October 7, 1999

Subject: The Scare Tactics That Will Backfire -- Re: Wal-Mart trucks leased by federal government ...transport THOUSANDS of signs declaring: "THIS CITY UNDER MARTIAL LAW"

Nancie Belle wrote:

>Is it coincidence, contrivance, or the root of the rumor, that ABC
>News Nightline is doing it's Friday night show on this subject?

Hello Nancy

Did you watch ABC News Nightline with Ted Koppel yesterday and tonight (October 5 and 6 1999)? There were 5 or 6 experts and a politician - the mayor of Atlanta - in a fictional situation room. They were drumming up fear and panic about a possible anthrax terrorist attack, including a number of realistic simulations and the tally of deads and -- of course -- were explaining that in such a horrific case, the US President would order the US army and National Guards to go all over the main US cities in order to, believe it or not, "prevent panicking people to force doctors at gunpoint in hospitals and clinics across the country to give them shots of antibiotics"... (a useless procedure in most cases, they said, because beyond 4 days after infection, the antibiotics can no longer prevent people from eventually dying from anthrax - and since it would probably take at least 4 days before the attack is being recognized as such by the medical authorities, it would be already too late for the hundreds of thousands or even millions of people infected), all this accompanied with videos of army helicopters landing and fully-armed troops deployments. Quite scary!!

Tonight, October 6, they were harping on the same subject but I missed it almost entirely because I was on the phone. Yet I catched at the end that the mayor of Atlanta was saying the government would have to empty the cities to regain control of the situation!!! Sounds like Big Brother is preparing to strike his Big One against the freedom so many people take for granted... And they are going to be on the same topic again tomorrow, October 7 at 11:30 PM East Coast time. To my knowledge, it the first time this show sticks to the same "fictional" topic for a whole week -- except for the Gulf War and other such US-managed big operations. This is very suspect!! They really want to make sure as many people as possible are going to be freaked out by this and thus readied to accept the US covert-government next Big Operation... Don't miss the next shows of ABC News Nightline!

Aside from that, and very candidly, here are my thoughts and hunches in relation to all this...

No wonder that all the US Army personal got vaccinated against anthrax last year. No wonder also that the US army ordered 30 millions body bags last year...

But I'll tell you this. I don't believe for a minute that a terrorist biowar attack on such a wide scale as shown on Nightline is even remotely likely. What I believe is more likely is a *fake* bioterrorist attack staged by the US covert government and using the second part of a binary biowar weapon to trigger a deadly disease mimicking anthrax that could be treated only with a specific antibiotic that only the selected ones would get (of course they won't have enough antibiotics to treat everyone!). And the first part of this binary bioweapon has already been inoculated to almost everyone in the US, and to a lesser extent in England, Australia and Canada (and possibly many other European countries) through the infamous chemtrails reported by hundreds of people since last December...

And my hunch is that this terrific high tech "Final Solution" concocted by the elite will be implemented in the weeks following the Y2K breakdown/upheavals and this attack would be presented in the news as an act of terrorist. And they'll probably lay the blame for it on the rich Muslim "terrorist" Bin Laden) allegedly taking advantage of the confusion created by the Y2K crisis to avenge last year bombing by the US of his bases in Afghanistan - which were in retaliation of the US embassy bombings in 2 African countries - something which has also most probably been masterminded by the elite operatives as a long term preparation of the world and US public to make their "culling" of the world population appear to be the consequence of those terrorists terrible deeds.

And as for those they deem necessary to eliminate but who would not be infected by their biowar agent, they would simply be rounded up and "disappeared" in some out-of-the-way gulag or quickly "terminated" in a gas chamber and burned, taking advantage of the whole confusion and terror to accomplish all this. Oh! and of course, the Martial Law would be decreed (hence the thousands of Martial Law signs found in a Wall Mart van last week!), the rule of law would cease and no one in the newsmedia would be allowed to report any of those disappearances and we would get the same kind of wall-to-wall military control of the information, complete with Press conference from the Pentagon just as we got during the Gulf war and the recent Kosovo take over by the NATO/UN elite-controlled armies - that is, for those still able to watch the news...

