July 28, 2000

Subject: Up Beat News File #1: More on Jon Peniel's book + New Energy - Green Victory This Year! + The Movement to reignite the Spirit of America by Corinne McLaughlin + Book on Angels in preparation + I'M CHIQUITA BANANA AND I'VE COME TO SAY -- BANANAS MUST BE GROWN IN A CERTAIN WAY

Hello everyone

I've been receiving and compiling so much material in the last few weeks that just to keep up I must send this fourth big one this week -- or it may never get to you. But rest assured - if you think this is too much to read - as I'm planning to take a few weeks of break from preparing and sending these compilations starting next Friday. The only material that I will keep sending you is the weekly Meditation Focus prepared by the Focus Group.

Have a great weekend!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator
and Focus Group Facilitator

From: BVinikas@aol.com
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000
Subject: Re: The Free Democracy Network and Roadshow, etc.


A couple of things.


I really just wanted to thank you for sending me this stuff. Some of it I just erase and don't read. But some of it is very good and I don't get from any other source. How do you support yourself? Who pays the bills? From the volume of info you put out and must research, it must take a lot of time. You seem to be a tireless networker. I appreciate that fact that somebody is out there doing this. And! it is quality stuff, for the most part. Some of course is the usual New Age Drivel
- unsubstantiated Channelling - which is suspect to most reasonable people of science, ie., the western business world.

Next, This Jon monk, predicted by Cayce. Fabulous story. I am ordering the book, BUT! I don't see how he is any different than 1000 other books out there on the same subject - pretty much looks like the same esoteric info just from another point of view.

Anyway, I posed a few specific questions, if you have time to answer them all.



Thanks a lot Bruce. To answer you: Yes it usually takes a lot of time to prepare these compilations, which obviously I very much enjoy doing, but it is all volunteer work. Except a couple people who sent in a donation recently, I derive no income from this work -- only good karma I suppose :-)
I would certainly welcome more such support and if you or anyone else is inclined to do so, then I will assuredly put it to good use. I may even mail back a copy of the ecospiritual novel I wrote in 1987 (The Immortal Child) as I did for those who sent me a donation recently.

As for the book I'd be interested to hear your comments on it once you've read it.

For your (and other people) information, here are more details on the book "The Children of the Law of One" by Jon Peniel, taken from a book review I found on the Net:

"It's primarily the story of one man's journey to Tibet, his inner journey of personal discovery, and his changes and growth over time. But the teachings he encountered, and the texts he studied in their ancient library, open many doors. The book thus touches upon a wide range of subjects mentioned in (or suggested by) the sleeping prophet's readings. These include such diverse things as: Using and interpreting dreams; Death and the near-death experience: The battle between Atlantis and Lemuria; The nature of the Universe and a fascinating story of our creation; Angels who manifested on Earth; the true builders of the Great Pyramid; the properties of pyramids and secrets of the Sphinx; The Universal Spirit, God, and the oldest known name of God that is actually a key to understanding life creation; The story of half animal/half human creatures; Philosophy; Esoteric
metaphysics; universal laws, the function of crystals, energy, and vibration; Soulmates; Spiritual teachers and how to tell if they're real; The programming of the subconscious mind and how to reprogram it yourself; Psychic development, auras, prophesies, and predictions; The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Essenes; The new age and channeling; Diet and the real pros and cons of being a vegetarian; Karma, reincarnation, and past lives; The ancient records from the beginning to the end of the millennium and the year 2001; Earth changes, pole shifts, and survival; Christ Consciousness and oneness with the Universe; The history of Jesus and Thoth; Yoga and Zen; The secrets of Mt. Shasta; St. Germain, alchemy and ancient races. You name it, it's there. It even includes a great self-help program with meditations and affirmations used by the ancient spiritual tradition which can still
be used to help improve your life."

NOTE FROM JEAN: I received the following through my good friend Ed Elkin. This is really ambitious but would make for a much more appealing and oil-dependency paradigm-shattering US election campaign... Just in the nick of time also with regard to high gazoline prices (now coming down a bit though) which will certainly be a central issue in this next presidential election. We can all be grateful to Art Rosenblum for such a bold and visionary initiative.

