January 16, 2001

Subject: To tune out or face up to what's wrong on Earth: Our Strategic Approach + Doctors Without Borders report horrific situation in Angola + There is no political solution + Pearls of Wisdom

Hello everyone

I've been moved by a couple letters received 2 days ago to address the critically important issue of whether we can afford to tune out the information pertaining to the various crisis situations our world is facing as so many are doing for all kinds of reasons, or whether it is in our own best self-interest spiritually-wise to instead face up to the needs for concerted action on at least some of the most pressing issues that can and must be tackled, but not out of fear, anger or any such negatively-charged emotions but out of compassion, self-centered awareness of our healing/creative powers and, above all, out of a sense of our common responsibility to contribute as best as we possibly can to the emergence of a new era of worldwide harmony and spiritual upliftment as we *know* will happen - in part because that's what we came here to do by simply *Being* Who We Are.

In a nutshell of course...

Your comments are most welcomed - as usual ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. As a complement to the topic discussed in this compilation, I recommend you check the most interesting and very long (74 pages!) series of emails sent and received in July 98 on the subject of "Strinking a balance between Light and Shadow" and posted at http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/feedbacks.htm

From: "John Cox" <John.Cox1@tesco.net>
Subject: Our Strategic Approach
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001

Dear Jean/ HOR/ Cayce - I have been following these lists (ERN, Hall of Records egroups, Cayce Prophecies egroups) for some time and have made the occasional spiritual contribution - a couple of months ago I nearly wrote with a thought from somewhere deep inside but for whatever reason, maybe timing, it didn't happen.

The thought was simply that although I respect that we are trying to raise issues, the problem is that it often fuels confrontation, and leads to judgement that one herd uses to determine that another herd is wrong. I have an awful feeling that anything that promotes division is negative in a global spiritual sense and we should be finding a way to promote harmony - even if their Truth is wrong we should focus on the Truth and not the people siding with the wrong.

I guess the basics are that if we give attention to the negative, we fuel it, if we ignore it, we de-energise it - so what is the goal, objective and purpose of what we are trying to achieve must be to focus on the Truth. Our mission is surely to help re-connection of everyone and ourselves to the Source and we can only achieve this through harmony - not more division, judgement, superiority and more separation.

If I have put this badly - I know you can re-word my thoughts and feelings - somehow we need to revise our approach and use our energy to promote harmony and not division. It is the lightworkers role to remember and re-connect to the Source and if possible when asked to guide and help others too - are we all ascending or just a few? Our strategic approach is fundamental to whether the end objective is -ve or +ve - what is your goal and mine - superiority, division, confrontation or harmony and Oneness.

God Bless



Dear John Cox

Thanks for writing up your comment about the need to focalize our attention on what needs to grow instead of what needs to recedes. I'll share your comment in a coming compilation dedicated in part to this subject. My sense is that we cannot totally ignore what's wrong in the hope that it will simply vanish away if we just don't pay attention to it. This is simply a form of escapism. Yet if we get trapped into playing the very game of negativity these forces and people we oppose are so adept at, we will indeed simply further sustain their existence by nurturing the thought-forms and planetary frequencies of confrontation and discord as you rightly pointed out.

So the middle road has to be sought in striving to strike a balance between self-delusional denial of what's wrong AND self-righteous attacks venemously inflating the tensions and thus indirectly feeding the chaos in which the so-called wrongdoers thrive. Such a balance calls for a lucid appraisal of the symptoms of our collective illnesses in their multitudinous forms - hence we need to be generally aware of the things that are not right so as to make informed decisions and take enlightened actions when we fell prompted to express our creativity and positive contributions towards co-creating an aspect of a "better future" for all - and for a thorough analysis of the true causes at the root of these illnesses, an analysis that is not purely based on a rational decoding of the symptoms but that also stems from an intuitive understanding of the greater picture out of which these imbalances and destructive excesses can rise.

