December 20, 2001

The Rising Phoenix Series #4: The Light is Growing and There is Always Hope

Hello everyone

You will find several items related to the Solstice meditation and lots of uplifting material below.

Love and Light to all of you ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator


1. The Global Consciousness Project will monitor the Solstice meditation
2. A Danish Winter Solstice Celebration
3. A Feedback
4. About the Solstice Meditation Focus
5. The Farmer's Donkey: A Fable for Our Time
6. What matters now?
9. Call for a global cease-fire on this Winter Solstice
10. Praying Peace in Assisi
11. Gaia Platform
12. Christmas Message


Taken from the Dec. 21/22, Solstice compilation prepared by Barbara Wolf <>

The Global Consciousness Project, will monitor this global peace meditation. At the above URL, click on 'Current Results' to reach posting of this monitoring (a few days after the event).

See other Dec 21 postings from Barbara at


From: "Hanne Macsay" <>
Subject: A Danish Winter Solstice Celebration
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001

Dear Jean and Leigh

Thank you very much for your mail on the Global Solstice Meditation and all the information included which I have immediately passed on to all Lightworkers on my list.

I'ld like to share with you how the event is to be celebrated by some of us here in Denmark:

Winter Solstice Celebration is already a tradition in our Lightworkers Circle and will certainly continue eleven more years at least. In Scandinavia it is cold and very dark this time of the year and we long for the light that starts increasing on this day, the shortest and darkest of the year.

About 25 very warmly dressed people meet at 19 hrs (18 hrs GMT) on December 21st in Hanne F's beautiful village garden. Everybody brings a candle or an oil lamp. We form a circle on the grass and sing some of our beautiful Christmas psalms and carols. Angels and Masters usually join us under the bright stars in the garden.

An oil lamp is brought out - its flame originate from the eternal peace flame in Bethlehem. (It used to be brought to Vienna by flight and then sent by train to all directions in Europe. This year this light mission was considered too dangerous. Therefore the flame now comes from a place in Germany, where they had kept the Bethlehem flame burning.)

In silence we have our candles/lamps lit by the flame that heralds "Peace on Earth". We bring them home to light our Christmas tree and every candle during Christmas. - In Denmark we use a lot of candles. - We also share our flame with neighbours and friends, and we keep it alive through Christmas till New Year or January 6th/Epiphany.

Having received our flames, we meditate. - Our meditation this year will naturally align with the Global Meditation. - Then we go inside for a nice, warm treat and - a bit later - a final meditation.

This has for me become an event that ushers in Christmas with all its love, sharing, warmth, joy and peace, and I wish for you and all the people on planet Earth that this Winter Solstice may usher in eleven years of increasing light, love and peace.

(\o/) - Merry Christmas - (\o/)

HANNE a Danish grandmother



Subject: The Rising Phoenix Files #3: Agents of Change at Work
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001

Dear Jean

At present you have several absolutely wonderful and interesting series that I and my circle enjoy very much. In The Rising Phoenix Files #3 the Israeli mother speaks so wisely and touching that her sincere message should be read aloud to every leader of the world. And Don Ferrari is another fine example of several Americans that have lately made us feel encouraged in spite of the false picture that the news media try to make us believe.

Jean, you mean such a lot to so many. Your work helps keeping the light burning - let us all be true light workers and make our dreams come true! Sure, there are enough light workers on the planet. Let us shine our light and make this Christmas an immense love and light show!

L&L :-)


I have a dream of a global community where sharing, love, compassion, joy & peace prevail!


Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2001
Subject: About the Solstice Meditation Focus


I would like to thank you for your excellent website and email list. I live in New York City and your offerings help to illuminate the greater purpose of world events and the opportunity for humanity to grow and evolve. I agree that the response to these recent events must be spiritual. It must be love. And it must preserve balance with all beings, all relations. We can no longer divide "us" and "them" -- for in the very act of doing so, we have lost sight of the grand Oneness. We will survive and transcend this madness together, All of us, or we will perish together....

I was especially touched by Carl Grimsman's article on 'taking back the 11'. That has really struck a chord for me, especially the connection with the solstice and the mayan end date. I know that you are preparing a special meditation focus and I wanted to offer my website as a possible resource. I
have written a short text about the mayan calendar, the dreamspell, and the end date.

It is available at:
Follow the link that says 'The Mayan Book of Days'.

Thank you again for your work with the Earth Rainbow Network. It is truly magnificent and uplifting.


Carmen Cors


The Farmer's Donkey: A Fable for Our Time

One day a farmer's donkey fell down into a well. The animal cried piteously for hours as the farmer tried to figure out a way to get him out. Finally he decided it was probably impossible and the animal was old and the well was dry anyway, so it just wasn't worth it to try and retrieve the donkey. So the farmer asked his neighbors to come over and help him cover up the well. They all grabbed shovels and began to shovel dirt into the well.

At first, when the donkey realized what was happening he cried horribly. Then, to everyone's amazement, he quieted down and let out some happy brays. A few shovel loads later, the farmer looked down the well to see what was happening and was astonished at what he saw. With every shovel of dirt that hit his back, the donkey was shaking it off and taking a step up. (Shifting)

As the farmer's neighbors continued to shovel dirt on top of the animal, he continued to shake it off and take a step up. Pretty soon, to everyone's amazement, the donkey stepped up over the edge of the well and trotted off!

Moral: Life is going to shovel dirt on you. The trick to getting out of the well is to shake it off and take a step up. Every adversity can be turned into a stepping stone. The way to get out of the deepest well is by never giving up but by shaking yourself off and taking a step up.

What happens to you isn’t nearly as important as how you react to it.

Sent by Ed Elkin <>


Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001
From: Vadim Nemirovsky <>
Subject: What matters now?

In this age of information, none of us can find all the pertinent facts. U.S. media has betrayed its presumed objectivity and is presently in a "war-support" mode, feeding us fresh factoids that serve the administration and the corporations that profit from this, "Oil Pipeline War." Independent media is read only by those who care, care enough to sift through magazines or web pages for facts that make sense. Few of us do that.

Germans in the Thirties were some of the best educated people of their time and the majority of them supported the war enthusiastically! I'm sure we have nothing in common with them, we would not march to the prevalent belief, hegemony, propaganda.

Cultures come and go, but the point is not the culture, it is the present sense of one individual - you. That's where everything is viewed from, whether it has been afforded a higher view through daily education or given blind confidence by ignorance. That's where there can be a paralyzing fear or an understanding that this a most meaningful time we live in and there is something we can do about it. In the very least we can keep our right to our own beliefs. That is our God given right! Don't let the media take it away.

This can be understood as a glorious time -- a time of revelation of where you stand as an individual, a child of God! It can be a triumph of remaining centered and loving no matter what.


From: "Boudewijn Wegerif" <>
Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2001


Within days of the 9.11 attacks, there were E-mails about the pattern of number elevens, even down to the fact that New York City has eleven letters and the twin towers look like an 11. (See URL 1 below for a list of more than eleven numerical coincidences.)

I am inclined to agree with Arizona artist and writer Carl Aaron Whitestar - - that the occult use of places, dates and numbers has been integral to the rule of the power elite from the beginning of history. He notes, for example, how just eleven years ago, September 11, 1990, "before our destruction of Iraq began", the term "New World Order" was heard for the first time, in a speech by President Bush Sr. before Congress. (URL 2 below)

I think there is something to Carl's statement that "our ruling class has themselves been ruled by other rulers, some of them not in physical form. Through history these entities have inflicted fear upon us by the wars, diseases and famines they created, because they feed on fear. . . . All fear is coming to the surface now to be healed. But these entities refuse to give up their power, even as the world shifts into Light. That is why they have started this new terror war. They mean to suppress our awakening and enforce a planetary lockdown; this is their World Order".

At one time I took an interest in Jewish mysticism through the Qabala, so I know - to Qabalists the number 11 equals Daath, the Abyss. Its planetary representative is Uranus, astrologically, the ruler of Aquarius. Uranus and Aquarius, like Daath, are associated with the gateway between the seen and the unseen.