From: EdElkin@aol.com

Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000
Subject: Pos. Paper: New Energy - Green Victory This Year !
From: Art b Rosenblum <artr@juno.com>

Dear Ed,

Thanks for sending out the "Dream" of a Green victory. Dreams are great,
but we are actually working on the reality. Because of little known
scientific discoveries which could end pollution and the energy crisis in
a few short years, it may be the Greens really will win !

Here is the positon paper they asked me for and which is now being
considered by both the Greens and John Hagelin of the Natural Law Party,
possibly Reform Party also. Please pass it on.


Shortly before the Pons/Fleishman "Cold Fusion" announcement stunned and
then shattered the energy outlook, Dr. Randell Mills made an even more
startling discovery which he then chose not to publicize. He discovered
that hydrogen atoms (which are four times lighter but twice as large as
helium atoms) can collapse and form a much smaller atom called an
"Hydrino" with the release of between 100 and 1,000 times as much energy
as needed to get hydrogen from water. This involves no radioactivity or

Now Dr. Mills has a large laboratory near Princeton, NJ with about 100
engineers and chemists working under him and over thirty million in
funding. Rapid progress is being made towards the Gryrotron which, in a
small space, will produce large amounts of electrical energy directly
from water (the common source of hydrogen) with no moving parts, no
radiation. A whole new physics and chemistry is being developed with new
batteries that could drive a car 1,000 miles between charges.

This means a decentralized energy system could provide electricity for
every little village in the world greatly reducing world poverty without
harming the wealthy at all.


The real issue is actually winning the White House this year by
publicizing a real but startling solution to the energy and pollution
crisis, overcoming world poverty without attacking the wealthy.


This information is so different from anything previous administrations
have discussed, that there is no need to differentiate between them. Most
administrations have talked about energy alternatives since the 70's or
before, but all those options failed to provide a real alternative to
fossil fuels which can drive cars and aircraft and power cities. None
of them could respond to the fact that the Chinese people want
refrigerators and cars and if they got them by present systems, the
entire world would be in a hopeless situation because of energy and
pollution problems. Previous administrations had no realistic answers to
the energy needs of planet earth.

However, Dr. Shelby Brewer, Assistant Secretary for Energy under
President Reagan has carefully studied the work of Dr. Randell Mills,
found it to be scientifically correct and is now on the Board of
Directors of Mills' company, Blacklight Power, Inc.


Ralph Nader needs to be elected President of the United States this
year. Though it seems totally improbable at this time, it could actually
happen this way:

Mr. Nader knows me from way back when he read my book UNPOPULAR SCIENCE
in 1974. He then recognized me in a crowd at the University of
Massachusetts in 1976 (which so startled my date, Judy that she married
me two weeks later!) She idolized Ralph, and she's with me now.

Dr. Randell Mills has offered to give me a tour of his laboratory
sometime this August. The date is not yet fixed. I'd propose that Ralph
come with me on that tour and see for himself what has been discovered
and the progress being made so he can speak of it first hand.

However, Ralph is not a scientist and having a Harvard Physicist with
similar first hand experience beside him when making the announcement
would help a great deal.
Few progressive physicists are also great public speakers, but there is
one who is also seeking to make a big difference in American politics,
Dr. John Hagelin, leader of the Natural Law Party and possibly also
Reform Party candidate for President.

What needs to be done involves some politics I do not fully understand,
but many are suggesting that Nader combine forces with Hagelin in order
to make actually winning the White House by this election possible by
virtue of the new energy and new physics Mills has discovered.

I don't know if either Ralph or John have considered that combination
and as long as neither saw any chance of a real election victory, it
hardly mattered. However, these new discoverers are so powerful and will
so change the world in a few years that revealing them at this time and
making them a major platform of the combined parties could elicit the
votes of millions of Americans who presently see little difference
between Bush and Gore, little hope for the future.

Nor is there much likelihood of Bush or Gore getting behind these new
discoveries at this time for a simple reason. Most physicists are well
paid and have little incentive to even look at something which is totally
different from all they have been taught. Therefore, they are not even
interested in the work of Dr. Mills which has till now received scant
publicity. Scientists allied to the RepubliCrats will most likely not
take an interest in Blacklight Power and those who do may drop their old
affiliation and get behind the Greens and the new approach described

That Mills receives little publicity is not surprising. Orville and
Wilbur Wright were flying for five years at Kitty Hawk and got no
publicity. But they knew they were flying. The were perfectly certain of
that. So they didn't care if the media ignored them. (Judy bought me a
1958 Cessna which I flew for 20 years, so I know how they felt.)

Dr. Mills (see attachment) is of the same mind. He knows he has made the
fundamental discoveries that will change all of science and is in no
hurry to get the publicity. But he also knows that I'm working with a
presidential candidate, a Harvard Physicist like Dr. Hagelin and he is
open to our visit. (I was the first to give him any significant publicity
by publication of four interviews in an energy magazine.)

Along with those interviews was a page about Dr. Mills showing that he
is one of the leading intellects of our time. I include that here as an

What needs to be done right now ? Read the attachment and then forward
it to Jennifer Thangoullu, your energy person and ask her to read it and
to look at Dr. Mills website: www.blacklightpower.com for further
information and confirmation of what I am saying. You and Ralph might
also look at that site and click on "News" and on "Business" to get the
non-scientist information which is plentiful there.

Then, when you have considered the politics of the matter contact Dr.
Sunil Rawal at 515-472-3434 or by e-mail at <sunil@pointofchoice.com> He
is a physicist on the staff of Dr. Hagelin who has already started to
study the Blacklight Power website and also the "Hydrino" listserv for
scientists sharing Dr. Mills' discoveries. Dr. Rawal and I have talked by

Finally, we need to make a Green Party victory look like a real option
for the American people and really believe it can happen this year.

"To change yourself and the world, visualize, then expect the very

- Art Rosenblum
Aquarian Research Foundation
(215) 848-2292
Email: <artr@juno.com>

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(I did not get the attachment. If you need it, ask it from Art Rosenblum)

The following is most interesting and will be followed soon in another compilation by another talk, "SPIRITUALITY AND POLITICS", given by Gordon Davidson, Corinne McLaughlin's partner, at this Visionary Leadership Summit, held in Washington DC last April 27.

From: http://www.visionarylead.org/summit2000_keynotes.htm#Corinne


Opening Keynote Talk for Summit April 27, 2000

What is the Spirit of America that we need to re-ignite?

It is the spirit of freedom… the spirit of justice… the spirit of compassion… the spirit of service…

As President Kennedy said, "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country." He inspired a whole generation to find a way to help others and to change the world. Recently, Sen. McCain also invoked that spirit of service and sacrifice and young people especially responded.

But we must first re-ignite the Spirit of America from the light within each human heart, the heart of each citizen, from the essential goodness and goodwill in each of us. We need to connect with the Inner Divinity—God within each of us. We must believe in ourselves, and overcome the fear that if we speak out, and speak truth to power, we’ll get wiped out, as Martin Luther King.

We can help renew our spirit by connecting with the spiritual power of this land, its beauty and sacredness, as the Native Americans did. They were the first custodians of this land, and we must continue to protect it for future generations.

We can re-ignite the Spirit of what is best about America—her soul or higher self

Not American chauvinism and world dominance--but a cooperative partnership with other nations to serve the good of all people, not just American interests.

What is best about America?

Our generosity of spirit that welcomes "the homeless, the tempest tossed" of the world, as the statue of liberty proclaims

Our courage in defending the freedom of others in World War II against the aggression of Hitler

Our sense of justice in finally protecting the equality of all races and all citizens.

But we can only re-ignite the Spirit of America by bringing spirituality and values into our public dialogues and public institutions—not dogma that is forced on people, but true spirituality that is demonstrated in how you live your life.

But what about separation of church and state in this country? As Congressman Dennis Kucinich says, "Our Founders never meant to imply that we should separate…the actions of government from spiritual principles." They only intended that the State not impose religious beliefs on citizens or interfere in the practice of religion.

"Religion" refers to an organized institution and community of believers, with specific dogmas and practices. But spirituality relates to one’s inner, moral- centered life in relation to the Transcendent. It is concerned with qualities of the human spirit such as love and courage. Religion can help a person be spiritual, but spirituality isn’t dependent upon religion.

People today are yearning for a spiritually based politics guided by moral values—a politics that doesn’t appeal only to self-interest and pit one group against another. They seek a type of political discourse that speaks to their deepest values as human beings, that provides a greater sense of community and a transcendent purpose as a nation, that offers us a higher vision of public life and service to the common good--rather than appealing only to greed and lust for power.

