March 15, 2000

Subject: Various News and Info: Free Energy Magnetic Motors in need of funding + Tesla Receivers + More from Stephen Kaplan + NATURE: On the Edge: Living with Global Capitalism + A movie review: Mission To Mars + Voter beware + Threat to basic privacy, free speech and free press protections + How to get rid of deposits of heavy metals + NOAA Confirms Battros Research + March 20 Earth Day Peace Bell Ceremony at the UN + March 20 Equinox meditation + W H A T M A T T E R S M O S T ?

Hello everyone

I hope you can keep up, somehow, with all the material and feedbacks I'm reverberating to you. Our challenge today is not only to make sense of our increasingly complex world and find our bearings amidst the rapidly accelerating pace of change, but we also need to keep a centered and balanced inner perspective in front of the smorgasborg of information of all kinds and on so many issues demanding our attention and, when possible, our enlightened action to help make this world a better place for all - all humans, all life forms, all future generations.

Here is another rich assortment of helpful info for your consideration

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. And as usual feel free to pass on to others anything that deeply resonates with you

From: "Paul LeBreton" <>
Subject: New Energy Compilation
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2000 1

Dear Jean

I am one of the New Generation of Clean Energy inventors...Without funding from the "Establishment"
my Free Energy Magnetic Motors have taken years to develop rather than months...And are STALLED
Pending Funding...

Visit my WebSite for an Overview:

Respectfully Yours,

Robert "Paul" LeBreton, CEO
Psitronics Group Systems, International

Wild Horse Mesa Ranch
2901 State Hwy 6, HC 77 Box 42
Laguna, New Mexico 87026 USA
Phone: 1-(505)-836-7534
Fax: 1-(240)-208-8196


Here's a New Totally Clean Technology...

Sent: Tuesday, January 11, 2000
Subject: Price Guidelines for Tesla Receivers...

Through Psitronics Group Systems, International's
Lightwaves Engineering Division

To all of our Sales Representatives...

There is currently a Network of 32 Full-Sized Tesla
Towers in operation... The receiver design can be
viewed on the Lightwaves Engineering Web Page:

The Tesla Tower for Our Network will come on-line
in mid-2001 ( we have planned a Public Viewing for
The Real Millennium Celebration...January 1st, 2001 )

The smallest Tesla Receivers I intend to manufacture
will be for 500 KW Electrical Output; with larger models
in outputs of increments of 500 KW ...1 MW ...2.5 MW
...5 MW and 10 MW etcera...

You may price these to your customers at $1.00 USD
per watt...

You may begin Immediately taking orders; and place
the funds in a Secure Escrow Account - which you will
be opening at the Bank of your choice: You will pledge
delivery by January 1st, 2002 ...Sooner if Physical Reality
permits us to have these units before then...

HC 77 Box 42
Laguna, New Mexico 87026-9701

From: "Stephen Kaplan" <>
Subject: Re: Miracle in the Void: The New Energy Revolution
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000


You did a great job editing my material for inclusion in your new energy
email to your network. Thanks for doing so.

I'll be interested to see if we can locate some investors through your
network. I'll keep you posted on developments.
Attached you'll find two other projects I'm working on:

(1) The Sebastopol Institute, which is being set up in cooperation with
Magnetic Power, Inc., a pioneering company in Sebastapol, CA which is
working on room-temperature superconductivity and new energy technologies.
This institute is focused on the development of new energy technologies,
policy questions relating to a "gentle transition" to a new energy economy,
and other issues dealing with creation of a humane economy.

(2) The first project of the Institute, a crash program to develop the
nuclear remediation technology developed by Ken Shoulders, the genius who
first discovered "charge clusters" and how they can be used to transmute
radioactive nuclear materials and create overunity power. This project is
being led by two former "whistle-blowers" at Hanford, Casey Ruud and John
Brodeur. The attachment shows the for-profit version of the project. We also
have a non-profit version.

Perhaps some members of your network will be interested in these projects.
If so, please ask them to contact me at or 503-297-7348
(address: 3435 SW 87th St., #16, Portland, OR 97225).

Thanks again.

