March 6, 2000

Subject: A very special and *urgent* request

Hello everyone

I'm getting a very clear signal from within - and those of you who know what being prompted from within means understand what I'm talking about - to network the following request through all my relationships.

Senator John McCain is in trouble and needs our help. As many of you surely have done, I've been closely monitoring the remarkable people-driven campaign Senator Mccain has been waging in the United States in the current race for the nomination of the Republican Party and in preparation for the coming presidential elections in this country. And as many of you undoubtedly know, he is faced with a formidable opponent, George W. Bush, son of former U.S. president George Bush. Mr. Bush, in my view and in the view of everyone following this campaign, represents the status quo in terms of who is actually controlling the U.S. government and by that I mean special interest groups, the wealthiest men and corporations who have contributed tens of millions of dollars towards Mr. Bush nomination and who keep pouring as much money as necessary to stamp the opposition and secure once again their control over the levers of power and over the destiny of the United States and of much of the rest of the world. In addition, and most importantly, these special interest groups whose interests Mr. Bush is there to serve unreservedly, are set to gradually lower on the entire world a dark curtain of anti-democratic reforms that could terminate this noble experiment in self-determination that, however imperfect and limited, has allowed millions of people to hope for a better future and strive to make it happen in collaboration with all other people similarly inspired.

On the other hand, Senator John McCain represents for the first time a chance given to the ordinary citizens of the first democracy of this planet to actually have a say and a direct influence in shaping the future of America. His sincere and courageous stand in opposition to the overarching influence and ultimate control of the stealth elite that has gradually taken over the real power in the United States and in much of the rest of the world has transformed him into a true crusader on behalf of the entire population of the Unites States who has recognized in him the first beacon of the future benevolent government of the people, for the people and by the people that is set to shine onto the entire world once its first foothold is firmly established in the United States of America.

But make no mistake, just like everyone else of us, John Mccain is no superman and has frailties and imperfections. He has repeatedly pledge to uphold conservative values and perspectives which cannot mesh perfectly well with the emerging new consciousness values of unconditional love, service to the One Universal God and spiritual evolution towards higher consciousness that form the backbone of the emerging New World Consciousness in this day and hour. Still, we can all recognize from within that in him has been vested the Flame of Change and Healing Power of Truth and that we now all have the choice of supporting what he represents, just as have done countless individuals who have volunteered, no matter their previous political persuasion, to help Senator McCain's campaign and donated their hard-earned money to finance this campaign of hope and change.

In a few hours will begin what has been called the Super Tuesday in the electoral process leading to the nomination of the presidential candidates of both Repiblican and Democratic parties. Current polls indicate that both Mr. Bush for the Republicans and Mr. Gore for the Democrats appear to be set to win in most if not all the states where the vote will take place this Tuesday. If Senator John McCain is to win a majority of those states, thus enabling him to remain in the race for the nomination, a true miracle must occur...

I'm asking you to help make this miracle possible. And if you go within, which is where the only Call that matters must stem from, you'll sense like me that we are at a defining crossroad in our history on which so much hinges for our common future.

Whenever possible and until this day ends, connect your Self with the Divine Power of Love and Clear-sightedness and, from there, inspire all those who are eligible to go and vote for Senator John McCain so he may win a big and clear victory over the forces represented by his opponent.

We all have a stake in tomorrow's results and so it is for our children and their children's children.

Thank you for networking this far and wide through the Internet and beyond.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator