and co-workers, go to
If you can make more than one call, call the Bush and Gore campaign
headquarters to demand that they address the abolition of nuclear
weapons as a campaign issue. Bush HQ: (512) 637-2000, Gore HQ: (615)

3. Write to President Clinton -- letters are still better than phone
calls. For samples, go to

4. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Samples were
sent out last week via email. If you didn't receive one, contact me at

As the great abolitionist Frederick Douglass said, "Power concedes
nothing without a demand. It never did, and it never will." Let's not
miss this opportunity, when millions of Americans will be re-awakened to
the danger of nuclear weapons, to raise our demand to wipe this scourge
off the face of the earth.

In Peace,

Kevin Martin
Director, Project Abolition

To subscribe to abolition-usa, send an email to
with "subscribe abolition-usa" in the body of the message.

Date: Sat, 01 Apr 2000
From: spinwwweaver <>
Subject: Re: Spam "action"

Hi, Jean ~

It's Sandy Hughes. Happy *2000* -- it's been awhile. Thanks for
all the news. I just wanted to offer another option as to "what to do
with SPAM" if someone REALLY wants to contribute to closing their
accounts. They can sign-up at SpamCop -- it's FREE! ...which I have done, and I have been extremely
happy with the results. It is a bit of a nuisance -- it's easier to
just DELETE -- but they just keep coming! When I report them to
SpamCop, some of their accounts get closed, and at least a report is
filed, -- AND I get less SPAM for awhile! When I have a few seconds to
spare and when I am bombarded with SPAM, I send it all to SpamCop. I am
on an e-list where several members have used it quite satisfactorily.

Hope this helps a few folks. Cheers & Blessings, ~ Sandy


Date: Sat, 1 Apr 2000


Here is your latest set of additions to the network association. We are
pleased to welcome new participants from Scotland, South Africa and The USA.

Now for a bit of news.

Weekly Meditation Group
PAN participant, Jean Hudon - along with a core group of interested others
from PAN and his Earth Rainbow Network, have established a system for sending
out a weekly list of concerns for recommended meditation. This is an
excellent example of how some PAN participants and others, working
independently, can give form and focus to the need for global action on
several fronts. As you may know, this is just one of many excellent
meditations being promoted by various individuals or groups, many of whom are
PAN participants.

Because of some confusion that has arisen, it should be noted that PAN, as an
association, is a neutral vehicle for networking and maintaining a system
which allows participants to alert or inform one another as needed. On very
rare occasions I have personally sent out an alert, but PAN, as an
association does not send out Alerts. The only official mailouts from PAN
that you will receive are related to the organization, structure and
functioning of the association itself. These will come from me - and, when
necessary, in consultation with the advisory council of voting participants.

Voting Participants
So far we have 33 participants from 10 countries who have asked to be a part
of the voting & decision making body for PAN. When policy decisions arise or
when there are administrative decisions which need broader consideration, I
will be turning to the voting participants for a decision or advice. If you
would like to be a part of this, just let me know. The purpose of this setup
is to spare participants who are not interested in organizational details,
from additional emails.

World Report & Global Resources
The first issue of The World Report & Global Resources will be sent to my
complete mailing list of 7,000 sometime within the next couple of weeks. The
world report will include brief news items on solutions-oriented projects
which are addressing world problems. The idea is to focus on what's working.
Global Resources will be brief reviews of websites which can be a valuable
resource for those involved in world service. There will also be a section
with networking news. If you wish to submit a report on some
solutions-oriented project, let me know and I will send you the format

Nationwide Networks
Within the next 30 days or so I will be initiating the creation of
"nationwide email networks." The purpose is to link up those who are
involved in some aspect of planetary transformation with others of a like
mind in the same country. There is no agenda here except to establish a
communication infrastructure within each country for those involve in world
service. Once this infrastructure is in place, the participants can use it to
share information and alerts with one another and perhaps address concerns
which are particular to their region. As a PAN participant, you will
automatically be informed once this is underway. If you have e-addresses of
lightworkers in specific countries that you would like to share with me so
that I might invite them to participate, I will be happy to do so. Just send
them to me within the next ten days or so.

Alternative Income Idea Bank
Also underway is the creation of an "Alternative Income Idea Bank." One of
the consistent themes I have encountered again and again in my networking
with other light workers is the continual balancing act that many endure
between "doing their work" and "paying their bills." Many have stepped
outside the conventional job market and are trying to do their light work
full time. Some have succeeded better than others. My intent is to gather
information and ideas about alternative income options and make this
available to all - not just PAN. It may take a month or so to get it
together, but you will be notified when it's more or less complete. I know
that many lightworkers are involved in home based businesses. This is an
excellent way to let others know about it. If you would like to submit an
entry to this, let me know and I will send you the format criteria.

The 90's was the decade of anticipation. A lot of folks spent a lot of time
waiting..... Twenty years from now we don't want to look back on our lives
and realize that we spent most of it waiting on something to happen.... This
is the decade of implementation. We have plenty of work to do; on ourselves
and in the world. We have the tools, we have the vision, the time is NOW. I
look forward to continue the "weaving" - linking us up and bringing us
together - as we explore new ways to work together on behalf of a transformed

Love & Blessings,

Michael Lightweaver


Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000
From: "This Moment's Awakening" <>
Subject: Tribute To The United States ...

America: The Good Neighbor.

Widespread but only partial news coverage was given recently to a
remarkable editorial broadcast from Toronto by Gordon Sinclair, a Canadian
television commentator. What follows is the full text of his trenchant
remarks as printed in the Congressional Record:

"This Canadian thinks it is time to speak up for the Americans as the most
generous and possibly the least appreciated people on all the earth.

Germany, Japan and, to a lesser extent, Britain and Italy were lifted out
of the debris of war by the Americans who poured in billions of dollars and
forgave other billions in debts. None of these countries is today paying
even the interest on its remaining debts to the United States.

When the France was in danger of collapsing in 1956, it was the Americans
who propped it up, and their reward was to be insulted and swindled on the
streets of Paris. I was there. I saw it.

When earthquakes hit distant cities, it is the United States that hurries
in to help. This spring, 59 American communities were flattened by
tornadoes. Nobody helped.

The Marshall Plan and the Truman Policy pumped billions of dollars into
discouraged countries. Now newspapers in those countries are writing about
the decadent, warmongering Americans.

I'd like to see just one of those countries that is gloating over the
erosion of the United States dollar build its own airplane. Does any other
country in the world have a plane to equal the Boeing Jumbo Jet, the
Lockheed Tri-Star, or the Douglas DC10? If so, why don't they fly them? Why
do all the International lines except Russia fly American Planes?

Why does no other land on earth even consider putting a man or woman on the
moon? You talk about Japanese technocracy, and you get radios. You talk
about German technocracy, and you get automobiles.

You talk about American technocracy, and you find men on the moon - not
once, but several times - and safely home again.

You talk about scandals, and the Americans put theirs right in the store
window for everybody to look at . Even their draft-dodgers are not pursued
and hounded. They are here on our streets, and most of them, unless they
are breaking Canadian laws, are getting American dollars from ma and pa at
home to spend here.

When the railways of France, Germany and India were breaking down through
age, it was the Americans who rebuilt them. When the Pennsylvania Railroad
and the New York Central went broke, nobody loaned them an old caboose.
Both are still broke.

I can name you 5000 times when the Americans raced to the help of other
people in trouble. Can you name me even one time when someone else raced to
the Americans in trouble? I don't think there was outside help even during
the San Francisco earthquake.

Our neighbors have faced it alone, and I'm one Canadian who is damned tired
of hearing them get kicked around. They will come out of this thing with
their flag high. And when they do, they are entitled to thumb their nose at
the lands that are gloating over their present troubles. I hope Canada is
not one of those."

Stand proud, America!