Warm regards,

Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000
From: Mark Graffis <>
Subject: NATURE: On the Edge: Living with Global Capitalism

Nature Vol 404 9th March 2000 p124

Science's stall in the global market-place

On the Edge: Living with Global Capitalism
edited by Will Hutton and Anthony Giddens

Jonathan Cape :2000. 241pp (pbk)

Norman Myers

Every day a whopping $1.5 trillion shuttles back and forth through
the stock exchanges of the world. That's quite a slice of the $32
trillion global economy. Moreover, there is really only one big stock
exchange, as Wall Street, the City of London and their counterparts in
Frankfurt, Zurich, Tokyo and so on trade around the world's dock,
intensifying the mobility of electronic capital. It funds economic
activities with all manner of unknown repercussions. Which of my
investments underpins over-logging in Cameroon, or sweatshop factories
in Bangkok, or unsustainable farming in Mexico? Whatever my
reservations about the process, I am globalizing as much as the rest
of us. I am closely enough involved with billions of fellow members to
shake financial hands with them or tread on their toes.

The same applies to the environment. If the Chinese, sitting on
one-third of the planet's coal, burned their stocks to fuel
development, that could pump as much carbon dioxide into everyone's
atmosphere as would be avoided were Britain and Germany to get out of
fossil fuels altogether. The planetary ecosystem is a seamless
continuum, and the winds carry no passports.

These are some of the thoughts prompted by On The Edge, published
this week, with its assessment of global and hence unitary capitalism.
Of the 100 biggest economic entities in the world, only half are
nation states, the rest being corporations. The world is no longer
governed by governments alone and our daily lives - cultural
perceptions, social mores, value systems, scientific endeavours - are
increasingly determined by business leaders. Where are they leading
us? If we want them to change direction, how can we make the message
loud enough to be heard?

These issues are explored by 13 contributors, including economist
Paul Volcker, investor George Soros, physicist and philosopher Vandana
Shiva and journalist Polly Toynbee. They applaud the opportunities
afforded by global-scale corporations. But they also alert us to the
problems of profits driven business with its lack of social
responsibility and its frequent indifference to externality costs,
especially environmental costs, and other risks such as concentrated
control of the media. They highlight the socio-economic apartheid of a
winner-take-all system where many people will end up in exclusion.

The adverse environmental impacts have been widely documented, even
though they attract little attention from international agencies.
Notable examples include the inequitable use of tropical genetic
resources for agriculture, and carbon dioxide emissions from the
fossil fuels industry. According to the American analyst Paul Hawken,
US businesses cause so many spillover costs - not just cancer from
tobacco, pollution from cars and waste from manufacturing, but also
the costs of community disruption - that they could cost society $3
trillion per year, or five times their profits. Accountability,

Fortunately, a host of constraints on business practices are
emerging, imposed as much by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as
by governments. In 1975 there were only 1,400 NGOs; today there are
well over 30,000. These citizen activists, often globalized
themselves, can deploy much muscle in the market-place: witness the
1995 campaign against Shell's plans to sink the Brent Spar oil
platform. Similarly, NGOs have confronted RTZ and De Beers for
supporting governments that ignore human rights.

Global capitalism has major implications for science, too. For one
thing, there is a parallel globalization of the scientific community.
Courtesy of the Internet and e-mail, scientists can engage in virtual
conferencing with colleagues around the world. There has been a
quantum advance in academic networking which transcends national
boundaries and interests at the touch of a keyboard. This enables
scientists to keep pace with the headlong expansion of global
capitalism, and to induce scientific constraints on business
activities. There will surely be many more GMO-style sagas.

For a second thing, science is increasingly pursued through the
largesse of big business, notably in the form of pharmaceutical
corporations with mega research budgets. A number of chemical
companies control crop seeds and thus our food-chains through their

Scientists are also involved through Britain's third largest pension
fund, the Universities Superannuation Scheme, which, with assets of
US$30 billion, is to challenge businesses over their
environmental performance or unduly low wages.

All in all, this is an illuminating exploration of the fast-changing
landscapes of capitalism, with its multiple links to everyone's
lifestyles. Primarily directed at the corporate community, it has much
to say about what scientists should bear in mind as they interact,
whether wittingly or not, with the wider world. The book is not only
an educational read, it is entertaining as well, thanks to its
vigorous debates. Read it and ponder some of the implications of
pursuing science at earth,Inc.

Norman Myers is at Upper Meadow, Old Road, Headington, Oxford OX3 8SZ, UK.

Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2000
Subject: A movie review: Mission To Mars

reaction to: Mission to Mars
Monday, March 13, 2000
From: anonymous

If you have not seen the movie, feel free to read this after you have seen

I went to see the movie today thinking it was a low budget, cheesy, poorly
scripted piece of trash. This was due to some of the bad press I had been
hearing. I had had a dream about the movie the night before I saw it (last
night) and I felt a welling inside me that I had to see the movie, if not for
anything else, just to see what Hollywood is putting out lately on the E.T.
theme, or perhaps the yearning to see it was for some other reason..

I just got back from seeing the movie at the Hyatt in Burlingame, CA just
north of San Mateo. I had a truly moving and transformative experience. I
immediatey notice the style in which the film was made: thoughtful, slow
moving, taking the audience thru an incredible journey. The special effects,
camera angles and general feel of the movie was reminiscent of 2001, one of
my all time personal favorites.

But nothing prepared me for the journey inside the face...

When the surviving crew entered the face and the door closed (rather
humorously, I might add-- the audience laughed) behind them, I was
transfixed. I began to cry tears of joy when I saw the hologram so widely
described by contactees. I cried even more when I saw Mars depicted as a
beautiful blue planet, and then being destroyed by the meteor. When it
showed all the ships fleeing the planet, I began to sob, and when that E.T.
gently scooped up the DNA and directed it to Earth my shoulders began shaking
from the sobbing. I was releasing on something-- big time. I cried thru the
whole rest of the movie and thru the credits, cried on the way to my car. I
was in a daze. My dream the night before began coming back to me, "a pin
point in time..."

Another point of the movie that shook me up was when the astronaut was in the
chamber that was filling up with liquid. I knew right away where that one
was going... Betty Andreason Luca! I wonder if NASA consulted with her for
*THAT* little tidbit. And the color of the eyes on the E.T? Perhaps they
were reading a Whitley Strieber book, the one where Whitley sees the gentle
blue eyed 'grey' female by his bed side, perhaps adding some pupils for a
more familiar look.

Aside from my personal transformative journey, I can't wait to see how NASA
people discuss this movie. Will they say, "oh, well, um, we only did
consultlations on the space suit design." What *WILL* they say? I live
right near NASA AMES, I should drop by and take a poll! What in heck is
going on? Hollywood made an incredible movie! Am I on Earth? Think so..

I walked out of the theater with my mom and Vicky and we went to eat Italian
food and had long talks about the movie and our hopes for the planet. What
made me sob so long and hard about the movie was the unbelievebly huge desire
in my being to want to know the truth about how Earth humans came to be. The
desire to know this is a huge part of who I am and this movie touched on that
desire deeply.
I also sobbed for joy that Hollywood and the crew of people who made this
movie *chose* to make it! How beautiful! How hopeful and encouraging.

Please warmly share your thoughts and feelings about seeing this incredible
movie. I am going to go rest now.... it is rare for me to cry that hard and
that long about something.

Subject: Voter beware
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2000

Just some interesting stats that were sent to me.
Thought y'all might like to pass them on...

Simply in the name of sanity.

Hal Goodman wrote:

The state of Texas, under the leadership of Governor George W. Bush, is ranked:

50th in spending for teachers' salaries
49th in spending on the environment
48th in per-capita funding for public health
47th in delivery of social services
42nd in child-support collections
41st in per-capita spending on public education and ...
5th in percentage of population living in poverty
1st in air and water pollution
1st in percentage of poor working parents without insurance
1st in percentage of children without health insurance
1st in executions (avg. 1 every 2 weeks for Bush's 5 years)
Just think of what he could do for the country if he were president!

----- J.T.F.

Threat to basic privacy, free speech and free press protections

Quote & Link:
A Periodic News Service Only For ACLU Members!

"The Attorney General and Congress should view this report for what it is
-- a law enforcement wish list. If our government truly wants to combat
cybercrime, then it should look to build up our defenses through more
secure networks and encryption rather than stripping away rights."

-- ACLU Associate Director Barry Steinhardt

A White House report on blocking Internet crime contains dangerous
recommendations that would strip away basic privacy, free speech and free
press protections, the American Civil Liberties Union warned today.

The report "raises a number of civil liberties concerns," the ACLU said in
a letter, including suggestions for stripping away anonymity online,
lowering the privacy threshold for telephone as well as online
communications, and threatening laws protecting free speech rights of
anyone using a computer, including news reporters.

A special feature on the dangerous Department of Justice report can be found at*:

We have already garnered significant media attention for our concerns about
the government's report:

-- A Washington Post article about the controversy can be found at:

-- A Wired News article about the new report can be found at:,1367,34874,00.html

Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000
Subject: How to get rid of deposits of heavy metals

Jean, I thought your network might find this of interest. In Cyprus Coriander grows abundantly and is used in everything.


Health Tip: (how to get rid of deposits of heavy metals in the physiology).

Source: Alternatives

Title: The Poor Man's Chelation Therapy

There's nothing I like more than learning about inexpensive, common herbs or spices that exhibit unusual healing properties. Historically, the use of herbs and spices in cooking evolved as a method to preserve foods and make them safer to store and eat. While we've grown accustomed to using these items to enhanced or accentuate flavors of food, researchers continue to discover that they have much more to offer than just good taste. A recent example involves the work of Dr. Yoshiaki Omura.

Dr. Omura recently informed us that he discovered almost by accident, that the leaves of the coriander plant can accelerate the excretion of mercury, lead and aluminum from the body. He had been treating several patients for an eye infection called trachoma (granular conjunctivitis), which is caused by the micro-organism Chlamydia trachomatis. Following the standard treatment with antibiotics. Dr. Omura found that the patients' symptoms would clear up initially, then recur within a few month. He experienced similar difficulties in treating viral related problems like Herpes Simplex types I & II and Cytomegalovirus infection.

Cilantro Helps Flush Out Heavy Metals

After taking a closer look, Dr. Omura found those organisms seemed to hide and flourish in area of the body where there were concentrations of heavy metals like mercury, lead and aluminum. Somehow the organism were able to use the toxic metals to protect themselves from the antibiotics.

It just so happens that while he was testing for those metals, Dr. Omura noticed the mercury level in the urine increased after one consumed a healthy serving of Vietnamese soup. The soup contains Chinese parsley, or it is better known in this country, cilantro. (Some of you may also know it as coriander, since it comes from the leaves of the coriander plant.)

Further testing revealed that eating cilantro also increased urinary excretion of lead and aluminum. And when cilantro was used concurrently with antibiotics or natural anti-viral agents and/or fatty acids like EPA with D.A., the above infection could be eliminated for good. (Acupnct Electrother Res. 95:20 (3-4): 195-229.) Dr. Omura has made a remarkable discovery. He's found a novel technique which greatly increases our ability to clear up recurring infections both viral and bacterial. And perhaps more exciting, he's discovered an inexpensive, easy way to remove (or "chelate") toxic metals from the nervous system and body tissue - one that anybody can use.

This is Great News for Amalgam Sufferers

Chelation therapy using chemicals like EDTA has long been used to help remove these heavy metals, but cilantro is the only natural substance I'm aware of that has demonstrated this ability. This will become news for people suffering from the ill effect of amalgam dental fillings, which contains approximately 50% mercury.

Dr. Omura recently performed another study in which three amalgam filling where removed from an individual using all of the precautions available to prevent absorption of the mercury from the amalgam. Even with strong air and water suction, water rinses, and a rubber dental dam, significant amounts of mercury were later found in the individual's lungs, kidneys,, endocrine organs, liver and heart. There was no mercury in these tissue prior to the amalgam removal.

Remarkably, without the help of any chelation agents, cilantro was able to remove the mercury in two to three weeks. (Acupunct Electrother Res 96;21 (2): 133-60.) Since some of the patients didn't like the taste of fresh cilantro, Dr. Omura had a pharmaceutical company create a 100 mg cilantro tablet. In the above dental study, one tablet was taken four times a day. As of yet, I haven't been able to find a tested commercial tablet of cilantro.

It is believed that the active component in cilantro are easily destroyed during processing. For this reason, I recommend sticking to fresh herb. It can be eaten raw in soup or salad, on tacos, or as garnish with practically any dish.

Recipe for Cilantro Pesto (Make That "Chelation Pesto")

I would think it should also work if the cilantro were juiced, but perhaps the easiest and tastiest way to use the herb would be as the main ingredient in a home made pesto sauce. You can start with the basic recipe below and add other nuts and spices to suite your taste.

Cilantro Pesto 1 clove of garlic 1/2 cup of almonds, cashews, or other nuts 1 cup packed fresh cilantro leaves 2 tablespoons lemon juice 6 tablespoons olive oil Put the cilantro and olive oil in blender and process until the cilantro is chopped. Add the rest of the ingredients and process to a lumpy past. (You may need to add a touch of hot water and scrape the sides of the blender.) You can change the consistency by altering the amount of olive oil and lemon juice, but keep the 3:1 ratio of oil to juice. (If freezes well, so you can make several batches at once.) In light of the ever-worsening quality of our water and soil and the widespread use of metals in everyday items like deodorant and cans, I would seriously suspect that all of us have some toxic metals in our body. And unless they are carried out by a chelating agent, things like lead, aluminum and mercury remain in the body forever. Besides associated with arthritic condition, depression, muscle pain and weakness, memory loss and deterioration, and maybe even Alzheimer's disease.

Summer's here and cilantro is readily available across the country. It is very popular herb in Mexican cooking, and due to their large Mexican populations is easy to find anywhere from Texas to California. In other areas, you may need to visit an Oriental market or specialty supermarket, (Remember, it's also called Chinese parsley.) I would highly recommend that you take advantage of this "poor man's chelation treatment". I'm in the process of doing it now my shelf and intend to do so at least once or twice a year from now on. All it takes is adding fresh cilantro to your everyday foods or eating a couple teaspoons of cilantro pesto a day for two or three weeks; either will give the dose Dr. Omura used in his research. Judging by the price around here, that means you'd be spending less than a dollar for two weeks of cleansing! Of course, if you really don't like cilantro, you can always spend a thousands times that much on a series of intravenous chelation treatments...

It is nice to know that there Nature always has it's way and it is so simple!

Author: David G. Williams, DC

Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2000
Subject: earth changes...NOAA's disclosure...;

NOAA Confirms Battros Research...

03/10/00 by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

I cannot tell you how excited I am with NOAA's disclosure of their most current findings regarding our weather. It is an enormous confirmation of my research. NOAA has just released their statement "1999-2000 was the warmest winter in the United States since the government began keeping records". (I have a feeling other countries will say the same).

As if that was not enough to sit me straight up in my chair, they went even further stating they believe the weather phenomena is due to shifting jet stream and ocean currents. Wait, there is more. NOAA now suggest that pollution plays a much smaller roll than other factors. This portion of my findings had put me on the top ten "most wanted" list with environmentalist. I have been told my photo has been seen on several dart boards...Yikes.

My research suggest the reason for the weather phenomena has very little to do with "us", meaning fossil fuel and other pollutants. It is directly related to, yes you guessed it...The Sun!. Before I go further with the true cause (Sun), I would like to re-affirm my ongoing statement regarding pollution. Even though it is true we would be experiencing this weather phenomena "even if there were no humans on earth", we still contribute a significant amount. I would suggest 17% to 20%. This is a large amount. I continue to urge all of us to be "responsible". It is our home (earth) lets treat it as such. To reduce pollution would indeed make a difference. I can tell you, I do my part every chance I get.

Now, back to the Sun. Most of you know we are in a solar cycle named "Cycle 23". NASA claims this to be a typical 11 year cycle we are all familiar with. My research suggest we are not in an 11 cycle, but rather what I call a "Mega Cycle". It supersedes the known 11, 22, 1200 cycles. Some studies suggest it is a hundreds of thousands of year cycle (exact number unknown). It is for this reason we are seeing "records" breaking on a weekly basis.

I believe the occurrence of a "Mega Cycle" helps explain why we have already experienced more than double the NASA prediction of sunspot count for this 11 cycle "Cycle 23". NASA predicted we would see a maximum count of sunspots register at 150 during this cycles "apex". Well, we have already hit 324 in November and have broken 210 and higher on several occasions. Today alone we are at 225 with weeks still ahead of continued escalation before we hit this cycles "apex" which was originally predicted to be mid-April. Now NASA has moved it to I believe June.

Folks, I am very grateful to be apart of the unprecedented times we are in. Never before have we seen science and what many call the esoteric come together. We have some turbulent times ahead of us. People will be coming from all areas telling you "this is the way, follow me". None of us know "the" way. We simply know "ourselves". I will never ask you to follow me, for I can only speak "my truth". I encourage you to take the time you need for yourself. Be still and know. Know what? Your Truth!

Blessings To All, Mitch

Equation: Sunspots = Solar Flares = Magnetic Shift = Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents = Extreme Weather

U.S. Records Warmest Winter on Record - NOAA

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The winter of 1999-2000 was the warmest winter in the United States since the government began keeping records 105 years ago, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said on Friday.

This marked the third year in a row that record warmth was recorded in the United States during the winter months. Since1980 more than two-thirds of U.S. winters have been warmer than average, NOAA said.

The average U.S. temperature from December to February was 38.4 degrees Fahrenheit, six-tenths of a degree warmer than the previous record set last year.

``During the past winter, every state in the continental United States was warmer than its long-term average, with 21 states from California to the Midwest ranked as much above average,'' NOAA said in a statement. It was also the 16th driest on record, NOAA said.

The government blamed the warmer temperatures and lack of moisture on the La Nina weather phenomenon. During a La Nina period, sea surface temperatures are cooled, leading to lower rainfall in parts of the world, including in the United States.

La Nina also shifts the location of the jet stream, raising temperatures across the United States. The latest La Nina period began in mid-1998 and scientists predict it will continue well into 2000.

NOAA also said global warming, which most scientists believe is caused by human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels like coal and gas, was partly to blame for the temperature spike.

Equation: Sunspots = Solar Flares = Magnetic Shift = Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents = Extreme Weather

Mitch Battros Producer - Earth Changes TV

From: "Andrew Kaen" <>
Subject: March 20 Earth Day Peace Bell Ceremony at the UN
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000

Jean, I know you are very very busy. But just wanted to put the word out
that Earth Day according to John McConnell is March 20th. So if you are
putting another email out for spring equinox wanted to give you the info but
you probably already know that,, you're doing marvelous work, the mystical files
are great!

Andy Kaen

March 20 Earth Day Peace Bell Ceremony at the UN

The Peace Bell at the United Nations in New York will ring at 2:35 a.m. EST --
the beginning of Spring. At the same moment (8:35 a.m., March 20, in Austria)
the Peace Bell at the United Nations in Vienna will ring.

One global common moment celebrating life with dedication of heart and mind
to think and act as responsible Earth Trustees. We are one human family
and have only one Earth. Peace and the care of Earth begins in the mind.
On Earth Day we can think, pray and plan what we will do to restore and renew
the wonder of life on our planet. A "New Day" when differences are forgotten
as we share the wonder of nature's new life and new beginning.

March Equinox; nature's moment of "global equipoise". Observed as the beginning
of a new year in ancient China, England, Persia, Egypt, North and South
America. At the moment of Equinox the Sun is setting at the South Pole and
rising at the North Pole. On the equator at noon you will cast no shadow.

Check all the info at

From: "selena" <>
Subject: March 20 Equinox meditation
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000

Dear Jean,

There are two very important meditations coming up and I would like to let
you know so that you can join in, if you feel it is right for you. Full
details are on my website at

but I will paste a shortened version here.

Yours Living Light and Love,

Helen Jandamit (Rev. Sadharma)

In invitation to participate in the Synchronised Global Meditations on
March 20 and May 5, 2000

Certain times are considered very auspicious for synchronising meditation,
prayer, chanting and directed intention to promote Earth Healing and peace.
One of the most important of these times is the Spring (for those in the
northern hemisphere) equinox (March 20) and another will be on May 5, 2000.

On Monday, March 20

(Vernal Equinox 7.31am GMT = 2.31 pm Thai time)

There will be a group session (conducted in English)to radiate Loving
Kindness and Compassion (Metta and Karuna) to the Earth and all her children

at The House of Dhamma
26/9 Lardprao Lane 15, Jatujak, Bangkok 10900

(CLIP - The other info on the May 5 meditation will be included soon in another coming compilation specific to this very important global meditation)

Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000
Subject: Fwd: W H A T M A T T E R S M O S T ?

I loved this...and wanted to send it to those of you I have experienced as caring...

With aloha,


W H A T M A T T E R S M O S T ?

Name the ten wealthiest people in the world.
Name the last ten Heisman trophy winners.
Name the last ten winners of the Miss America contest.
Name eight people who have won the Nobel or Pulitzer prize.
How about the last ten Academy Award winners?
The last decade's worth of World Series winners?

How did you do? With the exception of you trivia hounds, none of us
remember the headliners of yesterday too well.

Surprising how quickly we forget, isn't it? And what I've mentioned above
are no second-rate achievements. These are the best in their fields. But
the applause dies. Awards tarnish. Achievements are forgotten. Accolades
and certificates are buried with their owners.

Here's another quiz. See how you do on this one:

Think of three people you enjoy spending time with.
Name ten people who have taught you something worthwhile.
Name five friends who have helped you in a difficult time.
List a few teachers who have aided your journey through school.
Name half-a-dozen heroes whose stories have inspired you.

Easier? The lesson?
The people who make a difference are not the ones with
the credentials, but the ones with the concern.