Healing Summit Agreement

Consciously Applying The Creative Principle

We acknowledge that all life on Earth is created by Universal Intelligence, and that our role is to consciously cooperate with the Divine forces of creation and compassion.

We agree to create, support, and implement that which unifies, balances and heals the Planet Earth.

We agree to create that which is required for harmony to prevail with and between all unique species, cultures, races and realms.

We, as individuals, commit to be true to that which we hold most sacred in our hearts.

We, as a community, commit to live our innate dynamic vision of wholeness, mutual support, and expansion of consciousness for all beings.

We urge the application of this agreement in all human activity on Earth.

This agreement was considered and approved by the first Healing Summit in Monterey, California, October 17, 1997, sponsored by The World Federation of Healing and the Creative Health Network. Contact: 4076 Orme St. Palo Alto, CA 94306

Ph: 650-493-1373 FAX: 650-813-0134 )
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Hi folks,

I have been home from The Healing Summit in Monterey for two days now, very busy "processing"! So how was it, people have asked?

Overall "The Healing Summit" was just great! I had LOTS and LOTS of reasons to think so! The juices are still flowing through as I contemplate the many experiences!

Picture, if you will, 200 people from 20 different countries on this planet (including a very sizeable group from Russia) coming together as equals and peers to share what we know about creating a "Sustainable Planet"! Now place us in a very wonderful environment; a lovely hotel right on the beautiful beach of Monterey, California, USA. Add warm and wonderful sunshine and crystal clear skies during the days and then masses of twinkling stars in the velvety black night sky, "rounded off" with a full moon! See us meeting in an aesthetically pleasing grand ballroom every day (along with other "breakout rooms" and a small bookstore. On top of this, please feature nutritious food and friendly ambiance among the Healing Summit staff!

Now into this mixture I add myself, with my "Silver Girl" station wagon full (to the very brim!) of my paintings, (plus greeting cards and laser prints of same), many freshly cut bamboo poles and "gidgets" (to construct the sculptural "unity weave" of "Imagine Weaving the Dream!" as a first real prototype of the idea), along with many folded cloth segments, easels, tools for "The Weave", art materials, cameras, clothes and my little red wagon to carry everything "anywhere"! In addition to all of this, add my friend Dr. Barry Sultanoff (Holistic Psychiatrist and M.D. of the Washington D.C. area, as well as founding member of The American Holistic Medical Association and an all around person-extraordinaire) and his puppet-dog, Sandy, etc. We looked like one giant "stuffed baked potato" as we rolled off toward Monterey!

Our late afternoon arrival found us meeting up with 200 people from around the world, including my daughter Lisa, who had just moved from Colorado to The Bay Area the week before!!! Her UCLA friend was working as a "Summit helper" and also stayed in Lisa's and my room....thus our "stuffed baked potato extravaganza" continued! :-)

In the course of the next 5 days many memorable things occurred. That night we met together as a group for the first time. We heard from many people, including many unexpected "spontaneous" offerings. Later that evening an Indian Chief, spoke to us about his efforts to make peace with the White Man as he traveled around the globe. He also acknowledged that what he found really was that his greatest learning was to make friends with himself. This later became a true lesson for all assembled!

The attendees were so very kind and helpful. There were more healing modalities than I could even imagine existed. My large canvases were on easels around the Ballroom. Up in front was 'Earth's Birth" and "Child of the Universe" and in the back of the room "The Phoenix Rises" and "Chasm of Fire" and "Peace For Our Children". At the very last moment I had brought a new painting with me which I had considered to be unfinished. But something told me that I HAD to take it! This painting of two giant snowflakes, falling leaves, red background and a huge water droplet and new spring branch was propped up on a table at the back of the conference room. For me, as the painter, the problem had been that one snowflake had been finished while the second was still incomplete. I was bothered about what I should do about this, because that snowflake seemed to "want" to stay that way. The title of the work is "Seasons of the Heart", taken from my very favorite John Denver album, which had indeed seeded much that I have thought about and painted since 1988.

On Monday morning I was just getting out of the elevator to join the group in the Ballroom when a woman asked me if I had heard that John Denver had died in a plane crash the night before? The elevator opened just then as she pointed out the big bay window toward the point of land immediately to my left, exclaiming "His plane crashed right over there!" Yes, it was true, another blow, another soul with a great heart had departed. Shortly afterwards I shared the painting I had dedicated to his beautiful and empowering music of "Seasons of the Heart" to the conferees.

It was at John Denver's "Windstar Foundation" that "Peace For Our Children" had begun its journey to the Kremlin and Gorbachev in 1989. The following summer I had been invited to sell posters of that work at Denver's "Windstar symposium", had given him a Limited Edition of "Peace For Our Children" and had also met his (then) wife and baby daughter. It was also during this week that our daughter Lisa had fallen in love with Aspen, become a vegetarian "on the spot" one fine morning after hearing John Robbins speak, listened to Jean Houston speak (as well as Marianne Williamson and Barbara Marx Hubbard), visited the vast Windstar ecological reserve and acreage in Old Snowmass and beheld one of Bucky Fuller's domes there. Six years later, with an MBA and Master's in Urban Planning under her belt, Lisa was actually working ON that very same land at The Rocky Mountain Institute as a Senior Research Consultant. John Denver served on their Board of Directors and my poster of "Peace For Our Children" hung on the walls of both The Windstar Foundation and also of its neighbor, The Rocky Mountain Institute!

Lisa had been given two presentation times; one before the whole conference and the second a workshop specifically about Green Development. It was wonderful for me to watch Lisa move "into the moment" after the shock of hearing about John Denver's death. She changed her plans so that she could honor "John Denver the environmentalist", which he most assuredly was. Lisa even had a John Denver tape in her car, so began her talk with "Rocky Mountain High" (which she later gave to a conferee from Russia).She also told us about The Rocky Mountain Institute and the work being done in energy efficient building in a MOST articulate manner! To say that I was proud of her would be a vast understatement!

I was also to speak twice; once on a panel about Honoring our Mother the Earth, and again at the workshop given by Barry and myself ("Healer as artist and Artist as Healer"). Well, my part in the panel presentation never happened because the Indian who had spoken to us the first night apparently felt he hadn't been respected enough (speaking somewhat later than he had been asked apparently) and so he then refused to participate on our panel to honor Mother Earth and was even checking out of the hotel as we were beginning the panel! This unexpected development caused the creation of much conflict resolution and resulted in him arriving in the Ballroom just as it was my turn to speak. He said he wanted to do some drumming to honor John Denver (which we had previously done with Lisa (!) but the Chief hadn't been present, so didn't know). He began to drum at a wonderful large standing drum with 5 others and the last two panel speakers therefore didn't have time to speak! The other speaker was to have been the President of The World Federation of Healing, from Wales.

For me the loss of that time meant that I did not get to share how I see the role of some artists as being shaman/visionaries and pattern keepers for our culture, as well as to be able to invite everyone to participate in my first small model of "Imagine Weaving The Dream!", on the beach in front of our hotel (and explain it's significance as the visual sacred symbol of our conference unity) ! The consequences of this missing dynamic became obvious as the conferees, who had brought cloth for The Weave, then assumed that I was making it myself, rather than all of us participating in an Interactive Work....a rather significant missing detail!

What I personally got out of this demonstration of authoritarian ego was that it started the "same old story" again. Several others who had prepared for their contributions to the conference with their precious time and money were also unable to do so because their time was usurped. My co presenter, Barry, also had the same experience when he was to have been on a panel and was to have spoken about "Spirituality and Business". It presented a deep learning to me about honoring intention, while at the same time staying in the present. I have no real answers for this dilemma, as I have witnessed the same dynamics at many conferences. But I would suggest that this is the natural outfall of planning so much that there is no room left to add the unexpected. I also think it would be a good idea at all future such gatherings to offer a separate "breakout room" for "unscheduled folks" who arrive with a passion to speak....by giving them a room and a "talking stick" (or mike) and a certain amount of time to present whatever they feel to be germain.

In any event, our two lovely co chairs (UK and USA) had an immense task in planning for this International Community. My hat is totally off to them for visualizing such wholesome ideas and bringing us together to manifest them into reality! Their staff was just remarkable for their good humor and willingness to be of service. On the last day they announced that next year The Healing Summit will be in Glastonbury, England!

Meanwhile "Imagine Weaving The Dream!" began being assembled on the beautiful shoreline in front of the hotel. People strolling by became engaged in watching the process and then joined in. A young couple from Turkey with their 3 year old added cloth to the weave, followed by a father and his young son. One lady in her 60s voiced great concern about what we were doing and why? The fear in her voice caused me to ask her to explain her concern. She said that there was so much violence going on everywhere that she was worried that this was some sort of occult event. Oh my goodness, that was definitely unexpected! I explained that we were at an international holistic health conference. With that the lady smiled broadly and said she had been a nurse, had suffered horribly from lupus and had been cured by alternative medicine! She happily added a piece of cloth to the weave. And for me? Well, we certainly bring our own points of view to what we observe, don't we!

It was with considerable surprise and sadness that I realized that "Seasons of the Heart" was indeed a finished canvas. The completed snowflake honored the life of Mother Teresa, the unfinished one the life of Princess Diana and the entire painting of "Seasons of the Heart" honored the memory of John Denver.

Besides my paintings I had just received 1500 of my paintings as greeting cards the day before I left. I also took my work as laser prints, plus some extra posters of "Peace for our Children". How delighted I was to find that they were in popular demand. There just wasn't enough time to be everywhere and do everything!

Our workshop went well. Barry is a very likable and accessible speaker. He shared some wonderful vignettes related to his idea of "vibrant health", recited some poignant and relevant poetry and introduced us to his puppet dog, Sandy. I told the stories of my Asclepian Dream ( at a Jean Houston workshop in 1987) becoming the seed pearl for "Peace For Our Children" and its unfolding life around the globe. I also shared my story about being in the Peace Tent at the Women's Conference in Beijing, China in 1995 and meeting the woman conductor for the UN Orchestra. I wore the beautiful silk jacket which I had bought in Beijing on the Silk Road. In the audience was one of the other 20 women who had traveled with me to Beijing! After my talk a familiar looking face came up to me, saying that she too had been in The Peace Tent! Gillian was from Glastonbury, England! Small world.

During the question and answer time after our presentations one woman asked me if I would consider doing a conference around "Artist as Healer"? That gave me an opportunity to share my feelings about the artist as a Shaman/visionary for the culture. I also explained more about "The Weave". Barry and I think that we could easily offer an interesting day or weekend Seminar sometime in the future.

Meanwhile out on the beach "The Weave" was growing! I was just amazed to watch the individual "statements" being made as the bright pieces of cloth were added to our "Sacred Hoop"! There were additional bits of seaweed, a dog collar, bird feathers, little stones placed at particular places, glints of gold twine, favorite scarves and so forth. Diane Mac Farlane passed thru the "gate" into the center by "The Children's Fire" and played heavenly tones on her zither! In the end there wasn't enough time for everyone at the conference to add his or her "piece" to the "peace offering". But there was "enough" and it looked just grand to me!:-) I took many pictures of this small model and think I can now better explain what I"see" on a far grander scale! In the end we rolled up the festooned 7' long bamboo poles (which my husband, Paul, and I had cut down several weeks before) and brought the whole thing home to Newport Beach! ("Have Sacred Circle-can travel"). Actually I have no idea what I will do with this now. Nevertheless, new ideas are forming.

And then on the last night we had a Fiesta out on the beach, followed by a special dancer and a number of other activities. Our final morning included the reading of our Healing Summit Agreement, a document worked on and wordsmithed by many people throughout the conference. But the strength of the text is thatour "Agreement = Manifestation". To say it means to stand by it! We ended our time together with some circle processes, some singing and finally making the fabulous serpentine we surely all love! In our finale farewells we were invited to participate in something quite spectacular, if we could arrange it in our schedules at the very last minute!

Chief Little Bear of The Esalen Indian tribe had invited us to their land in the Carmel, Esalen mountains to meet in peace in their sweat lodge for stories, drumming, singing, sharing and prayers. This would be followed by 3 days of a gathering of Shaman from all over, in that very same location! We were told that this indeed was a very rare invitation. You can only imagine the flurry of activity as people changed their flights where they could. One tour bus from the UK group joined in our caravan of about 20 cars as we drove into the hills and up past the Tassahara Zen Center and on to the Esalen property. All of the women were asked to wear skirts. We were, um, dressed imaginatively, to say the least. But all in all about 70 or more of us of us made it there!

The round lodge had been built by cutting about 4 feet into Mother Earth. We sat in an immense circle on the carved earthen bench which encircled the lodge. In the center were 4 massive wooden beams supporting the rounded roof surrounding "the children's fire" in the center. The smoke from our fire went out of a hole at the top. We brought gifts to Chief Little Bear, among them 4 small pots of flowers which he had us place at each of the Four Directions. He then welcomed all of us with such warmth (thereby giving us a welcomed healing from our earlier experience). Walking around the circle as he spoke, he told us the story of the Four Directions, the tribes from each, the colors of each tribe, and their gifts to the planet. He threw tobacco into the fire. In his story he told us that the White Man came from the North and represents Mind, which is a good thing, when it lives in balance with nature and emotions and wisdom. Well, you and I know that the North hasn't exactly kept its gifts in balance. But Chief Little Bear was so wonderfully hopeful, in that he and his people do devoutly believe that now IS the time for ALL peoples to come together and live as ONE Tribe on this planet. He was also kind to us in many ways, acknowledging that sometimes one attribute is needed above another, that he had just returned from the White Man's Medicine, having had an appendectomy when he had not been able to be healed by his Red Man's Medicine. Tears were glistening in our eyes as we listened to his drumming and singing, inviting us to join him, and saying that in the lodge at that time he only saw enlightened beings of the same color. We presented the Agreement=Manifestation document to him and he said that he would share it with all of the Tribal Nations and take it with him to The White House. Some of our visitors from Russia, England and Australia told him that being there was the most unforgettable moment of their lives. I think many of us felt that we were truly "Living the Dream".

So now I am home, grateful and satisfied that I have just participated in one of the significant links to our Possible Future!

Love and heart, Penny McManigal 10/21/97