February, 8, 2000

Subject: Urgent Planetary Awakening Network Alert


If you have been listening to the news today, you know by now that Israel has launched major air attacks yesterday in Lebanon, destroying amongst other things 3 important utility power plants (number of casualties unknown), including one near Beyrouth, in retaliation for a raid by Hisbollah forces that killed 5 Israeli soldiers a few days ago. Soon more rockets were launched from South Lebanon against villages near the border in Israel by the Hisbollah forces. Syria and Lebanon warned that such actions jeopardize the peace process. Far from backing down, Israel has launched more air attacks and bombardments tonight against the city of Tyr.

We have all heard of similar occurrences on repeated occasions over the course of past years and we've all grown accustomed to the occasional flare-ups of hostility, soon to be followed by periods of relative tranquillity. So why would it be any different now? Because Ehud Barak, the new Prime Minister of Israel, has raised everyone's expectations as to the imminence of permanent peace and stability between Israel and its neighbors. And because by relying on the use of such extreme force to try once again - but obviously to no avail - to quell the Hisbollah forces in South Lebanon, Israel is showing that it cannot restraint itself and thus appears not to be serious about making peace with its Arab neighbors.

In the swirling and contradictory forces that tug both towards peace and war on Earth, there is a delicate balance that must not be broken. By giving out once again the example of a nation that chooses to rely on the use of brute force and the destructive power of its weapons to achieve its aims rather than following the path of negotiation and relying on the power of its loving, open arms to embrace its former enemies and make true, lasting peace for the benefit of present and future generations, Israel is playing a dangerous game that may have far-reaching and terrible consequences not only for the stability of the Middle East, but also for the very survival of the entire world and its 6 billion inhabitants and countless other life forms.

Just like the fabled butterfly wings fluttering in Africa whose initial movements can trigger the onslaught of a monster hurricane days later on the other side of the Atlantic, the senseless recourse to violence -- on both sides! -- to settle a long-seething but ultimately trivial border conflict can degenerate into a full-fledge war and even open the doors to planet-wide destruction by reopening the still festering wounds of hatred from previous conflicts, including the Cold War, and thus inflicting a lethal blow to the delicate balance of mutually assured destruction that has kept the world from plunging into an apocalyptic thermonuclear war.

This is not a time to mince words and pretend that such a threat no longer exists. In a 60 Minutes interview tonight by the American TV journalist Dan Rather with the retired U.S. general who was in charge until recently of the nuclear missiles aimed at Russia, it was clear that the unthinkable could still happen anytime. Each side still has 6,000 (down from 12,000) nuclear heads pointed at each other on hair-trigger alert and still maintains a formidable army of soldiers and technicians to launch and deliver, within 30 minutes of an order to do so, enough atomic bombs to incinerate the world 100 times over and terminate all life on Earth. This retired U.S. general explained and asked us all to think about the fact that the 2 generals, both on the American and Russian sides, are so fed up with the staid immobility of their respective politicians with regard to the reduction of nuclear arsenals to a much lower level as was supposed to happen under the Start Two Treaty, never signed by the Douma and the U.S Congress, that they decided to invite each other to visit their entire nuclear weapon facilities 2 years ago as a confidence-building measure and finally ended up as good friends, hugging and embracing each other, and pressing hard on their respective political leaders to ratify the treaty and move ahead towards further mutual reductions. To their great sorrow, the day before the Douma (the Russian parliament) was to ratify Start Two, the U.S. Air Force started to bomb Kosovo and a few days later an irate Boris Eltsine threatened to unleash a nuclear war, thus putting everyone back to Square One. They concluded the TV report with the good news that the general in charge of the Russian nuclear forces just sent a letter a couple weeks ago suggesting a renewed effort by the military establishment on both sides to re-establish open lines of communication and start a new dialogue to dismantle their weapons of mass destruction before the unthinkable happens.

Bringing up once again these terrible thoughts and reminding us that humanity can trip up anytime into oblivion is not intended to create needless anxiety and resurrect the spectre of Armageddon, but is a needed jolt we all need to wake us out of any possible complacency and illusion that our peacemaking and love-nurturing job is finished. The Lightworkers of the world, whatever their role and function in the collective peacemaking efforts of these past years, have achieved tremendous victories for the benefit of the entire planet and they can all be proud of their accomplishments. Yet we still have a long journey ahead of us before the last remnants of an era of cruelty and violence beyond anything the world has ever seen can be definitely put to rest into the Museums of Horrors from the Past sure to be built one day on Earth.

There are far too many political situations now in the balance and humanitarian tragedies now unfolding for us to adopt a wait-and-see attitude. The time is now, more than ever, to renew our collective peace-making efforts and rekindle the fire of compassion and peace in our hearts to radiate far and wide the ever-healing Power of Love flashing from the depths of our souls towards all those in need of spiritual succour and appeasement. Although it is often convenient to have rendez-vous points in time to massively exhale our radiance of Peace, Love and Harmony for every being on Earth, we cannot remain idle when the need is so great. So let us all dedicate moments in our days, everyday, to meditate and/or pray, even if only for a few minutes, to do what we came here to do by simply *being* who we are, that is, living, breathing emanations of the immanent, omnipotent Divine Power of Life that shines in every nooks and corners of this infinite Universe, demanding that Peace Prevail On Earth and that all the needed assistance offered and available from other dimensions and other worlds be bestowed upon us all to achieve the great Leap forward into a new era of Unity and Peace, a new dispensation of the redeeming collective Power of Love to make this world anew and in line with the Universal Laws of Goodwill and Compassion for All That Lives.

Thank you for disseminating this Call from Within and for being Who you are...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator