January 10, 2000

Subject: Millennium Appeal for Peace + Dr. Heather Anne Harder needs your help to win the US presidential campaign + Central Asia and the Karmapa + Reflecting on Y2K + Excellent LFAS article + SOLAR POWER, FILM HEARTHROB HIGHLIGHTS OF NATIONAL EARTHFAIR 2000 + Deodorant/breast cancer + Swami

Hello again everyone

Here is another compilation of various interesting and/or important material for your perusal.


Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

SOME IMPORTANT FORTHCOMING EVENTS - taken from Barbara Wolf <bjwolf@rochester.infi.net> January's e-newsletter:

• The MILENIO Conference instigated by Catherine Margerin (a participant to the Earth Rainbow Network 1st meeting in Santa Barbara, in 1997) June 2000, COSTA RICA, University of Peace. Week-long Milenio conference and celebration to bring together Milenio teams working in crucial areas of global concern as well as other guests and participants, including Nobel laureates, musicians, artists, world leaders, environmentalists, spiritual leaders, grassroots organizations, and those dedicated to peace, justice and sustainable life.
Contact: milenio@igc.apc.org

• April 2-8, 2000. SAMOA. The first Global Millennium People's Assembly, called "Make Peace, Not Wars". Contact: letagaloa@usa.net, or Rob Wheeler, robineagle@hotmail.com http://www.samoa.net/suna

• Aug. 13-19, AUSTRALIA, South Molle Island, Queensland. HEALING SUMMIT 2000 - AUSTRALIA. "Weaving the Rainbow Web and Manifesting the Dream'. Contact: annwf@mpx.com.au or dskeehn@pacbell.net http://www.angelfire.com/ak/drann

• Aug. 19, Amenia, NEW YORK STATE, at The World Peace Sanctuary. FESTIVAL 2000! A spectacular event, including "One Million Voices for Peace." Contact: The World Peace Prayer Society, peacepal@worldpeace.org http://www.worldpeace.org

Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2000
From: Rachel Pelletier <cogesfor@videotron.ca>
Subject: Support for PEACE requested

Hello all my friends, bonjour a tous mes amis!!

Even for my French speaking friends, here, I will be writing in English.....

Last Septembre, I was invited as a guest speaker in a Conference on Spirituality and Management in Bristol UK. We began the Conference with a Ceremony of the World Peace Flame brought in by the LIFE FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL...... Flame that I brought back with me in Quebec and I am spreading around generously.


They mention that they are coming in Quebec next year, please for my Quebec friends, feel free to answer them, and mention my name .....

With much LOVE and .....Working together in UNITY


Bonjour Rachel

Happy New Millennium ! and Greetings & Blessings from the mountains of North Wales !

We have just returned after being in London with the World Peace Flame where thousands of people were given candles and a new perspective on their lives for a new millennium. This includes British Prime Minister Tony Blair who was delighted to receive the World Peace Flame in a miners lamp ! I enclose our Millennium Appeal for Peace, backed by UNESCO and further spreading the energy of the Flame across the globe. It would be really great if you would sign it and pass it on to your friends and networks - Thank you so much, have an amazing start to the new Millennium - I look forward to hearing from you soon.

In Peace,

Julie, Louise & Reggie

P.S. We are planning a tour of North America (including Quebec, Ontario etc) in autumn 2001, if you know of people that would be interested in our spriritual and peacemaking activities please let us know. Thank you !

Dear Friends,

Amidst all the Millennium excitement and parties, I wonder if we can also make history.

The attached appeal just needs a click to put yourself on the world map of peace. Together with UNESCO, the Millennium Appeal for Peace aims to help collect 100 million signatures. It is inititiated by Life Foundation International, health professionals who teach peacebuilding and detraumatisation in war zones.

On 1-1-2000, we walked into to Downing St, the UN in New York, and the EC in Brussels to deliver the first signatures, the Millennium Appeal for Peace will be represented in September along with UNESCO's Manifesto 2000.

Please click! and invite your networks, groups, family and friends to do the same.

To go to the Millennium Appeal for Peace site, where there is a page on which you can add your name to the MAP, please click:


At midnight on Millennium eve it felt so great to know that we were joined by tens of thousands of people in holding a candle of peace with a committment in our hearts to create peace within and around us in each moment.

Peace is possible now, more than ever before. Let us affirm the fact that humanity is now mature enough to create a peaceful world. Lets make a difference!