As for the other countries not yet under the yoke of their global technodictature reach, what best way to "cull" vast numbers of people than to have a full scale world war involving almost every country on Earth exactly as prophesied by this Christian monk dead a hundred years ago - remember in one of my recent emails? No wonder why the CIA did let a Chinese mole siphon off the most sensitive nuclear weapon information for over 10 years with their full knowledge. The elite wants the other side (they always need an "enemy", China in this case) to be well armed (thanks to that mole, they know how to produce the 8 kinds of nuclear weapons developed in Los Alamos, including the neutron bomb) to sustain a long military conflict -- and thus so advance "their" evil plans of global enslavement through the implanted microchip (the infamous Mark of the Beast). The Rostchild-Rochefeller-Morgan founding fathers of the Illuminati club of the rich and powerful did just the same trick to prepare and sustain World War Two, financing and arming both the Nazis and the Allies. Why, do you think, have so many billions of US dollars been poured over the last 12 years into China, now the second economic powerhouse of the world after the US - even bigger than Japan? They decided to help them rev up their economic and military engines in preparation for what is coming.

I don't know what their ultimate plans are, but one thing sure, if we want to help spare the world such calamitous events, we need right now all the heavenly help we can get to exponentially accelerate the spiritual awakening of humanity, which is the only and best safeguard we have against such ignominious plans. And my gut feeling right now is that the Light is winning and that none of what I just *theorized* will ever take place.

I sincerely hope that none of those "silly ideas" of mine have any basis in the "real" world. But from what I've been gathering from my reading of the news and Internet info circulated. I'd say there could be a touch of truth to them. Don't you think?

For frankly, Ted Koppel and ABC are just a mouthpiece for the elite establishment and they have become really good at masquerading their ploys and plans and, just like the liar in chief who "never had sex with that woman", they are a bunch of terminally-ill liars and mega-crooks. Did you read the latest news in Time magazine as to how the US/elite covert government (or AMERICA'S SECRET ESTABLISHMENT as some call them) bought and bribed their way to completely pervert, corrupt and disempower Russia through the billions "donated" by the IMF? They said that over 7 billion dollars have been laundered through a big New York bank. This is the loot of Elstine and his croonies. He has been operated by a US surgeon (remember his heart surgery?), re-elected thanks to a p.r. crack team sent by the US and lots of cash, and Eltsine has done exactly what the US covert government wanted him to do. Now the Russian army is in such a dismal state - not to mention the entire Russian economy - that it no longer poses any serious threat to anyone, not even the tiny Chechnya whose Muslims fighters will most probably deal another crushing blow to the 30,000 poorly trained, demoralized and terrified young 18 year old conscripts sent over there - I saw this week on French TV a report showing the horrific hazing these young men are subjected to every night in their barracks (I would rather call it "torture") by older soldiers to completely subdue them. Many are dying each day and the Russian military authorities do almost nothing to prevent this from continuing. Moreover, the Military Police mercilessly hunt down the thousands of draft dodgers and send them to punishment camps in Siberia where they must endure even worst treatments.

I'm quite sure you never heard of this in the US Newsmedia - you get such shallow news on TV in the US - it is just appaling and so obvious that the news are tightly filtered and managed to keep the people from knowing what is really going on. In the old USSR, at least the people knew that the Pravda and all other official news were only communist propaganda. It was so crude and easy to see. But most of the people in the Western world are totally oblivious to the fact that the news they get are pure disinformation dressed up as real news, especially the TV news -- of course there are some real news mixed in them since all the tragedies are duly reported, but the true dirty facts are rarely reported, much less criticized and exposed for what they are. And all these news put on a pedestal the mergers and mega-deals of the rich and famous, echo without much interference the messages the politicians want to put across and generally manipulate the cultural paradigm so as to further the plans of the elite.

My apologies for rambling at such lenght about those scare tactics they try to use, but which will ultimately backfire. I guess I had to put it out in writing to share it all with someone.

Love to you


P.S. I mentioned the Mark of the Beast above. For more in-depth information on this, read the following email about the ID Chip Implant website. The ID chip implant idea is being floated out through many channels to prepare people to accept this as a solution to crime. I've seen many emails on this. I've loads of material that I've not shared with the ERN list yet on that subject. Here is a sample below... Following the rash of killing in US schools, stringent monitoring and identification procedures have been implemented across the USA. The next "logical" step could be the ID chip implant...