A recent poll found that 84% of Americans agree that "our government would be better if policies were more directed by moral values." Another poll found that the issue of greatest concern to voters wasn’t healthcare or education, but rather moral values.

Vice-President Gore says that Americans are hungry for a deeper connection because politics and moral values or spiritual values (Atlanta, GA speech, 5/24/99) and that he is "restless" to build a more moral American where faith "lights our steps." (Wash. Post 6/17/99)

Gov. Bush says that Christ is his favorite political philosopher because "he changed my heart." (Wash. Post. 12/16/99)

If we as citizens make it safe to discuss spiritual values in public life, then we can hold politicians accountable for the spiritual values they espouse. For example, the public has made it very clear they don’t want negative campaigning, and today’s presidential candidates are trying to convince voters that their campaign is the most positive.

We’re promoting the creation of a non-partisan, non-denominational League of Spiritual Voters just like the League of Women Voters and the League of Conservation Voters, to make this issue more visible, to sponsor debates among the candidates, and maybe even to rate them on how well they are "walking their talk".

Politics and spirituality may seem worlds apart-- two different arenas that should never be mixed—only if you’re caught in dualistic, "either/or" thinking. Many believe you can be a spiritual seeker—or a political activist—but never both, because it creates fanatics who impose their beliefs on others.

But in actual practice, spirituality can ennoble politics and politics can ground spirituality. Spirituality can help people leave ego and power trips at the door and truly serve the good of others. Politics can provide a practical arena for applying spiritual principles such as compassion, as instant feedback is given if someone doesn’t "walk the talk"— if their words are more pious than their deeds. Bringing spiritual values such as altruism and courage into politics could offset the immense power of moneyed interests to influence policy and the cynicism and apathy of the public.

Gandhi had no trouble bringing his spirituality and politics together. He said, "I could not lead a religious life unless I identified with the whole of mankind, and that I could not do unless I took part in politics."

We can’t expect government to re-ignite the Spirit of America, and God knows, business won’t do it, as its leading us into the morass of consumption to serve the religion of profit…. Our Spirit has been suffocated by all our possessions. Does freedom just mean having hundreds of brands to choose from? We long for something to inspire us—a spiritual spark in darkness of materialism.

Our Spirit has been lost in the political apathy and cynicism of popular culture

Our Spirit has been lost in the dominance of moneyed interests in our political system

So it’s up to you and me, each of us and our citizen organizations—civil society. We must join with others and collaborate….united we stand. As the Jesuits say, Vox Populi, vox Dei—the voice of the people is the voice of God.

We must first heal the wounds that divide us. We must learn to listen more deeply to each other and find higher common ground with those with whom we may disagree.

Right in the midst of the old, adversarial politics, a new politics with purpose and meaning is being born across America, fueled by a quiet revolution of heart and mind. It began by citizens lighting the flame within their own hearts—unleashing their passion and deep concern about their nation and their planet--and about their children’s future.

They’ve been developing an inspirational vision of America’s future

--and the practical tools and techniques for how to achieve this vision

--and researching examples of best practices—focusing on solutions and what works, rather than on the problems.

A new spiritually-based politics is emerging in many places around the country today that embodies principles common to the world’s spiritual traditions. Here are the key approaches that we will be featuring in our conference tomorrow and Sat. and some examples of organizations effectively embodying them:

Using a "higher common ground" process for resolving conflicts and making policy.

Most spiritual traditions teach that there is a grain of truth on each side of a conflict, and they promote healing, reconciliation and forgiveness. The training of initiates in ancient mystery schools included training in paradoxical thinking--holding two opposite ideas at the same time. The Taoists teach about yin and yang--the polar opposites—that are held in a dynamic balance. The Buddhists teach about the Noble Middle Path between the pairs of opposites. In the Jewish Kabbalah, The Tree of Life, the middle pillar shows the path of balance between the opposites.

As Einstein said, we can’t solve a problem on the same level of consciousness that created the problem. We have to find higher common ground. Many of the new political approaches transcend the usual Right/Left adversarial approach to find higher ground on polarized issues.