With peace and gratitude to you,

Julie Hotchkiss & Louise Rowan
Life Foundation International

Life Foundation International - UNESCO

Put your name on the MAP
MAP - The Millennium Appeal for Peace

I call on the governments of the world to:

1. Create a Ministry of Peace in National Governments

2. Install a World Peace Flame at the UN in New York...

3. ...and in National Capitals.

I pledge to:

Strive to live to the ideals expressed in UNESCO's Manifesto 2000 Appeal.

Manifesto 2000

Respect all life
Reject violence
Share with others
Listen to understand
Preserve the planet
Rediscover solidarity

To remember and remind ourselves of this we are asking people to light a World Peace Flame candle on Millennium Eve and thereafter once a week.

Background information

As we move into the Millennium there is more hope around than any of us could have imagined, 10 years ago. Yet we need to take positive action if we want this energy of hope to really create a better world.

MAP - the Millennium Appeal for Peace - invites you to put your name on the MAP for peace. It aims to help UNESCO collect 100 million signatures from people in every part of the globe.

And most importantly MAP shows the leaders of the world that individuals are willing to take active steps towards creating peace.

MAP is initiated by Life Foundation International, health professionals who teach peacebuilding and detraumatisation in war zones. In our work in war-zones, we notice that peace arises only when people actively go out and create it. Our earth will find peace when there are more people 'waging peace' than there are 'waging war'!

Here is how MAP helps us go out and create peace:

For individuals:

* Light a World Peace Flame candle

Peace starts when we take the time to stop and recollect our centre. MAP invites people to pause and light a flame because it is a perfect symbol of the highest that lies within us. Moreover, the constantly active flame reminds us that we can improve our life only when we take positive actions.

For nations:

* Light a World Peace Flame at the UN and in National Capitals

Humanity does now have the maturity to create peace, and the Millennium marks a perfect time for us, as human beings, to make a bold recognition of this. MAP calls on the United Nations to symbolise this by lighting an eternal World Peace Flame during the 2000 Millennium Assembly. And MAP asks that representatives from each nation take torches back to their capitals so that the light from this flame can be distributed across the earth.

* Create Ministries of Peace

Governments, like individuals, need to take active steps to creating peace. This century has seen Ministries of War and then Ministries of Defense. So, as we move into the millennium and a world that has a real hope of creating peace, is it not time for governments to create Ministries of Peace?

We have reached a point in history where we really do know how to create peace in the world. (We even know how much it costs - $18 billion per year* - to adequately food, clothe, sanitise, house and educate everyone on earth, thus removing most causes of war.)

We just haven't quite got around to realising this and doing something about it yet. MAP aims to create the political will that will create peace. Thank you for putting your name on the MAP of peaceand networking it so that others can too!!!

* according to UNICEF

Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2000
From: Aquarius Enterprises <embrace@pe.net>
Subject: Dr. Heather Anne Harder needs your help to win the US presidential campaign

Now is the Time - please read and network

From: "ELN/firedeva" <firedeva@earthlink.net>

Radical Common Sense is one of the slogans being used by relatively-unknown presidential candidate Dr. Heather Anne Harder, who is being personally coached (interdimensionally) by several Ascended Masters to run and win the US presidential campaign.

EVEN if you believe she can't win.... here's why I am appealing to you to actively support Heather's campaign in these early months. Once Heather is on 20 ballots, the media will be REQUIRED to include her in every public debate. Once you read her position statements on her web site http://www.harder2000.com you will understand why I (usually very passive about these things) am so adamant that the spiritual community get behind her.

Running on the Democratic ticket, (because independents don't win), Heather and her staff are working almost around the clock to get into a minimum of 20 primaries. The law in the US requires that the media recognize any candidate who is in primaries in 20 states. Right now there are 15 Democratic candidates, and the media recognizes only two. Some of the filing deadlines are very close. Each state requires a filing fee of $5000 (that's 100K total for initial primaries) and some states also require signatures on petitions.

Heather's statements on issues are BRILLIANT. If she gets into the debates, these opinions will be HEARD on public media loud and clear. Please check out the web site:http://www.harder2000.com and read her statements on the issues. There are at least 18 of them, with bold comments on many controversial issues.

Heather Harder is qualified, articulate, and the position statements are pure genius. It's time we take back our country from special interests.... and it will only happen if we take ACTION NOW.

Please circulate this email. Even if you are outside the US.... who we elect and who gets heard in these debates will affect the entire world. .. and you all have networks which include Americans. Please read the web site, please send money, please volunteer to help.

Decide who to vote for in November.... but help Heather get on the primary ballots NOW. It means a lot to the spiritual progress of the entire planet that this take place.

Thanks for listening.....

Blessings and light to all,

Susan Moore
One Life Center Foundation

Date: Sun, 09 Jan 2000
From: Palden Jenkins <palden@globalnet.co.uk>
Subject: Central Asia and the Karmapa

Dear friends

I wish to share with you my 'take' on a few current affairs happening at present.

What is the connection between the Chechen war, Afghanistan, Kashmir and the recent flight of a 14-year old Tibetan Lama (HH Karmapa XVII) from Tibet?

I would suggest that it is this. Central Asia is the last area of the world which suffers outright imperialism. This used to be called 'The Great Game', and it involved Britain too, in the days of the Raj 100 years ago. The connection between these disparate events is: Central Asia (from the Caucasus to Sinkiang to Mongolia to Tibet to Afghanistan) is on the edge of finding its true identity and key role in the world - and these separate events are advance signs of a mega-situation building up. And, I would suggest, the likely catalyst of this big change is this lama, Karmapa - who stands not only to be the personage who presides over the 'freeing' of Tibet, but also the one who might, by indirect means, shepherd the freeing up of Central Asia.

Culturally-religiously, this involves the fusion or interaction of very different cultures - Buddhist, Muslim, shamanistic and post-Socialist (note that Christianity isn't involved). The first stage of this change was the fall of USSR and the founding of the post-socialist Sunni Muslim Central Asian republics in the 1990s. The next stage is the rebirth of Tibet, Afghanistan, Mongolia and East Turkestan, from the Caucasus to the borders of 'China proper' - which, except for Afghanistan and Kashmir, concerns the political future and the prevalence of truth/reality in China, the world's most populous nation, and in Russia.

The Karmapa is both a religious and a political figure, like the Dalai Lama. He's a kind of joint Buddhist papal figure, with the Dalai and Panchen Lamas. While the Dalai Lama is a philosopher who has admirably 'held' the Tibetans during their exile/oppression phase in history, the Karmapa is, for want of a better term, an advanced enlightened shaman - and he and the Dalai Lama are also deep soul-friends. Karmapa's walking out of Tibet over the Millennium is a sign and omen of large import. Check out http://www.maui.net/~tsurphu/karmapa/ for more information on him.

While I must own my own bias here - the Karmapa in his last incarnation was my teacher in the 1970s, and my adopted Tibetan name (Karma Palden Sonam) was given to me by him, and his voluntary exile from Tibet is personally significant to me - I suggest that you watch this man carefully. He's young at present - what an act for a 14-year old to make! He will probably be kept hidden for a while - amongst other things, for him to complete his religious and political education - but by 2010 things will be different, and a new generation of Tibetans and post-Communist Central Asians will be in the ascendancy. Karmapa's HQ in exile is Rumtek monastery in Sikkim - which itself is in slightly disputed territory between India and China.

From the position of my own personal bias, I ask that you extend supportive prayers toward the Karmapa. From my position as a geopolitical analyst and historian, I suggest you simply watch this man! And also: look into the inner significance of the struggles going on in Central Asia at present - Chechnya, Kashmir, West China, Afghanistan, the oilfields in Azerbaijan, the Siberian republics of Russia, Mongolia and the C Asian republics. Keep an eye on this issue, because I think it is important for the world as a whole. This area of the world has been hidden away for a long time, and it's about to emerge again. Remember, in history, that the largest empire the world has ever seen - that of the Mongols - came from here. Something is brewing....


NOTE: I reading this article below, I realized that Robert Theobald (Author of "The Rapids of Change") is no longer with us. Some of you may remember his always enlightening and clear-minded comments and articles often networked through this source... Bob Stilger was a close collaborator of Mr. Theobald.

From: Bob Stilger <rstilger@nrf.org>, <transform@igc.topica.com>
Date: Thursday, January 06, 2000
Subject: Reflecting on Y2K

Reflecting on Y2K

Dear Friends,

There's been much commentary on what happened and what didn't happen with Y2K. A number of people have asked me what Robert Theobald would have said.

One friend suggested that I might start a rumor that Whoopi Goldberg had channeled Robert and he said "it was hard, but I was able to move around quite quickly without my body and I've mostly been able to keep anything bad from happening."

That rumor makes me smile.

And, I do want to share some of what would had come up if Robert and I had a chance to talk about this.

^^Express Gratitude^^. It is a wonder and a blessing that so few people's lives have been harmed as a result of Y2K failures. It's a futile exercise to take credit or blame for what happened over the last two years as different people and organizations prepared for this in various ways. Each of us needs to reflect on what we've learned - and share it.

^^It's About Resilience^^. We've said all along that Y2K was a clarion call asking each of us to look at resilience at the personal, community and global levels? How balanced are we? How able are we to adapt to change? Do we have the right mix of challenge and serenity to keep our lives in focus? How do we build and enhance our capacity to care for ourselves, each other and the planet?

^^Self Organizing^^. In community after community all around the planet we demonstrated an incredible capacity to self-organize. We moved into relationships with new and old partners and thought about how we might support each other. We have had a wonderful opportunity to develop this skill.

^^Anticipations^^. Hopefully, we've learned to laugh, and lightly hold the perils of self-organizing in anticipation of events of events that have not yet occurred. In systems theory, and in cellular organization, self-organizing occurs in the moment, not in the anticipation of the moment. A lot of time and energy was spent trying to anticipate what would happen around Y2K. Perhaps in the future our attention will be more on building our overall resilience and capacity to deal with whatever emerges.

^^Measurements^^. Perhaps one of the most important reminders from Y2K is that we increasingly don't know how to measure anything of importance. Measurement requires a known standard and base. We're in a period of creation of new standards and bases. I think this is what living with ambiguity is all about!

^^Nothing's Changed^^. Many of us who have worked on Y2K saw it as the "canary in the mine" of our other concerns - destruction of ecosystems, runaway consumption, growing gaps between the rich and the poor, increased stress and decreased quality of life. We got through Y2K, so far. AND, many of our underlying concerns about the directions of industrial growth society remain the same. We need to continue our work to keep things from getting worse, to develop effective alternatives for people, and to evolve a whole shift in consciousness.

^^Nothing's Changed, Except Us^^. Many of us have changed as a result of our work on Y2K. The world seems a bit more, well, global. Separate little project seem less important. Our consciousness of our deep interconnectedness has expanded. The stories we tell ourselves about our lives have shifted. Y2K has been an easel on which many of us have started to draw new pictures of our lives.

Those are a few of the things I think Robert and I would have talked about, and which he might have written about as well.

I move into the year 2000 filled with hope. We have a chance to create new stories about how we live our lives.

Many Blessings,


Robert L. Stilger, Executive Director

Northwest Regional Facilitators
East 525 Mission Avenue
Spokane, WA 99202
Fax: (509) 483 0345
Phone: (509) 484 6733, Extension 139
E-Mail: rstilger@nrf.org
NRF Home Page: http://www.nrf.org
ResilientCommunities Home Page: http://www.resilientcommunities.org Transformational Learning Community Home Page: http://www.transform.org/transform/tlc/

Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2000
From: Light Worker Center <light@ilhawaii.net>
Subject: Excellent LFAS article

The Hawai`i Island Journal published an excellent article regarding LFAS, including information about observed differences in the number of whales and whale songs off Hawai`i in the year following the testing.

With permission of the Journal, Cheryl Magill has posted the article at:




Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2000
From: Earth Day Mom <earthday@earthdayspirit.org>
Subject: Solar power, film HEARTHROB highlight National EARTHFAIR 2000



WASHINGTON, DC, January 5, 2000 (ENS) - Actor Leonardo DiCaprio will serve as chairman for 'EarthFair 2000' to be held on the Mall in Washington, D.C. on April 22, 2000. "As far back as I can remember, personally, environmental issues have always been of the utmost importance to me," says DiCaprio. "I think it's a great way for all of us seriously to focus on what I feel is an environmental emergency that we face in the millennium." Hosted by the Earth Day Network, EarthFair 2000 will include hundreds of presentations depicting the elements of a sustainable society, including exhibits powered by solar, wind, earth, water and people. The first Earth Day was held in 1970, and has grown to involve thousands of communities around the world in a wide range of events.

A solar-powered stage will feature entertainment and top musical acts from the U.S. and abroad. Energy technology pavilions will feature hands on activities and offer opportunities for direct action. The event organizers will recycle trash from the event, use only renewable energies, and demonstrate ways to hold a sustainable event. More than half a billion people around the world are expected to participate in Earth Day 2000 festivities, with large events planned in London, New York, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Seoul, Chicago, Beijing, Atlanta, Tel Aviv, Boston, Manila and San Diego. More than three thousand organizations from 167 countries have already announced plans for events.

Exhibitors, sponsors and volunteers: To participate in EarthFair 2000 in Washington D.C. contact: karigray@earthlink.net

Carolyn Chase Earth Day Network, San Diego http://www.earthdayweb.org

Earth Day Worldwide Directory - Register and search for groups and events http://www.earthday.net/dir/group.asp

Earth Day 2000 Clean Energy Now! campaign http://www.earthday.net

PO Box 9827 San Diego California,92169 U.S.A (619)272-7370 FAX:(619)272-2933 email: earthday@earthdayspirit.org

The purpose of Earth Day is to increase awareness, responsibility and action toward a clean, healthy future for all living things using events, campaigns and networking as catalysts.

To submit Earth Day-related items or to join a moderated email list of announcements and reports on projects and ideas for using Earth Day as a catalyst for change, OR to unsubscribe from this email list, send requests to earthday@earthdayspirit.org.

Ten easy things to do for Earth Day

1. Recycle and buy recycled
2. Reduce use of disposable items
3. Reduce car trips and keep car well-tuned 4. Use biodegradable soaps
5. Adopt a beach or park
6. Reduce energy use - switch to green power 7. Don't use pesticides - (buy "good bugs" to eat your "bad bugs") 8. Conserve water
9. Buy certified organic food
10. Don't buy tropical hardwoods or products from old growth trees (on the internet see http://www.woodwise.org)

For other ideas and fun projects, visit

or send email to earthday@earthdayspirit.org

From: "Dave" <dave@asheville-computer.com> Subject: Deodorant/breast cancer
Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2000

I don't know of any major peer-reviewed evidence of a link between breast cancer and anti-perspirant. It is unlikely that such a study would ever be made, since the cancer industry is HUGE and medical researchers would not likely find any funding for a study that would point toward prevention (not too popular in the cancer industry) - especially toward prevention in an area where product liability could come up on the part of anti-perspirant manufacturers - who tend to be loosely part of the pharmaceutical family of firms.

HOWEVER- it is the collective opinion of alternative health practitioners whom I am aware of, that blocking the release of toxins from armpit could very likely be associated with breast cancer.

"modern" medical "science" is so barbaric....

Dave Hartley


Steve Bhaerman
Lite Headed Productions
400 W. Third St., Suite D-144
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
1-800-SWAMI-BE e-mail

Beyondanews -- January 1, 2000

Featuring Swami's State of the Universe Address

Dear Friends:

Welcome to the New Millennium -- unless you are Jewish, Chinese, Mayan or anyone else who uses a different calendar, or unless you are one of those sticklers who insist the millennium doesn't begin until 2001. As per every year at this time, Swami Beyondananda offers his State of the Universe Address, which follows. Feel free to freely circulate this document, but also be sure that the Swami tag and website address are included.

Swami Beyondananda's State of the Universe Address 2000

Well, the New Millennium is here, and if you are reading this, I predict we have survived. The Y2K glitch has given us a great opportunity to consider the age-old question, "What are we human beings really like when the chips are down?" and face our fear that when the Big Ball dropped, we would drop the ball. With the Millennial Madness sale finally over, we can now turn our attention from the profits of doom towards that which profits everyone. Discorporate Takeovers Continue Unabated

Speaking of profits of doom, as was predicted at the beginning of the year (see State of the Universe Address for 1999), the Monsanto Corporation has abandoned its terminator seed technology on orders from Above. As you may remember, the would-be know-it-alls from that corporate giant decided they wanted to own and manufacture all of the crop seeds worldwide. But a Discorporate Giant nixed the plan. Said a spokesman for the Creator, "Human beings have free will, so of course they are free to play God -- as long as God wins."

Like any spiritual transformation, Monsanto's was an inside job. An insider working with the Rockefeller Foundation began to suffer pangs of conscience, the first symptom of awakening compassion. He began to doubt the assertions that Monsanto scientists were wiser than Creation, and decided to air his concerns at a Monsanto board meeting. He secretly instructed the press to be there (before someone else could secretly instruct them not to), and he spilled the soybeans. By the time the spin doctors arrived on the scene, it was too late. The terminator technology had expired.