From: "John Owen" <>
Subject: Re: "China Threatens to Nuke America"
Date: Sat, 1 Apr 2000


It's been my understanding that a basic tenent of mainland China's foreign
policy for many years has been the expectation of an eventual nuclear war
with the United States. And the time seems to be drawing closer. Mainland
China has stated many times that they would join in on a worldwide ban on
nuclear weapons, but without a change in United States/NATO policies, such a
ban is far away. A willingness to defend Taiwan by force is longstanding
United States policy.

China believes that its demographics favor its victory in nuclear war with
the United States. Bombs hitting a dozen large cities on either side would
destroy the United States as a functioning society, while doing far less
damage to the cohesion of a predominately rural China.

The United States needs a nonviolent foreign policy. Unfortuately, short of
losing a war, it's hard to see what would reduce the United States's
arrogance enough to permit a nonviolent foreign policy.

I don't know the form that peace with China would take. Perhaps a Hong Kong
kind of agreement would permit the Taiwanese military to become a part of
the Red Army, with Taiwan retaining some measure of local self

Thanks for adding China to our discussions and meditations.

May peace prevail in China. May our missions be accomplished

John Owen

Date: Sat, 01 Apr 2000
From: Chere Rae <>
Subject: Fwd: Fluoride Huge Risk for Some - Dr. Hardy Limeback

Greetings Jean, this article is just the tip of what has been documented. I decided too send to you two articles as a help in public awarness. Talk about control of the human- race.


Chere Rae

76: Dr. Hardy Limeback warns of fluoride's long term health risks.

March 27, 2000.

FLUORIDE HUGE RISK FOR SOME: EXPERT If you fall into certain categories, your risk for brittle bones, thyroid problems and even bone cancer, may be substantially higher if you consume fluoride-containing foods, beverages or water, says Canada's foremost fluoride authority, Dr. Hardy Limeback, head of Preventive Dentistry at the University of Toronto. Limeback, a biochemist and President of the Canadian Association of Dental Research (CADR) spoke to audible gasps from his audience at the recent Total Health 2000 in Toronto as he revealed a number of unsettling facts about fluoride, which has been added to Toronto's public drinking water supply since 1963. For one thing, its crippling can affect the elderly more greatly. Also, at greater than average risk for fluoride damage, are those with renal problems (bladder), those living at higher altitudes and meat eaters. The acid in meat affects absorption. Renal difficulties, as well as altitude can decrease excretion of fluoride allowing it to build up faster in the body, especially in the bones.

Shallow breathing can inhibit the elimination; but exercise may increase fluid intake and with it, fluoride ingestion. "You're better off being a deep-breathing vegetarian," joked Limeback. Well, not if you're the type of vegetarian who eats canned salmon, we soon learn. Some foods and beverages cause debilitating damage to the body through an excessive accumulation of fluoride, says Limeback, who proceeded to identify: tinned salmon (20 parts per million -- 28 times higher than fluoridated tap water); fish soup (10 ppm); kidney (5 ppm); tea (3 ppm, although some biochemists suggest a much higher concentration), grapes, grape juice and wine (because of the fluoride-containing cryolite pesticides used on grapes).

Soft drinks, pasta and reconstituted juices manufactured in fluoridated areas as such southern Ontario -- which account for most beverages sold across Canada -- are also high in fluoride. Even those living in non-fluoridated areas such as Vancouver or Montreal, can consume significant amounts of fluoride with the beverages and food imported from Toronto or Calgary or the U.S. Studies show fluoride accumulation in the body can result in osteoporosis and increased hip fracture rate. (Limeback's study is showing twice the fluoride content in the hips of Torontonians compared with Montrealers.) A higher incidence of osteosarcoma (bone cancer) is found in fluoridated cities. Says Limeback, death rates due to bone cancer are 3-7 times higher in young males living in an area of fluoridated water (NJ Dept. of Health study). Studies have previously linked fluoride with lower testosterone levels, decreased birth rate, behavioral problems and premature aging. Thyroid function can be impaired (causing lethargy or obesity) because fluoride interferes with iodine and a number of hormones.

The fluoride added to Toronto water is collected from smokestacks of fertilizer plants in Florida where it is illegal to allow this toxic waste to escape into the air or to dump it into the ocean. As a result, it also contains trace amounts of arsenic, lead and radium. Putting a halt to fluoridation in Ontario would have far-reaching health effects for Canadians coast-to-coast. Asked to put the question to a public vote for the November city elections, councillors have repeatedly refused.

Toronto mayor Mel Lastman: Tel: (416) 395-6464; Fax: (416) 395-6440; E-mail: Website:

Fluorosis Control Cell

National Co-ordinator

Sub-Mission "Control of Fluorosis"

RGNDWMA, Government of India

All India Institute of Medical Sciences
Ansart Nagar, New Delhi - 110 029

A.K. Susheela, Ph.D., F.A.Sc., F.A.M.S.
Professor of Histocytochemistry, Department of Anatomy

Message to: Rotary International,
Oakmont, Pennsylvania
c/o Ellie Rudolph
Fax 412-828-5096

There are 20 nations in the world with health problems due to excess fluoride ingestion through water and food.

India, Africa, China, certain parts of Thailand, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Israel, Pakistan, Syria, Turkey are severely affected. However, the problem exist in U.K., U.S.A., Canada to a lesser extent possibly due to better nutrition, calcium and Vitamin C in diet which can nullify the toxic manifestations to some extent. But "Water Fluoridation" is a guaranteed danger to health.

The major problem is that, very often, skeletal fluorosis and non-skeletal fluorosis are misdiagnosed and treated wrongly as clinicians do not fully understand the manifestations due to fluoride poisoning/toxicity. These are not described adequately in Medical/Dental text books.

Dental fluorosis, is quite evident from the discolouration of the teeth from white, yellow, brown, to black spots or streaks horizontally aligned on the enamel surface, away from the gums. Even Dentists, quite a large number, do not fully understand fluoride action on teeth. We have problems in India, as Dentists promote fluoride, among patients, who have dental fluorosis and the patients end-up with severe non-skeletal manifestations. Intense scientific debates have helped the Government, to amend our Drugs and Cosmetic Act of 1945, during 1992 to bring-in stipulations in the manufacture of fluoridated toothpaste. We would like to get the fluoridated toothpaste out of our country. But due to vested interests among concerned, it is not an easy task.

To summarise a few scientific facts which concerns the people around the world are: Fluoride ingestion affects adversely:

muscle structure and function, resulting in muscle weakness.

red blood cells (erythrocytes) are killed prematurely, lowering haemoglobin content, resulting in anaemia.

blood vessels are blocked through calcification resulting in cardiac problems.

the male reproductive organs are affected resulting in defective sperms, leading to infertility in some men, which is again related to the hormonal status of the individual.

the gastrointestinal tract mucosa is deranged (the lining of the stomach and intestine) resulting in: pain in the stomach, gas formation, nausea, loss of appetite, constipation followed with intermittent diarrhoea.

people loose their teeth and become edentulous at a relatively young age.

India is the first country in the world to develop two protocols for diagnosing Fluorosis at an early stage, so that prevention of the disease is possible. Radiographs revealing skeletal fluorosis is too late for reversal of the changes. Fluorosis has no treatment or cure. Prevention is the only solution provided the disease is diagnosed early.

For early detection of fluoride poisoning we use 1) Gastrointestinal manifestations (non-ulcer dyspepsia) 2) a sensitive blood test SA/GAG for detection.

In view of the enormous health problems due to fluoride, India is now investing massive amounts of funds for removing fluoride from drinking water.

Dental caries on the contrary, is not a fluoride related disease: it is a bacterial disease. Can be easily prevented, if oral hygiene practises are promoted and calcium and vitamin C in the diet are given in adequate quantum to the child even before birth through maternal diet. However, Dentists invariably misguide the public by designating Dental caries as a fluoride deficiency disorder, which is grossly and scientifically incorrect.

In India, we are educating our people through radio, TV and other print media, the dangers of fluoride and they shall avoid it. In the developed western world, as people are educated. I do not understand why it should be a problem to convince the Government against "water fluoridation" and to stop it.

In early 1970 and 1980 some of the UN Organisations tried their very best to promote fluoridation of water in India (inspite of prevailing health problems due to excess of fluoride) and the scientific community fought the battle and was able to convey to the concerned Organisation(s) that they shall not enter India with the message for Fluoridation and we won the battle. They were trying to use the developing world to promote fluoridation based on the concepts of the "donor" countries but did not work.

"Peoples Health is the Nations' Wealth" and I hope the Rotary International would do everything possible to stop the cruel method of poisoning people through fluoridating drinking water in the name of prevention of Dental caries.

This truly reveals that no Organisation/Association can be taken for granted. Their intentions while promoting fluoride need to be questioned.

Professor A.K. Susheela
Dated: 24th February, 1996.

From: "Anthony Marr" <>
Subject: Gestapo 1, Grizzlies 0
Date: Sat, 01 Apr 2000

Gestapo 1, Grizzlies 0

by Anthony Marr
Heal Our Planet Earth Global Environmental Organization (HOPE-GEO),
Tel: 604-222-1169, Fax: 604-682-4107

What happens when you cross a weak environment ministry with a powerful
hunting lobby? Censorship, punishment.

I refer first to the 1998 confiscation by the BC Environment Ministry of a
dissenting research paper by ministry biologist A. Dionys DeLeeuw on Grizzly
bear conservation strategy and hunting policy, 80 copies of which he
previously distributed to key ministry personnel, all confiscated. Second,
I of course refer to a similar confiscation of his second paper on March 15
this year. This plus the suspension-without-pay and the gag order, make me
wonder if I'm in Canada or Tienanmen Square or maybe the Middle Ages.

It has struck me that suppression is a desperate measure stemming from fear.
So, what is the BC Environment Ministry afraid of?

First, the wrath of the hunting and guide-outfitting community if the hunt
is banned.

Second, the accountant - for loss of hunting-oriented revenue.

Third, truth. If the truth requires that the hunt be banned, they would
have to crush it, or at least bend it, to save them from their First Great
Fear, which they probably do not relish doing.

Truth-wise, this second confiscated paper reportedly suggested that "up to
200 per cent more bears have been killed than should have been under the
ministry's own sustainability guidelines." Such a statement, especially if
true, is tantamount to heresy in the eyes of the ministry, and I'm glad to
see that the confiscation backfired right off the bat. What it accomplished
is to propel the heretical statement on to the limelight.

Between the lines, the statement also says that government scientists have
no freedom of inquiry nor of speech, and that, indirectly, freedom of the
press is curtailed from fully reporting on DeLeeuw's findings. So if he is
forbidden to speak, then I will.

Demographics and projections

"So just lower the quota a little next year. What is the big deal?" some
say. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. If overhunting is indeed the
case when following the government's policy guidelines, then there is
something fundamentally wrong with the policies themselves. In the case of
Grizzly bear conservation, it is something as fundamental as the population
and poaching estimates.

Independent biologists estimate only 4,000-7,000 Grizzlies in BC, and so did
the BC government back in the1970s. In the mid-80s, however, criticized for
overhunting, instead of reducing the hunt, the government raised the
population estimate to 10,000-13,000, and 10,000-13,000 it has stayed. This
relatively high estimate is what is used to calculate the "huntable 4%"
which, if the true population be in fact lower, could work out to be 8% or
more. Even the 4% is considered by many biologists to be unsustainable,
especially with habitat loss factored in.

Long-term-viable breeding populations

The bears and tigers alike need 200-250 breeding animals in one unfragmented
habitat to prevent inbreeding. The Bengal tiger needs about 3,500 to
sustain 200-250 breeding tigers. The Grizzly bear and the Siberian tiger
need many times that. Therefore, Grizzly bear and Siberian tiger habitats
can be fragmented much more easily than Bengal tiger habitat.

Habitat loss

The habitat of the Grizzly bear, in both BC and Alberta, has been and are
being rapidly eroded, degraded and fragmented - by various human activities
such as BC's clearcut-logging of Grizzly bear habitat (again the Environment
Ministry losing to the Forest Ministry), and mega-developments in the centre
of prime Grizzly bear habitat such as Alberta's Banff (a classical example
of a "Grizzly dam").


Tiger hunting, mostly for head-and-hide, was permitted until 1973. At the
beginning of the 20th Century, there were an estimated 80,000 tigers in
India. In half a century, it was cut down to about 30,000. The stunner
came when a count in 1972 produced a country-wide estimate of only 1,800
tigers. The world and the Indian government reacted swiftly and in 1973, 25
tiger reserves were established and tiger trophy hunting was banned, but
perhaps too late. If trophy hunting was banned when there were still 30,000
tigers, even 10,000, there would have been a much greater fighting chance
for the Bengal tiger.

We can still do this for our own Grizzlies, but we have to do it now.


As of the rise of the Asian economy, which induced a skyrocketing demand for
tiger bone, bear gall and rhino horn, the Asiatic bears were quickly
decimated, and the poaching pressure has moved across the ocean. It is
estimated that by the late 1990s, Canada-wide, one or two bears are poached
for the gall and paws for every bear legally hunted for trophy (head-&-hide
- also bear parts by the way). (e.g. Leggett, 1996; Servheen 1996,
Slobodian, 1996; Knights 1996). In contrast, the BC government's poaching
estimate, supported by the powerful prohunting lobby group the BC Wildlife
Federation, is as low as its total population estimate is high - about one
bear poached for every 3-4 legally hunted - to again convince the general
public that the bears are doing fine and should continue to be hunted. On
the contrary, the Canadian Wildlife Federation considers BC and AB the two
most poached provinces in Canada.

All in all, many non-BC-government bear biologists estimate 300-600 Grizzly
bears poached per year in Canada. Add this to the 300 or so legally hunted,
and the hundred or so shot at garbage dumpsÖ How long can they last?

The public has the right to know and make their own decisions on this
important matter and the BC government must release the Deleeuw paper for
public consideration.

Anthony Marr
Founding Director
Heal Our Planet Earth Global Environmental Organization

Date: Sun, 2 Apr 2000

Second Enormous Iceberg
Breaks Off From Antarctica

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A second giant iceberg has broken off from Antarctica
and is bumping into a huge iceberg that broke off the Ross Ice Shelf last
week, researchers said on Friday.

Matthew Lazzara of the University of Wisconsin's Antarctic Meteorological
Research Center found the latest iceberg, which will be named B-17, while
scanning images taken from a satellite orbiting the poles.

He said the new iceberg lies to the north and east of Roosevelt Island and is
80 miles by 12 miles (130 km by 20 km). The larger iceberg is 183 miles by 23
miles (295 km by 37 km), roughly the size of Jamaica.

``The high-resolution satellite data that we receive enables us to track
these bergs easily, at least in clear conditions,'' Lazzara said in a

The images show the two giant icebergs, and a third, smaller one known as
B-16, jostling one another just off the island.

The researchers said it was not yet clear if the icebergs would pose a threat
to shipping.

Researchers say large chunks are breaking off of Antarctica for several
reasons, some due to global warming.

They say, for example, that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet has been steadily
melting since the end of the last ice age. But they also stress that
human-induced global warming can speed the process.

Much of Antarctica consists of ice sheets with no ground underneath. If it
shrinks, the process could not only help raise ocean levels but could help
shift ocean circulation and weather patterns, bringing drought, severe storms
and the wider spread of tropical diseases.

The largest iceberg ever reported was seen in 1956 and was 60 miles wide and
208 miles long (95.6 km by 335 km), or 12,000 square miles (48,564 sq km) in
area, more than twice the size of the state of Connecticut.

A satellite image of the new iceberg can be viewed at: