April 12, 2000

Subject: The 2001 Summit + World Report Submission Invitation + 3 excerpts from the always excellent DAILY GRIST + Help save the rain forest "A click a day keeps the saws away" + Feedback from Thailand on the Meditation for Peace between the two Chinas + Another comment about the Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal + A thought about "the headquarters of unrepentant corporate greed that threatens the very life of the planet" + Some more feedbacks

Hello everyone,

Here is a compilation of various subjects for your consideration.


Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator


* For those interested to review an edited version of the Earth Proclamation (BTW, you can review and sign online the original version at http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/AutosignPro.htm if you have not done so yet) created by Alan Moore <Bflyspirit@aol.com>, one of the participants to the Earth Rainbow Network first international meeting (held in December 97 in Santa Barbara, California) also known as the Butterfly Man, please check this beautiful webpage at: http://www.bashar.com/GSP/earth-proc.htm

You'll see there a long list of endorsers of this "butterflied" Earth Proclamation which was featured recently on James Redfield's website.

* A new ERN subscriber also brought the following to my attention: "Are you aware of the revolution in astrophysics and the unexplained sightings that are going on right now?" I checked the following URL suggested and found a quite amazing theory to explain something strange appearing in the SOHO photographs of the sun... http://www.millenngroup.com/repository/solar/anomaly2.html

* Frederick M. Fox <telarion@earthlink.net> recommended me to read "Fluoride, Teeth, and the Atomic Bomb" at http://www.inter-view.net/~sherrell/bomb.htm which I did. The following was also included and it is *absolutely* true and very well documented.

"This is a bomb shell! The following article exposes the biggest on-going medical experiment ever
carried out by the United States Government on an unsuspecting population. Although commissioned by the Christian Science Monitor in early Spring of 1997, it has not yet been published. Readers are invited to inquire when publication can be expected, by calling the Christian Science Monitor at
1-800-288-7090 "

The widespead addition of fluoride to public water supplies (two thirds of U.S. public drinking water is fluoridated) allegedly to reduce cavities in children's teeth - which is completely bogus - has instead led to this result: "Large numbers of U.S. young people – up to 80 percent in some cities – now have dental fluorosis, the first visible sign of excessive fluoride exposure, according to the U.S. National Research Council. (The signs are whitish flecks or spots, particularly on the front teeth, or dark spots or stripes in more severe cases.)"

But this just the tip of the iceberg! "Fluoride was the key chemical in atomic bomb production". Millions of tons were produced and needed to be disposed of... Go read this article at the URL above to find out the devastating truth.

* Check also "Effects of Aspartame and Fluorides on Human Neurophysiology" at http://www.cco.net/~trufax/research/aspfluo.html as recommended by Chere Rae <heartvisions@earthlink.net>

* You will find below a new excellent project initiated by Maureen Jack Lacroix <maureen@slamcityjam.com> and 2 persons who have been on this ERN list for a long time, Ellen Hayakawa <EHayakawa@compuserve.com> and Myriam Laberge <dhaythor@direct.ca> who introduced me to this "2001 Summit on Spirituality and Sustainability" scheduled to take place from September 21 through 28, 2001 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I'm so enthusiastic about this project that I've proposed to them to list the Earth Rainbow Network as one of the "2001 Summit Partners" and I'm considering the possibility of participating to it next year. I warmly recommend this to your attention and, for your convenience, I'm extensively quoting below material from their new website.
I would also like to encourage everyone on the list to come forward with any information and reference you could provide to help them identify "bright shining examples" of the "best of who we are" to be examined and included in their list of encyclopedic collection (see "A Showcase" and "ENCYCLOPEDIC COLLECTION" below).


From: http://www.2001summit.org
(To view the most current version and get more information, make sure visit this site)

What Is the 2001 Summit?

A celebration of humanity's evolution towards spiritual and sustainable values.

A local, national and international gathering of 'leaders' from all walks of life.

A sharing of best practices, bright shining examples and golden innovations presenting in their composite a Millennium Vision for all humanity to embrace.

Co-Creating A Spirit-Motivated Sustainable Future


A Celebration! The Summit celebrates humanity's progress in its evolution toward
a more conscious, sustainable and peaceful way of being in the world.

A Sharing! The Summit brings together people from all segments of society in a
sharing of what is already working, in practical day-to-day ways, to nourish the
human spirit and sustain the integrity of the planet.

A Showcase! The Summit showcases the "best of who we are" in broad sectors of
human endeavour: education, business, environment, health, culture, science and
technology, religion, and government. These "bright shining examples" foster
synergies among Summit participants and inspire in everyone, the confidence and
enthusiasm needed to expand their role in creating a more compassionate and
sustainable world.

A Vision! From September 21 through 28, 2001, at least 2001 people will gather
in Vancouver, British Columbia - people willing to collectively reveal a grander
vision of life in the new millennium. This is a vision that will catalyze us
forward to a more positive future - a vision that will fuel our excitement and
energy enough to move through complacency and address the social and
environmental crises we now face.

A Basis for Action! The Summit, through new and strengthened networks of
committed people, creates a solid structure for ongoing collaborative action.
Summit participants produce action plans outlining the next steps for co-creation
in each of the broad sectors of human endeavour. Participants return home
re-empowered and supported by a global community focused on creating the Summit's
higher Vision.

A Model of Co-Creation! The Summit process itself demonstrates conscious
co-creation in action. It fosters awareness of our interconnectedness, builds
community, and is founded on the values of inclusion, collaboration, learning,
integrity and respect. The Summit models a powerful new way for groups to make a
positive difference in the world through focused intention.


ENCYCLOPEDIC COLLECTION: To identify successful enterprises and practices that
have been built on ethical principles of spirituality and global sustainability
in each of the broad sectors of human endeavour: education, business,
environment, health, culture, science and technology, religion and government.

MILLENNIUM VISION PROFILES: To create written and video profiles on those
individuals, communities and enterprises within this encyclopedic collection.

GLOBAL DISSEMINATION: To communicate this information globally in a creative and
effective manner on the Internet, on CD-Rom, and through our multi-media
partners, including One Earth Radio.

PEOPLE CONNECTIONS: To encourage and enhance the connection of individuals,
organizations and communities sharing the Millennium Vision on a global basis.
This begins through Sector Teams efforts to identify best practices, bright
shining examples and golden innovations in early 2000.

2001 SUMMIT GATHERING SEPT. 21-28, 2001: To develop pragmatic action plans and
template models for each of the broad sectors of human activity. The 2001 Summit
culminates the week of September 21 through 28, 2001 with a local, national and
international gathering of "leaders" from all walks of life. At this
collaborative event, peer councils and interested parties review the success
stories researched and documented by the Sector Teams. The product is a powerful
new vision of, and template models for creating, a sustainable future for all
life in the new millennium. This Millennium Vision describes a future all can
embrace and take back to families, communities and workplaces around the world.

SUMMIT CELEBRATION: To bring together the delegates, participants, collaborative
organizing groups and the public, for a celebration featuring planetary elders,
artists and bright shining examples from the Millennium Vision, and to raise
funds to support ongoing work, networks and dissemination of 2001 Summit models
and action plans.

The 2001 Summit on Spirituality and Sustainability is an initiative of:
The Centre for Spirituality and Sustainability, P.O. Box 12034,
Harbour Centre, 555 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, V6B 4N4.

Phase I of the Summit (Millennium Vision Encyclopedic Collection, Profiles and Global Dissemination) is being carried out under the auspices of the Workplace Ministry Society: The Centre of Spiritual &
Ethical Development, at the same address.

Summit Secretariat: Ellen Hayakawa <EHayakawa@compuserve.com>
Project Organizer: Maureen Jack Lacroix <maureen@2001summit.org>

How Does the 2001 Summit Differ From Other Conferences?
Delegates of the Summit interact for eighteen months prior to the Summit, in the process of networking and identifying examples of the Millennium Vision, thus creating stronger bonds and deeper understanding of the information gathered.
Programming of the Summit is created through an ongoing process of collaboration and co-creation of community groups, individuals and organizations enlisted in the Summit process throughout 2000 and 2001.

The Summit weaves together independent community events, workshops, international speakers, and celebrations of the Millennium Vision in all sectors of society.

Core Summit Team--Our Deepest Aspirations Are:

"To communicate and firmly establish a bridge for humanity to collectively co-create a future based on the concept 'We are One'!"

"That we tangibly see, feel, and experience how connected all of humanity is - that we are one and how we are connected as spirit and source. That we see, feel and experience the beauty of every soul on this planet, and in respecting our sacredness, catalyze sustainable life choices."

"To achieve a quantum jump in our collective ability to consciously co-create a positive future for humanity and the whole of the planet."

- Myriam Laberge

"Together we are stronger. I see the meeting of joining of hands around the globe to raise consciousness and intention for a spiritually and physically sustainable world (in the spirit of homo universalis)."

"To inspire a conscious willingness to master sustainable technologies in order to ensure the creation of healthy communities, thereby ensuring the preservation of Planet Earth."

- Linda Moore.

"To assist in creating an event that affects the 'human spirit' globally in mind, body and spirit."

- Gail

"That we develop an environment and make space for each person to take responsibility for their own life."

"To bring to consciousness the connection between spirituality and sustainability in the world by having this global gathering. To facilitate the leap in consciousness for all of humanity as a step towards global peace."

"To be part of and participate with a group of like-minded people sharing the process of creating a completely new model for the future of humanity."

"To create experiences which provide a greater compassion for, and acceptance of, other human beings. Providing replicable examples of sustainable development which will allow the human race to thrive and enjoy the planet without reducing or destroying its diversity and beauty."

- Ian Holliday.

"To support the manifestation of basic human goodness and to consciously co-create a better future for humanity."

Theme Song of the Summit


There are not countries; there is just one family
There are not colours, just one light in you and me
There are no reasons we can't live in harmony
As just one people
In just one world, you and me

There is no freedom if the people cannot choose
There is no victory if my brother has to lose
There are no boundaries that mean more than being free
As just one people
In just one world, you and me.

We are one people
One strong heartbeat
Just one spirit shining bright within us all
We are part of one another
Born to love each other
When it's all said and done
We are One.

Take a look deep in your brother's eyes
And tell me what you see I see the spirit in disguise
Just smiling back to me
Oh, we are the world around us
We are part of all we see
Every little thing that you do touches me.

There is a vision that we all must realize
Think of the children; try to see it through their eyes
What will we leave them if we never learn to be?
Just one people
Just one world, you and me.


We are one people
One strong heartbeat
Just one spirit shining bright within us all
We are part of one another
Born to love each other
When it's all said and done
We are One.

(Song written by Morry Stearns)

2001 Summit Partners:

Centre for Spiritual and Ethical Development--Workplace
Ministry Society
Centre for Spirituality & Sustainability
Jack of Hearts Productions
One Earth Radio
Breakthroughs Unlimited Inc.
Helios Pictures Ltd.
Lisa Thorp Realty World
Earth Rainbow Network


From: Lightweave@aol.com
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2000
Subject: World Report Submission Invitation


In January I mentioned that this Spring I would be initiating the
E-publication of the monthly periodical, "World Report & Global Resources."
That is now actively underway.

My intent is to put out the first issue the first of May, and then on or
about the first of each month thereafter. Below is the criteria and format
for submitting an entry. All entries should be submitted by the 25th of the
month to be considered for publication the next month.

If you are aware of a project or major event which fits this criteria,
please consider submitting it. We would like for this to be well
representative of many countries and many areas of interest. Also let me
know if you have any questions that are not covered below.

Love & Blessings,

Michael Lightweaver


World Report and Global Resources.

The purpose of this publication is threefold. In the first section, The
World Report, it is our intent to highlight projects which are successfully
addressing todays challenges in one of several main categories as outlined
below. As you know, most conventional news focuses on individual or
collective human failure and dysfunction. Since we know that "form follows
thought," it is only logical that as we continue to hold a global thought
form of failure, we will continue to create more of the same. So our intent
is to highlight those people and projects who don't simply sit back and
complain how awful the situation is, but take the initiative to change
things. Our intent is that their example will inform and inspire others as
to what can be done to bring about positive change.

The second section, Global Resources, will be a brief annotated list of
websites which provide readers with additional resources for information and
links regarding specific issues and concerns facing the world. The emphasis
will be on those sites which are most informative and offer the greatest
number of contacts and links.

The third section will be Networking News. This will included brief
updates about our ongoing efforts to link up "light workers" or those
involved in world service or conscious raising activities around the world.

Each issue will also conclude with a brief personal letter. I feel that it
is important that we "humanize" the impersonal and anonymous nature of
cyberspace by including as much of our own heart and soul as we can.

Please know that I am always open to growth and change. This monthly
report will grow and change with me. Most of that growth and change will
come as a result of the feedback and ideas I get from others. If you have
any creative ideas for making this better, please share them with me.

Michael Lightweaver
Network 2012
Planetary Awakening Network
Asheville, NC. USA

World Report Format & Criteria (4/7/00)

Publication Schedule
The World Report & Global Resources will be published on or about the first
of each month. To be considered for publication in the upcoming issue, a
report should be submitted no later than the 25th of the month prior.

Submissions should not exceed 150 words and we reserve the right to edit as

Submissions should focus on a project or activity that is successfully
working to address concerns in one of the following areas: peace, human
relations, health & healing, ecology & environment, economy & finance, new
science & technology, planetary & galactic citizenship, education, youth,
native peoples, alternative lifestyles & spiritual development. The focus
should be on the solution rather than the problem.

Selection Criteria
Priority will be given to projects or events that are "creating what is
desired" rather than simply "fighting against what is not wanted." This
follows along with the principle that what we fight against, we tend to
empower and strengthen. Priority will also be given to those projects or
activities which have websites that readers can go to for more information.
Based on the selection of submissions available, we will attempt to choose
those reports which represent many different countries and many different
areas of interest. We will not use reports on projects which are still in
the idea stage. It must already be successfully producing results. Any
submitted report which is not used will be kept on file for possible future
use or - if it doesn't meet the selection criteria - it will be returned to
the author with an explanation.

The content of your submission should include the basic who, what, where,
when, how and why to the extent that each is appropriate. It should also
include a website where one can get more information. If a website is not
available, then please give either your own or another appropriate name and
email address to contact for further information.

Submissions which are self-promoting of ones own business or are primarily
advertising in nature will not be considered. However, activities of a
noncommercial nature which fit the criteria above will be considered, even if
submitted by the person sponsoring the activity or project.

Global Resources & Networking News
While items for these two sections will initially be researched and written
by the publisher, we are still open to submissions. Just be sure to be very
brief (75 words max) and include appropriate websites.


Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000
From: Grist Magazine <grist@gristmagazine.com>
Subject: DAILY GRIST, April 10, 2000

April 10, 2000
News summaries from GRIST MAGAZINE
Environmental ministers from the world's eight leading industrialized nations ended a conference in Japan yesterday without agreeing on a deadline for ratifying the Kyoto climate change agreement. The European Union and Japan want the treaty ratified by 2002, while the U.S. and Canada resisted any specific timeframe for ratification. The chief U.S. representative, W. Michael McCabe, said that agreeing to a deadline without the approval of the U.S. Congress would be inconsistent with "political realities." Congress has been stubbornly opposed to ratification. Participants at the Group of Eight meeting also discussed plans to hold a Rio+10 conference on environmental issues in 2002, to mark the 10th anniversary of the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro.

straight to the source: San Francisco Chronicle/Examiner, Gary Schaefer, 04.09.00


April 11, 2000
News summaries from GRIST MAGAZINE

Enviros and other activists yesterday kicked off more than a week of protests against corporate globalization in Washington, D.C., with the goal of disrupting meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund this Sunday and Monday. Seven protestors were arrested yesterday, including Brent Blackwelder, president of Friends of the Earth, and John Passacantando, executive director of Ozone Action, who chained themselves to a truck that they were using as a makeshift stage from which to denounce the World Bank's financing of oil, gas, and mining projects. Others were arrested as they tried to hang a banner from World Bank headquarters that read, in part, "World Bank Plunders the Planet." Thousands are expected to converge on Washington this week, hoping to build on momentum from last year's protests in Seattle against the World Trade Organization.

straight to the source: Planet Ark, Reuters, Mark Egan, 04.11.00

straight to the source: Washington Post, David Montgomery and Arthur Santana, 04.11.00

read it in Grist Magazine: Bill McKibben on the Battle in Seattle

Enviros are warning that a breed of genetically modified (GM) fish that can grow up to 10 times faster than normal could taint the gene pool and upset delicate ecosystems. A U.S. company, AF Protein, developed the variety of Atlantic salmon by inserting growth hormone genes from another kind of fish. The company expects the U.S. government to clear the fish for consumption within a year, making it the first GM animal to gain that distinction. AF Protein claims that all of the fish are infertile, but critics say it's impossible to guarantee sterility, and they worry about what could happen if some escaped into the wild. In December, researchers warned that just one escaped GM fish could wipe out local populations of the species.

straight to the source: BBC News, 04.11.00

read it only in Grist Magazine: Beware the Frankenfish, in our Best of the Rest column


To subscribe to DAILY GRIST, click here http://www.gristmagazine.com/grist/daily/ or send a blank email message to daily-grist-subscribe@egroups.com.

Gloom and doom with a sense of humor. Impossible, you say? Nah. Visit GRIST MAGAZINE, a beacon in the smog, at http://www.gristmagazine.com. GRIST MAGAZINE is a project of Earth Day Network, http://www.earthday.net.

From: "Makasha" <makasha@bwn.net>
Subject: saverainforest.net
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000

Dear Family

I need your support with the www.saverainforest.net efforts in saving the
rainforest.. as you know the cost each day of the devastation of our ecosystem...
I am so impassioned with the work that http://www.greenkeepers.com and
saverainforest is doing that I am putting out a call to our family to
co-create together ways that we can create a critical mass, a wave that says
yes to life on our beloved HOME..

We need help spreading the word each and everyday.

"A click a day keeps the saws away" is our motto.

We need sponsors..We need financial support"conscious investors.."
We need brain and heart storming ideas.
We need help in the creative area of Greenkeepers Web site
...writers, singers..song writers.

We need those that are aligned with conscious media to play with.
Green products for our e-commerce piece. We need to create conscious
consumptions educational programs... and most of all we need to love one
another and share our heart felt love with everyone we know, meet and
see. The grace is bringing us closer to our co-creative nature.

Please pass this along to all that you feel connected to...
I thank you all for you loving support...

Please get back to me with your thoughts and Ideas. If you want me to keep
you informed on our process let me know...

Love to you all, and have a green day...

Yours in service
Makasha at Global Family

PS, Check out our web site www.globalfamily.net


From: "Helen Jandamit" <selena@lox1.loxinfo.co.th>
Subject: Meditation for Peace between the two Chinas
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2000

Dear Jean,

Thank you so much for sending me your updates and for your support in the recent global link up on April 2, to promote the harmonious coexistence of the two Chinas.

Over 60 people came to the meeting at the World Fellowship of Buddhists that day. It is impossible to estimate how many others joined in mind. The feeling during the link up time was one of great joy and an immense sense of being one family. Some of the previous links had about them a sense of pushing through, of strong, and almost heavy, determination, but this one was different. It was all but effortless, as if most of the heavy trailblazing work had already been done. It was a celebration of synchronised and directed intention.

From one coalescent point in the wholeness/holiness to another I greet you,

Helen Jandamit (Soliel)

From: "June Mewhort" <jmewhort@quicklinks.on.ca>
Subject: RE: Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal
Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2000


I think the idea of joining with other like-minded groups in
focussed meditations on peace and harmony is both timely and essential if we
are going to move the forces of chaos that seem so entrenched in our world.I
don't know if you are feeling it, but I sense we are in a fast moving
countdown and everything we do is increasing in intensity. We need to centre
ourselves and focus on the positives as we are buffeted by winds of change,
solar flares and social upheavals.
I am very grateful that there are people like you out there who can devote
the necessary time and energy to organizing the weekly meditations and
disseminating the information about them. Bless you and the other members of
the new "Group of Seven".


June Mewhort

From: "June Mewhort" <jmewhort@quicklinks.on.ca>
Subject: A thought
Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2000

Dear Jean,

I read with interest the post a week or so ago that was quoted from Gordon
Sinclair, praising the United States. Gordon Sinclair as you probably know
is dead and made those comments long before the United States became the
headquarters of unrepentant corporate greed that threatens the very life of
the planet. Many of your posts reveal a United States government that is
completely corrupted by consumerism to the point of insanity. The fact that
they hold the most material power on the planet is truly frightening. Of course,
in philosophical terms, they are the keepers of a paradigm that we, the people,
need to change. I realize that the government of the US and the people of
the US inhabit two very different realities with very different priorities.
I embrace my fellow light workers from the US and place no blame on the
people who are being manipulated by the corporate message through the Media,
and through so-called government agencies.

As we watch the military/industrial complex, that is too often supported by
our own Canadian government, wage war on our environment, and sacrifice
human beings and species dear to Mother Earth, we must be vigilant and use
every peaceful means at our disposal to turn this world away from greed and
corruption and move it swiftly toward the light. Thank-you for giving us a
forum and a meeting place. If we couldn't connect through sites like these,
we would feel overwhelmed by the job that needs to be done. However, when
you remind us of our brothers and sisters in spirit out there, it lightens
the load.


June Mewhort

From: "Lia" <wizz.ante@tiscalinet.it>
Subject: Re: "Car-Out" Days!!!! Not Gas Out Days! +
Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2000

Dear Jean,

For the pollution problem, in Italy is happening that
the administrators of many different cities (comuni)
have stopped the private cars for a weekend
a month!!!

Everybody can feel free to leave his city, by feet,
by bicycle, skating. Re-discover his-her town,
the museums in those days are open until night.
The population was so happy, a lot of people
ask to stop the cars every weekend!!!!!

Also the material from David Crockett Williams
was very helpful and interesting!!
In Brasil, a lot of people use cars fueled
by Alcool. (from the sugar cane)

I was always asking myself why did I see that
only there!!! Do you know in which other countries
they use this kind of fuel?

Love and Light
We are One

Note from Jean: Unfortunately I don't think there are other countries in the world using sugarcane based fuel (I think they also mix in a percentage of ordinary gazoline). Perhaps other people on this list have some info on this. Personally I think that car fueled with hydrogen - this hydrogen being created at home with a solar panel to produce the electricity needed to power the electrolysis process necessary to create hydrogen from water - is *the way to go* in the future with a mixture of hybrid cars (now available such as the "Insight" car now sold in Canada by Honda - there the "Prius" also), fuel cell driven cars (BMW from Germany has developed one and is now selling such a car I think) and electric cars in the meantime. Sugarcane cultivation is a waste of agricultural land and must certainly be responsible for some deforestation in Brazil.

From: "Katharina Bless" <soma@loxinfo.co.th>
Subject: Re: The rape of the Virgin Mary
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000

Dear Jean,
thank you very much for this wonderful story from the Divine Mother. It
really touched me very deep.
Love and Peace
Katharina Bless

From: "Peter Quiller" <Peter.Quiller@btinternet.com>
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000
Subject: Re: The Birdies

Dear Jean,

Reading about the dear little boy brought spontaneous tears into my
eyes. My God, how we need this kind of evidence/message/proof right now -
don't we? When we have been toiling at the spiritual rock face for so long,
something like this comes like a new burst of hope.

Thank you most sincerely,

Peter Quiller

From: "Lainie Cofer" <ljcofer@ipa.net>
Subject: Re: The rape of the Virgin Mary + The Birdies:
Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2000


I had asked to be unsubscribed from your list because of time
constraints, and the massive amount of information you offer is very
time-consuming. However, after reading this and the 1st part of the wisdom
of the ages article, i want to stay on the list.

Thank you for the incredible time energy and love you put into your
network. It is noticed and appreciated.

Love and light,


I wouldn't be doing all this if it wasn't for all of you persistently devoting some of your time to review what comes to you from this source and sometimes add your own light to the bonfire of love and goodwill we collectively shine onto the world.