March 14, 2001

Uncovering the Truth #4: Two Anti "Summit of the Americas" Websites + 'Active Denial System'- Pentagon Unveils Plans for a New Crowd-Dispersal Weapon + Secret Government + Just Say Know! The CIA's War on Democracy + News on ECHELON - from Scandinavia + Global Privatization of All Governmental Services Being Secretly Planned by the WTO/GATT + Global corporations endanger democratic rule

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The equation "Globalization = Corporate Tyranny" is one of the several realizations that may be derived from this compilation and another forthcoming one dedicated to the Summit of the Americas (Aoril 18-20) in Quebec City.

Lots of food for thought below and hopefully a stimulant for *some* action.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. To see some of the damaging effects of the existing North American Free Trade Agreement, between the USA, Canada and Mexico, make sure to check what is said about the book The Selling of "Free Trade" NAFTA, Washington, and the subversion of American democracy at

Give also a good long look at the accompanying news and review at:

Here is a brief excerpt:

Los Angeles Times - August 13, 2000

The United States and other democracies are actually collaborating in the triumph of economics over politics, in the denuding of the global arena of its potential regulatory institutions. How this came to be is the story told in riveting detail by John R. MacArthur in his deeply troubling account of The Selling of "Free Trade."

And from

"The ongoing decline of American democracy chronicled and predicted by writers as diverse as Joe McGinniss and C. Wright Mills came vividly true, MacArthur shows, when the American people were sold on what they thought was free-trade but was actually a subversion of their political system. His book is essential reading for anyone who cares about the future of the American republic."

NOTE FROM JEAN: I intend to extensively cover the upcoming Summit of the Americas scheduled on April 20-22 in Quebec City. Here are a couple resources on the Web if you want to look into this right now. Much more to come on this "Sequel to Seattle" summit in a forthcoming compilation.

Quebec Centre for Independent Media website


Anti "Summit of the Americas" website at

Welcome to, the webpage of the Anti-Capitalist Convergence of Montreal. On this site, you'll find basic information about organizing activites against the upcoming Summit of the Americas gathering in Quebec City (April 2001).

The Summit, which has previously met in Miami (1994) and Santiago (1998) will bring together all the heads of state of North, South and Central America and the Caribbean (except Cuba), as well as an entourage of big business leaders, technocrats and corporate media. Besides the usual talk about security and terrorism, and empty rhetoric about democracy and human rights, the main goal of the Summit will be to discuss and implement the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), which is the extension of NAFTA to the entire hemisphere by no later than 2005. The Summit will be accompanied by the largest security and police operation in Canadian history.

This webpage is one of many ways the Anti-Capitalist Convergence is mobilizing and sharing information about organizing efforts against the FTAA and the Summit. The activities next April -- which include a Carnival Against Capitalism involving conferences, teach-ins, workshops, cabarets, concerts, protests and direct actions -- promise to be historic. will be one way to stay informed, as well as to access analysis, news reports and opinions on the FTAA and capitalist globalization.

-- "It didn't start in Seattle ... and it's not going to stop with Quebec City!" --


'Active Denial System' - Pentagon Unveils Plans for a New Crowd-Dispersal Weapon

The Pentagon announced a new "active denial system" that fires electromagnetic energy at people and creates a burning sensation on the surface of their skin. The weapon is meant to "influence motivational behavior"; the Pentagon hopes to use the weapon, which Human Rights Watch described as a "high-powered microwave antipersonnel weapon," for crowd control, instead of tear gas and rubber bullets.

"As envisioned by its Pentagon designers, the weapon would fire bursts of electromagnetic energy capable of causing burning sensations on the skin of people standing as far as 700 yards away — without actually burning them, officials said. CLIP The officials said that the weapon could be adjusted to heat the skin to temperatures of 130 degrees or higher."

More at



Grievance 2 - Secret Government

The U.S. Constitution failed to prevent the rise of a large and powerful secret government mechanism over which the people at-large had no direct control, resulting in "taxation without representation", the same grievance lodged by American revolutionaries in 1776.

Secret Government is defined here as unelected persons holding powers of the United States that directly or indirectly affected millions of people, and who operated in ways intentionally kept hidden from the people paying for it. The mechanism included a far-flung labyrinth of tens-of-thousands of secret people operating in unknown numbers of secret places under many secret programs through numerous cooperating secret agencies both domestic and foreign. It included the National Security Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, National Reconnaissance Office, Naval Intelligence, Air Force Intelligence, State Department Intelligence, and National Security Council in the U.S., with cooperation from British Intelligence, Israeli Mossad, and Russian KGB "moles" among others. Its power to control and manipulate conditions around the world was fully documented.

Secret Government worked to extend, consolidate and centralize economic, political and military power appropriate to a World Empire of controllers and manipulators, as shown in this and other grievances to a candid world.

The U.S. Congress funded Secret Government with a virtual blank check, and could only estimate in the mid-1990's that American taxpayers paid for it at the rate of about $1 trillion over 20 years. So far reaching and free spending was it that the NSA gathered l,056 pages of information about Britain's Princess Diana and refused to disclose why the information was obtained, or why it was kept secret long after her death in a car crash in 1997.

The nearest thing to being a public figure representing Secret Government in the Washington administration was the appointed "National Security Adviser" to the President. But the position was more than advisory as observed by Edward N. Luttwak, of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, in a report October 11, 1998:

"President Clinton's national security adviser, Samuel R. "Sandy" Berger, last week issued an ultimatum to President Slobodan Milosevic of Yugoslavia by giving a background briefing to reporters."

The President, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, and Chairman of the Joint Military Chiefs of Staff normally followed plans provided by Secret Government.

Secret Government operated outside the "rule of law" of the United Nations Charter and international agreements. With Presdential approval, missile "sneak attacks" were launched by the Navy September 20, 1998, on what Secret Government alleged were "terrorist" sites in the sovereign nations of Sudan and Afghanistan. Congress was caught by surprise, and insiders said even most Chiefs of the armed forces were not informed;

"The planning cell was very small."

The names of those in the conspiratorial group were kept hidden from the American taxpayers, who spent $1 million for each of the 75 missiles used in the military aggression.

What was learned about Secret Government and its army of operatives came largely from "insider" leaks and some who resigned to become "whistleblowers". Mainstream mass media, once claiming itself as a "watchdog" of government, grew impotent as Secret Government held up a shield of "national security" to protect itself from exposure. An important defense tactic of Secret Government was to label its critics and challengers as "conspiracy kooks".

Major media feared loss of advertising income if it probed too deeply into Secret Government and was never creatively bold enough to develop alternative financial resources such as listener sponsorship and advertisers opposed to the secrecy.

Vanderbilt University political science professor Harry Howe Ransom wrote a classic understatement in his 1988 book "The Intelligence Establishment";

"As a source of great influence, intelligence and covert operational systems demand the close attention of students of government and politics..."

Secret Government was the greatest challenge that Americans ever had to their Constitution and "representative democracy".

Secret Government was directly involved with most means of mass communication, including broadcasters, reporters, newspapers, publishing houses, writers, magazines, news services, think tanks, researchers, political activities, labor unions, and financial and educational institutions. It infiltrated and subverted groups exercising constitutional rights for peaceful change

In foreign lands, Secret Government distributed false information, instigated unrest and was involved in warmaking, all documented by former participants. It was instrumental in dividing Korea and Vietnam into north-south warring nations. It helped overthrow popularly-supported governments including Greece, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Brazi, Uraguay, Chile, Argentina and Bolivia, and supported repressive military regimes in Indonesia, Turkey, Haiti, Kuwait, Morocco, Chad and Zaire. It trained Afghanistan forces fighting Soviet communism and who later turned against the U.S. Former Assistant Secretary of State and Council on Foreign Relations member Richard Murphy acknowledged "we did spawn a monster in Afghanistan".

American taxpayers paid over $200 billion to train, equip, and subsidize over 200 million foreign troops and Secret Government "security" forces in over 80 countries in the last half of the 20th century.

Congressional committees obtained minimal information about Secret Governments' worldwide activities but made no challenge. In 1998, a secret memo was declassified revealing that in 1975 Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (MORE ON KISSINGER BELOW) told President Gerald Ford that the CIA was threatened by a "scandal" that was "just the tip of the iceberg" and could wreck the agency.

Among the earliest published insiders who quit after feeling remorse was Victor Marchetti who was with the CIA for 14 years and rose to be Executive Assistant to the Deputy Director. Together with John D. Marks, who was analyst and staff assistant to the Intelligence Director of the State Department, they wrote "The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence" which was published in 1974;

"The cult of intelligence is a secret fraternity of the American political foster a world order in which America would reign supreme."

A World Empire of controllers and manipulators could come into existence by means that most people would regard as wrong, the authors said...

"...overthrowing foreign governments, subverting elections, bribing officials, and waging `secret' wars."

In reviewing the book, Walter Clemons of Newsweek Magazine said it was "devastating", but Secret Government was never slowed. It employed an array of control tactics that included "pre-emptive surgical strikes" by military, paramilitary or special forces, terrorism, assassination/murder, bombings, riots, torture, robbery, abduction, and street crime and violence, creating fear in the populace and setting the stage for martial law.

Another former insider was Colonel Fletcher Prouty who had worked in White House national security operations. Publishing "The Secret Team" in 1973, Prouty pointed to the reality of its power;

"The CIA and its allies (are) in control of the U.S. and the world."

CLIP - Read the rest at the URL above

Many more such texts at




Just Say Know! The CIA's War on Democracy

By Richard Sanders, Coordinator, Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT)

For many, the recent U.S. elections raised serious doubts about the American system of democracy. However, millions of others around the world long ago abandoned any notion that the U.S. is a bastion of democracy, either at home or abroad.

The U.S. government has, in fact, been a major opponent for millions of people around the world who have struggled to create and maintain democratic systems of governance. Since WWII, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has played a pivotal role in this history of subverting political systems. It has been active in virtually every country of the world and has conducted thousands of secret operations. As a tool of the U.S. president, the CIA has been used to manipulate, undermine and blatantly overthrow countless governments including dozens of functioning democracies.

This issue of Press for Conversion! contains only a glimpse into the CIA's largely overlooked history. It is a shameful history which has plumbed the depths of depravity, greed, deception, hypocrisy and ultraviolence.

The CIA's history is filled with rigged elections, fraud, bribery, sabotage and economic warfare. CIA officials have masterminded psychological warfare, extensive propaganda and the spreading of lies and misinformation through the media. Hatred has been instilled towards those who threaten corporate power, while public support has been engineered for countless wars fought to maintain unjust economic systems that benefit America's ruling business elite.

The CIA has planned, armed and financed many military coups that installed regimes to allow the pillaging of resources by U.S. business. In time, some of these dictatorships also become liabilities and must be replaced with new, more pliable client states.

The CIA emerged from the U.S. Office of Strategic Services which, before the end of WWII, began close collaborations with the German "intelligence community" on the unfinished war against communism.

Since then, literally millions of people have been massacred in a U.S. holocaust that has gone unnoticed and is commonly denied. The first to be assassinated, in these CIA-fostered campaigns of terror and mass murder, have usually been progressive politicians, labour leaders, human rights activists, priests, nuns and other 'subversives.'

There are three compelling reasons why the CIA's horrific history should be of interest to Canadians.

Canadian Complicity

Canada continues to aid and abet ongoing U.S. wars against democracy, peace and human rights by allowing U.S. military and intelligence gathering stations in Canada, and the testing of U.S. weapons systems. And, our government is increasingly sending troops and equipment to help the U.S. in its invasions and interventions.

More than half of Canada's arms exports are sold to the U.S. Our government puts such blind trust in the U.S. that no restrictions are placed on these exports. Canadian arms producers must obtain government permits for military sales to every country in the world, except the U.S.

Our government also funds numerous programs to subsidise these lucrative contracts.

But Canadian profitmaking doesn't end with arms sales to the U.S. That's just the beginning. After the CIA uses its dirty tricks to install investor-friendly puppet regimes in faraway lands, the Canadian government encourages military exports to those governments. This is, of course, invaluable help in their struggle to wield power. They, in turn, ensure that Canadian investors are given access to profitable ventures in mining, defor-estry and manufacturing. Canadian companies clamour to join the feeding frenzy that bleeds these countries dry of their wealth and resources.

CIA Fingerprints in Canada

Canadians should also be on the look out for the telltale signs of CIA activities in Canada. Being right next door, we are certainly not beyond their grasp. Besides the CIA-backed brainwashing experiments conducted on unwilling Canadian prisoners and psychiatric patients, CIA fingerprints have also appeared on our political landscape. In 1963, top-ranking U.S. diplomats in Ottawa, along with officials from the Pentagon, the State Department - several with close ties to the CIA - were involved in a successful campaign to oust John Diefenbaker from office. Among other things, Dief would not allow U.S. nuclear weapons to be deployed in Canada. U.S. officials colluded with the high-ranking Canadian military officers, journalists and politicians to install a Liberal government that agreed to station U.S. nuclear warheads in Canada (see pages 23-25).

It is safe to assume that any relatively progressive government that somehow manages to get elected in Canada, will likely fall prey to covert U.S. activities. After all, the CIA has created, controlled and disposed of governments all over the world. Why would we think that they'd hesitate to extend their tentacles of power here?

Challenging the Cheerleaders

For too long, the CIA has operated under a cloak of secrecy without even the knowledge or consent of elected U.S. officials, let alone the U.S. public or the billions of people around the world who have suffered from CIA activities. Anything that we can do to shed light on this dark history will be an invaluable gift to future generations.

In this era of a 'free media' eager to cover controversies, the CIA's history and its countless scandals have largely been ignored. An awareness of this history is invaluable in understanding the contexts of so many wars that are now raging. Hopefully, it will only be a matter of time before the CIA's real legacy becomes part of our society's common knowledge.

The next time the U.S. wants Canadian support or participation in a "humanitarian war," let's hope we have the wherewithal to just say no! Knowing the CIA's history will equip us with the knowledge to challenge anyone who is naïve enough to want Canada to join in as a cheerleader or fellow warmonger. As the marble inscription in the main lobby at CIA headquarters reads: "And ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free."

Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001
From: Tirjah <>
Subject: News on ECHELON - from Scandinavia



The newly released documents verify Ekstra Bladet's previous exposés of the fact that the NSA and Echelon are by no means solely occupied with military intelligence, counter-espionage and the surveillance of presumed terrorists and other criminal elements.

In a long series of articles, Ekstra Bladet has documented that the system is being used for industrial espionage, and for monitoring and registering politically active persons and organizations, ranging from Greenpeace and Amnesty International to high-ranking politicians, ministers and government officials. CLIP

More about about Echelon at:


a book review detailing what happened to free press in America under George Bush Senior - most certainly a blueprint for more lies and propaganda to come under Bush Junior, which is all perfectly in line with the entirely corrupted way he snatched the presidency:

"Second Front: While the United States government made noisy preparations to go to war against Saddam Hussein, it was also purposefully planning another war. But this enemy, unlike Hussein, was strangely passive in the face of these threatening maneuvers.

The government's other enemy was the American media, and the quiet assaults on its constitutional freedoms during Operation Desert Storm was unprecedented in American history. Second Front: Censorship and Propaganda and the Gulf War documents in vivid detail the behind-the-scenes activities by the U.S. and Kuwaiti governments, as well as the media's own cooperation when its rights to observe, question, and report were increasingly limited.

In frank and startling interviews with, among others, Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings, Dan Rather, Ben Bradlee, Katharine Graham, Robert Wright, and Pete Williams, author John R. MacArthur shows how the press corps was treated more like a fifth column than as representatives of a free people. MacArthur demonstrates how, despite the torrent of words and images from the Persian Gulf, Americans were systematically and deliberately kept in the dark about events, politics, and simple facts during the Gulf crisis.

With a reporter's critical eye and historian's sensibility, he traces decades of press-government relations—during Vietnam, Grenada, and Panama—which helped set the stage for restrictions on Gulf War reporting and for a public-relations triumph by the government. His analysis of the issues that confronted the media in this war is frightening testimony to what happens when the government goes unchallenged and when questions go unasked."


Number of articles published since 1998 containing the words "George W. Bush" and "aura of inevitability" : 350


If you can put your hand on the Harper’s magazine, February and March 2001 issues, read also “THE CASE AGAINST HENRY KISSINGER Parts I & II: Crimes against humanity”

or read some reviews at

Note: Kissinger is THE key mentor and "controller" of George W. Bush


We find:

“If Chile's former dictator Augusto Pinochet can be indicted in Spain and arrested in London on charges of torture and other crimes against humanity in his public career-is it safe for Henry Kissinger to travel abroad? The writer Christopher Hitchens says: it shouldn't be. Pinochet's arrest two years ago signaled a new era: when chiefs of state would have to defend their records in world courts.

The Kosovo war underlined the point, we said, that human rights now trump the sovereignty defense: Slobodan Milosevic is subject to arrest for war crimes if he steps out of Serbia. So Hitchens asks: what about Henry Kissinger, who micro-managed the US war in Vietnam, and Laos and Cambodia, for four years after he knew it was lost, at the cost of 20,000 American lives and another million and a half Indochinese fighting men and civilians. The journalist Christopher Hitchens and his case against Henry Kissinger are here. This article can be found in the February edition of Harper's.”


Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2001
From: Trevor <>

Dear All,

I was asked to forward this on to you, as it raises the concern that our governments are planning one more way of seizing control of our lives. Though I do not like to focus on what is wrong, there are times that we need to know what is going on, that perhaps the news is not telling us. With knowledge we can act from a place of power, we have All of Creation on our side.


The following disturbing item is from The News Report, Issue 279, Wednesday 28 February 2001 (Australia) and is of importance to everyone. It is high time that we all contacted our elected representatives about the implications of political actions - or lack of them.

From Alasdair Philips.


In secret, governments are negotiating the end to all not-for profit public services. In less than 2 years, 130 plus governments expect to quietly sign an agreement called GATS, General Agreement on Trade in Services. This binding and irreversible treaty will lay all government services open for international tender, and no doubt international labour, that is, foreign, lower paid nurses, teachers, builders, water technicians, posties, media, maintenance, childcare and transport workers.

Public services are next in line for the WTO's corporate battering ram. Global corporations have been so successful in persuading governments everywhere that their agendas are the same - that the pursuit of corporate profit and the good of society are one and the same - that their access to many areas of public life has already been improved. Quality of service and democratic access has not necessarily improved.

Services is the fastest growing sector in international trade, and employs 72% of Australians. Services offer rich pickings for canny corporations. And of all public services, health, education and water are shaping up to be the most lucrative. Global expenditures on water services now exceed $1 trillion every year; on education, they exceed $2 trillion; and on health care, they exceed $3.5 trillion. Since multinationals pay little tax, these services are becoming increasingly hard for governments to provide. The USA might suggest a model for the dismantling of public services which GATS will unleash all over the world. In fact, much of the GATS policies and the World Trade Organization policies are designed to increase USA mega corporation domination of world markets.

In America, health care has already become a huge business, with giant healthcare corporations registered on the New York Stock Exchange. Rick Scott, the president of Columbia, the world's largest for-profit hospital corporation, is clear that health care is a business, no different to any widget manufacturer. He has publicly vowed to destroy every public hospital in North America - doctors, he says, are not 'good corporate citizens'. Americans spend twice as much on Health as a percent of their bloated GNP as Australia, yet over-service the rich, and cannot really care for 40 million of their own increasingly large poor segment of society.

Meanwhile, investment houses like Merrill Lynch are already predicting that public education will be globally privatised over the next decade the way public health has been. They say there is an untold amount of profit to be made when this happens. The European Union recently announced that every publicly- run school in Europe must be twinned with a corporation by the end of the decade. The conquest of foreign market and support of big business has now become a key common strategy among universities around the world. So much for academic freedom!

Disturbingly, GATS also includes authority over 'environmental services' and natural resource protection. Our parks, wildlife, river systems, and forests could all become contested areas as global transnational 'environmental service' corporations demand the competitive model. The fate of our sacred and essential soil and water is at great risk.

Many parts of the 'Third World' have been forced to dismantle their public infrastructures in recent decades under International Monetary Fund - imposed structural adjustment programs. In order to be eligible for debt relief, for example, dozens of 'developing' countries have been forced to abandon public social programs over the last 20 years. Foreign corporations have come in and sold their health and education 'products' to wealthy elites ''consumers'. Billions are now without basic social services, with a lower standard of living than 20 years ago in 100 countries! Latin American countries are currently experiencing an invasion of US healthcare corporations.

Asian countries allow branch plants of foreign-based university and health care chains. Recently, the World Bank has been forcing the same countries to privatise their water services and are openly working with corporate water giants like Vivendi and Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux, to establish their 'rights' to profiteer in the Third World. Bolivian people have been shot protesting water charges that cost a third of their wages. Water may be bought and internationally shipped according to WTO rules. When the market rules, the rich get most of whatever is valuable!

Now, through the GATS negotiations, these corporations want binding and irreversible rules guaranteeing them access to government service contracts everywhere in the world. And they are succeeding. Already, over 40 countries, including all of Europe, have listed education within the realm of the GATS, opening up their public education sectors of foreign based corporate competition. Almost 100 countries have done the same with healthcare. As the new talks progress, it will be very hard for any country to swim against the tide - even if any are brave enough to try.

Frighteningly, there can be no local restrictions on quality of graduates and service standards, this would be seen as a "barrier to free trade". Does the WTO want us all to live and shop like Americans? Or die if we're too poor to do so? If we all lived like Americans we'd need three planets!! How will 72% of Australian workers in health, environment, childcare, transport, tourist, broadcast, social work, dentist, teaching, office staff feel if cheap foreign labour can come in? How can we complain when, like Australian refugee / prison workers are controlled by a USA corporation like Wackenhut, which is brutal to staff and refugees and prisoners in its "care". And to whom can you complain if governments have given away all their serious roles; perhaps we will just have a branch office of the WTO; secret, undemocratic and only interested in money.

We better start spreading the word soon!! While we still have shreds of democracy and objective media and unions. Ask your cowardly pollies why they are silent on this issue!! Remember Beasley and Howard wanted us to sign the MAI Treaty, later shown not to be in Australia's interests!! Perhaps some of the 700 billion dollars that has come into Australia in the last three decades to buy our industry and land, the profits of which leave Australia untaxed, has influenced Canberra. Perhaps its their superannuation (retirement package)! What do you think? What will your children think?

Please reprint (copy & paste) this and pass on!!

Dr E. Elliott with Maud Barlow,

Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2001
From: SI Media Service <>

Global corporations endanger democratic rule

"People everywhere are more keenly aware of the forward march to power of global corporations and the dangers they pose to democratic rule. The voices of the people are rising and being heard, none more so than in the USA, the corporate giant.