My own lights tell me, on September 11 the cosmic battle started in earnest between the beings of light who want to open the gateways between this world and the others within which we move and are moved - including the realms where magic rites, skulls and crossbones and so forth, are brought into play to crook the minds of men and women in high places. To drive the occult evil that is driving our elected and pseudo elected rulers out of the Earth sphere, it has first to be exposed. And the forces of darkness don't want that. They want to keep the gates between the physical and astral Earth spheres tight closed to all other than themselves. No grace for them. No ascension into the heavenly, ethereal realms. No resurrection.

Carl Aaron Whitestar proposes a global group meditation on December 21 to free the number eleven from the negativity it has absorbed, bearing in mind that that day falls exactly eleven years before 12.21.12, the end date of the Mayan Calendar and the date many sources herald as the "Day of Illumination". So all right, on December 21 I will light candles and welcome the Light.

URL 1 -
URL 2 -


Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2001

Dear Jean,

Thank you. Yes, I did read it actually, we are again on your mailing list as my husband reads in detail all your compilations, I am selective! I was disappointed before at your reaction to something I sent you about Heartnet in South America. Probably I should have written you an introduction, as it was not well written, but it was a powerful story of love and consciousness in action in the world which I have sometimes felt was missing from your newsletter at the time. No more! That is the positive side of the attempted coup of our planet - talk is evolving finally into feeling!

I agree wholeheartedly with you and I also feel it is important always to address the Divine Paradox, which is that we are all one and within that polarity exists. We are not here to rise above it but to raise it through us. That is ascension. Surely we can only raise it through us if we continue to acknowledge it and love it? Yes, God is light and within that dark exists. Let us name it, own and and learn to love it. Then we know for ourselves dark and light are both only different shades of grey.

You are welcome to use any of this however it supports the healing of our planet

Lots of blessings to you



I have some more information here for you on sacred numerology. It adds further perspective to Carl Whitestar. The most crucial point is that 11 and 22 are absolutely not the only Master numbers and there are more important ones. 33 and 44, CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS and RESURRECTION. 11am on 11/11 is significant because it is three 11's, 33, Christ Consciousness.

There is a corridor through space and time direct to Source at 9.9, nine minutes past nine, every day, and it is the 9.9 hour of darkenss when most light is needed to shine on the hidden underworld of the Dark activity. Calling people to meditate at this hour to bring in the light will greatly enhance the amount of light coming onto the planet carrying a positive wave of divine energy to the work of the Light and the liberation of humanity from the control of the Fallen. This information is based on esoteric knowledge. The right use of this esoteric cosmology is of vital importance to counteract the evil acts of the Dark, who also have access to these sacred codings and misuse them.

From now until 2012 there is a series of portal openings, becoming wider and more intensive, the last one being the 00 on 19th October 2012 in preparation for Zero Point Magnetics, Ascension Gateway, between 21st and 25th December 2012, the Grand Awakening of the New Age of Christ Consciousness.

In February of this year we passed through the 10.10 portal/gateway. The previous portal opening was the 11.11 which took place on August 11th at 11.11am 1999, with the grand cross alignment and the solar eclipse. The 9.9 opened on 11th October 2001. 9 and 11 !!!! When these portal openings take place there is a huge wave of energy which, if one raises vibration and consciousness enough, can be surfed high into the divine realm. These rides are not for the fainthearted, and, indeed, the fainthearted or faith-less, cannot catch the wave. Currently the mass of humanity is drowning in the sea of evil that is taking over our planet, but we can make powerful use of these waves of energy to help lift humankind out of the depths.

When we passed through the 9.9 on 11th October of this year there was a window when love could have prevailed over dark on our planet and economic deliverance should have happened. The dark act of 9/11 was in direct contravention of this known coming cosmological event. Nine because of the 9.9 gateway and eleven because it is a master number which can be magically used, or misused by the Dark, and the day of the portal opening. Nine is a magic number, of great significance and sacredness to the Mayans, who were the time-keepers of our planet and left teachings about the endtimes we are now beginning to feel the full intensity of. We are in the 9.9 gateway until 15th October 2002 (11, numerologically!), when the planet descends through the 8.8 gateway. Nine is the current number of the divine gateway to our planet and can be used POWERFULLY for the Light or by the Dark.

The master days of every year are the eleven days between 11/11, (22) and 22/11, (33). 11/11/2011 is the deadline for Christ Consciousness on the planet. By then it is a done deal - ascension or descension. 11 pm, 11/11/11 = 44, Resurrection!! Leaving 40 days in the wilderness to the end-time (mayan cosmology) winter solstice and the completion of the earth's transition into the Photon Band, when the magnetic field of Earth will fall away completely for 4 days. 40 and 4 - Resurrection!!

The next significant date for now is the winter solstice, 21 December, the longest night!. 22 December, 22/12 (mastery and completion) will begin a new cycle, with increasing light. These dates are when people most need to be called to connect in love and divine power to bring in as much light as possible.

There are belts of light beating onto the planet forcing humanity forward into a new paradigm. For those already on a sacred path, there will be no choice, only a higher choice leading to the embodiment of the higher self. This will not be easy if not chosen willingly and fully, and will become progressively more difficult as more challenges to living the old way will constantly be presented. At a higher level your souls have already made their choice for the future and they, along with your guides, will be pushing you relentlessly now into your destiny. Of course, there is always free will, and there are more threads of possiblity now than there have ever been at any time anywhere in the universe, but these are not energies that can easily be resisted and you will not be comfortably supported to go another way. For there are soul commitments and vows that have been place for eons that are now due to be fulfilled. And it is no longer just the individual consciousness at stake, not only group consciousness or world consciousness, but a universal plan of divine emergence, a grand ascension of the whole solar system.

A new planet is being prepared, New Earth, a haven where Christ Consciousness will be lived out. This is the Recreation of Man. The rebirth of man in all his divinity, a unique race of god embodied human beings, will inhabit this paradise. This will not be allowed to be jeopordised or destroyed as has always happened on Earth to date. Only those who have attained Christ Consciousness, have been through the Christing process, will be allowed to go there for only those who have been resurrected will be able to sustain the high level of energy and consciousness there.

At this time in the Precession of the Equinox the Dark has always taken over. Some have elected to stay to lead the way through the ensuing dark age that would follow such a scenario, to remember the ancient sacred teachings and help the healing process. Many who will continue to deny the new consciousness will remain in this vibration and will remain on Earth for the next karmic cycle, approximately 13,000 years, until the next opportunity for mass ascension, or 26.000 years in the next age of Aquarius.

Others will return to the stars and the celestial realms from where they came to be here in this great moment in universal time and shine their light to guide others home.

These alignments and portals constantly present us with choices - sacred or profane. Every time we follow the sacred we come one step closer to home, to heaven on earth and in our own hearts. Every time we do not make the higher choice we go further away from our divinity as the polarity increases with the new light and the dark deepens. Really there is no other choice, really there is no other time. It is all now.

Maia Christos

Healing for Humanity

Taking healing consciousness to people and places around the planet where it is neeeded. Seminars, presentations, workshops and gatherings all around the world: FREE!


Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001
Subject: "SECOND STRIKE?: Terrorists have won when fear overcomes love" Ceasefire on 12/21?

ed jor-el elkin , evolutionary agent

With testoserone - fueled fury, Israel and the United States attempt to outdo each other in combating terrorism by unleashing weapons that kill, maim, and create hordes of starving, frightened refugees.

As collateral damage, we in the West are goaded into fear-filled fantasies of unimaginable biological and chemical warfare, attacking our food supply as well as our water, air and bodies.

A second "terrorist" strike against the United States has almost been promised as Ramadan ends, a meteor shower fills the skies, and the sun eclipses, all in preparation for the darkest days on the planet, those days preceding Winter solstice on 21 December.

The cycle of vengeance, revenge and murderous rage MUST end before many millions more lives are lost.

Let us call for a cease fire for Winter Solstice. A respite from the bombing and the chaos of warfare.

Let us spread the word via the media, the United Nations, and every town meeting, or legislative assembly or tribal council in the world that the people of the world want peace.

If we are governed by representatives of the people, then the peoples will must be heard and heeded.

All you who read this, take responsibility for creating peace and let it begin with each of us in our souls, in our families, in our neighborhoods and in our nations and in our world.

Follow your own inner guidance as to what action to take over and beyond the call for a global cease-fire on Winter Solstice.

Let the light truly be given a chance to return to Earth. Give Peace a Chance.


ed jor-el elkin


From: "Natalie Mannering" <>

Subject: Praying Peace in Assisi
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2001
From: The Beloved Community <>

Dear Friends,

I want to make sure that everyone is aware of an incredible opportunity that we have to create peace this coming January. On January 24, 2002, the leaders of the major religions of the world will be meeting in Assisi, Italy to pray for world peace. The invitation came from Pope John Paul II and is the second time the leaders have been asked to come to Assisi for this purpose. (The first time was in September of 1986)

There has been so much dialogue about peace, but what is needed is prayer, understanding and compassion. The Assisi event does not aim at finding solutions to the problems we face, but becoming the solution; not asking questions, but becoming the answer. The aim is to simply pray the prayers of peace from the major religions of the world, and let the energy of those ancient prayers do their job.

I hope you will all spread the word about this gathering, and perhaps even follow the example of these leaders in your own community. Here's what we are doing in Ashland, Oregon where I live, for example. We will be inviting representatives from the different religious traditions in the area to join us for an evening of "Praying Peace." Each representative will be asked to bring a prayer of peace from their congregation and share it publicly. We will then share the traditional prayers of peace from the 12 major religions of the world that will be shared in Assisi. (A copy of these prayers can be found on my website:

Magic happens when we set aside our fears and judgments and hold the space of peace. It may be one of the most important services we can offer at this time. If you want to create peace, in your life and in the world, this may be a simple way to do it. Sponsor a peace prayer gathering in your area, and let us know if you do. (Send an email to Imagine hundreds of prayer gatherings like the one taking place in Assisi in the month of January. Imagine what it could mean.

For more information on this powerful modality of prayer you may want to check out a book I wrote along with Gregg Braden and Doreen Virtue called "Praying Peace." Whatever you decide to do, please join the leaders of the religions of the world in creating a world based on peace and compassion.


Hi Jean,

I'm delighted that I could pass that along to you for your wonderful newsletter, which is still for me and for many others, I know, an invaluable ongoing source of information, wisdom and inspiration. I also find it to be a great teaching aid, one which I can use to refine my skills of discernment. It's becoming so much easier for me to see immediately when someone is writing from fear or from love. According to the Course in Miracles, these are the only two modalities from which we can proceed...

Best wishes,




Gaia platform:

- To be aware of the interdependence of all living things, and the desire to do something, however small or large, that will support a planet that works for everyone.

- Support the many organizations, citizen initiatives, and action coalitions devoted to individual and planetwide life-supporting strategies.

- To implement direct action which promotes recycling and the reduction of waste wherever possible.

- To re-think personal actions that serve global regeneration through the distribution of organic seed stocks and ecological land use.

- To encourage alternative healthcare, conscientious population growth, and the collaborative creation of a future where children can live in peace.

- To promote anticipatory design science and the general operating principles of the universe as suggested by R. Buckminister Fuller.

- To promote long-range survivability of cooperative and compassionate intelligence in the universe.

- To promote alternative technologies that provide usable energy without depleting our natural resources.

- To live by philosophies and cosmologies which support the divinity of nature, and to listen to the wisdom of the tribal elders of all indigenous cultures.

- To adopt the natural timing of a 13 moon calendar, as suggested by José Argüelles, rather than the current 12 month calendar initiatated by Pope Gregory in 1558.


From: "Suzanne Ward" <>
Subject: Christmas Message
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001

Carolyn Kleintank gave me permission to send you both this beautiful Christmas message from Mother Mary for you to consider posting to your lists. Her website will be operating soon, but isn't ready yet to go, so she has no outlet for it. If you think the message
is as important and timely as I do, I think you'll be very glad she is eager to share it through you.




Christmas Story
December 17, 2001

When I found myself with child, I was joyful. The Essenes had prepared me for this event and my mother had given me to the temple so that I was steeped in a life of preparation for this moment.

The public does not know much of what I was taught now. My soul was purified and I practiced love and devotion to God everyday. It was a serious way of life. There was much prayer and the dietary rules were followed which also helped discipline the mind. All the waking hours of the day were focused upon spiritual pursuits. Even though I was a young child at my pregnancy, I was very developed spiritually.

Most of the Christmas story is known. What isn’t known is the personal response to the circumstances.

Our group had many general prophecies through scriptures and we were very aware of them because we studied them in great detail. Many of our teachings are not available now. There was a great depth of understanding about astronomy, astrology, and cooperation with God between the physical and spiritual.

We understood how love and compassion not only influenced the individual, but also influenced world events. These teachings are slowing surfacing now because there are ancient documents that are coming to light.

Discovery of what you call the Dead Sea scrolls has brought to life some of the richness of what the early Essenes believed. These beliefs influenced all their waking moments. These teachings were disbursed to other settlements in their purity and can be researched. Some have already found them in Tibet. The monks in the monasteries have preserved them in their richness. Some of the truths alluded to are not being understood completely now, but there will be people coming to the prominence of the new wave of understanding that will bring these truths to the people.

DNA influences upon the spiritual will be understood soon and there will be great advancement for the world in this area.

For now, understand that the story of Christmas in the Christian tradition is a beautiful story of love and commitment to humanity by those who love you. Much was sacrificed to bring these elements to the world. Know that there will be much more coming as humanity is ready now for the next rung of development.

Love is all that is necessary. That is the Christmas story. Love changes the physical as it changes the DNA, which is the carrier to the physical from the spiritual. This will soon be understood. My son never discussed this fact, but rather taught how to get to the perfection of what spirit could bring.

He taught that going within and finding your Father was the method of advancing. This is the truth. Go within everyday and look for your Father as that is the place of residence because you are a noble receptacle for soul qualities. These soul qualities are what your God is and you can find them. You do not need authority to find this and the early Christians understood this well. They understood this because the Essenes taught them. The Essenes stayed as the contemplatives because they were preserving knowledge that was handed down to them from the high spiritual attainment, which came from Atlantis. There will be more of this, as the world will find some of this knowledge soon.

None of the facts of the past matter. What matters is the Christmas Message, and that message is a message of love and giving oneself to their God and holding their neighbor in the same esteem as they hold themselves.

This time of the year opens portals to the next dimension and there are blessings that flow to the earth at this time. These are very important gifts being given to you from the heavenly hosts. If you become too connected to the monetary way of possessions and expecting some individual from a myth to bring happiness, you will miss the event of what the heavenly hosts can give through the love force.

If your heart is of the love force you can connect to these gifts. The gifts change your soul. They give peace and harmony. These gifts come from a special repository that is held in reserve by the Angel Hierarchy. The angels who sang at the event of my son’s birth are there for each and every one of you at this time of year. They wish to sing for your edification and advancement. Open up your heart to them this year. Stop and take the time to go within and seek them. No one seeks that does not find what is in his or her heart. It is a principle of the universe. You will attract to yourself what you are. It is the manner of which this universe was built.

My thought for my children is this, may the peace and joy of the Christmas season be with you in these times of anxiety. It is a story over 2000 years old, but it is just as real and powerful today as it was then. If you go within you can hear the angels sing. They are not singing for the announcement of my son to the earth, but rather they sing for your blessings. If you go within, you can be a shepherd who tended their flocks on the hills of Judea because the angels sing for you. However, you must be in the silence of the night to hear them, just as the shepherds were all those many years ago.

If you do this, you will become as the wise men with their gifts of precious things for my son, but these gifts will be advancing your own soul.

The heavenly hosts love you. We have faith in you. Be good to yourselves. Give up your fears and come back to your God. There is nothing that your world has to offer that compares to the love and devotion of God. Understood God on a personal level. You can reach your creator if you go within and search for him/her.

That is the Christmas story. The beauty of this event is that the heavens open every year at this time for these blessings. Open your hearts for the gift.

Your Mother