In a nuthshell and to simplify this rather complicated way of stating it, we must not deny ourself the useful information that comes from feeling and acknowledging the pain that results from humanity's delusions and imperfections, but instead of raging against what's wrong and allowing sore feelings to drag us down we turn towards and tap into the infinitely vast resources of healing powers and creativity lying dormant in us most of the time and thus seek to express our innate divine nature towards creating and implementing the solutions and necessary incremental improvements, putting to good use in the process the unique opportunities for learning and spiritual evolution provided to us as as result of our very own choices made before incarnating back into this physical dimension.

In that sense our role as lightworkers is indeed to help each other "remember and re-connect to the Source" as you wrote, -- to which I add -- while keeping our eyes and heart wide open so as to better direct our creative and healing-fostering juices where they are most needed in every passing second, starting right where we are... which is what we came here to do.

But perhaps the most important thing to remember is that whatever we do that is done merely in *reaction* to perceived problems might not be the most efficient way to adress these problems. Becoming the willing, unfiltered and fully aware instrument of the Will of Life/One/God, flowing along with the infinite Source of grace and perfection that We Are, attaining and maintaining in our conscious awareness this field of Unity in which no separation exists, and simply BEing instead of DOing in everything that is expressed out of this center of BEingness that We Are, is definitely *the* way forward.

There is nothing to do but to BE...



From: "Linda Evans" <lle333@earthlink.net>
Subject: Doctors Without Borders Etc.
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001

Dear Friends: The latest report from Doctors Without Borders just came and it is horrific. They are my favorite group to tithe to because they are so humanitarian, committed, and do not adhere to any political agenda. They "tell it like it is" and were awarded the 1999 Nobel Peace Prize. While the media continues to say that things are improving in Angola and other African countries, nothing could be further from the truth. The civilian populations are caught between the brutal govt forces and the rebel forces, both of whom seem determined to terrorize and eliminate the population. Food is only given to people who are willing to relocate to govt controlled areas, and the rebels beat to death civilians for minor excuses, such as using salt in their food (which shows they "support the govt"). Murder, torture, rape, and burning people alive in their homes is commonplace, and the AFrican people are fast becoming completely dependent and demoralized, with really no safe place to go. It is clear that govt and rebel forces, as is so often the case in these conflicts, are answering to the same agenda---demoralize and terrorize the people; leave them with no homes, food, or medical care; and take control of the land, the resources, and means of authority.

I cannot help but think of predictions I heard 15-20 years ago from prophets I trust (and who have turned out to be correct 90% of the time)--I was told to "watch Africa" because the powers that control our world (New World Order, reptilian, and off-planet entities) wanted that continent for their base. I was somewhat incredulous but decided to pay special attention to Africa. Since then there has been drought, famine, introduction of Aids, constant warring--mostly induced from without, I believe, by mercenaries and planted hostiles and warlords--and a general decline of a once beautiful land and people, which contain deep spiritual seeds of love, community and oneness with the land and natural forces. Then of course there are the reports by David Icke and Credo Mutwa, an African shaman, about the takeover and ruination of Africa and its people. And has anyone noticed how many reptile movies there are nowadays...and talk of reconstituting dinosaur DNA? (Why anyone would want to bring back Tyrannosaurus Rex is beyond me.)

The many eyewitness accounts in the report are heartbreaking and brutally eloquent, and the outrage of the doctors who treat the people is very clear. They have been working in Africa since 1983, and the situation is worsening, not improving, though DB is exerting tremendous effort and humanitarian aid in 11 programs throughout 9 provinces, using 80 international volunteers and 850 national personnel. Now the runways are in such bad shape that they find it hard to land their planes, and although the US and other countries extract 800,000 barrels a day of oil, and huge amounts of diamonds, there is not a drop of diesel for the hospital generators...the only source of power. The health budget accounts for 2.8% of the total budget and the govt has essentially withdrawn from worrying about the health of its population. Their agenda is to constantly relocate them and subject them to violence, hunger, and insecurity. The rebel agenda is to deny humanitarian access to the population and to use terror and mutilation to control them. The international community "accepts" the policy of "normalization" for their own economic interests. The United Nations has adapted their policies to the policy of relocation and not the needs of the people, and has renounced impartial and free access to populations in great need.

Clearly, AFrica is being sacrificed to a larger agenda of greed and profit. And certainly it is not the only continent where this is happening.

Doctors w/o Borders (DB) have done wonders in helping the population but even they are subject to danger and murder and have lost field people. There are some areas where they cannot go and no one knows what terrifying things are happening to the people in those areas...mostly rebel areas who use them as human shields.

In digesting all this, I kept thinking "what can we do?" The two humanitarian organizations I most admire...Doctor's Without Borders (which mobilizes resources and flies anywhere to help people in need) and Ammachi's spiritual group (which has food, housing and medical programs for the poor, as well as offering endless spiritual programs and her famous hugs all day to anyone in need) give not only compassion and caring but hands-on action. And Doctors Without Borders is becoming so outraged at the duplicity they see between the truth and what is fed to us in the media as whitewash of reality, that they are more and more speaking out truthfully, no matter the consequences.

It seems that we have several recourses: Continue with our peace and healing groups to raise the planetary vibrations; Give to organizations we admire, and volunteer for them; Broadcast the truth about situations whenever possible; and maybe most importantly, continue to purify ourselves and become very clear, selfless vessels of enlightenment so we can really make a difference in healing by touch, thought, and word...by hands on work as well as visualization and positive thought. And the recent idea of sending love and most positive vibrations to our new leaders seems good as well, along with questioning them about the way things are. Letters and dialogue are good.

The same prophets I trust also told me to secure a house, live simply, and be self-sufficient because things would get very expensive and controlled in the future. I've about given up on having a house in California but I notice with alarm that I received two big increases this week...PGE for residential went up 40% (a setup I am sure) and AT&T cable just sent a huge increase too. I will drop cable since it was only an experiment after years of having no TV, and I can do without it, but I somehow sense the squeeze is increasing. And that things may come to a head soon. How long will the people go along peaceably with the increasingly alarming status quo?

I am for love and gentleness, and take my cues from Ammachi often...who is grace personified...but more and more the indignation of Doctors Without Borders, who do so much and see so much of the real suffering, is urging me to take more action and speak up. They are even starting up mental health clinics because so many of the people they help are in mental anguish from witnessing horrors daily.

Sorry to be so lengthy...if anyone has ideas of combining to be more effective?

A bit impassioned today,

Linda Lee

Linda Lee Evans; lle333@earthlink.net
Donate food at no cost to you!
Help save the rainforest!

Note from Jean: If you have a couple minutes, I recommend you pay a visit to Doctors Without Borders website -- which currently opens onto the rescue operation in El Salvador -- at:
http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/ and then check the Special Report by Doctors Without Borders
"Angola: Behind the Facade of 'Normalization'. Manipulation, Violence, and Abandoned Populations" posted on 11/09/2000 at http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/reports/angola/11-09-2000.htm
to which Linda refers to in her email above.


From: "Matthew Webb" <visionquest@eoni.com>
Subject: Re: There is no political solution
Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2000

Dear Jean,

I actually had you specifically in mind when I wrote Part 4, for Manifesting World Enlightenment, about 4 days ago. The theme I feel compelled to get across to you is summed up in one simple phrase...THERE IS NO POLITICAL SOLUTION. What I mean by this, of course, is that all efforts to reform the current world scenario via an already corrupt political system, is utterly futile. There can be no such thing as "getting out the vote" for instance, because Democracy no longer exists.

I want you to understand this fact. There will be no political or social revolution of any kind...not now, nor ever, so long as the consciousness of the public remains entropic. You can urge people to write letters to the congressmen, organize protests, send E-mails, and meditationally focus on alleviating specific problem areas around the world all you want, and this will not save the human species, nor the planet as a whole.

All of these measures can at the very best, only offer very, very, short term benefits. Such benefits are more cosmetic and superficial than anything else. The ONLY viable and lasting solution for the remedy of the modern crisis can be found in a grass-roots (r)evolution in consciousness.

From this fundamental shift of consciousness, the basic values of a currently deluded public will be implicitly transformed. Without such a transformation, all hope for social justice and world peace is just smoke in the wind. This is exactly why we must not waste our energies on each and every specific world crisis which occurs, and realistically expect this to produce tangible spiritual results. It will not. All of these circumstances are but symptoms of spiritual deficit, and unnatural values world-wide. We must instead focus on the expansion of consciousness as the first and foremost basis for social revolution. The conversion of the mass consciousness is tantamount to this process. So I say again to you, "There is no political solution". The only viable solution for the world social crisis is spiritual in nature, and in Nature we may again find the spiritual...

Love and Clarity to you,
Matthew Webb

The World Mind Society

PS.. In a separate letter immediately following this one, I am sending you Manifesting World Enlightenment Part 4

COMMENT FROM JEAN: There is certainly lots of truth in what Matthew wrote, especially in the context of the mangled US electoral process that finally led to the selection of George W Bush as the 43rd US president by 5 out of 9 Supreme Court judges, as was occuring when Matthew wrote his letter above and essay below. The corrupted political system Matthew denounces - which is a worldwide occurence - can absolutely not be a favorable conduit for reforming the very System that is fastly depriving the world from a healthy environment, social justice and any hope in a viable future.

The change definitely *has* to come from within and it is my intuitively-gained belief that such an exponentially accelerating spiritual (r)evolution is occuring right now and has been in progress for many decades, as described in the book "Aquarian Conspiracy" by Marilyn Ferguson. But in addition to working on our own greater spiritual awareness and awakening - and I'm sure Matthew will agree with this - it is also essential to let ourselves be driven - as prompted from within - to actually contribute in manifesting around us the various elements that will best embody this growing new World Mind that Matthew describes. Whether it is new environmentally sustainable living environments, new forms of social organization in communal settings, and new cultural breakthroughs that will enable the fulfilment of everyone's spiritual aspirations and untapped creativity, there is an almost infinite number of fields of human activities that require our full participation in helping to co-create the future that we all know deep within *shall be* once we are beyond the current transitional period in our global history.


From: "Matthew Webb" <visionquest@eoni.com>
Subject: Re: Manifesting World Enlightenment, Part 4
Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2000


(companion series to the Perpetual Raising)

Part 4 of 5

There can be no doubt that the world situation today is grave. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the institutions, governments, and traditional methods of society, have little effectiveness in solving a collective crisis of global proportions. In this respect even wholesale environmental destruction or international war, is not the true essence of the modern crisis. Political parties and social policies are not in themselves at the root of human suffering. Wars and corruption are not at ultimate fault in the failure of world peace agendas. All of these conditions of the modern age are but symptoms of a central problem, one that is far beyond the reach of presidents and governments to remedy. Our worldwide social obstacle to fulfillment as a species, comes from the central root of wrongly focused consciousness. Therefore, the modern condition stems not from procedural inadequacy, but from a deep spiritual deficit.

Thousands of years ago we began to collectively assume that the purpose of life was the accumulation of material possessions beyond need. Materialism arose through artificial thinking, and we began to fear truth and our true nature, as spiritual beings. As we turned away from our spiritual selves, we also began to de-value nature and even that which is called God, as a spiritual resource. In doing this, we began believing that only what is immediately perceived by the senses has any value in life. It is this spiritual deficit which drains the energy away from all efforts at world peace. It is materialism which robs our natural joy of its sparkle, making fear the materialists' ever-present shadow. To reverse the trends of the modern condition, it is our responsibility to turn away from materialism and the society which embraces it, to again realize the central purpose of life and living. This central purpose is the expansion of consciousness. Consciousness has always driven the course of evolution forward, and even now it is the central foundation for every reading eye, every breath, and every act we perform. To expand consciousness is therefore to fundamentally change and improve our every act in life, and also to intentionally evolve ourselves and our planet as conscious beings.

There can be no political solutions. The systems and laws created by humanity are not the essence of reality, and cannot be the source for our renewed progress in peace and spiritual prosperity. We cannot realistically expect to find peace and fulfillment within the folly generated by politics or modern governments of any kind. The reason for this is clear. There is yet a much higher order than that which has been invented by courts, popes and presidents. This higher order is known as Nature, and its edicts are those of Natural Law. In applying ourselves to this higher order completely, and without allowing interference from the inferior laws of human-kind, we are then freed to ascend and evolve at will. But to accomplish this significantly greater degree of enlightenment, the willingness to both reject society, and disregard its petty considerations as irrelevant, is extremely useful. Modern beliefs in the Dollar as God for instance, simply must be dethroned, and so must the governments and corporations who peddle such religious notions. To reject materialism is therefore necessary to significantly progress on the path of spiritual realization. This act becomes a matter of lifestyle, and not just intellectualism. In so doing we find that our only true need is to satisfy the intentions of both our own souls and Nature/God.

The road to greater self realization is endless, and there is no such thing as ultimate enlightenment, only higher and ever higher levels of spiritual embodiment. One of the main obstacles to progress on this road, is belief in that which is not in accord with natural law. In other words, belief in the false, is as sure a deterrent to real progress, as is apathy and ignorance. To expand our consciousness then, it is of paramount importance to re-evaluate all the suppositions which make up the modern world. In so doing we find that society has been permeated by the lies of centuries. These falsehoods are a block to not only personal enlightenment, but world peace. The more false beliefs are removed from the mind, the more consciousness will tend to naturally expand. Likewise, the more consciousness expands, the more we tend to challenge the status quo in the most fundamental manner, because clarity and love allow insights into what is normally accepted as unchallengable.

Those who have already challenged the falsehoods of our day, have emerged victorious in their defeat of personal illusion, to a great extent. It is they who are ready to cooperate in the spirit of good will, for the further growth of not only themselves, but the entire planet as well. In some practitioners the realization of what is naturally true and therefore worthy of life focus, (and what is not) has grown to a great extent. At this point they are prepared to engage the power of their consciousness to actually manifest a new world. It is understood at some level by such persons, that intent is a force of consciousness which is capable of not only transforming the self, but also the environment in which we live. As we combine this inner force of Intent together for the sake of mutual upliftment, our spiritual will begins to reverse the trends of society. In effect it begins to transform the state of the World Mind, or collective consciousness of society. Such effects are manifest initially on a psychic level, and subsequently on the physical level of social relations. Just as love is made perceptible when lovers enter an otherwise cold room, so too is are the loving intentions of meditators from around the world, in combined focus.

Through group meditation we are making perceptible and cumulative shifts in the "world vibration and intent", (World Mind). In so doing, world meditations act as a psychic/social purifier, of international fear and discord. The world crisis can ONLY be effectively addressed at this level of international and domestic action. Political and social reform cannot in themselves be successfully implemented by throwing dollars at the collective symptoms of spiritual disease. Only by addressing the root of the modern crisis, in the expansion of consciousness, do we have any real hope of the lasting improvement in the human condition. This is true because no system or constitution, no matter how noble its original intention, can afford lasting peace so long as the consciousness of those who implement it remains lacking. The maintenance of high(er) levels of consciousness, using a progressive intent on the other hand, can take any system or document, no matter how corrupt, and turn it into a productive and satisfying social collective. Let us then turn our attention away from corrupt political parties, social systems and governments, to the true source of governance which cannot lead us astray. Let us return to nature and natural laws, to God and soul for real nurturance in the application of genuine wisdom. In accomplishing this we expand the essence which underlies our every act, and which the soul knows well. This essence is consciousness itself, composed of energy, awareness and intent, just like everything else in the cosmos.

There are very notably six major focuses, or intentions, which have consciousness-expanding properties. These six are described intensively by the Perpetual Raising series as:

1.. Energy, (the progressive gaining thereof).

2.. Vibration, (or love, and the progressive raising thereof).

3.. Clarity, (or awareness of awareness, and the progressive crystallization thereof).

4.. Expansion, (of the progressive enlargement/manifestation of any state).

5.. Right Intent/action, (ever increasing spiritual will).

6.. Right alignment, (the deepening of one's connection to God, Nature and soul).

These have been described in detail previously, (see the Perpetual Raising). The reader is invited to explore how these six intentions, or focuses, combine to greatly expand ones' consciousness raising efforts.


If you'd like to discover a beautiful site, check out http://www.thedarkqueen.com
created by Carol Sanders. Check her Link page too and see an excerpt below from her site.

From: http://www.thedarkqueen.com/wisdom.htm

Pearls of Wisdom

"Life is a mirror, it reflects back whatever image we present to it."

"Observation is the key to transformation."

"There is nothing kept from you that you have not kept from yourself."

"The only thing you have no choice about is making choices."

"There are no barriers, no doors that are not open, you need only walk through. So open the door
to your heart and you open your world within and without."

"You see that we are all the same in our expansiveness. It is only our perception that changes. It is
only our perception that prevents our progression. Change your perception and you know your
purpose. Know your purpose and you change your perception."

An Old Chicago saying, "Looking down the street don’t make the bus come faster".

Until you make peace with who you are, you will never be content with what you have.

Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all it’s pupils.

Before we set our hearts too much on anything, let us examine how happy are those who already
possess it.

Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson after.

Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life.

God gave us memories so that we might have roses in December.

The greatest quality on earth is the willingness to become.

If you were arrested for kindness…would they find enough evidence to convict you?

The pearl is the oyster’s autobiography.

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.

A turtle makes progress when it sticks it’s neck out.

Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy.

If the eyes had no tears, the soul would have no rainbow.

We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are

Find something worth living for instead of something worth dying for.

The only truth in war is that people die

The future isn’t what it used to be.

When you become obsessed with the enemy, you become the enemy.

All beings are defined by their capacity and need for love.

Sometimes the act of searching is more important than what you’re searching for.

What we hold sacred gives our lives meaning.

We create the future with our words, with our thoughts, with our deeds, and with our beliefs.

If you don’t understand the song, then listen to the music.

Whatever you choose to focus on, intensifies.

If you always give...You will always have.

It takes only one person to change your life...you.

Some people make things happen.

Some people watch things happen.

Some people wonder what happened.

Between falling and flying lies hesitation. Leap with confidence, and you will find your wings.

Life only gives us time and space, it is up to us to fill it with joy and meaning.

A friend is one who dances with you in the sunshine and walks with you in the shadows

If you are going to walk on thin ice, you might as well dance

The best way to predict your future is to create it

Noone worth posessing can be quite posessed

Your tongue is to speak with when you know what to say and how to say it.

Your teeth are to keep your tongue in your mouth until you figure it out.

Many people will walk in and out of your life,
but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart

To handle yourself, use your head.
To handle others, use your heart.

Anger is only one letter short of danger.

If someone betrays once, it is his fault.
If he betrays you twice, it is your fault

Great minds discuss ideas.
Average minds discuss events.
Small minds discuss people.

He, who loses money, loses much.
He, who loses a friend, loses much more.
He, who loses faith, loses all.

Beautiful young people are accidents of nature,
but beautiful old people are works of art.

Learn from the mistakes of others
You can't live long enough to make them all yourself.

Friends, you and me...You brought another friend....
and we started our group.... our circle of friends...
and like a circle..... there is no beginning or end......

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow
is mystery. Today is a gift.