Date: Thu, 20 May 1999
From: Shanna Mac Lean <shannamaclean@mindspring.com>
Subject: Please post this to our list

Dear Jean and Earth Rainbow Network: The following is a detailed and hair-raising description of the next step proposed for eliminating any personal rights we now have. This bears careful reading. It is the last frontier for freedom fighters, and it is very real. If this occurs, free will and all individuality will cease!

In love, Shanna

From: "ScanThisNews" <mcdonalds@airnet.net> SCAN THIS NEWS

RE: Who can I talk to about IDs for school lunch programs?

Hello Eric:

In response to your request for input on the "pros and cons" of some of the various methods and technologies that could be used to identify, monitor, and track children in the administration of school lunch programs, I have the following to offer.

I am thoroughly convinced that as you explore this issue you will ultimately conclude, the only truly secure method for record keeping and monitoring of children is to use implantable microchip IDs.

Implanted microchips are the only solution where "positive identification" is perceived as a need. All of the other techniques you mentioned - i.e. ID number, fingerprint scans, and voices recognition - are too fallible. They are all prone to error and hacking. They are not reliable.

With implanted microchips, a complete and accurate accounting can be made of each child's lunch purchase. Each child can be numbered, monitored, and tracked with no obtrusive interaction with the monitoring system. In fact, the children will not even know when or how they are being tracked, monitored, and counted.

Keep in mind: Kids and adults forget login passwords and numbers. People are already becoming tired of all the many different cards and digital keys they have to keep up with. And, logging in and out of systems takes up too much time using conventional identification techniques. To suggest yet another one of the conventional methods is not likely to sell well with a finicky public. For these and other reasons which I will get into, I'm certain you will ultimately conclude - after long, careful study - that implanted microchips are your best choice. They are the only identification technology which will both eliminate the inherent potential for errors and at the same time relieve the recipient of the inconveniences of multiple cards, memorized numbers, and arcane passwords.

Let's face it: ID numbers, ID cards, voice recognition, fingerscans, etc., all require considerable, time-consuming interaction with the "accounting device" - whatever that turns out to be. Imagine each student, for instance, having to pause upon entering school to get their finger scanned, then again when they go outside for Physical Education, another time when they came back in, and once again when they leave school at the end of the day. Add to this all the other interactions where ID is necessary, such as the lunch program, testing, counseling, field trips, ball games, after school activities, and - well, you get the idea. All this would add hours to the school day!

The implanted microchip will eliminate all this time-consuming interaction.

Oh sure, there'll be numerous programs implemented in the interim using conventional systems. But ultimately, all of these will be deemed unreliable, tamper-prone, cumbersome to use, and generally unworkable. Why waste time on the other technologies when they are destined to fail?

You would, however, be truly remiss to limit your thinking to only the school lunch program.

As you are undoubtedly aware, considerable attention is being given presently to the issue of safety in public schools. Everyone, from the President and U.S. Attorney General on down through Congress, is currently wrestling with the problem of how to protect children in school. It's perfectly conceivable that whoever first suggests the implanted microchip ID system for school children will be sitting on a virtual gold mine. The key to success will be to time the proposal to coincide with some national tragedy or emergency. A cadre of Congressmen and legislators will also first have to be cultivated. Additionally, you'll need an established bleeding-hearts organization to beat the media drum - the anti-gun groups are well-seasoned at this task. Then, when the tragedy hits and everyone is rushing to adopt a "solution" - any solution - spring the microchip proposal. This is a tried and proven method. The legislation will, of course, need to have already been drafted well ahead of time, so get an early start.

As you know, the pilot programs for microchip implants using animals have been a huge success. The initial phase was to implant non-domesticated animals such as cows and other livestock. The program was then moved on into the domesticated animal group. Initially, there where some who were skeptical of whether the public would accept this application. Those fears were quickly abated, however, when the public rushed out in droves to get their dogs and cats chipped. Very soon, a whole generation of kids will have grown up around pets having an ID microchip buried just under their flesh. These kids will have seen that their cuddly little Fido and cute little Felix had no adverse affect whatsoever from the tiny number-encoded implant that can't be seen or felt.

Unquestionably, the conditioning process is ripe for moving on to children. I doubt there will be much serious objection from the majority of parents who have, after all, already VOLUNTARILY gotten their children numbered and their pets chipped.

In case you are not already familiar with the technology, implantable microchips are about the size of a grain of rice. Each one has a unique number programmed into it. The ones used for animals, marketed in North America primarily by Avid, use the numbering convention of: NNN-NNN-NNN (with "N" representing a numerical digit). These nine-digit numbers, not coincidentally, correspond nicely with the Social Security Number which also has nine digits in the format: NNN-NN-NNNN. Each child's SSN could simply be programmed into their individual chip, alleviating the need to develop yet another numbering system. The implant only takes a minute and can be done using local anesthesia. All children in a given school could be chipped in a single day.

With present technology, microchip data can be scanned from slightly more than a foot away. As improvements are made, the distance for scanning will be increased to several feet and perhaps several yards very soon. The scanners themselves cost only few hundred dollars and the cost will quickly go down as more go into use.

Implanted microchips will stay permanently attached to their host for as long as their flesh clings to their bones - they last for ever.

Remember, the attraction for implanted microchips goes far, FAR beyond the obvious benefits of simply tracking kids through school. Once the entire population is chipped, State and Federal government agencies throughout the world will finally have a tool to completely eliminate all crime. The problems of terrorism, dead-beat dads, illegal aliens, welfare fraud, insurance fraud, tax cheats, AND ALL OTHER CRIMES will be totally and completely eliminated once the microchip concept is launched!

Eventually, chip scanners will, by law, be required at entrances to all publicly-accessible buildings. The precedence for this was set when governments began requiring handicap parking spaces at all public facilities, and with the bans on smoking in privately-owned public establishments. It will be a simple matter - with the justification of eliminating crime and fraud - to require every establishment to install microchip scanners at all entrances and then only to allow access to those individuals whose chip-scan is approved. This in itself could effectively eliminate robberies.

Businesses will only be allowed to hire workers who have chips; this will serve to crack down on the employment of illegal-immigrants. Only those people with chips will be allowed to drive so that the state can get "bad drivers" off the road. No one will be allowed to board a plane without a chip; this will eliminate international terrorism. All purchases will necessitate a microchip implant which will stop check-writing and credit card fraud. No public, social benefits will be allowed unless and until the recipient has a chip - of course to stop welfare fraud.

A lifetime of information can be easily databased using a microchip system. All movement, transactions, and interactions can be recorded and monitored once everyone has their own unique identifier. Every detail of a person's life will finally be accessible to authorities through the wide-spread use of implanted ID chips. This will take several years - perhaps even a generation - to fully implement however. But, it must begin somewhere and school children are the most likely candidate.

All of the tools and mechanisms to enforce compliance are already available and in place. And the public has demonstrated a readiness and willingness to accept such a system.

Once the idea catches on, the "implantees" will undoubtedly see the huge benefit of using their microchips for all of their routine monitoring and control applications that they have become so fondly accustomed to - such as licensing, identification, check-writing, traveling, buying and selling, voting, etc. As you can see, the possibilities are truly endless. They'll appreciate the "safety and security" the microchips provide.

You may ask: What if some ungrateful social misfit thinks he can "escape the system" and attempts to surgically remove his chip? The answer is simple, he'll not be able to function socially without one! The framework for this was developed and established with the Social Security Number. In the future, all transactions and social interactions will require a machine-readable implanted microchip in place of the number. Chip scanners will be installed everywhere; just like the product scanners are now.

O.K., there'll be some opposition at first. There'll be those who'll put up a small amount of resistance. Some will holler: "The Constitution this, and the Constitution that." But only those social misfits, kooks, and rebels with something to hide will hold out strongly. Little will they know, the very act of objecting, in itself, will suffice to "identify" them as trouble-makers. They can then be arrested and force-chipped as part of the booking process! Besides, most Americans - after they've been reminded of all benefits and services they will sacrifice if they refuse - will soon acquiesce. This is how it worked when Congress enacted laws to coerce parents into numbering their children at birth. A few grumbled for a short while. But, once the threat of no-longer being able to claim their children on tax returns set in, they got right in line down at the Social Security Administration and had their children numbered, one-by-one.

Besides, give me one good reason that a responsible member of society would object to a simple little ID chip, in light of all the benefits to society they would provide?

The injections hurt only slightly more than ear-piercing, and nowadays they're piercing every conceivable part of their body. It's many-times less painful than circumcision. After a short healing period, the chips are completely painless, can't be felt, and can't be seen. With all the convenience they'll provide to both society and individuals alike, why should anyone object? Clearly, only lawbreakers with something to hide will complain.

Don't give me that religious argument. Everyone will still have a right to believe anything they want to. Besides, no one's going to force anyone to get a chip; they just simply won't be able to function in normal society without it. It'll be each individual's own choice whether to get one or not.

By the way, since the public schools have been so successful in their "drug and sedate" campaign, most of the "problem" kids - the "rebels" - are already on Ritalin and Prozac. As a result, they won't be capable of resisting and therefore the microchip program is going to be much easier to get established there.

Thanks for contacting me and providing an opportunity for me to address this subject.


Scott McDonald



I'm researching the use of biometrics technology in school cafeterias to ID students. What are the ethical issues involved? Is it better for kids to punch in an ID number, have a finger print scanned or have their voices recognized by a computer in order to buy food off of their "account". What are the things we should be concerned about as we deploy cafeteria systems? Who can I talk to about these issues by phone?



Eric Lazarus

Date: Sat, 22 May 1999
From: Shanna Mac Lean <shannamaclean@mindspring.com>
Subject: More on biochip implants

Companies Want Biochip Implants to Control and Monitor Employee Performance
By Steve Bevan

BIG BROTHER could soon be watching from the 'inside.' Several international companies are consulting scientists on ways of developing microchip implants for their workers to measure their timekeeping and whereabouts. The technology, which has been proven on pets and human volunteers, would enable firms to track staff all around a building or complex. The data could enable them to draw up estimates of workers' efficiency and productivity. Professor Kevin Warwick of Reading University, a leading cybernetics expert, has been approached by several firms including a leading software company with a British subsidiary and Blackbaud Inc, the American software giant. Warwick hit the headlines last summer when he had a silicon chip transponder surgically implanted in his forearm. He was subsequently able to show how a computer could monitor every move he made using detectors that were scattered around the building in which he worked.

In his experiment, Warwick showed how the system could also benefit workers by programming it to switch on lights, computers and heating systems as he entered a room - and turning them off when he left. The technology is likely to have a strong appeal to companies with high labour costs, for which small increases in staff productivity can have a big impact on profits. It is also relatively cheap - just a few pounds for each person, according to Warwick. "For a business the potential is obvious," he said. "You can tell when people clock into work and when they leave the building. You would know at all times exactly where they were and who they were with." Warwick admits that people will be "shocked" by the idea of companies asking their employees to have such implants. He said: "It is pushing at the limits of what society will accept but it is not such a big deal. Many employees already carry swipecards. I think this is just a step on from that." His research follows earlier experiments by companies such as the telecommunications firm AT&T that showed how smart cards carried by staff could be programmed to relay a worker's position back to a central computer. AT&T Laboratories in Cambridge has been working on its "smart badges" for two years. They use ultrasound to tell the main computer exactly where the wearer is, allowing their desktop computers and phone calls to "follow" them around the building. The company has, however, stopped short of suggesting staff should have devices inserted into their bodies. The first practical application of such technology is, however, not in humans but in pets. Under the government's new "passports for pets" scheme, which replaces the quarantine system from 2001, dogs will have a microchip implanted beneath their skin to identify who they belong to. Representatives from police forces in Britain and the United States have also expressed interest in the implant technology, according to Warwick. He believes that submitting to an implant could be made a condition, for example, of being granted a gun license.

Date: Sun, 23 May 1999
From: Shanna Mac Lean <shannamaclean@mindspring.com>
Subject: more on microchips

Posted by Nexus on September 08, 1997

The Microchip and the Mark of the Beast

"Dr Carl W. Sanders is an electronics engineer, inventor, author and consultant to various government organizations as well as IBM, General Electric, Honeywell and Teledyne. He is also a winner of the Presidents and Governors Award for Design Excellence. "Thirty two years of my life was spent in design engineering and electronics designing microchips in the Bio-Med field. In 1968 I became involved, almost by accident, in a research and development project in regard to a spinal bypass for a young lady who had severed her spine. They were looking at possibly being able to connect motor nerves etc. It was a project we were all excited about. There were 100 people involved and I was senior engineer in charge of the project. This project culminated in the microchip that we talk about now a - microchip that I believe is going to be the positive identification and mark of the beast.

This microchip is recharged by body temperature changes. Obviously you can't go in and have your battery changed every so often, so the microchip has a recharging circuit that charges based upon the body temperature changes. Over one and a half million dollars was spent finding out that the two places in the body that the temperature changes the most rapidly are in the forehead (primary position), right below the hairline, and the back of the hand (alternative position).

Working on the microchip, we had no idea about it ever being an identification chip. We looked at it as being a very humanitarian thing to do. We were all excited about what we were doing. We were doing high-level integration for the very first time. This team was made up of people out of San Jose, people from Motorola, General Electric, Boston Medical Center - it was quite a group of people.

My responsibility had to do with the design of the chip itself, not the medical side of if. As the chip came to evolve, there came a time in the project when they said that the financial return on bypassing severed spines is not a very lucrative thing for us to be into, so we really need to look at some other areas. We noticed that the frequency of the chip had a great effect upon behavior and so we began to branch off and look possibly at behavior modification.

The project almost turned into electronic acupuncture because what they ended up with was embedding the microchip to put out a signal which effected certain areas. They were able to determine that you could cause behavioral change. One of the projects was called the Phoenix project which had to do with Vietnam veterans. We had a chip that was called the Rambo chip. This chip would actually cause extra adrenaline flow.

I wonder how many of you know that if you can stop the output of the the pituitary gland (the signal from the pituitary gland that causes oestrogen flow), you can put a person into instant menopause and there is no conception. This was tested in India and other different parts of the world. So here you have got a birth control tool, based on a microchip.

Microchips can also be used for migraine headaches, behavior modification, upper/downer, sexual stimulant and sexual depressant. This is nothing more that electronic acupuncture, folks.

There are 250,000 components in the microchip, including a tiny lithium battery. I fought them over using lithium as a battery source but NASA was doing a lot with lithium at that time and it was the going thing. I had talked to a doctor at the Boston Medical Center about what that concentration of lithium in the body could do if the chip broke down. He said that you would get a boil or grievous sore.

As the development moved along, I left the project and came back as a consultant several times. I was used in many meetings as an expert witness in regard to the uses of the microchip. I was in one meeting where it was discussed. How can you control a people if you can't identify them ?" All of a sudden the idea came: "Lets make them aware of lost children, etc." This was discussed in meetings almost like people were cattle. The CIA came up with an idea of putting pictures of lost children on milk cartons. Since the chip is now accepted, you don't see the pictures anymore, do you. It's served it's purpose.

As we developed this microchip, as the identification chip became the focal point, there were several things that were wanted. They wanted a name, an image (picture of your face), Social security number with the international digits on it, finger print identification, physical description, family history, address, occupation, income tax information and criminal record.

I've been in 17 "one world" meetings where this has been discussed, meetings in Brussels, Luxembourg, tying together the finances of the world. Just recently in the newspapers they've talked about the Health Care Program, the "Womb to Tomb" identification! A positive identification. There are bills before congress right now that will allow them to inject a microchip in your child at the time of birth for identification purposes. The president of the United States of America, under the "Emigration of Control Act of 1986", Section 100 , has the authority to deem whatever type of identification is necessary - whether it be an invisible tattoo or electronic media under the skin. So I think you have to look at the facts, folks: this is not coming as some big shock. The paving has been done ahead of time."

(Frequently Asked Questions)

The complete Microchip FAQ is available at: http://www.networkusa.org/fingerprint/page5a/fp-chip-faq.html


There are basically three categories of individual microchip devices available today; they are: 1) implantable microchip capsules which are either injected or surgically implanted for permanent applications; 2) insertable microchip capsules which may be introduced into body cavities or swallowed for temporary requirements; and, 3) external devices that can be either worn or carried for applications where only intermittent use is needed.

Of these three types of individual microchip technologies, a multitude of applications already exist, and new ones are being considered. The commercially available implantable chips have limited functionality using present technology. Typically, these implantable and insertable chips are only capable of storing very small amounts of information or monitoring a limited number of specific body functions. This information can then be transmitted to an external receiver.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What implantable microchip systems currently exist?

2) How do individual microchips work?

3) Who is presently using implantable ID chips?

4) Who keeps track of the animals using their implanted ID chips?

5) What new and future uses are emerging for individual microchips?


5) What new and future uses are emerging for individual microchips?

A. There are very few official public reports which reveal exactly what is being considered for possible future uses of microchip technology. Several reasons exist for this secrecy. One is that such information is generally proprietary and companies do not want to expose their technology.

However, some of the uses for microchip implants that have been reported in public news outlets include:

o At least one researcher, Professor Kevin Warwick (the same on who was injected with a microchip in the ten-day test) has publicly discussed using microchip implants to: control gun ownership; regulate access to public facilities; and, monitor employees.[4]

o The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is developing implantable microchip technology for a number of new monitoring technologies for both space-related and commercial applications.[5]

o A newly developed technology will allow prescription drugs to be automatically dispensed and administered using implanted microchips. The chip itself will contain tiny amounts of concentrated doses in hundreds of individuals compartments. The chip can be programmed to release the drug upon command or on regularly scheduled intervals.[7]
o International bankers may be considering using implantable ID chips for financial transactions.[9]
o General Motors, Toyota, and Ford Motor Company are among the major auto makers using microchip technology in conjunction with satellites the Global Positioning System (GPS) to locate stolen automobiles. Additionally, these systems are used to lock and unlock car doors, start or stop the automobile's engine, or to summons emergency personnel in the event the vehicle is involved in an accident, which can also be detected by the system. Monitoring is handled at a single, central location.[10]

o Another company, GlobalTrac, claims to have a similar system in place that can be used to locate children, dignitaries, and senior citizens who wear one of their chip-imbedded bracelets.[11]

[1] A.V.I.D. http://www.avidid.com/index.html

AVID Canada

Trovan Identification Systems

Destron Fearing Corporation


[2] Detroit May Track its Dogs with Microchips

[3] Pets to get anti-rabies passports in four years
http://www.telegraph.co.uk:80/et?ac=000118613908976&rtmo=kJqJbZ1p&atmo=99999 999&pg=/et/98/9/24/npet24.html



[4] Professor Kevin Warwick claimed today to be the first person in the world to have a computer chip surgically implanted into his body.

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Professor Feels Himself Become Closer to the Machine Chipping at the Future ABC News online

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CNN interactive- Is human chip implant wave of the future?


[8] Microchip implants to foil VIP kidnaps

By Bruce Johnston in Rome
http://www.telegraph.co.uk:80/et?ac=000118613908976&rtmo=aw3wHaxL&atmo=rrrrr rYs&pg=/et/98/10/6/wchip06.html

F U T U R E U S E S - F I N A N C I A L T R A N S A C T I O N S

{9] TIME Magazine: The Giants Want Your Money - The Future of Money


Before personal microchips ever come into wide-spread use, there will be many transitional technologies in the interim. Some of these are mentioned below:

[10] OnStar http://www.onstar.com/index.htm

Cell Phone Tracking

[11] GlobalTrak -



[12] "Store 80 megabytes on a key chain" http://www.erols.com/tfclark/


[13] Defense Department to Issue High-tech, Microchip Dog Tags http://www.erols.com/tfclark/medi.htm

---Related Article---

Pentagon introducing high-tech dog tags http://www.cnn.com/TECH/9712/27/high.tech.dog.tags/index.html

---Related Article---

Proving Ground Tests DoD's Digital Dog Tags http://www.dtic.mil/afps/news/9807291.html



[14] What is an iButton? http://www.ibutton.com/overview.html


[15] Gemplus - http://www.gemplus.com
Gemplus Smart Card Links: http://www.gemplus.com/links.htm

SmartGov - http://policyworks.gov/org/main/me/smartgov

Smart Card Forum

Mondex - http://www.mondex.com

Global Chip Card Alliance - http://www.chipcard.org

Military "M.A.R.C." Smart Cards-


(The Borg is a collective of cyberhumans featured in the latest Star Trek TV shows)