September 22, 1999

Subject: Various feedbacks on recent posts

Hello everyone

Following my recent emails, I've received a number of feedbacks. I share many of them with you below with some complementary notes as you will see. It's a quite varied mix as you will discover. A big thanks to all those who sent their feedbacks!

As promised, I hope to begin tackling the Y2K issue in the next email.

And just a note to mention my relief when I saw in the news tonight that the U.N. Peacekeeping Force is finally bringing a beginning of security and some food assistance to the people in East Timor. Lots of things remain to be done for sure, notably bringing back the 300,000 people forcibly relocated to West Timor by the Indonesian government, but a new era is at long last dawning on this impoverished land still in need of great assistance and succour from the international community.

Upholding East Timor in our prayers and meditations, we may now turn our attention to the many other troubled spots on Earth, such as in Africa where the international community too often shines by its absence and lack of interest, a situation that needs to be corrected soon as many more millions of children, women and men suffer from the cruel wars that ravaged - most notably in Sierra Leone! - and still devaste many countries and too many lives.

But all is not grim for there are some very positive signs of progress heralding a coming era of universal peace on Earth - such as in Algeria and between Israel and Palestine, and with the mutual assistance that Greece and Turkey offered to each other following the recent earthquake tragedies there, thus erasing years of antagonism between those 2 countries. Perhaps the same "miracle" could also happen with China offering assistance to Taiwan also in the midst the terrible aftermath of a powerful earthquake...

May Peace Prevail on Earth

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999
Subject: Re: The Mystical Files - James Twyman's experience with the Madonna

Dearest Jean....


I would like to take a moment out of my busy schedule with James to thank
you.... thank you for sending this note out to your group and for your work
on planetary awakening and awareness....

I must admit that sometimes I just am too busy to read all that you write
although I always scan its' content.

Over the past four months, my work with James has increased as I have moved
in to a position we have yet to give title to.... however, I manage the
Beloved CD project and the Mystery School that is starting up..... My partner
in life, Will Clark is the web master for (and a few others) and we will be doing the newsletter together along with setting up a
community based upon James' teachings from Maria with James.

We have been working hours upon hours to build upon and put out the next wave
of consciousness that has embraced James and all of humanity. Please take a
look at: (new page in the next two weeks)

for these are just the beginning of the places where we go with James and his

As an aside, James introduced Will and I several years ago at a workshop...
and we have been together ever since... working for peace on the planet...
and as life partners!!

Last June at a retreat weekend with James in Connecticut, I too had an
extraordinary experience with Mary. It is a long story, but to make it brief, a
woman had brought her paintings to the retreat for their debut... I felt that
they were nothing special, but they were her prizes. Shortly after her
announcement of these artistic creations, we heard a sound like gunshot in
the room... and then the picture behind me literally jumped off the wall...
and hit me square in the upper heart charkra, flipped over and landed upside
down and backside to us and had exploded from the center outward.... (the
picture was over the fireplace mantel and hearth that came out about 3
feet.... so you know this picture had a mission).... when the picture was
turned over, it was a painting of Mary.... it was extraordinary and I just
started crying.... James' remark: "I guess Mary was hitting on you..." as he
stated in his book about his initial reactions to Maria and his hitting upon
her.... So, I have been enveloped and in pure love of Mary's presence ever
since, as she speaks to me, guiding my work with James... There is much more
to the story... but I wanted to share this small piece of peace with you....

Our work continues here in the Mountains of rural NH while James is off in
Australia and then onto East Timor.... We are VERY blessed to be doing this
work and holding the energy here as James travels the world sharing this
message with those who are indeed ready as the 'teacher' speaks of in "Emissary
Of Light."

One of the things that our mission here is about, is manifesting the finances
to continue our work and bring it to the world through James as it is his
work we work with and for.... We have very old computer equipment and we
eeeek out the designs and web development in 3 times the time it would take
with upgraded equipment for both of us. Will's computer is only 8mg so I am
sure you can imagine the challenge that this offers... (I am a mac person and
Will is a PCer so we have great balance).... If you run across funding or
resources to help with this continued project, would you be so kind as to let
us know?