Multi-stakeholder dialogues, which involve all parties in a collaborative dialogue, are proving to be the most effective way to develop viable policies and reduce conflict on divisive issues such as race, abortion, and the environment. For example, Ambassador John McDonald and Dr. Louise Diamond of The Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy help resolve ethnic conflicts worldwide through involving all stakeholders in dialogues--government, business and non-profit groups—and listening deeply to all perspectives.

Did you know that there is a solution to the abortion conflict? Susan Collin Marks and others at Search for Common Ground helps opponents on both sides of the abortion debate find common ground by working together to prevent unwanted pregnancies and to make adoptions more easily available.

The ageless wisdom of East and West emphasizes that unity is needed before there can be peace in the world, and peace is needed before there can be plenty. Peace is built on right human relations. Through these many efforts to transform conflict and listen to voices on all sides of an issue, the seeds of a new politics is beginning to emerge. It is a politics that recognizes the underlying unity of humanity and builds a new synthesis based on identification with the whole.

Promoting "best practices"—spiritually based solutions to social problems.

Many of these new solutions have been pioneered by "civil society" groups (non-profit organizations) which represent a powerful third force beyond government and business that embodies the spirit of service found in all religions. Their spiritually based solutions are effective because they address the whole person--body, mind and spirit--and change lives, rather than just provide food or shelter. Recognizing their effectiveness, the national welfare reform act of 1996 contains a "charitable choice" clause that enables religious organizations to compete for government contracts to provide social services.

Jim Wallis of Sojourners in Washington, D.C. has helped juvenile gang members give up violence and drugs and find a new life.

Greg Richardson of The Restorative Justice Institute in Virginia brings together victims and offenders for reconciliation and forgiveness.

Sam Daley-Harris of RESULTS in Washington, D.C. promotes micro-credit—small loans to the poorest of poor guaranteed by a group of peers.

Tyrone Parker of The Alliance of Concerned Men in Washington, D.C. helps unmarried fathers reconnect with their sons and take responsibility for their education.

Brenda Richardson of Women Like Us in Washington D.C. helps former welfare mothers develop job skills.

Terry Gips of The Natural Step in Minnesota engages businesses in protecting the environment through more sustainable practices.

John Calhoun of The National Crime Prevention Council in Washington, D.C. is researching the role of the faith community in crime and violence prevention.

Since my husband Gordon Davidson and I wrote our book Spiritual Politics seven years ago, we always wanted to bring together the kind of political visionaries and activists we wrote about. 3 years ago, we invited many of these leaders (who are speaking at this conference) to meet together and see how we could collaborate. Out of several meetings we had around the country, we started SPARC—the Spiritual/Political Alliance for Renewal and Collaboration. One of the leaders who we invited was Neale Donald Walsch, who had the same vision. He had just written in his Conversations with God Book 2 that he wanted to organize a big conference on spirituality and politics—so our organization, The Center for Visionary Leadership, joined his organization, ReCreation, to work together to create this conference. And we invited many of the spiritual/political leaders who took part in our meetings of SPARC to speak at this conference.

What I’ve learned from experience is that only if people are gathered around an idea, not around a charismatic leader, can their groups truly cooperate and be effective. Otherwise, there’s too many competing egos who want to run the show and it’s too much like the old politics.

So we invite you to experience these inspiration leaders and activists over the next few days, and find some group to work with to help create a better world.

As Edmund Burke said, The only thing needed for evil is to triumph is for good men to do nothing!

To it’s up to each of us to do something to re-ignite the Spirit of America!

Corinne McLaughlin is Executive Director of The Center for Visionary Leadership in Washington, D.C. and co-author of Spiritual Politics and Builders of the Dawn. She is co-founder of Sirius, an ecological village and educational community in Massachusetts. Corinne formerly coordinated a national task force for President Clinton’s Council on Sustainable Development and taught politics at American University. She has lectured around the U.S. and Europe for 25 years, and has been interviewed by The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Public TV and Fox News. She can be reached at: The Center for Visionary Leadership, 3408 Wisconsin Ave. NW Suite 200, Washington, DC 20016; (202) 237-2800.

From: "David Kingston" <davidkingston@cropcircles.screaming.net>
Subject: Book on Angels in preparation
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000

Dear Friends,

I have been receiving factual accounts from people worldwide who have had experiences of "a guardian angel" that came to them in times of great need. Sometimes just a "feeling" others a strong presence. I am documenting these cases (with the authors permission) to include in a book I am writing in regards to my own personal experiences. Some of the experiences I have been sent dating back to the second world war from pilots and service personal are truly remarkable.

If you know of any one who has personal experiences, willing to share, and have them included with my own in a book please forward this email on to them. Their names of course will be kept in confidence if they so wish.

Love & Light,

The TRUTH is out there, It's knowing where to go & who to ask!

Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000
From: Eluned Hurn & John Rogers <jar@gn.apc.org>
Subject: Re: More Feedbacks About Depression and Despair

Dear Jean

I am coming off a cloud nine experience! which seems to want to be shared with your despair feedbacks.

Yes , as an 'activist, of some 30 yrs past , I sympathise greatly with your correspondents, having gone down and up with regularity over the years.

This year it seems as if the Universe is taking me on unexpected and very happy experinces, to show me the real results of all that peace work, and environmental activism.

Friday July 7th will go down as a golden moment for the forces of Light On the stin this dark world.

As I experienced the sound of the 600 children singing the songs from Peace Child ,first sung 10yrs ago in the Albert Hall, and now being repeated to celebrate the opening of a Centre of Excellence in the Performing Arts, the Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre, my soul celebrated with them.

Tacchi was a very dear person known all over the world, a ballerina who suffered an operation on painful tendons that crippled her for life She was an inspiration to many in her work with Women for World Disarmamment, set up all over the world in the 70s.

She and Lord Fenner Brockway both in wheelchairs as the flew around the world leading and inspiring, the movement for World Disarmament WE both wanted very much to see a new kind of Peace Centre come into being where children cuold be encouraged in the Arts to learn about Peace by sharing with children from other countries in what is described in the Aims of the Centre.

"Promote, maintain, and advance education by encouraging the use of and exchange and understanding of artistic skills and talents, in a spirit of peace and understanding amongst all peoples" .

So it has come into being ,through the efforts of many dedicated people with money given by Tacchi and supplemented by the lottery funding and the local county council, Heathfield Community school now have become a place for us to "reach out for your dreams " as it says on the standing stone that marks the entrance to the centre, and in the Peace Child song. On Saturday 15th will bring a series of events to a climax , with a real-life re-enactment from one of the scenes from Peace Child when 1000 people lit 1000candles in the name of peace.

When the candles are lit on Saturday we will be turning the dream of Peace Child into reality by passing on the message of the play from generation to generation. as it says in the play:-

"So shall it be from Peace Day to Peace Day untilall the bombs have gone and all wars are forgotten"

What a wonderful way to open the Centre, a place where past and present meet in order to move forward hope for the future. And what a wonderful coincidence happened to enable me to be there !Wow!

The story of Tacchi life is full of examples of despair turned into hope, and now a beautiful building enshrines her and many others hopes for a peaceful world.

May it become a beacon of light to illuminate the way for the next Millennium.

The story of Lord Fenner's work for peace over 50 yrs also makes you think! He died just a week before his 100th birthday and the fall of the Berlin wall , his speeches for Peace earned him standing ovations well into his 90s this old Rainbow warrior soldiered on, an inspiration to all of us who worked with him.

Better stop now , though there are more heartening tales to tell, from this magical year. Looking back on 70yrs , Peace can Prevail , truly!! Light a candle on Saturday and join the children singing

"I want to live, I want to give!

Give a great send off to the Tacchi-Morris Centre at the Heathfield School in Somerset and Peace Childs new home.

Greeting and love to all on your list

Eluned {LYN) Hurn in Wales

Eluned Hurn - Advice & Consultancy in Health and Feng Shui

July 19, 2000
News summaries from GRIST MAGAZINE

The banana business is going greener, with a number of major
companies, including Chiquita, working to qualify for a new Eco-OK
banana label developed by environmental groups under the banner of
the Better Banana Project. To maintain certification, banana farms
must show continual improvements in their environmental practices and
treatment of workers. Ecuador's second largest banana producer,
Reybancorp, earned the right to use the Eco-OK label last month, and
Chiquita expects to have all its farms ready for certification by
fall. The industry trend is driven by the increasing willingness of
Americans to pay more for eco-friendly food.

straight to the source: Christian Science Monitor, Kimberly Masibay, 07.19.00


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