Personally, I see it as a result of all those mass prayers and meditations. The blisskrieg is beginning to pay off. Even the tobacco industry has suffered a bout of conscience, and if this persists it means that any institution is suceptible to awakened compassion. It is said that when a certain number in any group attain Buddha consciousness -- known as the Hundreth Monk theory -- the organization will transform too. And our loving prayers help. The rising esteem from all that love makes the atmosphere more favorable for enlightening to strike.

The discorporate takeover is also being felt in our hospitals and HMOs. While the medical establishment insists that nothing works better than allopathic medicine, critics are agreeing that indeed nothing often does. Some recent studies indicate that placebos have higher success rates than certain established medical procedures! And why shouldn't they? Since the atom is 99.99% empty space, and we are comprised entirely of atoms, are we not more nothing than anything? Although medical authorities scoff at the notion ("Invisible medicine? I just can't see it"), just wait until the HMOs catch on. I predict we'll see more and more practitioners sending their patients off with a placebo and a prayer.

And if you still need proof of the power of prayer, you need only look as far as the baseball world. In Cleveland this past summer, a group of East Indians of the Buddhist persuasion -- the Cleveland Indian Indians they called themselves -- adopted popular outfielder Manny Ramirez, who ended up with more runs batted in than anyone in over sixty years, a feat attributable in part to Buddhist chanting. Each time Ramirez would come up with runners in scoring position, he would hear those devoted fans chanting "oh Manny bat me home, oh Manny bat me home, oh Manny bat me home" -- and more often than not, he did.

I would look for Spirit to materialize even more in 2000. The blisskrieg will continue unabated as more and more of us convert our karmas from internal combustion to esteem. This will drive the price of lie-ability insurance sky high. The more the underlying truth comes out through individual awakening, the more certain companies will have to pay to insure their ability to lie. (If you think legal advice is expensive, it's nothing compared to the cost of illegal advice.) As more of us decide to put outcome ahead of income, lie-ability will no longer be an asset.

Finally, the Discorporate Powers, working through our own prayers and actions, will transform the arms race. In 2000, look for the nations of the world to give up the foolish notion of disarmament, and focus instead on learning and teaching the appropriate use of arms. Yes, that's right. Ever since I was refused service at a fancy restaurant years ago for not wearing a sportjacket, I have been a staunch supporter of the right to bare arms. No one wants to be without arms. Look at Venus di Milo -- beautiful to look at, but she can't do a thing. The Creator gave us arms for a reason, and free will to choose what we do with them. So this year, I predict the first arms exchanges between formerly-warring parties will take place. On my tell-a-vision screen, I see rival armies proudly walking towards each other as their commanders issue the orders:

"At ease!"

"Present arms!"


Who knows? We may be able to stop the some of the balkin' in the Balkans, cool the ire in Ireland, and relieve the pressure around other dangerous human fault lines.

Now in some areas, we will no doubt fall short in 2000. For example, I predict another Presidential election year will go by without us learning to harness the wind from all of the oratory and put it to some useful purpose. On the other hand, I see a great transformation in store for Bill Gates. As part of his settlement with the government, he will have to take one of those Radical Honesty workshops, and will end up renaming his company "Macrohard." The Artist Formerly Known as Prince will drop that name as well, and hereafter be known as The Artist Formerly Known As the Artist Formerly Known as Prince. And the discorporate takeover will hit the airwaves in the form of a new network featuring only disembodied commentators -- the Channel Channel.

There -- I've tossed out my predictions, and you probably will too. Because this is indeed a Universe of unlimited possibilities, so why limit ourselves? We've survived to a new millennium, which is great. Now it's time to raise the bar a bit and go for "thrival" instead of mere survival. With every thought and deed we are buying futures. I say it's time we picked one we'd like to own.

Copyright 2000 by Steve Bhaerman. All rights reserved.


NOW AVAILABLE! Swami's new book, Duck Soup for the Soul, is now in its second printing! Let the Guru of Ho-ho-holy Hee-hee-healing offer his unique recipe for living louder and laughing longer! Autographed copies now available for $10 plus $3 shipping. Or, order Swami's three audio tapes ($33 plus $3 shipping) and get Duck Soup FREE! To order by mail and get a catalogue of Swami's products write to Lite Headed Productions, 400 W. Third St., Suite D-144, Santa Rosa, CA 95401. To place a credit card order, call Swami's special product ordering line at 1-800-SWAMI-BE or visit Swami's website at "http:www.beyondananda.com. Or, ask for it at bookstores. Remember, laughter is physically healing because it causes the blood vessels to dilate, which beats having them die early.!