Again, thank you for all you are doing... May you walk with pieces of peace
as you stand in your truth for you are indeed ready!!

++*+*+*love and peace++*+*
LaurieJOY Pinkham

Date: Sat, 18 Sep 1999
From: Ra Kendra Peace Circle <>

Greetings, Jean. This is a message being sent to you singularly to thank
you for all your "sendings" and for working at keeping the "life honouring
chip" active. Shanti.

Why is it being done? I believe that those of us who do these "contrails"
and the Monsanto's of many names know that we all breathe the same air,
drink the same water, live in the same planet, and that the "we" includes
them, therefore whatever we do affects all of us. This is not like a
shotgun firing one bullet towards a specific singular target. The
"suicidal chip" is indeed be so highly activated by greed and fear, that
some of us have a perspective of invulnerability to the fruits of one's
labours. I must be hopelessly naive not to be able to figure this out at

Let goodwill be among all beings. Let all beings love. Let wisdom come.
Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

Rashmi Tolentino-Singh
Ra Kendra Peace Circle

Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999
From: Kalama Hochreiter <>
Subject: Re: BIOWARFARE: The "Chemtrails" over America, Canada, England and Australia...

Hi Jean,

Thanks for today's email re J. Twyman.

Many of us get so overwhelmed with the news lately,from your emails and
elsewhere, that we feel resigned, depressed, and assume a victim
consciousness, which we have all learned. I think we forget that we are
lightworkers, and as such, are able to work with whatever is happening
on many dimensions: from observing the occurrences, investigating them,
sending light to these situations, actively working for change in the
physical, affirming healing, praying peace, or wellness and transforming
what seems bad into the highest good for all. In fact, I think that is
why many of us are here at this time, so it is our responsibility to
focus on transformation.

We are realizing our synergistic thoughts and energy can create
alternate realities, and transformation, from war to peace, from illness
to healing, etc, etc. etc. So we must be alert to respond in this way
all the time, in our personal lives as well as globally.

So in addition to the messages and work being done on the
contrails, for example, a simple affirmation can be used, as a start:

May all contrails of dubious or harmful material be transformed into
blessings of light and healing for all life on earth.

Thanks for all your efforts in connecting us.



Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1999
From: Louis Mejia <>
Subject: Re: Various feedbacks on recent issues featured in these emails and
much much more

Hi Jean,

This is Louis Mejia from Tribal Ink News Network in Miami. I wanted to thank
you for such a powerful email. I was blown away reading the story about
Father Juan Paul Valdez. The main reason being is that April 23 is my
birthday!! In 1998 I was having some strange dreams which I will explain
later. My main concern is where I can get a copy of the documentary. I speak
Spanish and would like to do some research on this unique man.

His predictions are very close to some visions of another unique man named
Prajapita Brahma. He founded the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University in India in 1937. See
This is one of the few Spiritual Universities in India run by women.
Presently in more than 70 countries.

In 1986 I had a NDE in a car crash. As a result of that I went back to my
homeland, Colombia to heal and search for God. During that time I had a
vision of the Earth Changes to come 1999-2011 and saw that India would be
the only place where no nuclear bombs would fall, but it would be torn by
civil war. So reading Juan's message really touched a nerve. We have the
power to create our future and our personal reality. I also agree with
Antares- all predictions are just warnings. But maybe it is time to go Home,
back to the land of Peace, the Soul World. Thoughts for future reference.

I also wanted to let you know our website is being
relaunched in Oct with a new name. We will also be doing an update on the
upcoming trial on the Sacred Miami Circle set for Oct 4th. After that the
County will have 20 days to pay the developer what ever price is decided
upon by the jury. "Let the "O" Be Unbroken!"

I will also be moving to Peru in mid Oct and hope to keep in contact with
you and the Earth Rainbow Network.

Much Love and Light,
Louis Mejia til Oct 13 anytime
Tribal Ink News Network

Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1999
Subject: Re: BIOWARFARE: The "Chemtrails" over America, Canada...

Alan Hutner is host to Transitions Radio Magazine on KBAC Radio Free Santa
Fe (heard on 98.1 in SF and 95.9 in Albuquerque, NM). It is a three-hour
metaphysical show 8-11 AM on Sunday mornings (also simulcast on the Internet
at Netcast at He had a special presentation in August
in Santa Fe by William Thomas who has also written and spoken extensively on
Chemtrails and the Gulf War health fallout for US vets.

Alan's website for Chemtrails is:

PO Box 31064
Santa Fe, NM 87495

(505) 474-7396

Anyone who thinks they may have the microbes can get a bioscan 2000 sputum test
for approximately $800. Dr. Garth Nicholson was a name mentioned during the
William Thomas show. Taking minerals and colloidal silver is recommended as
well. Also, it was noted that the British have raised many issues publicly on

All the best,
Joan Vann

P.S.; Alan and wife Elizabeth Rose have a wonderful show every Sunday.
They've been on for 15 years.

William Thomas' website is:

Date: Sat, 18 Sep 1999
Subject: Re: The "Chemtrails" over America, Canada, England and Australia...

All those with chronic fatigue immune dysfunction
syndrome (CFIDS) and other ailments such as
golf war syndrome, know exactly what you're talking

Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999
Subject: Re: The Mystical Files - James Twyman's experience

Jean, Thank you for this more uplifting e-mail. As a friend indicated to
me...... do not buy into the fear that this germ warfare issue presents.... be aware but move ahead into the potential of what the connection with the Divine brings forth. Focus on the joy, light and love that is bountiful and present for all of us of enjoy......if we so choose.

Many blessings again and always to you Jean, for your strong voice and for
being the conduit for so much information for the earth.

With love and cosmic : )'s............Jane Grossman

Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1999
From: Pat Kostakeva <>
Subject: Re: Feedbacks to the Humanitarian Crisis in East Timor

Hi, Folks -- Thank you for your update. I do not mean to immediately change the
subject, but I have had an experience which I must share with everyone -- I drove from Seattle to Los Angeles this week, moving my belongings to my new home. I went through the Redwood Forests of Northern California -- the Coastal Redwoods -- which are the tallest trees on earth. Let me tell you, they are nearly totally destroyed!!!! And I am begging each one of you to PROMISE YOU WILL NEVER, NEVER USE ANY REDWOOD PRODUCTS!!!!!! The only way to stop the destruction of these thousand-year-old giants is to stop using their products -- no redwood decks, no redwood hot tubs, no redwood planters, no redwood lumber anywhere in our dwellings! Certainly no redwood fences!! Please ask all of your local hardware stores to stop selling Redwood products! The Animal Rights Activists managed to get every woman in America to stop wearing fur -- now we must stop the use of Redwood. Specifically boycott Pacific Lumber products, they are the WORST offender. If you have heard this cry before about the Redwoods, well so have I!! I am 56, and have been fighting this battle since I was 20, but somehow the message has not gotten through. PLEASE HELP -- tell everyone you know to STOP USING REDWOOD! It is the same as wearing a mink coat! Go visit -- from Crescent City to Big Sur -- and see the destruction for yourself. There is a narrow corridor of trees, saved in a National Park, about 1 mile wide, then miles and miles and miles of destruction! Go to Garberville and talk to the office of "Trees Foundation", they will tell you the truth. Also, there is one lady -- Julie Butterfly Hill -- who is living in a Treehouse for one-and-one-half years (!!!!!!!) trying to stop the destruction. She has a website -- look her up and support her. Thanks for listening to my rant -- I just can't stand to see this destruction about 30 years of trying to help.


Pat K. at Sunwillow

Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1999
Subject: B-GE: One Million Signature Anti-GEF Petition to US President

CONSUMER RIGHT TO KNOW One Million Signature Campaign Petition to Secure the Mandatory Labeling of all Genetically Engineered Foods Submitted to the President of the United States, US Congress, USDA and US FDA

Sign the petition:

Sponsoring Organization: Mothers for Natural Law

A great idea! Sign it. Pass it along!

Shoshanna also sent this:


LONDON, September 14, 1999 - A new test similar to a home pregnancy test
has been designed that will identify in minutes whether or not produce has
been genetically modified.

Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999
Subject: Y2K movies...ready or not...

"Y2K Ready or Not", a semi-documentary featuring Colorado, Oregon and
Utah preparedness groups, is airing around the country at different
days, times and channels. It was originally filmed for FOX, but in northern Colorado it will air on ABC, Oct 3, at 3:30pm. In the Colorado Springs area it will air on September 19th at 10:00am on NBC. We'll post a list of air dates in
other cities/states shortly.

The TV movie, "Y2K", will air on NBC on November 21.
"Armageddon at the millennium. Ken Olin, a systems expert, fights
to save the US's electronic infrastructure as the clock winds down
and all hell breaks loose." TV Guide

Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999
Subject: food for the soul (9/20/99)

A monk named Ichhi labored his whole life in the kitchen of the
great monastery at Lake Hakkone. He was deemed a "failed monk" by
himself and his superiors because he had been assigned the koan of
"What is the sound of one hand clapping?" since his earliest days in
the congregation and had never been able to solve it. It was now
fifty-five years of seeming failure and he was nearing the end of his

But as he lay dying he suddenly realized that he cradled a great
peace in his soul. Gone was the striving for enlightenment, gone was
the stridency of his loins, and gone was the haunting koan - for he
had found the stillness of no longer striving in this exquisite silence
alone in the attic in the soft dark at the end of his life.

It was only then, when there remained no more questions nor need
for answers (or even the need for breathing) that Ichhi heard at last
the whooshing silence of one hand clapping.


From: "Lucia Gillot" <>
Subject: Fw: our fellow beasts...
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999

Jean, Firstly I love what you're doing about spreading and sharing conciousness. Thank you. You are really a great angel of light spreading hope and strength around the planet.

I thought you may also be interested in this. I just sent it to an animal rights group. I'm seriously thinking about putting a 4 part documenatry together to raise people's awareness re animal cruelty. It hurts me so much. It's not something I can accept too easily. I would include the following, plus animal experimentation, blowing the cover of major brands; circus animal cruelty; man's relationship to the animal kingdom, domesticated and not; zoos; dancing bears; different cultures relationships to animals etc etc. What do you think? It would tear me apart, but I could do it, and have some resources. Please post this. If anyone would be interested in contributing let me know people!


I grew up in England where the mass populus, (through great TV documentaries and general media), are kept sufficiently aware of animal cruelty and the like and actively protest to bring about change.

Here in the U.S. I find that the American populus, as a whole, are really kept ignorant about so many harsh realities, including those pertaining to animal cruelty.

Wouldn't it be interesting to see the mass cross-over to vegetarianism, if there were actual documentaries shown on prime stations, exemplifying animal cruelty, not only in the U.S. but worldwide. Wouldn't this suddenely help bring about a change in man's attitude towards it's fellow, and sometimes, better being?

For instance, showing the harsh reality of where meat actually comes from; a calf being born, and the conditions it is kept in, what it is fed etc., see it grow, until the day that it goes to the slaughter house, has a chain wrapped around it's back leg and is suddenely hoisted up into the air, where, hanging upside down it is either clubbed, or it's throat is cut.....through the processing plant it goes and finally makes its way into a MacDonalds Happy Meal. Happy??!!

Or how all that milk ends up in your local supermarket every day - how much the cow has been forced to overproduce her regular milk flow. And the hormones.....

How calves are taken straight from their mother, kept suspended through their short lives to keep their meat tender, and force fed baby milk to keep the meat white, to make veal steak for your dinner.

Driving up highway 5 recently from LA to San Francicso. there's a place called Kerman (?). You smell it before you get there. Right next to the highway in pens, with not one blade of grass nor shade in sight, there are literally THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of cows waiting to be slaughtered. There's probably a solid square mile of cows, in horrendous conditions. (If this was in England, animal rights activists would have camped next to it until it had been closed down or at least improved for the cow's sake). What can we do to change our fellow human's conciousness? (Change our own...but does this immediately help the cow? Or our fellow human's ignorance about nutrition?)

I'm not even mentioning that when chicks are a few days old, their beaks are burnt off to stop them from pecking one another to death due to their horrendous conditions; or the way they are brought up in tiny cages stacked high, and finally one day their necks rung on a production line, while hanging upside down. Kentucky Fried Chicken - yum!

Is this really the way we should be treating the fellow creatures that God has put on this planet? What can we do to raise awareness on these and other issues?

Please help.

Lucia Gillot

Date: Wed, 15 Sep 1999
From: Jonathan Evelight <>
Subject: Indonesia - Truth


Truth is too rare today to be ignored. Here are some facts anyone can
check for themselves. Reading them will shed a different light on your
passion or compassion to act. Please act on this with every ounce of your

Indonesia has been used as a pawn by vested powers many times in its
history. Our vision must take the widest possible perspective to know what
is really going on behind the scenes - and who is actually behind the

Originally the "Indies", or Spice Islands were colonised by the Portuguese
and then the Dutch. Spice, before gold, first drove the Europeans around
the world. The Dutch gradually took over. The Island of East Timor
remained in Portuguese hands and became their dominion, and largely Christian.

The Dutch managed to build a control infrastructure by turning the "Indo's"
(half cast natives and Dutch or Portuguese) into administrator's and
soldiers to maintain law and order.

At the time of WWII, the Indonesian General Berenschot (an Indo), was
reluctant to get involved. Not surprising since he was aware that the
Western Allies wanted to protect Australia from Japan by using Indonesia to
fight the Japanese. His plane was sabotaged and he was killed, to be
subsequently replaced by a Dutchman who forced Indonesia into the war by
actually declaring war on Japan. Japan then armed and trained the
Indonesian native people to fight the Dutch.

After WWII the Indos were coerced by Dutch Royalty to leave in numbers, and
many did to various countries, including America. This created a large
administrative gap. This was conveniently filled by "experts" from around
the world who facilitated the commercial exploitation of the wealth of
resources, essentially selling out the Islands to today's corporate power
monopolies. The land has been mercilessly exploited and destroyed by
people without heart who themselves are pawns of vested powers.

After WWII Indonesia sought independence. The father of the independent
movement, who became the father of Indonesia, was Sukarno. As before with
Berenschot, he did not subscribe to the Western power play and he sought a
true independence free from foreign control. He was marked down as a
Communist because he didn't go along with Indonesia as a dominion of the
Western world.

Through the C.I.A., in the 1950s, great upheaval, and massacres were
caused, making an end to Sukarno's leadership. The Indonesian army could
then be bought into the capitalistic world and so the nation became a
puppet to be ransacked by the new business world (or new world order?).
The army is, as a result, still being maintained, and controlled via
Jakarta, by those who control the Western governments, including the World
Bank. It can be manipulated any time by the same clique of people that
created it.

To give you an example of this hidden control, two years after Indonesia
first stated its independence in 1947, a team of foreign correspondents
flew in as an international response primarily to investigate the merits of
the revolution. Upon departure the plane crashed in mysterious
circumstances. One reporter chose not to fly. He had with him the
collective findings which never came to light and never made it into the
public domain - he was effectively silenced.

What then makes East Timor so desirable?

Who is behind the massacres and the power plays?

We can see that "Indonesia" is a product of the Western forces of
exploitation and control, and that true independence was already lost to
the West in the early days of colonial manipulations. It is therefore, at
this moment, of extreme interest to these people, the vested powers behind
the scenes, the same people for whom the Security Council is their voice.
(The General Assembly may yet be the voice of humanity we trust).

The fact that East Timor is largely Christian, while the rest of the people
of Indonesia are Islam, Hindu, Buddhist etc. (there are over 200 ethnic
groups) is a false reason. It is being made to look as a religious war.
It is not.

Indonesian people are being used once again.

Consider this Indonesia is most strategic. For example, it can provide a
military buffer zone against China for the only Western stronghold in Asia,
Australia. Increasing the strength, presence and power of an
internationally involved army, under the guise of a UN protectorate,
re-enforces this strategy and will ensure that zone protects not only
Australia, but also the West as a whole.

The answer lies in this: "Who will profit in the long run?"

For "them", if 200,000 die now, or over 1,000,000 when Sukarno was
disposed, does it make any difference? Our hearts must know the truth and
when we do, with this as our weapon, the power of truth, motivated with
compassion will reveal the hidden root cause of today's horrors.

Excerpts from an interview with Estaban, Portuguese from former E.Indies.

"Rainbow Community Solutions"
What You Need We Find
If it makes life work
Call. +1983 533129

From: John Owen <>
Subject: Global conspiracies, etc
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1999

Thanks Jean. Working for government for 33 years proved to me, without any
doubt, that government is a tool of the rich, most especially the old money
in each community. They determine who gets the funding and publicity
necessary to be nominated for and elected to public office. On studying the
"federalist papers" that are the commentary to go with the United States
constitution, one discovers that the United States government was intended
from the beginning to be by and for the elites. The election system was to
allow the people to blow off steam from time to time, so that the elected
royalty and aristocracy could avoid having their heads chopped off, as had
happened 100 years before in England, and was happening then, in France.
Incidentally, the Kennedys as Irish Catholics were never part of the
American elite I speak of, and neither are any Jews. It's generally
accepted in the groups that I hang out with, who are generally more
political than most ERN people, that John Kennedy was the last freely
elected United States President, all those since then are hand-picked
successors. In Bush-Gore the global cabal gets a twofer: both are totally
beholden to the New World Order. The elites are the old Protestant
families, the people eligible to join the Masons. My father was a Mason and
I was expected to join (but never did). People think they're discovering
something when they find out about how the Masons control the American
elite structure. To me, it's never been any secret. Just look at the
Masonic symbol (the pyramid with the eye) on the American dollar bill. Why
are people surprised that the rich have ways of communicating with each
other and coordinating their work for their own benefit? How could it be
any other way?

American political apathy is largely due to the fact that most Americans
believe that our system is a sham, even if they don't know exactly how the
shell game works. And, they know what happens to those who seek to be
independent or empower the people: The Kennedys, Martin Luther King, Malcom
X. Leonard Peltier. So, you just don't think about it and try to get on
with your life.

Regarding Fr John Paul's prophecies, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the
whole thing comes true. Circumstances are leading in those directions. If
we get away with only three more nukes getting exploded, that's a lot
better than a worst case scenario. As a person with a high degree of
spiritual clarity, I suspect you've had many instances as I have, where
you have clearly seen future events in great detail. There is much about
the future we cannot change, but there are some things we can do. We can
have small impacts in the here and now, and if our work is spirit filled, I
have confidence that the "butterfly effect" can magnify our effectiveness
to global levels. This requires the clarity of meditation and prayer so
that we're drawn to doing the work the Spirit wants us to do, rather than
doing something we invented out of our own heads.

John O

...IT DOES NOT TOUCH ON THE STEALTH CONTROL OF THE WORLD BY THE ELITE A SUBJECT I RECOMMEND TO YOUR ATTENTION. (From a comment I had made to John Owen about a recent speech he made. J.H.)

From: "Nancy G. Walker" <>
Subject: WOW, Jean, check it out! ...
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999

This is a legitimate advertising promo that actually does send money
to the United Nations World Food Program.


Here's a great idea. All you have to do is visit this site and click on
the "Donate Free Food" button. When you do, a sponsoring
corporation will make a donation to feed a starving person for one
day. You can do this once a day, and it costs nothing to you personally.

This is a form of public relations for the sponsoring company. It gets
their name in front of you and associates it with a good cause. It does
not cost you anything to make this donation. So bookmark it, email all
your friends about it, and visit it once a day!